SFMW :: Volume #4 神盾局特工小队篇

#527: 527. Has marked the period

Two days later, Mr. and Mrs. Dann left Hawaii, stepped the native land in long-separated for a long time US West coast mainland. 两天后,丹恩夫妇离开了夏威夷,踏上了阔别已久的美國西海岸大陆的故土。 The bar in Hawaii, he has forwarded to the sales clerk, making him be the shopkeeper. Their couple no longer continued to handle this bar, in went home, will be leaving the daughter nearly a little? 在夏威夷的酒吧,他已经转给了店员,让其当了店长。他们夫妇本人则不再继续打理这个酒吧了,回到家里,会离着女儿近一点儿吧? ---- ———— ...... …… The «Pirate» world, is uneventful now. 《海贼》的世界,如今风平浪静。 In the day of return, Kino shuttle of back and forth in two world, here lived to be weary has changed a place to live. But why does not know, he again has not actually returned to the Marvel Earth. Perhaps in him, that Marvel Earth has plagiarized the itself his first Earth, some...... Loathing? 回归的日子里,奇诺在两个世界里来回的穿梭,这边住厌倦了就换个地方住。但不知道为什么,他却没有再回到漫威地球。或许是在他心里,那个漫威地球抄袭了本身他的第一世地球吧,有些……厌恶? After all, that Earth is false. 毕竟,那个地球是假的。 Although will make him have a familiar feeling, but actually contradiction. 虽然会让他产生一丝熟悉感,但却更加的抵触。 After all is not his original first Earth. 毕竟不是他本来的第一世地球啊。 Sea circle underwent on March 19, 1580 【海圆历1580年3月19日】 This is a very special day, was announcing Kino, started says the day of farewell with " Pirate » world. Because in this year, the person who he is familiar with, started gradual dying, vanished however in the river of history. In " Pirate » world, will not see their forms, will only have the innumerable legends...... Was sung by the common people. 这是一个很特殊的日子,也是宣告着奇诺,开始跟《海贼》世界说告别的日子了。因为在这一年,他所熟悉的人,开始逐渐的死去,泯然于历史长河了。在《海贼》的世界里面,再也不会看到他们的身影,只会有无数的传说……被世人传唱。 In this year, long nose Throp in Ciro Bu Village, permanent has closed the eye. 这一年,长鼻子乌索普在西罗布村,永久的闭上了眼。 Three grandson radish, green pepper and onion lie in his bedside, sob. 三个孙子萝卜头、青椒头、洋葱头趴在他的床边,哇哇的哭泣。 Un, this is not that three that Throp pirate rolls. 嗯,这不是乌索普海贼团的那三个。 That three early died, for commemorating once little friend, Throp gave the infant name that oneself grandson had. 那三个早已经死去了,为了纪念曾经的小伙伴,乌索普才给自己的孙子起的乳名。 Has not thought that dozens years later, the straw hat group gathers again...... Unexpectedly attended Throp's funeral. 没想到,时隔几十年后,草帽团再聚……居然是参加乌索普的葬礼。 Once Kino saw Throp time, the words that he spoke, have fulfilled unexpectedly, really 2-3 years later passed away. 曾经奇诺去看望乌索普的时候,他所说的话,居然应验了,果然两三年后去世。 Robin with the beautiful is very moved, oneself have preserved forever clearly, Eternity life, but...... Their partners actually old, waited for that their will be leaving the world. 罗宾跟娜美很是伤感,自己永葆了清纯,永恒了寿命,可……她们的伙伴们却一个个苍老,等待他们的将是一个个的离世。 They asked Kino, but Kino shook the head, because nobody wanted to prolong the life again. 她俩求奇诺,但奇诺摇了摇头,因为没有人想要再延长寿命了。 Sea circle underwent on June 22, 1581 【海圆历1581年6月22日】 An emperor Szabo of new empire, in the early imperial palace closed one's eyes, announced his time...... The end ended. Forthcoming is new round flood great waves, his death, will let new order shuffle again. 新帝国的一帝萨博,早皇宫里闭了眼,宣告他的时代……终结结束。即将到来的是新的一轮洪水涛涛,他的去世,将会让新秩序再一次的洗牌。 path flying, the Ise two brothers stand in front of the tombstone for a very long time, has not burst into tears. Their tears, Szabo Death have drained off when childhood. 路飞、艾斯两兄弟久久的站在墓碑前,没有流泪。他们的泪水,早在小时候‘萨博死亡’时就已经流干了。 Two months later, Princess Weiwei passed away, following the husband to depart. 两个月后,薇薇公主撒手人寰,追随老公离去了。 Sea circle underwent on September 29, 1581 【海圆历1581年9月29日】 Francci on the mayor desk passed away in seven water. After the iceberg dies, he has replaced seven water position of the mayor, how long but has not made. 弗兰奇于七水之都市长办公桌上去世。在冰山死后,他就接替了七水之都的市长之位,但也没做多久。 Two block hair wives choose on this day drink to prescribe medicine, did not seek same month and same day to live in the same year, but sought same month and same day dead in the same year. They leave with a smile, on face does not have a pain. 两个方块头发妻子选择在这一天喝下了药,不求同年同月同日生,但求同年同月同日死。她们是笑着离开的,脸上没有一丝的痛苦。 Francci's tomb buried by teacher, naturally, that side of iceberg also. 弗兰奇的墓地葬在了老师旁边,当然,冰山的那边也在。 He is in straw hat group the life longest, 90 years old, Brucker has not certainly calculated...... 他算是草帽团里寿命最长的了,90岁,当然布鲁克不算…… Sea circle underwent on July 7, 1582 【海圆历1582年7月7日】 Tony Tony Qiao Ba in Zuowu looked like the island fresh flower to close the eye from, straw hat group nobody came again, because they already old not being able to take a walk. The beautiful and Robin also no longer pass, in fact after Francci's funeral, they sad did not face. 托尼托尼・乔巴于佐乌象岛鲜花从里闭上了眼睛,草帽团无人再来,因为他们已经老的走不动了。娜美和罗宾也不再过去,实际上在弗兰奇的葬礼之后,她俩就难过的不去面对了。 Only then Brucker had played one in the past, later funeral also only then he replaced everybody to participate, although Zoro restored young. 只有布鲁克过去奏了一曲,以后的葬礼也就只有他一人代替大家伙参加了,尽管索隆已经恢复了年轻。 Every time passed away a partner, Zoro will drink night of liquor. A person is in the hut, verbose, as if said goodbye with the partners of leaving the world. Then next day, will practice a day of sword technique. 每去世一个伙伴,索隆就会喝上一夜的酒。一个人在小屋里,絮絮叨叨的,似乎是跟离世的伙伴们道别。然后第二天,又会练上一天的剑术。 Forgot, he finally reminded Das Qi counter has pushed, one year ago...... Son birth. 忘记说了,他终于是被点醒的达斯琪逆推了,一年前……儿子出生。 Sea circle underwent on July 28, 1582 【海圆历1582年7月28日】 Sea hero the draw passed away. ‘海侠’甚平亡故。 According to his request, the corpse loses in the sea drifts with the current. 按照他的要求,尸体丢在大海里随波逐流。 This probably is the tradition of fish person, after fish person island relocation to Earth, gradual giving birth. Especially some pirate monetary reward hunter knight-errant and so on, especially likes this funeral way. 这好像是鱼人的传统,在鱼人岛搬迁至地球后,才逐渐的生出的。尤其是一些‘海贼’‘赏金猎人’‘游侠’之类的,尤为喜欢这种葬礼方式。 The openness that walks, does not leave a trace. 走的豁达,不留一丝痕迹。 Sea circle underwent on December 16, 1582 【海圆历1582年12月16日】 Vince Mork mountain Zhi leaves the world, his desire buries with master old man in the same place, but eventually returned to North Sea Xhemal empire, buried with mother in one. 文斯莫克・山治离世,他的愿望是跟师傅老头葬在一起的,但最终还是回归了北海杰马尔王國,跟母亲葬在了一起。 His son also became Xhemal Wang Guoxin's king. 他的儿子也成为了杰马尔王國新的王。 Why does not know, his how many Elder Brother younger brothers, are unable to give birth, perhaps is the relations of transformation? Even if had the seed with great difficulty, is not the accident/surprise runs off, was the halfway die young. 不知为何,他的那几个哥哥弟弟,无法生育,或许是改造的关系吧?就算是好不容易有了种子,不是意外流掉,就是半路夭折。 Last younger brother Vince Mork governs bravely old abdicated, has given the nephew the throne. 最后一个弟弟文斯莫克・勇治苍老的退位了,把宝座交给了侄子。 Sea circle underwent on January 12, 1584 【海圆历1584年1月12日】 Regimental commander who the straw hat pirate rolls pirate king veiled strange D road flies permanent has closed the eye, he leaves the world on the dinner table of eating meal. Just before leaving time, the mouth is also filling a bulk bone meat. 草帽海贼团的团长‘海贼王’蒙奇・D・路飞永久的闭上了眼,他是在吃饭的餐桌上离世的。临走的时候,嘴里还塞着一大块骨头肉。 Some people said that he chokes. 有人说他是噎死的。 Some people said that he supports. 有人说他是撑死的。 Also some people said that he was one breath has not come up, feels stifled. 也有人说他是一口气没上来,憋死了。 But no matter what, path flying are very happy one. After all he except for the treasure hunt, was likes eating, can die in eating on...... Also happy? 但不管怎么说,路飞都是很幸福的一个。毕竟他除了寻宝,就是爱吃了,能死在‘吃’上……也蛮幸福的嘛? He violates two his entire life, has not discussed a request, until death is also the solitary person. 他一生犯二,没有情商,至死也是孑然一人身。 Ten days later, his Elder Brother Ise also left the world. 十天后,他的哥哥艾斯也离世了。 They buried in the Korppoo mountain, place that in childhood three brothers became sworn brothers together. By two brothers, a grave, that is Szabo. Before Szabo dies, he wanted a tomb containing clothing without the body, accompanied with the brothers in one. He is a king, has no way to leave kingdom, the mortal body could not bury in childhood hometown. 两人葬在了科尔波山,小时候三兄弟一起结义的地方。两兄弟旁边,还有一座墓,那是萨博的。在萨博死前,他就要了一个衣冠冢,跟兄弟们陪在了一起。他是王,没法离开王國,肉身是葬不回小时候的‘家乡’的。 But Ise's death, was announcing Kino in «Pirate» world last Acquaintance Leaving the world, was announcing-- he with " Pirate » connection...... Has marked a period. 而艾斯的去世,也宣告着奇诺在《海贼》世界最后一个【熟人】的离世,也宣告着——他跟《海贼》的瓜葛……画上了一个句号。 As for their descendants, as well as the Kino descendant, these people do not calculate. 至于他们的后代,以及奇诺的后代,那些人不算。 Last person left. 最后一个人离开了。 In young sea, one group of young children...... Is supporting the mast, in fervor is calling out. 年轻的大海上,一群年轻的孩子们……撑着桅杆,在激情的嚎叫着。 Their goals are to conquer the sea. 他们的目的是征服大海。 ---- ———— Was right, forgot, a familiar person-- clover younger sister. 哦对了,忘记说了,还有一个熟悉的人——三叶草妹子。 She left spatial island above ten thousand meters, with devil fruit tree thorough has separated, she is a brand-new life. Carefully looked, she looks like empress, like the beautiful, looks like Kerr like Robin. On her face, you can find the Kino each wife's voice and face smiling face. Un, she according to the Kino wives, after image fusion,...... Appearance that finally sets. 她离开了万米之上的空岛,跟恶魔果树彻底的分开了,她是一个全新的生命。仔细一看,她像女帝,像娜美,像罗宾又像克尔拉。在她的脸上,你能找到奇诺每一个老婆的音容笑貌。嗯,她是根据奇诺的老婆们,形象融合后……最终定下的容貌。 Left above ten thousand meters the fetter of devil fruit tree, she finally is thorough was free, a new life body birth. 离开了万米之上恶魔果树的束缚,她总算是彻底的自由了,一个新的生命体诞生。 Long time no see?” Kino hit with a smile under greeted. “好久不见了呢?”奇诺笑着打了下招呼。 Is seeing this younger sister's first eyes, he knows, who the opposite party was. 在看到这个妹子的第一眼,他就知道,对方是谁了。 Clover younger sister paper sweet smiles: Un.” 三叶草妹纸甜甜的一笑:“嗯呢。” Kisses/Close, clicks, to the high praise, the score jumps over Gauguin to be newly quicker, it is said gave gave the perfect score newly finally had found the pretty wife! 亲,点击进去,给个好评呗,分数越高更新越快,据说给新打满分的最后都找到了漂亮的老婆哦! Cell phone standing brand-new edition correction promotion address:, The data and bookmark and computer station synchronization, does not have advertisement fresh reading! 手机站全新改版升级地址:,数据和书签与电脑站同步,无广告清新阅读!
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