RP :: Volume #38

#35: Lucky fellows

Seine kingdom border, extremely frigid zone, Sakka because of prison. 莱茵王国边境,极寒带,塞卡因监狱。 The strong winds smuggle the flying snow to howl, a steam motor car in rolls by just like the ice surface path on, is entangling the chains because of the wheel on, when has ground the snow and ice ka ka makes noise, brings the big piece ice fragments. 狂风夹带着飞雪呼啸,一辆蒸汽车在宛如冰面的道路上驶过,因车轮上缠着锁链,碾过冰雪时咔咔作响,带起大片冰屑。 This military steam motor car has not driven out of far, was blocked by the front roadblock, this roadblock is by several heavy/thick rails overlapping, above hangs all over ice-cold, let alone steam motor car, even if Letter duchy the tank hits to discard. 这辆军用蒸汽车没驶出多远,就被前方的路障挡住,这路障是由几根厚重的钢轨交叉而成,上面挂满冰冷,别说蒸汽车,就算是‘尼耶尔公国’的坦克撞上去都要报废。 A fort appears in the front wind and snow indistinctly, this colossus nearly is constituted by the metal completely, to feeling that the race cannot be spanned, in fact, this is not a fort, but is the place prison. 一座要塞隐约出现在前方的风雪中,这庞然大物近乎完全由金属构成,给人种不可跨越的感觉,实际上,这不是要塞,而是座监狱。 Bang ~ 嘭~ The gate closure of steam motor car, wears Seine Kingdom Army attire, the military officer who the colonel holds gets out, he uses the written instructions in hand to keep off by the face, the wind and snow are too really big, the cold wind blows on his face, has hacked like the knife, cold of penetrating to the bone. 蒸汽车的门关闭,一名身穿莱茵王国军装,上校衔的军官下车,他用手中的批文挡在脸旁,风雪实在太大,冷风吹在他脸上,就像刀子剐过一样,透骨的冷。 A signal flare lifts off, is especially conspicuous in the wind and snow, after more than ten seconds, the neat sound of footsteps transmits from the front, the soldier who one crowd places the white military uniform runs out from the wind and snow, quick in peripheral build good temporary defense line. 一颗信号弹升空,在风雪中格外显眼,十几秒后,整齐的脚步声从前方传来,一群身处白色军装的士兵从风雪内冲出,很快就在周边布设好临时防线。 Bang, bang and bang ~ 砰、砰、砰~ The heavy stepping on sound transmits, stands the colonel by steam motor car looks to the wind and snow, a about three meters high person's shadow, walks under sending under custody of many soldier, in each soldier hand is grasping the root metal stick, above iron chain one after another on big person's shadow. 沉重的踩踏声传来,站在蒸汽车旁的上校向风雪中看去,一道近三米高的人影,在众多士兵的押送下走来,每名士兵手中都握着根金属棍,上面的铁链接连在高大人影身上。 This is, what ghost thing.” “这是,什么鬼东西。” After this person's shadow enters, on the colonel face presents instantaneous stunned, this is not a person, but by the metal shell of heavy/thick metal construction, is actuated by the steam, inside is imprisoning a person, this person besides can blink, the place that whole body cannot move freely, he had been injected the suppressant medicine in addition. 当这人影走进后,上校脸上出现瞬间的错愕,这根本就不是一个人,而是由厚重金属构建的金属外壳,由蒸汽驱动,里面正囚禁着一个人,此人除了能眨眼外,全身上下都没有能自由活动的地方,外加他已被注射了抑制性药物。 The colonel read written instructions in the hand, above writes, dead souls Ewer, prison term: 95610 years, in 2 days sends under custody to Soudo east side suburb 17 kilometers, following by thick smoke deinsectization company connection. 上校看了眼手中的批文,上面写着,死灵・尤尤尔,刑期:95610年,二日内押送至索多市东侧郊外17公里处,后续由‘浓烟除虫公司’交接。 Under this written instructions, signs three names, respectively is the king in Seine kingdom, as well as Eastvale federation two congressmen. 在这份批文下方,签署着三个名字,分别是莱茵王国的国王,以及东谷联邦的两位议员。 Meanwhile, in an underground prison, the long and narrow metal corridor proliferates the rust, the odor and stale taste mixes, continuously is stimulating the sense of smell, till the sense of smell is completely numb. 与此同时,一座地下监狱内,狭长的金属长廊遍布铁锈,恶臭与霉味混合,不断刺激着嗅觉,直到嗅觉完全麻木为止。 Wears the short skirt, on the foot is stepping on the flatter honey elegant suspension of movement of high-heeled shoes in same place, she takes the hand of document to shiver slightly, the facial expression on face ties tight, seems like disgruntled, she is suppressing the impulsion that spits actually. 身穿短裙,脚上踩着高跟鞋的阿蜜雅停步在原地,她拿着文件的手在轻微颤抖,脸上的神情紧绷,看似是不悦,实则她在强忍吐出来的冲动。 flatter honey elegant woman, man ape Locker detains on underground five, a section of road must walk, if you feel ill, was good because of the reception room in surface.” “阿蜜雅女士,人猿・洛克奇关押在地下五层,还有段路要走,如果你感觉不适,在地表的接待室等就好。” Chief prison warden who on the face proliferates the hot scar opens the mouth, his head including hair not to have, when this is young was scalded to cause by the high-temperature steam. 脸上遍布烫疤的典狱长开口,他头上连一根毛发都没有,这是年轻时被高温蒸汽烫伤所导致。 Did not use..., I... was all right.” “不用…了,我…没事。” Suppresses the impulsion that retches from the flatter honey of small sumptuous lifestyle elegantly, side her, is man who wears the Crow mouth mask, is the bird mouth doctor, he is the assistant of fragrant madame, this time was sent, is assists the flatter honey to be elegant, man ape Locker brings back to the keeping watch association headquarters. 从小锦衣玉食的阿蜜雅强忍干呕的冲动,在她身旁,是名戴着乌鸦嘴面具的男人,是鸟嘴医生,他是香夫人的助手,这次被派来,是协助阿蜜雅,将人猿・洛克奇带回守望公会总部。 Chief prison warden, the environment of your prison... was too bad.” “典狱长,你们监狱的环境…太差了。” Here pass/test is not a person, is the trash, residual and sediment.” “这里关的不是人,是垃圾、残渣、渣滓。” Chief prison warden forcing was been more genial by own expression, has not said anything again, but steps out, when the group arrive in the underground five most deep places, the peripheral odor starts to irritate the nose. 典狱长勉强让自己的表情和善些,没再说什么,只是加快脚步,当一行人抵达地下五层最深处时,周边的恶臭开始刺鼻。 Female, is the flavor of woman, you were too cruel, unexpectedly led the woman to see me.” “雌性,是女人的味道,你们太残忍了吧,居然带女人来见我。” In about 20 centimeters thick metal door, pulls the loud sound sound of chains to spread, the flatter honey elegant instinct before gate withdraws several steps, even if away from the iron gate, she feels the palpitation. 近二十公分厚的金属门内,扯动锁链的巨响声传出,门前的阿蜜雅本能退后几步,哪怕隔着铁门,她都感觉到心悸。 Gives me peacefully, man ape.” “给我安静点,人猿。” Chief prison warden single-handed racket on metal door, bang a dull thumping sound, in prison cell peaceful moment, may after several seconds, the demented laughter spread from the prison cell. 典狱长单手拍在金属门上,砰的一声闷响,牢房内安静了片刻,可在几秒后,癫狂的笑声从牢房内传出。 Shut up.” “闭嘴。” The voice of bird mouth doctor is not high, but in the prison cell is peaceful immediately, sometimes, wild animal is keener to Sensor of danger. 鸟嘴医生的声音不高,可牢房内马上安静下来,有时,‘野兽’对危险的感知更敏锐。 After the metal door was opened, flatter honey was shocked by the present scene, the lifeform that because she sees, cannot call it human, the opposite party whole body black hair, two meters over five height, grows about one time of arm compared with the normal person, as well as that pair of shatter pupil. 当金属门被打开后,阿蜜雅被眼前的场景惊呆,因为她所看到的生物,已经不能被称之为人类,对方全身黑色毛发,两米五以上的身高,比正常人长出近一倍的手臂,以及那双破碎的瞳孔。 Came an extraordinary character, did you need me? Whom this time kills? Beforehand reaches an agreement, the previous commitment you have not cashed.” “来了个了不得的人物,你们又需要我了?这次杀谁?事先说好,上次的承诺你们还没兑现。” Man ape Locker sits inside the prison cell, his both hands and both feets, including the nape of the neck, were fettered by the chains. 人猿・洛克奇坐在牢房内侧,他的双手、双脚,包括脖颈,都被锁镣束缚。 This time has a good deed to look for you.” “这次有件好事找你。” The chief prison warden eye of reveal happy expression, he has wanted to kill man ape Locker, may not have the opportunity. 典狱长目露笑意,他早就想弄死人猿・洛克奇,可一直没机会。 „, What good deed can have, puts in the enemy of south boundary me?” “呵,能有什么好事,把我投放到南境的敌国?” Man ape in Locker eyes somewhat disdains, he helps the Seine kingdom do must not exposed to the light the matter, has been used. 人猿・洛克奇眼中有些不屑,他帮莱茵王国做过很多见不得光的事,早就习惯了。 This time is the keeping watch association headquarters needs you, the Spiritual God hunter and protector designate requisition you, is this pleasantly surprised?” “这次是守望公会总部需要你,神灵猎人和守护者指名征调你,这算不算是惊喜?” Keeps watch... the association?” “守望…公会?” Man ape sneering on Locker face gradually vanishes, gravity that obviously has realized the matter. 人猿・洛克奇脸上的冷笑逐渐消失,显然是已经意识到事情的严重性。 Not thinks about it, the father does not want to do with these monsters, but, I do not have the qualifications to reject probably, chief prison warden, you want to do me to speak frankly, so many years friendship, you throw toward the monster den in me unexpectedly.” “想都别想,老子不想和那些怪物打交道,但是,我好像没资格拒绝,典狱长,你想搞死我就直说,这么多年的‘交情’,你居然把我往怪物的老巢里扔。” Man ape Locker left arm sticks out suddenly, fetters the shackles disintegration of his wrist/skill, his long arm searches, grasping is elegant to the flatter honey, this is prepares to hold under duress the famous hostage, finds the opportunity to escape. 人猿・洛克奇的左臂突然隆起,束缚他手腕的镣铐崩碎,他的长臂一探,抓向阿蜜雅,这是准备挟持名人质,找机会逃。 In man ape when Locker will soon hold the flatter honey elegant nape of the neck, his whole body is incapable suddenly, the present scene is dizzy, when does not know, the anaesthesia needle that three tie up the feather tail has sewn on his chest. 就在人猿・洛克奇即将抓住阿蜜雅的脖颈时,他全身突然无力,眼前的景象天旋地转,不知何时,三根绑有羽尾的麻醉针已钉在他胸膛上。 passes one, man ape Locker knocks down flatter honey elegantly also paralysis place that was nearly held under duress by him in place. 噗通一声,人猿・洛克奇扑倒在地,险些被他挟持的阿蜜雅也瘫座在地。 ...... …… Keeping watch association headquarters, in three restaurants, here pattern some similar staff cafeterias, but supplies food, the liquor water 24 hours a day, can say, all staff of keeping watch association, so long as in office over 2 months, their concept to money were very pale, all that they need, can receive to the rear services office regularly. 守望公会总部,三层的餐厅内,这里的格局有些类似员工食堂,但全天24小时供应食物、酒水等,可以说,守望公会的所有工作人员,只要在职二个月以上,他们对钱的概念就很淡了,他们所需的一切,都能到后勤处定期领取。 Su Xiao eats up in the plate finally together the steak, the line of sight stays in the bill of material in hand throughout, he entrusted the fragrant madame to collect the Alchemy material before, at this time many materials already on road. 苏晓吃下盘中最后一块肉排,视线始终停留在手中的物资清单上,他之前委托香夫人筹集炼金材料,此时有很多材料已在路上。 Destroys the gate of dark prison, is under the charge to seven villains, the reason is, there environment is very complex, the strength of old hunters, indeed compares these seven villain, but the gate of dark prison is not powerful can only destroy, there is building the mechanisms/organizations, traps of numerous unusual characteristics. 破坏暗狱之门,由七名凶徒负责,原因是,那里的环境很复杂,老猎人们的战力,的确比这七名凶徒强,但暗狱之门并非单凭强大就能破坏的,那里布设着众多超凡特性的机关、陷阱等。 In awakens era in 1559, keeping watch association successful gate closure dark prison, is the keeping watch association in arriving in the gate of only channel dark prison, built the mechanism/organization, trap of unusual characteristics, in order to avoid some people astray here, thus opens the door of dark prison. 在苏醒纪元・1559年,守望公会成功将暗狱之门关闭,就是守望公会在抵达暗狱之门唯一的通道内,布设了超凡特性的机关、陷阱等,以免有人误入这里,从而打开暗狱之门。 At present more than 100 years pass by, the keeping watch association attempts to restore these unusual characteristics mechanisms/organizations and traps, but is too active because of there energy activity, the unusual characteristics mechanism/organization and trap that initially built, have been at half state of activation, changed is very unstable. 眼下一百多年过去,守望公会尝试过修缮那些超凡特性机关与陷阱,但因那里的能量活动太活跃,当初布设的超凡特性机关、陷阱,都已经处于半激活状态,变的很不稳定。 At this time wants through there, not only needs the strength, but must extremely strong contingency power and IQ, what is more important escapes from the experience. 此时想通过那里,不仅需要实力,还要极强的应变力与智商,更重要的是逃脱经验。 Other old hunters aspects are good, escapes from the experience almost to be equal to 0 only, they are fighting, would hardly escape, because they cannot run away, once they escaped, the dark demon or the ghost that these have been injured, the civilians in nearly crazy plundering food peripheral region, will die in battle either, either wins, this is almost the styles of all hunters. 老猎人们其他方面都好,唯独逃脱经验几乎等于0,他们在战斗中,几乎不会逃,因为他们根本逃不了,一旦他们逃了,那些已受伤的暗魔或幽魂,会近乎疯狂的掠食周边区域内的平民,要么战死,要么获胜,这几乎是所有猎人的行事风格。 Channel that arrives in the gate of dark prison, even if A' Mu withstand/top the shield to go in resists hardly, possibly still withstand/top for more than ten seconds, that seven villains are different, they compare to be careless, this is also they can live the present reason. 那条抵达暗狱之门的通道,就算阿姆顶盾进去硬抗,可能也就顶十几秒,那七名凶徒不同,他们比较能苟,这也是他们能活到现在的原因。 After the gate of dark prison opens, later will have 160 old hunters to lead the way, Su Xiao and Baldes respectively one team, everyone leads 80 old hunters, rushes to dark prison most deep place hardly, Baldes leads the child of the world, destroys ‚’ the subfield structure, Su Xiao goes to and ancient God a minute of life and death. 暗狱之门打开后,之后会有160名老猎人开路,苏晓与塔・巴尔德各一队,每人带80名老猎人,硬冲到暗狱最深处,塔・巴尔德带着世界之子,去破坏‘阵界’的子体结构,苏晓则去和古神分个生死。 These 160 old hunters, are Su Xiao let the reason that the fragrant madame collects the Alchemy material, he prepares to mix the permanent gain medicament, thus enhances the overall strengths of these 160 old hunters, as for the origin of medicament, he will certainly not say that is he mixes, flings to Holy Blaze this status. 这160名老猎人,就是苏晓让香夫人去筹集炼金材料的原因,他准备调配永久增益药剂,从而提升这160名老猎人的整体实力,至于药剂的由来,他当然不会自称是他自己调配,甩给圣焰这种身份就可以。 Now only what Su Xiao is unable to solve, where the children of the world are. 苏晓现在唯一无法解决的是,世界之子到底在哪。 Looks for the child of the world, the most direct way, is looks for the luck to be good, person who particularly recently the luck rose suddenly suddenly, the seeking way of pallas pit viper is, puts out 1 million Schiller's bonuses, making a rich merchant conduct a personal nature the celebration, the rich merchant is very famous, become famous likes showing off own wealth. 寻找世界之子,最直接的方式,就是找运气好,尤其是最近运气突然暴涨的人,蝮蛇的寻找方式为,拿出100万席勒的奖金,让一名富商举办一次私人性质的庆典,那富商很有名气,出了名的喜欢炫耀自己的财富。 The reason is, the daughters of rich merchant conduct the coming of age, must select the luck best person, offers the blessing to the daughters of rich merchant, and with the rich merchant daughters have the dinner, after the dinner, the rich merchant will give the person of 1 million Schiller's good luck rewards, looks somewhat absurd, but the rich merchant does has let the matter that the person laughs in spite of trying not to much. 理由为,富商的女儿举办成年礼,要选出运气最好的人,给富商的女儿献上祝福,并和富商女儿共进晚餐,晚餐后,富商将给予好运之人100万席勒的酬谢,看起来有些荒谬,但那富商做过不少让人失笑的事。 Those who let everyone not think, the Seine kingdom appreciates this celebration unexpectedly very much, the domestic each city propagandizes, the time of pallas pit viper is too tight, besides the information cue, can only seem somewhat absurd with this, actually very effective way. 让所有人都没想到的是,莱茵王国居然很赞赏这次庆典,在国内的各个市宣传,蝮蛇的时间太紧,除了情报渠道外,只能用这看似有些荒谬,实则很有效的方式。 This news just issued, various monsters and freaks appear, in the morning, about 340,000 people registered, after all 1 million Schiller's attractions are placed in that. 这消息刚发布出去,各类牛鬼蛇神都出现,当天上午,就有近34万人报名,毕竟100万席勒的诱惑力摆在那。 A more interesting matter, when 11 : 00 pm, the pallas pit viper really found a lucky fellow of luck bursting. 更有趣的事,在中午11点时,蝮蛇真的找到一名运气爆棚的幸运儿。
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