RTW :: Volume #6

#525: Returns to Kingdom Capital

Kingdom Capital! After one -and-a-half years, he came back! 王都!时隔一年半,他又回来了! Barov looks at clear green stone wall, in the heart surges gradually. 巴罗夫看着渐渐清晰的青色石墙,心中激荡不已。 In fact, he from receiving the order the mood has not subsided, Your Highness Fourth Prince like anticipated in has routed Timothy, moreover does so neatly, finally showed again that nobody can resist the western region feudal lord army. 事实上,他从接到命令起心情就没有平息过,四王子殿下像预期中的那样击溃了提费科,而且还干得如此干净利落,结果再一次证明,没有人能抵挡西境领主的大军。 Naturally, now still called Roland is western region feudal lord was not quite appropriate. 当然,现在仍称呼罗兰西境领主已经不太合适了。 He now is the Wimbledon III only son, bloodlines inheritance, the rightful heir in royal family. 他如今是温布顿三世的唯一独子,血脉传承者,王室的合法继承人。 The barrier that ascends the throne has swept away. 登基的障碍已一扫而空。 It can be prediated that Roland will coronate quickly for the king. 可以预见,罗兰很快就会加冕为王。 But he, becomes the authority is next to Imperial Prime Minister under King...... this will make Barov immerse when the boundless daydream joyfully, when these are keeping thinking their " old friend " saw one climb in the top digit that they have wanted unable to think, will show what kind of expression? Shocks, envies and envies, even if clenches jaws also has to force oneself to look cheerful, goes all out to flatter? These scene light are think to make his body and mind joyful. If can by oneself once teacher, Minister of Finance Lauren Moore be seen this was better. 而他,也将会成为权力仅次于国王之下的御前首相……这份喜悦让巴罗夫沉浸在无边的遐想当中当那些惦记着自己的「老朋友」看到自己攀登到了他们想都不敢想的高位上时,会露出怎样的表情?震惊、嫉妒、羡慕、哪怕咬牙切齿也不得不强颜欢笑,拼命讨好?这些场景光是想想都让他身心愉悦。如果能让自己曾经的导师,财务大臣劳伦.穆尔看到这一幕就更好了。 ...... …… The concrete boat anchors slowly in suburb dock, Barov goes down the trestle, with colleague Cam Schuire and the others of together, under escorting of First Army soldier across the familiar street, enters the inner city royal palace. 水泥船缓缓停靠在郊外码头,巴罗夫走下栈桥,和同行的凯莫.斯垂尔等人一道,在第一军士兵的护送下穿过熟悉的街道,进入内城王宫。 The Twin Tower palace still and appearance in memory is equally grand, before he can only look out in the City Hall hut from afar, now actually may enter the palace frankly and uprightly. 双塔宫殿依然和记忆中的模样一样雄伟,以前他只能在市政厅的小屋中远远遥望,现在却可光明正大的走进宫殿内部。 On the straight high tower study room, he saw Roland Wimbledon once more. 直上高塔书房,他再次见到了罗兰.温布顿 Barov harbors the excitement kneeling on one knee evil ways: Your majesty, Kingdom of Greycastle was your!” 巴罗夫怀着激动的心情单膝跪下道:“陛下,灰堡王国是您的了!” In fact did not have, eastern region and northern land at present were still the domains of Timothy remnant forces,” Roland smiled, was quick, some of we also important matters must discuss.” “事实上还没有,东境北地目前仍然是提费科残余势力的地盘,”罗兰笑了笑,“快起来吧,我们还有许多重要的事情要谈。” His facial expression, the intonation is as always gentle, is easy near person, will be soon will not say likely completely the influence of king will be ordinary. The Barov manner is more respectful, he stands up slowly, caressing the chest should say that is, your majesty.” 他的神情一如既往,语调平和,易于近人,像是完全不受即将称王的影响一般。巴罗夫态度更加恭敬,他缓缓站起身,抚胸应道,“是,陛下。” At present placed the duty of first place is to maintain Kingdom Capital revolves, this point I have confessed in the letter,” Roland a cup of hot tea, hands in front of him, „did you have the preliminary plan?” “目前排在首位的任务是维持王都运转,这一点我已经在信里交代过,”罗兰倒了杯热茶,递到他面前,“你有初步的方案了吗?” Barov received the teacup hastily, maintains the words of existing order is not difficult to achieve, you give me to process these small noble, they will understand the choice advantages. Moreover I have also brought ten most outstanding disciples from the border region area, some are skilled in the trade, some excel at the tax affairs, even if I here, do not have them to stare at City Hall, that helps noble unable to steal away any perquisite.” His paused, adds, you must make First Army that remains behind coordinate their supervisory work, not having military force to make the safeguard, the supervision is very difficult to play the proper warning role.” 巴罗夫连忙接过茶杯,“只是保持现有秩序的话不难做到,您把那些小贵族交给我来处理吧,他们会懂得选择利弊的。而且我还从边陲区带来了十名最杰出的弟子,有的精通商业,有的擅长税务,即使我不在这儿,有他们盯着市政厅,那帮贵族也偷不走什么油水。”他顿了顿,又补充道,“不过您得让留守的第一军配合他们的监督工作,没有武力做保障,监督很难起到应有的警告作用。” Roland looks like somewhat accidental, „don't you want to treat in Kingdom Capital?” 罗兰看起来有些意外,“你不想待在王都吗?” Naturally, your majesty,” Barov did not reply without hesitation, „the Neverwinter City government affairs wanted complex and important much, I am unable to leave too for a long time, if you handled these trivial matters personally, too consumed energetic. Please let me continue for you to manage Neverwinter City City Hall, works for the matter that is I suits does in your side.” “当然不,陛下,”巴罗夫毫不犹豫地回答道,“无冬城的政务要复杂且重要得多,我无法离开太长时间,如果您亲自去处理这些琐事,又太耗费精神了。请让我继续为您管理无冬城市政厅吧,在您身边效力才是我适合做的事。” He thinks very clearly, since your majesty recognized that Neverwinter City is the Greycastle Metro City, then it sooner or later will surpass this city now former's population and development potential has flung Kingdom Capital after behind, recruits expansion of plan along with new one batch, its scale will surpass Four Great Kingdoms any big city without doubt. Remains Kingdom Capital no doubt can experience these " old friend " whinning, but listened also to be bored, moreover these whin will not bring the authority, instead will make itself be far away from the power center gradually. Only then frequently appears in the Your Majesty Roland front, can leave behind profound impression to him, this point Barov is well aware. 他心里想得很清楚,陛下既然认定无冬城灰堡的新都城,那么它迟早会超过这座城市如今前者的人口和发展潜力都已经将王都甩在身后,随着新一批招募计划的展开,它的规模无疑会超过四大王国任何一座大城。留在王都固然可以体验那些「老朋友」的哀嚎,但听多了也会腻烦,而且这些哀嚎不会带来权力,反而会使自己逐渐远离权力中心。只有经常出现在罗兰陛下的面前,才能给他留下深刻的印象,这一点巴罗夫心知肚明。 Roland have a relish stared at him to look some little time, lowered the head afraid until him, consented saying that that this, but the premise is Kingdom Capital because of replacing the City Hall official causes the confusion. You should be clear, I need each population of this city.” 罗兰饶有兴致地盯着他看了好一会儿,直到他心虚的低下头去,才应允道,“那就这样吧,不过前提是王都不会因为更换市政厅官员而导致混乱。你应该清楚,我需要这座城市的每一个人口。” ...... …… Afterward your majesty inquired carefully mining industry mining and agriculture sowing seeds of situation Longsong region, especially latter, carefully does have the speaking to arrive to the responsible plot division and promotion rule of serf on. Is good to Roland is clear because of the preference of Barov, this aspect has to Petrov has understood beforehand, replied very smoothly, making your majesty hear to nod freely. 随后陛下仔细询问了长歌区的矿业开采和农耕播种情况,特别是后者,细致到农奴的责任田划分与晋升规则有没有宣讲到位上。好在巴罗夫罗兰的偏好一清二楚,这方面都有向培罗事先了解过,回答得十分流畅,让陛下听得不住地点头。 Afternoon time quickly in the past, when asked that the last issue, Roland has patted his shoulder satisfied, you did well, me lead the armed forces to battle outside like this can also feel relieved. First has the supper, tomorrow we will discuss the development project of Longsong region again well.” 一下午的时间很快过去,当问完最后一个问题,罗兰满意地拍了拍他的肩膀,“你干得不错,这样我在外面带军作战也能放下心来了。先去吃晚餐吧,明天我们再好好谈下长歌区的发展规划。” Was......” Barov hesitant, he discovered that in opposite party these many issues, only has not coronated the incident, your majesty, when you prepared to ascend the throne for the king, informed the world?” “是……”巴罗夫犹豫了下,他发现对方这么多问题里,唯独没有加冕一事,“陛下,您准备何时登基为王,昭告天下?” Currently did not have this plan.” Roland returns to say with ease. “目前还没有这个打算。”罗兰轻松地回道。 What?” City Hall Premier Minister cannot believe that simply own ear, this matter more early implements is better! It can bring the huge prestige to you, but can also unite the will of the people of territory subjects, does not have any fault to you! Why you “什么?”市政厅总管简直不敢相信自己的耳朵,“这种事情越早实施越好啊!它能给您带来巨大的声望,还可以凝聚领地子民的人心,对您没有任何坏处!为什么您” Because of the time,” Roland has interrupted his words, sets out to arrive at the window, looks out dusk the below grand city, I have inquired to the etiquette officer, a complete ascending the throne ceremony needs to spend the last several months time to prepare, except casting gold royal crown and gem scepter, but must sends out the invitation to other Church and three countries, after envoy when they send out arrives, can start. Even if rejects Holy City of Hermes, Eternal Winter and Wolf Heart, the light is relates Dawn also to spend on for one month, this will implicate the spring offensive seriously the latter half combat target.” “因为时间,”罗兰打断了他的话,起身走到窗边,遥望黄昏下的雄伟城市,“我向礼仪官询问过,一个完整的登基典礼需要花上数月时间来准备,除开铸造黄金冠冕和宝石权杖,还要向教会和其他三国发出邀请,等他们派出的使者抵达后才能开始。就算剔除掉赫尔梅斯圣城永冬狼心,光是联系晨曦也得花上一个多月,这样会严重拖累春季攻势的下半段作战目标。” You can simplify this process......” “您可以简化这个过程……” Such the prestige of bring greatly will sell at a discount, even was the negative impact,” he shrugged saying that Timothy obeyed this flow, I cannot appear compared with him also worry. However dispatches Dawn ambassador quickly set off, I will let him this news one and belt in the past, when has been answered accurately, considered again this matter is not late.” “那样带来的声望就会大打折扣,甚至是负面影响了,”他耸肩道,“就连提费科都遵照了这个流程,我总不能显得比他还着急。不过派往晨曦的大使很快就会出发,我会让他把这个消息一并带过去的,等得到确切答复了,再考虑这件事也不迟。” ******************* ******************* After Barov asks to be excused, Roland puts out the tone gently. 巴罗夫告退后,罗兰轻轻吐出口气。 His reasons had not shown to the opposite party, that by " broad product grain, slow name king " the idea influence is quite deep, now when he only occupies western region place, the domain still insufficient Timothy called king one-third, before Church has not attacked Kingdom of Dawn officially the convergence point is quite good, if Hermes first aimed at oneself to trouble him the target, although has not feared with Church gets angry blatantly, but does not want to draw the hatred for others. 他还有一个理由未向对方说明,那就是受「广积粮,缓称王」的理念影响颇深,现在他只占据西境一地,地盘尚不足提费科称王时的1,在教会未正式进攻晨曦王国前还是收敛点比较好,万一赫尔梅斯将目标优先对准自己就麻烦了他虽然已不惧和教会公然翻脸,但也不想替别人拉仇恨。 Then he summoned the study room Cam Schuire. 接着他将凯莫.斯垂尔召到了书房。 We hope that own chief alchemist had the means of awe into submission submissive Kingdom Capital alchemy association. 希望自己的首席炼金师已经有了慑服王都炼金协会的办法。
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