RP :: Volume #51

#3887 Part 3: The harvest is many

You have opened Eternal Level treasure box Soul demon sickle.】 【你已开启永恒级宝箱灵魂魔镰。】 You obtain Primary fragment 2.】 【你获得原初碎片二块。】 You obtain Soul crystal mortal form 5.】 【你获得灵魂晶魄五颗。】 You obtain top Hegemony Equipment Soul weapon( three shapes seals solid mode).】 【你获得顶级霸主装备灵魂武器(三形态・封固状态)。】 Prompt: Should equip in to seal/confer Gu, must look for the high-level blacksmith or the appraiser, relieves this to seal/confer Gu.】 提示:该装备封固中,需寻找高水准铁匠或鉴定师,解除此封固。】 ...... …… You have opened Eternal Level treasure box gods.】 【你已开启永恒级宝箱・众神。】 treasure box just opened, golden ray for the first time presently, but the flash time is very short, is not maximum scope income , that takes the flash over 3 seconds. 宝箱刚开启,金色光芒乍现,但闪光的时间很短,不是最高幅度收益,那要闪光三秒以上。 You obtain Primary fragment 30.】 【你获得原初碎片30块。】 ...... …… This income is very unique and, Su Xiao takes up treasure box again. 这收益挺独特和实在,苏晓再度拿起一枚宝箱 You have opened Eternal Level treasure box last years Sovereign.】 【你已开启永恒级宝箱・末代君主。】 You obtain the warm sunlight( initiative Skill Scroll).】 【你获得温暖阳光(主动技能卷轴)。】 Warm sunlight, Lv.1.】 【温暖阳光,Lv.1。】 Type: Absolute Powerhouse level Active Skill. 类型:绝强级・主动技能 Corresponding characteristics: Healing System / Solar miracle department. 对应特性:治疗系/太阳奇迹系。 Pretage demand 1: True Intelligence 600 points above. 前置需求一:真实智力600点以上。 Pretage demand 2: Has temperate bodily energy. 前置需求二:拥有温和的身体能量 Skill Effects( Passive): Constitutes Solar Mark on the friend side goal, has this Mark friend side goal, bathes when the sunlight next, restores 0.5 biggest HP every second, the effect continues for 5 seconds( restores intensity and duration, as Skill rank promotion will promote, and after mastering this ability, is grasping the Intelligence attribute ability will also conduct addition). 技能效果(被动):在友方目标身上构成太阳印记,有此印记的友方目标,沐浴在阳光下时,每秒恢复0.5最大生命值,效果持续五秒(恢复强度与持续时间,将随着技能等级提升而提升,且在掌握此能力后,掌握着的智力属性也将对此能力进行加成)。 Presently Solar Mark maximum quantity: 1( this ability raises 10 levels every time, then constitutes Solar Mark, and many Solar Mark may affect on same goal). 当前太阳印记最大数量:一枚(此能力每提升十级,即可多构成一枚太阳印记,且多枚太阳印记可作用在同一个目标身上)。 Prompt: Having to make the sunlight, when stores up the equipment of sunlight, this Skill may become effective in no natural sunlight situation. 提示:拥有能制造阳光,储存阳光的装备时,此技能可在无自然阳光的情况下生效。 Synopsis: Blazing Sun king Ashlot shows the powerful Solar miracle talent since childhood, only has to be 10-year-old he, then uses the sunlight to recover this ultra-large range resilience warm, regarding the Solar miracle masters, may use this and other at age 500 the powerful Solar miracles, is the rare talent, what a pity, as Ashlot of last years Blazing Sun king, must become one to fight the king, inherits Blood of the Sun , this, in the Blazing Sun Star history the most talented Solar miracle master, becomes in the Blazing Sun Star history the weakest Blazing Sun king, the destiny, is always ridiculing the world. 简介:烈阳君王・艾什洛特从小就展现出强大的太阳奇迹天赋,仅有10岁的他,即可使用阳光温愈这种超大范围恢复能力,对于太阳奇迹师们来讲,500岁之前可使用这等强大的太阳奇迹,已是罕见天才,可惜,将作为末代烈阳君王的艾什洛特,必须成为一位战王,传承烈阳之血,就这样,烈阳史上最有天赋的太阳奇迹师,成为了烈阳史上最弱的烈阳君王,命运啊,总是在嘲笑世人。 ...... …… You have opened Eternal Level treasure box unsurpassed Blazing Sun.】 【你已开启永恒级宝箱・无上烈阳。】 You obtain Solar Sacred Badge( equipment / Testament Item / key).】 【你获得太阳圣徽(装备/证明物/钥匙)。】 Prompt: Opens this treasure box, obtains this key surely, and only may through opening this treasure box, obtains this thing.】 提示:开启此宝箱,必定获得此钥匙,且仅可通过开启此宝箱,获得此物。】 ...... …… Finally gets so far as this thing, before Blazing Sun Star, Su Xiao could not find the Solar Sacred Badge trail, originally is such gains the way, as for the function of Solar Sacred Badge , this must mention white dragon girl. 终于弄到这东西,之前在烈阳时,苏晓始终找不到太阳圣徽的踪迹,原来是这么个获取方式,至于太阳圣徽的作用,这还得提到白龙女 white dragon girl in Eber Yath is confined to barracks in tower , wants to obtain ancient dragon / Solar Faction all heritages, must first rescue white dragon girl, Ancient Dragon's Key + Solar Sacred Badge is opens to be confined to barracks the tower only method. 白龙女埃伯亚思禁足塔内,想获得古龙/太阳阵营的所有遗产,必须先救出白龙女,古龙遗匙+太阳圣徽是开启禁足塔的唯一手段。 You have opened box of 6 rare treasure.】 【你已开启秘宝之盒六枚。】 You obtain Primary fragment 1.】 【你获得原初碎片一块。】 You obtain Daybreak fragment 4.】 【你获得曙光碎片四块。】 You obtain Free access to skill upgrade warehouse( a time).】 【你获得技能升级仓免费使用权限(一次)。】 ...... …… Other did not say, this Free access to skill upgrade warehouse( a time) , this time opens treasure box on blood gain, the Su Xiao's Ascension of Blood: Soul of Life ability rank is Lv.30 , to promote it to full level, must spend 4.14 million Soul coin, this Free access to skill upgrade warehouse( a time) , Su Xiao prepares with this that this Blood Spear Grandmaster corresponds high rank technique Passive gives the resentment to be full. 其他不说,就这技能升级仓免费使用权限(一次),本次开宝箱血赚,苏晓的血之升华·命魂能力等级为Lv.30,将其提升到满级,要花费414万枚灵魂钱币,这次技能升级仓免费使用权限(一次),苏晓准备用此将这血枪宗师所对应的高阶・技法被动给怼满。 The average people do not certainly dare to do that this is 4.14 million Soul coin improvement scopes, single improvement this grade of scope, will really pass away, Su Xiao grasps many Extinguishing Law is the ability, has the high against hoisting capacity death resistance. 一般人当然不敢这么做,这可是414万枚灵魂钱币的提升幅度,单次提升这等幅度,是真的会去世,苏晓掌握过多种灭法系能力,有着高额的防提升能力去世抗性。 You have opened source nature treasure box 6.】 【你已开启源质宝箱六枚。】 You obtain sacred source nature 3.】 【你获得神圣源质三份。】 You obtain dead Spirit Source nature 3.】 【你获得死魂源质三份。】 ...... …… This opening result, too Shadow of Extinguishing Law, Sacred source nature In the conventional source nature, most valuable source nature, 1200 ounces Spacetime Energy one portion, but the dead Spirit Source nature is in the conventional source nature is not most valuable, 80 ounces Spacetime Energy one portion, no one wants sometimes. 这开启结果,太灭法之影了,【神圣源质】是常规源质中,最值钱的源质,1200盎司时空之力一份,而死魂源质则是常规源质中最不值钱,80盎司时空之力一份,有时还没人要。 You have opened Eternal Level nourishes the kind to equip treasure box.】 【你已开启永恒级・滋养类装备宝箱。】 You obtain life source Sovereign( Eternal Level Max Grade nourishes a kind of equipment).】 【你获得命源君主(永恒级满评分・滋养类装备)。】 Prompt: This equipment quiet, must single pour into over 3.5 million HP to activate( minute/share accumulates repeatedly pours into 3.5 million HP, is unable to activate this equipment).】 提示:该装备沉寂中,需单次注入超过350万点生命值激活(分多次累积注入350万点生命值,无法激活此装备)。】 ...... …… You have opened abyss treasure box().】 【你已开启深渊宝箱()。】 You obtain Kain Family Badge( abyss item).】 【你获得都卡因家族徽章(深渊物品)。】 Kain Family Badge 【都卡因家族徽章 Origin : abyss. 产地:深渊 Use effect:??? 使用效果:??? Synopsis:??? 简介:??? ...... …… Takes out the seal coal box, Su Xiao scatters the Family Badge seal of black fog to get up this, this thing will be perhaps useful from now on, he takes up treasure box that this time obtains, right, is abyss treasure box()】, In this treasure box opening, absolute ultimate big BOSS. 取出封印炭盒,苏晓将这飘散着黑雾的家族徽章封印起来,这东西今后或许有用,他拿起这次所获得的一枚宝箱,没错,正是【深渊宝箱()】,本次宝箱开启中,绝对的终极大boss You have opened abyss treasure box().】 【你已开启深渊宝箱()。】 In an instant, the black flash erupts, black light like sharp liquid of scattering in all directions, but will not destroy anything, this was the abyss treasure box flash, Destiny Controller added maximum scope income that held. 刹那间,黑色闪光爆发开来,黑光如同四散的尖利液质般,但不会破坏任何东西,这是深渊宝箱闪光了,还是命运主宰所加持出的最高幅度收益 The black flash continues to continue, this lets the Su Xiao suddenly somewhat palpitation, to be honest, to fighting Solar capital not this palpitation feeling. 黑色闪光持续不止,这让苏晓忽有几分心悸,说实话,对战太阳王都没这种心悸感。 However thinks that six big Father Level Original Sin Item in Book of Original Sin , estimate now the outside world, has not had the seal and no holder mode big Father Level Original Sin Item, at least before he enters Blazing Sun Star, does not have, he has determined in Spirit Book Warehouse ancient that had this premise, in his heart was steadfaster. 不过想到原罪之书内的六件大爹级原罪物,估测现在外界,没有无封印、无持有者状态的大爹级原罪物了,至少在他进入烈阳前,是没有的,他在灵魂书库的古老者那确定过,有了这前提,他心中踏实了很多。
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