RMJTIIW :: Volume #14

#1392: Free

How long has not known, as the last group of golden light project from the Han Li palm, his golden light of drastic fluctuation dissipates suddenly. 不知过了多久,随着最后一团金光从韩立掌心射出,他身上剧烈波动的金光陡然消散。 The aura plummets at the same time, its cultivation base also in this moment, dropped Great Encompassing Realm Peak. 气息骤降的同时,其修为也在这一刻,跌落到了大罗境巅峰 Bottle Spirit Senior, many thanks helps one another.” Han Li long shouted the one breath, let loose according to the palm in Heaven-Wielding Bottle. 瓶灵前辈,多谢相助。”韩立长呼了一口气,放开了按在掌天瓶上的手掌。 Bottle Spirit has not responded to his words. 瓶灵并没有回应他的话。 At this moment, Heaven-Wielding Bottle shivers suddenly, the above gold/metal mark ray flashes crazily, the dark green ray in bottle also beats crazily. 就在此刻,掌天瓶突然颤动起来,上面的金痕光芒狂闪,瓶内的墨绿光芒也疯狂跳动。 The Han Li complexion changes, the hurried floating body retrocedes. 韩立面色微变,急忙飘身后退。 Simultaneously the golden halo gushes out from his within the body together, resists the strength of surrounding space and time. 同时一道金色光环从他体内涌出,抵挡住周围的时空之力。 Bang a loud sound, Heaven-Wielding Bottle explodes to open, changes into the innumerable dark green light groups to scatter slowly. “砰”的一声巨响,掌天瓶爆裂而开,化为无数墨绿光团缓缓飘散。 These dark green light groups have not scattered, goes toward a gathering, condenses a human form quickly, changes into one eight -year-old sends the young lad green, pretty, actually cannot see the sex. 这些墨绿光团并未飘散,朝着一处汇聚而去,很快凝聚成一个人形,化为一个八岁岁的绿发童子,眉清目秀,却看不出性别。 Haha, many years, got rid of that damn jar finally, restored the body of freedom.” Sends the young lad to look at own body green, laughs. “哈哈,多少年了,终于摆脱了那该死的瓶子,恢复了自由之身。”绿发童子看着自己的身体,哈哈大笑。 „Is your excellency then Bottle Spirit Senior? Congratulates you to be separated from the Heaven-Wielding Bottle fetter finally.” Han Li is very tranquil, as if has expected these. “阁下便是瓶灵前辈吧?恭喜你终于脱离掌天瓶束缚。”韩立很是平静,似乎早已预料到了这些。 „, Do you know this matter early?” Bottle Spirit actually to the Han Li response quite surprise. “哦,你早知道此事?”瓶灵倒是对韩立的反应颇为诧异。 Senior as Heaven-Wielding Bottle Bottle Spirit, before often was quiet in cultivation, I then guessed correctly that Senior has a chart. That my Divinity Cultivation Technique is complete, is extremely keen regarding mind sense/telepathy, although Senior is not a life, when with I exchange, your thoughts I can also survey one or two/just a little, therefore slightly guessed correctly greatly.” Han Li smiles lightly. 前辈身为掌天瓶瓶灵,之前却时常沉寂于修行,我便猜到前辈有所图。加之我炼神术圆满,对于心灵感应极其灵敏,前辈虽然并非生灵,和我交流时,你的心思我也能探测一二,所以大略猜到了一些。”韩立淡淡一笑。 „, Divinity Cultivation Technique that the talent of that Samsara Palace Master really having god-given wisdom, creates is so unexpectedly fierce. Since you detected that I have schemed, but also dares to cooperate with me?” Bottle Spirit smiles, then shot a look at Han Li one, said. “啧啧,那轮回殿主果然天纵之才,创出的炼神术竟如此厉害。你既然察觉到我有所图谋,还敢和我合作?”瓶灵啧啧一笑,然后瞥了韩立一眼,说道。 Senior, although has schemed, I have not actually felt maliciously, the matter of cooperation will benefit both sides, what also there is not to dare? Moreover my present realm, although drops Great Encompassing Realm, has not actually weakened regarding the comprehension of Time Principle, is not the person to rub the generation of pinching.” Han Li smiles lightly. 前辈虽然有所图谋,我却没有感觉到恶意,合则两利之事,又有什么不敢的?而且我如今的境界虽然跌落回大罗境,对于时间法则的领悟却没有减弱,并非任人揉捏之辈。”韩立淡淡一笑。 Haha, good! Does not owe is Han Li, but you, although returned to Great Encompassing Realm Peak, but regarding the use of Time Principle, wants prudently...... in addition, your big relax/rest assured, I am harmless to you, only then feels grateful, many thanks you can discard the strength of Dao Ancestor, I can get rid of Heaven-Wielding Bottle smoothly.” Bottle Spirit laughs again, arched cupping one hand in the other across the chest toward Han Li. “哈哈,好!不亏是韩立,不过你虽回到了大罗境巅峰,但对于时间法则的动用,也要慎重……此外,你大可放心,我对你并无恶意,只有感激,多谢你能舍弃道祖之力,我才能顺利摆脱掌天瓶。”瓶灵再次大笑,朝韩立拱了拱手。 We help the cooperation mutually, Senior does not need is so polite, does not know Senior following, has what plan?” The Han Li single arm holds up, but also after a ritual, said. “我们互帮互助而已,前辈不必如此客气,不知前辈接下来,有何打算?”韩立单臂举起,还了一礼后说道。 Was stranded in the bottle the innumerable years, then naturally travels well True Immortal World, if there is an opportunity, I also want to go to beside True Immortal World to look.” Bottle Spirit looks the exciting color. “被困在瓶内无数年月,接下来自然是好好游历一下真仙界,若有机会,我还想去真仙界之外看一看。”瓶灵面露兴奋之色。 Beside True Immortal World? Was Senior says Netherworld and Grey World?” Han Li is startled slightly. 真仙界之外?前辈是说幽冥界灰界吗?”韩立略微一怔。 Fellow Daoist Han, did your vision defile, is it possible that you felt True Immortal World, Grey World, Netherworld is the entirety of the world?” Bottle Spirit said with a smile, among facial expressions actually dignified many. 韩道友,你的目光太险隘了些,莫非你觉得真仙界,灰界,幽冥界就是世界的全部?”瓶灵笑道,神情间却凝重了不少。 True Immortal World major Immortal Territory open in boundless Desolate Wilderness Territory, therefore the Desolate Wilderness Territory area should be bigger than the True Immortal World known domain. Beside the matter as for Desolate Wilderness Territory, I do not know.” After Han Li hesitated one next, said. 真仙界各大仙域是在无边蛮荒界域内开辟而出的,所以蛮荒界域的面积应该比真仙界已知的版图更大一些。至于蛮荒界域之外的事情,我就不知道了。”韩立沉吟了一下后说道。 Fellow Daoist Han your vision insufficiently, said accurately, no matter True Immortal World, Netherworld, is Grey World, is born in the most initial Primordial Chaos space, Heaven-Wielding Bottle is also born there. According to the primitive memory in Heaven-Wielding Bottle preserving, the Primordial Chaos space is limitless, actually born many similar True Immortal World world/interface, is unknown radically, but definitely continues such 2-3. What's wrong, Fellow Daoist Han, can you have the interest and I inquire into together the end of this world?” Bottle Spirit looks to Han Li. 韩道友你的眼界还是不够,准确的说,不管是真仙界,冥界,还是灰界,都是诞生于最初始的混沌空间,掌天瓶也是诞生于那里。根据掌天瓶内留存的原始记忆,混沌空间无边无际,究竟诞生了多少类似真仙界界面,根本不得而知,不过肯定不止这么2-3个。如何,韩道友,你可有兴趣和我一同去探究一下这个世界的尽头?”瓶灵看向韩立 Senior tall Zhi, admires below, but just experienced this Great Tribulation below, is really the mind is exhausted, moreover some people are waiting for me to go back, perhaps is unable to accompany Senior to conduct this journey.” Han Li eye slightly one bright, but shakes the head to say immediately. 前辈高志,在下钦佩,只是在下刚刚经历这场大劫,实在是心神疲惫,而且还有人在等着我回去,恐怕无法陪同前辈进行这趟旅程了。”韩立眼睛微微一亮,但随即又摇头说道。 Good, the person is ambitious respectively, I do not force.” In the Bottle Spirit tone somewhat is slightly disappointed. “好吧,人各有志,我也不勉强。”瓶灵语气中微微有些失望。 Bottle Spirit Senior, we place space and time passageway now, without Heaven-Wielding Bottle, how should go back?” Han Li does not want to discuss in this topic, shifting to a new subject, asked. 瓶灵前辈,我们如今身处时空通道,又没有了掌天瓶,该如何回去?”韩立不想在这个话题上多谈,话锋一转,问道。 This your relax/rest assured, I am Heaven-Wielding Bottle Bottle Spirit, the matter that Heaven-Wielding Bottle can achieve, I not necessarily cannot achieve, at least leads you to go back is not a problem. Fellow Daoist Han, if I guess right, in your heart should also the regret, otherwise previously in choice whether gives up Heaven-Wielding Bottle, will not hesitate that for a long time.” Bottle Spirit looks at Han Li, asked. “这个你放心,我是掌天瓶瓶灵,掌天瓶能做到的事情,我未必不能做到,至少带你回去还不成问题。只是韩道友,如果我猜的没错,你心中应该还有一个遗憾,否则先前在选择是否放弃掌天瓶时,不会迟疑那么久。”瓶灵看着韩立,问道。 Han Li hears word, in the mind appears unconsciously the Yuan Yao charming form. 韩立闻言,脑海中不觉浮现出元瑶娇媚的身影。 Bottle Spirit is only smiling is looking at Han Li, without speech. 瓶灵只是笑眯眯的望着韩立,没有说话。 correct/good that Senior said that I really have the incident to be regrettable, does not know whether Senior can help my helping hand again?” Han Li sighed one lightly, bowed seriously to Bottle Spirit good a ritual, said. 前辈说的不错,我确实有一事遗憾,不知前辈能否再助我一臂之力?”韩立轻叹了一声,向瓶灵躬身郑重行了一礼,道。 „The sentiment of your human is really marvelous, the love has what recall, the death was also only a samsara, grasped principles, sooner or later. Good, looked, in you help in the shares of my so many things, I can help you complete the wish, is only your matter, I did not participate.” Bottle Spirit sized up Han Li several with the strange look, says. “你们人类的感情真是奇妙,情爱有何留恋,死亡也只是轮回,悟道不及,早晚而已。好吧,看在你帮助我这么多事情的份上,我可以助你完成心愿,只是你的事情,我就不参与进去了。”瓶灵用奇异的眼神打量了韩立几下,开口说道。 Finishes barely the words, the Bottle Spirit two junctions grasped the chest front, in the hand covered the one/1st level/layer emerald green ray immediately, brightened rapidly, and blended in the same place. 话音未落,瓶灵两手交握胸前,手上顿时笼罩了一层翠绿光芒,迅速变亮,并且交融在一起。 Rapidness that the emerald green ray comes, gone also quick, the ray abates quickly. 翠绿光芒来的快,去的也快,光芒很快消退。 Bottle Spirit two separate, the palm presents a thumb size the transparent small bottle, resembles, the aura that lends with Heaven-Wielding Bottle very much is also very similar. 瓶灵两手分开,掌心出现一个拇指大小的透明小瓶,和掌天瓶很是相像,散发出的气息也很相似。 This was Heaven-Wielding Bottle last magical power, you can regard temporary Heaven-Wielding Bottle it, utilized this thing, you returned to process.” Bottle Spirit lifts the hand to wield, throws to Han Li the transparent small bottle. “这是掌天瓶最后一丝的法力了,你可以把它当成临时的掌天瓶,运用此物,你自行返回过去处理吧。”瓶灵抬手一挥,将透明小瓶抛给韩立 Many thanks Senior.” In the Han Li eye flashes through a happy expression. “多谢前辈。”韩立眼中闪过一丝喜色。 By you attainments on Time Principle, should be able to find the past time point at present accurately. The strength of this thing implication are not many, is unable to make you preserve in the past is too long, therefore your movement wants to be quicker.” Bottle Spirit thinks, the serious urging said. “以你目前在时间法则上的造诣,应该可以准确的找到过去的时间点。只是此物蕴含的力量不多,无法让你在过去留存太久,所以你的动作要快些。”瓶灵想了想,郑重叮嘱道。 I knew, many thanks Senior.” Han Li nods, bows again to thanking. “我知道了,多谢前辈。”韩立点点头,再次躬身向谢。 Ok, Fellow Daoist Han, your benevolence I have paid off, we said goodbye, the long journey, latter will be henceforth indefinite.” Bottle Spirit waves to Han Li, body figure flies in a flash toward the distant place. “好了,韩道友,你的恩情我已经还清,咱们就此别过,从此山高水远,后会无期。”瓶灵韩立挥了挥手,身形一晃朝着远处飞去。 Han Li is just about to wave to make farewell speech, Bottle Spirit at this moment resembles unexpectedly cannot stay the little while again, suddenly then vanished in the line of sight end. 韩立正要挥手作别,此刻的瓶灵竟似不能再停留半刻,眨眼便消失在了视线尽头。 Hand that he extends unconsciously stiff in midair, somewhat self-ridicules touches own nose. 他伸起的手不觉僵在了半空,有些自嘲的摸了摸自己的鼻子。 Then his vision revolution, looks the transparent small bottle to the hand, after slightly one hesitates, pinches finger joints with the thumb. 而后他目光一转,看向手中透明小瓶,微一沉吟后,掐诀一点。 The golden light projects from his fingertip together, submerges bottle of bodies. 一道金光从他指尖射出,没入瓶身。 The transparent small bottle surface exudes the one/1st level/layer green glow immediately, indistinct is rune flashes above, nearby power of time fluctuates immediately, as if by the strength control that in the small bottle emerges. 透明小瓶表面顿时泛起一层绿芒,隐约还是一道道符文在上面闪动,附近的时间之力立刻波动起来,似乎被小瓶内涌现的力量控制。 Han Li closes the eye, silently the sense/telepathy transparent small bottle, the surrounding power of time fluctuation, that is a familiar and strange feeling. 韩立闭上眼睛,默默感应透明小瓶,还有周围的时间之力波动,那是一种熟悉又陌生的感觉。 A moment later, he opens the eye fiercely, pinches finger joints with the thumb single-handed again. 片刻之后,他猛地睁开眼睛,单手再次掐诀一点。 Green glow hold on small bottle, covers the Han Li body suddenly greatly is one of them, and flies toward the space and time passageway deep place. 小瓶上的绿芒豁然大盛,将韩立身体笼罩在其中,并且朝着时空通道深处飞去。 By Han Li that the small bottle ray covers, could not feel that surrounding space and time passageway to own influence, the flying speed is extremely forward fast. 被小瓶光芒笼罩的韩立,丝毫感觉不到周围时空通道对自己的影响,向前飞行速度极快。 The small bottle translucent bottle wall, slowly is becoming more transparent. 只是小瓶原本半透明的瓶壁,正缓缓变得更加透明。 In the Han Li heart a tight, hurried tranquil state of mind, controls this bottle attentively. 韩立心中一紧,急忙平静心绪,更加用心操控此瓶。 To the forward flight half quarter about, his vision congealed. 向前飞了半刻钟左右的时间,他目光一凝。 almost/the same...... should be here.” Han Li muttered, lifts the hand to wield. 差不多……应该就是这里了吧。”韩立喃喃自语,抬手一挥。 The dark green ray projects from the fingertip together, cuts on space and time passageway. 一道墨绿光芒从指尖射出,斩在时空通道上。 Chī la, space and time passageway was cut a spoken parts mark immediately, the dazzling incomparable white light erupts to open from above. 嗤啦”一声,时空通道顿时被斩出一道白痕,刺目无比的白光从上面爆发而开。 He only thinks that whole person one light, throws to fly from space and time passageway, at present one bright, appeared sky over a boundless desert. 他只觉整个人一轻,从时空通道中抛飞出去,眼前一亮,出现在了一片无边沙漠上空。 Rumble! 轰隆隆! The nearby void fierce tremor, cannot withstand Han Li pressure, start collapse collapsing of big piece. 附近虚空剧烈颤动,承受不住韩立身上的威压,大片的开始崩溃坍塌。 He quickly displays Ten Thousand Apertures Stillness Technique, full power the restraining aura and within the body turn power of magical principle that wells up. 他急忙施展万窍空寂术,全力收敛气息和体内翻涌的法则之力 The Han Li brow tip moves, although his moment cultivation base returned Great Encompassing Peak, is freer regarding the control in within the body Time Principle, free of aura restraining. 韩立眉梢一动,他此刻修为虽然退回了大罗巅峰,对于体内时间法则的操控却更加自如,气息收敛的更加自如。 The nearby stagnated void immediately collapsing, actually was still similar to the water surface drastic fluctuation. 附近虚空顿时停滞了坍塌,却仍旧如同水面般剧烈波动着。 Han Li cannot attend to these at this moment, divine sense spreads to open. 韩立此刻也顾不得这些,神识扩散而开。 His brow wrinkle, shouted secretly: Oh no, strength of control space not too to here is not Spirit World!” 紧接着,他眉头一皱,暗呼道:“糟糕,空间之力操控的不太对这里不是灵界!” Does not have Bottle Spirit to assist, he regarding the perfection that this transparent small bottle is unable to control, transmitted such place, but should not have the displacement is too far. 没有瓶灵相助,他对于这个透明小瓶无法掌控的尽善尽美,传送到了这么个地方,不过应该没有偏移太远。 This place is strange world/interface, everywhere is the yellow sands, does not know that is where. 这地方是个陌生的界面,到处都是黄沙,也不知是哪里。 In Han Li hand small bottle although at this moment had not stimulated to movement, the strength that but can actually the clear feeling, its contain was still passing slowly. 韩立手中小瓶此刻虽然没有被催动,但却可以清晰的感受到,其所蕴含的力量仍旧在缓缓流逝。 In his heart somewhat is unconsciously irritable, immediately pinches finger joints with the thumb, body golden color thunder light flashes, vanishes without the trace baseless, next moment appears in a construction of giant sandburg shape, inside lived many head flare angles, has alien race cultivator of scale. 他心中不觉有些急躁,立刻掐诀,身上金色雷光一闪,凭空消失无踪,下一刻出现在一个巨大沙堡形状的建筑内,里面生活了不少头上张角,身有鳞片的异族修士 Around Han Li void was still fluctuating, making the sandburg rock. 韩立周围虚空仍旧在波动,使得沙堡晃动不已。 These alien race cultivator in great surprise, several cultivation base excelled, achieves the Integration Stage alien race to angrily roar to throw toward Han Li immediately, was actually not approaches. 那些异族修士大惊,几个修为高强,达到合体期的异族立刻怒吼着朝韩立扑了过来,却根本接近不了。 The Han Li present time press, cannot attend to shocking everybody, waves to catch a cultivation base highest alien race, used the technique of soul searching. 韩立如今的时间紧迫,顾不得惊世骇俗,挥手抓过一个修为最高的异族,施展了搜魂之术。 So that's how it is, here is Yellow Sand World, from Spirit World is not very far, does not have too to be many fortunately.” In the Han Li heart a loosen, waves to discard this alien race, body surface thunder light flashes, vanishes again. “原来如此,这里是黄沙界,距离灵界不是很远,还好没有偏太多。”韩立心中一松,挥手将这个异族扔掉,体表雷光一闪,再次消失。 The sandburg person of alien race look at each other in blank dismay unconsciously, among the previous electric light flint all, are similar to a dream general. 沙堡内的异族之人不觉面面相觑,此前电光火石间发生的一切,就如同一场梦一般。 But that was held the alien race feeling and being discarded to walk one time by Han Li when the death edge, although body no difference, but has a lingering fear, the whole body shivers. 而那个被韩立抓住又扔掉的异族感觉在死亡边缘走了一遭,虽然身上没什么异样,但心有余悸之余,浑身颤抖不已。 :.: :。:
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