RID :: Volume #8 刀剑神域&阿拉德

#1791: Jane|treasure 3 people of groups

Although poor|Fei Luti after changing into the original bandits and thieves dresses up, the king common people of do not recognize her inevitably. But if were handed over the name, in a portrait correspondence with bulletin, that definitely exposed. 虽然菲鲁特在换成原来的盗贼装扮后,王都的百姓必然是认不出她来。但要是被交出名字,在和告示上的画像一对应,那肯定是就暴露了。 Therefore Firouz specialized the named poor|Fei, offering food to a guest moon/month Pleiades and strolled in the street alley at will. 所以菲鲁特化名为菲,让菜月昴和自己在街头小巷随意逛了起来。 Without plan, without destination, pure which arrives plays. 没有计划,也没有目的地,就纯粹的走到哪就玩到哪。 Hungry bought a fruit or eats to the hotel, tired on optional by rests on the parapet of roadside. 饿了就买点水果或者到饭店去吃,累了就随意的靠在路边的栏杆上休息。 Although this gym suit adds the bandits and thieves clothing/taking, encountered various strange vision all the way. But actual, only then in your hand rich, others will welcome you. 虽说这运动服加盗贼服,一路上遭遇了各种的奇怪目光。但实际只有你手中有钱,别人就会欢迎你。 Naturally, some people also include named bludger social miscellaneous personnel. 当然,这个别人还包括名为‘混混’的社会闲杂人员。 The big robust man blocked the entrance of alley, the youth of thin and tall face unprincipled person appearance is holding appreciatively the knife, is licking the lip. Smallest cloak mushroom is looks at the poor|Fei Luti of vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades a face smiles wickedly two people. 高大的壮汉堵住了小巷的入口,瘦高一脸坏人模样的青年把玩着小刀,舔着嘴唇。最小的披风蘑菇头则是一脸恶笑的看着菜月昴的菲鲁特两人。 Yo, little elder brother. You seem like, very rich.” “哟,小哥。你看上去,挺有钱的啊。” We with you, you spent also are really extravagant.” “我们跟了你俩一路,你们花钱还真是阔绰啊。” Which aristocrat there from stole the wallet? Can fund our brothers three people?” “是从哪个贵族那里偷到钱包了?能不能资助一下我们兄弟三人?” .... “呃....” .......... “..........” The poor|Fei Luti and vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades looked at each other one, in the mutual eye was seeing stunned. They have not really thought, can see to block the way unexpectedly to take by force at this time. 菲鲁特和菜月昴对视了一眼,都在互相的眼中看到了错愕。他们是真没有想到,在这个时候居然能看到拦路打劫的。 I said you .... “我说你们啊....” Vegetable/Dish moon/month Pleiades flexure head: „Aren't you interested outside activity?” 菜月昴挠了挠脑袋:“你们对外面的活动不感兴趣吗?” Scoffs ~ “嗤~” Cloak mushroom laughed at one: What relations that and do we have?” 披风蘑菇头嗤笑了一声:“那和我们有什么关系?” The multi- rabbits no doubt are the big trouble of many common people and merchant, makes the disaster that countless people died. But regarding some common people, actually is also that a matter. 多兔固然是许多百姓、商人的大患,是令无数人死亡的灾祸。但对于部分百姓而言,其实也就是那么一回事。 On could not meet under person, what may be worried about the matter of disaster? 上顿接不了下顿的人,可能会担心什么灾害不灾害的事情吗? Little rubbish to pay a bit faster money!” “少废话了快点把钱交出来!” Hands over!” “交出来!” Thin and tall licked under the knife with the long tongue: You should not want to taste, this blade holds in the body, what taste should be?” 瘦高个用自己长长的舌头舔了下小刀:“你们应该不想尝到,这把刀的捅进身体里,应该是什么滋味吧?” Compared in two in alley, stops up in the big robust man of small lane entrance appears simple and honest. However is simple and honest, that must live. 比起在小巷内的两个,堵在小巷口的高大壮汉就显得憨厚许多。不过再憨厚,那也是要生活的。 Hands over money little darling.” “把钱乖乖交出来吧。” Robust man tranquil saying of: Hands over, you will not have the matter.” 壮汉平静的说道:“交出来,你们就不会有事情。” This also is really the suggestion of warm will of the people.” “这还真是个温暖人心的建议啊。” Vegetable/Dish moon/month Pleiades sighed, looked to the side poor|Fei Luti looking pensive: Firouz ..... can the poor|Fei, what to do?” 菜月昴叹了口气,看向旁边若有所思的菲鲁特:“菲鲁.....菲,要怎么办?” If changes into the beforehand vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades, after seeing the blade definitely is Dogeza begs for mercy. But now, the strength, the energy naturally also comes up. 如果是换成以前的菜月昴,在见到刀后肯定已经是土下座求饶了。但现在嘛,实力上来了,底气自然也上来了。 Let alone every day and he trains, is Rhine Luti. 更何况每天和他训练的,可是莱因哈鲁特。 Even if vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades have not hit Rhine Luti until now, but that also looked that, compared with whom. 哪怕至今为止菜月昴也没有击中过莱因哈鲁特一下,但那也是看和谁比。 Hits three street bludgers, is really a fist gets down, he must kneel to ask the opposite party not dead. 打三个街头混混,真的是一拳下去,他得跪下来求着对方别死。 However begins, was not he says calculates, but was by him this young lord. 不过动不动手,可不是他说得算,而是他旁边这位小主子。 Pleiades you first wait.” “昴你先等一下吧。” poor|Fei Luti both hands hold the chest: Your three, I remember that is calls Gaston, Lazhen and Hanbali is coming, right?” 菲鲁特双手抱胸:“你们三个,我记得是叫加斯顿、拉珍斯和汉巴利来着,对吧?” Wha...” “什...” Your this small girl .... “你这小丫头....” ......... Wait, you are .... poor|Fei Luti?” “.........等等,你是....菲鲁特?” Robust man Gaston stared at the poor|Fei Luti to look for a long time, responded suddenly: „Aren't you poor|Fei Luti?” 壮汉加斯顿盯着菲鲁特看了好久,突然反应了过来:“你不是菲鲁特吗?” poor|Fei Luti?” “菲鲁特?” That Wang Xuan? Protecting the knight is Rhine Luti that?” “那个王选者?守护骑士是莱因哈鲁特那个?” Thin and tall Lazhen and mushroom Hanbali stared in a big way the eye, responded slowly: Why that young lady can here!?” 瘦高个拉珍斯和蘑菇头汉巴利瞪大了眼睛,也慢慢反应了过来:“那种大小姐为什么会在这里啊!?” Who is the young lady your bastard!” “谁是大小姐啊你这混蛋!” ~ “唔哦~” Being relentless trampled a foot on the Lazhen knee, making him hold the knee to fall to the ground, poor|Fei Luti uncomfortable saying of: I am also the slum area family background! Do not place on a par with that type of vase me!” 毫不留情的在拉珍斯的膝盖上踹了一脚,让他抱着膝盖倒地,菲鲁特不爽的说道:“我也是贫民区出身的!别把我和那种花瓶相提并论!” Your this fellow ..... manages you are what Wang Xuan anyone, words that unexpectedly begins...” “你这家伙.....管你是什么王选者还是谁,居然动手的话...” Hey, urging you to be honest.” “喂,劝你还是老实一点。” Does not know when moved to Hanbali behind vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades comes a standard backhand to capture, pressed him in the place: Miko of attack dragon charge, but makes you die sufficiently directly here?” 不知何时移动到汉巴利身后的菜月昴来了个标准的反手擒拿,将他摁到在地:“袭击龙之巫女的罪名,可是足以让你们直接死在这里哦?” Bastard .... “混蛋....” Lets loose him, Pleiades.” “放开他吧,昴。” poor|Fei Luti both hands hold the chest, disdained saying: „Is the fellow who even you cannot be victorious, how possibly victorious I?” 菲鲁特双手抱胸,不屑的说道:“连你都打不过的家伙,怎么可能打得过我?” Hey.” “喂。” The vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades facial skin pulled out pulling out: You give me to speak in a moment well, it is necessary first to disparage me?” 菜月昴脸皮抽了抽:“你说话就给我好好说话,有必要先贬低一下我吗?” What's wrong, uncomfortable?” “怎么,不爽啊?” You feel!?” “你觉得呢!?” Gives to loosen Hanbali, vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades rubbed the tooth: You are waiting to me, sooner or later some day I must punch your buttocks ruthlessly.” 将汉巴利给松开,菜月昴磨了磨牙齿:“你给我等着,迟早有一天我要狠狠揍你的屁股。” „? You?” The poor|Fei Luti cracks into a smile: I am waiting. Right, you.” “呵?就你?”菲鲁特咧嘴一笑:“我等着。对了,还有你。” Then looks to behind Gaston, the poor|Fei Luti asks: „Don't you begin?” 回头看向身后的加斯顿,菲鲁特问道:“你不动手吗?” ........ “........” Gaston! Begin! Do not fear! Rhine Luti outside the city, cannot look now!” “加斯顿!动手!别怕!莱因哈鲁特现在是在城外,根本找不过来!” „...... Hanbali, your earnest?” Gaston scruple looks at the mushroom head: „Do you want us dead completely?” “......汉巴利,你认真的吗?”加斯顿迟疑的看着蘑菇头:“你想要我们全部都死吗?” ........ “........” Hou, it seems like or has the smart person.” “嚯,看来还是有聪明人在的啊。” The poor|Fei Luti sneers saying: If you also begin, that explained that you thorough are incurable. Makes you continue to make this bullying the weak and fearing the strong deal with it, might as well look for the point to make you extricate.” 菲鲁特冷笑道:“如果你也动手的话,那说明你们已经彻底没救了。与其让你们继续做这种欺软怕硬的勾当,不如找点让你们解脱。” „!!!!!!” “!!!!!!” From poor|Fei Luti these words, the Jane|treasure three people listened to full killing intent. 从菲鲁特这句话中,顿珍汉三人听出了十足的杀意。 She comes out from the slum in every sense of the term, when this/should gets down the cruel methods will not have what melancholy. Even if vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades, was brought to see some world by Rhine Luti, no longer is curls upwards study the high-school student who that anything does not understand. 她可是不折不扣从贫民窟出来的,该下狠手时绝不会有什么忧郁。哪怕是菜月昴,都被莱因哈鲁特带着去见过一些世面,不再是那个啥也不懂的翘学高中生。 Bastard! Has the skill you... not!” “混蛋!有本事你就...唔唔唔唔!” Violent temper triggered Lazhen prepares to throw directly toward the poor|Fei Luti, but actually prompt by Hanbali holding down. 暴脾气被触发的拉珍斯直接就准备向着菲鲁特扑过去,但却及时的被汉巴利给按住。 Today calculates that we planted.” “今天算我们栽了。” Hanbali vision dark looks at the poor|Fei Luti: Said that how you do want?” 汉巴利目光阴阴的看着菲鲁特:“说吧,你想怎么样?” Looks at your look, is the plan must retaliate me?” “看你这眼神,是打算要报复我?” The poor|Fei Luti smiles with raw hate: Ok, I like very much.” 菲鲁特凶狠一笑:“可以,我很喜欢。” Your three, must follow me, becomes my servant?” “你们三个,要不要追随我,成为我的仆人?” „......” “......” Ha?” “哈?” „Are you cracking a joke?” “你在开玩笑吗?” If I am cracking a joke, can waste such a long time with you?” poor|Fei Luti light saying of: You three facts, I have listened in the slum.” “如果我是在开玩笑,会和你们浪费这么长时间?”菲鲁特淡淡的说道:“你们三个的事迹,我在贫民窟就听过了。” Can work in the king business district following repeatedly, fully explained that you do not have the brain.” “能屡次在王都的商业区追踪目标得逞,足以说明你们并不是没有脑子。” Lets the foolish matter that you make these to bully the weak and fear the strong here with it, might as well work to me. At least, the treatment I can guarantee.” “与其让你们在这里做这些欺软怕硬的蠢事,不如给我干活。至少,待遇我还是能够保证的。” What kind of? Can follow me?” “怎么样?要不要追随我?” ....... “.......” ......... “.........” ................ “................” Three people of you have a look at me, I have a look at you, is somewhat unbelievable. 三人你看看我,我看看你,还是有些难以置信。 Can their floor bludgers, by Miko of dragon settling on unexpectedly? This space falls the pie the matter .... 他们这种底层小混混,居然能被龙之巫女给看中?这种天上掉馅饼的事.... How to likely happen! 怎么可能会发生啊! Said.” “说吧。” Hanbali alerts looks at the poor|Fei Luti: You think that what we do pay?” 汉巴利戒备的看着菲鲁特:“你想我们付出什么?” Intelligent.” “聪明。” The poor|Fei Luti cracks into a smile: Uses your bludger influences, gives me to find the person in the city.” 菲鲁特咧嘴一笑:“动用你们的小混混势力,给我在城市里找人。” Wanting is the action is suspicious, or looks is not the kings, all reports to me.” “只要是行动可疑的,或是一看就不是王都的,全都给我汇报过来。” What kind of, can comply with this assignment?” “怎么样,要不要答应这件差事?” Please remember this book first round domain name:. 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