RMJTIIW :: Volume #14

#1374: Good play performance

Was divided the dreadful monstrous waves of gap to be defeated and dispersed loudly, but next moment, the spray of scattering gathers again, changed into the new wave of monstrous waves, before size or imposing manner victory . 被劈出缺口的滔天巨浪轰然溃散,但下一刻,四溅的浪花再度聚拢,化为了新的一波巨浪,无论是大小还是气势都更胜之前。 Purple Black Blade glow and black light beam at first with irresistible force general, broke out one after another monstrous waves, however these monstrous waves often were divided torn to pieces, actually then can restore quickly such as beginning, and imposing manner becomes even more astonishing. 黑刀芒和黑色光柱起初势如破竹一般,劈开了一波又一波巨浪,然而这些巨浪每每被劈得支离破碎,却很快便能恢复如初,且气势变得愈发惊人。 Demon female and lion largest game, although chops the blade glow unceasingly, projects the light beam, but facing the be continuous unceasing monstrous waves, the strength falls short eventually, all attack raised sun-blocking dreadful monstrous waves submerge thoroughly. 邪魅女子与狮首巨兽虽然不断劈出刀芒,射出光柱,但面对绵延不绝的巨浪,终究力有不逮,所有攻击被掀起的一个遮天蔽日的滔天巨浪彻底淹没。 This a series of changes mentions complex, actually happened in the electric light flint. 这一系列变化说来复杂,其实不过发生在电光火石之间。 The dreadful monstrous waves swallowed two people of attacks, kept slightly, hit ruthlessly on the evil charm female and lion beast giant beast, the dreadful great strength that is unable to explain raised loudly, shook to fly the two. 滔天巨浪吞噬掉了二人的攻击,丝毫不停,狠狠撞在邪魅女子和狮兽巨兽身上,一股无法言喻的滔天巨力轰然掀起,将二者震飞了出去。 The evil charm female and white skirt fat woman melted various giant beast methods to stand firm body figure quickly, will attack again, but Chen Ruyan actually body figure moved, changed into wisp of light smoke to be separated from the battlefield, appeared beyond hundred li (0.5 km). 邪魅女子与白裙胖妇所化巨兽各施手段很快稳住了身形,正要再度攻上,但陈如烟身形一动,化为一缕青烟脱离了战场,出现在了百里之外。 Two fellow daoist, among us the victory and defeat, said that is unimportant? Was inferior that I and others save some strengths for the time being, how has a look at that side result?” Chen Ruyan shows a faint smile to two people, said. “二位道友,我们之间的胜负,说起来并不重要吧?不如我等暂且省些力气,看看那边的结果如何?”陈如烟冲二人微微一笑,如此说道。 Gave up any idea of!” “休想!” In the evil charm female eyes full is the color of hate, is not willing to call a halt, in the hand the purplish black long blade lifts up high again, then must chop again. 邪魅女子眼中满是妒恨之色,并不愿停手,手中紫黑长刀再次高举,便要再次劈出。 „The He Lan younger sister, she said also has the truth. We might as well call a halt for the time being, wait for that side Demon Lord to have the result, said again not lately.” On the facies leontina giant beast the ray flashes through, changed into the white skirt fat woman appearance again, puts out a hand to block before was called He Lan evil charm female body. 贺兰妹子,她说的也不是没有道理。我们不如暂且停手,等魔主那边有了结果,再说不迟。”狮面巨兽身上光芒闪过,再次化为了白裙胖妇模样,伸手拦在了被称为“贺兰”的邪魅女子身前。 The He Lan complexion fluctuated several, very much does not prefer put down in the hand the long blade. 贺兰面色变幻了几下,不是很情愿的放下了手中长刀。 The however two female vision moments do not move closely are staring at Chen Ruyan, preventing him to withdraw to leave. 不过二女目光片刻不移的紧紧盯着陈如烟,防止其脱身离开。 Chen Ruyan ascertains two people of intentions, smiles lightly, has not made the suspicious action, calmly stands there, the vision looks to distant place Demon Lord et al . 陈如烟窥破二人用心,淡淡一笑,没有做可疑的举动,静静站在那里,目光望向远处的魔主等人。 Almost while Chen Ruyan here battle stops, the Dao Ancestor Yin Ming also floating body retrocedes suddenly. 几乎在陈如烟这边的争斗停止的同时,隐明道祖也突然飘身后退。 I said two fellow daoist, that side good play was about to perform, this was ten thousand years is difficult to meet the scene, don't you want to take a look?” A low and deep sound resounds, this is Dao Ancestor Yin Ming opens the mouth for the first time. “我说两位道友,那边的好戏快上演了,这可是万载难逢之景象,你们不想看看吗?”一个低沉的声音响起,这还是隐明道祖首次开口。 Ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) dry corpses and yellow robe man look at each other one, although has not spoken, but actually not in make a move. 万丈干尸和黄袍男子对视一眼,虽然没有说话,但却也没在出手 What is different from Chen Ruyan and Dao Ancestor Yin Ming here tactical situation, Bai Ze, Dao Ancestor Bai Yun and other battles between people, not only has not called a halt, instead growing trend. 陈如烟隐明道祖这边的战况不同的是,白泽,白云道祖等六人之间的争斗,非但没有停手,反而又愈演愈烈之势。 Saw with own eyes that Gu Huojin was sphered by seven people, Dao Ancestor Bai Yun and other in the people of hearts is greatly anxious, goes all out to get rid of the Bai Ze three people, in the past the aid, naturally spared no effort shows the skills, various power of magical principle, spirit domain, the immortal treasure interlocks to run amuck. 眼见古或今被七人围住,白云道祖等三人心中大急,拼命想要摆脱白泽三人,过去援手,自然不遗余力的施展出浑身解数,各种法则之力,灵域,仙宝交错横行。 Bai Ze three people under the present excellent situation, how also to make three people leave, stops similarly full power. 白泽三人在眼下大好局势下,又岂会让三人离开,自是同样全力阻拦。 This time three people, changed into the main body. 此时的三人,均都化为了本体。 Bai Ze changes into a white auspicious beast, the head has two corner/horn, under the jaw the goat beard, the mouth is opening and closing steadily, then emits to say the white storm surely. 白泽化为一头白色瑞兽,头有两角,颌下长着山羊般的胡须,嘴巴开合之间,便喷吐出千万道白色风暴。 Yue Mian changes into the body of Heavenly Roaming Roc, the body week is twining the innumerable thunder and lightning, the place visited, changes into stretch of place of thunder light all. 岳冕则化为游天鲲鹏之躯,身周缠绕着无数雷电,所过之处,尽数化为一片雷光之地。 That bald guy actually changes into one greatly like the mountain, resembles the fish non- fish the black giant beast, body figure compared with Bai Ze, Yue Mian also wants on the big larger part. 那光头大汉却化为一头大如山岳,似鱼非鱼的黑色巨兽,身形白泽,岳冕还要大上一大半。 The giant beast appearance is ugly, particularly the mouth is enormous, almost occupies half head. 巨兽容貌丑陋,尤其是嘴巴极大,几乎占据半个脑袋。 The full is full is in the fang huge mouth dark incomparable, seems connecting another world, bursts out the strong suction. 其满是满是獠牙巨口之中幽暗无比,仿佛连接着另一个世界,迸发出强大的吸力。 All things to its front, will be swallowed by one, sometimes swallows made an effort, to pull the big piece directly void. 一切东西到了其前面,都会被一口吞掉,有时吞的用力了些,直接把大片虚空也拉扯了进去。 Although six people are Dao Ancestor Realm, principle power aspect almost/the same is well-matched, but the Bai Ze three people are True Spirit, the mortal body foundation is abundant, how whatever the Dao Ancestor Bai Yun three people attack crazily, is unable to jump over thunder pond one step. 六人虽然都是道祖境界,法则威能方面差不多旗鼓相当,但白泽三人乃是真灵,肉身根基雄厚无比,任凭白云道祖三人如何狂攻,都无法越雷池一步。 „Do you want to kill me?” Gu Huojin observes the situation seven people of body week, in the surface does not have an anxiety, but chatted speaks to ask. “你们想杀我?”古或今环视身周的七人,面上没有一丝紧张,只是闲聊般的出言问道。 Is strange, blames you being too greedy.” The Demon Lord vision is gazing at Gu Huojin, sneers a sound said. “要怪,就怪你太贪婪。”魔主目光注视着古或今,冷笑一声道。 Greedy? this Gu wants to look at the end of this world, actually to have what...... to be able cultivation until now realm, is it possible that in the heart not to have one or two/just a little obsessive thoughts?” Gu Huojin said lightly, the hand gathered together in the sleeve, ring silent crumb that wears. “贪婪?古某不过是想看一看这个世界的尽头,究竟有什么……诸位能修炼到如今的境界,心中莫非没有一二执念?”古或今淡淡说道,手拢到了袖子里,将戴着的一个戒指无声捏碎。 Gu Huojin is shrewd and crafty, do not let him display what method dragging time again, on together.” The Samsara Palace Master vision concentrates, as if discovered anything, a palm strikes to kill to Gu Huojin. 古或今老奸巨猾,别让他再施展什么手段拖延时间,一起上。”轮回殿主目光一凝,似乎发现了什么,一掌向古或今击杀而来。 Airborne presents Shadow of ghosts and gods immediately, presents the dark-red all over the body, the body surface also puts on an bone armor, Samsara Principle twines in its surroundings, is fluctuating, has rumble the loud sound, seems in violent roaring. 空中立刻出现了一尊鬼神的影子,通体呈现暗红色,体表还穿着一件骨质铠甲,一股轮回法则在其周围缠绕,不停的变幻着,发出隆隆巨响,好似在猛烈的咆哮。 This ghosts and gods also palm strikes to kill, tears the time space instantaneously all, cuts to the head of Gu Huojin. 这尊鬼神也一掌击杀而出,瞬间将时间空间尽数撕裂,斩向古或今的脑袋。 Demon Lord and the others saw with own eyes Samsara Palace Master make a move, immediately together make a move. 魔主等人眼见轮回殿主出手,立刻一起动手 Space was shattered!” “空间破碎!” Emperor gold/metal cracking day!” “金帝裂天!” Fire god is born!” “火神降世!” Vanishes to kill quiet!” “幽幻灭杀!” Overbearing starry sky!” “霸道星空!” Swallows the soul to bite the mortal form!” “吞魂噬魄!” Demon Lord and the others six to reaching condense to the strong principle, displays the most powerful attack respectively, the bang to Gu Huojin. 魔主等人身上六道至臻至强的法则凝聚,各自施展最为强大的攻击,轰向古或今 In a twinkling, the surrounding area ten thousand li (0.5 km) void were shaken by this imposing manner, void shatter continuously, may tear all golden light to flood Heaven and Earth fully, almost transparent purgatory fireworks, the shadow of invisible material, the dazzling star light, this side Heaven and Earth, stirs just like the purgatory. 霎时间,方圆万里虚空都被这股气势所震,虚空此起彼伏的破碎,足可撕裂一切的金光充斥天地,几近透明的炼狱焰火,无形物质的黑影,璀璨夺目的星光,将这一方天地,搅得宛如炼狱。 Places everyone in Jade Pool, and even the demon two clan armies smell there is something wrong, has run away in abundance beyond ten thousand li (0.5 km), the cultivation base slightly weak person, annihilates in this principle tide bright with many colors directly, god shape entirely to extinguish. 身处瑶池中的所有人,乃至妖魔两族大军见势不妙,早已纷纷逃到了万里之外,其中修为稍弱之人,直接湮灭于这片五光十色的法则浪潮之中,神形俱灭。 Everyone mind shakes greatly at the same time, only dares to wait and see distantly, does not dare to approach again excessively. 所有人心神巨震的同时,只敢遥遥观望,不敢再过分逼近。 Is the ultimate contest of Dao Ancestor rank to launch finally, Gu Huojin takes Time Dao Ancestor, as the head of Seven Monarchs of Heavenly Court, Time Principle sinking obscene Three Great Supreme Principles does not know many ten thousand years, by strength present age unparalleled. 属于道祖级别的终极较量终于展开,古或今作为时间道祖,身为天庭七君之首,沉淫三大至尊法则之一的时间法则不知多少万年,论实力可谓当世无双。 But spheres the Gu Huojin seven people, Samsara Palace Master and Demon Lord needless saying that will be present age another two principles besides Time Principle will cultivate to the person of reaching, even if were inferior that Gu Huojin so tyranical, actually actually may still meet as an equal in the principle level. 而围住古或今的七人,轮回殿主魔主自不必说,乃是当世将除了时间法则外另外两种法则修至至臻之人,即便不如古或今这般强横,却在法则层面却也可分庭抗礼。 Other five people of same backgrounds are big, cultivates principle, even if unable to place on a par with Three Great Supreme Principles, actually is still existence of not to be underestimated. 其余五人同样来头不小,所修法则即便无法与三大至尊法则相提并论,却也是不容小觑的存在。 After all, this world three thousand Great Dao, comprehensive, included this world all rules, any principle will cultivate sends, has understood clearly some true meaning together. 毕竟,这世间三千大道,包罗万象,囊括了这世间一切的规则,将其中任何一种法则修至极致,都已洞悉了某一道的真谛。 Although originally these five principles, but also is unable to contend with Time Principle, but handles jointly with the samsara and space now, seven principles simultaneous/uniform, naturally had may with this world to reaching to the energy of strong Time Principle competing. 虽然原本这五种法则,还无法与时间法则相抗衡,但如今会同了轮回和空间,七道法则齐下,自然有了可与这世间至臻至强的时间法则一争高下之能。 Everyone starts to turn very quiet, actually wants to have a look at who will be the winner. 所有人都开始屏住呼吸,想要看看究竟鹿死谁手。 Thousand li (500 km) void instantaneous crazy collapsing centered on Gu Huojin, as if Tienchu was rumbled broken, the world did not have the support, avalanche. 古或今为中心的千里虚空瞬间疯狂坍塌,似乎天柱一下被轰碎,世界没了支撑般,崩塌下来。 In the Gu Huojin eye flashes through a dignity finally, two pinch finger joints with the thumb, the body on trace golden light hold together with wheelchair, the retraction, concentrates up and down greatly later immediately like the golden armor of essence. 古或今眼中终于闪过一丝凝重,两手掐诀,身体上下连同轮椅上的纹路金光大盛,随后立即回缩,凝成一副有如实质的金色铠甲。 The armor chest front mounted a huge dragon design, smoothly curved raised corner extend from the dragon design , is actually scales forms, spreads to various whole body places, and often sprays golden flame to all around, is seemingly indestructible. 铠甲胸前镶嵌了一幅巨大的龙型图案,一道道线条流畅的凸棱自龙型图案上延伸出来,却是一枚枚鳞片形成,蔓延到全身各处,并且不时向四周喷射出一道道金色火焰,看起来坚不可摧。 The golden armor just congealed, seven people attack power of magical principle that but loudly, seven is unable to explain, in addition various on Gu Huojin, connects with power of Time Principle that its body surface surges in one. 金色铠甲刚刚凝成,七人攻击轰然而至,七股无法言喻的法则之力,加诸于古或今身上,与其体表激荡的时间法则之力交汇在了一起。 These seven power of magical principle with the flash that the golden light interweaves, stagnated slightly a instant. 这七股法则之力在与金光交织的一刹那,微微停滞了一霎。 But is this instant that allows to send, the Gu Huojin whole person does not change into together the golden light suddenly, shoots toward the above illness/quick. 但就是这间不容发的一霎,古或今整个人蓦然化为一道金光,朝着上方疾射而出。 The golden light breaks through seven power of magical principle that was imprisoned to fetter directly, breaks out of their cocoons, but Gu Huojin golden color armor together with covering the golden light of whole body, seven power of magical principle that is also broken banned directly immediately tear. 金光直接冲破了被禁锢住的七股法则之力束缚,破茧而出,但古或今身上的金色铠甲连同笼罩周身的金光,也直接被立刻破禁的七道法则之力所撕裂。 The Gu Huojin body hung ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) upper air, the forehead golden light flashed continually several, the big flake gold light appeared from the body surface. 古或今身悬万丈高空,眉心处金光连闪了几下,大片金光从体表浮现。 The shatter armor will restore shortly, the whole person suddenly, then restored general as usual, as if previously nothing happened. 其身上破碎的铠甲顷刻间修复,整个人只是眨眼间,便恢复如常,仿佛此前什么都没有发生一般。 Gu Huojin Time Rewind, the general method, was unable to injure and eventuality.” The Samsara Palace Master vision flashes slightly, said. 古或今已可时光回溯,一般的手段,已根本无法伤及其万一。”轮回殿主目光微微闪动,如此说道。 Knows me, palace master.” Gu Huojin looked at Samsara Palace Master one, hehe said with a smile. “知我者,殿主也。”古或今看了轮回殿主一眼,呵呵一笑道。 Time Rewind, although goes against heaven's will, but you by present condition, can display several times?” Demon Lord is actually cold sound smiles. 时光回溯虽然逆天,但你以如今的状态,又能施展几次?”魔主却是冷声一笑。 The voice falls, its both eyes silver light flashes. 话音落下,其双目银光一闪 next moment, Gu Huojin whole body void Bank of China brilliant hold, the space closes instantaneously, and freezes thoroughly, Gu Huojin body figure was imprisoned immediately there. 下一刻,古或今周身虚空中银光大盛,空间瞬间弥合,并且彻底冻结,古或今身形顿时被禁锢在那里。 It is all around void is frozen by me, quickly!” Demon Lord low roar. “其周遭虚空已被我冻结,快!”魔主低喝一声。 Several other people do not need him to shout out obviously, the method is uneven 5 - 6 principle spirit domain to reappear in a twinkling, the overlay covers on Gu Huojin, strictness of its body figure imprisonment. 其余几人显然不用他呼喝,早已手段齐出霎时间五六道法则灵域浮现而出,叠加笼罩在古或今身上,将其身形禁锢的更加严密。 Only Samsara Palace Master does not have make a move, a brow wrinkle, in the eye to flash through doubts slightly. 唯独轮回殿主没有出手,眉头微微一皱,目中闪过一丝疑惑。 Futile effort.” “徒劳而已。” Gu Huojin smiles lightly, the body armor flashes suddenly, blooms the myriad golden rays, as if innumerable sword image cutting the space that freezes in the surroundings. 古或今淡淡一笑,身上铠甲突然一闪,绽放出万道金光,仿佛无数剑影切割在周围冻结的空间上。 Chī la in the sharp voice sound, the nearby space was cut to pieces again, that several spirit domain the strength of imprisonment all was been also broken. 嗤啦”的裂帛声中,附近空间再次被切碎,还有那几个灵域的禁锢之力也被一切而碎。 Gu Huojin regains the freedom immediately, turns around like lightning, lifts an arm, resembles the slow reality illness/quick and other people grasps to Samsara Palace Master. 古或今顿时恢复自由,闪电般转身,抬起一臂,似缓实疾的冲轮回殿主等七人抓出。 Big such as the golden fist shadow of mountain emerges out of thin air, above is flashing dazzling king character, is competitive, hits to seven people, before had displayed magical powers time. 一尊大如山岳的金色拳影凭空出现,上面闪动着一个耀眼的王字,霸气十足,打向七人,正是之前施展过一次的神通。 This time fist shadow extremely condense, the strength of implication was also stronger than ten times before, the space mirror surface all disintegration that Demon Lord solidifies. 只是这次的拳影极其凝练,蕴含的力量也比之前强大了十倍,魔主凝固的空间镜面般尽数崩碎。 Is this move? Gu Huojin from was melted perhaps already the one pace by the Heavenly Dao, does not dare excessively to use power of magical principle, detonated him!” Demon Lord coldly said. “又是这一招?诸位,古或今距离被天道相融恐怕已一步之遥,已不敢过多动用法则之力了,一起破了他!”魔主冷冷说道。 This is a heaven-sent opportunity, we today, consume also to consume this Heavenly Court first person!” Yin Chengquan hehe a sound said. “这可是天赐良机,我们今日,耗也要耗死这位天庭第一人!”阴丞全嘿嘿一声道。 Actually is Gu Huojin up to mischief...... has been as if intending to delay the time?” Samsara Palace Master sees this, the brow actually wrinkles tightly. 古或今究竟在搞什么鬼……似乎一直在有意拖延时间?”轮回殿主见此,眉头却皱得更紧。 During the consideration, seven people strike with joint forces, breaks open the golden fist shadow , to continue to chase down to go toward Gu Huojin. 思量间,七人合力一击,将金色拳影破开,继续朝着古或今追杀而去。
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