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#285: Washes the white weak three points

Chapter 285 washes the white weak three points 第285章洗白弱三分 Has not besieged while the surrounding enemy, Murphy inspected Du Longtan falling fast. 趁着周围的敌人还没有围攻上来,墨非快速的检查了一遍杜隆坦的掉落。 He attaches great importance naturally must be Du Longtan that both hands battle axes. 他最重视的当然还是要属杜隆坦的那把双手战斧了。 Oaks wild tearer( legend / double hand axe) 【奥克斯恩・荒蛮撕裂者(传说/双手斧) Plot weapon: Unique. 剧情武器:独一无二的。 Striking power: 99-195. 攻击力:99-195。 Armor piercing + 40. 破甲。 Equipment need: Strength 44. 装备需要:力量44。 Durable: 763 / 800. 耐久度:763/800。 Weapon special effect 1: Oaks it seal( passive). Holds up the weapon, absorbs aimed at you element attack, and conducts the stored energy, at the same time can only store up an element energy. 武器特效一:奥克斯恩之印(被动)。举起武器,吸收以你为目标的元素攻击,并进行储能,同一时间只能储存一种元素能量。 Presently stored energy: 295 / 3000( lightning energy). 当前储能:295/3000(闪电能量)。 Weapon special effect 2: Oaks it anger( initiative). Wields the weapon, release this energy in the legendary battle axe storing up, by the wind and fire, the water and place, the thunder and electricity, and even the strength of attack enemy myriad things, making your next attack trigger attack magic arts randomly, the energy of type and might and storage this/should magic arts is related. 武器特效二:奥克斯恩之怒(主动)。挥动武器,释放这把传奇战斧中储存的能量,以风与火,水与地,雷与电,乃至万物之力攻击敌人,使你的下一次攻击随机触发一个攻击法术,该法术的类型和威力与储存的能量相关。 Weapon introduction: The weapon that in the legend ancient beast person soldier Oaks of Delano world used, Oaks defeated the spirits of five powerful element with this battle axe it is said that and part of strength seals of spirit of element in this battle axe, obtained the strength of control element. 武器介绍:传说中德拉诺世界的古代兽人战士奥克斯恩所使用的武器,据说奥克斯恩以此战斧击败了五名强大的元素之灵,并将元素之灵的一部分力量封印在这柄战斧之中,由此获得了掌控元素之力。 Oaks cuts to kill innumerably with this battle axe powerful, therefore obtained wild tearer title. 】 奥克斯恩以此战斧斩杀无数强大,因此获得了‘荒蛮撕裂者’的称号。】 Good thing! In Murphy heart is very pleasantly surprised, he also thinks Du Longtan has no good thing to fall, has not thought the weapon that explodes hangs. 好东西啊!墨非心中十分惊喜,他原本还以为杜隆坦没啥好东西掉呢,没想到爆出来的武器这么吊。 This absolutely is the divine tool of resistance legal system occupation, not only can absorb the element injury also to provide a stable eruption skill. 这绝对是对抗法系职业的神器啊,不仅可以吸收元素伤害还能提供一个稳定的爆发技能。 The only regret is- it is an axe, is expert in the soldier regarding Murphy this sword many a little weak. 唯一的遗憾就是-它是一把斧子,对于墨非这个剑专精战士来说多少有点鸡肋。 In fact, the entire human camp uses the renowned soldiers of axe is very rare. 事实上,整个人类阵营用斧子的著名战士都很少见。 However are not related, after all is the weapon of legend level, is used to sell for money or take away to exchange own equipment is very good. 不过没关系,毕竟是传说级的武器,用来卖钱或者拿去交换自己的装备都是很好的。 Second falling, is actually mount reins. 第二件掉落,却是一根坐骑缰绳。 Frost wolf Lees's reins( epic / mount). 【霜狼芬利斯的缰绳(史诗/坐骑)。 Use: Summon frost wolf Lees devotes life to for you. 使用:召唤霜狼芬利斯为你效命。 Mount shape: The traveling speed promotes 100. 坐骑形态:移动速度提升100。 The war favors the shape: Rank 40 levels of elite frost wolves. 战宠形态:等级40级精英霜狼。 Goods introduction: Frost wolf Finley is in the frost wolf king many heir strongest one, not only can take the fight partner, can be the mount to be used to ride the fight. 】 物品介绍:霜狼芬利是霜狼王众多子嗣中最强壮的一只,不仅能够作为战斗伙伴,也可以作为坐骑用于骑乘战斗。】 This is the good thing, must say that the warhorse biggest difference of place wolf and alliance of tribe, was the place wolf besides can ride probably beside can also help fight. 这可是好东西,要说部落的座狼和联盟的战马最大的区别,大概就是座狼除了可以骑之外还能帮忙打架了。 Moreover the modeling of white wolf is also the suitable eye-catching, good good, this can keep to use, the mount of epic level, quite had the face. 而且白狼的造型也是相当拉风,不错不错,这个可以留着自己用了,史诗级的坐骑,相当有面子了。 Third, is actually a cloak. 第三件,却是一件披风。 【 The hug of wind tooth( epic / cloak) 【风牙的拥抱(史诗/披风) Armor + 12. 护甲。 Endurance + 4. 耐力。 Strength + 4. 力量。 Agile + 4. 敏捷。 Goods introduction: Du Longtan once could not control own anger in a fight and was in a state of bloodthirsty. After he slaughters the lifeform that the surrounding all can move, actually discovered oneself manslaughter in bloodthirsty condition his partner white wolf wind tooth. 物品介绍:杜隆坦曾经在一场战斗中控制不住自己的愤怒并陷入了嗜血状态。当他屠戮了周围的一切会动的生物后,却发现自己在嗜血状态下误杀了他的伙伴白狼风牙。 It is said starting from that day, commemorates this loyal friend for the time, simultaneously warned oneself slaughter the brought terrifying consequence, Du Longtan has been throwing over the fur of wind tooth, until his life last minute. 】 据说从那日起,为了时刻纪念这位忠诚的朋友,同时警告自己杀戮所带来的恐怖后果,杜隆坦一直披着风牙的毛皮,直至他生命的的最后一刻。】 Also is best quality goods equips, although does not have the special effect, but attached enough 12 attributes, this was quite powerful, Murphy exchanges directly. 又是一件极品装备,虽然没有特效,但是附加了足足12点属性,这相当给力了,墨非直接换上。 Fourth, is actually a war flag. 第四件,却是一杆战旗。 【 The war flag of frost wolf chief( epic / flag) 【霜狼酋长的战旗(史诗/旗帜) Use: Drives the surrounding friend side unit, making him obtain 30 morale values( this/should effect only to beast person effective). 使用:激励周围的友方单位,使其获得30点士气值(该效果仅对兽人有效)。 Goods introduction: A battle flag of frost wolf clan, is usually carried by the chief personally, when the chief brandishes the war flag arrives at the battlefield, the surrounding beast person soldier will obtain the huge inspiration. 】 物品介绍:霜狼一族的战斗旗帜,通常由酋长亲自携带,当酋长挥舞战旗降临战场时,周围的兽人战士都将获得巨大的鼓舞。】 This thing a little weak, 30 morale were effective, war time can definitely save morale of one team of collapse soldiers instantaneously, but the issue was this thing is only effective to the beast person, this egg hurt very much. 这东西就有点鸡肋了,30点士气非常管用,战争的时候完全可以瞬间挽救一队崩溃士兵的士气,但问题是这玩意只对兽人有效,这就很蛋疼了。 It seems like can only turn head trade an equipment with the players of tribe. 看来只能回头跟部落的玩家换点装备了。 Fifth, is a necklace. 第五件,是一条项链。 Tooth necklace( excellent / necklace) 【蛮牙项链(精良/项链) Equipment: Striking power + 20. 装备:攻击力。 Goods introduction: With the necklace of wild animal fang manufacture, the beast person is used to show the ornament of military force and position, it is said can promote wearing the courage and strength. 】 物品介绍:用野兽獠牙制作的项链,兽人用于彰显武力和地位的装饰物,据说可以提升佩戴者的勇气与力量。】 This thing missed compared with the flame protective charm of slaughter dragon, Murphy has not worn, forced in the backpack conveniently. 这玩意比起屠龙者的火焰护符还是差了点,墨非没有佩戴,随手塞进背包里。 Sixth, exactly said that is sixth to tenth, is one set of skin armor equips. 第六件,确切的说是第六到第十件,是一整套皮甲装备。 Wild warrior coverall( excellent / skin armor)】, One set of attribute good blue skin armor, is divided into chest armor, leg armor, shoulder armor, hand guard and boots. 【荒蛮勇士套装(精良/皮甲)】,一套属性不错的蓝色皮甲,分为胸甲、腿甲、肩甲、护手、靴子。 The coverall effect is the strength agile endurance entire attribute + 10, generally speaking good, was the armor is low, can obtain fraudulently putting on with dragon scale. 套装效果是力量敏捷耐力全属性,总的来说还是不错的,就是护甲低了点,可以跟身上的龙鳞套换着穿。 In addition, some wind erosion mark, flame mark and tribe military provisions and treatment liquid medicines and so on consumables, the value is not high, better than nothing. 除此之外,还有一些风蚀印记、火焰印记、部落军粮、治疗药水之类的消耗品,价值不高,聊胜于无了。 Murphy inventoried, the heart said that these was really the harvest is many. 墨非盘点了一番,心说这一把还真是收获颇丰啊。 When Murphy inspects the spoils of war, battlefield the fights of left and right, has the result. 就在墨非检查战利品的时候,战场上的左右两翼的战斗,也已经有了结果。 Hurricane impact! 飓风冲击! The bang, a powerful air wave flew, the storm giant who 45 human soldiers rumbled emitted a war technique, is brandishing an ice rock pillar easily accomplished chaotic dance, destroyed the temporary defense line that dozens meters soldier constructed with ease. 轰,一股强大的气浪将四五名人类士兵轰的飞了出去,风暴巨人放出一个战技,接着又挥舞着冰岩柱摧枯拉朽般一顿乱舞,轻松摧毁了几十米士兵构筑起来的临时防线。 The beast person swarms to kill from the storm giant both sides. 兽人从风暴巨型的两侧蜂拥杀出。 Kills, kills! Takes revenge for Du Longtan!” “杀,杀啊!为了杜隆坦复仇!” Kills off these human!” “杀光这些人类!” The infantries later some innumerable frost wolf cavalries take advantage of opportunity to chase down, suddenly the war cries are shocking. 步兵之后又有无数霜狼骑兵顺势追杀,一时间杀声震天。 The aristocrat allied armies had been compelled the battlefield edge at this time, several aristocrat feudal lords were cut to kill in the fight, remaining is also fearful and apprehensive. 贵族联军此时已经被逼到了战场边缘,好几名贵族领主在战斗中被斩杀,剩下的也是胆战心惊。 Baron Andrew( Bailu fort feudal lord): Defeated, defeat! We must retreat.” 安德鲁男爵(白鹿堡领主):“败了,败了!我们必须撤退。” Count Ada Lyan( cold crow city feudal lords): Cannot retreat, this war has not fired off, we must cling to tenaciously the front, pins down the enemy! Barov feudal lord, is you this must go?” 阿达利安伯爵(凛鸦城领主):“不能撤退,这场战争还没打完呢,我们必须死守战线,拖住敌人!巴罗夫领主,伱这是要去哪?” Barov sneers is looking at present Count Ada Lyan. 巴罗夫冷笑着看着眼前的阿达利安伯爵。 Duke Barov( Tallon city feudal lords): „ You are not clear, Eden had died, no matter then the victory and defeat or not, the kingdom internal quick will erupt a power the battle, will possibly erupt the civil war. 巴罗夫公爵(达隆城领主):“你还不明白吗,艾登已经死了,接下来不管胜负与否,王国内部很快就将会爆发一场权力的争斗,甚至可能会爆发内战。 Eden has not arranged the successor to replace the throne, so many princes, how possibly not civil strife. 艾登没有安排继承人来接替王位,这么多王子,怎么可能不内乱。 We must maintain the strength, will otherwise lose all in the following confusion, therefore- please my I must say good bye now. ” 我们必须保存实力,否则将会在接下来的混乱中失去一切,所以-请恕我失陪了。” Count Ada Lyan( cold crow city feudal lords): Your this coward! You are finding the excuse to your selfishness radically.” 阿达利安伯爵(凛鸦城领主):“你这个懦夫!你根本是在给自己的自私自利找借口。” Ha, what's the big deal.” “哈,那又如何。” Said that Barov no longer conceals anything simply. 说完巴罗夫干脆不再掩饰什么。 „The soldiers in Tallon county, you already, for this war flowed too many blood, was the time left, along with me retreated! I have received enough this war.” “达隆郡的士兵们,你们已经为了这场战争流了太多的血,是时候离开了,随我撤退!我已经受够这场战争了。” Barov this removes, other plain aristocrats also chose retreating, the mountain aristocrat also had a mind to resist but actually, but the mountain aristocrat did not have many soldiers, in the beforehand fight was the loss is more serious. 巴罗夫这一撤,其它平原贵族也纷纷选择了撤退,高山贵族倒还有心抵抗一下,但高山贵族本来就没多少士兵,之前的战斗中更是损失惨重。 Living where supports, resisted to start to crash slightly. 哪里自撑的住,稍微抵抗了一下就开始崩盘了。 Looks that in the rout few wolf Lord heart of aristocrat allied armies relaxes immediately, finally hitting to collapse these Otte Rank aristocrats, then wanted in the reinforcement the route army and main force of Sarru Farr converging attack human on the line. 看着贵族联军的溃败少狼主心中顿时松了口气,终于把这些奥特兰克贵族给打崩了,接下来只要增援中路军和萨鲁法尔夹击人类的主力就行了。 Few wolves Lord( frost wolf military governor): Second Brother, you leads one team of cavalries to drive away these Otte Rank aristocrats and ensure they will not build up again, I lead the main army to support the middle of the mill!” 少狼主(霜狼督军):“二弟,你带领一队骑兵驱赶那些奥特兰克贵族,确保他们不会再次集结,我率领主力军去支援中路去!” Cold wolf owlet( frost wolf military governor): Goes to the big brother, you may probably win.” 寒狼枭(霜狼督军):“去吧大哥,你可一定要打赢啊。” But at the same time, the right-wing fight had decided the victory and defeat similarly. 而与此同时,右翼的战斗同样已经分出了胜负。 Death monster!” Alsace flushes away courageously forward, the shield fends off flies to his surface gate flying axe and javelin. “死吧怪物!”阿尔萨斯奋勇向前冲去,盾牌挡开飞向他面门的飞斧和标枪。 The shield attacks fiercely! Bang, the shield dizzy that the great demon chief pounds. 盾牌猛击!砰,盾牌将巨魔酋长砸的一晕。 Along dividing to cut! The fire happy from the sky delimits attractive arc light, the present great demon leader will cleave in two forcefully. 顺劈斩!火之高兴在空中划出一道漂亮的弧光,将眼前的巨魔首领硬生生劈成两半。 Frost great demon chief- Dakuer died in battle. 冰霜巨魔酋长-达库尔阵亡。 Because the troops quantity is limited, the left wing of tribe leads is frost great demon chief Dakuer, Alsace copes with these epic level heroes to be a little difficult, but copes with this trivial silver fourth-order small BOSS, is very relaxed. 由于兵力数量有限,部落的左翼领军是冰霜巨魔酋长达库尔,阿尔萨斯对付那些史诗级英雄有点难,但对付这个区区白银四阶的小BOSS,还是非常轻松的。 Pitiful Dakuer was also side Yeguai BOSS, the terrifying fourth-order strength is also side Xiaoba, but after joining the tribe, washed white to become directly the hero, the terrifying fourth-order transforms the silver fourth-order, the battle efficiency fell suddenly, was cut to kill by a Alsace sword. 可怜达库尔原本也是一方野怪BOSS,恐怖四阶的实力也算是一方小霸了,但是加入部落后直接洗白成了英雄,恐怖四阶转换成白银四阶,战斗力暴跌,被阿尔萨斯一剑斩杀。 Dwarf cannoneer explodes randomly, pill imperial knight several charges beat the surplus great demon armies with ease. 矮人炮手一阵乱炸,洛丹伦的皇家骑士几个冲锋就轻松击溃了剩余的巨魔部队。 Saw that the enemy starts the rout, Alsace has not prolonged contact, he knows that the key of this war also lies in the fight of middle of the mill, who can first rout to annihilate the opposite party middle of the mill, which one side can win the war. 眼看着敌人开始溃败,阿尔萨斯并没有恋战,他知道这场战争的关键还在于中路的战斗,谁能先把对方中路击溃歼灭,哪一边就能赢得战争。 Therefore sends an imperial captain to lead the cavalry to chase down the escaping enemy, he himself has the main force to rush to rescue toward the middle of the mill. 于是派遣一名皇家上尉带领骑兵追杀逃敌,他自己却带着主力朝着中路驰援而来。 Suddenly, the various group of soldiers and horses of alliance and tribe, almost killed to the central battlefield. 一时间,联盟与部落的各路兵马,几乎都杀向了中央的战场。 But this time central battlefield, is actually happening changes unexpectedly. 而此时的中央战场,却发生着让人意想不到的变化。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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