RMJTIIW :: Volume #14

#1391: Abandon Dao

In the people heart shocks in the Han Li graces greatest magical powers in abundance, abnormal changes happen suddenly! 就在众人心中纷纷震撼于韩立举手投足间的莫大神通之际,异变突生 Dozens golden vortex combine into one suddenly, change into a sun-blocking huge vortex, fiercely toward people cover under. 数十个金色漩涡骤然合而为一,化为一个遮天蔽日的巨大漩涡,猛地朝着众人罩下。 Li Yuanjiu and the others the complexion big change, want to stimulate to movement the principle to resist immediately, but huge incomparable Time Principle had covered everyone, their bodies, power of magical principle in within the body could not have moved all, can only obediently look at the present all. 李元究等人面色大变,立刻想要催动法则抵挡,但一股庞大无匹的时间法则已经率先笼罩了所有人,他们的身体,还有体内的法则之力尽数动弹不得,只能乖乖看着眼前的一切。 The golden vortex that but blocks the sky flashes suddenly, the bubble scatters to open. 但遮天蔽日的金色漩涡突然一闪,泡沫般飘散而开。 People Time Principle of imprisonment is also the same, swiftly vanishes does not see. 众人身上禁锢的时间法则也一样,倏的消失不见。 The sky restored clearly and brightly, the nearby disrupts void also restores fast such as beginning, all, are similar to a dream. 天空恢复了清朗,附近碎裂的虚空也飞快恢复如初,一切的一切,就如同一场梦。 The people on the scene actually have no way all that just had, is really regarded as dream. 只是,在场众人却没法把刚刚发生的一切,真当做是梦幻一场。 Golden vortex powerful incomparable Time Principle, steamroll all fearsome power, deeply imprinted to carve in their mind, even inscribed in the innermost soul. 金色漩涡强大无匹的时间法则,碾压一切可怖威能,都深深印刻在了他们的脑海之中,甚至铭刻于灵魂深处。 That seems the Heavenly Dao of most source! 那似乎就是最本源的天道! Magical powers that Han Li displays conveniently, has not been past Gu Huojin may compare. 韩立随手施展出的神通,早已不是当年的古或今可比。 They believe that so long as at that moment, in the heart has the disobedience slightly, then by this day brutal grinding, the tiny bit residual will not stay behind in world. 他们相信,只要那一刻,心中稍有忤逆,便会被这天道无情的碾碎,连一丝一毫的残渣都不会在世间留下。 Li Yuanjiu and other Dao Ancestor looked to the Han Li look, has a heartfelt awe. 李元究道祖看向韩立的眼神,已带着一种由衷的敬畏。 Your respective belts own person is leaving.” Han Li opens the mouth again, the tone is not not sadly happy. “你们各自带着自己的人离开吧。”韩立再次开口,语气无喜无悲。 The white skirt fat woman heard that a word complexion loosen, deeply salutes toward Han Li, immediately leads the person of terrified Demon Territory to fly toward the distant place, vanishes without the trace quickly. 白裙胖妇闻言面色一松,朝韩立深深施了一礼,立刻带着惶恐的魔域之人朝远处飞去,很快消失无踪。 The dry corpse man does not dare to say anything, follows closely the Demon Territory people to leave. 干尸男子也没敢说什么,紧随魔域众人离开。 Compliant.” Bai Ze and that bald guy also toward Han Li good a ritual, leading the person of Desolate Wilderness Territory surviving to leave. “遵命。”白泽和那个光头大汉也朝韩立行了一礼,带着蛮荒界域残存之人离开。 Liu Le'er looked at Han Li one, without the past and he spoke. 柳乐儿望了韩立一眼,没有过去和他说话。 Although two people cannot be distanced the hundred zhang (333 m), actually as if huge gap great distance. 两人虽然相距不过百丈,却仿佛有一个巨大鸿沟相隔。 Elder Brother, you are waiting for me, I will continue to try hard, some day arrives in front of you frankly and uprightly.” Liu Le'er turns around to leave with the Bai Ze two people, silently said in the heart. “哥哥,你等着我,我会继续努力,有朝一日光明正大走到你面前。”柳乐儿转身随着白泽二人离开,默默的在心中说道。 Dao Ancestor Bai Yun leads person, arrives in front of Han Li. 白云道祖带着手下之人,来到韩立面前。 Many thanks Fellow Daoist Han just now exits to assist.” Dao Ancestor Bai Yun bows to salute, the people of other Heavenly Court are also the same. “多谢韩道友方才出口相助。”白云道祖躬身行礼,其他天庭之人也都一样。 Chaos just stopped, but does not want the disciple to increase again slaughters, does not help one another you.” Han Li tranquil saying. “大乱刚止,不过是不想再徒增杀戮罢了,并非相助你们。”韩立平静的说道。 In any event, Fellow Daoist Han today's benevolence, will engrave on one's memory below, in the future with any will dispatch, told one is, decided below however helps one another full power, by the graciousness of report today.” Dao Ancestor Bai Yun sincere saying, then brings Heavenly Court to remain the person to leave quickly. “无论如何,韩道友今日的恩情,在下将铭记于心,日后和任何差遣,吩咐一声就是,在下定然全力相助,以报今日之恩。”白云道祖诚恳的说道,然后带着天庭残留之人很快离开。 „Don't you walk? Is it possible that also has what matter?” Han Li looks to nearby Li Yuanjiu, Chi Rong, the Chen Ruyan three people, said. “你们怎么不走?莫非还有什么事情吗?”韩立看向一旁的李元究,赤融,陈如烟三人,说道。 Fellow Daoist Han this time saves True Immortal World in the water and fire, how many have the virtue of restoration to the world common people, now Gu Huojin has died, the position of vacancy Heavenly Court Supreme, does not know that Fellow Daoist Han can be interested in holding the post? Three of us can help one another in you.” The Li Yuanjiu three people looked at one mutually, after hesitating one next, says. 韩道友此番挽救真仙界于水火,对天下苍生几有再造之德,如今古或今已死,天庭至尊之位空缺,不知韩道友可有兴趣担任?我们三人可以鼎力相助于你。”李元究三人互望了一眼,迟疑了一下后,开口说道。 this Han heard that the word brow tip moves, knows oneself just make a move rescued Dao Ancestor Bai Yun, gave three people of wrong suggestions. 韩某闻言眉梢一动,知道自己刚刚出手救下白云道祖,给了三人一种错误的暗示。 I not pursue regarding the power, do not misunderstand.” Han Li lifts the hand to wield, said decisively. “我对于权力并无追求,你们不要误会。”韩立抬手一挥,断然说道。 Li Yuanjiu three people of hears word is startled, there. 李元究三人闻言一怔,愣在那里。 Perhaps this Great Tribulation, True Immortal World numerous Dao Ancestor fallen, major Immortal Territory want chaotic one, your three are source Dao Ancestor, to be the center of attention, is quicker returns to own sect respectively, the stable aspect goes.” Han Li flicks the sleeve said. “此次大劫,真仙界众多道祖陨落,各大仙域恐怕要纷乱一阵,你们三位都是本源道祖,为众所瞩目,快些各自返回自己的宗门,稳定局面去吧。”韩立拂袖说道。 Li Yuanjiu three people of hears word, looks at each other, looks at the sense of relief from the opposite party eyes, complies with one with one voice, turns around fly to leave. 李元究三人闻言,相视一眼,都从对方眼中看出来如释重负之感,齐声答应一声,也转身飞遁离开。 Li Yuanjiu body figure just soared, suddenly resembles a feeling rotation body figure, actually saw Han Li to arch cupping one hand in the other across the chest to oneself distantly, it was startled slightly, subsequently also flushed Han Li to return to a ritual submissively, this turned around, changes into together the flowing light, shot to go toward the distant place illness/quick. 李元究身形刚刚腾空而起,忽然似有所感的回转身形,却见韩立正冲自己遥遥拱了拱手,其微微一怔,继而也冲韩立拱手回了一礼,这才转身,化为一道流光,朝着远处疾射而去。 Among Heaven and Earth, quick then is only left over Han Li one person. 天地间,很快便只剩下韩立一人。 Fellow Daoist Han, why must so anxious sends these people?” Golden Child walked, asking that the big eye moves. 韩道友,为何要如此急切的将那些人打发走?”金童走了过来,大眼睛一动的问道。 Han Li has not spoken, waving brings Golden Child toward high air-launched to go, in an instant arrived in Beyond the Heavens Territory. 韩立没有说话,挥手带着金童朝着高空射去,转眼间来到了天外域内。 He flew to stop toward the Beyond the Heavens Territory deep place, in the surface revealed color of the pain. 他又朝天外域深处飞了一阵才停下,面上露出一丝痛苦之色。 What do you want to make?” Golden Child quickly asked. “你这是要做什么?”金童急忙问道。 Han Li top of the head void rumble vibration, golden light project, covers his body. 韩立头顶虚空隆隆震动,一道道金光投射而出,笼罩住他的身体。 His body in the golden light, has the trend of melting faintly. 他的身体在金光之中,隐隐有融化的趋势。 Some little time, the void vibration stops, the golden light also vanishes, Han Li then recovers such as beginning. 好一会,虚空震动才停止,金光也随之消失,韩立的身体这才恢复如初。 „Has the Heavenly Dao started to corrode your body?” Saying of Golden Child grave expression. “天道已经开始侵蚀你的身体?”金童面色凝重的说道。 With a Gu Huojin war, use power of magical principle are too many, possibly next time with person make a move, will be melted by the Heavenly Dao slightly directly.” Saying of Han Li forced smile. “和古或今一战,动用的法则之力太多,可能下次和人稍一动手,就会被天道直接相融。”韩立苦笑的说道。 So to be how quick?” Golden Child is startled. “怎么会这么快?”金童大吃一惊。 Her advancement Dao Ancestor already some date and time, with person continually battle, the corrosion of Heavenly Dao, although has, is not at present serious. 进阶道祖已经有些时日,也和人连番争斗过,天道的侵蚀虽然有,目前还不算严重。 What countermeasure can you have?” Golden Child casts behind this doubts immediately, asks another more important issue. “那你可有什么应对之策?”金童随即将这个疑惑抛诸脑后,问起另一个更重要的问题。 Han Li deeply frowns, silent. 韩立眉头紧锁,默然不语。 He just advancement Dao Ancestor, is extremely not deep to the Heavenly Dao corrosion research like Gu Huojin, creates Dao Divine Seal this grade of magical powers, where has what means. 他刚刚进阶道祖,又不像古或今那样对天道侵蚀研究极深,创出道神印这等神通,哪有什么办法。 Gu Huojin the skeleton not saves now, entire Central Earth Immortal Territory is also reduced to ashes, wants to look for Gu Huojin previously regarding avoiding not being been impossible by the attainment that the Heavenly Dao melts. 古或今如今尸骨无存,整个中土仙域也化为了灰烬,想要去找古或今此前对于避免被天道相融的心得也已经不可能。 Han boy, you , to get rid of the corrosion of Heavenly Dao, I have the means actually.” The Bottle Spirit sound suddenly resounds. “韩小子,你如果想要摆脱天道的侵蚀,我倒是有办法哦。”瓶灵的声音突然响起。 Bottle Spirit Senior, what means do you have?” Han Li voice transmission asked. 瓶灵前辈,你有什么办法?”韩立传音问道。 „After promoting Dao Ancestor, will gradually be corroded by the Heavenly Dao, this phenomenon is irreversible, moreover is unable to stop, although that Gu Huojin created so-called Dao Divine Seal, was slightly slow Heavenly Dao corrosion, not goinged to the roots of the problem.” Bottle Spirit snort/hum, contemptuous saying. “晋升道祖之后,会逐渐被天道侵蚀,这种现象是不可逆,而且无法制止的,那个古或今虽然创出了所谓的道神印,也不过是稍微迟缓一下天道侵蚀罢了,治标不治本。”瓶灵哼了一声,轻蔑的说道。 Is it possible that does Senior have the means of getting it over and done?” Han Li eye slightly one bright. 前辈莫非有一劳永逸的办法?”韩立眼睛微微一亮。 Also calculates that your luck is good, has Heaven-Wielding Bottle in this. This bottle is born in Primordial Chaos, can carrying/sustaining any power of magical principle, you, if really wants to get rid of the Heavenly Dao to corrode, needs pours into the bottle the Dao Ancestor source principle in within the body, then, your cultivation base will drop Great Encompassing Realm, naturally also got rid of the corrosion of Heavenly Dao. Heaven-Wielding Bottle previously held Primordial Chaos Principle, now holds your Time Principle again, perhaps will exceed the limit of this bottle.” Bottle Spirit said. “也算你运气好,有掌天瓶在此。此瓶诞生于混沌之中,可以承载任何法则之力,你若真的想要摆脱天道侵蚀,需得将体内的道祖本源法则注入瓶内,如此一来,你的修为就会跌落回大罗境,自然也就摆脱了天道的侵蚀。只是掌天瓶先前容纳了混沌法则,如今再容纳你的时间法则,恐怕就会超出此瓶的极限。”瓶灵如此说道。 Exceeds the limit, how can also?” In the Han Li heart tight, hurried voice transmission asked. “超出极限,又会如何?”韩立心中一紧,急忙传音问道。 How exceeds the limit also to be able? The dissipation...... in other words, you used this law, will lose Heaven-Wielding Bottle forever, uses this law, you consider clearly.” The Bottle Spirit sound does not have a sentiment. “超出极限还会如何?就此消散了呗……也就是说,你用了此法,将永远失去掌天瓶,是否使用此法,你考虑清楚。”瓶灵声音不带一丝感情。 Han Li hears this words, stands silently in that complexion Yin clear uncertain. 韩立听闻此话,默然站立在那,面色阴晴不定。 Own present had achieved wishes to strike to kill took Heavenly Court first person of Gu Huojin, displaces to become Time Dao Ancestor, on the Great Dao pursue road, as if no any barrier. 自己如今已如愿击杀了作为天庭第一人的古或今,取而代之成为了时间道祖,在大道的追求路上,似乎已没有了任何障碍。 So long as he wants, he is the first person that True Immortal World is worthy of the reputation, from now on various True Immortal World territories, and even innumerable lower realm, will perform during oneself control. 只要他愿意,他便是真仙界名副其实的第一人,自此真仙界各域,乃至无数下界,都尽在自己的掌控之中。 Oneself seem to have been close to the Heaven and Earth same longevity infinitely. 自己似乎已无限接近于天地同寿。 When this is not just the youngster initially when treads immortal cultivation world, the ambition of establishes? 这不正是自己少年时初踏修仙界时,所立下的志向吗? All these all behind, is alarmed of step by step innumerable years, is the innumerable chance good fortunes, in addition the sacrifices of countless person...... 这一切的一切背后,是无数个岁月的步步惊心,又是无数的机缘造化,再加上无数人的牺牲…… But, Skeleton Sovereign, and even Gu Huojin as a result of using power of magical principle by the scene that the Heavenly Dao swallows, have fluttered from its mind rapidly. 但紧接着,骨皇,乃至古或今由于动用法则之力而被天道吞噬的场景,一幕幕从其脑海中飞速飘过。 All these, with ambition unceasing interweaving that the youth establishes, is pulling itself. 这一切,与自己少年时代立下的志向不断的交织,拉扯着自己。 Golden Child has not heard the voice transmission exchange of Han Li and Bottle Spirit, sees Han Li grave expression, thinks that he in the consideration countermeasure, calmly stands in the one side, has not spoken to disturb. 金童并未听到韩立瓶灵传音交流,看到韩立面色凝重,以为他在考虑应对之策,静静站在一旁,没有出言打扰。 Long time later, Han Li lifted the eye, says slowly: 良久之后,韩立抬起了眼睛,缓缓开口说道: Many thanks Bottle Spirit Senior direction, but also asked Senior to help me diverge within the body Dao Ancestor principle, I am willing to give up Heaven-Wielding Bottle.” “多谢瓶灵前辈指点,还请前辈助我散去体内道祖法则,我愿意放弃掌天瓶。” Your within the body Time Principle possibly moves restlessly momentarily again, matter cannot be delayed, our then starts.” Bottle Spirit sound slightly one happy, but returns to immediately normal. “你体内时间法则随时可能再次躁动,事不宜迟,我们这便开始吧。”瓶灵声音微微一喜,但立刻又恢复了平静。 The green light flashes, Heaven-Wielding Bottle flies to fall to Han Li at present, and rose to the wash bowl size in a big way. 绿光一闪,掌天瓶飞落到韩立眼前,并且涨大到了脸盆大小。 Han Li sees with own eyes this scenery, a straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards porch, simultaneously flicks the sleeve wields. 韩立眼见此景,剑眉一轩,同时拂袖一挥。 His silver light gate flashes, but presently, the Nangong Wan form flew from inside. 他身旁银色光门一闪而现,南宫婉的身影从里面飞了出来。 Wan'er, Golden Child, my something must process, you draw back is farther.” Han Li tranquil saying. 婉儿,金童,我有些事情要处理,你们退的远些。”韩立平静的说道。 Golden Child is startled, had not asked, bringing Nangong Wan flying figure to retrocede. 金童一怔,却没有多问,带着南宫婉飞身后退。 Although Nangong Wan just in Flowering Branch Space, has actually been paying attention to outside situation. 南宫婉刚刚虽然在花枝空间,却也一直注意着外面的情况。 She looks at Han Li, in the heart has a premonition, Han Li at this moment, will soon make heaven-shaking to startle the vulgar decision, although in her heart somewhat is unavoidably anxious, but stemming from the Han Li confidence, without inquiring anything. 她看着韩立,心中有一种预感,此刻的韩立,即将做出一个惊天骇俗的决定,虽然她心中不免有些焦虑,但出于对韩立的信心,没有询问什么。 Han Li pinches finger joints with the thumb single-handed, according to Heaven-Wielding Bottle, within the body huge power of Time Principle falls in torrents, pours into the bottle. 韩立单手掐诀,按在掌天瓶上,体内庞大之极的时间法则之力倾泻而出,注入瓶内。 Heaven-Wielding Bottle blooms the bright green glow, in the bottle appears one group of dark green light groups, the thunder clouds fierce tumbling. 掌天瓶绽放出明亮之极绿芒,瓶内浮现出一团墨绿光团,雷云般剧烈翻滚。 In the bottle seems hiding a bottomless deep sea, regardless of pours into many power of Time Principle, easily holds, has not hindered. 瓶内仿佛藏着一片无底深海,无论注入多少时间法则之力,都轻易容纳,没有丝毫阻碍。 Han Li sense/telepathy to this situation, eyebrow raise, increases injection of Time Principle immediately thickly, the green light that Heaven-Wielding Bottle sends out also for it one. 韩立感应到这个情况,眉梢一挑,立刻加大了时间法则的注入,掌天瓶散发出的绿光也为之一浓。 At this moment, the bottle the cloud cluster tumbles suddenly suddenly, then the thick dark green ray projects from the bottle mouth together, Pū chī submerges the front to be void. 就在此刻,瓶内云团突然急剧翻滚,然后一道粗大墨绿光芒从瓶口射出,噗嗤一声没入前方虚空。 Rumble! 轰隆隆! The nearby tumbles void immediately, golden space and time passageway appears, swallows down together with Heaven-Wielding Bottle Han Li together. 附近虚空立刻翻滚,一个金色时空通道浮现而出,将韩立连同掌天瓶一同吞了下去。 Golden Child sees with own eyes this, the complexion changes, immediately dodges, hides in one side. 金童眼见此幕,面色微变,立刻闪避开来,躲在一边。 Fellow Daoist Nangong, Fellow Daoist Han is all-resourceful, decides however can overcome this issue, is well, should not be worried.” Golden Child said to Nangong Wan. 南宫道友,韩道友神通广大,定然能克服这个问题,平安无事,你不要担心。”金童南宫婉说道。 I had not worried, since husband lets us and others here, we are waiting well.” Nangong Wan said with a smile, among facial expressions a school of tranquility. “我没有担心,夫君既然让我们等在这里,我们等着就好。”南宫婉笑着说道,神情间一派平静。 Golden Child sees the Nangong Wan facial expression, secretly admiration. 金童看到南宫婉神情,暗自钦佩。 Han Li places in space and time passageway, the strength of surroundings endless space and time is tearing, but Heaven-Wielding Bottle sends out the graceful green light at this moment, easily the strength of isolation surrounding space and time outside. 韩立身处时空通道内,周围无尽时空之力在撕扯,只不过掌天瓶此刻散发出盈盈绿光,轻易将周围的时空之力隔绝在外。 What's all this about?” “这是怎么回事?” Han Li repeatedly shuttle space and time, but this time feels like somewhat different. 韩立多次穿梭时空,但这次的感觉似乎有些不同。 Your Time Principle stimulated the magical powers of Heaven-Wielding Bottle shuttle space and time, does not need to pay attention, was most essential, I stimulated to movement the strength of Heaven-Wielding Bottle, started to admit your source Dao Ancestor principle, cannot divert attention!” The Bottle Spirit sound conveys, is extremely dignified. “你的时间法则刺激到了掌天瓶穿梭时空的神通,不必理会,接下来是最关键的,我催动掌天瓶之力,开始接纳你的本源道祖法则,千万不可分心!”瓶灵声音传来,极其凝重。 Good.” The Han Li both eyes deep place has delimited a ray, nods, full play within the body Time Principle. “好。”韩立双目深处划过一道光芒,点点头,全力运转体内时间法则 One group also wants the dazzling golden light to gush out from his palm compared with Sun, inside is rich to unbelievable power of Time Principle, integrated in the bottle. 一团比太阳还要刺目的金光从他掌心涌出,里面是浓郁到难以置信的时间法则之力,融入了瓶内。 On the Heaven-Wielding Bottle bottle wall flashes to reappear together gold/metal mark, is clear, as if the crack is ordinary. 掌天瓶的瓶壁上一闪浮现出一道金痕,非常清晰,仿佛裂纹一般。 But on Han Li the aura is feeble immediately, but his top of the head always in the Heavenly Dao threat was also as if more lax. 韩立身上气息立刻衰弱了许多,不过他头顶无时无刻不在的天道威胁似乎也松懈了一些。 His vision one happy , to continue to stimulate to movement within the body source principle to pour into the bottle. 他目光一喜,继续催动体内本源法则注入瓶内。 As one group of then one group of golden light depart from his palm, integrates in Heaven-Wielding Bottle, the gold/metal mark on Heaven-Wielding Bottle are getting more and more, but the Han Li aura actually reduces fast. 随着一团接着一团的金光从他手掌飞出,融入掌天瓶内,掌天瓶上的金痕越来越多,而韩立的气息却飞快降低。 :.: :。:
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