SFMW :: Volume #4 神盾局特工小队篇

#522: 522. Genuine and fake young lady?

Specifically any reason. 具体什么原因。 Hehe...... 嘿嘿…… ( ¯) ¯) (¯︶¯)↗ , Do not say, you understood. 羞羞的,就不要说了,你们懂得。 Who is that?” “那是谁啊?” I know her, I know her.” “我知道她,我知道她。” Once seductress/evil spirit queen, in demon teacher magazine cover girl.” “曾经的‘妖精女王’,还有魔导师杂志上的‘封面女郎’。” They such young, haven't the years left behind any path? I remember, they must have...... 70?” “她们怎么这么的年轻,岁月没有留下任何的轨迹啊?我记得,她们得有……70了吧?” Lucy with vermilion Bian good that , although maintains, but also is the 40-year-old appearance. With others pair of ten time passages, plays musical instruments the flesh that may break to compare, simply...... The instantaneous second kills. 露西跟朱毕安虽然保养的很好,但也是40岁的样子呢。跟人家双十年华,吹弹可破的肌肤来比,简直……瞬间秒杀啊。 Yes, is quite mysterious.” “是啊,好神奇。” It is said their duty time vanished, has probably gone into seclusion......” “据说她们任务的时候消失了,好像是隐退了……” Lord knows.” “天晓得。” The seductress/evil spirit tail demon of new generation led gentlemen low voice in abundance chirp, was looking to two female looks, has filled various curiosity and Eight Trigrams (gossip). 新生代的妖精尾巴魔导士们纷纷小声的叽叽喳喳着,看向两女的眼神,充满了各种的好奇、八卦。 „Haven't brats, worked?” At this time, was pulling Grey of thick voice, walked slowly. “兔崽子们,都没有工作了是吧?”这时,扯着粗嗓门的格雷,缓缓走了出来。 The prestige of 20 years of association president, very much has the deterrent force to this group of young animals, scattering in all directions that frightens runs away. 20年的会长之威,对这群小崽子还是很有威慑力的,纷纷吓的四散而逃。 Grey, you looked like President Makarov more and more.” With the past like that wants to pat Grey's shoulder, but considered that the status is different, retracted the hand. “格雷,你越来越像马卡洛夫会长了呢。”艾露莎还是跟以往那般,想拍拍格雷的肩膀,但考虑到身份不一样了,还是缩回了手。 Grey watches, but has not said anything: Haha...... Sees you, was really recalls once everybody. Right, your this time comes back...... Treats some time constantly?” 格雷看在眼里,但没说什么:“哈哈……看到你们,真是又回想到了曾经的大家伙们啊。对了,你们这次回来……常住还是待一段时间?” Miraj smiled: „It is not constant, but was also similar.” 米拉杰笑了笑:“不算常住,但也差不多了吧。” „?” Lucy eyes one bright. “哦?”露西眼睛一亮。 She once they had also gone to " Pirate » world with Naze, but...... In there her is only a baboon. Although the world of pirate also has 12 constellations, but...... A matter, Lucy's star spirit magic completely cannot apply, she is about equal to the mortal in that side. In fact, the complete magic can adapt to " Pirate » world by no means that besides naturally is, only then few special magics can display. 她也曾跟着纳兹他们去过《海贼》的世界,但……在那里她只是个狒狒。虽然海贼的世界也有12星座,但……就那么回事罢了,露西的星灵魔法完全派不上用场,在那边她约等于凡人。实际上,并非全部的魔法都能适应《海贼》世界,除了自然系之外,只有少量的特殊型魔法能施展出来。 For example Larke Sars's wife Buland orange-red is assorted, can display, can increase the person changes is small. 例如拉克萨斯的老婆布兰缇什,就可以施展,能把人变大变小。 A little with the Ivor Birendra's miniature fruit general ability, naturally, strong many. 有点儿跟艾佛兰德拉的迷你果实一般能力,当然,强的多。 Miraj, Alf demon and accept magic also to display. 米拉杰、艾尔夫曼的魔化、接受魔法也可以施展。 But Karna's card sign magic....... 而卡娜的卡牌魔法就……嘛嘛了。 Flower bud compared with the writing magic also expires. 蕾比的文字魔法也失效。 Right, Grey hit a competition with Kuzan, the result has shared half and half. Does not know that is reason that Kuzan shows mercy, after all by the degree of range, Kuzan Ice Age direct frozen river. 对了,格雷曾经跟青雉打过一场比试,结果是平分秋色。不知道是不是青雉手下留情的原因,毕竟论范围的程度,青雉的冰河世纪可是直接冰封一条大河的。 Eyebrow sank sinking: But who......” 艾露莎眉毛沉了沉:“可有谁……” Grey, Lucy, vermilion Bian three people at heart bright, the one who knows to ask is anything, a gloom of face. 格雷、露西、朱毕安三人都心里明,知道艾露莎问的是什么,一脸的暗淡。 Finally Grey opened the mouth: In the ten years, finishes Kirghiz , Tatar, Rieda element, Markus, bluish green Sika with Arzhak, passed away one after another. As for adviser wave colored glaze Grandma Siika and Makah, Wa Caba, this you knew...... Other was also old.” 最后还是格雷开了口:“这十年里,诺布、毕吉塔、里达素、马库斯、碧丝卡跟阿尔扎克,相继去世了。至于顾问波琉西卡婆婆、马卡欧、佤卡巴,这个你知道了……其他的也都年老了。” Polish colored glaze Grandma Siika and Makah, Wa Caba, after two people intermittence comes back then knew, their was very old. After Kino vanishes, more ten years have not returned to " Fairy Tail » world, have not thought...... Left the world one after another six partners. 波琉西卡婆婆、马卡欧、佤卡巴,在两人间歇回来后便知道了,他们本身就年纪很大了。奇诺消失后,越有十年没有回到《妖尾》世界了,没想到……已经相继离世了六个伙伴。 Is that always before entrusting the board wanders, actually does not decide the duty...... Long very indigenous fellow. 诺布,就是那个总是在委托板前游荡,却不决定任务的……长的很土著的家伙。 Finishes Kirghiz , Tatar is that always dances on the table. 毕吉塔是那个总是在桌子上跳舞的。 Rieda element is that drawing fatty. 里达素是那个绘画的胖子。 Markus, another edition old sand, the Shasha magic, after the day wolf island returns,...... Once had been oppressive a round Naze. 马库斯,另一个版本的老沙,莎莎魔法,天狼岛归来后……还曾虐过一回合的纳兹。 bluish green Sika with Arzhak is a husband and wife, with one pair of spear/gun magic, there are daughter. 碧丝卡跟阿尔扎克是夫妻,用枪魔法的一对,有一个女儿。 With Miraj complexion as if by prior agreement gloomy, although knows the life and death to be avoidless, but...... In that moment of hearing was unavoidably sad. 艾露莎跟米拉杰不约而同的脸色暗淡了起来,虽然知道生死无法避免,但……在听到的那一刻还是不免难过了起来。 I hold a memorial service for their.” “我去祭奠他们一下。” I also go.” “我也去。” Walks, they in the tomb of guild.” Grey sighed. “走吧,他们都在公会的墓地里面。”格雷叹道。 Truly speaking, the people of seductress/evil spirit tail like after dying, buries in the tomb of guild, has the sympathy to the guild very much. 说实在的,妖精尾巴的人都喜欢在死后,葬在公会的墓地,对公会很有认同感啊。 After the tail of seductress/evil spirit lived in some time, Kino left, visits him old friends. Moves with Miraj voluntarily, by their present strength standards, nobody can threaten them. After they come back, the guild members of other half rests then received the news, is copying the guild to catch up, well gathering one gathers. 在妖精的尾巴里住了一段时间后,奇诺就离开了,去拜访一下他的‘故人们’。艾露莎跟米拉杰自行活动,以她们现在的实力水准,没有谁能威胁到她们。在她们回来后,其余半休息的公会成员们便接到了消息,正在抄公会这边赶来,好好的聚一聚。 Naze, Larke Sars, Alf also catch up to come toward here. 纳兹、拉克萨斯、艾尔夫曼也朝这边赶来中。 The tiger of sword biting. 剑咬之虎。 Truly speaking, many people of Kino in «Fairy Tail» world, has a love affair. 说实在的,奇诺跟《妖尾》世界里的很多人,都有过一段风花雪月。 For example 【The tiger of sword biting Young lady Migne banana plant, Azure Pegasus Jennie Wright, the magic weekly ideal magician girlfriend ranks first that. 比如【剑咬之虎】的‘大小姐’米涅芭,【青色天马】的珍妮・莉亚莱特,魔法周刊理想魔法师女友排名第一的那个。 Because of relations with Kino, she actually not with sound with trade union raises, gangs up with the same place to go. 因为跟奇诺的关系,她倒是没有跟同工会的响・雷提斯,勾搭到一起去。 Also 【The heel of merpeople Association president God happy Kazi Qi. 还有【人鱼之踵】的会长神乐・米卡兹琪。 Just only then left with him with Miraj, other people do not have. 只不过只有艾露莎跟米拉杰跟他离开了,其余人都没有。 The Gods happy is a swordsmanship madman, when to the war, a Kino move of higher level was defeated after by swordsmanship, was entangling him on all day. 神乐是一个剑道狂人,在对战的时候,被‘剑道’更高层次的奇诺一招击败后,就整日缠着他了。 As for Jennie Wright, this actually pure, because his appearance is charming. 至于珍妮・莉亚莱特,这个倒是纯粹的因为他长相帅气而已。 Migne banana plant some,...... 米涅芭就有些,呃…… Kino likes the goddess, the queen and empress to he especially likes, possibly is because...... Conquers the comparison has the feeling? 奇诺喜欢女神,女王、女帝向的他尤为喜欢,可能是因为……征服起来比较的有感觉? ...... 呃…… After arriving at the tiger of sword biting, his eyes saw the Migne banana plant. 来到剑咬之虎后,他一眼就看到了米涅芭。 Develops on the martial stage to train. 演武场上正在训练呢。 Feeling...... Where is a little strange? 只是感觉……哪里有点儿奇怪呢? After realizing behind person, the Migne banana plant then fluttered, grasped Kino directly: honey, you were very long have not come to see others.” 在察觉到身后的人后,米涅芭便飘了过来,直接抱住了奇诺:“哈尼,你可是很久没来看人家了呢。” ...... This goosebumps. 呃……这一身的鸡皮疙瘩啊。 Grasped his flash in the Migne banana plant, Kino realizes the issue, complexion board: Jesse...... Do not make.” 在米涅芭抱住他的一瞬间,奇诺就察觉到问题了,脸色板了起来:“杰西……不要闹了。” „, Insipid, such quickly realized?” “切,没劲,这么快就察觉到了么?” This is having the obvious orientalism appearance, the long and straight purple black and waist long hair, the forehead Liu Haizhong minute, the both sides hair grips the chignon, including the wear appearance with, the past big demon director military in the Migne banana plant was exactly the same. 这个具有着明显的东方式的外貌,长、直的紫黑色及腰长发,前额刘海中分,两侧头发扎成发髻,包括穿着打扮都跟,当年的大魔导演武里米涅芭一模一样。 But was a pity, this person is not the Migne banana plant. The father ratio, how you realized I am not a mother? ” 但可惜,这个人不是米涅芭。爸比,你是怎么察觉到我不是妈咪的?” Your chest...... Compared with your mother wants slightly a little.” Kino has coughed, said. “你的胸……比你妈妈的要小一点儿。”奇诺咳嗽了下,说道。 Bah, is not concerned about face, unexpectedly discusses this topic with the biological daughter.” “呸,不要脸,居然跟亲生女儿探讨这个话题。” Seemingly is you discusses first? 貌似是你先谈的吧? Wooden mistake! 木错! At present this with young lady exactly the same female, is the Migne banana plant with his biological daughter---- Jessica Al banana plant Markus. 眼前这个跟大小姐一模一样的女的,正是米涅芭跟他的亲生女儿————杰西卡・阿尔芭・马库斯。 A very familiar name, not? 一个很熟悉的名字,不是么? Do not look at her appearance, was just the same as once Migne banana plant, but she already nearly 40 years old. 你别看她的样貌,跟曾经的米涅芭一模一样,但她已经快40岁了呢。 Kisses/Close, clicks, to the high praise, the score jumps over Gauguin to be newly quicker, it is said gave gave the perfect score newly finally had found the pretty wife! 亲,点击进去,给个好评呗,分数越高更新越快,据说给新打满分的最后都找到了漂亮的老婆哦! Cell phone standing brand-new edition correction promotion address:, The data and bookmark and computer station synchronization, does not have advertisement fresh reading! 手机站全新改版升级地址:,数据和书签与电脑站同步,无广告清新阅读!
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