PBS :: Volume #28

#2767: Shocking Li talents

Lebanese magnificent one, Li witch four people are the tiger body shake, this short several characters fall in their ears, simply looks like the sound of sounds of nature! 黎华一、黎巫四人都是虎躯一震,这短短几个字落在他们的耳中,简直就像是天籁之音! Lebanese witch three people have not made noise, but was looks neatly to Lebanese magnificent one, Young Master of this Li was calm immediately, released huge spiritual thought. 黎巫三人没有出声,而是齐刷刷看向了黎华一,这位黎家的少主立即镇定下来,释放出庞大的神念 Unexpectedly did not have the sensation...... in a Lebanese magnificent mind to flash through a thought to them, then guest polite angry saying: Does not know that your excellency is which?” “居然没有感知到他们……”黎华一脑海中闪过了一道念头,然后客客气气道:“不知阁下是哪位?” „I am who is very important? Do a few words, need to help?” That said that spiritual thought some are impatient. “我是谁很重要吗?一句话,要不要帮忙?”那道神念有些不耐烦。 Naturally wants!” Lebanese magnificent one nods without hesitation , to continue saying: Your excellency, was really sorry, was I was offensive a moment ago. Does not know that what condition your excellency does have?” “当然要!”黎华一毫不犹豫点头,继续道:“阁下,实在抱歉,刚才是我唐突了。不知道阁下有什么条件呢?” Condition, is very simple, you use to record light the symbol, takes an oath in the name of own Old Ancestor(s), if I help you melt the ban, you handle three matters for me, naturally, was definitely reasonable, matter in one's power.” “条件嘛,很简单,你们使用记光符,以自家老祖的名义起誓,若我帮你们化解禁制,你们就替我办三件事,当然了,肯定是合理的,力所能及的事情。” Light symbol, in All Heavens and Myriad Realms, this is the hierograph that one type generally has. This symbol displays, can probably 2.5 minutes, the surrounding area the scene within ten zhang (3.33 m) completely record. 记光符,在诸天万界之中,这是一种普遍存在的神符。此符施展出来,可以将大约半柱香,方圆十丈内的景象全部记录起来。 Generally speaking, this symbol is used to take an oath, or trades the time to use mutually. 一般来说,此符都是用来起誓,或者是相互交易时候所用。 After all, after breaking through Supreme Heavenly Venerable, the so-called many pledges, basically did not have too big fetter effect, even if after violation, is a little troublesome, but is not cannot melt. 毕竟,突破无上天尊之后,所谓的很多誓言,基本上没有了太大的束缚效果,即便违反后有点麻烦,但也不是不可以化解。 In comparison, many Powerhouse giants, some God's favored ones, regarding oneself face countenance, or are behind the face countenance of family and influence, must attach great importance. 相比之下,许多强者巨头,还有一些天之骄子们,对于自己的颜面,或者是背后家族和势力的颜面,要更加重视。 After recording the light symbol records, in the common situation, they will not violate. 用记光符记载下来后,一般的情况下,他们都不会违反。 Do not resort to any small thoughts and small method, I must certainly attain to record up the symbol first, did not determine after any issue, can help you.” “你们可别耍什么小心思和小手段,我肯定要先拿到记光符,确定没啥问题之后,才能帮你们。” That said that spiritual thought has made up one. 那道神念又补了一句。 That impossible!” Relative simple of Lebanese magnificent rejection, categorical: Although this ban, is indeed formidable, but we most are only on the flower several days of time, can it melting! How many day of time, can comply with three matters merely? This simply is fantasy story!” “那不可能!”黎华一拒绝的相当干脆,斩钉截铁:“虽然这道禁制,的确非常强大,但是我们最多只是花上几天时间,就可以将之化解!仅仅为了几天的时间,就要答应三件事情?这简直是天方夜谭!” Hehe, you do a bit less this set. Depending on your levels, at least takes several months to break open this ban, only if you put out a ruthless thing to come out.” That sound sneers: I might as well told you, this ancient dragon originally six looked back is changed to ancient dragon nine to look back, you are also only eighth look back now. If the time drags was long, ninth will look back will erupt, when the time comes can you pay the big price? Three matters, were cheap you!” “呵呵,你少来这一套。就凭你们的水平,至少要几个月才能破开这禁制,除非你们拿出点狠东西出来。”那道声音冷笑一声:“我不妨告诉你们,这原本的古龙六回首已经被改成古龙九回首了,你们现在还只是第八回首。要是时间拖的久了,第九回首就会爆发了,到时候你们又得付出多大的代价?三件事情,都便宜你们了!” The Lebanese witch three people of complexions change, must if that was true, they really owe to suppress. Moreover, eighth looked back so was strong, does ninth look back will be terrifying? 黎巫三人脸色一变,要真是那样的话,他们就真的亏狠了。而且,第八回首就这么强了,第九回首将会多么恐怖? Lebanese magnificent in sinks wholeheartedly, this spiritual thought Master was really too fearful, suddenly completely has seen through them. 黎华一心里一沉,这道神念主人真是太可怕了,竟然已经完全看穿了他们。 The negotiations, have not resulted in discussed that the opposite party seized their life. 谈判,是没得谈了,对方掐住了他们的命脉。 Good, I comply!” Person who Lebanese magnificent one has the boldness, rapid has made the decision. “好,我答应!”黎华一是个非常有魄力的人,迅速就做出了决定。 Lebanese magnificent one puts out to record up the symbol immediately, looks to Lebanese witches and the others, they recover, nodded, immediately with Lebanese magnificent 11, starts to distribute the pledge. 黎华一立刻拿出了记光符,看向黎巫等人,他们回过神来,点了点头,立即跟着黎华11起,开始发下誓言。 Has completed the light symbol, how do I give you?” “记光符做好了,我怎么给你?” Makes this bird hold in the mouth.” “让这只鸟叼过来。” The Lebanese magnificent first-grade people look at a pale blue color bird, in dragon tide of blotting out the sky, trembling flies, in the heart is startled and decides. 黎华一等人看着一只淡蓝色的小鸟,在铺天盖地的龙潮之中,颤颤巍巍的飞过来,心中又惊又定。 Peeps a spot to see the overall picture, through this wonderful one move, coming out that can look at, the opposite party indeed has the skill to bring them. 窥一斑而见全豹,通过这神乎其神的一招,就可以看的出来,对方的确有本事把他们带出去。 After delivering records the light symbol, Li witch cannot bear exclaim: This law immortal congress is really crouching tiger , hidden dragon, has not thought that really also has such God's favored one, can melt ancient dragon nine to look back with ease!” 送完记光符后,黎巫忍不住惊叹道:“这法仙大会真是卧虎藏龙啊,没想到竟然还有这样的天之骄子,可以轻松化解古龙九回首!” Li turns over to the nod compound: This person of real cultivation level did not say, but this person in banning the attainments in this aspect, that was in this congress is absolutely most fearful!” 黎归点头复合:“此人真实修为不好说,但此人在禁制这方面的造诣,那绝对是这场大会里最可怕的!” Their four people of attainments at ban is not low, they collaborate, has spent the enormous strength and method, has not actually traced to the least bit clue. 他们四人在禁制上的造诣不低,他们联手起来,花了极大的力气和手段,却没有摸到半点头绪。 In a Lebanese magnificent pair of pupil is glittering rays of light, said: I have the premonition, this person of cultivation level is not high. If is really so, we must win over him with every effort, collaborates with him! The light rain, this aspect is your strong point, when the time comes gave you!” 黎华一双眸中闪烁着光芒,道:“我有预感,此人修为并不高。如果真是如此,那我们要尽力拉拢他,和他一起联手!小雨,这方面是你的强项,到时候就交给你了!” Lebanese Jin rain smiles charmingly: Young Master, you could rest assured that when the time comes gives me.” 黎瑾雨妩媚一笑:“少主,你放心,到时候就交给我。” The time passes little, the Lebanese magnificent first-grade people felt gradually a little does not suit, this passed half double-hour, didn't the opposite party have a response? 时间一点点流逝,黎华一等人渐渐感觉有点不对劲了,这都过去半个时辰了,对方怎么没有一点反应? Should not be bad luck, is this Mysterious talent happen to the enemy of Li? 该不会那么倒霉,这个神秘天才正好是黎家的敌人吧? At this moment, that said that spiritual thought passed on, the tone is a little strange: I looked, does not have any issue, that cooperation starts, then you according to doing that I said.” 就在这时,那道神念传了过来,语气有点怪异:“我看了,没什么问题,那合作就开始吧,接下来你们按照我说的做。” In the Lebanese magnificent first-grade will of the people slightly relaxed, words that at present looks like, this Mysterious talent should not be their enemies, but cannot be negligent. 黎华一等人心里略松了口气,目前看来的话,这个神秘天才应该不是他们的敌人,不过也不能大意。 However, after listening to the step that the Mysterious talent said that the Lebanese magnificent first-grade people had calculated, thought the issue is not big, rapidly goes into action. 不过,当听完神秘天才所说的步骤之后,黎华一等人推算了一下,觉得其中问题不大,就迅速行动起来。 Probably after half double-hour, along with the Lebanese magnificent first-grade person simple incomparable movement, astonishing occurred, the innumerable blood dragons, such as the sea water removes, in the world pure brightness, does not wither gradually. 大概半个时辰之后,随着黎华一等人简单无比的动作,惊人的一幕发生了,无数的血龙,如海水般褪去,天地间渐渐清明,肃杀不在。 Ok!” Lebanese magnificent first-grade person complexion one happy, in the heart is also the exclamation, has not thought that the opposite party uses the so simple technique unexpectedly, compared to break this to kill the bureau. “可以!”黎华一等人脸色一喜,心中也更是惊叹,没想到对方居然用如此简单的手法,就勘破了这个杀局。 Must win over this person!” Lebanese magnificent was determined to be bigger wholeheartedly. “一定要拉拢此人!”黎华一心中决心更大了。
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