RFTIW :: Volume #14

#1356: Reaching

Tang Xiu leads the way once more, the speed not only did not compare was slow before, instead was faintly quick on first-tier. Even if the pressure made him think a little big, but was not cannot withstand. 7200 stair places, before Tang Xiu overtook, Venerable Jian Xia that spouted rhetoric. 唐修再次前行,速度不但不比之前慢,反而隐隐快上一线。即便压力令他觉得有点大,但也不是不能承受。7200个台阶处,唐修追上了之前大放厥词的剑侠尊者 How possible?” “怎么可能?” Venerable Jian Xia also realized that Tang Xiu pursues, immediately reveals the shocking look. Because of the vibration of mind, making his body one stagger, almost compelling to back up by side big oppression strength. 剑侠尊者也察觉到唐修追上来,顿时流露出震惊神色。因为心神的震动,令他身体一个趔趄,差点被旁大的压迫力量给逼得倒退。 The Tang Xiu corners of the mouth outlined to wipe happy expression, said lightly: Person ah! never be too rampant, because after spouting rhetoric, will be very easy by face smacking. You want into the eminents in this fifth batch of Immortal, wants into most dazzling that perhaps can only have a dream.” 唐修嘴角勾勒出一抹笑意,淡淡说道:“人啊!永远不要太嚣张,因为大放厥词之后,就会很容易被打脸。你想要成为这第五批仙人中的翘楚,想要成为最耀眼的那一个,恐怕只能是做梦了。” finished speaking. 说完 Tang Xiu treads once again one step, has surmounted Venerable Jian Xia, reaches the 7201 st stair directly. Even, the following time, he in the look of Venerable Jian Xia resenting, unceasingly and Venerable Jian Xia spreads out, short day of much time, Tang Xiu then reaches the 8000 th stair. 唐修再度踏出一步,超越了剑侠尊者,直接登上第7201个台阶。甚至,接下来的时间,他在剑侠尊者愤恨的眼神中,不断和剑侠尊者拉开距离,短短一天多的时间,唐修便登上第8000个台阶。 Turns around, overlooks. 转身,俯视。 Tang Xiu sees the Venerable Jian Xia difficult vanguard, looks angry look that he throws, immediately raises up the middle finger, contemptuously said with a smile: Rubble wants to compare favorably with the pearl, overreaches oneself simply.” 唐修看到剑侠尊者艰难的前行,看着他投来的愤怒眼神,顿时竖起中指,轻蔑笑道:“瓦砾想和珍珠媲美,简直就是不自量力。” ...” “噗…” Venerable Jian Xia hears the Tang Xiu's sound, resented that under occurred simultaneously Blood to spurt crazily, Body shivered several, direct on one knee kneels down, this reluctantly stands firm the personal appearance, not after retreats. 剑侠尊者听到唐修的声音,愤恨交加之下一口鲜血狂喷而出,身躯颤抖了几下,直接单膝跪下,这才勉强稳住身形,没有朝后退去。 Bridge head. 桥头。 Several thousand Enthroned Immortal had been shocked by Tang Xiu thoroughly, mutual inquired among them that finally inquired the Tang Xiu's name, Magnificent Tang Great Emperor. However, does not have any person, knows where this Magnificent Tang Great Emperor comes, to belong to any sect, is any influence. 数千位仙人彻底被唐修震撼了,经过他们之间的互相打听,终于打听到了唐修的名字,“盛唐大帝”。然而,却没有任何一个人,知道这盛唐大帝从哪里来,属于什么宗门,属于什么势力。 This Magnificent Tang Great Emperor don't tell me inadequate of the stone seam jumping? Beforehand aptitude, his cultivation, should why already before the Immortal World reputation rose up ah! hasn't heard this person?” “这盛唐大帝难道是从石头缝里蹦出来的不成?以前的资质,还有他的修为,应该早就在仙界名声鹊起了啊!为什么以前从来没有听说过这个人?” „Is Magnificent Tang Great Emperor his real name? Before had not heard. don't tell me is he peerless talent of some Exceed Grade big Sect secret training? Recently started to walk in Immortal World?” 盛唐大帝是他的真名吗?以前从来没有听说过。难道他是某个超级宗派秘密培养的绝世天才?最近才开始在仙界行走?” Too heaven-defying! If not he is detained that many days in the 6000 th stair place, perhaps he already through the test of bridge, did arrive outside Drunk Immortal Palace?” “太逆天了!如果不是他在第6000个台阶处滞留那么多天,恐怕他早就通过长桥的考验,抵达醉仙殿外面了吧?” His young, I can feel him is very really young. But is such youngster, actually has the so big potential, is hard to imagine simply. don't tell me, is he finally becomes the person of Drunk Immortal Supreme inheritance?” “他的年纪不大,我能够感受到他真的很年轻。可就是这么一个年轻人,竟然有着如此大的潜力,简直就是难以想象。难道,他最终才是成为醉仙至尊传承者的人吗?” Too terrifying! His speed is quick, wants to be quicker than any scaler. As if the space pressure on bridge, has not played many roles.” “太恐怖了!他的速度很快,比任何一个攀登者都要快很多。就仿佛长桥上的空间压力,根本没起到多少作用。” This fifth batch of each generation produces talented people ah! besides that Magnificent Tang Great Emperor, actually also more than 20 people keep on the bridge, was really too inconceivable! However, that Myriad Sword Sect peerless talent Venerable Jian Xia, probably or good ah! “这第五批人才辈出啊!除了那位盛唐大帝,竟然还有20多人留在长桥上,真是太不可思议了!不过,那位万剑宗的绝世天才剑侠尊者,好像要不行了啊! „...” “…” Tu Luo look complex looks at Tang Xiu, at his eyesight, where will unable to see that Tang Xiu accomplishes a task with ease as before, under so big space pressure, actually radically also uselessly fully. 荼罗眼神复杂的看着唐修,以他的眼力,哪里会看不出唐修依旧游刃有余,在如此大的空间压力下,却根本还没用全力。 this child, if grows, perhaps Pill Gathering Sect and Limitless Palace these people, must have bad luck. He... Should unable to withdraw the relations with Vermilion Bird Holy Sect.” In the Tu Luo heart thinks silently. 此子如果成长起来,恐怕蕴丹宗无极殿的那些人,要倒霉了。他…应该和朱雀圣宗脱不开关系。”荼罗心中默默想到。 Side him. 他身边。 The shock of big and brawny person whole face, muttered said: Master, this Magnificent Tang Great Emperor was too simply strong. Besides Old Monster Hei Feng, again also nobody was probably fiercer than him. I have a feeling, he can test through the bridge absolutely, arrives outside Drunk Immortal Palace.” 魁梧大汉满脸的震惊,喃喃说道:“师父,这盛唐大帝简直太强了。除了黑风老怪之外,好像再也没有人比他更厉害了。我有种感觉,他绝对可以通过长桥考验,抵达醉仙殿外面。” Tu Luo nods slowly, said: He can adopt already not any objection. However, that four people of his side , are very probably fierce, all arrived at more than 6800 stairs unexpectedly, moreover probably can also insist for a long time.” 荼罗缓缓点头,说道:“他能通过已经没有任何异议了。不过,他身边的那四人,好像也很厉害,竟然全都到了6800多个台阶,而且好像还能坚持许久。” big and brawny person said: Master, you said that what origin Ah? this Magnificent Tang Great Emperor is by his aptitude, why before , hasn't heard this person? That four people of his side, they changed the appearance obviously, moreover changed the aura. don't tell me they do not dare to see with own eyes person ah! with the proper face 魁梧大汉说道:“师父,您说这盛唐大帝到底是什么来历啊?以他的资质,为什么以前从来没有听说过这号人?还有他身边的那四人,他们明显改变了模样,而且还改变了气息。难道他们不敢用真面目见人啊! Tu Luo said: Perhaps they have any fierce personal enemy!” 荼罗说道:“他们或许有什么厉害的仇人吧!” big and brawny person said: If they have any fierce personal enemy, their personal enemies may want extremely unlucky. These five people of any people grow, once breaks through to Supreme Realm, perhaps strong was odd.” 魁梧大汉说道:“如果他们有什么厉害的仇人,那他们的仇人可要倒大霉了。这五人任何一人成长起来,一旦突破到至尊境界,恐怕就会强的离谱了。” Stair place. 台阶处。 In the Xing Peng eye is glittering crazy look, the huge space pressure, has made him reach the limit. However, he is still insisting, for that inheritance, can defuse the crisis for sect. 星鹏眼睛里闪烁着疯狂神色,巨大的空间压力,已经让他达到了极限。然而,他还在坚持着,就是为了那份传承,为了宗门能够化解危机。 ...” “噗…” When he reaches the 7864 th stair, his on the top does not live in the huge pressure finally, flies upside down loudly toward behind, then layer on layer pounds to fall on Qiaotou. 就在他登上第7864个台阶的时候,他终于顶不住巨大的压力,轰然朝着后面倒飞出去,然后重重砸落在桥头。 My unwilling ah! “我不甘啊! Xing Peng both eyes are red, the fist closely grips, pounds maliciously in the ground. 星鹏双眼通红,拳头紧紧攥起,狠狠砸在地面上。 Xing Hao is backward than three stairs Xing Peng, sees Xing Peng to fly upside down, his look completely becomes crazy. This time arrives at the boundless mountain range, enters Secret Mansion, only then their two people. Now Xing Peng failure, only remaining he. The pressure in that innermost feelings, is bigger than here space pressure. 星皓星鹏落后三个台阶,看到星鹏倒飞出去,他的眼神完全变得疯狂起来。此次来到苍茫山脉,进入秘府的只有他们两人。如今星鹏失败,就只剩下他一人了。那份内心中的压力,比这里的空间压力还要大。 Insisting! 坚持! Must insist! 必须坚持! Even if dies, must ascend! 纵然是死,也要登上去! Xing Hao bites the mandibular joint tightly, is revolving crazily Immortal Force in within the body. He has completed the plan, even if dies in this smelting trial, cannot go back by the pressure bang. 星皓紧咬牙关,疯狂运转着体内的仙力。他已经做好打算,哪怕是死在这场试炼中,都不能被压力轰回去。 Step by step. 一步步。 His Body is shivering unceasingly, his look burns the crazy flame, even his whole body muscle, in fierce shivering. 他的身躯在不断颤抖,他的眼神燃烧出疯狂的火焰,甚至他浑身的肌肉,都在剧烈的颤抖。 Insisting. 坚持。 This words and expressions, became his present only faith. 这个词语,已经成为了他现在的唯一信念。 Bang... „ “轰…“ A aura of rushing, erupts on Xing Hao, is almost the flash, almost bore the pressure to him of limit, feels the body suddenly lightly one. 一股澎湃的气息,在星皓身上爆发,几乎是一瞬间,原本几乎承受压力到极限的他,猛然感觉身体一轻。 Suddenly... Broke through?” “突…突破了?” Xing Hao has a dream has not thought that he was breaking through Great Principle Golden Immortal Realm unexpectedly at this moment. Must know that he breaks through to Golden Immortal Late Stage, past more than 700 years. Immediately, he has clearly become aware a condition, that is: Heavenly Dao reward attendance, relentless. 星皓做梦都没有想到,他竟然在此时此刻突破到了大罗金仙境界。要知道,他突破到金仙后阶,才过去700多年。顿时,他明悟了一种状态,那便是:天道酬勤,坚持不懈。 At this moment. 这一刻。 Xing Hao has feeling that plants to cry. 星皓有种想哭的感受。 Since the Master Ancestor Magnificent Tang Great Emperor Crossing Tribulation failure, soul flies away and scatters ; since the Vermilion Bird Holy Sect bitter experience to number side influence storm, ; in imminent danger, since the same side people were killed unceasingly, the sect resources are depleting day after day. He had insisted with hardship, with hardship support. 自从师祖盛唐大帝渡劫失败,魂飞魄散自从朱雀圣宗遭遇到数方势力强攻,岌岌可危自从同门众人不断被杀,宗门资源日渐枯竭。他一直苦苦坚持,苦苦支撑。 The same clan is deliberately bad, repents, even had the desperate mood. But he does not have, he is going against the reputation of Vermilion Bird Holy Sect peerless talent, on the contrary is going all out cultivation, battle of going all out, pacing back and forth spontaneities with the dying edge, constantly are accumulating. 很多同宗自暴自弃,自怨自艾,甚至出现了绝望的情绪。但他没有,他顶着朱雀圣宗绝世天才的名头,反倒是拼命的修炼,拼命的厮杀,一次次徘徊自生与死的边缘,不断积累着。 He can live now, closes right up against that tenacious insistence completely. 他能活到现在,完全是靠着那份坚韧的坚持。 Road is very far, Qianjin (advance), insisted.” “路还很远,前进,坚持。” Xing Hao deeply inspires, the wild with joy look in eye was depressed by him slowly, becomes especially firm. When he treads one once more, making him feel that is more relaxed. 星皓深吸一口气,眼睛里的狂喜神色被他慢慢压下,变得格外的坚定。当他再次踏出一步的时候,让他觉得轻松很多。 Quick. 很快。 Xing Hao then arrives in the 8000 th steps, when his raises the head looks toward Tang Xiu, discovers in the Tang Xiu's look, is full of the gratified look. 星皓便来到第8000个阶梯上,当他抬头朝着唐修看去的时候,发现唐修的眼神中,充满欣慰神色。 Gratified? 欣慰? The Xing Hao look moves, said respectfully: Magnificent Tang Senior, you looked that I did break through?” 星皓神色一动,恭敬说道:“盛唐前辈,您看出来我突破了?” Tang Xiu light smile said: of course, if has not broken through to Great Principle Golden Immortal Realm, you are impossible so with ease arrives at the 8000 th stair place. Vermilion Bird Holy Sect good good fortune ah! to present your such peerless talent unexpectedly.” 唐修淡笑道:“当然,如果没有突破到大罗金仙境界,你不可能如此轻松的来到第8000个台阶处。朱雀圣宗好福气啊!竟然能出现你这么一位绝世天才。” The Xing Hao complexion big change, looks that the Tang Xiu's look fills instantaneously vigilantly. 星皓面色大变,看着唐修的眼神瞬间充满警惕。 Tang Xiu sound transmission said: You do not need to alert to me, now what you want understand is, I do not have any hostility to you. Otherwise, before has not entered Secret Mansion, you and Xing Peng are deceased people.” 唐修传音道:“你无需对我戒备,你现在要明白的是,我对你没有任何的敌意。否则,在没有进入秘府之前,你和星鹏已经是死人了。” Xing Hao stayed, immediately awakens, said awkwardly: Magnificent Tang Senior, sorry.” 星皓呆了呆,顿时醒悟过来,尴尬说道:“盛唐前辈,抱歉。” Beckoning with the hand of Tang Xiu does not care about muddily, said: I and your Vermilion Bird Holy Sect has very deep origin, now you were in this situation, is I have not thought. Good, our conversations stop, you continue! If your mental enough firm, believes that this test, could not baffle you.” 唐修浑不在意的摆了摆手,说道:“我与你们朱雀圣宗有着很深的渊源,如今你们到了这种地步,也是我没有想到的。行了,咱们的交谈到此为止,你继续前行吧!如果你的心智足够坚定,相信这一层考验,难不倒你了。” Yes!” “是!” Xing Hao complies with one, steps the 8001 st stair once more. 星皓答应一声,再次踏上第8001个台阶。 Quick. 很快。 Xing Lei and Black Fiend Poisonous Scorpion also arrive at the 8000 th stair, they even surpass Myriad Sword Sect Venerable Jian Xia. Just, the Venerable Jian Xia distance 8000 th stair, only remaining three stairs. 星泪黑煞毒蝎也来到第8000个台阶,他们甚至超过万剑宗剑侠尊者。只不过,剑侠尊者距离第8000个台阶,也只剩下三个台阶。 We walk! Avoid was overtaken by some idiot, he should blow flamboyant.” Tang Xiu glanced Venerable Jian Xia lightly, saying that the whole face disdains. “咱们走吧!省得被某个蠢货追上,他又该吹牛逼了。”唐修淡淡瞟了眼剑侠尊者,满脸不屑的说道。 Your asshole.” “你混蛋。” The Venerable Jian Xia anger sound exclaimed. 剑侠尊者怒声吼道。 Tang Xiu has not paid attention to him, but killing aura of Xing Lei actually whole face, as if wants Venerable Jian Xia dismembering a body. Just, she knows at this time does not kill Venerable Jian Xia time, therefore is enduring that killing intent hardly, follows behind to climb toward above in Tang Xiu. 唐修没有理会他,但星泪却满脸的杀气,仿佛想把剑侠尊者给大卸八块。只不过,她知道此时不是杀死剑侠尊者的时候,所以硬忍着那份杀意,跟在唐修身后朝着上面攀登上去。 16 th day. 第16天。 Tang Xiu and Xing Lei, Xing Hao, as well as Black Fiend Poisonous Scorpion tests through the bridge. After four people arrive at outside Drunk Immortal Palace, Old Monster Hei Feng welcomed fast, although he noticed that Tang Xiu is somewhat surprised, but respectfully said: Many thanks Fellow Immortal.” 唐修星泪,星皓,以及黑煞毒蝎通过长桥考验。当四人来到醉仙殿外后,黑风老怪快速迎了上来,虽然他看到唐修有几分惊讶,但还是恭敬说道:“多谢仙友。” Tang Xiu shows a faint smile, shakes the head saying: This is your good fortune, has no need to thank me.” 唐修微微一笑,摇头说道:“这是你的造化,用不着感谢我。” Old Monster Hei Feng said: Fellow Immortal whether to have what wish, making me do for you?” 黑风老怪说道:“仙友可否有什么心愿,让我为你做的?” Tang Xiu sound transmission said: Recently knew the position very has the little friend of talent, is Vermilion Bird Holy Sect peerless talent Xing Hao. What is very skillful, he is the same with you, is just a moment ago breaks through under the oppression of bridge, now he is Great Principle Golden Immortal Realm powerhouse. The Vermilion Bird Holy Sect present situation, believes that you also know. If you must thank me, on and other Vermilion Bird Holy Sect have the difficult time, getting rid gang one!” 唐修传音说道:“最近认识了位挺有天赋的小友,乃是朱雀圣宗的绝世天才星皓。很巧的是,他和你一样,也是刚刚在长桥的压迫下突破,现在他已经是大罗金仙境界的强者朱雀圣宗现在的情况,相信你也知道。如果你真的要感谢我,就等以后朱雀圣宗有难的时候,出手帮一把吧!” Yes!” “是!” Old Monster Hei Feng slowly and carefully has sized up Xing Hao several, this silently nodded, said: „To enter Drunk Immortal Palace, needs nine to arrive here Immortal successfully, starts nine star together. Now we five people, but also misses four people.” 黑风老怪仔仔细细打量了星皓几眼,这才默默点了点头,说道:“想要进入醉仙殿,需要九位成功抵达这里的仙人,一起启动九星阵。现在咱们才五人,还差四人。”
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