SBPE :: Volume #16

#10220: Chapter 10220

Until, on the Lin Yi face was covered by an impractical small face. 直至,林逸脸上被一张虚浮的小脸覆盖。 Impressively before unexpectedly is, with Ye Qiyuan in together that child! 赫然竟是之前跟叶启元在一起的那个孩童! The children appear especially pissed: This before you reaches an agreement may be different, if lets others in view of his one, I can regard as to his special test, but you make a move personally, that violated regulations!” 孩童显得格外生气:“这跟你之前说好的可不一样,如果只是让其他人针对他一个,我可以视作对他的特别考验,可是你亲自出手,那就违规了!” Ye Qiyuan smiled: Right that „ Sir you said that I truly violated regulations, since I become the sword Saint since the First day, has been thinking how can change here custom. 叶启元笑了:“大人您说的对,我确实违规了,不过从我当上剑圣的第一天起,就一直在想着怎样才能改一改这里的规矩呢。 After all always you decide , was too rather senseless a point, did you say? ” 毕竟总是您一个人说了算,未免也太无趣了一点,您说呢?” Child complexion cold: Here is my domain, all customs can only I decide, even if you are the former generation sword Saint that I approve, does not have the qualifications to say this and that.” 孩童脸色冷了下来:“这里是我的地盘,所有的规矩只能我说了算,就算你是我认可的上代剑圣,也没有资格说三道四。” Former generation sword Saint?” “上代剑圣?” Ye Qiyuan is grinning to shake the head: How grating phrase, sounds me to seem like together the rags, got what one deserves is used up by you threw, right rule of Sir sword?” 叶启元咧着嘴摇了摇头:“多么刺耳的字眼,听起来我就好像是一块破布,活该被你用完了就扔,对吗剑之规则大人?” If this moment permits Tai people keep sober, hears this saying to estimate to shock dead at the scene. 若是此刻许太一众人保持清醒,听到这话估计得当场震惊到死。 This child, unexpectedly is the embodiment incarnation of rule of sword! 这个孩童,居然是剑之规则的具象化身! On the child face actually revealed startled accommodated, incredible to visit him: „Do you want to change the custom of sword Saint inheritance unexpectedly? Before each generation of sword Saints succeed to the throne, may with my commitment, pass to the next generation sword Saint honestly, do you actually want to renege on a promise?” 孩童脸上却是露出了惊容,不可置信的看着他:“你居然想改变剑圣传承的规矩?每一代剑圣继位之前可都是跟我承诺过,会老老实实传给下一代剑圣的,你竟然想要反悔?” Reneges on a promise to my human, is very strange?” “反悔对我一个人类来说,很奇怪?” Ye Qiyuan looked that retard same looks at the opposite party: Why does human want cultivate? Does not die for the eternal life, I go through many hardships, endured today step by step with great difficulty, why you think that I will be resigned dead?” 叶启元看白痴一样看着对方:“人类为什么要修炼?就是为了永生不死,我历尽艰辛,一步一步好不容易熬到了今天,你凭什么以为我会甘心去死?” The children gawked for a long time, these that human becomes accustomed to mistrust each other, to him obviously some ultra outlines. 孩童愣了许久,人类习以为常的这些尔虞我诈,对他来说显然有些超纲。 Although the rule of sword has existed from the beginning, may be born the time of self- spirit wisdom is not long truly, if especially his shape the embodiment incarnation of child, having the time is extremely short, in this Hundred-year. 剑之规则虽然从一开始就已存在,可真正诞生出自我灵智的时间却没有那么长,尤其他这个状若孩童的具象化身,存在时间更是极短,就在这百年之内。 Also therefore, he will be so trusting Ye Qiyuan, because Ye Qiyuan is First human that he sees, is the only human! 也正因此,他才会对叶启元如此信任,因为叶启元是他见到的第一个人类,也是唯一一个人类! He simply has not thought that originally human will lie. 他根本没有想过,原来人类是会撒谎的。 The children said: But you are impossible unable to bear my strength impact, even if you want to renege on a promise, still without that ability.” 孩童愣愣道:“可是你不可能承受得住我的力量冲击,你就算想要反悔,也没有那个能力了。” „The past all previous sword Saint truly did not have.” “以往的历代剑圣确实没有。” Ye Qiyuan nods, the rule of sword is all-around to his backlash, according to launches normally, even if he has the ambition again, simply does not have that ability. 叶启元点点头,剑之规则对他的反噬是全方位的,按照正常展开,哪怕他再有野心,也根本没那个能力 But who made me run into you?” “可是谁让我遇到了你呢?” Ye Qiyuan could not have concealed oneself self-satisfaction: „ You are the embodiment incarnation of rule of sword, so long as displaces you, I can control the rule of sword forever! 叶启元已经掩饰不住自己的得意:“你是剑之规则的具象化身,只要将你取而代之,我就能永远掌控住剑之规则! This is the God gives my opportunity, since that day that since you present, I already for today's layout! 这是老天爷给我的机会,从你出现的那一天起,我就已经在为今天布局了! Your I will become a body finally, you should be honored, after all after becoming my part, you will not look like presently is so silly again. ” 你我终将成为一体,你应该感到荣幸,毕竟成为我的一部分之后,你就不会再像现在这么傻了。” „Becoming your part......” “成为你的一部分……” A child chill, is absolutely terrified. 孩童不由一阵恶寒,同时也不禁毛骨悚然。 The opposite party are not chatting obviously, he really wants the dove to occupy the magpie nest, even goes a step further, becomes the control of rule of sword thoroughly. 对方显然不是在说笑,他是真的想要鸠占鹊巢,甚至更进一步,彻底成为剑之规则的主宰。 When the time comes he forever with former generation sword Saint grating phrase insulation, but will dominate above entire sea area all expert, becomes unsurpassed existence with various god same rank. 到时候他将永远与上代剑圣这个刺耳的字眼绝缘,而将凌驾于全海域所有高手之上,成为与诸神同一级别的无上存在。 The name he has thought. 名字他都已经想好了。 Eternal sword Saint! 永恒剑圣! From now on, space underground, his Ye Qiyuan is the only sword Saint! 从今往后,天上地下,他叶启元就是唯一的剑圣! The children have been shocked thoroughly, in his cognition, was born the opposite party since him is the most amenable servant, its makes said to keep in line with the wish. 孩童已经彻底惊呆,在他认知之中,从他诞生以来对方就是最顺从的仆人,其所做所说的一切都只是为了符合自己心意。 Has not thought, this person is saving so the wild ambition unexpectedly! 万万没想到,此人居然存着如此狼子野心! Ignorant fellow, your human actually wants to displace me, even can still have a limit extremely arrogantly?” “无知的家伙,你一个人类竟然想要将我取而代之,就算狂妄也要有个限度吧?” Child First realized that the betrayed feeling, this strange mood made him be somewhat afraid, actually left leaves the anger. 孩童第一体会到了被背叛的感觉,这种陌生的情绪令他有些害怕,却又出离愤怒。 The sword air/Qi surges, all ancient Jianqi fire zheng zheng the metal sound, is sending out to angrily roar for their masters. 剑气激荡,所有的古剑齐齐发出铮铮金属声,在为它们的主人发出怒吼。 However facing this grade of scene, Ye Qiyuan does not have slight startled, instead shakes the head to laugh in spite of trying not to: Without seeing the program in following to subdue|grams, can't this bear? pissed is good, I more have the opportunity.” 然而面对这等场面,叶启元却没有丝毫的惊慌,反而摇头失笑:“没见过以下克上的戏码,这就受不了吗?生气好啊,我才越有机会啊。” The child complexion sinks: I am the rule of sword, is all sword mortal form ability roots, even strength of your present age sword Saint is I gives, you really think that can revolt against me?” 孩童脸色一沉:“我乃剑之规则,是一切剑魄能力的根源,连你这个当代剑圣的实力都是我赋予的,你真以为能反抗我?” „, Is such naive, really has not endured beating mercilessly of Society.” “啧啧,还是这么天真,真是没挨过社会的毒打啊。” Ye Qiyuan pouts, faint smile: Knows why I do want to tempt you to enter the Lin Yi's body by any means possible?” 叶启元努了努嘴,似笑非笑道:“知道我为什么要千方百计引诱你进入林逸的身体吗?” The children stare, this complexion drastic change, realized finally is not right. 孩童一愣,这才脸色剧变,终于意识到了不对劲。 Before then, under various Ye Qiyuan induction suggestions, he to Lin Yi is extremely satisfaction, has basically recognized next generation sword Saint candidate non- Lin Yi is not possible. 在此之前,在叶启元各种诱导暗示之下,他对林逸已是十分满意,基本已经认定下一代剑圣人选非林逸不可了。 Also therefore, he when Lin Yi was designed besieges to fall into the hopeless situation, decisively takes over control of the Lin Yi's body, prepares to come for it to break through by this style! 也正是因此,他才会在林逸被设计围攻陷入绝境的时候,果断接管林逸的身体,准备以这种方式来替其解围! This had no issue. 这本来没什么问题。 He is the rule of sword, the entire sword tomb is his home game, theoretically he is here gods, regardless of he wants to make anything to be easy. 他是剑之规则,整个剑冢都是他的主场,理论上他就是这里的神明,无论他想做什么都轻而易举。 Let alone is only one depends on him to obtain a strength sword Saint, even if the ceiling strength whole staff of entire sea area arrives in full, to here share that still only then brings death. 别说是区区一个倚仗他才能获得一身实力的剑圣,就算整个海域的天花板战力全员到齐,到了这里也只有送死的份。 Does not arrive at the true god boundary, is impossible to pose any substantive threat in him. 不到真正的神境,于他根本不可能造成任何实质性的威胁。 At this moment but he actually discovered with amazement, the Lin Yi's body does not know when turned into a cage unexpectedly, at his aloof strength, was fettered in unexpectedly stubbornly, is unable to work loose actually! 可是此刻他却骇然发现,林逸的身体不知何时竟然变成了一个牢笼,以他的超然力量,居然被死死束缚在了其中,硬是无法挣脱! What did you make?” “你到底做了什么?” The children were really then hurried. 孩童这下是真的慌了。 He has never gone to the outside world, has never had to do with cultivator, how could to have experienced such scene? 他从未去过外界,也从未与外界修炼者打过交道,何曾经历过这样的场面? Must know that his all energy, establish above this sword tomb home game, so long as is in the home game, he is always in an impregnable position. 要知道他所有的底气,都建立在这个剑冢主场之上,只要身在主场,他就始终立于不败之地。 In fact, as with existence that other World source regular strengths treat as an equal, aloof existence that even without the sword tomb, the rule of sword does not refuse stubbornly to extinguish. 事实上,作为与其他世界本源规则力量平起平坐的存在,即便没有剑冢,剑之规则本身也是不死不灭的超然存在。 The point is that his the Hundred-year birth come out spirit wisdom has recently writes off the possibility. 可问题是,他这个最近百年诞生出来的灵智却是有着被抹杀可能的。 Ye Qiyuan's goal is obvious, do not erase the rule of sword, but must through controlling the spirit wisdom of his embodiment incarnation, then the dove occupies the magpie nest to master the rule of sword thoroughly! 叶启元的目的显而易见,并非是要抹除剑之规则,而是要通过控制他这个具象化身的灵智,进而鸠占鹊巢彻底掌握剑之规则! But must achieve this step, the minimum premises, are isolate him and sword tomb. 而要做到这一步,有一个最起码的前提,就是要将他和剑冢隔绝开来。 Once forms the isolation, the child is unable to fuse together with the rule of sword again, he may write off, naturally may also be displaced by Ye Qiyuan! 一旦形成隔绝,孩童就无法再与剑之规则融为一体,他就有可能被抹杀,自然也就有可能被叶启元取而代之!
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