PDL :: Volume #17

#1697: Danger of Ling Zhugong the

A half year, in Qin Shi builds up during a half year of Dharmakaya, in 7000 sea palaces has the tremendous changes. 半年,在秦石炼化法身的半年当中,7000海宫内发生翻天覆地的变化。 In half year, in 3000 3000 sea palaces, had almost been destroyed by a young girl most probably, after Qin Shi dies, the donkey such as the flower was lit the anger seriously, she in a half year, has destroyed dozens sea palaces, in this period, with sect Yuanzi, the Tianyuan child, Yuan child three people have also fought, but how, the donkey such as spends one person, is unable to exceed three Yuan finally, finally is defeated, flees to the wilderness, but, this has not actually stopped she internal 3000 destroying. 在这半年当中,内3000的3000海宫,被一名少女几乎是摧毁了大半,在秦石死后,驴如花当真是被点燃了怒火,她在半年当中,摧毁了数十座海宫,期间,与宗元子,天元子,道元子三人也是交过手,但奈何,驴如花一人,终是无法胜过三名元子,最终落败,落荒而逃,不过,这却没有停止她对内3000的摧毁。 She threatened that must turn into a dead sea this sea area. 她扬言,一定要将这片海域变成一片死海。 But another side, after Qin Shi dies, Sanqinggong shows the extremely overbearing strength to come, finally three months later they declare war to Long Jia blatantly, and threatened that 7000 sea palaces should belong to the sea area native place, the Long outcomer, has no right to bribe, during this, Sanqinggong annexation extinguishes Yang Gong, and unites over a thousand sea palaces, all controls the sea palace that all do not obey. 而另一方,在秦石死后,三清宫彰显出极为霸道的力量来,终是在三个月后他们公然向龙家宣战,并且扬言7000海宫应该归属海域本土,龙家外来者,无权染指,这期间,三清宫吞并灭阳宫,并且联合上千座海宫,将一切不服从的海宫都是尽数控制。 Two months ago, Ling Zhugong announced Bi Gong, one huge aided the big seal, if not for that big feared that is the present is life Tu Tan. 两个月前,凌竹宫宣布闭宫,被一巨大的护佑大阵封印,若不是那大阵怕是现在已是生灵涂炭。 But what is worth mentioning is, ocean palace, in Sanqinggong after Long Jia declares war, the status of ocean palace actually once again crazily promotes, posts unexpectedly in the middle of Sanqinggong, opens several times to come brightly, is occupying with three Yuan child not weak position, several times move in great surprise, is causes by the ocean palace, as if the ocean palace, achieved some condition with Sanqinggong. 而值得一提的是,溟宫,在三清宫与龙家宣战后,溟宫的地位却是再度疯狂增进,竟是并列在三清宫当中,张亮几次现身,都是占据着与三元子丝毫不弱的位置上,几次大惊动,都是由溟宫引起,似乎溟宫,与三清宫达成了某种条件。 But is good because, in 3000 alarming, have not spread the surrounding. 但好在,内3000的惊动,并没有蔓延到外围。 The knowledge is helpless, is a half year, supernatural object that Qin Shi falls from the sky, still by that celestial mountain firmly is aiding, child arrives at including three Yuan cannot finally its opening, during this, Zhang Liang also personally comes this to survey several times, finally cannot turn on the seal of that celestial mountain. 知识无奈的,是半年之久,那秦石陨落的神物,仍是被那座仙山牢牢的护佑着,连三元子亲临也终是没能将其开启,这期间张亮也是亲自来此探测过几次,最终也是没能将那仙山的封印打开。 This lets the innumerable powerhouses is corners of the mouth twitches, saw that some innumerable supernatural objects are actually not able to attain. 这让无数强者都是嘴角抽搐,眼看着有无数神物却无法拿到。 Next day, in that purple coral sea area, dozens form alternations rapidly, in one of the front line, has been a frail youth, youth running away of rapidly, but behind him, then dozens powerhouses pursue, that dozens powerhouses, any, has cultivation of boundary small accomplishment is, these powerhouses, in the hand the combustion flame, the hot palm fly high to shoot down unceasingly. 翌日,在那紫色的珊瑚海域里,数十道身影急速的穿插而过,在最前方的一名,是一名单薄的少年,那少年急速的逃遁,而在他后方,则是有数十名强者追击,那数十名强者,任何一名,都是有着界境小成的修为,那些强者,手中燃烧火焰,火掌不断的凌空击落。 Bang! Bang! Bang! 砰!砰!砰! That piece of gorgeous coral was destroyed. 那一片绚丽的珊瑚都是被摧毁。 Bang! A giant steamer falls from the sky, at this time, form pursuit rapidly went forward together, that form is a middle-aged man, his complexion very gloomy, vision ice cold said to that running away youth: Mo Xingyu, how you runs away again also useless, your hand law of breaking through the enemy lines hands over, otherwise in three day then the sea palace that wants you to be at razes!” 轰!一道巨大的火轮陨落,这时,一道身影急速的追击上前,那身影是一名中年男子,他脸色十分的阴沉,目光冰寒的冲那逃遁少年道:“莫星宇,你再怎样逃也没有用的,将你手中的破阵之法交出,不然三日之内便是要你所在的海宫夷为平地!” Snort! Your this flock of bastards! Gave up any idea of family that destroys Ling Zhujie, even if my Mo Xingyu dies today here, I will not hand over that law of breaking through the enemy lines.” “哼!你们这群畜生!休想去破坏凌竹姐的家,就算是我莫星宇今日死在这里,我也不会将那破阵之法交出来的。” That dozens powerhouses look at each other one, under the eyeground the twinkle ruthless color. 那数十名强者对视一眼,眼底下闪烁狠色。 It seems like has had no meeting of minds, that said goodbye!” A powerhouse, at this time rapidly rebellion, under searching that his big hand flew high, such as Long Zhaozhen left to that Mo Xingyu chest. “看来是谈不拢了,那再见!”一名强者,在这时急速暴动,他一只大手凌空的探下,冲着那莫星宇的胸膛如龙爪震出。 Doesn't star space jaw bites, a sickle by the tossing into upper air that he makes an effort: Attaches the soul blade! Soul blade!” 莫星宇牙关一咬,一把弯刀被他用力的抛入高空:“附魂刀!魂刀!” Soul blade strangles to death!” “魂刀绞杀!” That sickle extends suddenly, the place above is glittering the green gloss, the place above changes the innumerable denticle shapes, then twines welcomed that powerhouse dragon claw to approach. 那弯刀突然延伸,上方闪烁着青色的光泽,上方变化出无数的锯齿形状,然后缠绕的迎着那强者龙爪逼近。 Bang! Bang! Bang! A series of explosives, two powerhouses leapt the body at this time once again, both sides golden protecting shield keep off about, keeps off Mo Xingyu the soul blade, during this, sneering that a powerhouse disdains: He he, is really useless person, your jade real palace, on this skill?” 砰!砰!砰!一连串的爆响,这时两名强者再度跃身,两面金色的护盾挡在左右,将莫星宇的魂刀生生挡下,这期间,一名强者不屑的冷笑:“呵呵,真是废物,你们玉真宫,难道就这点本事吗?” This damn!” Doesn't star space pinches tightly the fist, his split vision looks toward the rear area, rear area actually already infinite approaches that celestial mountain to be void, that celestial mountain is void, now is in 3000 taboos, nobody can approach, once enters, must die without doubt, Mo Xingyu deeply inspires, resembling is self-ridiculing of accepting fate smiles: He he, but dies, even if dies, I will not betray Ling Zhujie!” “这该死的!”莫星宇捏紧拳,他余光朝着后方瞄去,后方却已是无限的接近那仙山虚空,那仙山虚空,如今已是内3000的禁忌,无人能够接近,一旦进入,必死无疑,莫星宇深吸口气,似是认命的自嘲一笑:“呵呵,也罢,不过一死,就算是死,我也不会出卖凌竹姐的!” Doesn't star space palm loosens, that soul blade also gradually receives to gather. 莫星宇手掌松开,那魂刀也是渐渐收合。 He he, gave up?” At this time, a powerhouse look was cold, the personal appearance approached to Doesn't star Yu Shenqian suddenly, Long Claw also appeared in the Chest place of Doesn't star space, only took one second, Mo Xingyu will be perished by through surely. “呵呵,放弃了吗?”这时,一名强者眼神寒厉,身形突然逼近到莫星宇身前,那龙爪也随之出现在莫星宇的心口处,只需一秒,莫星宇必定会被穿心而亡。 Bang! But suddenly, a strange picture appears, the dragon claw of that powerhouse has not moved Doesn't star space together, blasts out the stock tremendous strength from that space suddenly, becomes an endless black flame tumbling, fierce shakes to fly that powerhouse, enough kilometer far. 砰!但突然,一幕诡异的画面出现,那一道强者的龙爪尚未触碰到莫星宇,从那空间中突然炸开股巨大的力量,成一股无尽的黑焰翻滚,猛的将那强者震飞出去,足足千米之远。 Bang! 轰! That sudden, making other powerhouses be also startled: Forest enforces the law!” 那突然的一幕,让其余强者也是一怔:“林执法!” Half sound, Mo Xingyu also knit the brows, he imagined the death not to arrive, at once saw that instead was startled by the forest law enforcement of severe wound, after his curious spreading out palm looked, strange thought aloud: Well, what's all this about? I just, what did not have obviously, was I, the protecting body marvelous ability of what exceedingly high rank practiced? Was that this too also cool?” 半响,莫星宇也是皱起眉,他想象中的死亡并未降临,旋即见到那反而被重伤的林执法一怔,他好奇的摊开手掌后望了望,奇怪的自言自语道:“咦,这是怎么回事?我刚刚,明明什么也没有啊,难道,是我无意间,练成了什么通天级别的护体神功?那这也太酷了吧?” Lin Zhifa was helped up, look glitters several points of fear, just of that strength made him absolutely terrified. 那林执法被扶起,眼神闪烁起几分恐惧,刚刚那股力量之强让他毛骨悚然。 But he is very clear, that strength is not Mo Xingyu releases, after he raised eyes at this time, narrows the eye pupil, is staring at that empty void sinking sound track: Does not know that is which senior here, enforces the law below Sanqinggong law enforcement team forest, if there is a place that anything offends, but also looks to contain, might as well come sees, our Sanqinggong is usually willing to become friends with the friend.” 但他很清楚,那力量绝不是莫星宇释放的,他这时举目后眯起眼眸来,盯着那空荡荡的虚空沉声道:“不知是哪位前辈在此,在下三清宫执法队林执法,若是有什么得罪的地方,还望包含,不如现身一见,我们三清宫素来愿意结交朋友。” Three rests, do not roll and die!” “三息,不滚及死!” Suddenly, of that day on arched resounds through the stock ice-cold sound. 突然,在那天穹上响彻股冰冷至极的声音。 Forest law enforcement eye pupil sinks slightly, the face changes is ugly: Your excellency, advised politely one, do not want to the face, perhaps our Sanqinggong law enforcement, nobody can stop us in these 7000 sea palaces, what thing were you, daring make us leave?” 林执法眼眸微微一沉,面庞变的难看起来:“阁下,奉劝一句,别给脸不要,我们三清宫执法,在这7000海宫里恐怕还没人能够阻拦住我们呢,你算是什么东西,竟敢让我们滚?” Three!” Has not expected, the master of that sound does not listen to them rubbish. “三!”未料,那声音的主人根本不听他们废话。 You!” Under the corners of the mouth that the forest enforces the law twitch, but just the great strength of that strength, truly made him have a lingering fear. “你!”林执法的嘴角抽搐下,但刚刚那股力量的强大,确实是让他心有余悸的。 Two!” “二!” That sound, seems such as the summon of god of death, making many powerhouse moral nature beat a drum. 那声音,好似如死神的呼唤,让不少强者心底打鼓。 Forest enforces the law, now what to do? The palace host ordered, must attain that law of breaking through the enemy lines.” “林执法,现在怎么办?宫主下令,务必要拿到那破阵之法。” Does not have the means that puts together, meets us to collaborate.” Lin Zhifa said. “没办法,拼一下吧,一会我们联手。”林执法道。 Many powerhouses nod, resounds on the sound that this time that has not fallen for a long time once again. 诸多强者点点头,在这时那许久未落的声音再度响起。 One! Em, that do not walk!” “一!恩,那就都别走了!” That sound indifferent [say / way], along with it from the remote horizon, seems has the huge darkness crazy class to fall from the sky suddenly, such as a giant Black dragon arrives at Yu Shi to be the same, from upper air at this time crazy treads that earth, started along with the strength of it that day ground changes the smashing that at this time, the frail form fell together slowly, a hand grasped to that forest law enforcement void. 那声音冷漠道,随之突然从遥远的天际上,好似有着巨大的黑暗狂流陨落,如一只巨大的黑龙降临于世一样,从高空中在这时疯狂的将那大地踏碎,随之那天地上的力量开始变的粉碎起来,在这时,一道单薄的身影缓缓落下,一只手冲着那林执法虚空一握。 Bang! 砰! That forest enforces the law the surrounding air then to blast out, that forest law enforcement complexion fierce startled changes, the great strength of that strength, is above the imagination. 那林执法周围的空气便是炸开,那林执法脸色猛的惊变,那股力量的强大,超乎想象。 Bang! 轰! In a minute, that forest law enforcement is explodes the body to perish, when numerous powerhouses see this, the moral nature is raises the intense fear, the opportunity that but, as if that form does not want to escape to them, wrist wields again, that big dragon, the road surface seal, becomes one huge closes off a mountain area unexpectedly, closes off their escape routes all, at this time, a powerhouse all was screams: Your excellency, you leaves goes too far, if you have killed me, that then opposes with Sanqinggong, Sanqinggong will not let off your!” 片刻间,那林执法便是爆体而亡,当众多强者见到这幕时,心底皆是升起强烈的恐惧,只是,似乎那身影并不想给他们逃跑的机会,手腕再一挥,那一只巨龙,竟是将路面封印,成一巨大的封山阵,将他们的退路尽数封锁,这时,一众强者皆是尖叫道:“阁下,你别太过分,你若是杀了我,那便是与三清宫作对,三清宫是绝不会放过你的!” Sanqinggong?” That form smiles indifferently: Em, has not related, I do not want to let off them.” “三清宫么?”那身影冷漠一笑:“恩,没关系,我也没想放过他们。” What?” At this time, numerous powerhouse eyes pupil sank, they for the first time saw, after mentioning Sanqinggong, not only has not feared, instead for the situation that oneself provoked the fatal disaster. “什么?”这时,众多强者眼眸一沉,他们还是首次见到,在提及三清宫后非但没有惧怕,反而为自己招惹来杀身之祸的情况。 At this time, Mo Xingyu was looking at that frail youth, the look was actually glitters the intense gloss, his several rubbing the eyes of efforts, determined that after was not has a dream, sobbed: Qin, Qin Shi!? Really is you?” 这时,莫星宇望着那单薄少年,眼神却是闪烁起强烈的光泽,他几次用力的揉了揉眼睛,确定不是自己做梦以后才哽咽道:“秦,秦石!?真的是你?” Qin Shi flies high smiles: He he, the star space, does not see for a long time, sees me is somewhat disappointed, I am not your any exceedingly high level protect the body marvelous ability.” 秦石凌空一笑:“呵呵,星宇,好久不见啊,见到我是不是有些失望,我可不是你的什么通天级护体神功。” Your this bastard!” Doesn't star space cannot control flood tears, changes incomparable excited. “你这混蛋!”莫星宇控制不住的泛起泪光,变的无比激动。 Qin Shi?” At this time, these powerhouse complexions of Sanqinggong also sank, was similar to hears the god of death the name to be the same, screams: Is small, the boy, are you Qin Shi? This, is this possible? Didn't you die? Will you also be living how?” 秦石?”这时,那些三清宫的强者脸色也是一沉,随之如同听闻到死神的名字一样,尖叫道:“小,小子,你是秦石?这,这怎可能?你不是死掉了吗?你怎么会还活着?” Fierceness that Qin Shi changes, said with a smile: Three Yuan child that three old dogs are also living, how I will die.” 秦石变的狰狞,笑道:“三元子那三条老狗还活着,我怎么会死。” You!” “你!” Bang! Bang! Bang! The next instant, Qin Shi at all not to the opportunity that they rubbish, Qin Shi whole body float several golden gloss, becomes a tremendous strength extends, strikes to kill that several powerhouses at the scene in disorderly airborne, but during panting for breath, has dozens boundary powerhouses to fall from the sky, so the degree, making star space look that is the heart is startled. 砰!砰!砰!下一霎,秦石根本不给他们废话的机会,秦石周身悬浮出数道金色的光泽,成一股巨大的力量延伸而出,将那数名强者当场击杀在凌乱的空中,前后,不过喘息间,却有着数十名界境强者陨落,这般程度,让莫星宇看着都是心惊。 7000 sea palaces, my Qin Shi came back!” When strikes kills that dozens powerhouses, in Qin Shi hand lift-off slowly, inhales in the essence and blood of his dozens powerhouse the palm all, gathers an extremely superficial scarlet spirit bead, when sees in that spirit Zhu is almost zero scale division, Qin Shi deep sigh tone: Distance 1000, seriously are the remote distances.” “7000海宫,我秦石回来了!”当击杀那数十名强者时,秦石手中缓缓的升空,将其数十名强者的精血尽数吸入掌心里,汇聚成一颗极为浅淡的血色灵珠,当望见那灵珠上几乎为零的刻度,秦石长叹口气:“距离1000,当真是遥远的路程啊。” Simply, Qin Shi is not anxious, he in 7000 sea palaces, in addition also has seven years. 索性,秦石不急,他在7000海宫,尚且还有七年时间。 At this time, his falling slowly, stopped before the body of Doesn't star space, saw Mo Xingyu he is also the heartfelt happiness. 在这时,他缓缓的落下,停顿在莫星宇的身前,见到莫星宇他也是由衷的高兴。 But has not expected, Mo Xingyu eye pupil suddenly flood red. 但未料,莫星宇的眼眸突然泛红。 Qin Shi, saves Ling Zhugong!” 秦石,救凌竹宫!” Qin Shi knits the brows slightly, at once his vision changes is quite cut-throat, invisible anger causes ten thousand meters crazy class in this purple coral forests suddenly. 秦石微微皱眉,旋即他目光变的极为凶狠,一股无形的怒火骤然间在这紫色珊瑚林间引起万米狂流。 The Qin Shi cold pupil opens and closes, sound extremely ice-cold [say / way]: Ling Zhugong, how?” 秦石寒眸开合,声音极为冰冷的道:“凌竹宫,怎么了?” Sanqinggong, unites over a thousand sea palaces now, now has encircled Ling Zhugong.” “三清宫,如今联合上千海宫,如今已是将凌竹宫围剿。” The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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