RTDTH :: Volume #30

#2940: Two plans

„......” Anne by having nothing to say in reply that Jiang Fei said that she truly was the good intention reminds her boss, but Jiang Fei said also in principle, but now Jiang Fei No. 2 Player | Character of entire gamma space, besides the pretor, was he most has the power and influence. “呃……”安妮塔被蒋飞说的无言以对,她确实是好心提醒自己的老板一下,不过蒋飞说的也在理,现在蒋飞可是整个伽马空间的二号人物,除了执政官之外,就属他最有权势了。 Moreover before carrying on this clean, Jiang Fei asked for instructions the pretor, and has attained the authorization, now the trusted subordinates of pretor ahead of time were transferred, the remaining people were given up by the pretor obviously, but these people have the background, has the backer, but will Jiang Fei care about them and their back backers? 而且在进行这次清洗之前,蒋飞已经请示了执政官,并且拿到了批准,现在执政官的亲信都已经被提前调走了,剩下的人显然都是被执政官放弃的,而这些人就算有背景,有靠山,但蒋飞会在乎他们和他们背后的靠山吗? Although Anne still thought that Jiang Fei such does, although will not have any issue temporarily, but for this reason will also offend too many people, definitely will be in the future disadvantageous to him, but Jiang Fei manner so firm, Anne as the subordinate, she did not say went too far. 虽然安妮塔仍旧觉得蒋飞这么做,虽然暂时不会有什么问题,但也会为此得罪太多的人,日后对他肯定是不利的,但蒋飞态度如此的坚决,安妮塔作为下属,她也不好说的太过分了。 But regarding Jiang Fei, he has not thought from the start substitutes for the pretor becomes the ruler of this world, even had not planned that stays for a long time in gamma space, therefore for him, very long later trouble is equal to not having the trouble, he must in the thunder method, in the shortest time, complete all matters that he must handle now. 而对于蒋飞来说,他压根就没想到取代执政官成为这个世界的统治者,甚至都没打算在伽马空间久留,所以对他来说,很久之后的麻烦就等于没有麻烦,他现在就是要以雷霆手段,在最短的时间内,做完他要做的所有事情。 In bawls, the officials of these engineering depts all by the police seizing, this makes near both sides the officials in these administrative offices keep silent, no one knows that this Sir Ralph can also burn the anger to their heads. 在一片叫骂声中,那些工程部的官员全都被军警给抓走了,这让两旁边那些科室的官员们一个个都噤若寒蝉,谁也不知道这位拉尔夫大人会不会把怒火也烧到他们的头上。 Anne, informs various departments, reassigns a group of officials to supplement that the engineering dept goes, my Requirements engineering dept again normally will revolve tomorrow, other matters can put, the life continue the central a project day unable to delay!” The Jiang Fei order said. “安妮塔,通知各部门,抽调一批官员补充到工程部去,我需要工程部在明天就重新正常运转,其他的事情都可以放一下,生命延续中心的工程一天也不能耽误!”蒋飞命令道。 Yes!” A Anne nod, then drafted the document. “是!”安妮塔一点头,然后就去草拟文件去了。 Here Jiang Fei arrived at outside of city hall with these police, at this time the officials of these engineering depts had been sent under custody here. 这边蒋飞跟着那些军警来到了市政厅的外面,此时那些工程部的官员都已经被押送到了这里。 Delivers to the prison, is responsible for guarding by you personally, does not allow anybody to visit, does not allow among them to have any exchange! Understood what is heard?” Jiang Fei said. “都送到监狱去,由你们亲自负责看守,不允许任何人探视,也不允许他们之间有任何的交流!听明白了吗?”蒋飞说道。 Understood what is heard!” These police loud replying, they who no matter these officials are, no matter also their back backers are , the present order is seizing also detains them in any case, the police obeyed orders are OK. “听明白了!”那些军警大声的答道,他们才不管这些官员是谁,也不管他们背后的靠山是谁呢,反正现在的命令是抓捕并且关押他们,军警们听令就可以了。 Quick, the officials of these engineering depts were sent under custody, interrogates them as for whom, what charge also by sues them, these Jiang Fei did not care that his goal has been achieved, although this time gave to carry the monkey mountain, following supplemented the official who can not take warning? 很快,这些工程部的官员被押送走了,至于谁来审讯他们,又以什么样的罪名起诉他们,这些蒋飞都不关心,他的目的已经达到了,他这一次虽然把猴山都给端了,后续补充上来的官员能不引以为戒吗? After these officials is corrupt, that is not the issue that Jiang Fei Requirements worries about, he cares is the life continues the central the time unable to tow, his Requirements as soon as possible found method that restores Natasha to remember, then he can open ultimate plans. 至于那些官员以后贪不贪,那不是蒋飞需要操心的问题,他在意的就是生命延续中心的工期不能拖,他需要尽快的找到恢复娜塔莎记忆的方法,然后就他就可以开启终极计划了。 After waiting for the officials of these engineering depts to be sent to the prison, Jiang Fei engaged in self-examination to return to the middle of own office. 等那些工程部的官员都被送去了监狱之后,蒋飞反身回到了自己的办公室当中。 On returning to the road in office, Jiang Fei discovered that the lively city hall suddenly was lonelier, in has usually liked dropping around, the officials who chatted in the restroom disappears taking advantage of the free time of smoking, these fellows hid in their office, or really busy, installed busily, in any case seemed like a conscientious appearance, did not have in those days in that sluggish aura. 在返回办公室的路上,蒋飞发现原本热闹的市政厅突然冷清了许多,平日里喜欢串门,借着抽烟的工夫在休息室闲聊的官员们都不见了,这些家伙一个个都躲在自己的办公室里,或是真忙,或是装忙,反正一个个的看起来都是一副兢兢业业的样子,丝毫没有往日里那副懒散的气息了。 Snort! One group of clothes eating insects!” Jiang Fei has sneered, regarding these officials, he does not have the interest tube, so long as this group of idiots do not hit his muzzle to come up, that Jiang Fei will also turn a blind eye, after all he comes gamma space is not reorganizes the atmosphere. “哼!一帮蛀虫!”蒋飞冷笑了一声,对于这些官员,他没兴趣管,只要这群白痴不撞到他的枪口上来,那蒋飞也会睁一只眼,闭一只眼,毕竟他来伽马空间可不是来整顿风气的。 Afternoon time, Anne came to the Jiang Fei office. 下午的时候,安妮塔来到了蒋飞的办公室。 Boss, each department has given the list of reassigning personnel, but Rank of these fellows are quite generally low.” Anne was saying while hands over a list. “老板,各个部门给出了抽调人员的名单,不过这些家伙的级别普遍比较低。”安妮塔一边说着一边递过来一份名单。 Because beforehand Jiang Fei just began to clean up the engineering dept thoroughly, therefore in the middle of the entire bureaucrat system, nobody does not know that now Sir Ralph stared at the engineering dept, therefore at this time, even if there is an enticement that was promoted raises in salary, nobody is willing to come the engineering dept to look for trouble. 因为之前蒋飞刚刚动手彻底清理了工程部,所以现在整个官僚体系当中,没人不知道拉尔夫大人盯上工程部了,所以这个时候,哪怕有升职加薪的诱惑,也没人愿意来工程部这边找不自在。 But Jiang Fei has issued the order, requesting various departments to reassign the candidate, makes up the vacancy of complete engineering dept, therefore in the middle of various departments, these newly arrived, does not have the background, the personal connection not good fellow has become the recommended candidate. 蒋飞又下达了命令,要求各部门抽调人选,补齐工程部的空缺,于是在各部门当中,那些新来的,没背景的,人缘不好的家伙就都成了被推荐的人选。 Has not related, according to their abilities, makes them hold an office first, that side the engineering dept the present should not have the project of any Requirements expertise to do, makes these people handle the matter in administrative first, then you prepare, our appearance society hiring.” Jiang Fei said. “没关系,按照他们的能力,先让他们任职,工程部那边现在应该也没什么需要专业知识的项目要做,就让这些人先做行政方面的事情,然后你准备一下,我们面相社会招人。”蒋飞说道。 Good, Boss!” A Anne nod, then started to carry out according to the instruction of Jiang Fei. “好的,老板!”安妮塔一点头,然后就开始按照蒋飞的吩咐去执行了。 When Jiang Fei goes to work next day, the engineering dept revolved, but the life continues that side the center, because there is a head of project to stare there, after the new a number of allocations arrive, the project restored. 当第二天蒋飞来上班的时候,工程部已经重新运转了起来,而生命延续中心那边,因为有工程的负责人在那里盯着,所以在新的一批拨款抵达之后,工程就已经恢复了。 Boss, that side the finance department responded that the fund of government were not many, just reassigned one batch to stuff the life to continue the central in the project, the budget of other projects had no way to continue to transfer.” Anne continues the news that the center resumes work after the report life, has brought a bad news to Jiang Fei. “老板,财务部那边反应说政府的资金已经不多了,刚刚又抽调了一批填进了生命延续中心的工程里面,其他的工程的预算就没法继续划拨了。”安妮塔在报告生命延续中心复工的消息之后,也给蒋飞带来了一个坏消息。 Um, I knew, the issue of money I solve.” Jiang Fei nodded. “嗯,我知道了,钱的问题我去解决。”蒋飞点了点头 Boss, do you have other instruction?” Anne asked. “老板,那您还有别的吩咐吗?”安妮塔问道。 I exit in the afternoon, if there is a matter, goes to the mansion of pretor to look for me.” After Jiang Fei has pondered one slightly next, said to Anne. “我下午出去一趟,如果有事儿的话,去执政官的府邸找我。”蒋飞稍微沉思了一下之后对安妮塔说道。 Good! Boss!” A Anne nod. “好的!老板!”安妮塔一点头。 After processing document on hand, Jiang Fei left the mansion of pretor. 处理好了手头的文件之后,蒋飞动身去了执政官的府邸。 He He, you poured my patron recently!” Sees Jiang Fei to arrive, the pretor is frown, although before , he very likes this Ralph, but this fellow comes certainly not to have the good matter now. “呵呵,你最近倒成了我这里的常客!”一见到蒋飞到来,执政官就是一皱眉,虽然以前他挺喜欢这个拉尔夫的,但现在这家伙一来就准没好事儿。 Sir, my this also did not have money.” Saying that Jiang Fei comes straight to the point. “大人,我这又没钱了。”蒋飞开门见山的说道。 How also to have money? Few days ago hadn't issued additionally a number of currencies?” The pretors asked that although the seal money was good means that but his instinct thought that this was not the long-term plan. “怎么又没钱了?前些日子不是才增发了一批货币吗?”执政官问道,虽然印钱是个好办法,但他本能的觉得这不是长久之计。 Does not have the means that the construction industry that before approved by these people accepting bribes, me must approve now, therefore the Sir you tried to find a solution.” Jiang Fei shrugs to say. “没办法,之前批的工程款都被那些人给贪墨了,现在我得重新批,所以大人您想个办法吧。”蒋飞耸了耸肩道。 Does a bit less this set, your boy definitely comes prepared, speaks frankly!” The pretors showed the whites of the eyes, he too understood Jiang Fei, this fellow will not be aimless absolutely. “少来这套,你小子肯定是有备而来,直说吧!”执政官翻了个白眼,他太了解蒋飞了,这家伙绝对不会来无的放矢的。 Sir your illustrious name, currently I have two solutions!” Jiang Fei said. “大人您英名,现在我有两个解决方案!”蒋飞说道。 Said that looks!” A pretor nod. “说说看!”执政官一点头。
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