RID :: Volume #8 刀剑神域&阿拉德

#1533: Besieging

Interesting little miss.” “有意思的小姑娘。” Listens to Laney that big voice, Isabella of not far away to cover mouth to say with a smile: Does not know that she really thinks, installs intentionally.” 听着雷尼那大嗓门,不远处的伊莎贝拉捂嘴笑道:“就不知道她是真的这么想,还是故意装的了。” ....... “.......” Should real.” “应该是真的。” Barn has not replied, instead is Sellers responds lightly: Is naive and silly, but to empire actually incomparable loyalty. The qualifications of knight from taking the knight rolling commented, she should be in this group of practice knights is most appropriate.” 巴恩没有回复,反而是塞勒斯淡淡的回应道:“天真又傻,但对帝国却无比的忠诚。从作为骑士团的骑士的资格上来评论,她应该是这一批见习骑士中最合适的。” Hou humph, this is the hunting dog keen?” “嚯嚯,这是猎犬的敏锐吗?” I said my view.” “我只是说出了我的看法。” Hears not to have, Barn Sir/minister.” “听到没,巴恩卿。” Sellers's opinion, I will consider.” Barn's tranquil returning covered passageway, looked later to Kirito that four people of small groups: May want to become an empire knight, depends on merely loyally is insufficient.” “塞勒斯的意见,我会考虑的。”巴恩平静的回复道,随后看向了桐人那四人小圈子:“可想要成为一名帝国骑士,仅仅靠着忠诚是不够的。” Does not have making widely known of strength support, only and person will bring the trouble to oneself, even was the crisis of death.” “没有实力支持的张扬,只会给自己和身边的人带来麻烦,甚至是死亡的危机。” Said these words time, Barn's pupil deep place presented some shadows. Even if had passed for 78 years, he is still not able to forget. That is grasping the ordinary iron blade, and the others easily routing the terrifying exists. 说这句话的时候,巴恩的瞳孔深处出现了些许阴影。哪怕已经过去了七八年,他仍然无法忘记。那手持着普通的铁刀,就将自己等人轻而易举给击溃的恐怖存在。 In awakening, after arriving in the boundary of sword Saint, the shadow has not diverged, instead rich. The enhancement of vision and strength, made him understand at that time that person was what kind of strength. 在觉醒,抵达了剑圣之境后,阴影没有散去,反而更加的浓郁。眼光和实力的提高,也让他更加明白了当时那人是何等的实力。 That is not the sword Saint, but in sword Saint upper level, only has in the legend of empire has appeared, the boundary of sword god. 那绝不是什么剑圣,而是在剑圣的更上层,唯有在帝国的传说中才出现过的,剑神之境。 Grasps a sword to endure compared with the gods, summit situated in the divine sword sought the defeat alone this solitary one. This was he leafed through the empire library, found few, to the description of that boundary. 手持一剑便可堪比神明,位于神剑之巅独孤求败。这便是他翻遍了帝国图书馆,才找到了寥寥几句,对那个境界的描述。 Therefore he is also clear, oneself can live, is not the luck is good. But from the beginning, that black hair youth has not wanted own life. Otherwise, does also possibly have the opportunity to feed the precious treatment liquid medicines to oneself? 所以他同样明白,自己能活着,并不是什么运气好。而是从一开始,那个黑发青年就没有想要自己的性命。否则,琳恩又怎么可能有机会给自己喂珍贵的治疗药水? From has been little significance regarding that boundary. 距离,对于那个境界来说已经没有太大的意义。 Therefore he is curious, he has doubts, why will existence in that legend, appear in the calling out in grief cavern? 所以他才好奇,他才疑惑,为什么那种传说中的存在,会出现在悲鸣洞穴? No, this answer has known, is the apostle. Only has this type situated in the demon peak, will be exists merely will bring the terrifying lifeform of disaster, will alarm the legend. 不,这个答案早已经知晓,是使徒。唯有这种位于魔界顶端,仅仅是存在就会带来灾祸的恐怖生物,才会惊动传说吧。 But reason? 可是原因呢? Barn does not believe black hair youth that year light look, is his real age. After all is the swordsmanship passes existence of god, lives 400-500 years as before young, is not the natural matter. 巴恩可不会相信黑发青年那年轻的相貌,就是他真实的年龄。毕竟是剑道通神的存在,活个400-500年依旧年轻,不是理所当然的事情嘛。 To come, the black hair youth should live in seclusion in the corner of Arad mainland, perhaps lives in seclusion in Elvin defense line nearby. The arrival of apostle, making him have to leave the mountain to solve. 想来,黑发青年应该是一直隐居在阿拉德大陆的一角,说不定就隐居在艾尔文防线的附近。使徒的到来,让他不得不出山来解决。 The apostles go to the Arad mainland, unexpectedly as serious in existence as this legend can leave the mountain to be good? The point is that to that expression, and did not seem like crusade against the apostle at that time. 使徒来到阿拉德大陆,居然严重到这种传说中的存在都必须出山才行了吗?可问题是,以当时那位的表情来看,并不像是来讨伐使徒的啊。 Instead probably ..... prevents others to crusade against the apostle. 反而像是.....阻止其他人来讨伐使徒。 But why? Isn't the arrival of apostle the mainland will bring the disaster to Arad? Said that they are the sources of disaster, is not overrated. That why, that existence must protect the disaster. 可为什么?使徒的到来不是会给阿拉德大陆带来灾难吗?说他们是灾祸的源头,都丝毫不为过。那为什么,那种存在要保护灾祸。 Barn indeed has not thought toward the evil aspect, if after all is really the evil person, perhaps at that time their everyone on the scene as purple fog group in the past, does not have any opportunity of survival. 巴恩倒的确没有往邪恶的方面想,毕竟要是真的是邪恶的人,恐怕当时他们在场的所有人都会随着紫雾团过去,根本没有任何存活的机会。 Cuts their heads with the blade directly is, why must exile this type of circling several bends with the dimension Skill. 直接用刀斩下他们的脑袋就是,干嘛还要用次元流放这种绕好几个弯子的技能 Thinks, Barn has not only felt with ease, instead more wants more to feel fearful and apprehensive. He even has an misconception, the entire Arad mainland has become in certain legends has mutually the checkerboard of resistance. Everyone, is the board game pieces in these person of hands. 这么想下来,巴恩不仅没有感觉到轻松,反而越想越感觉心惊肉跳。他甚至有种错觉,整个阿拉德大陆已经成为了某些传说中的存在所互相对抗的棋盘。所有人,都是那些人手中的棋子。 Broad considers, I in mew mew read app recently 】 The book source are many, books entire, renews quickly! 广个告,我最近在咪咪阅读app】书源多,书籍全,更新快! But that sword god has the possibility very much, is one on this huge checkerboard holds chess. 而那位剑神很有可能,就是这庞大棋盘上的一位执棋者。 Stayed in the demon apostle, suddenly goes to the Arad mainland, its back has certain issues to exist inevitably. 原本呆在魔界的使徒,突然来到阿拉德大陆,其背后必然有着某些问题存在。 But that sword god, knows the reason inevitably. Therefore, he will prevent others to kill the apostle. 而那位剑神,必然是知道原因的。所以,他才会阻止其他人去杀死使徒。 But according to Ellis's divination, the apostle in calling out in grief cavern was struck to kill afterward. 可是根据后来艾丽丝的占卜,悲鸣洞穴中的使徒被击杀了啊。 Thinks clearly, not to think completely clearly. 想不明白,完全想不明白。 The emperor focus to the apostle, the sword god after the apostle protects kills, Ellis's divination predicted that now as well as emits one after another so-called adventurer. 皇帝陛下对使徒的执着,剑神对使徒保护后又杀死,艾丽丝的占卜预言,以及现在又冒出一波又一波所谓的‘冒险家’。 Perhaps, Arad mainland, must enter to the dark period.” “恐怕,阿拉德大陆,又要进入到黑暗时期了。” Only has this, Barn does not doubt. 唯有这点,巴恩毫不怀疑。 This duty, happen to is also time he understands these things the best times. Believes that from Agan left and Luke this to vagabond lover that can obtain many information inevitably. 这一次的任务,正好也是他去了解这些东西的最好时机。相信从阿甘左和卢克西这对浪人情侣那,必然可以得到很多的情报。 But first, what he needs is selects this duty the child in such an arrangement. 但首先,他需要的是挑好这次任务的拖油瓶。 Time.” “时间到了。” Takes out a high-quality wooden sword from the space cloth sack, before Barn slowly trend, looks to divide the practice knights of team, in the heart shakes the head slightly. 从空间布袋中取出一把质量上好的木剑,巴恩缓缓走向前,看着已经分好队伍的见习骑士们,心中微微摇了摇头。 This group of fellows, have not thought winning evidently from the beginning, but pays great attention to the goal in the performance. But such idea, will only make Barn cut their appraisals in the heart. 看样子这群家伙,从一开始就没有想过赢,而是把目标注重在表现上。但这样的想法,却只会让巴恩在心中降低他们的评价。 Without earnestly seeking victory heart, how can the strength progress? Let alone, this time is they are once in a thousand years, with an opportunity of sword Saint fight. 没有渴求胜利的的心,实力又如何能进步?更何况,这次是他们千载难逢的,和一名剑圣战斗的机会。 It is not good to be diligent a thing taking this opportunity, but how is thinking the good showing. Really, is two generations of official aristocrat family/home. 不借着这个机会好好学点东西,而是想着如何更好的表现。果然,还是官员贵族家的二代。 Compared with them, four people of teams that the little miss of that big voice is, is indeed more splendid. Remembers, the name seems like Laney, Fiona, Kirito and Leafa is coming .... 和他们相比,那个大嗓门的小姑娘所在的四人队伍,的确更加出色。记得,名字好像是雷尼、菲奥娜、桐人莉法来着.... The vision 11 have swept these four people, in Barn heart the slight nod. 目光一一扫过这四人,巴恩心中微微点头。 Laney's vision filled stubbornly, as if urgent wish certificate own correctness. The Fiona vision is tranquil, but is actually sizing up all around environment unceasingly. Leafa is hugging completely to the mentality that the senior and powerhouse consult. But Kirito ..... 雷尼的目光充满了倔强,似乎迫切的想要证明自己的正确。菲奥娜目光平静,但却在不断打量着四周的环境。莉法完全是抱着向年长者和强者请教的心态。而桐人..... Interesting ..... 呵,有意思..... That hidden in the pupil deep place, to earnestly seeking of victory, has wanted the strengthen big consciousness, how to hide unable to hide. 那隐藏在瞳孔深处的,对胜利的渴求,已经想要变强大的觉悟,是怎么隐藏都隐藏不了的。 Really, he is in this group of practice knights, most outstanding that. But, is outstanding is merely insufficient, is the hope is merely insufficient. 果然,他是这批见习骑士中,最优秀的那一个。但,仅仅是优秀是不够的,仅仅是渴望是不够的。 Starts.” “开始吧。” In Barn's words fall, unexpected matter happened. 就在巴恩的话语落下之时,出乎意料的事情发生了。 No practice knight, charges into Barn. The besieged role instead turned, that four people of squads that Kirito is. 没有一名见习骑士,是冲向巴恩的。被围攻的角色反而变成了,桐人所在的那四人小队。 „......” “......” Hahahaha, interesting interesting.” “哈哈哈哈,有意思有意思。” Sees this surprising one, Sellers is silent, but Elizabeth laughs is patting the palm: This group of children, have learned the essence of their family tradition.” 看到这令人惊讶的一幕,塞勒斯沉默,而伊丽莎白则是大笑着拍着掌:“这群孩子,已经学到了他们家族传统的精髓了啊。” Before had also said that besides Kirito their four people, the practice knight who remaining all was chosen, is in the family/home has the expensive/noble two generations of noble title. But the aristocrat, is the most antiforeign community. Also is most is intolerable, the family/home that braves bewilderedly shares and shares alike their present cakes. 之前也说过,除了桐人他们四人外,剩下所有被挑选出来的见习骑士,都是家里有着贵族头衔的贵二代。而贵族,是最为排外的群体。也是最不能容忍,莫名其妙冒出来的家伙分走他们眼前的蛋糕。 Even if this cake, they have not taken. 哪怕这个蛋糕,他们还没有拿到手。 But , is the aristocrat willing to branch out the cake? 而什么时候,贵族愿意分出蛋糕? The answer is, you hit to love them ruthlessly. Or you, is a giant cake time. 答案是,你把他们给狠狠打疼的时候。或者说你自身,就是一块巨大的蛋糕的时候。 4 pairs 11 ..... “四对11啊.....” Puts down the wooden sword in hand, Barn also had some interests to the present situation obviously. Has him and Sellers, these practice knights are how impossible to have problems. 将手中的木剑放下,巴恩显然也对现在的情况出现了些许兴趣。有他和塞勒斯在,这些见习骑士无论怎么样都不可能出问题。 Might as well also be able while this opportunity, to have a look at the strengths of these four people of squads. Has a look to have externals without substance, is real. 不如还能趁着这个机会,看看这四人小队的实力。看看到底是徒有其表,还是货真价实。 This group of bastards!” “这群混蛋!” Saw that others gradually and the others formed the encirclement ring to oneself, Laney could not bear scolded one loudly: What to do then should!? Fights with them?” 看到其他人逐渐对自己等人形成包围圈,雷尼忍不住大声骂了一句:“接下来该怎么办!?和他们打吗?” Otherwise?” Fiona sighs: Forms a team with you, no, with your dormitory, perhaps is in my until now life, has encountered most hapless matter.” “不然呢?”菲奥娜叹了一口气:“和你组队,不,和你一个宿舍,恐怕是我至今的人生中,遭遇过的最倒霉的事情。” No, this is not Ferney's issue.” “不,这并不是菲尼的问题。” Lifts to place wooden flat sword behind, Kirito calm looks at all around situation, said: Perhaps they, have this plan.” 将木剑平举放在身后,桐人边冷静的看着四周的情况,边说道:“恐怕他们,早就已经有了这个打算。” „The civilians who first remove our these non- aristocratic family, then go there to catch the opportunity from Commander Barn.” “先排除掉我们这些非贵族家庭的平民,然后再去从巴恩团长那里争取机会。” Elder Brother.” “哥哥。” Leafa is grasping the wooden sword in the way of swordsmanship: „Do we want to break through? Present words .... 莉法以剑道的方式握着木剑:“我们要突围吗?现在的话....” No, but also too early.” Kirito shakes the head slightly, lowers the sound: Surrounding network has not formed, they are definitely maintaining the vigilance now. Now breaks through, will only waste the physical strength and Magic Power/Charm.” “不,还太早了。”桐人微微摇了摇头,压低声音:“包围网还没形成,他们现在肯定是保持着戒心。现在突围,只会浪费体力和魔力。” That moment that surrounding network completes, is the best opportunity. Because at that time, their vigilant hearts will minimize absolutely.” “包围网完成的那一刻,才是最好的机会。因为在那时,他们的警惕心绝对会降到最低。” That .... “那么....” You shut up to me.” “你给我闭上嘴吧。” A Fiona palm of the hand shouted Laney's mouth: „Is your big voice, the plan exposes completely our plans?” 菲奥娜一巴掌呼住了雷尼的嘴巴:“你这大嗓门,是打算把我们的计划全部暴露出去吗?” !!” “唔唔唔唔!!” Helpless looked at eye this seemed like inundates two temporary teammates, Kirito said in a soft voice. 无奈的看了眼这像是来说漫才的两名临时队友,桐人轻声说道。 We must do now, found the breach that was easy to open. Anyone of you know that in these people, whose strength is weakest, who is the strongest?” “我们现在要做的,是找到容易打开的突破口。你们有谁知道在这些人中,谁的实力最弱,谁实力最强吗?” Strongest, should be western Canada.” “最强的,应该是加西。” Fiona also lowered the sound, the look hinted stature highest that to all practice knights: His Elder Brother is a middle rank sword soul, therefore his foundation Skill to some swordsmen should have the considerable degree.” 菲奥娜同样也压低了声音,眼神示意向所有见习骑士中个子最高的那个:“他的哥哥是一名中阶剑魂,所以他对一些剑士的基础技能应该有着相当的程度。” Skill that just he sent out, the entirety of being possible is not he grasps.” “刚刚他报出的技能,很有可能不是他掌握的全部。” Weakest, perhaps is Costa.” The vision shifts to an ordinary not wonderful youngster on, Fiona knitting the brows head of: „Perhaps, his standard kept off to grasp the strengthened degree.” “最弱的,恐怕是克斯塔。”目光转移到一个平凡无奇的少年身上,菲奥娜皱了皱眉头:“但是,他的格挡恐怕已经掌握到了强化程度。” Chooses his words, may keep off very much.” “选择他的话,很有可能被挡下。” Then ..... he?” “那么.....他呢?” He?” “他?” Looked at the past following the Kirito vision, Fiona frowns: „Does Ryder take? He seems like, can the level only the platoons in this group of people? What's wrong, has place that what cares about?” 顺着桐人的目光看过去,菲奥娜皱了下眉头:“莱德拿?他好像,水平只能在这群人中间排中间吧?怎么,有什么在意的地方吗?” „...... Always felt, his body has the discomforting place.” “......总感觉,他身上有令人不安的地方。” Kirito flung the head, discards from the head this bewildered feeling. At heart, has the decision. 桐人甩了甩脑袋,将这莫名其妙的感觉从脑袋里丢掉。心里,已经有了决定。 Chooses western Canada.” “选择加西吧。” Un, I approved.” “嗯,我赞成。” I also approved.” “我也赞成。” Laney lowered the sound to say specially: Most powerhouse, has the significance of being defeated!” 雷尼特意压低了声音说道:“最强者,才有打败的意义!” ....... “.......” ......... “.........” ............. “.............” The remaining three people silent the moment, Fiona had no alternative, but Kirito and Leafa are the forced smiles. They start to understand, this miss named Laney, what Quirk standard was. 剩下的三人沉默了片刻,菲奥娜是无可奈何,而桐人莉法是苦笑。他们开始了解,这个叫做雷尼的姑娘,到底是什么样的一个性格了。 They choose the reason of western Canada, indeed is because he strongest. But is not for meaningful defeats him, therefore chooses. 他们选择加西的原因,的确是因为他最强。可并不是为了有意义的打败他,所以才选择的。 Strongest, means that he belongs to the position of leader in this aristocrat young master team. So long as then overthrew the team leader unexpectedly, naturally can make the aristocrat young master team cause some confusions. 最强,就意味着他在这个贵族少爷队伍中属于领导者的位置。那么只要出其不意的打倒了队长,自然可以让贵族少爷队造成一些混乱。 At the appointed time then can be better, making them defeat one by one. 届时便能更好的,让他们逐个击破。 Even if the sound is pressing again low, on the scene has several inhuman existences. Barn and Sellers, naturally heard Kirito and the others discussing. Although on face no expression, but in the heart commended. 哪怕声音压着再低,在场中的可是有好几个非人的存在。巴恩和塞勒斯,自然是听到了桐人等人的商量。虽然脸上没有什么表情,但心中还是非常赞许的。 Boy, feeling very keen.” “小子,感觉十分的敏锐啊。” Looks at Kirito, Barn wants to say silently: If plans smoothly, perhaps also really can make these four little rascal complete the magnificent feat. Ryder with will become them to plan the biggest variable.” 看着桐人,巴恩默默想道:“要是计划顺利的话,说不定还真能让这四个小鬼完成壮举。只是,莱德拿将会成为他们计划中最大的变数。” Can detect this. Ability that he a little fluctuates evidently.” “能察觉到这点。看样子他有点波动的才能啊。” Kirito and the others will not naturally guess correctly that Barn they are thinking anything, their four people of this time had been ready silently. That moment of waiting , the encirclement ring carrying out thoroughly. 桐人等人自然是不会猜到巴恩他们在想什么,他们四人此时已经默默的做好了准备。等待着,包围圈彻底完成的那一刻。 Is now!” “就是现在!” No director, four people charged into western Canada simultaneously. 没有任何指挥,四人同时冲向了加西的方向。 Why as for doesn't need three to cut to hurry along? 至于为什么不用三段斩赶路? They just now become occupation not long, three cut is the injury is quite to them high, moreover quite spent the physical strength and Magic Power/Charm Skill. 他们才刚成为职业者没有多久啊,三段斩对他们来说已经是伤害相当高,而且相当费体力和魔力技能了。 Came toward me?” “朝着我来了?” In the people stature highest western Canada selects the eyebrow slightly, sneered: Simply yes .... 众人中个子最高的加西微微一挑眉毛,冷笑了起来:“简直是....” The words have not said, he regretted oneself pulled rank. 话还没有说完,他就后悔自己托大了。 When is close to the certain extent, Ferney has jumped high, chops under potential of cutting ruthlessly Mount Hua by the strength. 在接近到一定程度的时候,菲尼就已经高高跳起,以力劈华山之势狠狠的斩下。 The bare hill strikes! 崩山击! But Fiona looked for one to make the western Canada uncomfortable angle specially, the thorn acts the wooden sword. 而菲奥娜则是特意找了一个令加西难受的角度,刺出了手中的木剑。 even/including Tuci! 连突刺! Remaining Kirito and Leafa, then uses simultaneously by the unusual tacit understanding in some sense is in the foundation style most important Skill. 剩下的桐人莉法,则是以异常的默契同时使用出某种意义上是基础招式中最为重要的技能 On selects! 上挑! But movement that western Canada can make only, only then the standard keeps off. 而加西唯一能做出的动作,就只有格挡。 Bang!!” “轰!!” Laney's bare hill struck pounds ruthlessly in the ground, she to not attack western Canada from the beginning, but to block the support of others temporarily. Fiona's even/including Tuci selects on sword blade that in Seger keeps off, making his whole person slide backward a distance. 雷尼的崩山击狠狠砸在了地面上,她从一开始就不是为了攻击加西,而是为了暂时挡住其他人的支援。菲奥娜的连突刺点在加西格挡的剑身上,让他整个人向后滑了一段距离。 The stance, has the trend of collapse. 架势,已经有了崩溃的趋势。 The most important thing is, Leafa and Kirito on selects, but hit certain time difference. 最重要的是,莉法桐人的上挑,可是打了一定的时间差的。 By strength quite strong Kirito, first routed the standard of western Canada to keep off thoroughly. Afterward in Kirito hitting that behind, the Leafa wooden sword is relentless on the chin of western Canada. 由力量比较强的桐人,先彻底击溃了加西的格挡。随后在桐人的身后,莉法的木剑毫不留情的打在了加西的下巴上。 The big body was selected to fly directly, after relayed spatially several circles crashes in not far away, direct stupor. 高大的身躯被直接挑飞,在空中转了几个圈后坠落在不远处,直接昏迷。 Sure enough, strongest western Canada was defeated, made this group of aristocrat young masters present a big flurry directly. Even prepared Ferney's these people who besieged to bring up the rear, the movement slowly several points. 果不其然,最强的加西就这么被打败,直接让这群贵族少爷出现了不小的慌乱。甚至准备围攻断后的菲尼的那些人,动作都慢了几分。 Really, is some useless fellows.” “果然,都是些不中用的家伙。” Ferney ridiculed, cut with the wooden sword immediately ruthlessly to was away from oneself recent Villain/enemy, hit Villain/enemy one to be caught off guard directly. Simple changing, made the wooden sword hit the wrist/skill. The wooden sword in hand lets go to fall in the place, the image that gradually becomes his stupor finally sees before the wooden sword of head. 菲尼嘲笑了一声,立马狠狠用木剑斩向了距离自己最近的敌人,直接打了敌人一个措手不及。一个简单的变招,就让木剑命中了手腕。手中的木剑脱手掉落在地,逐渐靠近脑袋的木剑成为他昏迷前最后看到的影像。 From now on, the time of one by one defeating. 从现在开始,是逐个击破的时间。
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