RID :: Volume #8 刀剑神域&阿拉德

#1790: Approval

Although after Wang Xuan, Miko of four dragon portraits has pasted the entire Nika kingdom. But by the popularity, actually the poor|Fei Luti and is inferior to other three people. 虽说在王选之后,四名龙之巫女的画像已经贴遍了整个露格尼卡王国。但论知名度,其实菲鲁特并不如其他三人。 After all before Wang Xuan, she really merely is young bandits and thieves in slum. 毕竟在王选之前,她真的就仅仅是一名贫民窟里的小盗贼而已。 Has large bundle the free time, has the energy of not being able to cause. But, she has not actually strolled a true king. 有着大把大把自由的时间,有着使不完的精力。但,她却始终没有逛过一次真正的王都。 Because of the vision of people, vision that because the people's when seeing her dislike shut out. 因为人们的目光,因为人们在看到她时那厌恶嫌弃的目光。 The slum is agglomeration of one crowd of gangs of lowlifes, inside person does not have the poor devil of money either, either is the sticky thief or the robber. 贫民窟是一群臭鱼烂虾的聚集地,里面的人要么是没有钱的穷鬼,要么是手脚不干净的小偷或者抢劫犯。 Despises the chain, does not have the means to vanish forever. 鄙视链,是永远没有办法消失的。 But the despising chain of feudal period, the common people are also the despising chain of ignorant stage seem especially prominent. 只不过封建时代的鄙视链,万民还属于愚昧阶段的鄙视链显得格外突出而已。 Therefore the poor|Fei Luti in has not become dream before Wang Xuan, can escapes from the slum, sees the broader world. 所以菲鲁特在还没有成为王选者前的梦想,才会是逃脱贫民窟,看到更广阔的世界。 She does not approve king all, naturally not possible to stroll the kings. 她不认可王都的一切,自然不可能去逛王都。 But now, her mentality had some small changes. 但现在,她的心态发生了一些小改变。 The expansion of vision, will change the person to regard the angle of thing. When the poor|Fei Luti officially becomes Wang Xuan, becomes Miko of dragon, when with an angle of view of high-rank regards the kings, she saw many different things. 眼界的扩展,会改变人看待事物的角度。当菲鲁特正式成为了王选者,成为龙之巫女,用一个上位者的视角来看待王都时,她又看到了许多不同的东西。 She also understood the beforehand angle of view, how narrow. 她也明白了自己以前的视角,是多么的狭隘。 No matter she did acknowledge, the kings here, as before are the Nika's capital, is she has seen liveliest place. 不管她承认不承认,王都就在这里,依旧是露格尼卡的首都,是她所见过的最繁华的地方。 The kings do not need anybody's acknowledgment or not, because it merely is only a person is the divine creative force. 王都并不需要任何人的承认与否,因为它仅仅只是一个人为造物而已。 Truly is the essence, person who the kings in live. 真正为内核的,还是王都里面生活的人。 Poor, civilian, aristocrat, knight and talented person meeting .... These are king part, no matter good bad. 贫民、平民、贵族、骑士、贤人会....这些都是王都的一部分,不管是好还是坏。 She is not willing to acknowledge, is only because of the retaliatory mentality. 她只是不愿意承认,只是因为报复心理而已。 Oneself are the person in slum, is this social most bottom person, therefore unfounded seized the opportunity and right. 自己是贫民窟里的人,是这个社会最底端的人,所以被毫无理由的夺走了机会和权利。 Therefore, oneself will say such words on Wang Xuan. 所以,自己才会在王选上说出那样的话。 I must destroy all! What knight and aristocrat, even your group of old men, I must destroy completely!” “我要破坏一切!什么骑士、贵族,甚至你们这群老头,我全都要破坏殆尽!” Because in there, is causes these not to have reason the chief criminal of oppression. 因为在那里的,就是造成这些没有理由的压迫的罪魁祸首。 May after seeing to love Millie, the poor|Fei Luti awakened suddenly. 可在看到爱蜜莉雅之后,菲鲁特突然醒悟了过来。 Oppresses themselves and discriminates against repugnantly, never in not discriminating against one in others? 讨厌压迫和歧视自己,何尝又不是在歧视他人中的一员呢? More many of learn/study, her clear are also more, more thought that beforehand are ignorant and despicable. 学习的越多,她明白的也越多,越觉得以前的自己是多么的无知和卑劣。 Said must destroy all, while is actually conducting the discrimination and difference to others. 一边说着要破坏一切,却一边对他人进行着歧视和差别。 Then, existence of vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades made her learn the new thing. 然后,菜月昴的存在又让她学会了新的东西。 The poor|Fei Luti did not have the means to understand why this anything person, cannot be so self-confident unexpectedly day in day out. 菲鲁特一直都没有办法明白,为什么这个什么都不会的人,居然一天到晚都能这么自信。 Will not write, will not brush the bowl, will not clean the courtyard, will not do laundry, will not prepare food ..... 不会写字,不会刷碗,不会打扫院子,不会洗衣服,不会做饭..... Is almost opposite with Seine Ha Luti. 和莱茵哈鲁特几乎完全相反。 But is such he, like this by Lancet Treia family/home everyone some of him of looking down upon, can natural greeted with Seine Ha Luti, impudent and shameless letting Seine special education his sword technique and Magic. 可就是这样的他,这样被阿斯特雷亚家所有人都有些瞧不起的他,能够大大方方的和莱茵哈鲁特打招呼,厚颜无耻的让莱茵哈鲁特教他剑术和魔法 After knowing Seine Ha Luti does not have the Magic talent, unexpectedly can also pat the shoulder of Seine Ha Luti with a smile. 而且在得知莱茵哈鲁特没有魔法天赋后,居然还能笑着拍拍莱茵哈鲁特的肩膀。 Ha, never expected that you have the matter of being able to achieve, then I may balance!” “哈哈哈,没想到你也有做不到的事情啊,这下我可平衡多了!” Yes, he does not conceal envying and envy in heart completely, even can casual expressed this mood before the party concerned. 是的,他完全不掩饰自己心中的羡慕和嫉妒,甚至能够大大咧咧的在当事者面前表达这份情绪。 As if vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades, have not regarded themselves different existences with Seine Ha Luti. 似乎菜月昴,从来都没有把自己和莱茵哈鲁特当成不同的存在。 The poor|Fei Luti has also seen, in Lancet Treia family/home some respected the people of Seine Ha Luti to stop up vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades specially, warned him to Seine Ha Luti distant point. 菲鲁特还见到过,阿斯特雷亚家中一些特别敬仰莱茵哈鲁特的人曾经堵过菜月昴,警告他离莱茵哈鲁特远点。 Then vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades, were asking that a face compelled ignorant: Why? I and that fellow are friends, why can't I see the friend?” 当时的菜月昴,是一脸懵逼的问道:“为什么?我和那家伙是朋友啊,为什么我不能见朋友?” Makes clear own status! You by Seine Ha Luti Sir lowly servant of benevolence good intention adoption! What qualifications you have and Seine Ha Luti Sir such great person are the friend!?” “搞清楚自己的身份!你只是被莱茵哈鲁特大人的善心好心收养的卑贱下人!你有什么资格和莱茵哈鲁特大人那样伟大的人做朋友!?” Great .... Hahahaha, the fellow is very indeed fierce, but said that great somewhat was exaggerating.” “伟大....哈哈哈哈,那家伙的确很厉害,但说伟大就有些夸张了吧。” What you said!?” “你说什么!?” Hey, does not want this face terrifying the expression.” “喂喂喂,不要这一脸恐怖的表情嘛。” Vegetable/Dish moon/month Pleiades are beckoning with the hand saying: I acknowledged that fellow is very fierce, the character is also good, is the handsome fellow, the strength is also strong, but also very gentle .... Hateful, that enviable present imitates!” 菜月昴摆着手说道:“我承认那家伙很厉害,性格又好,又是帅哥,实力又强,还很温柔....可恶,那个令人羡慕的现充!” But even if Seine Ha Luti, he also has the shortcoming, he is also a person.” “但哪怕是莱茵哈鲁特,他也是有缺点的,他也是人啊。” Since I and he similarly are person, why I can't communicate the exchange with him? This is not very strange.” “既然我和他同样都是人,为什么我不能和他沟通交流?这不是很奇怪嘛。” How your lowly fellow can be .... “你这种卑贱的家伙怎么能算是....” Stops.” “到此为止吧。” „... Seine Ha Luti Sir.” “莱...莱茵哈鲁特大人。” I should say with all of you.” A Seine Ha Luti counter- ordinary gentleness, serious looks at these extreme: Pleiades, are the friend of mine.” “我应该和你们所有人都说过。”莱茵哈鲁特一反平常的温柔,严肃的看着这几名极端者:“昴,是我的朋友。” He is not a servant, is the friend of mine.” “他不是下人,是我的朋友。” What, where your fellow went, harmed me to look for you quite a while.” “什么嘛,你这家伙去哪里了,害我找你半天。” Vegetable/Dish moon/month Pleiades hit a fist in Seine Ha Luti chest with a smile gently: In a big hurry quickly! Teaches me the sword technique! I must project on your today!” 菜月昴笑着在莱茵哈鲁特胸口轻轻打了一拳:“快快快!来教我剑术!我今天一定要打到你一下!” Hahahaha, sorry. Because that side knight group a little small matter.” “哈哈哈哈,抱歉。因为骑士团那边有点小事情。” Right? That will have the words of matter next time and I says one, you first attend to your side matter on the line, does not need ..... “是吗?那下次有事的话和我说一声,你先顾好你自己那边的事就行,没必要.....” Looks two people who are cheerful and lively to leave, several servants look at each other in blank dismay, unwilling departure. 看着有说有笑离开的两人,几名仆人面面相觑,不甘的离开。 But witnessed poor|Fei Luti of matter in the one side, then in same place silent for a long time. 而在一旁见证了整件事的菲鲁特,则是在原地沉默了好久。 She is thinking, if leads into itself the situation of vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades, how oneself will do. The answer is... loud debated with them, will possibly begin. 她在想,如果把自己带入到菜月昴的情况,自己会怎么去做。答案是...大声的和他们辩论,甚至可能会动手。 But vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades without, him seem like from the start , there would be no to place this matter at heart. 但菜月昴没有,他看上去压根就没有把这事放在心里。 Why? 为什么? Because he is the sincerity did not feel oneself and Rhine Luti in besides strength matter, there is any difference. 因为他是真心不觉得自己和莱因哈鲁特在除了实力这件事外,有什么不同。 Oneself are the person, Rhine Luti is also a person, two people are together also good, why can't that become the friend mutually? 自己是人,莱因哈鲁特也是人,两人相处的还不错,那为什么不能互相成为朋友? Have no reason. 没有理由啊。 Yes, have no reason. 是啊,没有理由。 But changes into is own words, possibly will therefore be far away from Rhine Luti. 但换成是自己的话,可能就会因此远离莱因哈鲁特了吧。 Because oneself feel inferior. 因为自己自卑。 Oneself do not approve king reason , because the king in person does not approve her who she does not approve the slum family background. 自己不认可王都的原因,是因为王都里的人不认可她不认可贫民窟出身的她。 Therefore she wants to close right up against itself to go out of the slum, arrives at the farther world. For what? 所以她才想靠着自己走出贫民窟,走到更远的世界。为的是什么? For has been acknowledged that to obtain these did not acknowledge her person's acknowledgment, wants to make everyone hold in high esteem. 是为了得到承认,是为了得到那些不承认她的人的承认,是想让所有人刮目相看。 In the final analysis, she feels inferior. Because of feeling inferior, will therefore care about others 's vision. 归根到底,她还是自卑。因为自卑,所以才会在乎他人的目光。 May be smaller and weaker than her, compared with vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades that she must have no merit to speak, has not actually felt inferior this mood. 可比她还要弱小,比她还要一无是处的菜月昴,却并没有自卑这种情绪。 That will not study. 不会,那就去学。 The strength is weak, that grows stronger. 实力弱,那就去变强。 The effort of vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades, everyone looks in the eyeground. He learned being literate, learned preparing food, learned doing laundry, learned to do the housework, learned the sword technique and Magic. 菜月昴的努力,所有人都看在眼底。他学会了认字,学会了做饭,学会了洗衣服,学会了做家务,也学会了剑术和魔法 The person most sorrowful matter, needs to make up own feeling inferior with others 's approval. 人最悲哀的事情,就是需要用他人的认可来补足自己的自卑。 If do not approve itself, others will approve you? 如果连自己都不认可自己,他人又怎么会认可你? The poor|Fei Luti from vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades, learned this. 菲鲁特从菜月昴身上,学到了这点。 Hey? Firouz ..... ! Quite sore!” “喂?菲鲁.....唔哦!好疼!” Fool!” “笨蛋!” Catches to hit conveniently after Apple that on the vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades head rebounds, the poor|Fei Luti is showing the whites of the eyes saying: What did I call?” 随手接住打在菜月昴脑袋上后反弹回来的苹果,菲鲁特翻着白眼说道:“我叫什么?” , The poor|Fei, where do we receive round trip?” “啊,哦哦哦,菲,我们接下来去哪里啊?” Please remember this book first round domain name:. The cell phone version renews the quickest website: 请记住本书首发域名:。手机版更新最快网址:
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