RFTIW :: Volume #14

#1357: Cheats does not pay with a life

18 th day. 第18天。 Venerable Jian Xia tests through the bridge. 剑侠尊者通过长桥考验。 Fifth batch of nine hundred Enthroned Immortal, altogether five adopted the bridge test, this situation made following several thousand Enthroned Immortal shock. Then, the sixth batch, the seventh batch, the eighth batch, the ninth batch. 第五批九百位仙人,一共五位通过了长桥考验,这种情形令下面数千位仙人大跌眼镜。接下来,第六批,第七批,第八批,第九批。 Finally. 终于。 After the ranking nine batch of Immortal smelting trial ended, final three have rushed to the bridge successfully, arrives at the population outside Drunk Immortal Palace, achieves nine people. These nine people separately are: Old Monster Hei Feng, Venerable Jian Xia, Tang Xiu, Xing Lei, Black Fiend Poisonous Scorpion, Xing Hao, membrane Luo Fei, Immortal Venerable Jin Xia, Tie Wuhen. 等第九批仙人的试炼结束后,最后三位成功闯过长桥,来到醉仙殿外的人数,达到九人。这九人分别是:黑风老怪,剑侠尊者,唐修,星泪,黑煞毒蝎,星皓,膜骆菲,金霞仙尊,铁无痕 „, Since the population has sufficed, we start nine star! After entering Drunk Immortal Palace, we can only depend on opportunity respectively, finally who can become Drunk Immortal Supreme inheritance, although everybody struggles a struggle!” In nine people cultivate to high, is Great Principle Golden Immortal rear step Venerable Mo Ying said slowly. “诸位,既然人数已够,咱们启动九星阵吧!进入醉仙殿后,咱们就只能各凭机缘,最终谁能成为醉仙至尊的传承者,大家尽管争一争吧!”九人中修为最高,已经是大罗金仙后阶的墨鹰尊者缓缓说道。 Good!” “好!” Other people nod in abundance, stand on nine star nine nodes. As nine people input Immortal Force, immediately nine star opening, that several hundred meters high Drunk Immortal Palace front door, opens slowly. 其他人纷纷点头,站在九星阵的九个节点上面。随着九人输入仙力,顿时九星阵开启,那座数百米高的醉仙殿大门,缓缓打开。 Enters!” “进!” Nine people file, appears in Drunk Immortal Palace fast. In they see massive offering valuable advice, after various Cultivation Resources, almost all people were jealous. 九人鱼贯而入,快速出现在醉仙殿内部。当他们看到里面大量的献宝,还有各种修炼资源后,几乎所有人都眼红了。 Kills!” “杀!” Tang Xiu and Xing Lei, Black Fiend Poisonous Scorpion, Xing Hao four people as if by prior agreement under assassin toward the Venerable Jian Xia pain. Especially under Tang Xiu's Seven-colored Illusion World divine ability, instantaneous absent-minded, then by Black Fiend Poisonous Scorpion and Xing Lei, the Xing Hao three people gives bombardment really on the body. 唐修星泪,黑煞毒蝎,星皓四人不约而同的朝着剑侠尊者痛下杀手。尤其是在唐修的七彩幻界神通下,瞬间的失神,便被黑煞毒蝎星泪,星皓三人给实打实的轰击在身上。 Puff...” “噗…” Although Venerable Jian Xia has been guarding against Tang Xiu, but he actually has a dream has not thought that four powerhouse simultaneously get rid to him unexpectedly. Along with his Body toward distant place flying upside down, Divine Sword cleaves in two him instantaneously. 剑侠尊者虽然一直防范着唐修,但他却做梦都没有想到,四位强者竟然同时对他出手。随着他的身躯朝着远处倒飞,一把神剑瞬间把他劈成两半。 Old Monster Hei Feng and Venerable Mo Ying, Immortal Venerable Jin Xia, Tie Wuhen four people of complexion change, they have not thought that the Tang Xiu four people will aim under the Myriad Sword Sect peerless talent pain unexpectedly assassin, is almost the flash, four people fly fast in four directions. Except that Old Monster Hei Feng does not think that Tang Xiu will start to him beside, other three people have actually produced the deep vigilance to the Tang Xiu four people. 黑风老怪墨鹰尊者,金霞仙尊,铁无痕四人面色大变,他们没有想到唐修四人竟然会针对万剑宗的绝世天才痛下杀手,几乎是一瞬间,四人朝着四个方向快速飞去。除了黑风老怪不认为唐修会对他下手之外,其他三人对唐修四人却产生了深深的警惕。 Old Monster Hei Feng, you should collaborate with us, only then massacres other people completely, will rob the immortal fate person less with us. Venerable Mo Ying, Immortal Venerable Jin Xia, Tie Wuhen, they must die here.” Tang Xiu fast sound transmission gives Hei Feng. 黑风老怪,你应该和我们联手,只有把其他人全部杀掉,和咱们抢夺仙缘的人才会少一些。墨鹰尊者,金霞仙尊,还有铁无痕,他们三人必须死在这里。”唐修快速传音黑风尊者。 Old Monster Hei Feng deeply inspires, sound transmission said: Immortal Venerable Jin Xia is the Golden Light Island first disciple, but I and her Venerable Master has very deep friendship, can forgive her life?” 黑风老怪深吸一口气,传音说道:“金霞仙尊乃是金光岛的首徒,而我和她师尊有着很深的交情,能不能饶她一命?” The Tang Xiu ponder moment, the nod said slowly: Does not have the issue, but she later must accept my request.” 唐修沉思片刻,缓缓点头说道:“没问题,但她稍后必须答应我一个要求。” Old Monster Hei Feng asked: What requests?” 黑风老怪问道:“什么要求?” Tang Xiu said: The matter that we collaborate to kill the enemy, kills the Myriad Sword Sect Venerable Jian Xia matter particularly, she cannot pass on absolutely. Even, must distribute immortal oath.” 唐修说道:“咱们联手杀敌的事情,尤其是杀死万剑宗剑侠尊者的事情,她绝对不能传出去。甚至,要发下仙誓。” Old Monster Hei Feng said: I will discuss with her.” 黑风老怪说道:“我会跟她谈的。” Short exchange. 短暂的交流。 The Tang Xiu five people launch to chasing down of Venerable Mo Ying and Tie Wuhen, although Venerable Mo Ying is Great Principle Golden Immortal rear step powerhouse, but faces encirclements of five powerful enemies to kill, finally under the influence of Tang Xiu Seven-colored Illusion World divine ability, was killed heartlessly, but Tie Wuhen is only Golden Immortal Realm expert, therefore with ease was also killed. 唐修五人展开对墨鹰尊者铁无痕的追杀,尽管墨鹰尊者是一位大罗金仙后阶强者,但面对五位强敌的围杀,最终在唐修七彩幻界神通的影响下,被无情杀死,而铁无痕只是一位金仙境界的高手,所以也轻松被杀。 I am willing to give up robbing the inheritance of Drunk Immortal Supreme.” The unwillingness and angry that although Immortal Venerable Jin Xia is filled with, actually in order to live, finally can only choose compromise, the whole face alert looks at five people, but said. “我愿意放弃抢夺醉仙至尊的传承。”金霞仙尊虽然满心的不甘和愤怒,却为了能够活下来,最终只能选择妥协,满脸戒备的看着五人,无奈说道。 Tang Xiu said indifferently: Old Monster Hei Feng told me, he and your Venerable Master has very deep friendship, therefore we can not kill you, but you must distribute immortal oath, the matter that in Drunk Immortal Palace had, cannot pass on absolutely.” 唐修淡然说道:“黑风老怪告诉我,他和你师尊有着很深的交情,所以我们可以不杀你,但你必须发下仙誓,醉仙殿内发生的事情,绝对不能传出去。” Immortal Venerable Jin Xia look complex looked at Old Monster Hei Feng, immediately distributes immortal oath. 金霞仙尊眼神复杂的看了眼黑风老怪,立即发下仙誓 Tang Xiu satisfaction said: Since you have distributed immortal oath, that is our friends. As for the inheritance of Drunk Immortal Supreme, can obtain looks at your skill, we naturally cannot intervene.” 唐修满意说道:“既然你已经发下仙誓,那就是我们的朋友。至于醉仙至尊的传承,能不能得到就看你的本事了,我们自然不会干预。” Immortal Venerable Jin Xia inconceivable saying: Your meaning is... Can I also compete for the inheritance of Drunk Immortal Supreme? You...” 金霞仙尊不可思议的说道:“你的意思是…我还可以争夺醉仙至尊的传承?你们…” The Tang Xiu nod said: Right, you can. So long as you can through the following test, even if becomes the final victor, we will also congratulate you.” 唐修点头说道:“没错,你可以。只要你能通过接下来的考验,哪怕成为最终的胜利者,我们也会恭喜你。” The unwillingness and anger of Immortal Venerable Jin Xia heart vanish into thin air immediately, gratitude looked at Tang Xiu, since, said: If I obtain the inheritance of Drunk Immortal Supreme finally, can control entire Secret Mansion, I will put out in this other 50% wealth, grants.” 金霞仙尊心底的不甘和愤怒顿时化为乌有,感激的看了唐修既然一眼,说道:“如果我最终获得醉仙至尊的传承,能够掌控整个秘府,那我将会拿出这里面剩余的一半财富,赠与诸位。” Tang Xiu said with a smile: So, we ahead of time said sound thanks.” 唐修笑道:“如此,我们就提前说声谢谢了。” Quick. 很快。 Old Monster Hei Feng and Immortal Venerable Jin Xia then hurriedly leave, this Drunk Immortal Palace is very big, the place of people not clear inheritance where, therefore the choice separates, seeks respectively. 黑风老怪金霞仙尊便急匆匆离开,这座醉仙殿很大,众人都不清楚传承之地在何处,所以选择分开,各自寻找。 Xing Hao deeply inspires, is holding the fist in the other hand to say to Tang Xiu: Magnificent Tang Senior, they left, I also sought for my immortal fate. If I can obtain the inheritance of Drunk Immortal Supreme finally, will put out in this 50% wealth to grant you, expressed to your thanks.” 星皓深吸一口气,对着唐修抱拳说道:“盛唐前辈,他们已经离开,我也去寻找我的仙缘了。如果我最终能够获得醉仙至尊的传承,也会拿出这里面一半的财富赠与您,表示对您的感谢。” Tang Xiu beckoned with the hand with a smile, said: Remembers my words, keeps the mountain not to worry not to have the firewood fever, even if has not been inherited finally, do not lose the life here. Future Vermilion Bird Holy Sect, needs you.” 唐修笑着摆了摆手,说道:“记住我的话,留得青山在不愁没柴烧,哪怕最终没有得到传承,也不要在这里丢了性命。将来的朱雀圣宗,需要你。” Yes, the younger generation took down.” “是,晚辈记下了。” Xing Hao salutes respectfully, then fast leaves. 星皓恭敬行礼,然后飞快离开。 Xing Lei gazes after Xing Hao to leave, sighed: He is a good child, if in the future will not have the premature die young, Vermilion Bird Holy Sect also will be perhaps many Supreme Realm powerhouse.” 星泪目送着星皓离开,叹道:“他是一位好孩子,将来如果没有过早的夭折,朱雀圣宗恐怕又会多一位至尊境界的强者。” The Tang Xiu nod said: immortal path far away, no one knows that in the future will be what kind. I anticipated that he can become Supreme that day.” 唐修点头说道:“仙路迢迢,谁都不知道将来会怎么样。我期待他能够成为至尊的那一天。” Xing Lei nods silently, asks: How then what to do?” 星泪默默点头,问道:“怎么接下来怎么办?” Tang Xiu light smile said: Black Fiend Poisonous Scorpion, although you are my subordinate, but I, since leads you to come here, looks for your immortal fate! If you can obtain the inheritance of Drunk Immortal Supreme, I will give back to you your soul plate immediately, and anticipates some day, you can become Supreme Realm powerhouse.” 唐修淡笑道:“黑煞毒蝎,虽然你是我的属下,但我既然带你来到这里,就去找你的仙缘吧!如果你能获得醉仙至尊的传承,我会立即把你的魂牌还给你,并且期待有朝一日,你能成为至尊境界的强者。” Black Fiend Poisonous Scorpion stares, immediately in the look reveals the thick grateful look. She arrives at Secret Mansion with Tang Xiu, is only thinking here obtains some wealth, to supply later cultivation to use. Regarding has been inherited, this matter she, although innumerable fantasized that actually thinks Tang Xiu will not make her have this opportunity. 黑煞毒蝎一愣,随即眼神中流露出浓浓的感激神色。她跟着唐修来到秘府,本是只想着在这里得到一些财富,以供以后修炼所用。对于得到传承,这种事情她虽然无数次幻想,却认为唐修不会让她有这个机会。 But. 可是。 Now she discovered that oneself has thought mistakenly, oneself this Master, has the respect to oneself. He treats oneself is not treats the subordinate and slave likely, treats true oneself person same completely likely. 现在她才发现自己想错了,自己这个主人,对自己有着尊重。他对待自己并不像是对待属下和奴隶,完全像是对待真正的自己一般 He, being worth oneself giving loyalty. oneself this life, is he rescues from Prison Stage. Even if oneself obtains the inheritance of Drunk Immortal Supreme, even if he gives back to oneself oneself soul plate, in the future must work for in 5000 for him. This... Is oneself to his repayment.” Black Fiend Poisonous Scorpion is thinking at heart, recognizes a direction to leave fast. “他,值得自己效忠。自己这条命,是他从囚狱台救出来的。就算自己得到醉仙至尊的传承,就算他把自己魂牌还给自己,将来也必须为他效力5000年。这…算是自己对他的报答。”黑煞毒蝎心里想着,认准一个方向快速离开。 Saying that only remaining Tang Xiu and Xing Lei, Tang Xiu smiles: Xing Lei paternal aunt, according to your present aptitude, wants to break through to Supreme Realm, perhaps countless sufferings and hardships. However, has me, helping you obtain the inheritance of Drunk Immortal Supreme, actually easy matter. We walk! Goes to Drunk Immortal Spring.” 只剩下唐修星泪,唐修笑眯眯的说道:“星泪姑姑,按照你现在的资质,想要突破到至尊境界,恐怕千难万难。不过,有我在,让你获得醉仙至尊的传承,倒是轻而易举的事情。咱们走吧!去醉仙泉。” Xing Lei confuses said: What meaning?” 星泪迷惑道:“什么意思?” Tang Xiu light smile said: Came to know with me.” 唐修淡笑道:“跟我来就知道了。” After quite a while. 半天后。 Tang Xiu brings Xing Lei then to arrive at Drunk Immortal Spring of Drunk Immortal Palace central area, all the way all Restriction and institutions, as if to two people not any threat. 唐修带着星泪便来到醉仙殿中心区域的醉仙泉,一路上所有的禁制和机关,仿佛对两人没有任何的威胁。 Xing Lei paternal aunt, I break Drunk Immortal Spring Restriction, you go to accept the inheritance directly. Can possess of entire Secret Mansion, looked at your good fortune.” Tang Xiu finished speaking, makes thousands technique again and again, raises along with transparent energy cover together, and -and-a-half meter widths, two meters high slit was broken, Xing Lei passes through from this slit directly. 星泪姑姑,我破开醉仙泉禁制,你直接进去接受传承。能不能把整个秘府占为己有,就看您的造化了。”唐修说完,连连打出数以万计的法决,随着一道透明的能量罩升起,并且一个半米宽,两米高的缝隙被破开,星泪直接从这处缝隙里穿过去。 „Is this Drunk Immortal Spring? Obtains the Drunk Immortal Supreme inheritance the place?” “这就是醉仙泉?获得醉仙至尊传承的地方?” Xing Lei has 100% trusts to Tang Xiu, is sizing up inside space, feels is spouting several meters high green liquid Spirit Spring, slightly somewhat is at heart excited. Immediately, her form invests into Drunk Immortal Spring in directly. 星泪唐修有着100的信任,打量着里面的空间,感受着喷出几米高绿色液体的灵泉,心里微微有些激动。随即,她的身影直接投入到醉仙泉内。 heavens! Are these dark green liquids, unexpectedly all the life original fluids?” 天啊!这些墨绿色液体,竟然全都是生命原液?” Xing Lei feels huge life strength, continuous injection to her within the body, therefore her appearance restores to the original appearance, after the life original fluid pours into to her within the body, her appearance occurred for the wonderful change. Young, is more vital. 星泪感受到庞大的生命力量,源源不断的注入到她的体内,因此她的容貌恢复到原来的模样,而且在生命原液注入到她体内后,她的模样发生了为妙的变化。更加的年轻,更加的充满生机。 After the Drunk Immortal Spring life original fluid fully enters Xing Lei within the body, the Drunk Immortal Spring base, one group of golden light include Xing Lei instantaneously, the innumerable simple and unadorned great changes over time golden character, changes to the mighty current to sneak in Xing Lei Mind Sea. 醉仙泉的生命原液全部进入星泪体内后,醉仙泉的底部,一团金光瞬间把星泪包括,无数古朴沧桑的金色字符,化作洪流钻进星泪识海 The time passes bit by bit, in an instant passed by entire a half year. 时间一点一滴流逝,转眼间已经过去整整半年。 In six months. 半年内。 Old Monster Hei Feng has discovered this other institute, but was moved hand and foot by Tang Xiu in secret, here Restriction adjustment, making Old Monster Hei Feng be hard to tread throughout. 黑风老怪发现了这座别院,但被唐修暗中动了手脚,把这里的禁制调整,令黑风老怪始终难以踏进来。 Bang...” “轰…” Entire Secret Mansion had the vibration, but also living hundreds of thousands of Immortal, in abundance complexion changes. Their understand Secret Mansion exactly what happened, but not a good premonition, multiplies in their hearts. 整个秘府都发生了震动,还活着的数十万仙人,纷纷面色一变。他们不明白秘府到底发生了什么情况,但一股不好的预感,还是在他们心中滋生。 Exits.” “出去。” As Xing Lei opens that moment of both eyes, hundreds of thousands of Immortal were wrapped by an invisible strength, was transferred Secret Mansion directly. However, two person exceptions, that is Black Fiend Poisonous Scorpion and Xing Hao. But two people under the function of Xing Lei, directly appears in front of Tang Xiu. 随着星泪睁开双眼的那一刻,数十万仙人纷纷被一股无形的力量包裹住,然后直接被挪移出秘府。不过,有两个人例外,那便是黑煞毒蝎星皓。而两人则在星泪的作用下,直接出现在唐修面前。 What situation?” “什么情况?” Black Fiend Poisonous Scorpion and Xing Hao look at each other in blank diamay, the vision has swept from the Tang Xiu look merely, along with, even if falls on the float on Drunk Immortal Spring above Xing Lei. two people can feel, the Xing Lei body sends out a special fluctuation, this fluctuation made some two people palpitations. 黑煞毒蝎星皓面面相觑,目光仅仅是从唐修神色扫过,随即便落在漂浮在醉仙泉上面的星泪身上。两人能够感受到,星泪身上散发出一股特殊的波动,这股波动令两人有些心悸。 You are... Once Grand Uncle-Master?” “您是…曾师叔祖?” Xing Hao is sizing up the Xing Lei appearance, suddenly is kneeling down to the Xing Lei knees, whole face excited said. 星皓打量着星泪的容貌,忽然对着星泪双膝跪倒,满脸激动的叫到。 Xing Lei reveals wipes the happy expression, picks up Xing Hao along with qi flow, light smile said: Has not thought recognizing by your this kid.” 星泪露出一抹笑意,随着一股气流星皓托起,淡笑道:“没想到还是被你这小家伙给认出来了。” Good.” “太好了。” In the Xing Hao eye covers entirely the tears, shouted excitedly. 星皓眼睛里布满泪花,激动叫到。 Three erupt, asking a monthly ticket to support!】 【三更爆发完毕,求一张月票支持!】
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