SR :: Volume #13

#1217: The destruction marries

Ji fairy maiden, Xiao Celestial Maiden, was courteous below, really meets the victory to be well-known, two graceful bearings are peerless, the reality is Celestial above mortal world, does not dye the world smoke and fire!” “姬仙子,萧天女,在下有礼了,真是见面更胜闻名,两位丰姿绝世,实乃红尘之上的天人,不染人间烟火!” No matter what said that the word of praise everyone likes listening, the Chu Feng whole face smiles, goes forward to try to get close, immediately causes being astonished of these two. 不管怎样说,好话谁都爱听,楚风满脸是笑,上前套近乎,顿时引起这两人的讶异。 You are that in all directions spurt the person, found the person to be troublesome everywhere, said Cao Zhongji who must put down the world 11 th restricted area?” Xiao Shiyun asked. “你就是那个四处喷人,到处找人麻烦,说要扫平天下第11禁地的曹终极?”萧诗韵问道。 First is defined as the big sprayer, questioned that he was boasting, this first impression was not good. 先被定义为大喷子,又质疑他在吹牛,这第一印象不是多好。 Chu Feng is shameless immediately micro red, works as monkey, Jin Lin, Jin Lié and the others the surface to boast not to have the issue, but to the world rank most before several Divine King said that this words, that appeared too tender. 楚风顿时老脸微红,当着猴子金琳金烈等人的面吹牛没问题,可是对天下排名最靠前的几位神王说这种话,那就显得太嫩了。 After all, he now in Golden Body Dominion. 毕竟,他现在才在金身领域中。 Has this idea.” Finally Chu Feng is quite confidently said. “有这个想法。”最后楚风还是相当坦然地说道。 „Won't you run over also want to spurt our face saliva?” Xiao Shiyun asked grinningly, although was Divine King, but was not serious, purple sent the silk to be bright, bright eyes friendly look around, the fine jade nose very curled upwards, quite lively with bracelet, including this words can the opens mouth come, not to care about own status. “你不会跑过来也想喷我们一脸口水吧?”萧诗韵笑嘻嘻地问道,虽然为神王,但是却不严肃,一头紫色发丝光可鉴人,明眸善睐,琼鼻挺翘,相当的活泼与跳脱,连这种话都能张口就来,不在意自己的身份。 Especially, her forehead another red sands mole, is very small, but actually very clear, adds an unusual charm for her. 尤其是,她的眉心又一颗红砂痣,很小,但却很晶莹,为她平添一股异样的魅力。 This indeed is outstandingly beautiful, by Chu Feng this penetration two, has seen various great storms, or sees the visions of various clan beautiful women, gasps in admiration this female to be shocking. 这的确是一个绝色,以楚风这种贯穿两界,见过各种大风大浪,或者说见惯各族美人的眼光来看,也叹服此女非常惊艳。 Ji Caixuan also smiles, said: We have not annoyed you, should not want to find fault to touch porcelain?” 姬采萱也微笑,道:“我们可没惹你,该不会想找茬儿来碰瓷儿吧?” Her figure is tall and graceful, is beautiful, is the outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman, the graceful bearing is extremely outstanding. 她身段挺秀,非常美丽,也是绝色丽人,风姿极其出众。 They stand, is similar to a pair of beautiful woman, the suitable attraction eyeball, some knows many people are not paying attention. 两人站在一起,如同一对解语花,相当的吸引眼球,不知道有多少人在关注。 Does not have, to be how possible, I am such person, I always by virtue nobody, rational go all over the world. I am only the given names of greeting on first meeting two fairy maidens, visits especially. Moreover, can saliva that type of thing shoot off the mouth? Actually, I come also mainly to act for sworn brothers, Ji fairy maiden, you see Li the brother he to you......” “没,怎么可能,我是那样的人吗,我从来都是以德无人,有理走遍天下。我只是久仰两位仙子的大名,特来拜会。再者说,口水那种东西能乱喷吗?其实呢,我过来也主要是为结拜兄弟出面,姬仙子,你看黎兄他对你……” Chu Feng dai bo dai, one spoke irresponsibly, the spittle splash, simultaneously has not forgotten to aim at Li Jiuxiao of distant place. 楚风嘚啵嘚,一顿乱说,唾沫星子飞溅,同时还不忘记指向远处的黎九霄 The Ji Caixuan corners of the mouth slight twitch several, this young fellow has eaten the bear heart leopard guts, unexpectedly dares and this matter?! 姬采萱嘴角轻微的抽动了几下,这毛头小子真是吃了熊心豹子胆,居然敢来说和这种事儿?! The distant place, Li Jiuxiao is moved incomparably, Cao De that just knew so is unexpectedly really kind, for him over, to Ji Caixuan narrated all sorts that in the several years Li Jiuxiao makes, courageous. 远处,黎九霄感动无比,那刚认识的曹德居然这么够意思,为他出头,向姬采萱讲述这十几年来黎九霄所做的种种,胆子很大。 In fact, Chu Feng also reads smoothly raises, he does not have about that ability Ji Caixuan, moreover how to see that Li Jiuxiao is also hopeless, on own initiative then is too too inexpensive, it is estimated that the status in the Ji Caixuan heart is not very high, is hard to obtain the approval. 事实上,楚风也只是顺嘴一提,他可没那种能力左右姬采萱,而且怎么看黎九霄也没戏,太主动便太廉价,估计在姬采萱心中地位不是很高,难以获得认可。 Moreover, Li Jiuxiao has wanted to chase down his true body, he is not worthwhile for him over, now is but while convenient is. 再者说,黎九霄一直想追杀他真身呢,他也犯不着为他强出头,现在不过是顺带而为。 „Do you come to here to act as a matchmaker?” Xiao Shiyun is smiling asking, does a young fellow also dare so? “你来这里就是为了说媒的?”萧诗韵微笑着问道,一个毛头小子也敢如此? She looks to oneself good best friend Ji Caixuan, discovers her complexion micro black, therefore scolded for her. 她看向自己的好闺蜜姬采萱,发现她的脸色微黑,因此替她责难。 How possible, I come for Xiao fairy maiden, is Xiao Yao introduced that I come!” Chu Feng said that Xiao Yao of directional distant place. “怎么可能,我是为萧仙子而来,是萧遥介绍我过来的!”楚风说道,指向远处的萧遥 The stele forest illumination, Order rune isolation sound wave, Xiao Yao could not hear Chu Feng to say anything, but knows this Cao De did not have the word of praise absolutely, he waved the hand to here immediately, hinted and greets to his little paternal aunt. 碑林发光,秩序符文隔绝音波等,萧遥听不到楚风说什么,但是知道这个曹德绝对没好话,他顿时对这边摇手,冲他小姑姑示意与打招呼。 You looked that Xiao Yao is hinting to us, actively was too warm, he told me Lunatic Wu lineage/vein is not the good thing, did not think you very much in secret with their intercourse.” “你看,萧遥在对我们示意呢,太主动热情了,他告诉我武疯子一脉都不是好东西,很不想你私下里和他们往来。” Xiao Shiyun heard that the complexion immediately changes, did this matter divulge a secret? In the abatement clan outside the small number of people, nobody knows is right, it seems like indeed was Xiao Yao says. 萧诗韵闻听脸色顿时微变,这种事都走漏了风声?除却族中少数人外,没人知晓才对,看来的确是萧遥说出去的。 Chu Feng is unconscious, said: I thought that Dao Race is how formidable, the name shakes eternally, even if Lunatic Wu is strong, Dao Race should not sell sells the female, if this passes on, is not good. The world who does not know that Lunatic Wu is notorious, extinguishes Dream Ancient Path, kills the person of same belief generation of heavy righteousness, is illegibile with certain restricted areas, inborn big villain.” 楚风一点也不自觉,道:“我觉得吧,道族何其强大,名震万古,武疯子哪怕再强,道族也不应该卖儿卖女啊,这要是传出去,太不好了。天下谁不知,武疯子臭名昭著,灭梦古道,杀同道中的重义之辈,跟某些禁地不清不楚,天生的大反派。” After Xiao Shiyun hears, the complexion is cold, can this matter speak irresponsibly really? 萧诗韵听闻后,脸色冷冽,这种事真能乱说吗? If Cao De these words pass on, is not good to the Dao Race reputation, Xiao Shiyun the complexion is dignified immediately, in any event, in the family certain old fogies' suggestions, now are not suitable work immediately. 曹德的这些话要是传出去,对道族名声不好,萧诗韵顿时脸色凝重,无论如何,家族中某些老家伙的建议,现在都不宜立刻进行下去了。 Ji Caixuan in side revealed the look of surprise, she has not thought really that Dao Race may be related through marriage with Lunatic Wu lineage/vein. 姬采萱在旁也露出异色,她还真没有想到,道族有可能会跟武疯子一脉结亲。 Xiao Shiyun understood immediately her thoughts, said immediately: Do not let one's thoughts wander, no matter, do not pass on!” 萧诗韵顿时明白了她的心思,立刻道:“你别乱想,没有的事,不要传出去!” Then, she also severely warned Chu Feng, said: Cao De, can not chaotic language, these be the rumor, if makes me hear not the good hearsay, the gravity of your knows consequence!” 接着,她又严厉警告楚风,道:“曹德,你不得乱语,这些都是谣言,如果让我听到不好的传闻,你知道后果的严重性!” Relax, I do not believe from the start Dao Race will marry off a daughter to give Lunatic Wu lineage/vein. Moreover, I will promote quickly also to the Divine King boundary, therefore, Dao Race do not worry.” “放心,我压根就不相信道族会嫁女给武疯子一脉。另外,我很快也会晋升到神王境,所以,道族不要着急。” Chu Feng said that travelled. 楚风说完就跑路了。 What meaning, do you promote Divine King to close our what matters? 什么意思,你晋升神王关我们什么事? Xiao Shiyun understands its meaning quickly, thinks really a palm of the hand claps. 萧诗韵很快明白其意,真想一巴掌拍过去。 Ji Caixuan pursed the lips to smile, such bold small Cultivator, dares to Female Divine King saying that this words, was really interesting. 姬采萱则抿嘴笑了,还有这么胆大包天的小修士,敢对女神王说这种话,真是有意思。 No matter what said that Chu Feng thought that can strength completely use, hopes that Dao Race do not marry with Lunatic Wu lineage/vein. 不管怎样说,楚风觉得,能尽的力气都用出来了,希望道族不要和武疯子一脉联姻。 He thought that but should also put some rumors to come out to well, making Dao Race have scruples the reputation. 他觉得,还应该去放些风声出来为好,让道族顾忌名声。 dang! 当! bell ring, vibrates this pure lands. 一声钟响,震动这片净土。 Not far away, a sacrificial altar raises, there shining, various Order marks appear, is indistinct is to hear Great Dao and whining noise. 不远处,一座祭台升起,那里流光溢彩,各种秩序符号浮现出来,隐约间更是传来大道和鸣声。 A green grass of blooming multi-colored sunlight, flows the brilliance there, releases the Great Dao aura, that picture is somewhat astonishing. 一株绽放霞光的绿草,在那里流淌光辉,释放大道气息,那种景象有些惊人。 Melted the grand meeting final time to arrive, soon will start to carve up Merging Dao Herb. 融道盛会最后的时刻到来了,即将开始瓜分融道草 That grass high energy has one meter, likely is a young tree, the green rosy cloud blooms, overall radiant, under lets fall is similar to the silk ribbon light beam, over a thousand, cover oneself fully. 那株草高能有一米,像是一株小树,绿霞绽放,整体璀璨,垂落下如同丝绦般的光束,足有上千道,将自身覆盖。 Along with the sacrificial altar, its color changed, the scarlet light surges, Golden-Red Clouds ripples, Purple Qi transpiration...... 随着祭台而出,它的色彩又变了,赤光激荡,金霞荡漾,紫气蒸腾…… There shining, various marks were suddenly dense and numerous, transform Undying Bird, Qilin, Vermilion Bird and Mutant Desolation Human King and other empty bodies, obviously melted, the Great Dao sound was even more great, deafening. 一时间那里流光溢彩,各种符号密密麻麻,幻化成了不死鸟、麒麟、朱雀异荒人王等虚体,显化出来,大道声越发宏大,震耳欲聋。 In addition, in the sound, the entire grass turns into a book likely, changes there, the sound spreads, making the person probably grasp principles unexpectedly. 此外,在哗哗声中,整株草像是化成一部道书,在那里翻动,响声传出,让人居然要悟道。 Saw, this was Merging Dao Herb mystical place, was the visible carrier of say/way, the load bearing some Great Dao, were containing the world source secret, absorbed part, was perceiving through meditation the trim World of the Living's secret, understood thoroughly the rule and Order!” “看到了吧,这就是融道草神异之处,是道的有形载体,承载了部分大道,蕴含着天地本源的秘密,吸收一部分,就是在参悟整片阳间的秘密,洞彻规则与秩序等!” monkey is very excited, is about to dance with joy. 猴子很激动,都快手舞足蹈了。 Chu Feng said: Walks, we find a good place, prepares to perceive through meditation and absorb!” 楚风道:“走,我们找个好地方,准备参悟与吸收!” Around that stage, big piece of carpet, some on the ground, some float in midair, that Merging Dao Herb surrounding in middle. 在那高台周围,有一大片的蒲团,有的在地上,有的悬浮在半空中,将那融道草包围在当中。 Un?!” After Chu Feng sits down, Nine-Headed Bird Race Divine King Chi Feng, Kun Long, Jin Lié and Three-Headed Divine Dragon Yun Tuo, Jin Lin and other troop person walks, appears in his side. “嗯?!”当楚风坐下后,九头鸟族神王赤峰鲲龙金烈三头神龙云拓金琳等一大群人走来,出现在他的身边。 And Evolver of some near strong clans including follows them, naturally must have God Level expert, has 2-3 Divine King! 其中包括跟他们走的很近的一些强族的进化者,自然少不了神级高手,更有两三位神王 This group of people Chu Feng surrounding, this is must exert pressure together, competes for Merging Dao Herb Concise Essence with him, if competes with him completely, his consequence is not wonderful. 这一群人将楚风包围,这是要共同施压,跟他争夺融道草精粹,如果全部同他竞争,那他后果不妙。 shit, bullies the person!” monkey called out. 玛德,欺负人啊!”猴子叫道。 At this time, Li Jiuxiao walked, must draw Chu Feng to set out, sits to his side. 这时,黎九霄走了过来,要拉楚风起身,坐到他身边去。 Chu Feng is calm, said: All right, old Li you, and sits in one side, looked how I sweep the world, dares to surround my person, but is clay chickens and pottery dogs!” 楚风淡定,道:“没事,老黎你且坐在一边,看我如何扫天下,敢来围堵我的人,不过是土鸡瓦狗!” old Li? The Li Jiuxiao cheek twitch, thought oneself are very young! 老黎?黎九霄面皮抽动,觉得自己真的很年轻呢! Rushed out of the nest as for other people, this was also too rampant, among them has Saint, has Shining Upon Level Cultivator, has the God Level character, has Divine King, unexpectedly was despised by small Golden Body Cultivator, shamed! 至于其他人则炸窝了,这也太嚣张了,他们当中有圣者,有映照级修士,有神级人物,更有神王,居然被一个小金身修士鄙视了,羞辱了! You!” Chu Feng cold sound track. “尔等来吧!”楚风冷声道。
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