SBPE :: Volume #15 重塑金身

#7150: Chapter 7150

Lin Yi nods the head slightly, said that was quite clear, receives the same task team in the Deo Nai city, many will have the information disclosure, but other cities on tube not on that many. 林逸微微颔首,这么说就比较明白了,都是在鹿岭城中接取同一个任务的队伍,彼此间多少会有信息披露,而其他城市就管不上那么多了。 …… …… „, Here likely has one or more and we have the team of same task goal, therefore the relay station can sold out!” “如此说来,这里很可能有一支或者多支和我们有相同任务目标的队伍,所以驿站才会客满!” The Lin Yi association has the shortage in guest room, many had some clear(ly) to become aware: Said that this moon/month of new military relay station, is leads to the deep green demon valley the road which must be taken? Otherwise is also insufficient to bring in that many talented people right.” 林逸联想起客房的紧张状况,多少有了些明悟:“说起来这月新武者驿站,是通往碧绿魔谷的必经之路么?要不然也不至于引来那么多人才对。” Must say the road which must be taken...... Also to is not right, because also has other groups to lead to the blue sky deep valley, but in this direction, truly must pass through here right.” “要说必经之路……也对也不对,因为还有其他路可以通往碧空幽谷,但这个方向上,确实是必须要经过这里没错。” The black wild flower wants not to think that she already the thorough marrow to these research, the natural opens mouth came: Sima younger brother, you alert, perhaps some people tonight will sneak attack!” 黑野花想都没想,她对这些的研究早已深入骨髓,自然张口就来:“司马弟弟,今晚你们都警醒一些,说不定会有人偷袭!” In military relay station, but nobody will guarantee that your security, this is used to guard against the place of dark spirit beast night assault merely. 武者驿站之中,可没人会保证你的安全,这仅仅是用来提防黑暗灵兽夜袭的地方而已。 The person of mutual battle lodging, relay station will not meddle, in probably black wild flower own relay station is the same, but also looks forward to some people to fight, many take some compensations. 住宿之人互相争斗,驿站不会插手,就好像黑野花自己的驿站中一样,还巴不得有人打斗,好多拿些赔偿。 However the room in relay station is quite firm, wants not to have breaking of sound not to be easy, therefore the technique of sneak attack will be very difficult to implement, not having the life and death big enmity, the average person not to attack the guest room. 不过驿站中的房间都比较坚固,想要毫无声息的破开并不容易,所以偷袭的手法很难实行,没有生死大仇,一般人也不会去攻击客房。 Words that spoke, do you live can be better together?” “这么说的话,你们俩住一起会不会更好一些?” Lin Yi turns the head to look to the Wu dialect grass and Ling Hanxue: „If there is matter to occur, you in can also take care of together mutually.” 林逸转头看向吴语草和凌涵雪:“要是真的有事发生,你们在一起还能互相照应。” In the Wu dialect grass heart happy, thinks that this is Lin Yi to own concern, therefore said with a smile: If the young master thought that both of us are quite together good, we live in the same place, does the spatial come out room send to Ling Ling?” 吴语草心中高兴,认为这是林逸对自己的关心,于是微笑道:“若是公子觉得我们俩一起比较好,那我们就住一起,空出来的房间给凌翎发吧?” Makes what/who ? to him, closes spatially is not making him live...... Also can, therefore the arrange deceptive battle array, has to sneak attack the incident occurrence, our many will have a preparation.” “给他做什么,空关着也不让他住……还能故布疑阵,真有偷袭事件发生,我们多少会有个准备。” Lin Yi said that what/who ? will not make the grey robe person comfortable, the Wu dialect grass naturally obeys to nod, in the heart also starts to understand, even if Lin Yi sends the beforehand understanding with Ling Ling, they also absolutely will not be friend's relations! 林逸什么也不会让灰袍人舒服,吴语草自然顺从点头,心中也开始明白,就算林逸真和凌翎发以前认识,两人也绝对不会是朋友的关系! In the Lin Yi heart agreed with the grey robe person's suggestion, but on the mouth has not said. 林逸心中已经同意了灰袍人的建议,只是嘴上还没说出口而已。 The grey robe person thinks that Lin Yi does not want to take itself, therefore has put out new conditions. 灰袍人以为林逸不想带上自己,于是又拿出了新的条件 Besides these that said a moment ago, equipment that this task uses, how am I responsible for providing?” “除了刚才说的那些之外,这次任务用的装备,我来负责提供如何?” The grey robe person takes down a package to open, reveals inside gas mask and so on equipment from nearby black spirit perspiration horseback conveniently: Look, these are most new equipment that the central divine creative force factory is for especially, inside the central cooperation chamber of commerce did not have the top carriage to sell, only then I can get so far as these things.” 灰袍人顺手从旁边的黑灵汗马背上取下一个包裹打开,露出里面的防毒面具之类的装备:“看,这些都是中心造物厂特供的最新装备,中心合作商会里边还没有上架销售,只有我能弄到这些东西。” Lin Yi shot a look at one, has not cared specially, but the last century eight Ten-year generation of product enhancements late last century product, although there is not a small promotion, but also such. 林逸瞥了一眼,并没有特别在意,不过是把上世纪八十年代的产品升级到了上世纪末的产品而已,虽然有了一个不小的提升,但也就那样了。 Instead after seeing these things, in the Lin Yi heart even more has doubts! 反而在看到这些东西之后,林逸心中越发疑惑! By central Strength, is insufficient not to get so far as most new high science and technology equipment of common custom, is what/who ? must with the gadget that these already fell behind? 以中心的实力,不至于弄不到世俗界的最新高科技装备,为什么还要用这些早就落伍的玩意儿呢? What kind of? So long as you agreed that these equipment can you, moreover besides the task goods, I not the advantage that wants other to gain, does this good deed also need to consider?” “怎么样?只要你们同意,这些装备都可以给你们,而且除了任务物品之外,我不要其他获得的好处,这种好事还需要多考虑么?” The black wild flower eye shines, thought that the grey robe person is really natural, raises come out conditions quite to be also attractive, particularly these equipment, spend the sky-high price purchase these to want advanced many compared with her obviously! 黑野花眼睛发亮,觉得灰袍人真的是大方,提出来条件也相当诱人,尤其是这些装备,明显比她花天价购买的那些要高级许多! Therefore the black wild flower glances the circulation, looks that Lin Yi hopes he can nod, is good, in she still remembers that leading power about task in Lin Yi, otherwise already opened the mouth to decide, making the grey robe person join! 所以黑野花眼波流转,看着林逸希望他能点头,好在她还记得关于任务的主导权在林逸手里,要不然早就开口拍板,让灰袍人加入进来了! A little meaning...... Can consider!” “有点意思……可以考虑考虑!” Nod that Lin Yi acts with constraint, then said: How hasn't consulted to call?” 林逸矜持的点点头,接着说道:“还没请教怎么称呼?” Although knows what front is the grey robe person, but his presently has not worn the grey robe, Lin Yi did not acknowledge knows him, therefore put on airs asked one. 虽然知道面前的是灰袍人,可他现在也没穿灰袍,林逸也不承认认识他,所以装模作样的问一声。 Un...... You can ask my Ling Ling to send!” “嗯……你们可以叫我凌翎发!” The grey robe person slightly hesitated, sent out own name. 灰袍人略一沉吟,报出了自己的名字。 Do the Lin Yi corners of the mouth pull out, play the Imperial Palace secret agents? Although knows that can be a fictitious name, but can't he select a fictitious name earnestly? 林逸嘴角一抽,玩大内密探么?虽然知道会是个假名,可丫就不能认真点起个假名么? Ok, in any case is a code number, how likes how dropping! 算了,反正就是个代号,爱咋咋滴吧! That what/who ?, Ling Lingfa, you must join, but this young master must state beforehand that this task all by this young master are the leadership, you must obey this young master’s direction and order, if defies, or complies in public but opposes in private, the cooperation cancels immediately! Can accept?” “那什么,凌翎发,你要加入进来也可以,不过本公子要事先声明,此次任务一切由本公子为主导,你们必须服从本公子的指挥和命令,若是有违抗,或者是阳奉阴违,合作马上取消!可以接受吧?” Lin Yi proposed own conditions, this is the request of most foundation, otherwise in the team presented the different opinion once for a while, the what/who ? matter does not need to do! 林逸提出了自己的条件,这是最基础的要求,要不然队伍中时不时出现相左的意见,什么事都不用做了! Moreover after obtaining the leading power, at least can guarantee that will not be designed by the grey robe person casually, this fellow sinister, incautiously his [say / way]! 而且取得主导权之后,至少可以保证,不会随便被灰袍人设计,这家伙阴险的很,一不小心就会着了他的道! Does not have the issue! This should be, even if you did not say that we will also take this as the operative norm!” “没问题!这是应该的嘛,就算你不说,我们也会以此为行动准则!” The grey robe person, presently called Ling Lingfa, after hearing Lin Yi conditions, immediately refreshed accepted: We cooperate in any case that for a long time, the confidence level is high, your ability I will be clear, listen your not to have the mistake!” 灰袍人,现在叫凌翎发了,听到林逸条件之后,马上爽快的应承下来:“反正我们合作那么久,相互间的信任度非常高,你的能力我清楚,听你的不会有错!” Lin Yi wishes one could saliva to spurt him, and between him has the confidence level of wool?! Words that this fellow spoke, is really one cannot believe easily! 林逸恨不能一口唾沫喷死他,跟他之间有个毛的信任度啊?!这家伙说的话,真是一句都不能轻易相信! Does not understand that you were saying what/who ?! First meets, can the confidence level of where coming say? Slowly builds up each other trust in the later cooperation!” “不明白你在说什么!初次相见,哪里来的信任度可言?还是在以后的合作中慢慢建立彼此的信任吧!” Lin Yi snort|hum, continued to deny that with fact that Ling Lingfa knows, Ling Lingfa does not care. 林逸哼了一声,继续否认和凌翎发认识的事实,凌翎发也不在意。 So long as can infiltrate the Lin Yi team, everybody carries out task together, this achieved his goal. 只要能混进林逸的队伍,大家一起去执行任务,这就已经达成了他的目标了。 Therefore after troubled, Scar was treated as suicide processing, the grey robe person Ling Ling hairlace the remaining people have been joining the Lin Yi team, two converged for the squad of same end. 于是纷纷扰扰了一番之后,刀疤被当做自杀处理,灰袍人凌翎发带着剩下的人加入了林逸的队伍,两支为了同一目标的小队汇合成了一股。 Although Lin Yi is somewhat strange, will be the what/who ? Scar subordinate so will be obedient, the meaning of slightly not having revolted against, but has not gone into seriously, the grey robe person naturally will have in any case his method. 林逸虽然有些奇怪,为什么刀疤的手下会那么乖顺,丝毫没有反抗的意思,不过也没有深究,反正灰袍人自然有他的手段。 Gold coin and a Nangong dream to handle the Scar matter, has not continued to deliver Lin Yi them to go out of town, but after exchanged greetings simply, said goodbye. 金元宝和南宫一梦为了处理刀疤的事情,没有继续送林逸他们出城,而是简单寒暄之后就告辞了。 Not only this to sell Lin Yi Face, mainly also has the interests of blade stronghold , after Scar died, before breaking the blade stronghold new castellan does not have the superior, definitely will have a chaotic time. 这不但是为了卖林逸面子,主要还有断刀寨的利益在其中,刀疤死了之后,断刀寨新寨主没上位之前,必然会有一段混乱时期。 But before then, breaks the blade stronghold and major influences in Deo Nai city may not be specially friendly, the friction of is not quick, accumulates has not been erupting come out. 而在此之前,断刀寨和鹿岭城中的各大势力可并不是特别友好,其中的摩擦不快,也都积累着没有爆发出来 This Scar being finished extraordinarily good luck, the gold dollar money shop and Nangong influential family naturally must not be clear while others, first one step goes to the blade stronghold to be divided the cake. 此次刀疤完蛋大吉,金元钱庄和南宫世家当然要趁着别人还不清楚,先一步去断刀寨分蛋糕。
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