PDL :: Volume #17

#1696: A half year of Dharmakaya becomes

A half year?” Under Qin Shi hesitates, this time exceeds his imagination. “半年么?”秦石沉吟下,这个时间远超出他的想象。 Boy, practices a way, does not have the division of This, you march into the boundary now, you should understand this point gradually, you must know, since the ten years, your luck has been common person several times are many, this lets you use short be this degree instantaneously, but after boundary, the light has the luck, is not enough, after boundary, you very possible are only commonly therapy, or closes up, dies in a sitting posture is one year, ten years, even hundred years also very much have the possibility, in the boundary, the idea of time, are very difficult to use the day to describe. A half year, is most conservative.” “小子,修炼一途,无甲子之分,你如今已是步入界境,你应该渐渐的明白这一点,你要知道,这十年以来,你的运气是寻常人几倍还要多,这才让你用短暂的瞬间达到这种程度,但界境以后,光有运气,是不足够的,界境以后,你很可能只是寻常疗伤,或是闭关,一坐化便是一年,十年,甚至百年也很有可能,在界境,时间的观念,是很难用天来形容。的,半年,已是最保守的了。” Qin Shi smiles helplessly, this point he naturally understands, otherwise these lived a lot of years of powerhouse, will halt why in the boundary? 秦石无奈一笑,这一点他自然明白,不然那些活了千百年的强者,为何才会止步在界境呢? A half year, a half year in the follower eyes, truly is nothing to speak, is in a flash, but a half year, to him, can actually change are too many, now Qin Gong the condition will decide however will not be ideal, once ten Fang Dian got rid, Qin Gongding will be destroyed, this was the matter that he did not allow to present. 只是半年啊,半年在修炼者眼中,确实是不值一提,弹指一挥间,但半年,对他而言,却能改变太多,如今秦宫的状况定然不会理想,一旦十方殿出手,那秦宫定会被毁,这是他决不允许出现的事。 Not other means?” “没有其余办法吗?” No.” Evil Spirit often sighed, said: This practice, even if you use stars reversal, time law that is also unable to change.” “没有。”邪魔常叹口气,道:“这种修炼,就算你用星辰逆转阵,也是无法改变的时间定律。” Qin Shi is silent, partly after making a sound, he looks to the wreckage of serious famine emperor. 秦石沉默,半响后他望向大荒帝的残骸。 Now, he builds up the second Dharmakaya urgent matter, otherwise Doesn't said is Sanqinggong, even if ten Fang Dian, ten palace hosts get rid, he is extremely also difficult to resist, whether he can continue to survive in 7000 sea palaces, the second Dharmakaya has the important function, for this reason, he finally is the helpless deep sigh tone, nods saying: I knew, we grasp.” 如今,他炼化第二法身当务之急,不然莫说是三清宫,就算是十方殿,十名宫主出手,他也是极难对抗的,他能否继续在7000海宫存活下去,第二法身有着至关重要的作用,为此,他终是无奈的长叹口气,点点头道:“我知道了,那我们抓紧吧。” Boy, you could rest assured that Qin Gong these kids are not vulnerable, in their many people, I sees with your same lofty character, believes them, you trained Qin Gong, for won't be the future returns to the world of human beings to entrust with heavy responsibility? If you always break through enemy lines, Qin Gong, will be finally same as Qin sect, without you, same is half leg.” “小子,你放心,秦宫那些小家伙们没有那么脆弱,在他们很多人身上,我可是都看到跟你一样的傲骨,相信他们吧,你培养秦宫,为的不就是将来回人界以重用吗?你若是总自己冲锋陷阵,那秦宫,最后会和秦宗一样,没有你,一样是半条腿。” Under Qin Shi, in the half year to Qin Gong perhaps was also a test. 秦石点下头,这半年对秦宫兴许也是个考验。 But, ten Fang Dian, if Qin Gong had the least bit damage, I will certainly make ten Fang Diansheng might as well die!” Qin Shi black pupil cold Li Dao. “不过,十方殿,若是秦宫有半点损伤,我一定会让十方殿生不如死!”秦石黑眸寒厉道。 How do I want to do now?” “我现在要怎么做?” Builds up the second Dharmakaya, must fuse the spirit flesh and blood, the flesh and blood formerly I had said that needs to moisten with the blood of thousand boundaries, spirit, then with your spirit, formerly, I wanted you to build up the soul strength, achieved the soul to leave the hole the situation, for is now, a meeting, I will pour into the demon soul flower to this skeleton, and will direct to bleed, the demon blood introduction your within the body to this skeleton, during this period, your soul must be at the hole condition, only by doing so, you can be insufficient by the demon blood invasion.” Evil Spirit said. “炼化第二法身,需融合魂灵血肉,血肉先前我已说过,需要用千名界境的鲜血滋润,魂灵,则是用你的魂灵,先前,我要你炼化灵魂力,达到灵魂出窍的地步,为的就是现在,一会,我会将魔魂花注入到这尸骨当中,并且会引流血阵,将你体内的魔血引入至这尸骨内,在这期间,你的灵魂必须处于出窍状态,只有这样,你才能不至于被魔血侵染。”邪魔道。 Under Qin Shi, the soul leaves hole not to be difficult to him now. 秦石点下头,灵魂出窍如今对他而言并不难。 Qin Shi mind restraining, a Yuan deification makes the soul light, slowly from ** in leaps, his appearance, actually and Evil Spirit is somewhat similar, light, empty vast. 秦石心神收敛,元神化作魂光,缓缓的从**内跃出,他的样子,倒是和邪魔有几分相似,淡薄,虚渺。 Sees that Evil Spirit under the point, is extremely quick along with it Evil Spirit movement, his incarnation is ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) has dark unicorns, that four giant arm, makes an effort to tread in the ground, rough sea waves, are shake this piece of sky-blue space disperse some, Evil Spirit opens the mouth, in his blood-stained mouth, the piece of endless dark spaces, beyond that dark space has the thick fog winding, seems everything moves to that thick fog all, will be swallowed to a piece of space is in addition same. 见状,邪魔才点下头,随之邪魔的动作极快,他化身为万丈有余的黑暗麒麟,那四只巨大的手臂,在地面上用力一踏,一股巨浪,将这片蔚蓝色的空间都是震散些许,邪魔张开口,在他的血口中,有一片无尽黑暗的空间,那黑暗的空间外有浓雾缠绕,好似凡是触碰到那浓雾的一切,都会被吞噬到另一片空间当中一样。 Tun Tian is void!” Although has experienced the Tun Tian void strength repeatedly, but seriously when sees that void main body, Qin Shi could not bear shock. 吞天虚空!”尽管多次见识过吞天虚空的力量,但当真的见到那虚空本体时,秦石仍是忍不住震撼。 Kid, prepared, the following preparation was important!” Evil Spirit urged the sound again. “小家伙,准备好了,接下来的准备至关重要!”邪魔再次叮嘱声。 Qin Shi deeply inspires, adjusts is best, under after own condition the point: Em!” 秦石深吸口气,将自身状态调整到最好后才点下头:“恩!” Evil Spirit will find out void, that void such as wormhole in a piece of galaxy is the same, finally stops falls before the Qin Shi main body and serious famine emperor skeleton. 邪魔将虚空探出,那虚空如一片星河里的虫洞一样,最终停落在秦石的本体与大荒帝尸骨前。 When both central, that puts out two dark chains void, both that will not relate implicate the same place, that dark chains connection then has the halo to be mobile, at this time, the Qin Shi soul trembled slightly, his obvious feeling, did not follow within the body to gush out, that illness, seemed is seizing to abandon his soul to be the same. 在两者中央,那虚空吐出两道黑暗锁链,将本来毫无关系的两者牵连一起,那黑暗的锁链连接之际便是有光晕流动,在这时,秦石的魂魄微微一颤,他明显的感受到,有一股不适从体内涌出,那股不适,好似是在夺舍他的灵魂一样。 Kid, should not be tense, relaxes, I want the drainage demon blood now, during this process you, if has any contradiction, all completely will then fall short.” The Evil Spirit reminder said. “小家伙,别紧张,放松一点,我现在要引流魔血,在这过程当中你若是有任何抵触,一切便全部都会功亏一篑。”邪魔提醒道。 Under Qin Shi then point, but mixed in the bloodlines of Qin Shi within the body in this time that chains. 秦石这才点下头,而在这时那锁链混入进秦石体内的血脉里。 Each bloodlines, the above demon blood at this time such as Jiang Hong Yiban, all rivers run into sea, swallowed following that chains, then in flowing slowly entered in the middle of the skeleton of serious famine emperor, that invisible skeleton, at this time also finally was bright that changed, the drainage demon blood, was an extremely slow process, each must spend the enormous time, suddenly, one month elapsed, the drainage of that demon blood also completed one-third. 每一道血脉,上面的魔血在这时如江洪一般,海纳百川,顺着那锁链吞噬,然后在缓缓的流淌进大荒帝的尸骨当中,那本来无形的尸骨,在这时也终是变的明亮,引流魔血,是一极为缓慢的过程,每一道都要消耗极大的时间,眨眼间,一个月逝去,那魔血的引流也才完成1。 But is good because, after one-third, Evil Spirit opens the second step, that is the demon soul flower pours into the serious famine emperor, builds the demon soul. 但好在,1过后,邪魔已是开启第二个步骤,那便是魔魂花注入大荒帝,塑造魔魂。 The demon soul flower is hit to project from Evil Spirit , such as a star axle of flaw star new moon, suddenly has the stars homing to be the same. 魔魂花从邪魔手中弹射出,如一缺失星朔的星轨,突然有繁星归位一样。 When demon soul flower enters the body, the skeleton of that serious famine emperor trembles lightly, in serious famine emperor the place of dantian, seems has any thing avalanche to be the same, the avalanche, is that nine spirit vein originally, with dantian nucleus, but along with it, the demon soul flower such as a tree seed is the same, just entered the dantian of serious famine emperor, under the innumerable demon blood moisten, extremely quick blossoming and bearing fruit, innumerable purple vines, extremely quick then in the serious famine emperor whole body winding, these vines, changes to new spirit vein, but demon soul chou the fruit, turns into the new five main internal organs (entrails), when all derivations. But leaves, in within the body of that serious famine emperor, seems an independent world is the same. 当魔魂花入体,那大荒帝的尸骸轻颤,在大荒帝的丹田之处,好似有着什么东西崩塌一样,崩塌的,是那原本的九条灵脉,和丹田晶核,而随之,魔魂花如一树种一样,刚一入大荒帝的丹田,在无数魔血滋润下,极快的开花结果,无数紫色的藤蔓,极快的便是在大荒帝周身缠绕,那些藤蔓,化作成新的灵脉,而魔魂花结出的果实,则是变成新的五脏六腑,当一切衍生。而出,在那大荒帝的体内,好似成一独立的世界一样。 In that world, two vast mansions, a mansion, naturally in the middle of the dantian, the place above has one to sit the lotus, sits on the lotus to have a gap, such as a lock, but the demon soul is colored, is that key, overlapping that both tally completely, when demon soul flower slowly homing, seems such as an activation is the same, on the skeleton of that serious famine emperor, ten thousand years the vitality has not fluctuated, was actually flows at this time the vitality. 在那一片世界里,有两座浩瀚的府邸,一座府邸,自然是在丹田当中,上方有一坐莲,坐莲上有一缺口,如一把锁头,而魔魂花,便是那钥匙,两者完全吻合的重叠,当魔魂花缓缓归位时,好似如一种激活一样,那大荒帝的尸骨上,万年没有过生机波动,却是在这时流动出生机来。 Evil Spirit said at this time: Kid, while the present, inserts that two [gold/metal] bone.” 邪魔这时道:“小家伙,趁现在,将那两块金骨嵌入进去。” Under Qin Shi, wrist rotates gently, inserts the arm of serious famine emperor two [gold/metal] bones along with it separately, with frontal bone on. 秦石点下头,手腕轻轻转动,随之将两块金骨分别嵌入进大荒帝的手臂,和额骨上。 When two [gold/metal] bone inserting, the whole body skeleton of that serious famine emperor seems is infected, reveals an extremely gorgeous gloss, under that gloss, Qin Shi corners of the mouth satisfied, then, his palm picks up toward on gradually, continuously ejects several strategies unexpectedly, each strategy, is quite maneating, Falling Star Tyrant Body Technique, timely rain rain and dew, these body refining martial arts, were shifted by him to the skeleton of serious famine emperor completely. 当两块金骨嵌入,那大荒帝的全身骨骼好似都受到感染,流露出一种极为绚丽的光泽,在那光泽下,秦石嘴角渐渐满意,而后,他掌心朝上托起,竟又是连续击出数道阵法,每一道阵法,都极为凶悍,星陨霸体决,甘霖雨露阵,这些炼体武学,全部被他转移给大荒帝的尸骨。 At this time, that second mansion, finally is also the twinkle dim light, that second mansion in the place of serious famine emperor heavenly palace. 这时,那第二座府邸,终是也闪烁幽光,那第二座府邸是在大荒帝天宫之处。 Boy, injects the heavenly palace your soul now, this second Dharmakaya then initially concentrates!” “小子,现在将你的灵魂注入进天宫,这第二法身便是初步凝成!” Good!” Qin Shi nods, is scattered the soul strength along with it him, takes own soul as the connection fuses the serious famine emperor and main body. “好!”秦石点点头,随之他将魂力分散,以自身魂魄为连接的将大荒帝与本体融合。 This is the long-time process, when the Qin Shi soul fuses gradually, that serious famine emperor started to have some vitalities finally. 这又是长久的过程,当秦石的魂魄渐渐融合,那大荒帝终是开始有了些许的生机。 Now, is finally the crucial time, I must consolidate your within the body all demon blood in the serious famine emperor skeleton, this process, possibly the incomparable severe pain, you must bear, otherwise, all will fall short.” “现在,是最后关键的时刻,我要将你体内所有的魔血稳固在大荒帝尸骨里,这个过程,可能无比剧痛,你要忍住,不然,一切都将功亏一篑。” Em!” Under Qin Shi, but he just nodded, that great strength is the fierce rebellion. “恩!”秦石点下头,但他刚刚点头,那股巨力便是猛的暴动。 Bang! Bang! Bang! 砰!砰!砰! The Qin Shi eyebrow color is startled changes, although he early is prepared, but that thorough piercing hard to endure severe pain, seems his soul gives to twist the broken same strength, making Qin Shi fierce stares the big eye, several times almost dizziness in the past, Qin Shi continuously stimulated to movement the soul to protect the heart [lineage/vein], but is this, he was still continuously and sober middle turned over in the stupor, just woke up, was the dizziness in the past. 秦石眉色惊变,尽管他早有准备,但那深到刺骨难忍的剧痛,好似将他灵魂都给绞碎一样的力量,让秦石猛的瞪大眼,几次差点都眩晕过去,秦石连续催动灵魂护住心脉,但就是这样,他仍是连续在昏迷和清醒当中翻转,刚刚醒来,便是眩晕过去。 Does not know the pain that this type wants dead actually experienced how long, Qin Shi restoration consciousnes gradually. 不知道这种想死的痛苦究竟经历了多久,秦石才渐渐的恢复神智 When he restores consciousnes, is actually startled detected that serious famine emperor skeleton, unexpectedly already was not in same place, he is startled, but he just wanted to search the hand, moves along with the fingertip hook, his look changes, from his palm, transmits two strengths unexpectedly, his fierce stares, he puts out a hand obviously, why will have two strengths? Qin Shi thought that he seems simultaneously has two fleshly body to be the same. 而当他恢复神智时,却惊起的发觉那大荒帝尸骨,竟是早已不在原地,他不由一怔,但他刚欲探手,随着指尖钩动,他眼神一变,从他的手掌心上,竟是传来两股力量,他猛的一愣,他明明只是伸手,为何会有两种力量?秦石觉得,他好似同时拥有两具肉身一样。 „That second Dharmakaya is builds up is completed, now fuses with your fleshly body completely, your present situation, but also is unable to separate alone the second Dharmakaya, the second Dharmakaya, in addition needs to be nutritious in your within the body, but, you should be able to discover that the root bone of your within the body, from 206 originally, turned into 412.” “那第二法身已是炼化完成,现在与你的肉身完全融合,你现在的情况,还无法将第二法身单独分离出来,第二法身,尚且需要在你体内滋补,不过,你应该已经能发现,你体内的根骨,已是从原本的206块,变成412块。” „Is this demon body?” “这就是魔躯?” Em, when the flesh and blood activation of second Dharmakaya, then can achieve the situation that the second Dharmakaya provides, at that time, but be more formidable than your doing several things at the same time, that truly has of flesh and blood, in other words, you have two fleshly body.” “恩,等到第二法身的血肉激活,便是能够做到将第二法身发放的地步,那时候,可是要比你的分身更加强大,那是真正拥有血肉的自己,也就是说,你拥有两具肉身。” That said that my demon soul also did succeed?” Qin Shi pleasantly surprised [say / way]. “那是不是说,我的魔魂也成功了?”秦石惊喜道。 Under the Evil Spirit stop, is actually shaking the head slightly: Does not calculate that you had the vessel of demon soul now, but wants the true fusion demon soul, is actually not the easy matter, but is not anxious, Fufeng initially had said that they have the means that this point is not anxious, should that life standard arrange you, you must do now, completely is stable the second Dharmakaya.” 邪魔停顿下,却是微微的摇头:“也不算,你现在只是拥有了魔魂的容器,但想要真正的融合魔魂,却不是容易的事,不过不急,扶风当初说过,他们有办法,这一点不急,应该那命格会安排你,你现在要做的,就是将第二法身完全稳固。” Qin Shi first is slightly low-spirited, but after the moment, his black pupil changes elite. 秦石先是略为黯然,但片刻后他黑眸变精锐起来。 Qin Shi reveals to wipe to sneer, the vision leaves to lose battlefield cave entrance to look toward that suddenly in all. 秦石露出抹冷笑,目光突然朝着那离开古遗战场的洞口望去。 A half year, was a half year is the time should leave.” “半年,又是半年是时候该离开了。” Some matters, to this understanding time.” “有些事情,也是到了该了解的时候了啊。” 1000 boundaries? He he, happen to uses them, first prepares a ground also to might as well.” “1000名界境么?呵呵,正好用他们,先做个铺垫也无妨。” The Qin Shi black pupil, in the firmness that this time changes, he does not know that actually the outside had anything, but he knows after this time appears once again, 7000 sea palaces, can stop him nobody again, his corners of the mouth, rise slightly, reveal to wipe the strange radian. 秦石黑眸,在这时变的坚决,他并不知外界究竟发生了什么,但他知道他这次再度出现后,7000海宫,将无人再能阻拦他,他的嘴角,微微上扬,露出抹诡异的弧度。 „, My Qin Shi came back!” “诸位,我秦石回来了!” The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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