RP :: Volume #51

#3887 Part 1: The harvest is many

Chapter 3887 harvests many 第3887章收获颇丰 Dazzling item and Medicament appear at present, Su Xiao first Medicament list closure, without under knowing world, first do not worry to exchange honor Medicament to be safer. 琳琅满目的物品药剂出现在眼前,苏晓先将药剂列表关闭,在不知道下个世界的情况下,还是先别着急兑换荣誉药剂更稳妥。 In the item list, Su Xiao is right Primary Nucleus, Soul supplies box()】, Absolute Powerhouse level Passive Skill scroll treasure box, Strength source nature( a standard unit)】 Is interested very much, what a pity, following three have not kept in stock, these commodities are marketablily inevitable, definitely always kept in stock just to renovate each time, was snatched by Hunter spatially. 物品列表中,苏晓对【原初之核】、【灵魂补给箱()】、【绝强级・被动技能卷轴宝箱】、【力量源质(一个标准单位)】都很感兴趣,可惜,后面的三种都没库存,这些物资抢手是必然的,肯定是每次总库存刚刷新出,就被猎杀者们抢空。 Also does not know that this World Snatching War, one's own side whether to win, if won, arrives shows hand fast time. 也不知这次世界争夺战,己方能否获胜,倘若胜了,就到展现手速的时候。 You have paid 17000 ounces Spacetime Energy.】 【你已支付17000盎司时空之力。】 You obtain Primary Nucleus( completely) 2.】 【你获得原初之核(完整)二颗。】 ...... …… Su Xiao is right Primary Nucleus Is the more the better, Promotion Supreme Powerhouse needs 15, following Swordplay, Close Combat and Blood Spear promote, each level needs 1, the conservative estimate total takes 45. 苏晓对【原初之核】是多多益善,晋升至强需要15颗,后续刀术近战血枪升级,每级都需要一颗,保守估计总计要45颗。 At present he accumulated 12, but also insufficient Promotion Supreme Powerhouse uses, naturally must in Honor Store Primary Nucleus Trades, in addition before this thing, in Honor Store is 10,000 ounces Spacetime Energy one, now falls to 8500 ounces Spacetime Energy. 眼下他攒了12颗,还不够晋升至强用的,当然得把荣誉商店里的【原初之核】换来,加之这东西之前在荣誉商店内是1万盎司时空之力一颗,现在降到8500盎司时空之力 Su Xiao examines surplus Spacetime Energy, has sold because of this obtained Dark Moon source nature and Solar source nature , has 83450.5 ounces Spacetime Energy, wants also to settle a debt Reincarnation Paradise 85000 ounces Spacetime Energy to be insufficient, he prepares under the promotion the abyss study. 苏晓查看剩余的时空之力,因这次所得的暗月源质太阳源质已经出售,现有83450.5盎司时空之力,想还清欠轮回乐园的85000盎司时空之力已不够,他准备提升下深渊学。 more to big later period, seems like that does not enhance the strength the abyss study, more plays the crucial role, for example when the Blazing Sun Star death city, if not saw that the dead city surrounding suits different to exist abyss multiplies candle leech dwells , to continue discretely in the surrounding explores slowly thoroughly, once drilled from the darkness to night candle leech , even Su Xiao, must die without doubt. 越到大后期,看似不提升战力的深渊学,越是发挥出关键作用,就比如在烈阳的死城时,若非看出死城外围适合异存在・深渊滋生・烛蛭栖息,继续谨慎的在外围慢慢探索深入,一旦到了夜间烛蛭们从黑暗中钻出,就算是苏晓,也将必死无疑。 This is different exists abyss multiplies existence of T1 echelon, corresponds the powerhouse strength the words, at least is the Supreme Powerhouse downstream, if deals with the method to be wrong, and even deals reverse, the Supreme Powerhouse most downstream echelon, will be swallowed cleanly by the candle leech group. 这是异存在・深渊滋生中T1梯队的存在,对应强者战力的话,最起码是至强下游,要是应对方法错误,乃至反向应对,至强最下游梯队,都会被烛蛭群吞食干净。 Opens the Skill list, the Su Xiao choice promotes the abyss study, Prompt to appear. 打开技能列表,苏晓选择提升深渊学,提示出现。 If must promote high-level abyss study Lv.1, must consume 500 ounces Spacetime Energy.】 【如需提升高级深渊学Lv.1,需消耗500盎司时空之力。】 Promotes the abyss study, must, the Su Xiao choice be in one vigorous effort full this level abyss study resentment. 提升深渊学,就要一鼓作气,苏晓选择将这个层级的深渊学怼满。 He takes 49500 ounces Spacetime Energy as the price, starts to promote the abyss study, the knowledge of huge volume about abyss to swamp into the brain, Su Xiao felt that own brain in the stabbing pain, this time does not accept the magnanimous writing knowledge is so simple, is the atlas abyss knowledge ingestion, various abyss phenomena, the abyss lifeform, again or the abyss channel type, the eruption cycle, the concrete characteristics, was grasped by him one after another. 他以49500盎司时空之力为代价,开始提升深渊学,海量关于深渊的知识涌入脑中,苏晓感到自己的大脑在刺痛,这次不是接受海量文字知识那么简单,是图谱般的深渊知识摄取,各类深渊现象,深渊生物,再或是深渊通道的类型,喷发周期,具体特性等,陆续被他掌握。 Enough five hours, Su Xiao opens the eyes, has full level Alchemy + the top seal study to build the psychic force intensity foundation luckily, otherwise really does not have the qualifications to grasp this grade of degree the abyss study. 足足五个小时,苏晓才睁开双眼,幸好有满级炼金学+顶尖封印学打下精神力强度基础,否则真就没资格掌握这等程度的深渊学。 【The high-level abyss study has promoted to Lv.100, this/should ability rank transformation is Lv. EX.】 【高级深渊学已提升至Lv.100,该能力等级转变为Lv.EX。】 High-level abyss study Lv. EX enters in step......】 【高级深渊学Lv.EX进阶中……】 Enters the step to be successful, has entered the step is the top abyss study, Lv.1.】 【进阶成功,已进阶为顶级深渊学,Lv.1。】 Su Xiao tried to promote, finally appeared. 苏晓试着提升了下,结果出现。 If must promote top abyss study Lv.1, must consume 5000 ounces Spacetime Energy.】 【如需提升顶级深渊学Lv.1,需消耗5000盎司时空之力。】 He estimated, this should be the highest echelon of abyss study, with it relative, wants to rise fully this ability, needs 495000 ounces Spacetime Energy, currently speaking, his impossible accumulates so many Spacetime Energy, this time when the fishing advantage that the Blazing Sun Star almost body dies, the world settlement in his storage space also less than 100,000 ounces Spacetime Energy. 他估测,这应该是深渊学的最高梯队,与之相对,想把这能力升满,足足需要495000盎司时空之力,就目前来讲,他没可能攒出这么多时空之力,这次在烈阳差点身死的捞好处,世界结算时他储存空间内也才不到10万盎司时空之力 Looked at eye surplus Soul coin, although 1 million, but following must promote that Blood Spear Grandmaster corresponds high rank technique Passive Ascension of Blood: Soul of Life , is full this ability resentment, needs 400 ten thousand Soul coin, this time must enhance this ability, will otherwise delay the increase of HP upper limit. 看了眼剩余的灵魂钱币,虽说还有100万,可后续要提升血枪宗师所对应的高阶・技法被动血之升华·命魂,把这能力怼满,足足需要400多万灵魂钱币,以及,这次必须把这能力提升起来,否则会耽误生命值上限的提升。 Ascension of Blood: Soul of Life: Lv.30( Technique Class Skills Passive)】 血之升华·命魂:Lv.30(技法类·被动)】 Skill Effects 1: bloody aura Attack Power promotes 280. 技能效果一:血气攻击力提升280。 Skill Effects 2: The maximum value of source vitality promotes 15. 技能效果二:本源生命力的最大值提升15。 Prompt: HP of Absolute Powerhouse level is highest may reach 3.5 million points, this promotion, will promote 3.5 million points upper limit quantities. 提示:绝强级的生命值最高可达到350万点,此提升,将提升350万点的上限数量。 Skill Effects 3: bloody aura is potential rank + 5. 技能效果三:血气系潜质阶位 Skill Effects 4: Blood Spear Grandmaster improvement expense + 50, improvement effect + 50( this characteristics, are unable by any way promotion). 技能效果四:血枪宗师提升费用,提升效果(此特性,无法以任何方式提升)。 ...... …… Su Xiao walks toward private room, Boubo and Baja follow, just Miss Bailey who comes back from Great Assembling Ground, the hut before own wall hit to breathe out, must take an afternoon nap evidently. 苏晓专属房间外走去,布布汪巴哈跟上,刚从大聚地回来的贝妮大小姐,在自己的墙上小屋前打了个哈气,看样子是要睡个午觉。 After leaving home, Su Xiao first arrives at the summer the restaurant, this time gives the opposite party in various Blazing Sun Star obtained kind of food, after sumptuous lives each time is returning to Reincarnation Paradise, must have time feast, Boubo and A' Mu specially anticipated. 出了家门后,苏晓先到夏的餐厅,把这次在烈阳所得的各类食材都给对方,以丰盛每次活着回到轮回乐园后,都要吃一次的大餐,布布汪阿姆对此都特别期待。 Ate bowl of noodles, Su Xiao moved toward Business Deal Street, compares exchange store that clamored, Business Deal Street wants pure many, the both sides vendors basic no one covered the facial features, in a mouth held in the mouth the friend of cigar to be very noticeable, after he deeply attracted a big cigar, the valve blowout haze of top of the head, the whole person transformed the steam punk style. 吃了碗面,苏晓走向交易街,相比喧哗的交易市场,交易街要清净不少,两侧的摊主基本没人遮挡面容,一名口中叼着雪茄的老兄很惹人注目,他深吸一大口雪茄后,头顶的阀门喷出烟气,整个人改造出了蒸汽朋克风格。 A flavor of rich fragrance makes Su Xiao throw the line of sight, this flavor looks like Bailey to have the cooking wild dried mushrooms soup very much, is fragrant and fresh, but after eating , the Su Xiao team collective is poisoned, he is actually good, is only in the stomach is not comfortable, four legs of Boubo spraying start to tremble, finally spraying woof is shouting saves a life. 一股浓香的味道让苏晓投去视线,这味道很像贝妮有次炖的野生菌菇汤,又香又鲜,但吃了后苏晓队集体中毒,他本人倒是还好,只是胃里不怎么舒服,布布汪则喷射的四条腿都开始打颤,最后喷射的呜嗷汪着喊救命。 Arrives at innermost Business Deal Street, he goes to Great Assembling Ground through the Transmission tower, just arrived at Great Assembling Ground, hears the gang to quarrel, is one group of Holy Light Paradise younger sister, with a Sanctuary Paradise pair of hood person, both sides most starts also very to restrain, but under mediating a quarrel of warm-hearted Baja, both sides almost hits, or Great Assembling Ground cannot fight, has hit. 来到交易街最里侧,他通过传送塔前往大聚地,刚到大聚地,就听到一伙人在争吵,是一伙圣光乐园的妹子,与圣域乐园的一对兜帽人,双方最开始还挺克制,但在热心巴哈的劝架下,双方差点打起来,或者说,要不是大聚地不能打斗,已经打起来了。 Before arriving vendor's booth that Bailey buys, Su Xiao just took a seat, several merchant half steps go forward, after several people see Su Xiao, the eye of reveal doubt, one of them asked: This is not young lady's vendor's booth, are you?” 来到贝妮买下的摊位前,苏晓刚落座,几名商人快步上前,几人看到苏晓后,目露狐疑,其中一人问道:“这不是大小姐的摊位吗,请问您是?” „......” “……” Su Xiao has not spoken, Baja on his shoulder said: „, We are Miss Bailey little brothers, she takes an afternoon nap, we sell something.” 苏晓没说话,他肩膀上的巴哈说道:“哦,我们是贝妮大小姐的小弟,她睡个午觉,我们来卖些东西。” The Su Xiao team has a custom, friend of which member regardless in front, must give the full opposite party face countenance. 苏晓队有个习惯,无论在哪名成员的朋友们面前,都要给足对方颜面。 ~ “哦~” Several merchants or the association members understand clearly, but these people have not walked, prepares to have a look at these Bailey little brothers, can exhibit anything. 几名商人或公会成员了然,不过这几人没走,准备看看这几个贝妮的小弟,能摆出什么东西来。 Su Xiao Will Gem, Soul Eater Gem, Sacred Gem Is placed on vendor's booth, each price-marks 300,000, after the trading mode is second determined trades, after is the buyer chooses the purchase, wants Su Xiao to determine, the opposite party can buy Gem. 苏晓将【意志宝石】、【噬魂宝石】、【神圣宝石】摆在摊位上,每颗标价30万,交易方式为二次确定后交易,就是买家选择购买后,要苏晓确定,对方才能买走宝石 Besides three Gem, Su Xiao also Soul demeanor( World-level)】 Is placed above. 除了三颗宝石,苏晓还把【灵魂风度(世界级)】摆在上面。 Soul demeanor 灵魂风度】 Origin : Soul temple. 产地:灵魂圣殿。 Quality: World-level 品质:世界级 Category: Ring. 类别:戒指。 durability: 150 / 150 points. 耐久度:150/150点。 Equipment requirements: Real Charm attribute 350 points, Soul Vitality 200 points above. 装备需求:真实魅力属性350点,灵魂强度200点以上。 Equipment effect: Perfect Soul( core Passive), after wearing this equipment, wearing every time selects Soul Vitality, will promote 1 real Charm attribute. 装备效果:完美灵魂(核心・被动),佩戴此装备后,佩戴者的每点灵魂强度,将提升一点真实魅力属性。 Prompt: This equips many may promote 300 point real Charm attributes. 提示:此装备最多可提升300点真实魅力属性。 Synopsis: Powerful Soul, is Charm is. 简介:强大的灵魂,即是魅力所在。 Grading: 6000 points( World-level equips Grading is 10 ~ 6000 points). 评分:6000点(世界级装备评分为10~6000点)。 ...... …… Opposite several merchants and union members, the person looked stupidly, several people of not exaggerating notice each other President and a Captain kind, but was the observation of doubt, they believe, this possibly was some deceitful trick, after all in eight most Gem, on vendor's booth suspended three, and 301,000, really as odd as pinnacle. 对面几名商人与工会成员,人都看傻了,几人没夸张的通知彼此会长团长一类,而是狐疑的观察,他们一致认为,这可能是某种骗术,毕竟八颗最宝石中,一个摊位上摆三颗,且30万一颗,实在离谱到极致。 Very in a short time, Su Xiao's vendor's booth was encircled watertight, is good because of the regions and peripheral two meters of vendor seat is to forbid the visit area, in the people before vendor's booth, a bald strong man squatting lower part of the body, takes up Sacred Gem, Asked: 很短时间内,苏晓的摊位被围到水泄不通,好在摊主座位的区域以及周边两米是禁止踏足区,摊位前的众人中,一名光头猛男蹲下身,拿起【神圣宝石】,问道: This Gem, I bought.” “这宝石,我买了。” Does not sell.” “不卖。” Aperture that the Baja eyelid does not lift, this bald strong man and Sacred Gem Conjunction 2, finds being predestined friends person not to look, otherwise can in Gem with three legends have a falling out quickly, at the appointed time in three legends Gem resists the causes and effects hauling forcefully, possibly no longer returns to Su Xiao. 巴哈眼皮都不抬的开口,这光头猛男和【神圣宝石】的契合度才二,找有缘人不是这么找的,否则很快会和三颗传说中宝石闹翻,届时三颗传说中宝石强行抵抗因果牵引,就可能不再回到苏晓这边。 Finds being predestined friends person, at least Gem that wants the opposite party and purchases has over 50 agreeing with, will sell to opposite party Gem, this is in three legends the foundation of Gem cooperation. 找有缘人,至少要对方和所购买的宝石有50以上契合度,才会卖给对方宝石,这是与三颗传说中宝石合作的基础。 Why.” “为什么。” The tone of bald strong man started to be not polite. 光头猛男的语气开始不怎么客气了。 Because you were too ugly.” “因为你太丑了。” Baja languid said this word, the peripheral so many people, the bald strong man the air/Qi smiled immediately, his vision brilliant asking: you knows, who I am.” 巴哈懒洋洋的说出此言,周边这么多人,光头猛男当即气笑了,他目光灼灼的问道:“伱知道,我是谁吗。” Hears this word, Baja has not said that said possibly to become enemies again, one side famous Old Man said: Brother, you best first know that who he is.” 听到此言,巴哈没接话,再接话就可能结仇了,一旁有名小老头说道:“老弟,你最好先知道他是谁。” He who?” “他谁啊?” „The lunatic of samsara, White Night.” “轮回的疯子,白夜。” Hears this word, the bald strong man look is invariable, even disdains to smile, he asked to Baja again: You know, who I am.” 听到此言,光头猛男神色不变,甚至不屑一笑,他再次向巴哈问道:“你知道,我是谁吗。” Does not know.” “不知道。” Ha, does not know that was good, slid, bye.” “哈哈哈,不知道那太好了,溜了,再见。” The bald strong man determined that Baja does not know who after he is, turns around to walk, peripheral person happy talks and laughters, the fact showed, can live this rank, does not have the fool, the bald strong man is just now unbearably angry, with Baja resentment several, has the stair mutually immediately, also does not lose the face countenance, had/left the sulks, if from now on will meet in mission world, the both sides initial big probability will not be hostile, cannot do well will have some cooperation. 光头猛男确定巴哈根本不知道他是谁后,转身就走,周边人一阵欢声笑语,事实证明,能活到这个阶位,就没有蠢人,光头猛男方才只是气不过而已,和巴哈互怼几句,有台阶就立即下,既不丢颜面,也出了闷气,今后要是在任务世界遇到,双方初始大概率不会敌对,搞不好还会有些许合作。 Three Gem make a move quickly, a buyer makes the Su Xiao impression profound, the opposite party look is gloomy, the eye socket gets sucked, the complexion shows several points of black air/Qi, said that is a face loathsome appearance, is not cursing at people. 三颗宝石很快出手,其中一名买家让苏晓印象深刻,对方神色阴郁,眼窝深陷,脸色透出几分黑气,说是一脸死相,都不是在骂人。 Right Soul demeanor The interested party are also many, the intensity of this thing is also odd, Price leaves is getting higher and higher, a appearance of wearing a mask revelation younger sister, making Su Xiao change the idea, did not sell Soul coin, by thing changed/easy thing, the thing that the opposite party put out is. 对【灵魂风度】感兴趣的人同样多,这玩意的强度也是离谱,价格出的越来越高,一名蒙面天启妹子的出现,让苏晓改变了想法,不卖成灵魂钱币,以物易物,对方拿出的东西为。 Skill recast jurisdiction( jurisdiction class): Places in Skill Promotion Warehouse, may use this jurisdiction recast ability, making this/should ability the rank drop to Lv.1, but will also develop the limit the potential of this ability, and this/should ability will agree with you 100.】 技能重铸权限(权限类):身处技能升级仓内,可使用此权限重铸一种能力,让该能力的等级降至Lv.1,但也会将此能力的潜力开发到极限,且该能力将与你100契合。】 If the pricetag is insufficient, I can add 10 ten thousand Soul coin again, this is must give my younger sister's gift, I am not good at bargaining, therefore do not deceive me.” “要是价码不够,我可以再加十万灵魂钱币,这是要送给我妹妹的礼物,我不擅长讲价,所以别骗我哦。” Revelation younger sister gentle voice opens the mouth, if the Charm attribute is normal, naturally the gentle makings was really moved by this, but the Charm -27 points...... cough ~, just fell has not been familiar with, -28 point Su Xiao, the innermost feelings do not have the fluctuation, even also wants to add 100,000 again. 天启妹子柔声开口,倘若是魅力属性正常的,真就被这自然又温婉的气质打动,但魅力点……咳~,刚掉还没习惯,-28点的苏晓,内心毫无波动,甚至还想再加10万。 Who is your younger sister?” “你妹是谁?” Baja starts the mouth to be inexpensive, this is the Baja shortcoming, who also does not have a shortcoming. 巴哈又开始嘴贱,这是巴哈的缺点,但谁又没个缺点呢。 She is the famous moon/month summons the master, I can only disclose so many.” “她是名月系召唤师,我只能透露这么多。” Moon Apostle?” 月使徒?” „?” “?” Revelation younger sister surprise looks at Baja, blinks, asks: „Did you know?” 天启妹子诧异的看着巴哈,眨了眨眼,问道:“你们认识?” That may be too ripe.” “那可太熟了。” Since this, whether unable to add......” “既然这样,是不是可以不加……” „The Moon Apostle words, that must add 30 ten thousand Soul coin.” 月使徒的话,那得加30万灵魂钱币啊。” „??” “??” Cracks a joke, Boss, did you say?” “开玩笑的,老大,您说呢?” „......” “……” Su Xiao has not spoken, Baja knows that this is to make it decide, it clears throat, said: Is acquaintances, do not add money, trades one.” 苏晓没说话,巴哈知道这是让它决定,它清了清嗓子,说道:“都是熟人,就别加钱了,一换一吧。” Good.” “好。” The revelation younger sister leaves behind the representative Skill recast jurisdiction The badge leaves, after going out of several steps, she suddenly stops the footsteps, the turning around half step walks, takes up on vendor's booth Soul demeanor, Puts on the hood to pick up the speed to get out of the way, located to no one, she leaves to breathe a sigh of relief, mumbles: 天启妹子留下代表【技能重铸权限】的徽章离开,走出几步后,她忽然停下脚步,转身快步走回来,拿起摊位上的【灵魂风度】,戴上兜帽加快速度走开,到了无人处,她出舒了口气,嘟哝道: Forgot to take a drug, quite lost face.” “又忘吃药了,好丢人。” The revelation younger sister puts out the medicine bottle, pours a candy from inside, throws in the entrance to chew. 天启妹子拿出药瓶,从里面倒出颗软糖,抛入口中嘴嚼。 ...... …… The gate is closed to lock, Su Xiao returns to private room, first looked at Black Maple Tree, discovered that the Black Maple Tree growing trend is good, he arrives at the room that Skill Promotion Warehouse is, sits cross-legged in Skill Promotion Warehouse, takes out Skill recast jurisdiction. 身后的门自行关闭锁上,苏晓回到专属房间,先去看了眼黑枫树,发现黑枫树长势良好,他来到技能升级仓所在的房间,盘坐在技能升级仓内,取出【技能重铸权限】。 He favors this thing, because of this time in Blazing Sun Star, he Silver. Moonlight The Perfect Block ability of coverall, turned into own ability. 他之所以看好这东西,是因为这次在烈阳,他将【银.月光】套装的完美格挡能力,变成了自身的能力。 Perfect Block: Lv.90( Absolute Powerhouse level Passive)】 完美格挡:Lv.90(绝强级・被动)】 Skill Effects: You by resisting of Close Combat weapon, will inspire that your technique ability brings to protect body energy , thus lets this/should time resist to become Perfect Block , each level of technique basic capability that you master, will promote 1 standard to keep off the revision, presently is 277 standards keeps off the revision. 技能效果:你以近战武器的招架,将引动你技法能力所带来的护体能量,从而让该次招架成为完美格挡,你所掌握的每级技法基础能力,将提升一点格挡修正,现为277点格挡修正。 Prompt: The Cooldown time of perfectly resisting is 5 seconds. 提示:完美招架的冷却时间为五秒。 Prompt: Resists perfectly cannot resist the hammering harm and energy injury that the enemy side attacks to bring thoroughly, but keeps off in the revision range in square, you will not make an exception to keep off surely. 提示:完美招架并不能彻底抵御敌方攻击所带来的震击伤害与能量伤害,但在格挡修正范围内,你必定不会破格挡。 Prompt: After success Perfect Block, hammering that you are hurt by reduces 10. 提示:成功完美格挡后,你所受到的震击伤害降低十。 ...... …… This ability is very strong right, but this equips the ability of supplementary after all, although Lunar Wolf is the Extinguishing Law blood oath ally, but is not a capability system, therefore after Su Xiao master the Perfect Block ability, only then 6 2. 9 conjunction, this also causes, when he to fighting the numerous deifies the body and Solar king, made an exception to keep off more than once. 这能力很强没错,可这毕竟是装备附带的能力,月狼虽是灭法者的血誓盟友,但并不是一个能力体系,所以苏晓自身掌握完美格挡能力后,只有六2.九的契合度,这也导致,他在对战众神化身、太阳王时,不止一次被破格挡。 At present had Skill recast jurisdiction, Although will empty the rank of Perfect Block , but can make this ability 100 agree with Su Xiao, through Reincarnation Paradise notarization + Skill Promotion Warehouse, creates a Perfect Block ability of Extinguishing Law department. 眼下有了【技能重铸权限】,虽说会清空完美格挡的等级,但能让这能力100契合苏晓,也就是通过轮回乐园公证+技能升级仓,缔造一种灭法系的完美格挡能力。 This, has first tried many times for Extinguishing Law, finally is defeated, has also been attempting like Lunar Wolf, improves 100 to agree with the Azure Shadow King ability of Lunar Wolf clan. 这点,先代灭法者们尝试过很多次,结果都失败,就像月狼们也一直在尝试,改良出100契合月狼族的青影王能力。 Su Xiao to the Perfect Block use Skill recast jurisdiction, The next second, he one falls into the dreamland at present black, has saying that after returning to Reincarnation Paradise, this sleep quality really good. 苏晓完美格挡使用【技能重铸权限】,下一秒,他眼前一黑陷入梦乡,不得不说,返回轮回乐园后,这睡眠质量是真的好。 When Su Xiao wakes up, over the past 10 hours, he had examined the Skill list, the Perfect Block ability appears, present Perfect Block from the original silver-gray typeface, changes into the gold/metal blue color that flows, looks very comfortable. 苏晓醒来,已过去10个小时,他查看技能列表,完美格挡能力出现,眼下的完美格挡从原本的银灰色字体,化为流淌的金蓝色,看起来很舒适。 Perfect Block: Lv.1( Absolute Powerhouse level Passive)】 完美格挡:Lv.1(绝强级・被动)】 Skill Effects: You by resisting of Close Combat weapon, will inspire that your technique ability brings to protect body energy , thus lets this/should time resist to become Perfect Block , each level of technique basic capability that you master, will promote 0.12 point standards to keep off the revision, presently is 34 standards keeps off the revision. 技能效果:你以近战武器的招架,将引动你技法能力所带来的护体能量,从而让该次招架成为完美格挡,你所掌握的每级技法基础能力,将提升0.12点格挡修正,现为34点格挡修正。 Prompt: The Cooldown time of perfectly resisting is 20 seconds. 提示:完美招架的冷却时间为20秒。 Prompt: Resists perfectly cannot resist the hammering harm and energy injury that the enemy side attacks to bring thoroughly, but keeps off in the revision range in square, you will not make an exception to keep off surely. 提示:完美招架并不能彻底抵御敌方攻击所带来的震击伤害与能量伤害,但在格挡修正范围内,你必定不会破格挡。 ...... …… The good news is, the Perfect Block characteristics have not changed, and succeeds 100 to agree with Su Xiao, the bad news is, this ability can only be increased with Gold Skill Point, he has 69 Gold Skill Point, all invests into Perfect Block on, his time one becomes dark at present intermittently, finally has not withstood, falls into the dreamland again. 好消息是,完美格挡特性没变,且成功100契合苏晓,坏消息是,这能力只能用黄金技能点提升,他现有69点黄金技能点,全部投入到完美格挡上,他这次眼前一阵阵发黑,最后没顶住,再度陷入梦乡。 This time only crosses for two hours, Su Xiao wakes up, after he sets out, feels the whole body to be sore, this feeling, like linking Perfect Block Solar king three Claymore. 这次只过两个多小时,苏晓就醒来,他起身后,感到全身酸痛,这感觉,就像连着完美格挡太阳王三大剑般。 Perfect Block: Lv.70( Absolute Powerhouse level Passive)】 完美格挡:Lv.70(绝强级・被动)】 Skill Effects: You by resisting of Close Combat weapon, will inspire that your technique ability brings to protect body energy , thus lets this/should time resist to become Perfect Block , each level of technique basic capability that you master, will promote the 1. 2 standards to keep off the revision, presently is 337 standards keeps off( impact Strength that the revision enemy attacks , if not higher than the you True Strength 337 points, is unable to make an exception to keep off). 技能效果:你以近战武器的招架,将引动你技法能力所带来的护体能量,从而让该次招架成为完美格挡,你所掌握的每级技法基础能力,将提升1.二点格挡修正,现为337点格挡修正(敌人攻击的冲击力量如不高于你自身真实力量的337点,将无法破格挡)。 Prompt: The Cooldown time of perfectly resisting is the 2. 7 seconds( originally highest deflation to 5 seconds). 提示:完美招架的冷却时间为2.七秒(原最高缩减至五秒)。 Prompt: After success Perfect Block, hammering that you are hurt by reduces 35. 提示:成功完美格挡后,你所受到的震击伤害降低35。 Prompt: Resists perfectly cannot resist the hammering harm and energy injury that the enemy side attacks to bring thoroughly, but keeps off in the revision range in square, you will not make an exception to keep off surely. 提示:完美招架并不能彻底抵御敌方攻击所带来的震击伤害与能量伤害,但在格挡修正范围内,你必定不会破格挡。 ...... …… The investment are many, the income is also high, now Lv.70 Perfect Block , be stronger than a big truncation former Lv.90 Perfect Block , after this is 100 conjunctions, growth advantage that brings. 投入很多,收益也高,现在Lv.70的完美格挡,要比以前Lv.90的完美格挡强出一大截,这就是100契合后,所带来的成长优势。
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