PBS :: Volume #20

#1962: Shuttles back and forth in ten thousand people

Bang! 轰隆! Great Tribulation wreaks havoc, as powerful as a thunderbolt. 大劫肆虐,雷霆万钧。 Huge dragon body, displays the unequalled strength, bumps into to contend with it. 庞大的龙身,展现出无与伦比的力量,与之相撞抗衡。 Gong Yang, Source Dao Heavenly Mountain's Lord and skeleton Martial God wait/etc. Powerhouse on three ancient ship, with total concentration looks at this. 宫杨源道天山之主、骷髅武神等等三艘古船上的强者们,都聚精会神的看着这一幕。 Along with all sorts of changes of Cang Lan Continent world rule, flies upwards now was already different in the past, flies upwards Great Tribulation to want the terror many, and possibility that is defeated is also very big. 随着苍岚大陆天地规则的种种改变,如今飞升早已不同往昔,飞升大劫要恐怖的多,并且失败的可能性也很大。 They happen to here, well observe and emulate, can perhaps harvest, simultaneously when bug bitter experience to any danger, they also well lend a hand to help it. 他们正好借此机会,好好观摩一番,说不定能够有所收获,同时小虫遭遇到什么危险之时,他们也好出手助之。 Many Powerhouse on three big training field, so, observes and emulates Great Tribulation. 三个大道场上的诸多强者们,也是如此,观摩大劫 Why do you so disrespect to the Qin Nan senior? could it be that are you Evil God Palace person?” “你为何对秦南前辈如此不敬?难道你是邪神殿的人?” At this time, Lei Huan that Heaven List was listed ninth, has thought of anything suddenly, was shouting to clear the way to Qin Nan, the vision was very sharp. 就在这个时候,天榜排名第九的雷欢,忽而想到了什么,对着秦南喝道,目光无比锐利。 Qin Nan is quite speechless. 秦南颇为无语。 Others have not remembered this, the Dragon Tiger son, actually stared at him...... 别人都还没想起这茬,偏偏龙虎的儿子,倒是盯上了他…… Evil God Palace person, how dare frank and upright station here? Even if that Palace Lord, thinks that is not having courage.” 邪神殿的人,怎敢光明正大的站在这里?即便是那位殿主,想必也没这个胆子吧。” Qin Nan touches the nose. 秦南摸了摸鼻子。 This boy responded quickly, was the intelligence quotient is a little defective, looked like his father very much. 这小子反应很快,就是智商有点欠缺,很像他爹。 The Lei Huan complexion is startled, this person said is actually very reasonable. 雷欢脸色一怔,此人说的倒是很有道理。 Who no matter you are, your item of non- Qin Nan senior, does not have good manners the number, according to the custom, we must apprehend in this you!” “不管你到底是何人,你目无秦南前辈,不懂礼数,按照规矩,我们要将你在此捉拿!” Powerhouse responded that cold sound shouted to clear the way. 一位强者反应过来,冷声喝道。 Good, happen to the old man also wants to have a look, you have any skill, formerly actually added that Heaven List first ten talents, the foundation is unstable!” “不错,正好老夫也想看看,你到底有什么本事,先前竟然还说天榜前十的天才们,根基都不稳固!” The Xiao Ling'er teacher stood up, swings the boundless imposing manner. 萧灵儿的师尊站起身来,荡开了磅礴气势。 Teacher, you have misunderstood, this person has regarded oneself is......” “师尊,你误会了,此人一直把自己当成是……” Xiao Ling'er said hurriedly that she also thought Qin Nan does is not right, subjects to a penalty by rights ought, but she anything has not thought now, but instinct stands, asked for leniency for Qin Nan. 萧灵儿急忙说道,她也觉得秦南做的非常不对,理当受罚,但是她现在什么也没想,只是本能的站起来,替秦南说情。 Just, her words, nobody perceives. 只不过,她的话,无人听进去。 Whoosh ! 唰! Enough ten Powerhouse started to get rid to Qin Nan, seven Great Emperor, three Martial God, everyone within the body emperor's power and divine power rapidly were revolving, have made all trades might astonishing Ancient Technique. 足足十位强者开始对秦南出手了,七位大帝,三位武神,每个人体内帝力神力都在迅速运转,打出了一门门威力惊人的古术 Qin Nan slightly absent-minded. 秦南微微恍惚了一下。 His past practice many Ancient Technique, already put behind in the heart. 不知不觉间,他当年修炼的诸多古术,早已忘却在心中了。 Ancient Technique approaches, Qin Nan recovers, smiles lightly, when this is at a crucial moment, the personal appearance in a flash, completely avoids these Ancient Technique slightly. 古术逼近,秦南回过神来,淡淡一笑,在这千钧一发之际,身形微微一晃,就将这些古术们全部避开。 This person of cultivation level is not simple, we get rid together!” “此人修为不简单,我们一起出手!” These ten Powerhouse looks instantaneous one cold, gives a loud shout. 这十位强者眼神瞬间一凛,大喝一声。 Other Powerhouse on training field, responded that the body erupted the formidable imposing manner, in the hand has had all trades magic seal. 道场上的其他强者们,纷纷反应过来,身上爆发出来了强大气势,手中结出了一门门法印 Not only they, the Heaven List first ten talents also began, will bursts out. 不只是他们,天榜前十的天才们也动手了,意志迸发。 Especially Lei Huan, the main body appears, dragon mouth opens, face upwards to roar, powerful. 尤其是雷欢,本体浮现,龙口张开,仰天咆哮,威风凛凛。 This Dragon Tiger also is really, does not teach you well, the foundation so is unexpectedly bad.” “这龙虎也真是的,不好好教教你,根基居然这么差。” Qin Nan flipped the supercilious look, the personal appearance in a flash, has avoided everywhere Ancient Technique, arrived in the Lei Huan front, the finger to its forehead gently ball. 秦南翻了翻白眼,身形一晃,就避开了漫天的古术,降临在了雷欢的面前,手指对着它额头轻轻一弹。 Bang! 轰! Lei Huan huge body, immediately is similar to the arrow of string, pounded in the distant place, has sent out hum the cry. 雷欢庞大的身躯,顿时如同离弦之箭,砸在了远处,发出了一道道呜呜叫声。 Although this finger has not had any injury to it, but why does not know, this its peeping girl student wash compared with before, was ganged up to surround and beaten up by one crowd of Powerhouse also wants painful dozens times. 这一指虽然没有对它产生任何伤害,但是也不知为何,这要比以前它偷看女弟子洗漱,被一群强者围殴还要痛了数十倍。 Bold thief, dares to revolt unexpectedly!” “大胆贼人,竟然还敢反抗!” The left and right day beast has simultaneously sent out one like the thunder drinking sound, erupted on the scene to want the quick speed compared with Powerhouse , rushed to the Qin Nan front. 左、右天兽同时发出了一道如雷般的喝声,爆发出来了比在场强者们都要快的速度,冲到了秦南的面前。 Innumerable Heavens Secret runes, interwove above their beast claw, patted maliciously toward Qin Nan. 无数的天机符文,交织在了它们的兽爪之上,朝着秦南狠狠拍下。 Qin Nan light snort|hum, personal appearance in a flash, arrived at behind them, distinguished a foot to trample. 秦南轻哼了一声,身形一晃,来到了它们背后,分别一脚踹了出去。 Ah ! 啊! The left and right day beast simultaneously exuded the pitiful yell sound, the personal appearance has pounded in the distant place, the continuous huge ache, they of stimulation everywhere swayed back and forth, the appearance was in an extremely difficult situation. 左、右天兽同时发出了道惨叫声,身形砸在了远处,源源不断的巨大疼痛,刺激的它们满地打滚,模样狼狈不堪。 Day beast that dares to injure the Qin Nan senior!” “竟敢打伤秦南前辈的天兽!” On training field more and more Powerhouse were angry. 道场上越来越多的强者们愤怒了。 Rising sun bulk Blade Art!” “旭日大块刀法!” As soon as the law is promulgated it will be enforced, six character big true words!” “言出法随,六字大真言!” they, got rid also conservative, then present they, fully have gotten rid, broad blade aura, ancient large characters, were carrying the great power, direct impact Qin Nan, blotted out the sky. 刚才的他们,出手还留有余地,那么现在的他们,就是全力出手了,一记记恢宏刀气,一枚枚古老大字,携带着强大威力,直冲秦南,铺天盖地。 Such many killing move, trades to make any Great Emperor, is unable anti- to live. 如此之多的杀招,换做任何一位大帝,都根本无法抗住。 He then ended......” “他这下完了……” Xiao Ling'er, Chang Le and Chang Qing responded that saw this situation gloomily, the pupil light one. 萧灵儿常乐常清反应过来,见此情形,眸光一黯。 No matter what, they are acquainted after all. 不管怎么说,他们毕竟相识一场。 However, in the next flash, their three people, many Powerhouse on the scene, Heaven List talents, saw that incomparably shocks. 然而,在下一刹那,他们三人,还有在场的诸多强者,天榜的一位位天才们,就看到了无比震撼的一幕。 Only sees, the Qin Nan complexion, does not have the tiny bit change, similarly has not displayed any Ancient Technique, but walks toward this everywhere murderous intention step by step. 只见到,秦南的脸色,没有一丝一毫的变化,同样也没有施展任何古术,只是朝着这漫天杀机一步步走去。 When each murderous intention, will soon cut his body, voluntarily annihilates, as if on the body of Qin Nan, is occupied by unsurpassed gods, any strength is unable it shaking. 当每一道杀机,即将斩中他的身体之时,就自行湮灭,仿佛在秦南的身上,住着一位无上神明,任何力量都无法将之撼动。 This...... Who is this?” “这……这到底是什么人?” Powerhouse and talents, Cultivator on other training field, in the heart have raised intermittent startled Tao, cannot believe own eye. 一位位强者、天才们,还有其他道场上的修士们,心中都掀起了阵阵惊涛,根本不敢相信自己的眼睛。 So method, even if Martial God peak, is unable to achieve! 如此手段,哪怕是武神巅峰,也根本无法做到! Has could it be that, this person, achieved powerful existence of Human God boundary at present? 难道,眼前此人,是达到了人神境的强悍存在? Your excellency, where no matter you from the influence, have what kind of cultivation level, this place is not the place that you act unruly!” “阁下,不管你是来自何方势力,有着怎样的修为,此地都不是你撒野的地方!” Finally, the war on training field, has alarmed Powerhouse on three ancient ship. 终于,道场上的大战,惊动了三艘古船上的强者们。 The person of speech, is on present Cang Lan Continent, is next to the sea Lord Gong Yang and Ao Cangtian of Dragon God bug. 说话之人,乃是如今苍岚大陆上,仅次于海主宫杨龙神小虫的敖苍天 In these years time, he marched into the Human God 5-layer boundary, is the new god who Monster God Restricted Area will soon take office. 这几十年的时光里,他步入了人神五重境界,也是妖神禁地即将上任的新神。 Ao Cangtian stands in the bow, looks at Qin Nan. 敖苍天站在船头,看着秦南 Although this person, gives him at present a familiar feeling, but he has not thought that many, particularly a moment ago the head of that 13 Martial God, making his mood very not good. 虽然眼前此人,给他一种熟悉的感觉,但他没有想那么多,尤其是刚才那13位武神的头颅,令他心情非常不好。 Bang! 轰! Ao Cangtian has gotten rid, huge purple-gold color Dragon Claw, by the easily accomplished potential, is patting toward Qin Nan. 敖苍天出手了,一尊巨大的紫金色龙爪,以着摧枯拉朽之势,朝着秦南拍来。 „Is my change so big? Now can't recognize unexpectedly?” “我的变化有那么大?现在竟然都认不出来了?” In the Qin Nan heart ponders. 秦南心中不禁沉思。 As for this Dragon Claw, he as if has not seen to be the same, whatever its speedy approach, pats maliciously. 至于这一尊龙爪,他仿佛没有看见一样,任凭它迅速接近,狠狠拍下。 Like the thunder bang sound, has made a sound quickly, innumerable astral qi, surging four directions. 一道如雷般的巨响声,很快响了起来,无数罡气,激荡四方。 Ao Cangtian also has many Powerhouse and talents pupil on the scene, simultaneously shrinks. 敖苍天还有在场诸多强者、天才们的瞳仁,齐齐一缩。 that Dragon Claw, likely was the hit on an unsurpassed mountain, changed to everywhere smashing. 刚才的那一尊龙爪,像是撞击在了一尊无上大山上,化作了漫天粉碎。 The Qin Nan personal appearance, is motionless, the long gown that wears, had not been injured to slightly. 秦南的身形,却一动不动,就连所穿的长袍,都没有被伤到丝毫。
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