SFMW :: Volume #4 神盾局特工小队篇

#523: 523. The established guild of temporary shortage

Kino regarding queen some feelings, Migne banana plant young lady naturally cannot let off specially. She badly bad, proud tender, cruel and merciless, distortion, S the life also has the M disposition, such best quality goods...... How could to receive it? 奇诺对于‘女王型’特别有感觉,米涅芭这个‘大小姐’自然不会放过了。她坏坏的、傲娇的、心狠手辣的、扭曲的,S的本命却又有着M的性格,这样子的极品……岂能不收之? Therefore, she has not experienced ‚the gate of Hades event. 所以,她并没有经历过‘冥府之门’事件。 Reason that she becomes Saint ten big demons leads first, bases on the reason that the Kino charm enters. 她之所以成为‘圣十大魔导’第一,也是基于奇诺魔力进驻的原因。 Makes it profit to like applauding the association. 为爱鼓掌的时候总会让其受益的嘛。 However Jessica Al banana plant Markus the birth, first time passes through to «Fairy Tail» that two years of birth under actually not, but during is that several times that later goes back breeds. 不过‘杰西卡・阿尔芭・马库斯’的诞生,倒不是第一次穿越到《妖尾》的那两年诞下的,而是之后回去的那几次期间孕育的。 Your mother?” Kino hugs Jessica to ask. “你妈呢?”奇诺抱着杰西卡问道。 She...... In the bottommost of guild, sleeps.” Small Migne banana plant discontented curling the lip. “她呀……在公会的最下面,睡觉呢。”小‘米涅芭’不满的撇了撇嘴。 Ha? Sleeping...... Most lower level?” “哈?睡觉……最下层?” Kino ignorant ignorant, what meaning? 奇诺懵了个懵,啥意思? She gave oneself frozen, hibernation.” “她把自己给冰封起来了,‘冬眠’呢。” Why is this?” “这是为何?” Also not for you!” Jessica supercilious look, stared oneself father one eyes. “还不是为了你!”杰西卡白眼,瞪了自家老爹一眼。 Ha?” “哈?” To preserve the vigor of youth.” “为了永葆青春呗。” „......” “……” «Fairy Tail» is a world of magic, in this world, actually maintains youth the words is very simple, has the means very much. Simplest, for example magic item, difficult is a little the study maintains the magic of youth. The demon leads the gentleman only unable to study a magic, for example Naze can also study some auxiliary types. 妖尾》是一个魔法的世界,在这个世界中,其实保持‘青春’的话是很简单的,也很有办法。最简单的,例如魔法道具,难一点儿的就是学习一些保持青春的魔法。魔导士并不是只能学习一种魔法的,例如纳兹也能学一些辅助的类型。 Other alchemy wait/etc.. 还有其他的‘炼金术’等等。 However these are not preserving the vigor of youth in the true sense. 不过这些都不是真正意义上的永葆青春。 And the simple, direct and effective method was frozen, after the demon teacher entered the death, the body function metabolism will drop to the bottom, took maintaining own life baseline as the standard. The charm in within the body will also stop practicing, takes accumulated to raise the five main internal organs (entrails) for the priority target. 并简单、直接、有效的法子便是‘冰封’了,魔导师进入永眠后,身体机能代谢都会降至最低点,以保持自身生命基线为准。体内的魔力也会停止修行,以蕴养五脏六腑为首要目标。 In brief, after special method frozen, truly can achieve the effect of lasting youthfulness. 总之,通过特殊方法将自己冰封后,确实能达到青春永驻的效果。 Fairy Tail one generation of items Mabie is not similar situation. 妖尾的‘一代目’梅比斯不就是类似的情况嘛。 Has not thought that unexpectedly can be this situation? 没想到居然会是这种情况? Hehe. 呵呵。 Kino smiled, although real reason, possibly and is not only so, but...... Kino is very affected. After all at that time to conquer her, but has used much S Method. This woman is the S semblance has a heart of M, when gate of chapter Hades was transformed the devil, but had been suffered N by crazy magnificent many. 奇诺笑了一笑,虽然真正的原因,可能并不仅仅是如此,但……奇诺还是很感动的。毕竟当时为了征服她,可是用了不少的【S】手段呢。这女人是S的外表却有着一颗M的心,在冥府之门篇章被改造成恶魔的时候,可是被狂华折磨过N多遍呢。 Naturally, M with suffering is different. 当然,M跟折磨不一样。 That two years of first crossing over , the Migne banana plant had to feel to him, in fact with submitting to described is more appropriate. 第一次穿越的那两年时间里,米涅芭就已经对他有感觉了,唔,实际上用‘臣服’来形容更加合适。 However happy wait/etc. other people are like that same as the God, she has not chosen with Kino goes to " Pirate » world. 不过跟神乐等等其他人那般一样,她并没有选择跟着奇诺去《海贼》世界里。 Shouted, Sting, you also were really......” front surface walked one tall and strong the form, Kino greeted, then said to the daughter low voice, even more likely was a Kashiranoyama pig.” “吆,斯汀格,你还真是……”迎面走来一个‘魁梧’的身影,奇诺打了声招呼,然后对女儿小声说道,“越发的像是一头野山猪了。” --” Jessica has not borne, has smiled. “噗——”杰西卡没忍住,笑了起来。 I can hear.” Speechless of Sting face. “我听得到好吧。”斯汀格一脸的无语。 Your this is...... Even more lost shape, this...... How does this do?” Kino does not know whether to laugh or cry. “你这可是……越发的走形了啊,这……这怎么搞的?”奇诺哭笑不得。 This time Sting, with cartoon, because big stomach king Bisai thinks first ate a fatty like that afterward was changes with the magic by the snow the original design. 此时的斯汀格,就跟漫画里,因为大胃王比赛想的第一而吃成了一个胖子那般,后来被雪乃用魔法变回了原样。 However now cannot change. 不过现在是变不回来了。 The snow was left the world. 雪乃已经离世了。 Moreover, this is not too many turning the reason of fatty eats, but year and year out eating, finally...... Invincible. What is most essential, Sting did not turn into a meatball, but is the muscle male. 而且,这不是吃的太多变成的胖子的原因,而是经年累月的吃,最终……无敌了。最关键的是,斯汀格并不是变成了一个肉球,而是肌肉男。 Also fat, muscle, and has grow darked much, did not pay the past small White Dragon handsome fellow type. 又胖,又肌肉,而且变黑了不少,不付当年的小白龙帅哥样了。 Therefore Kino shouted him wild wild pig. 所以奇诺才喊他‘野山猪’。 Sting sighed, said: You came back to be good, went, went to de-archive the young lady. I think, only then you can make the young lady go out voluntarily frozen.” 斯汀格叹息了一声,说道:“你回来就好了,去吧,去把大小姐解封吧。我想,也只有你才能让大小姐自愿走出‘冰封’了。” Your expression......?” Kino always thought, Sting is a little not as if right. “你的表情……?”奇诺总觉得,斯汀格似乎有点儿不对。 Ai......, Was looked by you, shortly after my life.” Saying, Sting in a soft voice has then coughed several, last year, Rogge passed away, remaining I alone. Ai...... Road Fass Noa, the Auroux gals and snows are...... Passed away, remaining bare I.” “哎……,被你看出来了,我的命不久了。”说着,斯汀格便轻声咳嗽了几下,“在去年,罗格就去世了,剩下了我一个人。哎……路法斯・诺亚、奥鲁伽、雪乃……都已经去世了,就剩下了光秃秃的我。” Kino has not spoken, slowly is listening to wild wild pig verbose. 奇诺没有说话,慢慢的听着‘野山猪’絮叨。 „The tiger of our sword biting...... Has survived in name only, it can be said that...... In regular demon teacher guild weakest. Temporary shortage...... We like you ‚the tail of seductress/evil spirit like that do not have very deep history. Our these new guilds, the talented person is rare...... Was even more on the wane.” “我们剑咬之虎……已经名存实亡了,可以说是……正规魔导师公会里最弱的一个了。青黄不接啊……我们不像你们‘妖精的尾巴’那般,有着很深的历史。我们这些新崛起的公会,人才难得啊……越发的凋零了。” „If not young lady Saint ten big demons leads the gentleman first , we already...... Removed. Be honest with you, we had four years not to go to participate in the big demon director military.” “如果不是大小姐这个圣十大魔导士第一在,我们恐怕已经……除名了。不瞒你说,我们已经有四年没去参加大魔导演武了。” This situation, Kino listened to Lucy they to say. 这个情况,奇诺已经听露西她们说过了。 The established demon leads the gentleman guild, besides the tail of seductress/evil spirit, the tiger and the snake Ji's sword biting the scale, the azure Pegasus and merpeople heel, four hunting dog these, mostly was in the temporary shortage the awkward boundary. 老牌的魔导士公会,除了妖精的尾巴外,剑咬之虎、蛇姬之鳞、青色天马、人鱼之踵、四头猎犬这些,大都处于青黄不接的尴尬之境了。 Similar to the seductress/evil spirit tail of day of wolf group disappearance like that arranged at end. 就如同天狼组消失的妖精尾巴那般,排在末尾了。 Four hunting dogs had almost been removed, survives in name only. 四头猎犬几乎已经被除名了,名存实亡。 One generation of new people win the early man. 一代新人胜旧人。 Now can enter big demon director martial qiang, only then the tail of seductress/evil spirit. However although they can force one's way, in the ten years within has not taken first, is not second is third. 现在能挤进大魔导演武8强的,也就只有妖精的尾巴了。不过虽然他们能挤进去,这十年之内却没有拿过第一了,不是第二就是第三。 Other established guilds, early vanished however in the history. 其他老牌的公会,早已经泯然于历史了。 What placed first is anything Giant's fist, Emerging guild, ten years of history. 排在第一的是什么【巨人之拳】,新兴公会,十年历史吧。 The tiger of rank sword biting was also very low, if not for existence of Migne banana plant, perhaps could not miss many with four hunting dogs. Because Migne banana plant already frozen, very long has not appeared before the common people, therefore...... Many people thought her already not, although the advisory council has not issued the notice. 剑咬之虎排名也已经很低了,若不是米涅芭的存在,恐怕跟四头猎犬差不了多少。但因为米涅芭已经冰封了,很久没有出现在世人面前,所以……不少人都觉得她已经不在了,尽管评议会没有发出通知。 Therefore, joins the person of tiger of sword biting,...... More and more few, are getting fewer and fewer, appears mediates generation of situations. 所以,加入剑咬之虎的人,……越来越少,越来越少,出现了断代的情况。 Sting wants the Migne banana plant to come out, bases on this reason? 斯汀格想要米涅芭出来,也是基于这个原因吧? In fact also truly so, so long as the Migne banana plant comes out to walk on the avenue, tiger of definitely once again multiplication sword biting slowly. 实际上也确实如此,只要米涅芭出来在大街上走一趟,剑咬之虎必然会再度慢慢的繁衍起来。 But how......? 但那又如何……? The history always forwards, Jeref has passed through for 400 years, finally vanishes in the history as before. 历史总是向前的,杰尔夫走过了400年,最终依旧消失在历史中。 But he will not persuade Sting. 但他不会去劝说斯汀格。 Similar to everyone is not willing to be the last emperor like that Sting does not want to be the last years association president. Basically, is individual will have one type to hold to read-- is would rather die than dead in my hands. 正如同谁也不愿意做末代皇帝那般,斯汀格也不想做末代会长啊。基本上,是个人都会有一种执念——就算是死也不能死在我手里。 Snort, I will certainly make ‚the tiger of sword biting stand once again.” Little Migne banana plant tight is gripping the fist. “哼,我一定会让‘剑咬之虎’再度站起来的。”小米涅芭紧紧的攥着拳头。 Kino smiles, traces daughter's small head. 奇诺笑笑,摸了摸女儿的小脑瓜。 Hehe.” Sting has smiled bitterly, truly speaking, in the tiger of our sword biting...... Making a move that only takes, was Jessica.” “呵呵。”斯汀格苦笑了一下,“说实在的,我们剑咬之虎里面……唯一一个拿的出手的,也就是杰西卡了。” Saying, was shaking the head to leave. 说着,摇摇头离开了。 Kisses/Close, clicks, to the high praise, the score jumps over Gauguin to be newly quicker, it is said gave gave the perfect score newly finally had found the pretty wife! 亲,点击进去,给个好评呗,分数越高更新越快,据说给新打满分的最后都找到了漂亮的老婆哦! 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