PE :: Volume #35

#1697: The day punishes

The dragon invites the wrath of the emperor, touching must die, does not die continuous! 龙有逆鳞,触之必死,不死不休! Dongfang Yu is a person of heavy affectionate righteousness, therefore, no matter Bai Feifei is also good, Bulma, and even Real World family member(s), to Dongfang Yu, is invites the wrath of the emperor exist(ence), incomparable value. 东方玉是一个重情重义的人,因此,不管是白菲菲也好,布玛也罢,乃至现实世界家人,对东方玉而言,都是逆鳞般的存在,无比珍视。 Otherwise, if not for the person of Buddhism dares to start to Bulma, Dongfang Yu impossible crazy to wanting the entire Buddhism has slaughtered the degree. 否则的话,若不是佛教的人敢对布玛下手,东方玉也不可能疯狂到想要将整个佛教都屠杀了的程度。 It looks like in Dongfang Yu, since Buddhism starts to start to Bulma, oneself and they did not die the continuous aspect. 东方玉看来,自从佛教对布玛下手开始,自己和他们已经是不死不休的局面了。 In, oneself cultivation base was suppressed only, moreover Ancestor Subhuti personally take action, under the powerful, how take action Dongfang Yu is, is impossible to serve the purpose. 只是,净界之中,自己的一身修为被压制了,而且菩提祖师亲自出手,强势之下,东方玉就算是再如何的出手,也不可能达到目的。 After all can unarmed hold on to oneself God-Slayer Spear this point from Ancestor Subhuti, fully explained all. 毕竟从菩提祖师能够徒手抓住自己弑神枪这一点来看,就足以说明一切了。 Therefore, Dongfang Yu has lowered the head, although a man must face the danger sometimes, faces directly, may sometimes, be adaptable to the situation is also a courage. 所以,东方玉低头了,虽说有的时候一个男人必须要面对危险,直面到底,可有的时候,能屈能伸也是一种勇气。 Did this matter such uncover? Naturally is the impossible matter, Dongfang Yu's lowers the head, but to anaesthetize Ancestor Subhuti. 只是,这件事情就这么揭过去了?自然是不可能的事情,东方玉的低头,只是为了麻醉菩提祖师而已。 As after leaving only, oneself strength was restored, Dongfang Yu erupted instantaneously strongly has struck, has attacked Tathagata successfully. 随着离开了净界之后,自己力量得到了恢复,东方玉瞬间爆发出最强的一击,成功袭击了如来。 After all Tathagata now is the severely wounded dying condition, even if restored cultivation base, arrives radically is impossible to block the Dongfang Yu's attack, 150,000 over energy values, sufficiently crush he! 毕竟如来现在是重伤垂死的状态,就算恢复了修为,也根本抵不可能挡得住东方玉的攻击,150000出头的能量值,足以碾压他了! By Dongfang Yu's God-Slayer Spear, was held directly the throat place, Tathagata stared in a big way eyes, does not dare to believe visits him, obviously didn't expect Dongfang Yu to this time, will have stuck unexpectedly out suddenly take action, even was working as Ancestor Subhuti surface take action. 东方玉的弑神枪,直接捅进了咽喉处,如来瞪大了眼睛,不敢置信的看着他,显然没想到东方玉到了这个时候,竟然还会暴起出手,甚至是当着菩提祖师的面出手 The throat was passed through, Tathagata wants to speak is impossible, under God-Slayer Spear terrifying murderous aura wreaks havoc, Aura of Tathagata, is dissipating fast. 只是,咽喉被贯穿了,如来想要说话也不可能了,弑神枪中恐怖的杀气肆虐之下,如来的气息,正在快速消散。 bastard fellow! You dare unexpectedly......”, saw Dongfang Yu does not have the indication suddenly sticks out suddenly take action, nearby Buddha and Bodhisattvas, were the startled sound called out. 混账家伙!你竟然敢……”,眼看着东方玉毫无征兆的突然暴起出手,旁边的佛陀和菩萨们,都是惊声叫道。 Yes, Dongfang Yu's this action, has stemmed from unexpected of all people completely, even if Ancestor Subhuti also didn't expect, therefore, Dongfang Yu sticks out suddenly take action instantaneously, actually does not have any a person to stop his. 是的,东方玉的这个举动,完全出乎了所有人的意料之外,就算是菩提祖师没想到的,因此,东方玉瞬间暴起出手,竟然没有任何一个人能阻拦他的。 Bang! 砰! Relatively speaking, the response of Ancestor Subhuti naturally is quickest, has wielded the sleeves, the formidable incomparable strength, let flying upside down that Dongfang Yu could not support instantaneously. 相对而言,菩提祖师的反应自然是最快的,挥了挥衣袖,强悍无比的力道,瞬间让东方玉支撑不住的倒飞了出去。 The hand leans on God-Slayer Spear, a Dongfang Yu's corners of the mouth wisp of blood is overflowing, really worthily is exist(ence) of 22 ten thousand energy values, optional wields the sleeves, oneself is hard to resist has been injured, if take action, oneself can die really fully without doubt? 手拄着弑神枪,东方玉的嘴角一缕鲜血溢出来,真不愧是22万能量值的存在,随意的挥一挥衣袖而已,自己就难以抵挡的受伤了,若是真的全力出手的话,自己必死无疑吧? Ancestor Subhuti flicks the sleeve, strikes after Dongfang Yu directly flew, at once carefully looked at the injury of Tathagata, with take action, huge, but contain vitality strength has been covering the whole body of Tathagata. 菩提祖师一个拂袖,直接将东方玉击飞了之后,旋即仔细的看了看如来的伤势,跟着出手,庞大而蕴含着生机的力量覆盖了如来的全身。 Tathagata completely lost at this time has realized, even if were the wound slowly restored, but realized did not have the appearance that the means regained consciousness, fearful murderous aura of God-Slayer Spear, was corroding the vitality of Tathagata unceasingly, let his wisp of vitality, several nearly cut off. 只是,如来这个时候已经完全失去了意识了,就算是伤口慢慢的恢复了,但是意识却一直都没有办法苏醒的样子,弑神枪的可怕杀气,在不断的侵蚀着如来的生机,让他一缕生机,几近断绝。 How? Buddha he how?”, Has spent for dozen minutes, Ancestor Subhuti receives the hand to come back, nearby Buddha and Bodhisattvas have encircled hurriedly, on the face naturally was having the look that disturbed and worried about. “怎么样了?佛祖他怎么样了?”,足足花费了十几分钟的时间之后,菩提祖师收手回来,旁边的诸位佛陀和菩萨们急忙围了上来,脸上一个个自然都带着忐忑和担忧的神色了。 But no matter how, Tathagata the Lord of Buddha Realm, if he had an accident, Buddhism may really a group of people without a leader. 不管如何,如来可是佛界之主呢,如果他出了什么事的话,佛教可就真的的群龙无首了。 News, has advantages and disadvantages, after Ancestor Subhuti looked at these Buddha and Bodhisattvas, start to talk replied said. “消息,有好有坏”,菩提祖师看了一眼这些佛陀和菩萨们之后,开口回答说道。 Also asked Exalted Immortal to show!”, Hears the word of Ancestor Subhuti, these Buddha and Bodhisattvas look at each other in dismay, good a ritual were asking to Ancestor Subhuti at once. “还请上仙示下!”,听到菩提祖师之言,这些佛陀和菩萨们面面相觑,旋即对着菩提祖师行了一礼问道。 although they do not know that who the Ancestor Subhuti true status is, may look at the Ancestor Subhuti appearance, can repelling strongest condition Dongfang Yu easily, pass and out willfully only, all people understand that Ancestor Subhuti should be a true hideaway can greatly. 虽然他们都不知道菩提祖师真正的身份是谁,可看菩提祖师的模样,能轻易的击退最强状态的东方玉,任意进出净界之中,所有人都明白,菩提祖师应该是一个真正的隐藏大能了。 Good news is, the life of Tathagata does not have danger, the meaning that Ancestor Subhuti had not covered-up, direct start to talk said. “好消息就是,如来的性命没有危险”,菩提祖师也没有藏着掖着的意思,直接开口说道。 His news, hears these Buddha and Bodhisattvas long relaxing, good, although Dongfang Yu's God-Slayer Spear is fearful, moreover twice has hit the Achilles'heel of Buddha, but can the Buddha be able to save the life? 他这个消息,听得这些佛陀和菩萨们都长长的松了一口气,太好了,尽管东方玉的弑神枪可怕,而且两度击中了佛祖的致命要害,可佛祖还是能保得住性命吗? That, bad news?”. “那么,坏消息呢?”。 Nearby Guanyin Buddha looks like is quite actually calmer, on the face on other faces has not had the appearance of that relaxing, is having the disturbed look as before, asked to Ancestor Subhuti. 倒是旁边的观音菩萨看起来比较冷静一些,脸上并没有其他人脸上都有的那种松了一口气的模样,依旧带着忐忑的神色,对菩提祖师问道。 Bad news is, murderous aura into the body, almost cuts off the vitality, even if Dharmakaya formidable, but must revive, perhaps must wait for on 3000 line, hear speech/words, after Ancestor Subhuti looked at Guānyīn one, said with start to talk. “坏消息就是,杀气入体,几乎断绝生机,纵然法身强悍,可要真的苏醒过来,或许还要等上3000年才行”,闻言,菩提祖师看了观音一眼之后,跟着开口说道。 These words, let the complexion of surrounding these Buddha and Bodhisattvas stiffen. 这番话,让周围的这些佛陀和菩萨们的脸色都僵住了。 Heard Tathagata not to have the sorrow of life, they also very happy, may probably revive, unexpectedly can wait for in 3000? 本来听到如来没有性命之忧,他们还很高兴的呢,可真的要苏醒过来,居然要等3000年? Even if regarding these life glorious immortal Buddha, in 3000 is not the short time, can really such words, what to do that Buddha Realm then? 就算是对于这些生命悠久的仙佛而言,3000年也不是什么短的时间啊,真要如此的话,那佛界接下来怎么办? Dongfang Yu, the hand leans on God-Slayer Spear to stand, to these people of Buddhism, the Dongfang Yu's mood naturally is completely opposite. 东方玉,手拄着弑神枪站立着,相对于这些佛教之人,东方玉的心情自然是完全相反的。 Heard the life of Tathagata unobstructive, the Dongfang Yu's brow wrinkled, may hear his injury to be extremely serious, needs enough 3000 unexpectedly can restore, Dongfang Yu cannot help but grins to smile. 本来听到如来的性命无碍,东方玉的眉头都皱起来了,可听到他的伤势极其严重,竟然需要足足3000年的时间才能恢复,东方玉不由得咧着嘴笑了起来。 Dongfang Yu that the whole body is bathed in blood, this grins the appearance that smiles, but simply terror to terrify person. 浑身浴血的东方玉,这咧着嘴笑的样子,简直恐怖而瘆人。 bastard Dongfang Yu! I must kill you!”. 混账东方玉!我要杀了你!”。 strength that although displays regarding Dongfang Yu feels the heart startled, may hear Tathagata will want the deep sleep 3000 may revive, these Buddhism high levels will be angry to Dongfang Yu's, had already pressed to his frightened, many Buddha and Bodhisattvas offered a sacrifice to oneself magical treasure, prepared to the Dongfang Yu take action appearance. 虽说对于东方玉所表现出来的实力感到心惊,可听到如来要沉睡3000年的时间才有可能苏醒过来,这些佛教高层们对东方玉的愤怒,已然压过了对他的恐惧了,不少的佛陀和菩萨们都祭起了自己法宝,准备对东方玉出手的样子。 Hey......”, is only, regarding the appearances of these people, Dongfang Yu is grins to smile as before, not slightly timid look. “嘿嘿嘿……”,只是,对于这些人的模样,东方玉依旧是咧着嘴笑,并没有丝毫胆怯的神色。 don't tell me did they forget? After leaving only, restored cultivation base may, not only they, if real beginning, Dongfang Yu did not mind that slaughters these Buddhism high levels completely completely. 难道他们都忘记了吗?离开了净界之后,恢复了修为的可不只是他们而已呢,若是真的动手的话,东方玉是不介意将这些佛教高层们全部屠戮殆尽的。 Also asked Exalted Immortal and others to take responsibility for me!”, But to other people, is Guanyin Buddha is quite calmer, is saluting to say to Ancestor Subhuti directly. “还请上仙为我等做主!”,不过相对于其他人而言,还是观音菩萨比较冷静一些,直接对着菩提祖师行礼说道。 although does not know that who Ancestor Subhuti is, but had just blocked Dongfang Yu this from him, this time appears should to help Buddha Realm comes, such being the case, sought his help to be naturally good, after all, Ancestor Subhuti also had such ability. 虽然不知道菩提祖师是什么人,但是从他刚刚拦住了东方玉这点来看,他这次出现应该是为了帮助佛界而来的,既然如此,寻求他的帮助自然是再好不过了,毕竟,菩提祖师也有这样的能力 Regarding the word of Guānyīn, Ancestor Subhuti had not replied, but walked to go forward several steps, the vision fell on Dongfang Yu's, in the look was having obviously also the discontented look. 对于观音之言,菩提祖师并没有回答,只是走上前了几步,目光落在东方玉的身上,眼神中显然也带着不满的神色。 Your strength no doubt powerful, may not know what eventually the destiny is, the action of today you go against heaven's will the conduct, should punish, today, I then enforce justice on behalf of Heaven, suppresses you, when 12,600 years later, puts the body of your freedom again. “你的实力固然强大,可终究是不知天命为何物,也罢,今日之举你逆天行事,合该有所处罚,今日,我便替天行道,将你镇压,待12600年之后,再放你自由之身”。 The voice falls, Ancestor Subhuti simply to Dongfang Yu had not explained that anything's opportunity, is only palm swing gently. 话音落下,菩提祖师根本没有给东方玉解释什么的机会,只是手掌轻轻的挥舞。 At once, indescribable strength wrapped the Dongfang Yu's whole body instantaneously, then flew toward the distant place. 旋即,难以言喻的力量瞬间包裹住了东方玉的全身,然后朝着远方飞去。 What!? Must suppress my 12,600 years!?”, Heard the word of Ancestor Subhuti, Dongfang Yu stares in a big way eyes, with amazement discoloration. “什么!?要镇压我12600年!?”,听到菩提祖师之言,东方玉瞪大了眼睛,骇然色变。 Dongfang Yu from the birth to the present, age is about hundred years old, but can actually suppress now for more than 10,000 years? 东方玉从出生到现在,年龄也不过百岁左右而已,可是现在却要镇压10000多年? Such penalty, Dongfang Yu naturally is hard to accept, the although body was imprisoned, struggling that but Dongfang Yu actually goes all out. 这样的刑罚,东方玉自然难以接受,虽然身子被禁锢住了,可东方玉却还是拼命的挣扎。 The Ancestor Subhuti energy value reaches as high as more than 220,000, so is can it be that easy to be worked loose by Dongfang Yu? How regardless of Dongfang Yu struggles, may in fact be hard to work loose the imprisonment of Ancestor Subhuti. 只是,菩提祖师能量值高达220000多,岂是那么容易被东方玉挣脱的?无论东方玉如何挣扎,可实际上都难以挣脱菩提祖师的禁锢。 Finally, the body drops directly above the earth, at the same time, a palatial mountain appears, presses Dongfang Yu directly under the mountain, at once, all belong to tranquilly...... 最后,身子直接跌落在大地之上,与此同时,一座巍峨的高山跟着出现,直接将东方玉压在山底下,旋即,一切归于平静…… many thanks Exalted Immortal!”. 多谢上仙!”。 although Ancestor Subhuti has not killed Dongfang Yu this somewhat disappointed, may look that Dongfang Yu had been suppressed by Ancestor Subhuti, moreover spoke must suppress for more than 10,000 years, the Guanyin Buddha and other Buddhism high levels, on the face had the carefree feeling that the big enmity must report, expressed gratitude to Ancestor Subhuti with one voice. 虽然菩提祖师没有杀死东方玉这让人有些失望,可看着东方玉菩提祖师镇压了,而且明言了要镇压10000多年,观音菩萨等佛教高层们,脸上都带着大仇得报的畅快感,齐声对菩提祖师道谢。 Beckoned with the hand, Ancestor Subhuti has not said anything, turns around to depart directly, vanishes to disappear quickly. 摆了摆手,菩提祖师没有多说什么,直接转身离去,很快消失不见了。 But audiences Buddhism high levels, look at Ancestor Subhuti that departs, in the heart somewhat is sigh with emotion. 而一众佛教高层们,看着离去的菩提祖师,心中都有些感慨。 although Heavenly Court influence looks like not strong, but between hid the big energy on this day, is not Buddhism present strength can resist by far. 虽然天庭势力看起来不强,可这天地之间还是隐藏了很多大能的,远远不是佛教现在的力量可以对抗的。 No matter how, Dongfang Yu was suppressed for ten thousand years, this result although makes the Buddhism high levels have the feeling that a big enmity must report, may in fact, be now placed in Buddhism high levels front the matter of Tathagata. 不管如何,东方玉被镇压万年,这个结果虽然让佛教高层们有一种大仇得报的感觉,可实际上,现在摆在佛教高层们面前的还是如来的事情。 Now, Tathagata fell into the deep sleep, needs 3000, may revive, the so-called country cannot one day not have Monarch, let alone is the Lord of Buddhism? 现在,如来陷入了沉睡之中,要3000年的时间,才有可能苏醒过来,所谓国不可一日无君,更何况是佛教之主呢? Through this event, Buddhism was the vitality has damaged severely, not only ten Buddha and Bodhisattva fallen under Dongfang Yu's, Tathagata Buddha fell into the deep sleep, on other high levels somewhat was also having the injury...... 经此一役,佛教可谓是元气大伤了,不只是十来个佛陀和菩萨都在东方玉的手底下陨落了,就连如来佛祖都陷入沉睡了,其他的高层们身上多多少少的也都带着伤势…… Such loss is huge to Buddhism, how development about Buddhism then should, this also need high levels to discuss well one is good. 这样的损失对佛教而言是巨大的,关于佛教接下来该如何的发展,这还需要诸位高层们好好的商议一番才行。 What thoughts not to mention these Buddhism high levels are, at this time Dongfang Yu had been given suppression stubbornly by a mountain. 且不说这些佛教高层们是什么样的心思,这个时候东方玉已经被一座大山给死死的镇压住了。 Originally, by Dongfang Yu's strength, even if were Earth can also collapsing easily destroy, may this mountain, Dongfang Yu all attacks fall on above, did not respond...... 本来,以东方玉的实力,就算是地球也都能轻易的崩毁了,可偏偏这座大山,东方玉所有的攻击落在上面,都毫无反应…… don't tell me, can oneself be suppressed really like this for more than 10,000 years? 难道,自己要真的这样被镇压10000多年吗?
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