RID :: Volume #8 刀剑神域&阿拉德

#1531: Empire capital

South De Los Empire, golden metropolis valance Thalen. 德洛斯帝国南部,黄金都市帷塔伦。 Can in the name of the gold metropolis, look like in others may be somewhat vulgar. May in the common people eye of empire, this city be true gold metropolis. Because, everywhere is gold. 能够以黄金为名的都市,在其他人看来或许有些庸俗。可在帝国的百姓眼中,这座城市可是真正的“黄金”都市。因为,遍地都是‘黄金’。 Naturally here gold definitely does not refer to the real gold, but is the golden opportunity. Because of the present emperor: Lyon Heinrich III, is an eagerly seeking people of talent monarchy. Therefore is driving the entire capital, is longing for the talent. 当然这里的黄金肯定不是指真的黄金,而是黄金般的机会。因为现在的皇帝:里昂・海因里希三世,是一名求贤若渴的君主。因此带动着整个首都,都十分渴望着人才。 It can be said that wants words that becomes outstanding in the empire fast, joining the emperor faction without doubt is the best choice. 可以说,想要在帝国快速出人头地的话,加入皇帝派系无疑是最好的选择。 After all, by the experience of Sharan, if you have no life experience, was trained the war slave who goes to the abattoir in aristocrat there at most. 毕竟,以蕾莎琳的经历来看,倘若你没有什么身世,在贵族那里顶多就是被培养成前往角斗场的战奴。 However fights slave's training, generally starts to train since childhood. For a better brainwashing, trains the loyal slave. But players smallest also 44 years old, have missed the best training period. 不过战奴的训练,一般都是从小开始培训。为的就是更好的洗脑,培养出忠诚的奴隶。而玩家们最小的也都已经十三十四岁,已经错过了最好的培训期。 Joins the aristocrat private army to train, but also almost. 加入贵族私军进行培训,还差不多。 Naturally, if you think your strength is very good, then can participate in the knight group of empire to inspect, like Kirito and Leafa. Treatment that the knights roll, with the treatment of aristocrat private army, but the day leaves badly. 当然,你要是自认为自己的实力很好,那么便可以去参加帝国的骑士团考核,就像桐人莉法一样。骑士团的待遇,和贵族私军的待遇可是天差地别。 Under recommendation, I recently using pursuing book app, Mew mew read app The off-line read aloud! 推荐下,我最近在用的追书app,【咪咪阅读app】离线朗读! The aristocrat private army at most are the wages many, but in the knight group has the complete training plan and sword technique teaches the teacher. If your enough, even can also obtain the attention of emperor with train specially. 贵族私军顶多就是工资多一点,但骑士团中可是有完整的培训计划和剑术教导老师。若是你足够的强,甚至还能得到皇帝的关注与特别培训。 Like Barn , are the most typical examples. 像巴恩和琳恩,便是最为典型的例子。 The players of arrival may have the stratagem bravely, the minimum level is the second-tier players. They naturally understand, in the country of empire system, anything is the best choice. 到来的玩家们可都是有勇有谋,最低的层次都是二线玩家。他们自然明白,在帝国制的国家中,什么才是最好的选择。 This also caused these days, wanting the population that joins the knight to roll to rise dramatically suddenly. This situation, Lyon Heinrich III naturally must be clear. 这也就导致了这几天,想要加入骑士团的人数突然暴增。这种情况,里昂・海因里希三世自然不可能不清楚。 This time he, then sits in the throne, listening to under person to report the related situation. 此时的他,便坐在王位上,听着底下的人在报告着相关的情况。 Physical qualities and civilians do not have the too big disparity, the age varies, the skill is very good, the strength growth is extremely fast......” “身体素质和平民没有太大差距,年龄有大有小,身手很好,实力增长速度极快......” Yes, moreover some people, even showed never has presented in the Arad mainland sword technique.” “是的,而且有些人,甚至展现出了从未在阿拉德大陆出现过的剑技。” Hou......” “嚯......” Turned one page the documents in hand again, above presented many pictures. And, Kirito and Leafa as well as several other people, were joined the ranks of key attention. 将手中的文档再翻了一页,上面出现了许多照片。其中,桐人莉法以及其他数人,更是被加入到了重点关注的行列当中。 How we should handle, your majesty.” “我们该如何处置,陛下。” „It is not good?” “不是挺好的吗?” Puts one side the documents, Lyon Heinrich III light saying of: Joins the condition that the knight rolls, is not loyal in the empire, as well as has the talent and strength? Since tallies, then does not need to care about so many.” 将文档放到一边,里昂・海因里希三世淡淡的说道:“加入骑士团的条件,不就是忠诚于帝国,以及有天赋和实力吗?既然都符合,那么就没有必要在意那么多。” According to the custom comes on the line.” “按照规矩来就行。” Yes, subordinate this arranges the notice.” “是,属下这就去安排通知。” Lyon waves, later by the sovereign place soft chairback, closed the eye slightly. But person who next prepares to report, is the single knee kneels down, lowers the head, calmly is waiting. 里昂挥了挥手,随后靠在了皇座柔软的椅背上,微微闭上了眼。而下一个准备汇报的人,则是单膝跪下,低着头,静静等待着。 Entire visited the hall only to be left over the slight breathing instantaneously. 整个谒见大厅瞬间只剩下了轻微的呼吸声。 As we all know, when your majesty does when, majority are pondering some quite important thing. Therefore, no one dares to disturb him at this time. 大家都知道,当陛下这么做的时,大多数都是在思考着一些比较重要的东西。所以,没有人敢在这个时候打扰他。 But Lyon emperor at this time, indeed is pondering the matter. 而里昂皇帝此时,也的确是在思考着事情。 Has not ascended the throne the throne in him, but also merely is under second several emperor's sons' one of them time, he then knew that purple clothes woman. 在他还没有登基皇位,还仅仅是二世底下几个皇子的其中之一的时候,他便结识了那个紫衣女人。 Ellis song transporting. 艾丽丝・颂运者。 Accurate, each imperial princes knew her. But she is in several imperial princes, relates closest that with her. 准确来说,每个皇子都结识了她。只不过她是几个皇子中,和她关系最为密切的那个。 Lyon can compete from the cruel throne wins, Ellis in inside function, but rare big. Marries with present Queen Josephine, evades various assassination treacherous plans, is he analyzes from Ellis's prediction. 里昂能够从残忍的皇位争夺中获胜,艾丽丝在里面的作用可是超乎寻常的大。和现在的约瑟芬皇后联姻,躲过各种刺杀毒计,全都是他从艾丽丝的预言中分析出来的。 He dreaded that this demon clan woman, dreads her , in addition unknown strength, 他非常忌惮这个魔族女人,忌惮她那尚且未知的实力, Also dreads her prediction. But meanwhile, he actually depends upon her prediction. Ellis idea that song transporting possesses of thoroughly, Lyon is not without thinking. Not is only he, aristocrat who each and Ellis knows, even is his father, his grandfather .... 也忌惮她的预言。可同时,他却又依靠她的预言。将艾丽丝・颂运者彻底占为己有的想法,里昂并不是没有想过。不仅仅是他,每个和艾丽丝认识的贵族,甚至是他的父亲,他的爷爷.... Each Emperor Deloose who online overthrows, has had this idea. But puts in the action, only has several. But the fate of that several emperor, then abdicates. 网上推翻的每一个德洛斯皇帝,都有过这种想法。但付出行动的,却只有几个。而那几个皇帝的下场,便是退位。 Therefore Lyon is very clear, something are he do not provoke. Or is he does not provoke now. 所以里昂十分明白,有些东西是他招惹不得的。或者说,是他现在招惹不得的。 He to achieve the goal, can not fold the method. But he also knows the threat that the unknown thing brings is much greater than the benefit. Therefore, he just should the person who orders to execute these to brave immediately suddenly. 他为了达成目的,可以不折手段。可他也知道未知的事物带来的威胁远大于利益。所以,他刚刚本该下令立刻处决那些突然冒出来的人。 But, he has not ordered. Because of the arrivals about these people, he has understood. 可是,他并没有如此下令。因为关于这些人的到来,他心里早就明了。 Through Ellis's prediction. 通过艾丽丝的预言。 Arrival of adventurers will pursue the disaster, brings the peace. This is a mighty current, mighty current that is unable to prevent.】 【冒险家们的降临将会驱逐灾难,带来和平。这是一场洪流,一场无法阻挡的洪流。】 The adverse current the line, is while the mighty current, as wanting to rule the emperor in entire Arad mainland, he is understands how inevitably should choose. 逆流而行,还是乘上洪流,作为想要统治整个阿拉德大陆的皇帝,他必然是明白该怎么选择。 Adventurer who these arrive at, may not only be exclusive of empire. The empty ancestor has, the Belmar duchy has, the dark elf kingdom also has. 这些‘降临的冒险家’,可不仅仅是帝国的专属。虚祖有,贝尔玛尔公国有,暗精灵王国同样也有。 If he is afraid the danger at this time, ordered to eradicate these adventurers. The result of then obtaining, is very likely makes the strengths of other countries be grown, but the strength of empire will instead weaken. 如果他此时害怕危险,下令去铲除这些冒险家。那么所得到的结果,很有可能是让其他国家的实力得到增长,而帝国的实力反而会衰减。 Can specially by the crowd that Ellis predicts, possibly so to be how simple? 能够特意被艾丽丝预言的人群,怎么可能这么简单? Since these adventurers have not developed now, then makes them develop slowly is. When the time comes, wins over these to be worth the talent of key training with the method again. Others ..... 既然这些冒险家现在还没有发展起来,那么就让他们慢慢发展就是。到时候,再用手段去拉拢那些值得重点培养的天才。其他人嘛..... Remains uselessly.” “留着也没什么用。” Lyon opened the eye slowly, looked to the official under stage: Then report.” 里昂缓缓睁开了眼睛,看向了高台下的臣子:“接着汇报吧。” Yes.” “是。” Man tranquil saying of kneeing down: According to the prediction of Sir Ellis, the intelligence network of empire has started the apostle who collects brings the disaster related, with Red Dragon news.” 单膝跪地的男人平静的说道:“根据艾丽丝大人的预言,帝国的情报网已经开始收集有关带来灾难的使徒,和‘红龙’的消息。” But Red Dragon until now has not appeared. However, has some clues about the apostle.” “但‘红龙’至今为止还没有出现。不过,关于使徒已经有了一些线索。” Apostle has the possibility very much, in headquarters that GBL teaches: Above day valance giant beast.” “使徒很有可能,在GBL教的总部:天帷巨兽之上。” GBL teaches .... Also is a troublesome place ..... “GBL教....又是一个麻烦的地方啊.....” Lyon pinched own forehead: That, recently about the news that GBL did teach?” 里昂捏了捏自己的眉心:“那么,最近关于GBL教的消息呢?” And does not have any matter.” Official earnest saying of: But according to the investigators reported, as if a short time ago GBL taught the interior to have some big turmoils. But caused to subside with named Luke dark elf Berserker by the named Agan's left great sword.” “并没有什么事情。”官员认真的说道:“但根据调查人员报告,似乎前不久GBL教内部出现了些不小的动乱。但被名为阿甘左的巨剑使和名为卢克西的暗精灵狂战士平息了。” Agan left... Luke ..... “阿甘左...卢克西.....” Selected the eyebrow, Lyon pondered carefully, looked later to nearby the hall, with other knight regimental commanders are standing Barn. 挑了挑眉毛,里昂仔细思考了一下,随后看向了在大厅一旁,和其他骑士团长一起站着的巴恩。 Barn Sir/minister, these two names .... “巴恩卿,这两个名字....” Yes, your majesty.” “是,陛下。” Barn goes out of the row, knees down saying: Agan left and Luke is a pair of swordsman lover, personnel who also accepted the investigation calling out in grief cavern event at that time.” 巴恩走出列,单膝跪地说道:“阿甘左和卢克西是一对剑士情侣,也是当时接受调查悲鸣洞穴事件的人员。” This.” “这样啊。” After Lyon thinks, extracted one page from just documents, gave nearby aide. 里昂想了想后,从刚刚的文档中抽出一页,递给了旁边的侍从。 Such being the case, troubled Barn Sir/minister one. Elects several people from this page of practice knights, leading them to go out together informed and experienced, looks for these two people, inquired that their GBL teaches with the matter of day valance giant beast.” “既然如此,就麻烦巴恩卿一趟了。从这页的见习骑士当中选几个人,带着他们一起出去历练,寻找这两个人,询问他们GBL教和天帷巨兽发生的事情。” Yes!” “是!” Received the paper that the aide handed over, after Barn folded several gently next, belongs to the team. 接过侍从递过来的纸张,巴恩轻轻折叠几下后,重新归入到队伍当中。 Continues to investigate and apostle and Red Dragon related matter. Even if the hearsay are not related, collects prompt reporting. Gets down.” “继续调查和使徒、红龙有关的事情。哪怕是道听途说也没关系,汇集起来及时上报。下去吧。” Yes!” “是!” Next .... “下一个....” ----- ----- .... “呼....” Walks on the corridor in imperial palace, Barn is looking in the hand the content on paper, sighing of some worries. 走在皇宫的过道上,巴恩看着手中纸张上的内容,有些烦恼的叹了口气。 The iron wolf knight who although he leads rolls the itself/Ben is responsible for various going out items, as well as various activities outside empire. But lets him to work to ask the friend to inquire the information, many at heart is a little lump. 虽说他所率领的铁狼骑士团本就是负责各种外出事项,以及帝国之外的各种活动。可是让他为了工作去找朋友询问情报,多少心里还是有点疙瘩。 After all, he does not hope that in friendship that this fights side-by-side, blends other things to go. 毕竟,他不希望在这并肩作战的友谊中,参杂其他的东西进去。 But without the means that the order orders. The emperor has the obligation to himself, is not only the graciousness of cultivation, Emily ..... 但没办法,命令就是命令。况且皇帝陛下对自己有大恩,不仅仅是培育之恩,就连艾米丽..... Thinks that own fiancee, Barn's pupil deep place presented some extremely vague darkness. 想到自己的未婚妻,巴恩的瞳孔深处出现了些许极为隐晦的黑暗。 Barn Sir/minister .... “巴恩卿....” ....... “.......” Barn Sir/minister!!!” “巴恩卿!!!” Un?” “嗯?” Was awakened by a lively open sound, Barn then looks. Stopped by calling out his, was an attire is magnificent and expensive , but also was good-fitting the convenient short hair young girl. In the eye pupils, having is similar to the emperor. 被一个活泼开朗的声音叫醒,巴恩回头看去。叫住他的,是一名衣着华贵但又合身方便的短发少女。眼眸间,有着和皇帝陛下相似。 But her one side, is the pair of eyes blood red silver hair young girl. The jet black military uniform coordinates the desolate makings, one type is not extremely good to approach the feeling that. 而她的一旁,则是双眼血红色的银发少女。漆黑的军装配合上冷淡的气质,给人一种极度不好靠近的感觉。 See Princess Isabella.” “参见伊莎贝拉公主殿下。” Barn single knee kneels down immediately, respectful saying. 巴恩立马单膝下跪,恭敬的说道。 Good good, should not be so polite.” “好啦好啦,不要这么客气。” Isabella patted Barn's shoulder, grinning saying: I heard that did the father sovereign give you to arrange the duty?” 伊莎贝拉拍了拍巴恩的肩膀,笑嘻嘻的说道:“听说,父皇又给你安排任务了?” Yes, is indebted your majesty deep affection.” “是的,承蒙陛下的厚爱。” What duty is?” “是什么任务啊?” This ..... “这个.....” Barn pondered carefully, although this duty and has no necessity of concealment, but told irrelevant some is not quite really good casually. However, the present third princess is actually the princess who your majesty most loves. 巴恩仔细思考了一下,虽然这个任务并没有什么隐瞒的必要,但随便告诉无关者实在有些不太好。不过,眼前的第三公主却是陛下最为宠爱的公主。 But, if told her ..... to feel that this freedom excessive princess, may propose very much anything made itself request awkwardly. 但,若是告诉她的话.....感觉这个自由过度的公主,很有可能会提出什么令自己为难的要求啊。 Intertwined, Barn informs finally truthfully. 纠结了一下,巴恩最终还是如实告知。 Princess, subordinate time duty, is chooses several practice knights to go to investigate related GBL to teach with the matter of day valance giant beast.” “公主殿下,属下这次的任务,是挑选几名见习骑士出去调查有关GBL教和天帷巨兽的事情。” GBL teaches!!! Day valance giant beast!!!!” “GBL教!!!天帷巨兽!!!!” Just as expected, hears these two glossaries, in Isabella's eyes soon emits the star light simply: Is that day valance giant beast that roams through in the sea of sky? That grasped GBL of ancient times knowledge to teach it is said!?” 果然不出所料,听到这两个词汇,伊莎贝拉的眼中简直快要冒出星光:“就是那个遨游在天空之海的天帷巨兽?还有那个据说掌握着远古知识的GBL教!?” Yes.” “是的。” Barn smiles bitterly the response to say. 巴恩苦笑着回应道。 Really good .... I also want to take a look ..... “真好啊....我也想去看看.....” Your Highness Isabella, you should know that this is impossible.” Saying that nearby military uniform beautiful woman coldly: These places, were too to you dangerous.” “伊莎贝拉殿下,您应该知道这是不可能的。”一旁的军装美女冷冷的说道:“那些地方,对您来说太危险了。” Has anything, my strength is also very strong, recently had achieved transferred the duty middle rank. Sellers you were too stodgy.” “有什么嘛,我的实力也很强的,最近已经达到了转职中阶了。塞勒斯你太死板了。” Wielded several fists at will, carried over the intermittent fresh breeze, Isabella complained. 随意挥动了几下拳头,带出了阵阵劲风,伊莎贝拉抱怨道。 „The matter that is unable to permit is unable to permit.” “无法许可的事情就是无法许可。” „, Bored.” “切,无聊。” After Isabella thinks, in the head emitted the miraculous glow suddenly: Right Barn, you said that you must choose the practice knight is right? Has elected?” 伊莎贝拉想了想后,脑袋里突然冒出了灵光:“对了巴恩,你说你是要去挑选见习骑士对吧?已经选好了吗?” „... Did not have.” “不...还没有。” Barn replied honestly: I planned that sees the practice knight on this paper directly, choices.” 巴恩老实的回答道:“我打算直接去见这张纸上的见习骑士,一个一个挑选。” Hou humph .... Then, do I and you go together? Thus, should not have the issue, Sellers.” “嚯嚯....那么,我和你一起去吧?这样,应该没问题吧,塞勒斯。” In your majesty permission range and so on.” “在陛下的许可范围之类。” Is called silver-haired young girl tranquil saying of Sellers's. 被称为塞勒斯的银发少女平静的说道。 What kind of, Barn, Ok?” “怎么样,巴恩,可以吗?” Saw that this princess threw to oneself the issue, after Barn silent several seconds, can only so return to the covered passageway. 见到这位公主又将问题抛给了自己,巴恩沉默了几秒后,只能如此回复道。 „, Troubled the princess to worry for the subordinate.” “那么,就麻烦公主殿下替属下操心了。” Good!” “太好了!” Makes a fist the extension, Isabella's happy saying: Then we walk a bit faster!” 握拳伸展,伊莎贝拉开心的说道:“那么我们快点走吧!” Saying, is not returning walks toward the imperial palace front door. 说着,头也不回的向着皇宫大门走去。 ....... “.......” .......... “..........” Barn and Sellers looked at each other one , can only with. 巴恩和塞勒斯对视了一眼,也只能跟了上去。 ----- ----- Generally speaking, the practice knight will conduct the knight to train in the middle of the knight group training battalion that oneself are under. However, would having the peculiar circumstance. 一般来说,见习骑士都会在自己隶属的骑士团当中的训练营进行骑士训练。不过,总会有着特殊情况。 Displays very outstanding practice knight in the practice knight, will be reported by each team leader to the regimental commander, thus by the regimental commander was brought the practice knight training battalion that arrives in the capital, conducts the training practice of higher level. 在见习骑士中表现十分优异的见习骑士,会被各个队长上报给团长,从而被团长带到首都的见习骑士训练营,进行更高层次的培训练习。 For example, in subordinating knight group, the practice knight can only learn/study Skill of teacher meeting. Including punctures, the silver light to fall the blade suddenly, three cut and so on. If the teacher fluctuation sword and bare hill will not strike crack wave to cut, then the practice knights do not have the means to study. 比如说,在隶属骑士团中,见习骑士只能学习教官会的技能。连突刺、银光落刃,三段斩之类。倘若教官不会波动剑、崩山击裂波斩,那么见习骑士们就没有办法学习到。 May arrive at the training battalion of capital, here teacher may be completely different. The teacher of capital training battalion, most inferior is approaches to transfer the knight of duty. 可到了首都的训练营,这里的教官可就完全不同了。首都训练营的教官,最次的都是接近转职的骑士。 Therefore wants to study what general Skill, here basically can learn. 所以想要学习什么通用技能,在这里基本上都可以学到。 But looks like the ghost to cut, Kazan of this type blade soul to need to use Skill of ghost hand, naturally could not study. After all wants to use, your precondition is to then have the ghost hand. 但像鬼斩、刀魂之卡赞这种需要用到鬼手的技能,自然是学习不到了。毕竟想要使用,你的先决条件便是拥有鬼手。 Joins Kirito and Leafa that rolls to the empire knights is respectively by the outstanding result, was brought in this training battalion by own knight regimental commander. Has not met after a half year, two people see, Leafa threw in the bosom of Kirito directly. 加入到帝国骑士团的桐人莉法便是各自以优异的成绩,被自家的骑士团长带到了这个训练营中。时隔半年没有见面,两人见到的时候,莉法直接就扑到了桐人的怀中。 Two people at this moment, are then exchanging oneself experience, and to then make plan. 此刻的两人,便在交流着自己的经历,并且为接下来做出打算。 Naturally, their most important goals grow stronger. 当然,他们首要的目的还是变强。 In the experience to sword technique of this world, as well as knew after before transferring the duty, awakening and other types ga Skill, no matter Leafa or Kirito, even if knows that this world is not jokes, but can actually not help is excited. 在见识到这个世界的剑技,以及得知转职、觉醒等各种前的噶的技能后,不管是莉法还是桐人,哪怕知道这个世界不是闹着玩的,但却情不自禁的兴奋起来。 This, is the different world! 这,就是异世界啊! The brother and sister are studying without eating or sleeping, the mutual exchange is training. The rank, is also promoting rapidly. 兄妹两人废寝忘食的学习着,互相交流训练着。等级,也在迅速的提升着。 However the distance transfers the duty, but also misses quite a distance. But can in short in six months, becomes occupation from the average person, such growth enough startled has fallen eyeball of a group of people. 不过距离转职,还差相当一段距离。但能够在短短半年内,从普通人变为职业者,这样成长已经足够惊掉一批人的眼珠子。 This time two people, then practice crack wave to cut this key Skill in the training ground with the wooden sword. 此时的两人,便在训练场中用木剑练习着裂波斩这一关键技能 According to the guidance, the main skill that crack wave cuts then selects in this movement on, integrates the fluctuation of control. May to the players, the fluctuation be anything has a head wet from the fog completely. 根据教导,裂波斩的主要技巧便是在上挑这一动作中,融入控制的波动。可对于玩家们而言,波动是什么完全就是满头雾水。 Leafa and Kirito found the related books specially, after understanding the knowledge thoroughly, practice that starts. 莉法桐人还是专门去找到了相关书籍,彻底了解了知识后,才开始的练习。 After some time, two people basically mastered the skill. During ten releases, has been able to succeed 3-5 times. Today their goal, then succeeds 70 times in 100 times. 经过这么一段时间,两人都基本上掌握了技巧。十次释放之中,已经可以成功3-5次了。今天他们的目标,便是在100次中成功70次。 However, the sharp cry interrupted their training together. 但是,一道尖鸣打断了他们的训练。 Is the signal of emergency muster lining up in formation. 是紧急集合列队的信号。 The brother and sister looked at each other one, did not attend to tidying up, on the stopper of wooden sword on toward waist sheath, ran directly with a sense of urgency toward the assembly place. 兄妹两人对视了一眼,也不顾收拾了,直接将木剑往腰上的鞘上一塞,抓紧向着集合地点跑去。 They do not want to accept that incomparably to suffer the punishment of person. 他们可不想接受那个无比折磨人的处罚。
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