SBPE :: Volume #15 重塑金身

#7149: Chapter 7149

Marches forward speaks on the way is not quite after all convenient, grey robe person Ling Lingfa has not continued with the meaning of Lin Yi exchange. 行进途中说话毕竟不太方便,灰袍人凌翎发也没有继续和林逸交流的意思。 …… …… Group unceasingly accelerate, because is mammoth, poured also ran away in fear the darkness spirit beasts of some go it alones, has avoided the unnecessary fight. 一行人不断加速,因为声势浩大,倒也吓跑了一些单独行动的黑暗灵兽,避免了不必要的战斗。 The midway repaired and maintained slightly, to weather dark time, Lin Yi and the others arrived at seeking lodging for the night in plan, another named moon/month new military relay station. 中途略微修整了一番,到了天色将暗的时候,林逸等人来到了计划中的投宿点,另外一个名为月新的武者驿站。 Here I have made arrangement, but Ling Ling sends you not to calculate, if before you, not scheduled, not necessarily had the spatial room to stay to you!” “这里我已经做好了安排,不过凌翎发你们并没有计算在内,若是你们之前没有预定的话,未必有空房间给你们住宿了!” The black wild flower discontinues smiles to Lin Yi and the others said: Sima younger brother do you live in the single room today? A person rests is also more comfortable.” 黑野花下马的时候就笑对林逸等人说道:“司马弟弟你们今天就住单间吧?一个人睡也舒服一些。” I, do not have the what/who ? issue!” “我都可以,没什么问题!” Lin Yi indifferent shrugging, in a speech relay station some people welcomed come out. 林逸无所谓的耸耸肩,说话间驿站内已经有人迎了出来 Black wild Boss, does not see for a long time, is really the infrequent visitor! This morning receives your signalling, all have arranged appropriately, waited for you to come!” “黑野老板,好久不见,真是稀客啊!今早接到你的传信,一切都已经安排妥当,就等着你们过来了!” This is a middle-aged micro fat man, the speech time smiles, looks that is easy to give people the intimate feeling. 这是一个中年微胖的男子,说话的时候满脸笑容,看着就容易给人亲近的感觉。 The black wild flower smile nods the head: King storekeeper was laborious! Your Boss not in?” 黑野花微笑颔首:“王掌柜辛苦了!你们老板不在么?” Yes! Our Boss exited to make task the day before yesterday, if knows that black wild Boss comes back, definitely puts down task , etc. you to come to entertain, missed really had been a pity!” “是啊!我们老板前天出去做任务了,若是知道黑野老板回来,肯定放下任务等你过来好招待一番,错过了真是可惜!” Nod that King Zhanggui is radiant with smiles: Perhaps our Boss 1-2 days also has been able to come back, when the time comes when are black the wild Boss return trip should be able to meet! Small will remind the master, certainly turns down other miscellaneous matters, waits for black wild Boss to come back.” 王掌柜笑容可掬的点着头:“不过我们老板过一两天说不定也就能回来了,到时候黑野老板回程时应该能遇到了!小的会提醒东家,一定推掉其他杂事,等黑野老板回来。” That does not need, making your Boss have the matter but actually to be freely busy, does not need to manage me! Must meet to chat in any case some are the opportunity!” “那倒不用,让你们老板有事尽管忙,不用管我!反正要见面聊天有的是机会!” The black wild flower smile beckons with the hand, immediately asked: Besides my scheduled room, unnecessary vacant room? The person who we come are more than wanting of plan.” 黑野花微笑摆手,随即问道:“除了我预定的房间之外,还有多余的空房么?我们来的人比计划的要多一些。” Today vacant room also really not many, does not know the person who what's the matter, seeks lodging for the night today are specially many...... However black wild Boss has opened the mouth, cannot have, small immediately arranges, to set aside several Fang to come, is only conditions is quite possibly bad, must put in great inconvenience!” “今天空房还真没有多的,也不知道怎么回事,今天投宿的人特别多……不过黑野老板开口了,没有也必须有啊,小的马上去安排,腾出几间房来,只是条件可能比较差,要委屈一下诸位了!” King Zhanggui gives black wild flower Face very much, said, told that the waiter leaps the room, these are the places that waiter in relay station live, is quite crude, but wins in the place is big enough, can be occupied by several people. 王掌柜很给黑野花面子,说完之后就吩咐伙计去腾房间,那些都是驿站的伙计自己住的地方,比较简陋,但胜在地方够大,能住好几个人。 Has not related, the place that has was good to them, which also has the nitpicking leeway, right, Ling does Ling send?” “没关系,有住的地方给他们就不错了,哪儿还有挑剔的余地,对吧,凌翎发?” The black wild flower wields the circular fan, smiling looks at the grey robe person. 黑野花挥挥团扇,笑眯眯的看着灰袍人。 The grey robe person spreads to let go saying: Black wild Boss said right, had the place to live was good, does not dare to nitpick. Mentions thoroughness that black wild Boss thinks, ahead of time can book the good room, compares, our teams were too many on the difference!” 灰袍人摊摊手道:“黑野老板说的没错,有地方住就不错了,不敢挑剔。说来还是黑野老板想的周到,提前就能预定好房间,相比起来,我们的队伍就差太多了!” Woman is more careful, moreover I am the person who does this business, is quite naturally sensitive, pours cannot handle your commendation.” “女人毕竟心细一些,而且我本来就是做这个生意的人,自然对此比较敏感,倒也当不起你的称赞。” Black wild flower modest, the greeting people go in: Everybody comes, King Zhanggui can find someone lead you to go to the respective room!” 黑野花谦虚了一句,就招呼众人进去:“大家进来吧,王掌柜会找人带你们去各自的房间!” Slightly, black wild flower serious told to King Zhanggui: King storekeeper, this Young Master Sima and these three friends are the distinguished guests, my scheduled that four best single room lives to them, do not make a mistake!” 略微一顿之后,黑野花又郑重的对王掌柜吩咐道:“王掌柜,这位司马公子和这三位朋友是贵宾,我预定的那四间最好的单间是给他们住的,别搞错啊!” Is clear, black wild Boss felt relieved that the small management is absolute right!” “明白明白,黑野老板放心,小的办事绝对没错!” King Zhanggui hurries to pat the chest to guarantee that the calling person of another pack of sounds their black spirit perspiration horse pulls the care the black wild flower. 王掌柜赶紧拍着胸口保证,又一叠声的叫人把黑野花他们的黑灵汗马牵下去照料。 But black wild flower person , is looks for an apartment, does not need the waiter in relay station to guide, appears to this month new military relay station extremely familiar appearance. 而黑野花手下的人,则是自己去找房间,并不需要驿站的伙计带路,显得对这个月新武者驿站极为熟悉的样子。 Young Master, I can rest with flurry, gives Ling Ling to send my room?” “公子,我可以和小雪一起睡,把我的房间让给凌翎发吧?” The Wu dialect grass probably thought that Lin Yi and Ling Ling send somewhat strangely, before being possible, knew, stemming from the maintenance of Lin Yi, wants to make his friend live is more comfortable. 吴语草大约是觉得林逸和凌翎发有些古怪,很可能以前真的认识,出于对林逸的维护,也想让他的朋友住的舒服些。 What a pity grey robe person is always not the Lin Yi friend, no matter he this fellow is rests the big connected berth of waiter to rest Chai Fang, had the place to sleep is good! 可惜灰袍人从来都不是林逸的朋友,他才不管这家伙是去睡伙计的大通铺还是去睡柴房,有地方睡觉就不错了! Does not need to manage him, you rest more comfortable, this person of Pi Caorou is thick, looks is a careless person, really does not have the place, is on the floor in the corridor can also assemble!” “不用理他,你自己睡舒服一些,他这人皮糙肉厚,一看就是个粗人,实在没地方,在过道中打个地铺也能凑合!” Lin Yi has swept a grey robe person, optional saying with a smile: „Compared with you, does this fellow calculate what/who ?? Including your hair silk compared with him precious as gold!” 林逸扫了一眼灰袍人,随意的笑道:“和你比起来,这家伙算什么啊?连你一根头发丝都比他金贵!” The Wu dialect grass the somewhat pleasantly sweet taste, actually does not dare to display come out at heart immediately, can only calmly. 吴语草心里顿时有些甜丝丝的滋味,却又不敢表现出来,只能若无其事的哦了一声。 The grey robe person hears the Lin Yi words, immediately showed the whites of the eyes, which a little Pi Caorou thick careless person did the heart say the appearance of Father? Is the soft and fair skin, the body tender meat is clearly expensive? Does not die blindly you! 灰袍人听到林逸的话,顿时翻了个白眼,心说老子哪儿有一点皮糙肉厚粗人的样子了?分明是细皮嫩肉,身娇肉贵好吧?瞎不死你! However this type of saliva weaponry said that has not ended, grey robe person also being disinclined manages Lin Yi, after snort|hum, turned around to walk with the waiter. 不过这种口水仗说起来都没完,灰袍人也懒得理林逸,哼了一声之后转身跟着伙计走了。 The people return to the room to be calm first respectively, the black wild flower is continues to arrange the meals of people, after the weather passes completely black, all people gather to have the supper! 众人先各自回房安顿,黑野花则是继续安排众人的伙食,天色完全黑透之后,所有人聚集起来吃晚餐! Certainly black wild flower and Lin Yi four people are eat meal in compartment alone, as for the grey robe person, they do not want to take him. 当然黑野花和林逸四人是单独在一个包厢中吃饭,至于灰袍人,两人都没想带上他。 Eats to 50% times, one of the black wild flower subordinates knocks on a door, has not evaded Lin Yi and the others, works as their surface report to say directly: Inside Ling Lingfa the person some people were discussing this time task, some surroundings people as if compared to care, looked at their several eyes.” 吃到一半的时候,黑野花的手下之一过来敲门,没有避讳林逸等人,直接当着他们的面汇报道:“凌翎发的人里边有人在谈论这次的任务,周围有人似乎比较在意,多看了他们好几眼。” Good that makes , to continue to observe...... The attention should not be discovered our trends by the opposite party.” “做的不错,继续观察……注意不要被对方发现我们的动向。” The black wild flower commended his, then gave to send him. 黑野花称赞了他一句,然后把他给打发下去了。 Black wild Big Sister, your this is under good, vigilance very high!” “黑野姐姐,你这手下不错,警觉性挺高的啊!” On the Lin Yi face smiles, in the heart is actually thinking deeply about this simple information the significance: „Does he think these people to the deep green demon valley also interested?” 林逸脸上笑着,心中却在思索这个简单情报的意义:“他是不是觉得那些人对碧绿魔谷也有兴趣?” Mostly! Before Big Sister, has told them, pays attention to some along the way, looked that has appears to the deep green demon valley interested person.” “多半是了!姐姐之前有吩咐过他们,沿途多注意一些,看有没有对碧绿魔谷有兴趣的人出现。” The black wild flower puts down the wine class in hand, wields the circular fan to say gently: „The military trade union is found in the entire vice- island major cities, our task by no means only then the Deo Nai city has, will therefore very probably run into the competitor who other cities come. Can a morning discovery opposite party, we also be have many preparations!” 黑野花放下手中的酒杯,轻轻挥着团扇道:“武者公会遍布整个副岛各大城市,我们的任务并非只有鹿岭城有,所以很可能会遇到其他城市过来的竞争对手。能早一点发现对方,我们也能有更多的准备!” Black wild Big Sister, before you did not say task completes, receives the task squad unable to attack each other?” “黑野姐姐,你不是说任务完成之前,接取任务的小队不能互相攻击对方么?” Lin Yi grasps the chin, selects eyebrow to ask: „After is it possible that left the city, can abandon this to stipulate?” 林逸抓抓下巴,挑眉问道:“莫非出了城市之后,就可以抛开这条规定了么?” Said, true important task, is less people competes certainly is better, after finding the task goal, competed again was too late, will possibly have not the controllable accident, therefore before then, solved the match first, then completed task slowly, was the choice that most people can make.” “这么说也可以,真正重要任务,当然是越少人竞争越好,等找到任务目标之后再争夺就太晚了,很可能会出现不可控的意外,所以在此之前,先解决掉对手,然后慢慢完成任务,才是大多数人会做出的选择。” The black wild flower smiling face is delightful, may say that the come out words are quite callous: This task important, has the obstacle to be in the way the stone, can eliminate earlier earlier eliminates! Let alone we do not know what other cities receive task is the what/who ? person, must kill, also will not have the issue.” 黑野花笑容甜美,可说出来的话却极为冷酷:“这次任务非常重要,有拦路虎挡路石,能早点清除就早点清除!何况我们可不知道其他城市接取任务的是什么人,真要杀起来,也不会有问题。”
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