PE :: Volume #23

#1002: Pirate king( 4 / 8 th)

after “dīng” sounds, Dongfang Yu strides from Plane Elevator, just still in Jiayin Building, may cross come out a twinkling from Elevator, Dongfang Yu discovered that oneself arrived in an open area. 叮的一声,东方玉位面电梯之中跨步而出,刚刚还在嘉银大厦,可从电梯之中跨出来不过一眨眼,东方玉就发现自己来到了一块空地上。 The under foot is stepping on the soft green grass, wind of intermittent salt taste blows, blows the person comfortably, at the same time, the Dongfang Yu's ear bank also broadcasts the sound that intermittent ocean waves whip. 脚下踩着柔软的青草,一阵阵略带咸味的风吹过来,吹得人非常的舒服,与此同时,东方玉的耳畔还传来一阵阵海浪拍打的声音。 My this, as if on an island?”. “我这样子,似乎在一片小岛上了?”。 Is bringing the air of salt taste, the ocean waves sound, about Dongfang Yu has sized up, really not wrong, at this time oneself happen to stood in island edge, the blue blue sea and sky are connected, look like vast, making people feel completely relaxedly. 带着咸味的空气,还有海浪的声音,东方玉左右打量了一下,果然没有错,这个时候自己正好站在一片小岛的边缘处呢,碧蓝色的海洋和天空相连,看起来一望无际,让人感觉到心旷神怡。 The consciousness of although Bai Feifei the deep sleep, the remaining instinct, have only been possible to transform World suddenly, lets its surprise about is sizing up, slightly revealed the delay in the vision to be many have wiped the vacant look, small claw flexure the oneself furry head, has thought obviously also does not understand why went to a spacious and strange place suddenly. 虽然白菲菲的意识已经沉睡了,只剩下本能而已,可眨眼间转换了一个世界,还是让它诧异的左右打量着,略显呆滞的目光里多了一抹茫然的神色,小爪子挠了挠自己毛茸茸的脑袋,显然也想不明白为什么突然就到了一个空旷而陌生的地方了。 Walks, Feifei, I lead you to walk everywhere, has a look at this is any plane, looks at Feifei small claw flexure the adorable appearance of oneself head, saying that Dongfang Yu smiled, at once holds Bai Feifei to turn around, walks toward the interior of island. “走,菲菲,我带你到处走走,看看这是什么位面”,看菲菲小爪子挠着自己脑袋的可爱模样,东方玉笑了笑的说道,旋即抱着白菲菲转身,往小岛的内部走去。 Looks as far as the eye can see to look out into the distance, this island actually did not calculate slightly, roughly the surrounding area can have about ten li (0.5km), but can also be able to see many farmland and houses. 纵目远眺,这个小岛却也不算小了,约莫方圆能有十里开外,还能看得到不少的农田和房子。 It looks like, this island is not the isolated island, here also has the resident, but the resident seems like not many, Dongfang Yu can also see on the island highest hillside by far, looks like actually very lordly villa manor. 看起来,这个小岛并非是孤岛,这里还有居民的,只是居民看起来不是很多,远远的,东方玉还能看到小岛最高的山坡上面,有一栋看起来倒是挺气派的别墅庄园。 Dongfang Yu is holding Bai Feifei, walks toward the middle of island, is paying also attention to the surrounding situation, around according to Dongfang Yu's experiences each crossed over is plot starts the time place, therefore, Dongfang Yu naturally must wait to have a look is any plot will appear. 东方玉抱着白菲菲,往小岛的中间走去,同时也注意着周围的情况,按照东方玉的经验每一次穿越的都是剧情开始前后的时间地点,所以,东方玉自然要等着看看是不是又什么剧情会出现。 Actually is this brand-new plane? oneself had gone to some plane? This needs Dongfang Yu oneself to judge. 这究竟是一个全新的位面?还是曾经自己去过的某个位面?这都需要东方玉自己来判断。 „, Good attractive small fox......”, Dongfang Yu such splendid holds Bai Feifei to walk, Bai Feifei in nature Dongfang Yu bosom, attracted the attention of many person, especially these woman, simply can be said as small as three years old, as big is hard to resist the beauty of Bai Feifei as 80 years old, Dongfang Yu hugs is passing through on the road, making countless people talk in whispers, many men curiously are staring at the arctic fox in Dongfang Yu bosom. “哇,好漂亮的小狐狸啊……”,东方玉就这么堂而皇之的抱着白菲菲走过来,自然东方玉怀中的白菲菲,吸引了很多人的注意,特别是那些女人,简直可以说是小到三岁,大到80岁都难以抵挡白菲菲的美丽,东方玉抱着在路上走过,让无数的人窃窃私语,就连许多男人都好奇的盯着东方玉怀中的白狐。 This island, although is not very small, but is not absolutely is very big, resident also such 180 households on island, therefore is very familiar, because of so, Dongfang Yu's appears, their eyes can look are an outcomer, island for no reason suddenly presented an outcomer? Naturally has caused in the island the attention and guess of residents...... 这个小岛,虽然不算很小,但也绝对算不上很大,岛上的居民也就这么180户而已,所以相互之间都很熟悉,也正是因为如此,东方玉的出现,他们一眼就能看得出来是一个外来者,无端端的小岛上突然出现了一个外来者?自然引起了岛上居民们的注意和猜测…… „, This fox is quite lovable, Brother, where does your this fox buy?”, At this time, sudden 4 or 5-year-old Young Miss, does not know that anything is called the fear, opens the hand grinningly ran over toward Dongfang Yu, both eyes shines is staring at Bai Feifei in Dongfang Yu hand, blinks big eyes to ask to Dongfang Yu. “哇,这只狐狸好可爱啊,大哥哥,你这只狐狸哪里买的?”,这个时候,突然一个四五岁的小姑娘,不知道什么叫做害怕,张开手笑嘻嘻的朝着东方玉这边跑了过来,双眼放光的盯着东方玉手中的白菲菲,眨巴着大眼睛东方玉问道。 Comes back quickly......”, side obviously is this Young Miss guardian, looks that oneself child such clashes toward Dongfang Yu, the somewhat intense appearance called out. “快回来……”,旁边显然是这小姑娘的家长,看着自己孩子就这么朝着东方玉冲过来,有些紧张的样子叫道。 „Does youngest sister you name? My this fox is not buys, cannot buy, looks Young Miss that this ran out comes, on the Dongfang Yu's face has the genial smiling face to say. “小妹妹你叫什么名字啊?还有我这只狐狸可不是买来的,买不到的”,看着这个跑出来的小姑娘,东方玉的脸上带着和善的笑容说道。 Looking at Young Miss wants to trace Bai Feifei, the appearance that is also afraid, Dongfang Yu smiled to hand over Bai Feifei, obviously Bai Feifei does not repel to this Young Miss, Young Miss then emboldens traces the hair of Bai Feifei gently. 看着小姑娘想摸一摸白菲菲,又害怕的样子,东方玉笑了笑把白菲菲递过去,显然白菲菲对这小姑娘也并不排斥,小姑娘这才壮着胆子轻轻摸了摸白菲菲的毛发。 Nearby Young Miss guardian, regarding a Dongfang Yu such stranger obviously is some protection, but looks at the Dongfang Yu's appearance likely is not an unprincipled person, relaxed. 旁边小姑娘的家长,对于东方玉这么个陌生人显然是有些防备的,不过看东方玉的模样不像是个坏人,也就松了一口气了。 Young Miss father is one looks like the 20-30 years old man, walked, said to Dongfang Yu: This Mister, should you not be our Syrup Village person? Where do you come?”. 小姑娘父亲是一个看起来二三十岁的汉子,走了过来,对东方玉说道:“这位先生,你应该不是我们西罗布村的人吧?你是从哪里来的?”。 Syrup Village?”, Heard the words of this man, under the Dongfang Yu heart has thought that but where this so-called Syrup Village was, Dongfang Yu was an impression does not have from the start. 西罗布村?”,听到这个汉子的话,东方玉心下思索了起来,可这个所谓的西罗布村是什么地方,东方玉压根是一点印象都没有。 However train of thought although under Dongfang Yu heart is rotating, but in the surface is actually the motionless look, hear speech/words selects nod(ded) saying: Good, I am called Dongfang Yu, traveller who came from a very remote place, I became lost in the sea, arrived at your here to come exactly. 不过东方玉心下的思绪虽然在转动,但表面上却是不动神色,闻言点点头说道:“不错,我叫做东方玉,是从一个很遥远的地方来的旅行者,我在海上迷了路,恰好就到了你们这里来了”。 Also does not know what now is any plane, here is on an island, Dongfang Yu then made up wild stories one, said that oneself became lost. 也不知道现在所处的是什么位面,这里正好是个海岛上,东方玉便胡诌了一句,说自己迷路了。 Originally has become lost traveller, hear speech/words, this man selects nod(ded) saying that looked the appearance that the appearance as if relaxed, very warm entertainment Dongfang Yu said at once actually: This Mr. Dongfang, since has become lost, might as well eat meal in my family first?”. “原来是迷路了的旅行者啊”,闻言,这个男子点点头说道,看模样似乎松了一口气的样子,旋即倒是挺热情的招待东方玉道:“这位东方先生既然迷路了,不如在我家先吃个饭吧?”。 Good, many thanks receives cordially, heard the opposite side words, Dongfang Yu has naturally wished for earnestly, oneself just wants to find a person to chat, understands a next present this plane news. “好哇,多谢款待”,听到对方的话,东方玉自然是求之不得了,自己正想找个人聊聊天,了解一下现在所处这个位面的讯息呢。 After Dongfang Yu entered the home of this men's, has sized up one, in the family|home of this men's is not wealthy, but is not poor, has land outside the room, a vegetable garden, outside the room is also hanging several fish of souses, not only obviously the farmer, occasionally also will go to sea fishing, poured can also be self-sufficient. 东方玉进了这个男子的家以后,打量了一眼,这个男子的家里不算富裕,但也不算贫穷,在屋子外有一块土地,还有一块菜园,屋子外面还挂着几条腌制的鱼,显然不只是农民,偶尔还会出海打鱼,倒也能自给自足了。 The wife of man looks like the same 20-30 years old appearance, but perhaps is reason that because works hard, therefore looked like has been short of a vitality of young people actually, seemed like the 40-50 years old old woman, because the guest must receive cordially, therefore the wife of this man naturally has prepared. 男子的老婆看起来同样二三十岁的样子,不过或许是因为操劳的缘故吧,所以看起来倒是少了一份年轻人的朝气,反倒像是四五十岁的老妇女一样了,因为有一个客人要款待,所以这个男子的老婆自然多准备了一些。 Dongfang Yu looks that Bai Feifei and Young Miss play to make, very happy appearance, the corners of the mouth reveal actually wipe the smiling face, no matter plays with whom, so long as Bai Feifei can happy be good, after sitting, Dongfang Yu and this man were chatting with pauses. 东方玉看着白菲菲小姑娘玩闹着,倒是挺开心的样子,嘴角露出一抹笑容,不管和谁玩,只要白菲菲能开心就好了,坐下来之后,东方玉和这个男子有一搭没一搭的闲聊着。 Some inquiry Dongfang Yu related news that the men make a veiled attack actually, as if want the accurate understanding Dongfang Yu's status, but Dongfang Yu naturally can say said that cannot say dodges. 男子倒是旁敲侧击的询问东方玉一些相关的讯息,似乎想要确切的了解东方玉的身份,而东方玉自然是能说的就说,不能说的就搪塞过去。 Similarly, Dongfang Yu careless will also ask about the matter about this plane, but, this male seems is year to year the dwelling has not left on this island, the news that therefore he knows are not many, Dongfang Yu has not obtained any useful news. 同样的,东方玉也会漫不经心的询问一些关于这个位面的事情,但是,这个男子看样子是常年宅在这个小岛上没有离开过,所以他知道的讯息也不多,东方玉并没有得到什么有用的消息。 From the mouth of this man, Dongfang Yu only knows that the village on this island, is called Syrup Village, the sea that is called East Blue, may be many other any useful news, he does not know that with his words, he from the birth on this island, had not left, has not thought must leave, this village is peaceful, he is willing to live in this village for a lifetime. 从这个男子的嘴里,东方玉只知道这个小岛上的村庄,叫做西罗布村,所在的海洋叫做东海,可再多一些别的什么有用的讯息,他就不知道了,用他的话来说,他从出生就一直都在这个岛上,没有离开过,也没有想过要离开,这个村子安静祥和,他更愿意一辈子都在这个村子生活。 The name of village, Dongfang Yu does not have what impression, as for East Blue? Is don't tell me Xianxia plane? Even is Journey to the West plane is inadequate? 村子的名字,东方玉没有什么印象,至于东海难道仙侠位面?甚至是西游位面不成? Because Dongfang Yu remembers Journey to the West plane has so-called East Blue, South China Sea and so on view, for example Son Goku|Sun Wukong that Golden Cudgel, does not take from East Blue Dragon Palace? 因为东方玉记得西游位面就有所谓的东海,南海之类的说法,比如孙悟空的那根金箍棒,不就是从东海龙宫里面弄到手的吗? However, quick Dongfang Yu shakes the head, denied such idea, actually although oneself is in any plane Dongfang Yu not to be indefinite now, but the exhibition from this room, is the custom of food wait / etc., was not acquainted the China ancient style. 不过,很快东方玉又摇摇头,将这样的想法否定了,虽然自己现在究竟处于什么位面东方玉还不确定,但是从这屋子里的陈列,还是食物的规矩等等来看,并不相识华夏古代的风格。 What is main is that mountain Poshan is also setting up a villa manor, is this Xianxia plane can have the thing that? 更主要的是那山坡山还立着一座别墅庄园呢,这是仙侠位面会有的东西吗? Cannot ask that what useful news, Dongfang Yu is thinking is this waits, to wait for original work plot to have a look to launch? crossed over these many times, how regarding should determine that in oneself plane this point, Dongfang Yu currently also very much has the attainment. 问不到什么有用的讯息,东方玉想着是不是该多等一等,等原著剧情看看会不会展开呢?穿越过这么多次,对于该如何确定自己所处的位面这一点上,东方玉现在还算是很有心得的。 „The elder brother who father, that can lie came......”, at this time, is accompanying Bai Feifei to play noisy little girl outside, suddenly entered the room, father of start to talk to oneself said. “爸爸,那个会说谎的哥哥又来了……”,就在这个时候,正在外面陪着白菲菲玩闹的小女孩,突然进了屋子,开口自己父亲说道。 He came finally, hears the oneself daughter words, this man held by a oneself wooden club conveniently, looked at his appearance as if already in waiting, in the although surface set the appearance that detested with raw hate, the words that but carefully looked , can actually discover the eyeground deep place of this man, actually not many anger. “他终于来了”,听到自己女儿的话,这个男子顺手操起了自己旁边的一根木棍,看他的模样似乎早就在等着了,虽然表面上做出一副凶狠痛恶的样子,但仔细看的话,却能发现这个男子的眼底深处,却并没有多少的怒意 It seems like some tricks, look at the man to do intentionally the rogue appearance, under the Dongfang Yu heart secretly thought. “看来这其中有些猫腻呢”,看着男子故作凶恶的模样,东方玉心下暗道 Meanwhile, an intermittent shout from far to near, has made a sound. 与此同时,一阵阵呼喊声由远而近,响了起来。 Everybody, run, be careful, had the pirate to attack, everybody was careful that had the pirate......”, an intermittent shout from far to near, in that expression startled appearance, making a person of high sensitivity realize the innermost feelings the urgency. “大家,快跑啊,小心,有海贼攻打过来了,大家小心啦,有海贼啊……”,一阵阵呼喊声由远而近,那语气中惊慌的模样,让人更高感觉到内心的迫切。 bastard! Also deceived people! Can't early morning you stopping a while?”, Gets up along with this intermittent shouting sound, directly flushed toward the man of wooden club, the mouth shouted curses loudly. 混账!又来骗人了!大清早的你就不能消停一会儿吗?”,随着这一阵阵的呼喊声响起来,朝着木棍的男子直接冲了出去,嘴里大声叫骂道。 Not only this person, the surrounding several people as if flushed, the bawl linked up into a single stretch, seems actually very lively. 不只是这一家的人而已,还有周围几家的人似乎都冲出来了,叫骂声连成一片,看样子倒是非常的热闹。 Did a youth, shout to have the pirate to attack deceiving people? Such scene makes under the Dongfang Yu heart be startled, as if thinks somewhat familiar. 一个少年,呼喊着有海贼攻打过来了骗人?这样的场景让东方玉心下一怔,似乎觉得有些熟悉。 Looks the appearance that Young Miss also ablazes with anger runs outward, Dongfang Yu has held on her, asked: Young Miss, this person who shouted loudly outside names?”. 看着小姑娘也怒气冲冲的样子往外跑,东方玉拉住了她,问道:“小姑娘,这个在外面大喊大叫的人叫什么名字?”。 By Dongfang Yu is drawing Young Miss, start to talk is replied said: Elder brother, my father mother said that this person is in our village most can deceive people, making us do not study him, his Tenten/every day will shout loudly in village, deceived us saying that had child to attack, I listened to father mother saying that his name was called Usopp. 东方玉拉着的小姑娘,开口回答说道:“哥哥,我爸爸妈妈都说这个人是我们村子里最会骗人的了,让我们都不要学他呢,他天天都会在村子里大喊大叫,骗我们说有孩子攻打过来了呢,我听爸爸妈妈说,他的名字叫做乌索普呢”。 Usopp!?”. 乌索普!?”。 This name, is miraculous has delimited in the Dongfang Yu's mind likely together, simultaneously Dongfang Yu also understands that actually oneself was in any plane, was anime Pirate King plane...... 这个名字,像是一道灵光在东方玉的脑海中划过,同时东方玉也明白过来自己究竟处于什么位面了,是动漫海贼王位面……
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