SMIJ :: Volume #28

#2761: Delaying

Meng Zhang treats the Sandy Cay True God and other attitudes of indigenous gods is also polite, without that keeping aloof arrogant imposing manner. 孟章对待沙岛真神等土著神明的态度还算是客气,没有那种高高在上的凌人气势。 After both sides exchanged greetings several, quick entered the subject. 双方寒暄几句之后,很快就进入了正题。 The Sandy Cay True God they have had no way out, the arrival of Meng Zhang without doubt is timely rain. 沙岛真神他们已经走投无路了,孟章的到来无疑是一场及时雨。 They to receive in exchange for Meng Zhang lend a hand to assist, expressed the meaning of turning. 他们为了换取孟章出手相助,都表达出了投靠之意。 Meng Zhang has been very at heart clear, do not look that now many Divine Prosperity Realm indigenous gods turn to Taiyi World and dragon clan. 孟章心里一直都很清楚,别看现在许多神昌界的土著神明投靠太乙界和龙族。 But under this is they be forced expedient measure. 可这是他们迫于无奈之下的权宜之计。 They are far from what loyalty regarding Taiyi World. 他们对于太乙界谈不上什么忠诚。 When the situation gets better, this group of fellow changing camps have the possibility again. 等到局势好转,这帮家伙再次改易阵营都有可能。 Regarding Meng Zhang, if can the indigenous gods who absorbs Divine Prosperity Realm massively join the Taiyi World gods system, that will strengthen the Taiyi World strength greatly. 对于孟章来说,如果能够大量吸纳神昌界的土著神明加入太乙界神明体系,那将大大壮大太乙界的实力。 Especially in the Divine Prosperity Realm indigenous gods the True God is a substantial number. 尤其是神昌界土著神明之中真神为数不少。 Although these indigenous True God cultivation base are average, the battle efficiency is very bad, but also is the real True God, the cultivation base boundary is placed there. 虽然这些土著真神修为平平,战斗力很差,可好歹也是货真价实的真神,修为境界摆在那里。 The powerhouse of Taiyi World True Immortal rank is not always sufficient. 太乙界真仙级别的强者一向不算充足。 After these Divine Prosperity Realm indigenous True God join Taiyi World, after training and strengthening, enormous makes up for weak area of Taiyi World in this aspect. 这些神昌界的土著真神加入太乙界之后,经过调教和强化,将极大的弥补太乙界在这方面的短板。 Therefore, how when to treat the indigenous gods who these turn, needs carefully to handle affairs. 因此,在如何对待这些投靠过来的土著神明的时候,就需要慎重行事。 At least, cannot frank and upright treats as the cannon fodder to consume them. 最起码,不能光明正大的将他们当做炮灰消耗掉。 Meng Zhang performance is very sincere, they have not regarded as the subordinate the Sandy Cay True God, has not raised them to turn to the matter of Taiyi World. 孟章表现的还是很有诚意的,没有将沙岛真神他们视作手下,也没有多提他们投靠太乙界之事。 Meng Zhang very natural expression, Famine Demon God demonize south islands, guilty of the most heinous crime, the disaster is profound, has become the Divine Prosperity Realm public enemy. 孟章很是大方的表示,灾荒魔神魔化南部群岛,罪大恶极,祸害深远,已经成为了神昌界的公敌。 He is willing to help the Divine Prosperity Realm indigenous gods resist this Demon God and ensure the Divine Prosperity Realm situation will not further deteriorate. 他愿意帮助神昌界的土著神明们对抗这位魔神,确保神昌界的局势不会进一步恶化。 The Sandy Cay True God they regarding the statement of Meng Zhang, at least on the surface are very satisfied. 沙岛真神他们对于孟章的表态,起码在表面上还是非常满意的。 The Sandy Cay True God they can insist now , indicating that its strength is not weak. 沙岛真神他们能够坚持到现在,足见其力量不弱。 Had their help, can share the pressure that Meng Zhang will soon face greatly. 有了他们的帮助,可以大大分担孟章即将面临的压力。 Meng Zhang they reaches an agreement with the Sandy Cay True God quickly, how next step does. 孟章很快就和沙岛真神他们商量好,下一步如何做。 Although Meng Zhang not deeply fascinated territory, but observed outside was so long, the information that in addition the Sandy Cay True God they provided, he had guessed regarding the Famine Demon God subordinate strength. 孟章虽然没有深入魔域内部,可是在外面观察了这么久,加上沙岛真神他们提供的情报,他对于灾荒魔神麾下的力量有所猜测。 The southern islands overwhelming majority indigenous gods, including several True God, by Famine Demon God demonize, had become his puppet. 南部群岛绝大部分土著神明,包括好几名真神,都已经被灾荒魔神魔化,成为了其傀儡。 These puppets are Famine Demon God high-end strengths hand/subordinate. 这些傀儡就是灾荒魔神手下的高端战力。 After southern islands numerous lives by demonize, the transformation becomes the demon army. 南部群岛众多生灵被魔化之后,转化成为了魔物大军。 The demon army huge quantity, is not very good to cope. 魔物大军数量庞大,很不好对付。 As for Famine Demon God, definitely also gains many advantage in this process. 至于灾荒魔神自己,肯定也在这个过程之中获得不少好处。 Naturally, so long as Famine Demon God has not broken through to the heavenly demon boundary, Meng Zhang will not dread him. 当然,只要灾荒魔神没有突破到天魔的境界,孟章就不会畏惧他。 Demon God breaks through to heavenly demon is not easy, Famine Demon God is impossible to rely on the previous movement to break through. 魔神突破到天魔没有那么容易,灾荒魔神也不可能凭借此前的动作就能够突破。 According to the plan of Meng Zhang, after the army who when the great shark god leads arrives, they launch the attack to Famine Demon God officially. 按照孟章的计划,等到巨鲨神率领的大军到达之后,他们就正式对灾荒魔神发动进攻。 The army who the great shark god leads can block the Famine Demon God subordinate demon army. 巨鲨神率领的大军可以挡住灾荒魔神麾下的魔物大军。 The duties of Sandy Cay True God their group of indigenous gods, block under the Famine Demon God top powerhouse. 沙岛真神他们这帮土著神明的任务,就是挡住灾荒魔神麾下的顶级强者。 Famine Demon God is the Meng Zhang goal. 灾荒魔神则是孟章的目标。 As for the present, Meng Zhang will help the Sandy Cay True God they defend these big islands, does not make it be entered by the demon gas cut. 至于现在,孟章会帮助沙岛真神他们守住这几座大岛,不让其被魔气侵入。 Regarding the arrangement of Meng Zhang, the Sandy Cay True God they have no opinion. 对于孟章的安排,沙岛真神他们都没有什么意见。 Meng Zhang had also guessed regarding the Famine Demon God situation. 孟章对于灾荒魔神的情况也有所猜测。 Even if Famine Demon God taking advantage of the opportunity of strength disaster, is the region of one breath demonize such length and breadth, demonize so many lives, itself will consume will not be small. 灾荒魔神就算借着天灾之机壮大实力,可是一口气魔化这么广袤的区域,魔化这么多的生灵,本身消耗也不会小。 Although after demonize most south islands, he will feed back, the strength is promoted, but all these require the time. 尽管魔化了大半个南部群岛之后,他会从中得到反馈,力量获得提升,可这一切都需要时间。 Even if Famine Demon God one fled from the Yueshan lineage/vein initially continually, the direct arriving southern islands, are also less than by the present time for a year. 灾荒魔神就算当初一从连岳山脉逃离,就直接来到南部群岛,到现在的时间还不到一年。 Has fed back from the demonize south islands incident, is the reorganization subordinate demon army, needs to spend a lot of time. 无论是从魔化南部群岛一事之中得到反馈,还是整顿麾下的魔物大军,都需要消耗很多时间。 Present Famine Demon God, is not necessarily able to pull out makes a move to attack full power. 现在的灾荒魔神,未必能够抽的出手来全力进攻。 The Sandy Cay True God they can support now, benefit from this mostly. 沙岛真神他们能够支撑到现在,多半也是得益于此。 No matter how said, the situation of south islands was unable to recall. 不管怎么说,南部群岛的局势已经无法挽回。 Meng Zhang must do, limits the harm that Famine Demon God causes in the south islands peripheral. 孟章要做的,就是将灾荒魔神造成的危害限制在南部群岛周边。 Then, really such as of Meng Zhang guess, Famine Demon God has not come directly, is only the control demon air/Qi in the demon territory, attack these seven big islands. 接下来,果然如孟章猜测的那样,灾荒魔神并没有正面现身,只是在魔域之中操控魔气,不停的侵袭这七座大岛。 Even does not have the help of Meng Zhang, the Sandy Cay True God they to be able to resist temporarily. 就算没有孟章的帮助,沙岛真神他们都暂时都能够抵挡得住。 Meng Zhang acts occasionally several times, helped their busy. 孟章偶尔出手几次,就帮了他们的大忙。 Sun and Moon Divine Light that Meng Zhang emits easily can scatter the surrounding demon air/Qi, secures more organizing spaces for these seven big islands. 孟章放出的日月神光轻易就能驱散周围的魔气,为这七座大岛争取到更多的腾挪空间。 Meng Zhang here relates the Sandy Cay True God they, made the combat plan, all were very smooth. 孟章这边联系上沙岛真神他们,制定好了作战计划,一切都很顺利。 That side actually great shark god, the situation was not very good. 倒是巨鲨神那边,情况就不是很好了。 He leads a huge army, enormous and powerful killing to south islands. 他率领一支庞大的大军,浩浩荡荡的杀向南部群岛。 But does not know that is the luck is not good, is what reason, they encountered all the way troublesome many. 可是不知道是运气不好,还是什么原因,一路上他们遭遇了许多麻烦。 Sudden storm, terrifying megatsunami...... 突如其来的风暴,恐怖的大海啸…… The Divine Prosperity Realm Heavenly Dao consciousness falls from the sky the disaster that causes, although in slowing down and retrogression slowly, may give Divine Prosperity Realm many places to leave behind the profound impact. 神昌界天道意识殒落导致的天灾虽然在慢慢的减缓和消退,可还是给神昌界许多地方留下了深远的影响。 On the great shark god their routes of march, presents the barrier that many presented. 在巨鲨神他们的行军路线上面,出现了不少才出现的障碍。 If unpredictable seabed undercurrent, marine natural defenses wait/etc. 如变幻莫测的海底暗流,海上的天险等等。 The great shark god is in the army the only True God, therefore becomes the army nominal leader. 巨鲨神是大军之中唯一一名真神,所以成为了大军名义上的领袖。 But this army originates complex, has the Sea Clan army who only submits to dragon clan, the indigenous gods who turns, come from Taiyi World cultivator. 可是这支大军来源复杂,有只臣服龙族的海族大军,一些投靠过来的土著神明,还有来自太乙界修士 The great shark god accepted conferring rank and title of Meng Zhang although, joined the gods system of Taiyi World, is the date and time is short, cannot obtain everyone's thorough belief. 巨鲨神尽管接受了孟章的册封,加入了太乙界的神明体系,可是毕竟时日还短,未能得到大家的彻底信服。 Especially those Taiyi World cultivator, regards as the bystander him, practicing moderation has the backer, does not believe to him. 尤其是那些太乙界修士,将他视为外人,自持有靠山,对他并不怎么信服。 Because some internal problems add on the problem that encounters all the way, this army approaching speed was very slow did not say, but also presented the loss before the investment fight. 由于一些内部问题加上一路上遇到的麻烦,这支大军行进速度很慢不说,还在投入战斗之前就出现了损失。 The reinforcements, Meng Zhang do not worry, the Sandy Cay True God they a little could not calm down. 援军迟迟不至,孟章并不着急,沙岛真神他们就有点沉不住气了。 They urged Meng Zhang several times, hoping the reinforcements can rush to here as soon as possible, joins to the attack of Famine Demon God. 他们数次催促孟章,希望援军能够尽快赶到这里,加入对灾荒魔神的进攻。 Meng Zhang has not concealed before them, said the issue that the reinforcements faced truthfully. 孟章在他们面前也没有隐瞒,如实说出了援军面对的问题。 Meng Zhang told them, eastern land that side Ghost Deity rebelled, Taiyi World and dragon clan must send out the strength to go to subside, the indigenous gods who saved the eastern land. 孟章告诉他们,东陆那边鬼神作乱,太乙界和龙族也要派出力量前去平息,拯救东陆的土著神明。 Meng Zhang told them the original intentions of these things, to not explain anything, but to explain, Taiyi World and dragon clan, although was an outcomer, but has decided to take root in Divine Prosperity Realm, will try hard to stabilize the Divine Prosperity Realm situation, preserved the interest of indigenous gods as far as possible. 孟章告诉他们这些事情的本意,不是为了解释什么,而是为了说明,太乙界和龙族虽然是外来者,可已经决定扎根神昌界,会努力稳定神昌界的局势,尽量保住土著神明们的利益。 Kiss, clicks, to the high praise, the score jumps over Gauguin to be newly quicker, it is said the fragrant book novel gave the perfect score finally found the pretty wife! 亲,点击进去,给个好评呗,分数越高更新越快,据说给香书小说打满分的最后都找到了漂亮的老婆哦! 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