SR :: Volume #13

#1218: Carving characters on Reincarnation Road

What to be rampant? Do the ants of Golden Body level also dare to shout to the big dragon?!” “嚣张什么?金身层次的蝼蚁也敢对巨龙嘶吼?!” Some people shouted, with long hurried strides, walked, the point aimed at the Chu Feng's tip of the nose front. 有人喝道,大步流星,走了过来,点指向楚风的鼻端前方。 The Chu Feng simple and crude, said: Refuses to accept to sit down, who feared who? The fear rolls!” 楚风简单粗暴,道:“不服就坐下,谁怕谁?害怕就滚!” The flash, some people wish one could to begin immediately, this boy was too extremely arrogant, even if they intends in view of Cao De, but actually must not exposed to this stance, belittles the face of world person, making them not be feeling well. 一刹那,有人恨不得立刻动手,这小子太狂妄了,即便是他们有意针对曹德,可是却也见不得他这种姿态,一副小觑天下人的面孔,让他们不爽。 Blade clang clang in Kun Long hand keeps ringing, quick automatic flushed to the sheath, a white light was Blade Qi, spun regarding him keeps turning, will be void must separate. 鲲龙手中的刀锵锵响个不停,都快自动离鞘冲出来了,一道白光是刀气所化,围绕着他旋转个不停,将虚空都要割裂了。 Jin Lin is ashamed and resentful, because Chu Feng also key selects her name there. 金琳更是羞愤,因为楚风还重点在那里点她的名字呢。 Jin Lin, do not follow me? Has not come!” 金琳,你不是要追随我吗?还不过来!” Who can follow you? The Jin Lin anger, they to surround him, break his chance. 谁要追随你?金琳愤怒,她们是为了围堵他,断他机缘。 These many people here, so long as everyone grabs to him slightly, he is unable to absorb Merging Dao Herb. 这么多人在此,只要每个人稍微对他劫掠一番,他就无法吸收融道草 Only if his within the body has heaven shaking empty, surpasses empty of other people, otherwise to/clashes Divinity, Divine King wait/etc., he of suppression stubbornly. 除非他体内有惊天的虚器,远超其他人的虚器,不然的话就冲神祇神王等,就压制的他死死的。 Naturally, normal nobody will do, after all must divert attention, affects own absorption rate, will affect to grasp principles. 当然,正常来说没人会那么做,毕竟要分心,影响自身的吸收速度,会影响悟道。 However, this Cao De is their eye-sores, must draw out. 但是,这曹德是他们的眼中钉,必须要拔出。 "Um, my one group of retinues, you sit, sits side me, clever, this was right, far that excessively do not disperse, a bit faster! ” Chu Feng shouted again. “嗯,我的一群仆从,你们都坐好,都坐在我身边,乖,这就对了,不要分散的过远,都快点!”楚风再次喝道。 This stance, this words, are really one group of people of air/Qi want to kill people. 这种姿态,这种话语,真是气的一群人想杀人。 They surround to come, must do this, words that but really sits down now, seemed like obeyed the Cao De words, complied with his instruction. 他们围堵而来,原本就要这样做,可现在真坐下的话,反倒像是听从了曹德的话,遵从他的吩咐。 Three-Headed Divine Dragon Yun Tuo opens the mouth, cold sound said: Cao De, your this insect shouted anything randomly, here was grasps principles, does not want to comprehend here get lost. Furthermore, we sit in this region, to suppress you, like this clearly said that how can you? Bullies you to dying!” 三头神龙云拓开口,寒声道:“曹德,你这只虫子乱喊什么,这里是悟道地,不想在这里参悟就滚出去。再者,我们坐在这片区域,就是为了压制你,就这样明白的说出来了,你又能如何?欺压你到死!” Kun Long dense say/way: Few idle talk, I make your Great Dao fragment not absorb today, which from comes rolling that to return where goes, any chance does not have, the good fortune material misses with you!” 鲲龙森然道:“少废话,今天我让你一点大道碎片都吸收不到,从哪来的滚回哪里去,什么机缘也没有,造化物质与你无缘!” Blows anything, person who the blade cannot grasp, feels all right here cocky, if I your kill on the ground consider as finished, the previous time has not cut down you, forgives your life, you do not understand to feel grateful unexpectedly, really raises not the ripe supercilious look wolf, later I will be impolite, will not give you opportunity!” “吹什么,刀都拿不住的人,也好意思在这里得瑟,我要是你一头撞死在地上算了,上次没有劈杀你,饶你一命,你居然不懂得感恩,真是养不熟的白眼狼,以后我就不会客气了,再也不会给你机会!” Chu Feng ridicules here, then looks to Three-Headed Divine Dragon Yun Tuo and the others, said: Looks at your welldoing, the head week length of perimeter tumor, grotesque, all shortly after life, my being disinclined manages you.” 楚风在这里奚落,然后又看向三头神龙云拓等人,道:“看你们的德行,脑袋周围长肿瘤,奇形怪状,皆命不久矣,我懒得理你们。” Three-Headed Divine Dragon Yun Tuo wants to hack him exactly, what is the tumor, by his main head is the head is also good? 三头神龙云拓想活剐了他,什么叫肿瘤,他的主头颅旁边的也是头颅好不好? Besides him, the Nine-Headed Bird Race Divine King Chi Feng complexion ice is also cold, is staring at Chu Feng stubbornly. 除了他之外,九头鸟族神王赤峰也脸色冰寒,死死地盯着楚风 Refuses to accept has come!” “不服的过都来!” Chu Feng speaks the last words. 楚风叫板。 Silence, sits!” “肃静,坐好!” At this time, in secret sound that transmitted an old man. 这时,暗中传来一位老者的声音。 This stretch of region is finally peaceful, all person homing, sit cross-legged on carpet. 这片地带终于安静下来,所有人都归位,盘坐在蒲团上。 monkey, Peng Wanli, Xiao Yao and Mi Qing several people, were being hinted by Chu Feng, do not approach him, leaves enough far, he can handle these people. 猴子鹏万里萧遥弥清几人,都在被楚风示意,不要接近他,离开足够远,他自己能够搞定那些人。 Buzz!” “嗡!” At this moment, Merging Dao Herb on that altar is shivering. 就在这时,那祭坛上的融道草在颤动。 Then, transparent light covered the scrap. 然后,一个透明的光罩炸碎了。 Chu Feng suck in a cold breath, previously unexpectedly had not discovered, there has the transparent light cover, prevents the aura leak of Merging Dao Herb, now is true de-archiving. 楚风倒吸冷气,早先居然都没有发现,那里有透明光罩,阻挡融道草的气息外泄,现在才算是真正解封。 Bang! 轰隆! At this moment, all people felt, the Great Dao aura caressed the face, making all people nearly probably submit, cannot help kotowing, wants to lie prostrate in worship. 这一刻,所有人都感受到了,大道气息扑面,让所有人都近乎要臣服,忍不住要叩首,想要顶礼膜拜下去。 This is Merging Dao Herb, because of accident/surprise, once was arrived by the Great Dao rule, becomes the carrier, although the Great Dao rule elapses finally, but in this grass has also left behind too many information, too many mysteries. 这就是融道草,因为意外,曾被大道规则降临,成为载体,虽然最终大道规则逝去,但是这株草内也留下了太多的信息,太多的奥秘。 Now, it is flowing endless radiance, departs various types lifeforms that turns into by Order, here immediately hears the dragon hissing and tiger roaring sound, that is True Dragon, that is Mutant Desolation Tiger, is striving for hegemony, is whooshing. 现在,它流淌着无尽光华,飞出各种由秩序化成的生物,在这里顿时传来龙吟虎啸声,那是真龙,那是异荒虎,在争霸,在嘶吼。 Afterward, Vermilion Bird dances, Undying Bird is having the endless flame flying in circles dance on, that White Qilin must tear the dark green space, Kunpeng spreads the wings to interrupt the starry sky. 随后,朱雀起舞,不死鸟带着无尽的火光翔舞而上,还有那白麒麟要撕裂苍宇,鲲鹏展翅截断星空。 These are the phenomenon, is the rule. 这些都是异象,都是规则所化。 In addition, did not have the completely dense and numerous symbols, likely is mysterious scrip­tures, waited for that the people comprehend. 此外,还有无尽密密麻麻的符号,像是一篇神秘的经文,等待人们参悟。 The time is not long, ten thousand appear spirit, here vibrates, the person of oppression must suffocate. 时间不长,万灵浮现,在这里震动,压迫的人要窒息。 Meanwhile, on that nine Merging Dao Herb, on each leaf is also holding nine fruits, is very special, blooms brightly with many colors, makes a sound, is similar to resonant voice rings out, clear as a bell. 同时,在那九叶融道草上,每片叶子上都还托着九颗果实,很特殊,绽放五光十色,发出道音,如同黄钟大吕般。 Chu Feng does not manage, now sits cross-legged here, is staring at Merging Dao Herb, whole-heartedly revolution Plundering Guide Breathing Method, then stimulation of movement within the body that gray Little Millstone. 楚风不管了,现在盘坐在此,盯着融道草,全力以赴运转盗引呼吸法,而后催动体内那个灰色的小磨盘 The abatement beside it, that stone jar, is similar to Xumi Neuhut mustard seed, turns into a grain of luminous spot, hides in the grey Little Millstone slit. 除却它之外,还有那石罐,如同须弥纳于芥子般,变成一粒光点,藏身在灰色小磨盘的缝隙中。 This is the Chu Feng's energy is at! 这就是楚风的底气所在! Rumble! 轰隆隆! Along with the grey Little Millstone rotation, on the sacrificial altar the aura on that Merging Dao Herb comes immediately like surging tides rapidly, submerges Chu Feng's within the body. 随着灰色小磨盘转动,祭台上那融道草上的气息顿时如潮水般迅速汹涌而来,没入楚风的体内。 This makes his body shine immediately, this experience was too wonderful, this is a pure high level energy, the astonishing rune deep meaning, was drawn within the body, was fused and sensibility by him. 这让他身体顿时发光,这种体验太美妙了,这是一股纯粹的高级能量,还有惊人的符文奥义,被吸进体内,被他所融合与感悟。 Prevents him!” Kun Long cold sound said. “阻止他!”鲲龙冷声道。 In fact, at this moment, all people began, absorb crazily, while wants to suppress Chu Feng, disturbs his refining with absorbing Merging Dao Herb Concise Essence. 事实上,这一刻,所有人都动手了,一边自己疯狂吸收,一边想要压制楚风,干扰他炼化与吸收融道草精粹 This to Chu Feng, is naturally influential. 这对楚风来说,自然是有影响的。 However, he fearless, the mind immerses in within the body, carves characters on that grey Little Millstone, that is one line of golden typefaces, was inscribed by the will by him. 但是,他无惧,心神沉浸在体内,在那灰色的小磨盘上刻字,那是一行金色的字体,被他以意志铭刻上去。 Carefully looked, is exactly the same as carving characters that on that giant stone mill plate in Shining Death City on Reincarnation Road sees! 仔细看,同在轮回路上的光明死城中所见到的那个巨大的石磨盘上的刻字一模一样! Chu Feng rushed to Reincarnation Road several times, was too profound to there impression. 楚风数次闯轮回路,对那里印象太深刻了。 Especially the stone mill plates of that crush ten thousand spirit corpses, making him have a vivid memory, is still unforgettable, he once had seen there one line of golden color carve characters. 尤其是那碾压万灵尸体的石磨盘,让他记忆犹新,至今难忘,他曾在那里看到过一行金色刻字。 Moreover, in the past his stone jar also once shone, after being compelled certain gradation, once had revealed these symbols and writing, moreover are more, has dozens times fully! 而且,当年他身上的石罐也曾发光,被逼到一定等次后,也曾显露过那些符号与文字,而且更多,足有数十倍! Chu Feng thought, other character is remote to him, does not use, in Reincarnation starts off one line of golden color that on that stone mill plate sees to carve characters to him to have big using, carves is most appropriate on empty. 楚风觉得,别的字符对他还遥远,用不上,但是在轮回上路那个石磨盘上看到的一行金色刻字对他有大用,刻在虚器上最合适不过。 The effect is astonishing, after Chu Feng inscribes that special one line of golden characters, Little Millstone of his within the body does not need him to stimulate to movement, rotates independently, crush all! 效果是惊人的,当楚风铭刻上那特殊的一行金色字符后,他体内的小磨盘都不用他催动,自主转动起来,碾压一切! Bang! 轰隆! The flash, on that sacrificial altar the leaf blade on Merging Dao Herb, there is a fruit to fly directly, had the leaf blade to break, flew to his here, submerged his within the body. 一刹那,那祭台上的融道草的叶片上,有果实直接飞起,有叶片都要断裂了,冲着他这里飞来,没入他体内。 This effect has shocked, in the Divinity front, under the Divine King eye hides the frenzied plundering, disregards them! 这效果太震撼了,在神祇的面前,在神王的眼皮子底下疯狂掠夺,无视他们! How possible?!” Yun Tuo first calls out in alarm makes noise. “怎么可能?!”云拓第一个惊叫出声。 In the Chu Feng heart is calm, how can not be possible? Initially, wanted the stone mill plate in knows that Reincarnation Road Shining Death City, because there are this kind of line of characters, was the frenzied plundering ten thousand spirit corpses, ground and decomposes completely, must format including the soul, obliterates the previous existence all traces! 楚风心中镇定下来,怎么会不可能?当初,要知道轮回路光明死城中的石磨盘,因为有这样一行字,可是疯狂掠夺万灵尸体,全部碾碎与分解,连灵魂都要格式化,磨灭前生的一切痕迹! Now, he is the great talent tested in a small task! 现在,他不过是牛刀小试!
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