RMJTIIW :: Volume #9

#826: Brothers affectionate

Big brother after all is a big brother, you here, have not been possible to be so impolite outside. Big brother several hundred years ago goes to Black Lu Territory Black Water Mountain Range, occupies many years of robbers and bandits gang Black Water Alliance to quell there at one fell swoop, Imperial Father happy, gave him to govern Sacrificial Memorial Hall. Sacrificial Memorial Hall, but also does not affect anything, is only Imperial Father these year of thoughts is even more unpredictable, I could not completely understand.” Shi Pokong shook the head, said slowly. “大哥毕竟是大哥,你在我这里就算了,在外面决不可如此无礼。大哥数百年前前往黑泸域黑水山脉,将那里盘踞多年的盗匪团伙黑水盟一举荡平,父皇高兴之下,将祭祀殿交给了他掌管。一个祭祀殿而已,还不至于影响到什么,只是父皇这些年心思越发难测,我也看不透。”石破空摇了摇头,缓缓说道。 Third Brother, you do not need to be worried, my this time exits to be so long, does not waste the time in vain.” The Shi Chuankong facial color was slightly more attractive, with a smile said. “三哥,你也不用担心,我这次出去这么久,也不是白白浪费时间的。”石穿空面色稍微好看了一些,笑着说道。 The word finishes, he lifts single-handed, in the hand silver light flashes, a ruler this big small silver pipa appears. 言毕,他单手一抬,手中银光闪过,一只尺许大小的银色琵琶浮现而出。 „Is this Luozha pipa?” The Shi Pokong vision fell above silver pipa, eye pupil slightly one bright. “这就是罗吒琵琶?”石破空目光落在了银色琵琶之上,眼眸微微一亮。 this treasure!” “正是此宝!” Shi Chuankong smiled, then has handed the Shi Pokong body , before Luozha pipa. 石穿空笑了笑,然后将罗吒琵琶递到了石破空身前。 Thirteenth Younger Brother, what you make?” Shi Pokong has gawked. 十三弟,你这是做什么?”石破空愣了一下。 Imperial Father favor that big brother can ask, we also! Luozha pipa as one of the clan most precious objects, was borrowed in the past, now the lost object regains, if you will then offer this treasure tomorrow, under Imperial Father will decide however happily, definitely will have not the small graciousness to grant.” Shi Chuankong said with a smile. “大哥能讨的父皇欢心,我们也可以!罗吒琵琶作为本族至宝之一,当年被人借走,如今失物复得,若明日你便将此宝奉上,父皇定然高兴,肯定会有不小的恩赏赐下。”石穿空笑道。 Shi Pokong looks at Luozha pipa, the eye pupil flashes, a moment later is firm shoves open it, shakes the head to say with a smile: Thirteenth Younger Brother, this Luozha pipa is your untold hardships looks, naturally should you give Imperial Father personally, my this Elder Brother is good-for-nothing, is insufficient to with younger brother's thing receive in exchange for the merit.” 石破空看着罗吒琵琶,眼眸闪动,片刻之后还是坚定的将其推开,摇头笑道:“十三弟,这罗吒琵琶是你千辛万苦才找回来的,自然应该你亲自交给父皇,我这个哥哥再不成器,也不至于要拿弟弟的东西去换取功绩。” Third Brother! My thing is also not your, should not be too tenacious, I give Imperial Father to be useful this Luozha pipa, wastes radically.” Shi Chuankong knits the brows to say. “三哥!我的东西还不就是你的,你不要太固执,我将这罗吒琵琶交给父皇有什么用,根本就是浪费。”石穿空皱眉说道。 These years that Thirteenth Younger Brother, you leave, Imperial Father often mentioned you, in my opinion, he quite regarded as important to you. Moreover you are also one of the imperial princes, this time inheritance qualifications, you do not need to give up prematurely.” Shi Pokong said with a smile. 十三弟,你离开的这些年,父皇时常提及到你,以我看来,他对你还是颇为看重。而且你也是皇子之一,这次的继承资格,你不必过早放弃。”石破空笑着说道。 Third Brother, you said that what meaning this saying is? My this time goes to True Immortal World to seek for Luozha pipa, originally also for Third Brother you. As for the position of Holy Lord, I have never thought that also determination not that calibre.” Shi Chuankong loses the sound said. “三哥,你说这话是什么意思?我此次前往真仙界寻找罗吒琵琶,本来也是为了三哥你。至于圣主之位,我从未想过,也自觉没有那个器量。”石穿空失声道。 Thirteenth Younger Brother, do not improperly belittle oneself, these years you manage Vast Source House, has the result extremely, Imperial Father to this is very satisfied. If by kingcraft, you, although somewhat is defective, but the perception is uncommon, if Imperial Father intends to cultivate, do not reject. After all your I do not need to divide each other, you can be approved, I will also feel gratified.” Shi Pokong shakes the head to say. 十三弟,你不要妄自菲薄,这些年你经营广源斋,极有成效,父皇对这点很是满意。若论治国之术,你虽然还有些欠缺,但悟性不凡,父皇若是有意栽培,你也不要拒绝。毕竟你我无须分彼此,你能得到认可,我也会感到欣慰。”石破空摇头说道。 Third Brother, what happened?” Shi Chuankong silent, asked. “三哥,是不是发生了什么事情?”石穿空默然了一下,问道。 No, do not think, but I had become aware recently suddenly, although the position of Holy Lord is important, but does not need to be extremely rigid, is then good along with the reason.” Shi Pokong said with a smile gentle. “没有,你不要多想,只是我最近忽有所悟,圣主之位虽然重要,但也不必太过执着,随缘便好。”石破空平和笑道。 Shi Chuankong hears this words, looks the surprised color. 石穿空听闻此话,面露惊讶之色。 Although the Shi Pokong disposition is gentle, but also once displayed in the past in the spoken language regarding yearning of position of Holy Lord, said that this is always willing not to be overrated for it. 石破空性格虽然平和,但过去也曾在言语中表现出对于圣主之位的向往,说此为其平生所愿也不为过。 relax/rest assured, I do not have matter, but cultivation base had striven recently, the state of mind had some changes, has thoroughly comprehended something.” Shi Pokong said with a smile pale. 放心吧,我没有事情,只是最近修为有所精进,心境发生了一些变化而已,也悟透了一些东西。”石破空淡笑道。 Third Brother, did you break through the Great Encompassing bottleneck?” Shi Chuankong hears word, is pleasantly surprised. “三哥,你已经突破了大罗瓶颈?”石穿空闻言,又惊又喜。 This did not have but actually, the boundary of no small matter Great Encompassing, can it be that can break through at will, but slightly has become aware.” Shi Pokong shook the head. “这倒还没有,大罗之境非同小可,岂是能随意突破的,只是略有所悟罢了。”石破空摇了摇头。 Shi Chuankong hears word, in the surface happy expression has not actually reduced. 石穿空闻言,面上喜色却没有消减。 The own this Third Brother's talent in cultivation aspect, he is clearer than anybody, since had a sudden enlightenment, believes that the distance real break-through was not far. 自己这个三哥在修炼方面的天赋,他比任何人都清楚,既然已经有所顿悟,相信距离真正突破已经不远。 Thirteenth Younger Brother, the position of Holy Lord I with every effort will strive, but how do not consider to assist in me again, may not risk danger again for this reason, if the accident sentiment, I then am under a dwelling place of the dead, how also to confess with Mother Imperial Concubine.” Shi Pokong looks at Shi Chuankong, sighed. 十三弟,圣主之位我还是会尽力争取,只是你不要再考虑如何相助于我,更不可再为此行险,万一出了什么事情,我便是九泉之下,又如何跟母妃交代。”石破空看着石穿空,叹道。 Mother Imperial Concubine......” Shi Chuankong hears this words, is silent. 母妃……”石穿空听闻此话,默然下来。 You return safely, is the big celebration, did not say these.” Shi Pokong laughs, transfers the thread of conversation. “你平安归来,乃是大喜事,不说这些了。”石破空哈哈一笑,转开话头。 Shi Chuankong deeply inspires, in the surface shows the smiling face. 石穿空深吸一口气,面上重新露出笑容。 Your these years experienced any matter outside, said with me carefully.” Shi Pokong intends to change the topic, shifting to a new subject, asked other matter. “你这些年在外面经历了什么事情,仔细和我说一下吧。”石破空有意转开话题,话锋一转,问起了另外的事情。 Shi Chuankong slightly hesitates, in detail will recount at the matter that True Immortal World will come across. 石穿空略一沉吟,将在真仙界遇到的事情详细述说了一遍。 Seeks for the Mantra Sect vestige, encounters grey immortal to chase down, crashes into Grey World, finally escapes, wanders about destitute Ten Troubles Mountain Range, later goes to Night Sun City again, each article, tells. 寻找真言门遗迹,遭遇灰仙追杀,坠入灰界,最后逃脱而出,流落十患山脉,之后再一路前往夜阳城,一桩桩,一件件,娓娓道来。 For does not make Shi Pokong be worried, he has made the beautification the situation that these barely escaped. 为了不让石破空担心,他将那些险死还生的情况做了修饰。 Even if so, the Shi Pokong facial color also changes again and again, the eye color of blame is getting more and more heavy. 即便如此,石破空面色也是一变再变,眼中的责怪之色越来越重。 „...... Afterward, we struck to kill True Master Shining Bone with joint forces, then entered Night Sun Realm, then arrived in Night Sun City safely.” Shi Chuankong spoke with confidence. “……后来,我们合力击杀了照骨真人,便进入了夜阳境,然后平安抵达了夜阳城。”石穿空侃侃而谈。 This does not know that experienced many dangers, many secondary die, at this time sits in this hall recounted, as if before telling a story is ordinary for a long time. 这一路不知经历了多少危险,多少次生死一线,此时坐在这大厅之中述说,仿佛在讲述许久以前的一个故事一般。 Cannot think that your this goes to True Immortal World, has come across these many matters, wandered about destitute unexpectedly Grey World in legend. Although these experiences splendid uncommon, but was extremely dangerous, Thirteenth Younger Brother you were revering of imperial prince, the body of large sum of money, in the future may not so violate the danger by the body again.” A Shi Pokong slightly feeling, immediately serious saying. “想不到你此去真仙界,遇到了这么多事情,竟然还流落到了传说中的灰界。这些经历虽然精彩不凡,但太过危险了,十三弟你乃是皇子之尊,万金之体,日后决不可再如此以身犯险。”石破空略一感慨,随即神情严肃的说道。 I understand, Third Brother, your relax/rest assured.” Shi Chuankong facial color slightly gloomy, the nod said. “我明白,三哥,你放心吧。”石穿空面色微黯,点头说道。 The danger that this meets on the way although are many, at this moment recalls, actually is also the splendid recollection of one's blood bubbles up to the brim. 这一路遇到的危险虽多,此刻回想起来,却也是热血沸腾的精彩回忆。 He as the imperial prince, from childhood then grows under the wing protection of person of side, in the future does not know has the opportunity to experience this risk experience that again was choked up with emotions. 他身为皇子,从小便在身旁之人的羽翼保护下成长,日后不知有没有机会再体验这等心潮澎湃的冒险经历。 That Li Feiyu, the strength is this degree unexpectedly, moreover cultivation Time Principle, actually a rare talented person. The situation of looking from you saying, this person looks quite heavily regarding the friend friendship, Thirteenth Younger Brother you must continue maintain among you friendship, in the future can perhaps have big using.” Shi Pokong paces up and down several, said. “那个厉飞羽,实力竟达到这种程度,而且修炼时间法则,倒是一个不可多得的人才。从你所说的情况看,这人对于朋友情谊看得颇重,十三弟你要继续保持好你们之间的友谊,日后说不定能有大用。”石破空来回走动几句,说道。 Brother Lì undergoes with me after the life and death test, is the most trustworthy friend. Right, does the Third Brother, matter about the Black Weasel king, how you plan to process? On the same day I in order to withdraw, has with him empty with the winding, what hasn't this matter caused to trouble to you?” Shi Chuankong remembers the incident, asked. 厉兄与我历经过生死考验,自是最值得信任的朋友。对了,三哥,关于黑鼬王之事,你打算如何处理?当日我为了能脱身,只好跟他虚与委蛇,此事没有对你造成什么麻烦吧?”石穿空想起一事,问道。 Ten Troubles Great King and demon race dynasty was hostile relationship, if made other imperial princes attain the evidence that they and Great King Black Weasel colluded with, was not a small trouble. 十患大王魔族皇朝是敌对关系,若是让其他皇子拿到他们和黑鼬大王勾结的证据,是个不小的麻烦。 Naturally does not have, can exist to form an alliance with Great Encompassing Realm is the good deed, actually the Black Weasel king has sent for contacting with me, is only this person is quite sly, at present could not have completely understood his goal.” Saying that the Shi Pokong vision flashes. “当然没有,能和一个大罗境存在结盟乃是好事,其实黑鼬王已经派人和我联络过,只是此人颇为狡猾,目前还看不透他的目的。”石破空目光闪动的说道。 Has not created to you troublesome good.” Shi Chuankong relaxed. “没给你造成麻烦就好。”石穿空松了口气。 You already smoothly passed Evil Decline now, following several day on well cultivation, consolidated realm, I have arranged to enter the Moon God Altar matters concerned for you, after seven day, you then enter, strives to enter step Supreme Unity Realm before Imperial Father leave seclusion.” Shi Pokong immediately a thread of conversation revolution, serious saying. “你如今既已顺利度过了煞衰,接下来几日就好好修炼,巩固一下境界,我已经为你安排好了进入月神祭坛的事宜,七日之后,你便进入其中吧,争取在父皇出关之前进阶太乙境。”石破空随即话锋一转,郑重的说道。 Imperial Father in closed-door cultivation?” Shi Chuankong is startled to ask. 父皇又在闭关?”石穿空一怔问道。 correct/good. Recently these year of Imperial Father closed-door cultivation this numbers were getting more and more industrious, did not know him in cultivation anything secret technique cultivation technique.” Shi Pokong looks toward the hall outside, in the eye seemed to be that the ray flashes through. 不错。最近这些年父皇闭关此数越来越勤,也不知他老人家在修炼什么秘术功法。”石破空朝着厅外望去,眼中似有光芒闪过。 „, Somewhat is actually strange.” The Shi Chuankong brow is also the slightly wrinkle. “哦,倒是有些奇怪。”石穿空眉头也是微皱。 „The Imperial Father matter, does not need us to be worried. Thirteenth Younger Brother your date and time have hurried along, thinks that was also laborious, first goes to rest well.” Shi Pokong smiled, said. 父皇的事情,不用我们担心。十三弟你这些时日一直赶路,想必也辛苦了,先去好好休息一下吧。”石破空笑了笑,说道。 Shi Chuankong hears Yanzhan, has not actually taken a step, the vision looks to Luozha pipa on hand, said: Third Brother, this Luozha pipa......” 石穿空闻言站了起来,却没有迈步,目光望向手边的罗吒琵琶,道:“三哥,这罗吒琵琶……” I had said that since this thing is you retrieves, naturally is on you assumes to Imperial Father. According to you formerly, Imperial Father knows at this moment is the Luozha pipa that you bring back, if so is delivered by me, he instead does not meet happily.” Shi Pokong tone firm saying. “我已经说过,此物既然是你寻回,自然是你上呈给父皇。据你先前所说,父皇此刻已经知道是你取回的这罗吒琵琶,若然由我上交,他老人家反而会不高兴。”石破空语气坚决的说道。 The Shi Chuankong silent moment, sighed, waved Luozha pipa to receive, set out to walk toward in hall. 石穿空默然片刻,叹了口气,挥手罗吒琵琶收了起来,起身朝着内堂走去。 Shi Pokong gazes after Shi Chuankong to leave with a smile, oneself have not actually gotten out of the way, calmly sits in the hall. 石破空含笑目送石穿空离开,自己却没有走开,在厅内静静而坐。 A moment later, before his body, Shadow of ground one thick, drills together the snake-shaped shadow, fast the inflation increases, changes into a purple robe person's shadow, was that supple youth just. 片刻之后,他身前地面的一处影子一浓,从中钻出一道蛇形黑影,飞快膨胀变大,化为一个紫袍人影,正是刚刚那个阴柔青年。 This form seems not a main body, but is outside a body incarnation existence, has not lent slightly the aura. 这个身影似乎并非本体,而是一个身外化身般的存在,没有散发出丝毫气息。 Opened reports Third Highness, the subordinate lived in Long Pavilion Court the Fellow Daoist Lì arrangement.” Reporting that the supple youth knees down. “启禀三殿下,属下已经将厉道友安排在了长亭苑内居住。”阴柔青年单膝跪地的禀告道。 Un...... Although this person is the Thirteenth Younger Brother friend, but he after all is the person of Immortal Territory, the goal is unclear, you must closely monitor its trend. This person of magical powers, you must surely careful by its discovery.” Shi Pokong nods, told. “嗯……此人虽然是十三弟的朋友,但他毕竟是仙域之人,目的不明,你要严密监视其动向。此人神通了得,你要千万小心不要被其发现。”石破空点点头,又吩咐道。 Subordinate is compliant!” The supple youth complies with one, then the form changes into a shadow in a flash once more, submerges the ground to vanish does not see. “属下遵命!”阴柔青年答应一声,然后身影一晃再次化为一道黑影,没入地面消失不见。 Shi Pokong has stood moment in the hall, turns around to walk toward in hall quickly. 石破空在厅内站立了片刻,很快也转身朝着内堂走去。 ...... …… A Third Imperial Prince mansion deep place garden, the pavilions, the garden running water all has, is exquisiter compared with True Immortal World many Immortal Palace gardens. 三皇子府邸深处一处庭院,亭台楼阁,花园流水皆有,比起真仙界许多仙宫花园更为精巧。 Here is Shi Pokong is the Han Li preparation dwelling, around the entire garden the arrange/cloth has special restriction, will frequently be massive the spirit strength to pour into the garden, making here the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy exceptionally rich. 这里是石破空韩立准备的住处,整个庭院周围布有特殊的禁制,时时刻刻将大量灵力注入庭院内,使得此处的天地灵气异常浓郁。 In a garden deep place room, Han Li sits cross-legged to sit, two pinch finger joints with the thumb. 庭院深处一处房间内,韩立盘膝而坐,两手掐诀。 Colorful rays fly to project from his hand, then falls on various room places, has opened 4 - 5 level restriction. 一道道五颜六色的光芒从他手中飞射出,然后落在房间各处,张开了四五禁制 A Han Li facial color then loosen, finger moves, before the body, appears a leaf of silver light gate. 韩立面色这才一松,手指一动,身前浮现出一扇银色光门。 His body figure moves, flies into light gate, entered Flowering Branch Space. 身形一动,飞入光门内,进入了花枝空间 Arrives in Flowering Branch Space, Han Li then really relaxes. 来到花枝空间内,韩立这才真的放松下来。 He enters that garret, first has inspected the Weeping Soul situation, did not have the too sweeping change with before. 他进入那处阁楼,先检查了一下啼魂的情况,和之前没有太大变化。 Han Li sees this, in the heart sighed secretly, the body of Weeping Soul, he was helpless, now can only count on that High Priest, hoping Shi Chuankong can welcome to that High Priest. 韩立见此,心中暗暗叹了口气,啼魂的身体,他已经无能为力,现在只能指望那个大祭司了,希望石穿空能请到那位大祭司 Read and this, his brow slightly wrinkle. 一念及此,他眉头微皱。 Enters a city the situation to look after today, in Night Sun City this moment situation is complex, among fellow imperial princes the undercurrent is turbulent, may be swallowed carelessly. 从今日进城后的情况看,夜阳城内此刻局势复杂,各位皇子之间暗流汹涌,一着不慎就有可能被吞噬进去。 He and Shi Chuankong, although the present relates the correct/good friend, but has not thought deep involvement, but escorts Shi Chuankong this all the way, he has cut to kill several emperor's sons' trusted subordinates one after another, now wants to stay out not to be perhaps easy completely. 他和石穿空虽然如今算是关系不错的朋友,但也并不想过深的牵涉其中,只是护送石穿空的这一路上,他已经接连斩杀了数名皇子的亲信,现在想要完全置身事外恐怕不易。
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