RTDTH :: Volume #30

#2941: The second personality

„The first alternative scheme is simple, that is makes the bank stamp the currency directly, had these money, that naturally said.” Jiang Fei said. “第一条方案比较简单,那就是让银行直接加印货币,有了这些钱,那自然就都好说了。”蒋飞说道。 That second?” The pretors asked that although did not understand the financial principle very much, as before recklessly behavior that but the feeling of pretor instinct this type stamped the currency, the rejection was not a good matter. “那第二条呢?”执政官问道,虽然不是很懂金融原理,但执政官依旧本能的感觉到这种肆意加印货币的行为,拒绝不是一件好事儿。 „The second article is relatively more troublesome, is makes these corrupt officials hand over the money of embezzlement, these money put together, it is estimated that the amount is not small.” Jiang Fei said. “第二条相对麻烦一些,就是让那些贪官把贪污的钱都交出来,这些钱加在一起,估计数额不小。”蒋飞说道。 Makes them hand over money?” The pretors stare. “让他们把钱交出来?”执政官一愣。 Um!” Jiang Fei nodded. “嗯!”蒋飞点了点头 Possibly?” The pretors asked that although this means sounded well, but these corrupt officials were held, the sentence was inevitable, why they must take money, did hideaway secretly leave own family member not? “可能吗?”执政官问道,虽然这个办法听起来不错,但那些贪官都已经被抓住了,判刑是必然的,那他们为什么还要把钱拿出来,偷偷的隐藏起来留给自己的家人不更好吗? Therefore my this time looks for your goal, is Requirements your two authorizations.” Jiang Fei said. “所以我这次来找您的目的,就是需要您的两项授权。”蒋飞说道。 What is authorized?” The pretors asked. “什么授权?”执政官问道。 Judicial authority and discretionary power to corrupt official!” Jiang Fei said. “对贪官的审判权和自由裁量权!”蒋飞说道。 „Do you want to examine these corrupt officials?” The pretors stare. “你要亲审这些贪官?”执政官一愣。 Um!” The Jiang Fei nod said. “嗯!”蒋飞点头道。 You quickly must fly now, but also has leisure core barrel?” The pretors asked. “你现在都快忙得飞起来了吧,还有闲心管这个?”执政官问道。 I definitely do not have the time to try all cases, moreover I cannot do, my present jurisdiction has sufficed in a big way, I do not want to look for a job to myself again.” Jiang Fei shook the head, then said: These time does not have the matter of means that I must get so far as the money, therefore I can only apply with you judicial authority and discretionary power temporarily to these corrupt officials.” “我肯定没时间去审理所有的案子,而且我也不能那么做,我现在的权限已经够大了,我不想再给自己找事儿了。”蒋飞摇了摇头,然后说道:“这一次是没办法的事情,我得弄到一大笔钱,所以我只能临时跟您申请对这些贪官的审判权和自由裁量权。” Then can you make money?” The pretors asked. “然后你就能搞到钱?”执政官问道。 Should, even I felt from these corrupt officials getting so far as the money, but can also supplement the debt of finance.” Jiang Fei said. “应该可以,甚至我感觉从这些贪官身上弄到的钱,还能补充一下财政的亏空。”蒋飞说道。 „?! Really?” The pretors were obviously excited, finance anxious has been puzzling him, now Jiang Fei said that can solve this problem, that has found out his big worry. “哦?!真的?”执政官明显心动了,财政的紧张一直困扰着他,现在蒋飞说能够解决这个问题,那可是了解了他的一大心病。 At least has 70% assurances.” Jiang Fei said. “至少有七成的把握。”蒋飞说道。 That line, I agreed that tomorrow the authorization file will send to your office.” A pretor nod. “那行,我同意了,明天授权文件就会发到你的办公室。”执政官一点头。 Many thanks Sir's your trust, after waiting for the matter to end, I the jurisdiction will return to the judicial system.” Jiang Fei said. “多谢大人您的信任,等事情结束之后,我会把权限都交还给司法系统的。”蒋飞说道。 Um! Is busy your.” The pretors beckoned with the hand. “嗯!去忙你的吧。”执政官摆了摆手。 „The Sir I exited first.” Jiang Fei bowed to draw back. “那大人我先出去了。”蒋飞躬身退了出去。 Here Jiang Fei walks, after the screen, lightens a person. 这边蒋飞一走,屏风后闪出一个人来。 Sir, you such release authority to him, doesn't fear the matter?” That person asked that he was the staff of pretor most trusted friend. “大人,您这么放权给他,就不怕出事儿吗?”那个人问道,他是执政官最心腹的幕僚。 To be honest, I was a little worried the informer , will otherwise not arrange that many lights and shades monitors him.” The pretors said. “说实话,我是有点担心的,要不然也不会安排那么多明暗的眼线去监视他。”执政官说道。 „Do you also release authority to him?” The staff asked. “那您还放权给他?”幕僚问道。 Because he is intelligent enough, he knows that he can make anything, cannot make anything, therefore you seem like he are very dissolute, but in the essential issue, he will officially inform me ahead of time, after soliciting my agreement, will begin to manage.” The pretors said. “因为他够聪明,他知道自己能做什么,不能做什么,所以你看似他很放肆,但在关键的问题上,他都会提前来知会我,征求到我的同意之后,才会动手去办。”执政官说道。 Then, the scheme of this fellow is very big!” The staff wrinkled frown. “这么说来,这家伙的图谋很大啊!”幕僚皱了皱眉 Yes, his ambition is very big, if I made a mistake, he might seize the chance to displace very much, I believe that he will have this ability!” The pretors nod to say. “是啊,他野心很大,如果我出了错,他很有可能会趁机取而代之,我相信他有这个能力!”执政官点头道。 „Do you also dare such to use him?” Staff surprised asking. “那您还敢这么用他?”幕僚惊讶的问道。 What does this have? So long as I didn't make a mistake on line? He such conscientiously works, isn't the biggest beneficiary also I?” The pretors smiled, then continues saying: You looked that he such works hard, the income that he obtains has the larger part here, he more diligently, I obtains are more, therefore I can always suppress him.” “这有什么?只要我不出错不就行了?他这么兢兢业业的工作,最大的受益者还不是我?”执政官笑了笑,然后继续说道:“你看他这么努力的工作,他得到的收益有一大半都是在我这里,他越努力,我得到的越多,所以我始终能够压制住他。” Sir are you so self-confident?” Staff still some worries. “大人您就这么自信?”幕僚仍旧有些担心。 Self-confident has certainly, if this self-confident does not have continually, in the matter of previous public security officer, I died!” The pretors have sneered, then continues saying: Moreover I now besides using him, do I have other choice? This mess gives you, you can do compared with him?” “自信当然是有的,如果连这点自信都没有,上次治安官的事情中,我就已经死了!”执政官冷笑了一声,然后继续说道:“而且我现在除了用他之外,我还有别的选择吗?这副烂摊子交给你,你能做的比他更好吗?” Subordinate this skill......” staff has not frightened lowers the head. “属下没这个本事……”幕僚吓得一低头。 That did not end!” The pretors showed the whites of the eyes, then continues saying: Person who has the skill, does not have the ambition without one, but you, so long as held their weakness, they will use for you, for example this Ralph, his weakness is that little girl, so long as I have observed closely her, once Ralph has the change, I catch that little girl, he when the time comes naturally can raise hand to surrender!” “那不就完了!”执政官翻了个白眼,然后继续说道:“有本事的人,没有一个是没野心的,但你只要抓住了他们的弱点,那他们就会为你所用,就比如这个拉尔夫,他的弱点就是那个小女孩儿,只要我盯住了她,一旦拉尔夫有异动,我就把那个小女孩儿抓起来,他到时候自然会举手投降!” Facing extremely easy to obtain hegemony, he for a little girl gives up, even doesn't want the life?” In the look of staff has filled puzzled. “面对唾手可得的霸业,他会为了一个小女孩儿而放弃,甚至连命都不要了?”幕僚的眼神中充满了不解。 Yes, he can, but you are not good, if you in his position, I already killed you!” The pretors said with a smile. “是啊,他可以,但你不行,所以如果是你在他那个位置上,我早就弄死你了!”执政官笑道。 Sir, forgives!” The staff frighten hurry to kneel down. “大人,饶命!”幕僚吓得赶紧跪下。 Ok, I will not kill your, you do not have that skill to make my instead, you are honest supplied ideas to me is good.” Pretor self-confident saying with a smile. “行啦,我不会杀你的,你也没那个本事造我的反,你还是老老实实的给我出谋划策就好了。”执政官自信的笑道。 Yes!” The staff nod hurriedly. “是!”幕僚急忙点头。 ...... …… Here Jiang Fei comes out after pretor there has not returned to the city hall, but has had the small half-day vacation to oneself, he has bought first delicious some, was still going then to work while Natasha's Elder Brother, he has sounded the door of Natasha Family. 这边蒋飞从执政官那里出来之后就没有返回市政厅,而是给自己放了小半天的假,他先是去买了一些好吃的,然后趁着娜塔莎的哥哥还在上班,他敲响了娜塔莎家的房门。 Handsome Elder Brother!” Natasha as usual, after confirming the Jiang Fei status, all of a sudden threw his arms. “帅哥哥!”娜塔莎和往常一样,在确认了蒋飞的身份之后,就一下子扑到了他的怀里。 Look! Elder Brother brings delicious any to you came!” Jiang Fei holds up the meal bag in oneself hand to say with a smile. “看!哥哥给你带什么好吃的来了!”蒋飞举起自己手中的餐袋笑着说道。 „! Fried chicken! Hamburg!” Natasha all of a sudden excited, this small girl absolutely does not have the resistivity to the thing that these fry in oil. “哇!炸鸡!汉堡!”娜塔莎一下子就兴奋了起来,这小丫头对这些油炸的东西完全没有抵抗力。 He He, eats quickly, how long Elder Brother may unable to treat today.” Jiang Fei said with a smile. “呵呵,快吃吧,哥哥今天可待不了多久。”蒋飞笑着说道。 Yes, my Elder Brother must get off work immediately.” nodded that Natasha loses, her attention quickly centralized to these delicious above. “是哦,我哥哥马上就要下班了。”娜塔莎略带失落的点了点头,不过她的注意力很快就集中到了那些好吃的上面。 After having been satiated with food and wine, Natasha's satisfied stretching oneself, then depends in the Jiang Fei side chats with him. 吃饱喝足了之后,娜塔莎满意的伸了个懒腰,然后靠在蒋飞的身边跟他聊着天。 Chatted is chatting, Natasha who just ate to the full started to get sleepy, after several yawn, Natasha's look suddenly changed, she put aside from the shoulder of Jiang Fei the head, then said to Jiang Fei: Why do you want to lead me to return to the three dimensional world suddenly?” 聊着聊着,刚刚吃饱的娜塔莎就开始犯困了,就在几个哈欠之后,娜塔莎的眼神突然一变,她把头从蒋飞的肩上移开,然后对蒋飞说道:“你为什么突然想要带我回三维世界?” You......” Jiang Fei have gawked, he knows that this was the Natasha's second personality appeared, this personality helped him process the wound, but as if was very recently long has not come. “你……”蒋飞愣了一下,他知道这是娜塔莎的第二人格出现了,这个人格曾经帮他处理过伤口,但最近似乎很久都没有现身了。 Natasha was getting bigger and bigger, she is also getting stronger and stronger to my suppression, I do not know how long I can also be independent, perhaps will have been assimilated by her quickly, but this is unimportant, you answered me the first issue, I cannot insist too for a long time.” The Natasha's second personality asked. “娜塔莎越来越大了,她对我的压制也越来越强,我不知道我还能独立多久,或许很快就会被她同化了,但这并不重要,你先回答我问题,我不能坚持太久。”娜塔莎的第二人格问道。
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