ROUIC :: Volume #11 Volume 11

#1201: previous life enemies

Was suppressed thousands of years, and even trillion years of Years demon corpse, not only has not died, actually is also living? 一尊被镇压千万年,乃至亿万年岁月的‘魔尸’,不仅没死,竟然还活着? The person who all hears this news, only thinks instantaneously absolutely terrifiedly, on the back smooth back, as if there is cold air direct impact together on, makes the brain sober instantaneously. Especially they, looked again that does not know many mile lies down horizontally, when that demon corpse, felt instantaneously, it as if there is breath, shouted attracts, brought the huge demonic qi tide, each piece of scales were shivering, as if momentarily can regain consciousness from this void. 所有听到这消息的人,瞬间只觉毛骨悚然,背后光滑的脊梁上,似乎有一道寒气直冲而上,瞬间让大脑都清醒。尤其是她们,再看那尊不知多少里横躺在那的‘魔尸’的时候,瞬间就感觉,它仿佛具备呼吸般,一呼一吸之间,都带起庞大的魔气潮汐,每一片鳞甲都在颤动,似乎随时都能从这虚空中苏醒。 No... Cannot.” “不...不会吧。” Chen Yaoyao was frightened , the small face is pallid. 陈夭夭是真被吓到,小脸煞白。 This little girl is only 17-18 years old, the powder carves the jade pecking, youth Xiuli, on young once experienced some disturbances, A'Xiu is protecting. For these years was steady, the life was healthy, only thinks that an Earth peace throughout the country, oneself Uncle Chen Beixuan was vertically and horizontally invincible, is known as Northern Jade Godly Monarch, suppressed the world, who can think, under Earth, buried this kind of time bomb unexpectedly. 这个小姑娘才十七八岁,粉雕玉啄,青春秀丽,也就年少时曾经历一些风波,还有阿秀护着。这几年都平稳过来,生活健健康康,只觉地球一片天下太平,自家叔叔陈北玄纵横无敌,号称北琼神君,镇压全球,谁能想到,地球之下,竟然埋藏这样一颗定时炸弹。 It , if also living, that was really too fearful, Earth was dangerous.” “它要是还活着,那真是太可怕了,地球危险了。” Including the A'Xiu facial color as dignified as the extreme. 阿秀都面色凝重到极点。 Any sees existence of this Scarlet Yang Demon God, can feel that before it to be tiny and weak. A'Xiu believes that so long as Scarlet Yang Demon God regains consciousness, top of the head immortal earth, Earth, cannot block Scarlet Yang Demon God particularly absolutely strikes. 任何一个见到这尊赤阳魔神的存在,都能够感受到在它面前的那种渺小和无力。阿秀相信,只要赤阳魔神苏醒,头顶这片仙土,尤其是地球,绝对挡不住赤阳魔神的一击。 Right, Earth has the danger.” “对,地球有危险。” Other people also think. 其他人也想到。 Xiaoman and Qi Xiu'er, Lu Yanxue , etc., the facial expression changes. 小蛮、祁秀儿陆燕雪等,都神情一变。 In front of this terrifying formidable Demon God, huge Earth, at this moment also appears tiny, do not look at Earth to have several tens of thousands miles surrounding area size, but when the time comes, only feared that Scarlet Yang Demon God lifts the hand, can explode Earth brace. 在这种恐怖强大的魔神面前,原先庞大的地球,此刻也显得渺小,别看地球有数万里方圆大小,但到时候,只怕赤阳魔神一抬手,就能把地球都撑爆掉。 But. But, Teacher, it lived does not know how many hundred million years, will be living how? Among difficult Daoist to be able to live really over a hundred million -year-old existence?” Saying that Xiaoman stutters. “可..可是,老师,它都活了不知道多少亿年了,怎么还会活着?难道人间真有能活上亿岁的存在?”小蛮结结巴巴的说道。 By her understanding, Great Power life also ten ten thousand years above. 以她的了解,大能寿元也不过十万载以上。 Upward realm, the Xiaoman understanding is unclear, but supported to live for 1 million years, and even thousands of years. Earth existed today, does not know many hundred million years. This Primordial Chaos Demon God life, is definitely more ancient than Earth, with planet with decaying, is what concept? Xiaoman only thinks own all cognition, were overthrown today. 再向上的境界,小蛮也了解不清,但撑死了能活1000000年,乃至千万年罢了。地球存在到今天,都不知道多少亿年了。这尊混沌魔神的寿命,肯定比地球还要古老,与星辰同朽,是什么概念?小蛮只觉自己所有的认知,在今天都被推翻掉了。 Rumble.” “轰隆隆。” That demon corpse calmly lies down in that as before, rushing that but during each breath, brings to the demonic qi tide that is unable to imagine, surges in entire void. Only saw, the space assumes the ripple to bloom, innumerable black Light Glow, past in everywhere. Simply does not know inside and outside many little complementary waves, almost exploded to the pressure three females. 那尊‘魔尸’依旧静静躺在那,但它每一个呼吸之间,带起的澎湃到无法想象的魔气潮汐,在整个虚空中激荡。只看到,空间呈水纹般绽放开来,无数黑色光芒,在漫天流转。仅仅是不知道多少里外的一点点余波,都差点把三女给压爆了。 Dāng.” “当。” Chen Fan brow light wrinkle, stimulation of movement Locking Sea Pearls, piece of radiant Divine Light lowers gently, Xiaoman and the others, protects slightly, reduces the pressure. 陈凡眉头轻皱,轻轻催动‘定海珠’,一片璀璨神光降下,将小蛮等人,略微护在其中,减轻压力。 „The Primordial Chaos Demon God life, was much longer than general Immortal Cultivator, era, these Demon God descendants, frequently can live dozens to long live, including ordinary Human Race, the start also has ten thousand years of life. But to today's this time, Spirit Qi degenerated, Law(s) hidden goes, the magical skill extinguishes, the ordinary mortal can only live dozens years old. But in the Universe deep place, the central galaxy world, in some ancient radiant Immortal Cultivation mainland, Human Race lives to live several hundred years old, even over thousand years old.” Chen Fan light explanation. 混沌魔神的寿元,本就比一般修仙者长得多,上古时代,那些魔神后裔们,更动辄能活几十万岁,连普通的人族,起步也有万年寿元。只不过到了今天这时代,灵气退化,法则隐去,道行消弭,普通凡人才只能活几十岁的。但在宇宙深处,中央星河世界,一些古老璀璨的修仙大陆上,人族生下来就能活几百岁,甚至千岁以上。”陈凡淡淡解释。 According to Legend, these Innate Demon God, such as the candle dragon, Vermilion Bird , Kun Peng , etc., were known as that with the Heaven and Earth same longevity, the livelihood same age, the Universe decrepit they will be decayed. 传说,那些先天魔神,如烛龙、朱雀鲲鹏等,号称与天地同寿,日月同庚,宇宙衰朽它们才会腐朽。 However. 不过。 This is several eras passes. 这已经是数个纪元过去。 In world Universe, few has been able to see these open the day ago the lifeform, including Scarlet Yang Demon God such suppressed day after tomorrow Demon God, Chen Fan has not thought that can see in Earth. 在人间这个宇宙,已经鲜少能见到这些开天前存在的生物,连赤阳魔神的这样被镇压的后天魔神,陈凡都没想到能在地球看见。 „Is it living really?” A'Xiu asked in a soft voice. “它真活着?”阿秀轻声问。 Correct, although I have not felt existence of its Origin Spirit, the information that but immortal seal in antiquity Immortal preserved, told me obviously, this Demon God was suppressed merely, the present is only the deep sleep, it had not died really... But, why I have not felt it living aura?” Chen Fan frowns. 不错,虽然我没有感受到它元灵的存在,但‘仙印’之中上古仙人留存的信息,却明显告诉我,这尊魔神仅仅是被镇压,如今只是沉睡,它并没有真的死去...可是,为什么我没有感觉到它活着的气息呢?”陈凡皱眉 Demon God, even if day after tomorrow Demon God. 一尊魔神,哪怕是后天魔神 The trivial hundreds of millions years of deep sleep, make it weak most, will not make it die absolutely. 区区几亿年的沉睡,最多让它虚弱,绝对不会让它死去。 If can so easily kill Demon God, in the past that left behind immortal seal to suppress Immortal of Earth, not merely it trapped/sleepy here. 如果能够如此轻易杀死魔神,当年那位留下‘仙印’镇压地球的仙人,就不会仅仅是把它‘困’在此处。 But. 可是。 Chen Fan can feel obviously. At present this demon corpse, does not have existence of Origin Spirit, this is only a empty shell, just like losing the corpse of soul. He is solemn Northern Profound Immortal Venerable, now builds one Yuan strength, this sense absolutely not wrong. 陈凡明明能感受到。眼前这具‘魔尸’之中,并没有元灵的存在,这只是一具空壳罢了,宛如失去了灵魂的尸体般。他是堂堂北玄仙尊,如今又修成一元之力,这种感应绝对没有错。 ‚The immortal seal masters leave a message, Demon God has not died. Demon God that but I see today, truly a corpse, has it died in a sitting posture in long Years? Also or, Teacher and the others did when Earth set up array, collaborate to strike to kill it in the past?’ Chen Fan brow light wrinkle, in the heart is considering, thoughts appear in his mind, but is also rapid by him is overthrown. ‘仙印主人留言,魔神未死。可我今日所见的魔神,确实一具尸体,难道它在漫长岁月中已经坐化掉?又或者,当年老师等人在地球布阵时,联手将它击杀了?’陈凡眉头轻皱,心中思量着,一个又一个念头在他脑海中浮现,但又迅速被他推翻。 ‚Not right... It is not... Primordial Chaos Demon God so is not easy to kill, can only suppress it including ancient Immortal, Teacher , etc. were most also can only increase several seals, is impossible to kill it. Then, the answer only had one...’ ‘不对...都不是...混沌魔神没有这么容易杀死,连古仙人都只能将它镇压,老师等最多也只能多添加几道封印,不可能真的杀死它。那么,答案就只有一个了...’ Un. 嗯。 Thinks of this, by Chen Fan's astuteness , the complexion is ugly. 想到这,以陈凡的城府,也不由脸色难看。 How?” Xiaoman and other cares looked. “怎么了?”小蛮等关心望来。 Chen Fan beckoned with the hand, did not speak, hinted the safe. His vision closely stares at the body of this huge grand Demon God, in the heart is sighing at present lightly. If is really such that he suspects, that many matters, were above beyond the Chen Fan computations. 陈凡摆了摆手,不说话,示意无事。他目光紧紧盯着眼前这座庞大宏伟的魔神之躯,心中轻叹。如果真是他猜想的那样,那许多事情,就超乎陈凡计算之外了。 Origin Spirit is reincarnated, has not thought... This Demon God Origin Spirit, ran away unexpectedly secretly, discards Mortal Body, seized the shed to be reincarnated. This scarlet positive Demon God, is far from ordinary person of the hour, very plucky.’ 元灵转世,没想到...这尊魔神元灵,竟然已经偷跑掉,舍弃肉身,夺舍转世去了。这个赤阳的魔神,绝非普通人物,很有毅力啊。’ In the Chen Fan heart was saying. 陈凡心中说着。 The Primordial Chaos Demon God strength, 99%, come from at present them to formidable including Mortal Body that Immortal is unable how. It can be said that the Primordial Chaos Demon God body, the itself is world most top one of the Divine Treasure and Saintly Treasure, each scale, each spur, each bend angle, forges the strongest material of divine weapon sharp weapon. 混沌魔神的力量,99,来自于眼前它们强大到连仙人都无法奈何的肉身。可以说,混沌魔神的身躯,本就是世间最顶级的神宝圣宝之一,它每一块鳞片,每一根骨刺,每一支弯角,都是锻造神兵利器的最强材料。 In situation unless it is absolutely essential, Demon God Origin Spirit, will not be separated from Mortal Body to be reincarnated to go. Because that means, it will lose over 99% strengths. 不到万不得已的情况下,魔神的‘元灵’,绝不会脱离肉身转世而去。因为那意味着,它将丧失99以上的力量。 But, except for this, other has not explained.’ ‘但,除了这个,没有其他解释了。’ Chen Fan frowns. 陈凡皱眉 Reincarnation Demon God Origin Spirit, no doubt is reincarnated formidable many compared with general Great Power. 转世的魔神元灵,固然比一般的大能转世强大的多。 But wants to cultivate the body of this Demon God, the ratio ascends to heaven simply also difficultly, this whole life is hopeless. Even, it is impossible to take the road of Mortal Body card say/way again, can only the obedient revolutions cultivate/repair other methods, such as the say/way of Immortal Cultivation Refining Qi. 但想要修回这具魔神之躯,简直比登天还难,这辈子都没指望。甚至,它根本不可能再走肉身证道之路,只能乖乖转修其他法门,如修仙炼气之道。 Chen Fan has not thought, Scarlet Yang Demon God so will be resolute. 陈凡没想到,赤阳魔神会如此果决。 After seeing to be separated to suppress to be never, rejection Mortal Body resolutely, the reincarnation goes. 在见到脱离镇压遥遥无期后,毅然决然的舍弃肉身,转世而去。 But, in any event, it is one lives eventually has not known many ten thousand years of Demon God, once it is reincarnated, is having the infinite Merit Law skill that the rich experience and wisdom, as well as once saved, can make its counter potential rise absolutely, Aloof all are reincarnated Great Power, may with most top supreme talent side by side. Such can person of the hour, how on me first not hear?” “不过,无论如何,它终究是一尊活过不知道多少万年的魔神,它一旦转世,带着的丰富经验和智慧,以及曾经积攒下来的无穷功法技能,绝对能让它逆势崛起,超脱一切转世大能,可与最顶级的天骄比肩。这样的人物,我上一世怎会没听说过呢?” Chen Fan facial expression suddenly changes. 陈凡忽的神情一变。 His figure in a flash, flashed beyond ten thousand miles instantaneously, then sparkled to jump continuously, transferred for one week regarding the body of entire Demon God, when he came back, the complexion was difficult to see the extreme. 他身形瞬间一晃,闪到了万里之外,然后连续闪耀跳跃,围绕着整个魔神之躯转了一周,等他回来时,脸色已经难看到极点了。 Chen Fan discovered. 陈凡发现。 The body of this Demon God loses Origin Spirit time, is not long, most also several years. Exactly said that also about ten years, but ten years ago, Immortal Cang Qing passed by Earth time. 这具魔神之躯失去‘元灵’的时间,根本不长,最多也就几年罢了。确切的说,也就十年左右,而十年前,正是苍青仙人路过地球的时候。 ‚, Is Little Qiong the scarlet positive reincarnation?’ ‘难道,小琼是赤阳转世?’ In the Chen Fan heart raises an absurd thought. 陈凡心中升起一个荒谬至极的念头。 ... ... Naturally, was quick he to overthrow. Fang Qiong was not born ten years ago, but is earlier. Time point that scarlet positive Origin Spirit escapes, ten years ago, it possibly without enough time is reincarnated, most seizes a shed person. 当然,很快他就推翻了。方琼不是在十年前出生,而是更早。赤阳元灵逃脱的时间点,是在十年前,它可能来不及转世,最多夺舍一个人。 But person who in the past Earth carried off, there are many, who was seized to abandon? 而当年地球被带走的人,有许多个,到底谁被夺舍了呢? Chen Fan look gloomy. 陈凡面色阴沉。 The person who if not know is good, the person who if he knows was seized the shed, that was quite killed by scarlet positive Origin Spirit in that person. Seizes the shed to be most important, completely swallows the rightful owner soul, changes external appearances only, throws over the skin to go on the market. 如果是不认识的人还好,若是他认识的人被夺舍,那就相当于其人被赤阳元灵杀死。夺舍最重要的,就是尽吞原主灵魂,改头换面,披着皮上市。 What regardless of you seize the shed is, so long as by me were discovered you injure to my family member, I will meet a cruel death you, brings Origin Spirit including Mortal Body, grinds entirely. Even if you are Demon God, even if your back backer is the Lords of Demon God is useless.” “无论你夺舍的是谁,只要被我发现你伤害到我的亲人,我都会将你粉身碎骨,连肉身元灵,统统碾碎。哪怕你是魔神,哪怕你背后的靠山是魔神之主都没用。” In the Chen Fan's eyes pupil murderous aura densely. 陈凡眼眸中杀气森森。 He at this moment, more urgent wish leaves immediately, leaves Earth, wishes one could to pursue to True Martial Immortal Sect now goes, investigates this matter well clearly. 他此刻,更迫切的想要立刻动身,离开地球,恨不得现在就追到真武仙宗去,把这件事好好调查清楚。 However. 不过。 Chen Fan presses finally. 陈凡最终压下来。 He understands, oneself present strength, in abandoning the star territory or small south day of boundary, but also is formidable. But if went to the Universe deep place or the central galaxy world, there has genuine to powerhouse, somewhat formidable exists, can roar broken planet, swallow alive Sun. Is far in the side that Divine Transformation Domain walks, compared with the class of so-called Golden Crow Great Emperor, formidable does not know many, had did not have several tens of thousands years of ancient Shengji to exist exactly. 他明白,自己现在的力量,在遗弃星域或者小南天境,还算强大。但若去了宇宙深处或中央星河世界,那里有真正的至强者,有些强大存在,能够吼碎星辰,生吞太阳。在化神领域走的极远,比所谓的金乌大帝之流,强大不知道多少,更有活了无数万年的古圣级存在。 Facing such person of the hour, by the Chen Fan present strength, even if has one Yuan strength, felt that is unable to contend. 面对这样的人物,以陈凡现在的实力,哪怕具备‘一元之力’,也感觉无法抗衡。 The small south day of boundary is only a form pond, cannot raise True Dragon. The vastness in big Universe, ten thousand clans stands in great numbers, powerhouse converges, hundred million the vastness of existing side by side, are not the cultivator of small south day of boundary and even Earth can imagine. 小南天境只是一片浅洼池塘,根本养不出真龙来。大宇宙中的浩瀚,万族林立,强者云集,亿宗并立的浩瀚,根本不是小南天境乃至地球的修士能想象。 If not Northern Profound Immortal Venerable does not extinguish the Primal Spirit card in a hand to raise, including Chen Fan not their matches. 若不把‘北玄仙尊’的不灭元神底牌掀出来,连陈凡都非他们的对手。 Let alone, that keeps aloof, being insufferably arrogant True Martial Immortal Sect, as well as Chen Fan previous life archenemies? 更何况,还有那高高在上,不可一世的真武仙宗,以及陈凡前世的大敌们呢? Thinks, previous life instructed the person kills the Little Qiong personal enemy, stepped into the Road of Immortal Cultivation archenemies with him in the past, the Chen Fan's eyes eyeball has narrowed the eyes. Han enter, Yang Fan, too Immortal Sect, you are waiting, some enmity, I will criticize with you slowly.” 一想到,前世指示人杀死小琼的仇人,和他当年踏进修仙之路的大敌们,陈凡眼睛不由眯了起来。“韩进,杨梵,还有太一仙宗,你们等着,有些仇,我会慢慢和你们清算的。” Chen Fan sneers. 陈凡冷笑一声。 He following, starts to leave Earth officially prepares. 他接下来,开始正式为离开地球做准备。
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