RINAPE :: Volume #18

#1746: To the internet industry

Behind Wall Street these big shot, felt, so long as makes the media selectivity report and slightly crosses Li Mu's that reminder, this matter final difficulty attacked and captured even. 华尔街背后的那些大佬们,原本觉得只要让媒体选择性报道、把李牧的那番提醒略过,这件事最后的难关就算是攻克了。 But, what has a dream didn't expect is, Li Mu was out to rip unexpectedly personally with oneself. 可是,做梦都没想到的是,李牧竟然亲自下场跟自己撕起来了。 The bonus is the Wall Street big shot hand eye direct access to the highest authorities, wants to promote a big tide by oneself is also very difficult, even if Soros that ruthless spicy international speculator, is impossible to cause the financial crisis baseless or ambushes the Thai currency. 饶是华尔街大佬们手眼通天,想靠自己鼓吹起一个大浪潮也是很困难的,哪怕是索罗斯那种狠辣的国际炒家,也不可能凭空制造金融危机或者狙击泰国货币。 Getting to the bottom, is Southeast Asia first step seed that fermented the financial crisis, but ambushed the Thai bhat with the international speculator, that after the financial crisis broke out, Soros while making do carried out the beating , smashing and looting with one flock of wolves. 追根溯源,是东南亚先一步酝酿出了金融危机的种子,而带着国际炒家狙击泰铢,那不过是在金融危机爆发之后,索罗斯带着一群狼趁乱搞一搞打砸抢罢了。 Turning point that without Google goes on the market, rapid development that without Muye Science and Technology was sudden appearance for these years, without Li Mu stands to give the Google endorsement personally, making wolf of this group of Wall Street drive up internet spring, they could not realize. 如果没有谷歌上市的契机,如果没有牧野科技这几年来异军突起的飞速发展,如果没有李牧亲自站出来给谷歌背书,让这帮华尔街之狼自己去哄抬一个互联网春天,他们是根本实现不了的。 Therefore is so, they more thought that at present this opportunity, is precious. 所以越是如此,他们越觉得眼下这个机会,弥足珍贵。 This seems the Bitcoin many years to ferment, and rises suddenly more than ten years later suddenly, gave the sub-area chain to become the opportunity in gusty area, to make these flicker to find the inspiration to issue the virtual money greatly, to have the coin circle. 这就好像比特币多年酝酿,并且在十几年之后忽然暴涨,才给了区块链成为风口的机会、才让那些大忽悠找到灵感纷纷发行虚拟货币、才有了币圈。 Otherwise depends on these people, at all impossible cooks up the heat the sub-area chain and virtual money. 不然就靠那些人,根本不可能把区块链和虚拟货币炒热。 Now, Wall Street had one by the opportunity that internet made money, Li Mu jumped to rip them suddenly, broke their following source of income instantaneously. 现在,华尔街有了一个靠互联网赚大钱的机会,李牧忽然跳出来撕他们,瞬间就断了他们接下来的财路。 Wall Street this group of big shot look like like ants on a heated pan all of a sudden in abundance, many tycoons in Wall Street have even started to discuss the solution through the conference call. 华尔街这帮大佬一下子纷纷像热锅上的蚂蚁,许多华尔街的大亨甚至已经开始通过视频会议商讨解决之道。 Now, is placed has three in their front roads: 现在,摆在他们面前的路有三条: Article 1, does everything possible to ask Li Mu to hurry to change a statement, at the worst divides some benefits to give him, even lets him with the big end, cost-effective that also always comes compared with wasted effort ; 第一条,想方设法求李牧赶紧改口,大不了分些利益给他,甚至让他拿大头,也总比竹篮打水一场空来的划算; Article 2, lets go this opportunity simply, when this matter has not happened from the start ; 第二条,干脆放弃这次机会,就当这事儿压根没发生过; Article 3, hurries to mobilize the media to sing an opposing tune with Li Mu, your Li Mu did not say that internet spring hasn't come? I did not say that it has come. 第三条,赶紧发动媒体跟李牧唱反调,你李牧不是说互联网春天还没来吗?那我就非说它已经来了。 However everyone discussed that thought that the first article is really is not good to operate. 不过大家讨论了一下,觉得第一条委实是不好操作。 Li Mu had not paid attention to the giants in Wall Street, instead after is Wall Street is pursuing his buttocks, has begged personally the cooperation. 李牧本来就没把华尔街的巨头放在眼里,反而一直是华尔街追着他的屁股后面求合作。 Although Li Mu has taken the Sequoia money, but Sequoia in front of Li Mu, the right to speak does not have slightly, initially Sequoia asked Li Mu to have the opportunity of investing Muye Science and Technology, Sequoia dares to Li Mu saying that now is disobedient his words, has not known how must be tidied up by him. 虽说李牧拿过红杉的钱,但红杉李牧面前,丝毫话语权都没有,当初红杉就是求着李牧才有了投资牧野科技的机会,现在红杉敢跟李牧说一句忤逆他的话,还不知道要被他怎么收拾。 Asked to invest Li Mu to shut out by various Li Mu types, now asks Li Mu to coordinate them to make money, the possibility was minimal. 求着投资李牧都被李牧各种嫌弃,现在去求李牧配合他们赚钱,可能性微乎其微。 Article 2 also nothing more to be said that the objective of wolf of Wall Street is: In front of the benefit will never easily speak to give up. 第二条也没什么好说的,华尔街之狼的宗旨就是:利益面前永不轻言放弃。 As for third, has no egg to use probably. 至于第三条,好像也没什么卵用。 Because of them in internet this industry, absolutely does not have the Li Mu's authority. 因为他们在互联网这个行业,根本就没有李牧的权威性。 Li Mu in the authoritative degree of internet industry, even exceeded Boeing's authoritative degree on civil airliner. 李牧互联网行业的权威程度,甚至超过了波音在民用客机上的权威程度。 In addition Boeing has a Airbus to meet as an equal to it, in front of Li Mu, but is really one can hit does not have. 波音尚且有个空客跟它分庭抗礼,李牧面前,可真是一个能打的都没有。 Larry Page? He is almost the Li Mu's dying loyal powder ; 拉里佩奇?他已经差不多是李牧的死忠粉了; David Filo? Yahoo Portal net present volume of users, even also 1/5 of YY net ; 大卫费罗?雅虎门户网现在的用户量,甚至还不到yy网的五分之一; Bill Gates? This brothers can only be 1/10 internet people, remaining that 9/10 are it. 比尔盖茨?这哥们只能算是十分之一个互联网人,剩下那十分之九是it。 Also, Microsoft msn died one, to return to consciousness just before dying by Li Mu oppressively dies oppressively, present Bill Gates and in Microsoft only has the user, without fans. 再说,微软的msn被李牧虐死一回、回光返照又被虐死一回,现在的比尔盖茨以及微软手里只有用户,没有粉丝 Having the user does not have fans is very painful, like a rich mute, stands yelling that goes all out in Times Square, no one will listen to him to speak. 有用户没粉丝是很痛苦的,就像一个有钱的哑巴,站在时代广场拼了命的叫喊,也没人会听他说话。 Others Li Mu was different, others not only have the user, has fans, information delivery ability, the entire internet industry no one can, fights the opinion warfare with him, that was not equal to that the pack of wolves does jump in the into the sea|nautical mile to biting with the shark? Insufficiently looks completely. 人家李牧就不一样了,人家不但有用户,更有粉丝,信息投放能力之强,整个互联网行业无人能及,跟他打舆论战,那不等于是狼群跳进海里跟鲨鱼对咬吗?完全不够看的啊。 Moreover, a Li Mu round of that Tweets damages very much, he said not only internet spring has not come, he added the US media deliberately did not report his warning opinion, these stood in the moral high ground. 而且,李牧发的那条推文很损,他不光说了互联网春天还没来,他还说了美国媒体刻意不报道他的警示言论,这一下就站在了道德制高点上。 On present micro blog twitter is all scolding the US media, why scolded them to conceal the Li Mu's warning, built internet spring really must arrive at the false appearance intentionally? 以至于现在微博twitter上全是在骂美国媒体的,骂他们为什么要隐瞒李牧的警示,故意营造出一副互联网春天真要到来了的假象? These media and for expert scolded unable to respond that they have, each dog blood is imminent. 这些媒体以及为他们发生的专家一个个被骂的无言以对,各个狗血临头。 Many media really cannot shoulder the pressure of masses question, can only openly issue the statement of apologies, but, they keep silent about the back capital in the statement the matter, but engages in introspection itself one-sided and narrowness when report. 很多媒体实在扛不住大众质疑的压力,只能公开发表道歉声明,不过,他们在声明中绝口不提背后资本的事情,只是反省自己在报道时的片面与狭隘。 The Internet users are not the fools. 网民不是傻子。 By this matter looks to understand at a glance that is how a meaning. 这种事两边看一看就知道是怎么个意思。 Plastered and boasted that internet prospect, doesn't want to tempt many for the capital? 粉饰、吹嘘互联网的前景,不就是想替资本诱多吗? If Li Mu has not published this twitter today, everyone today by the excellent performance that Google goes on the market, and good reception of media confuses, tomorrow affirmed that killing of noisy crowd enters the stock market, purchases the internet stock massively. 如果李牧今天没发表这条twitter,大家今天被谷歌上市的绝佳表现,以及媒体的热捧所迷惑,明天肯定一窝蜂的杀进股市,大量购买互联网股票。 Wall Street this group of capitalists have prepared the sufficient bait, waits for these perplexed investors to swallow the bait. 华尔街这帮资本家早就准备好了充足的诱饵,来等这些不明所以的投资者上钩。 Almost all US media, suffered cursing angrily of its netizen, has the media unable to shoulder the pressure one after another, starts to broadcast the news of Li Mu warning risk, and put together with the video on -the-spot coverage. 几乎所有的美国媒体,都遭受了本国网友的怒骂,以至于陆续有媒体扛不住压力,开始播出李牧警告风险的新闻,并且连同现场采访的视频都放了出来。 At this time, media's back capitalist has also been at wit's end. 这个时候,媒体背后的资本家也已经无计可施。 Now does not let media hard just time, otherwise can only be also compensates in vain the media part credibility, treachery although of media is not from the heart, but also breaks the arm self-preservation. 现在已经不是让媒体硬刚的时候,否则的话只能是白白把媒体这部分的公信力也赔进去了,媒体的倒戈虽然不是发自内心,但也是断臂自保。 Media tycoon motor to subdue|grams innermost feelings at this moment are the collapse, did the media empire for a lifetime, didn't expect did not compare 20 over China to be small. 传媒大亨摩多克此时此刻的内心是崩溃的,搞了一辈子的传媒帝国,没想到比不上一个二十出头的华夏小年轻。 Own all media put together, at this moment cannot place on a par with Li Mu twitter. 自己所有的媒体加在一起,此刻都不能与李牧一条twitter相提并论。 When this feeling, perhaps with nuclear detonation, the mood of Hirohito is similar. 这种感觉,恐怕跟原子弹爆炸时,昭和天皇的心情差不多。 Engages in wanton military activities for a lifetime, the airplane tank cannon makes a lot, thinks can be the world's first to arrange in order, but didn't expect, others throw down two iron fruits, can have so destroys day of terrifying might that extinguishes the place. 一辈子穷兵黩武,飞机坦克大炮没少造,也自以为能位列世界先列,但没想到,人家丢下俩铁蛋蛋,就能有如此毁天灭地的恐怖威力。 Motor to subdue|grams is also same, did the media to do for a lifetime, TV Station, newspaper, magazine and film company, the brother really had everything expected to find, TV Station was the aircraft carrier, the newspaper is the army, the magazine is marine corps, the computer corporation is the air force, without Li Mu, the firepower network of old brothers this set of Trinity, drew to entire world any corner does not fear anybody. 摩多克也是一样,搞媒体搞了一辈子,电视台、报纸、杂志、电影公司,老哥真可谓是应有尽有,电视台是航母,报纸是陆军,杂志是海军陆战队,电脑公司是空军,如果没有李牧,老哥们这套三位一体的火力网,拉到全世界任何一个角落也是不怵任何人的。 Finally, does not have the atomic bomb only. 结果,唯独没有原子弹。 The Wall Street big shot are at wit's end, some people thought of the goldberg family in Britain. 华尔街大佬无计可施的时候,有人想到了远在英国的goldberg家族。 With is the Jewish family, goldberg main influence although not in Wall Street, recent that but actually walks with Li Mu. 同为犹太家族,goldberg的主要势力虽然不在华尔街,但却是与李牧走的最近的一个。 The Jewish merchant most major characteristics are the unprecedented unity, therefore, they felt, lets the goldberg family and Li Mu mediates, first admits mistakes with Li Mu, clothing/taking soft, then both sides draw back one step, to give the opposite party respectively a stair. 犹太商人最大的特点就是空前团结,所以,他们觉得,让goldberg家族与李牧斡旋一下,先跟李牧认个错、服个软,然后双方各退一步、给对方一点台阶。 Therefore, they relate goldberg family's current manager davisongoldberg Davisson Goldberg immediately. 于是,他们立刻联系了goldberg家族的现任管理者davisongoldberg戴维森高柏 Davisson is the investment bank comes, the company of Wall Street many stock class has the goldberg family's stock, in addition concerns the interests of many compatriots, naturally passing on responsibilities received this request. 戴维森自己就是投行出身,华尔街不少股票类的公司都有goldberg家族的股份,再加上关乎许多同胞的利益,自然是当仁不让的接下了这个委托。 Li Mu is lying down , in bathtub soaking-bath, Davisson's telephone hit. 李牧正躺在浴缸里泡澡的时候,戴维森的电话打了过来。 Li Ziwei knocks on a door outside, said: Chief Li, the telephone of Mr. Davisson, after I let him one minute, hits, do you want to meet?” 李紫薇在外面敲了敲门,道:“李总,戴维森先生的电话,我让他一分钟后再打过来,你要不要接?” Davisson?” Li Mu brow slightly pressed, how he will unable to guess correctly that what matter Davisson telephones is behavior, therefore then said: He, if hits, after you let him 20 minutes, hits.” “戴维森?”李牧眉头微蹙,他怎会猜不到戴维森打电话来是所为何事,于是便说:“他如果打过来,你就让他二十分钟后再打。” Good.” “好。” Li Mu took the bath at a moderate pace, scratches the clean body, wears the shorts and bathrobe, this walked from the bathroom. 李牧不紧不慢的泡了澡,擦干净身体,穿上短裤以及浴袍,这才从卫生间里走了出来。 At this time, living room of Li Ziwei in presidential suite is waiting. 此时,李紫薇正在总统套房的客厅等候。 Li Mu asked her: „Did he hit?” 李牧问她:“他又打来了吗?” Hit.” Li Ziwei said: „Before 25 minutes, hits, after I let him 20 minutes, hits, before five minutes, he hits, I said that you are still taking a bath, after letting him ten minutes, tries.” “打了。”李紫薇说:“二十五分钟前打过来的,我让他二十分钟后打过来,五分钟前他打过来,我说您还在洗澡,让他十分钟后再试试。” Li Mu nods, said: These people may really be the unity...... one place is in difficulty help came from all sides...... do not know when our China entrepreneurs, can have them to unite the degree like this......” 李牧点点头,说:“这些人可真是团结啊……一方有难八方支援……不知道什么时候咱们华夏的企业家们,才能有他们这样的团结程度……” Li Ziwei said: Should better and better.” 李紫薇说:“应该会越来越好的吧。” Li Mu smiles: Hopes.” 李牧笑了笑:“但愿吧。” Saying, Li Mu was also saying: Ziwei, the cell phone places here, you help me pour the cup whiskey, I solve to recover from fatigue.” 说着,李牧又道:“紫薇,手机放在这儿,你帮我倒杯威士忌,我解解乏。” Good.” Li Ziwei put down the cell phone, turns around the bar in living room corner. “好。”李紫薇把手机放下,转身去了客厅角落里的吧台。 Li Mu sits on the luxurious comfortable sofa, the scenery of looks at out of the window Manhattan, in the heart has endless emotion. 李牧坐在奢华舒适的沙发上,看着窗外曼哈顿的景色,心中感慨不已。 Today through the show operations of these capitalists, really can look, the American imperialists people truly live in abyss of suffering. 今天通过这些资本家的骚操作,真是能看得出来,美帝人民确实生活在水深火热之中。 Although seems like the strong country and rich people, but the elite class of US begins to the middle and lower level average person, that may really be being able to get down hand. 虽说看起来好像国富民强,但美国的精英阶层对中下层普通人动起手来,那可真的是太下得去手了。 Today this bubble and tomorrow's that crisis, the capitalist is unceasingly strong, but the debt of average person also becomes higher and higher. 今天这个泡沫、明天那个危机,资本家不断膀大腰圆,而普通人的负债也随之变得越来越高。 On this group of capitalists on for example the stock market, how all are by two ten USD prices sell, the value two USD stocks that USD that in the brain thinks buys. 就比如股市上这帮资本家,脑子里想的全是怎么把一美元买来的、价值两美元的股票以二十美元的价格卖出去。 Whom sold to? Naturally is the average person. 卖给谁?当然是普通人。 Then? Each made 19 times of profits to flicker others, life of which manages taking over a business? 然后呢?他每一股赚了19倍的利润去忽悠其他人,哪管接盘者的死活? Leonardo's The Wolf of Wall Street, demonstrates, is such a truth. 莱昂纳多的《华尔街之狼》,展示出来的,就是这么一个道理。 When thought being enthralled, Li Ziwei gave he one glass of iced whiskeys, he received to drink one, the telephone then made a sound. 想的入神时,李紫薇递给他一杯加了冰块的威士忌,他接过来喝了一口,电话便响了起来。 The Li Mu at a moderate pace putting down wine glass, picks up the phone: Hey, Davisson.” 李牧不紧不慢的放下酒杯、拿起电话:“喂,戴维森。” Mr. Li hello!” The although Davisson Goldberg age is Li Mu's three times, but his sound is very humble. 李先生您好!”虽然戴维森高柏的年纪已经是李牧的三倍,但他的声音却很是谦卑。 Li Mu languid asking: „Do you telephone to ask me to have the matter?” 李牧懒洋洋的问:“你打电话找我有事吗?” Davisson Goldberg hastily said: Mr. Li, I by some good friends' requests, am wanted to be sorry for them with you.” 戴维森高柏急忙说:“李先生,我是受一些好友的委托,想代他们跟您表示一下歉意。” Li Mu sneers, said: Davisson, told your friend, the apology of hypocrisy exempted, if later did to invest that to do conscientiously well, wants to cook up the heat degree to amass money to fry other thing, for example housing price of US, but left the internet industry to me!” 李牧冷笑一声,道:“戴维森,告诉你的朋友,虚情假意的道歉就免了,以后如果脚踏实地做投资那就好好做,想炒热度敛财去炒炒别的东西,比如美国的房价,但是给我离互联网行业远一点!”
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