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#283: The death of destiny

The death of Chapter 283 destiny 第283章命定之死 Generally speaking, BOSS war, the hero selects is only how regardless of not to be victorious same level BOSS, only if before dawn divine sword that type takes is passing on attacks the local tyrant of weapon unusually, or the hell roared the plot killer who that official opened hangs. 一般来说,BOSS战的时候,英雄单挑是无论如何也打不过同位阶BOSS的,除非是拂晓神剑那种拿着传奇特攻武器的土豪,又或者地狱咆哮那种官方开挂的剧情杀手。 In the final analysis, the hero must strike to kill BOSS to depend on the consumption either, either cuts to kill by the brute force, cuts to kill this matter also to depend on a heroic specialty anything's gambling gambling. 说到底,英雄要击杀BOSS要么靠消耗,要么靠蛮力斩杀,斩杀这种事情还能靠着英雄专长啥的赌一赌。 However hits the words of battle of attrition, has BOSS of over ten times volumes of blood to hang dozen of heroes completely. 但是打消耗战的话,拥有十倍以上血量的BOSS是完全吊打英雄的。 If the heroes want to win the battle of attrition, only possibly is needs the coordination of big adventurer to complete. 英雄要想打赢消耗战,唯一的可能就是需要大冒险者的配合才能完成。 Therefore combination matching of heroic and adventurer , has tasteful, must satisfy the occupation location of iron triangle, the hero who if leads is soldier, then must many with the treatment, pays attention to both the output. 因此英雄和冒险者的组合搭配,也是颇有讲究的,必须满足铁三角的职业定位,如果带队的英雄是战士型,那么就要多配治疗,兼顾输出。 The hero who if leads is the legal system, must match the tank meat shield. 如果带队的英雄是法系,就要多配坦克肉盾。 As for the auxiliary hero, rarely has actually independent initiates the punitive expedition war. 至于辅助型的英雄,倒是很少有单独发起讨伐战的。 At present this Du Longtan, obviously is a soldier is a lord, the hero who supplements a hunter ability, cutting to kill the ability to be very common, meat is actually very high, output barely satisfactory. 眼前这个杜隆坦,明显是一个战士为主,附带一点猎人能力的英雄,斩杀能力很一般,肉度倒是挺高,输出吗差强人意。 Therefore his weakness is- Murphy's vision looks suddenly to the surrounding these adventurers and beast person soldier, must first kill the milk( adventurer), then kills the output( soldier), finally solves Du Longtan. 所以他的弱点是-墨非的目光猛然看向周围那些冒险者们和兽人士兵,必须先杀奶(冒险者),再杀输出(士兵),最后再解决杜隆坦。 Without treating, brought in new blood also to change him. 只要没有治疗,换血也换死他了。 Thinks of here, Murphy sends out a terrifying to angrily roar to Du Longtan who the front surface is flushing, when Du Longtan thinks that the opposite party must to he launches the attack, Murphy actually inspires the wing, soars fiercely. 想到这里,墨非对着迎面冲来的杜隆坦发出一声恐怖怒吼,就在杜隆坦以为对方要向他发起攻击的时候,墨非却一振翅膀,猛地腾空而起。 Murphy has not flown is too high, only has 20-30 meters altitude merely, is almost pastes glides, simultaneously a thunder spits the breath to puff out. 墨非没有飞的太高,仅仅只有20-30米的高度,几乎是贴地滑翔,同时一口雷霆吐息喷了出去。 This move of named level bombing, is the move that dragon clan licks often uses, generally copes with these anti-aircraft fires is not very powerful team use, can maximize plays dragon breath the might. 这一招叫做‘水平轰炸’,是龙族舔地时常用的招数,一般对付那些防空火力不是很强大的团队使用,可以最大化的发挥龙息的威力。 At this time the present enemy has no nice ground-to-air army, long-distance branch of the services many of beast person a little walks dragging a lame leg. 此时眼前的敌人根本没什么像样的对空部队,兽人的远程兵种多少还是有点拉跨的。 The dragon thunder just like a scarlet red long whip to sweep in the ground, because first shakes does too obviously, Du Longtan no difficulty fended this wave of attack. 龙雷犹如一条赤红色的长鞭在地面上扫过,由于前摇动作太明显,杜隆坦毫无难度的就闪避开了这一波攻击。 However he these adventurers may have bad luck behind, the thunder spits the breath to sweep together, immediately hung 20-30, but also died more than ten beast person soldiers, these adventurers generally only then 20 levels, even only has ten multistage, 30 levels are the experts. 但是他身后那些冒险者可就倒了霉了,一道雷霆吐息扫过,顿时就挂了20-30个,还死了十几个兽人士兵,这些冒险者普遍只有二十级,甚至只有十多级,三十级已经是高手了。 The thunder that in the Murphy 50 might strengthen spits in front of the breath, almost bumps is dying. 在墨非50威力强化的雷霆吐息面前,几乎是碰着就死。 Murphy falls to the ground, immediately is one shifts flies upwards, starts level bombing again. 墨非一落地,马上就又是一个转向飞升,再次发动‘水平轰炸’。 2-3 get down back and forth, the adventurer casualty are innumerable, but Du Longtan pursues in behind tightly cannot catch up. 2-3个来回下来,冒险者死伤无数,而杜隆坦在后面紧追却怎么也追不上。 Nest grass, this BOSS must kill off us, everyone runs.” “窝草,这BOSS是要把咱们都杀光啊,大家快跑啊。” Runs anything to run, everyone on, did him together!” “跑什么跑,大家一起上,干了他!” „The warriors of beast person, give on me!” “兽人的勇士们,给我上啊!” The adventurers become one piece randomly, some choices run, some start air defenses, some go all out to call these NPC soldiers to help. 冒险者们乱成一片,有的选择跑路,有的开始对空攻击,有的则拼命招呼那些NPC士兵帮忙。 A Murphy level bombing ended, just about to continue, rode Du grand of white wolf actually to block him finally. 墨非一个水平轰炸结束,刚要继续,骑着白狼的杜隆坦却终于拦住了他。 Du Longtan( frost wolf chief): Facing my your damn Evil Dragon!” 杜隆坦(霜狼酋长):“面对我你这该死的恶龙!” Aidan Delon( storm Dragon King): „ Hehe hehe, do not worry Du Longtan, the destiny of quick death will arrive to your body, that was you died determinedly, but before then, please let me first clean up these annoying flies, after all among us the epic showdown, should not be disturbed by the chop suey of these noisy people. 艾丹德隆(风暴龙王):“呵呵呵呵,不要着急杜隆坦,很快死亡的命运就会降临到你的身上,那是你命中注定的死亡,但是在此之前,请让我先清理掉这些烦人的苍蝇吧,毕竟我们之间的史诗对决,不应该被那些闹人的杂碎所干扰。 Now, wants me to prepare a ground for our final showdowns- dragon thunder storm! ” 现在,要我为我们最终的对决做一个铺垫-龙雷风暴!” Murphy is bellowing a pair of wings show/unfolds, makes to prepare to release the big move of movement, however he uses is actually- ancient dragon thunder and lightning. 墨非大吼着双翼一展,做出准备释放大招的动作,然而他用的却是-古龙雷电。 This move is the single body thunder and lightning attack, but draws out the hand seems like quite similar to the dragon thunder storm. 这一招是单体雷电攻击,但起手看起来和龙雷风暴颇为相似。 For big of deceiving the opposite party controls. 为的就是骗对方的大控。 According to Murphy's inference, Du Longtan that move of casting a net skill cooling time should not be short, to avoid being broken, first deceives is quite good. 根据墨非的推断,杜隆坦的那招撒网技能冷却时间应该不短,为了避免被打断施法,还是先骗出来比较好。 Du Longtan really move, he flung casting a net fiercely. 杜隆坦果然中招,他猛地甩出了抛网。 The effect entraps the technique extremely! 极效诱捕术! Seemingly common casting a net flies toward Murphy front surface. 一张看起来丝毫不起眼的抛网朝着墨非迎面飞来。 This thing looks not in a big way, but falls to the body, no matter the big build can the net get down, is true a little BUG, was good has been preparing because of him, at this time interrupted, flexible being sideways, hid this move unexpectedly. 这玩意看着不大,但一落到身上不管多大的体型都能网下去,属实有点BUG,好在他早就准备着呢,此时中断施法,灵活的一侧身,竟然将这一招躲了过去。 Du Longtan immediately complexion one black, the opposite party deceived his move with the method of blustering unexpectedly. 杜隆坦顿时脸色一黑,对方竟然用虚张声势的方法骗了他这一招。 Next second- dragon thunder storm! 下一秒-龙雷风暴! This time, Murphy used his big move truly. 这一次,墨非才是真正的使用了他的大招。 The dark cloud coping, the thunder clouds tumble. 乌云盖顶,雷云翻滚。 Rumbling rumbling! 轰轰轰轰轰! The scarlet red thunder and lightning falls crazily, the world is gloomy, just like the judgment day is ordinary, no matter the adventurer is beastly the person soldier, rumbles entirely the hashed meat, suddenly the surroundings skeleton everywhere, will collapse on fatal adventurer this thoroughly, escaping that the death of dying escapes, only then Du Longtan still stood in his front. 赤红色的雷电疯狂落下,天地晦暗,犹如世界末日一般,不管是冒险者还是兽人士兵,统统轰成碎肉,眨眼间周围尸骸遍地,原本就死伤惨重的冒险者这会彻底崩了,死的死逃的逃,只有杜隆坦仍旧站在他的面前。 He also suffered several rounds of dragon thunder, but in the battle axe by his hand meeting, the battle axe increased with thunder strike at this time, on the axe blade also glittered and dragon thunder similar color scarlet ray. 他也挨了好几发龙雷,但都被他手中的战斧给接了下来,此时战斧随着雷击的次数增多,斧刃上也闪烁起了和龙雷同样颜色的赤红光芒。 Du Longtan( frost wolf chief): Facing me! Evil Dragon!” 杜隆坦(霜狼酋长):“面对我!恶龙!” Aidan Delon( storm Dragon King): Hahahaha! If you hopes- Du Longtan, prepares to greet your destiny, launches the attack to me, with your complete strength, charged into your death to end blindly, that was the end point that you are unable to evade!” 艾丹德隆(风暴龙王):“哈哈哈哈!如伱所愿-杜隆坦,准备迎接你的命运吧,向我发起攻击,用你全部的力量,盲目的冲向你的死亡终结,那是你无法逃避的终点!” At this moment, Murphy has the confidence to complete this sure-kill very much, the mixed soldier who these are in the way had just been cleared, the recent resources about several hundred meters, at least several minutes of some people will not hinder, enough completed to cut to kill. 此时此刻,墨非很有信心完成这场绝杀,那些碍事的杂兵已经刚被清场,最近的资源也在数百米开外,至少有几分钟的时间不会有人妨碍,足够自己完成斩杀了。 Before King Ryan's death announcement gave him one to touch, because King Ryan in the original plot then died in violent Wind City, but was assassinated dead by gal Rona. 之前莱恩国王的死亡公告给了他一个触动,因为在原来的剧情中莱恩国王便是死在暴风城的,只不过是被伽罗娜刺杀而死。 Therefore King Ryan died in battle in violent Wind City, is seemingly unexpected, but is actually reasonable, perhaps it seems like that the strength of destiny really exists. 因此莱恩国王战死在暴风城,看似意料之外,但却又在情理之中,看来命运之力或许真的存在。 The system to the game additional influence, will let the historical to a certain extent self-correcting. 系统所对游戏附加的影响,会让历史一定程度上自我修正。 The fellow who then Du Longtan this historically this damn goes, strikes to kill also to meet is relatively easier. 那么杜隆坦这个历史上本该死去的家伙,想必击杀起来也会相对容易一些。 His time not with dragon thunder, but rushes directly, to cut to kill, the best way fights hand-to-hand. 他这一次没有用龙雷,而是直接冲了上去,要想斩杀,最好的方式还是肉搏。 Du Longtan also refused to admit being inferior, rides the wolf to clash. 杜隆坦同样不甘示弱,骑着狼就冲了上来。 Roar!” “吼!” Kills!” “杀!” A person of dragon, plunges the opposite party simultaneously. 一人一龙,同时扑向对方。 The big dragon opens the huge mouth, the wolf knight brandishes the great axe, as if must perish together general with the opposite party. 巨龙张开巨口,狼骑士挥舞巨斧,仿佛要和对方同归于尽一般。 However is going to bite Du Longtan in dragon mouth, but Du Longtan battle axe must cut the flash in great dragon mouth, the mutation breaks out. 然而就在龙口将要咬住杜隆坦,而杜隆坦的战斧也要砍进巨龙口中的一瞬间,异变突起。 The anger of Oaks! The battle axe in Du Longtan hand, jumps suddenly projects a dazzling red thunder, just like more than ten dragon thunder to combine into one, scarlet like blood. 奥克斯恩之怒!杜隆坦手中的战斧,忽然迸射出一道耀眼红雷,犹如十几道龙雷合而为一,赤红如血。 Thunder clouds incarnation! The big dragon also almost changes into one group of scarlet red thunder clouds storms at the same time. 雷云化身!巨龙也几乎同一时间化为一团赤红色的雷云风暴。 That scarlet such as dragon thunder explosion of blood in thunder clouds incarnation, immediately emits one in a big way immunity two characters. 那赤红如血的龙雷轰在雷云化身上,顿时冒出一个大大的‘免疫’二字。 What!? Du Longtan in great surprise, long-premeditated struck is actually failed. 什么!?杜隆坦大惊,蓄谋已久的一击竟然又被落空了。 Murphy is not silly, the weapon in this Du Longtan hand definitely has the strangeness, absorbed the strength of so many thunder . Moreover the color is getting more and more bright, definitely has some type to gather the strength big move, energy thing cannot vanish baseless, it will only release in another way, Murphy speculated, once can be the certain extent sufficiently, this axe should be able to attach this energy in the attack, starts the weapon special skill. 墨非可不傻,这个杜隆坦手中的武器绝对有古怪,吸收了那么多雷霆之力,而且颜色越来越亮,肯定是有某种蓄力大招,能量这东西不会凭空消失,它只会以另一种方式释放出来,墨非推测一旦充能达到一定程度,这斧子应该可以在攻击中附加这种能量,发动武器特技。 As for releases- naturally is when the opposite party thinks must conduct the life and death to spelling. 至于什么时候释放-当然是在对方以为要进行生死对拼的时候了。 The thunder clouds incarnation shape is the immunity thunder and lightning injury, this may insure compared with many resistances. 雷云化身形态是免疫雷电伤害的,这可比多少点抗性都保险。 A Du Longtan axe chops spatially, the next second was stressed by the claw of big dragon. 杜隆坦一斧子劈空,下一秒就被巨龙的爪子抓了个正着。 Lets loose my your monster!” “放开我你这怪物!” Du Longtan is wielding the battle axe in hand, actually only cut the dragon shape illusory image in storm, -167! 杜隆坦挥动着手中的战斧,却只砍到了风暴中的龙形幻影,-167! A rubrication emits, originally under the thunder clouds storm shape, the physical attack can cause the damage, but only in normal condition half injury. 一个红字冒出,原来在雷云风暴形态下,物理攻击是可以造成伤害的,但只有正常情况下的一半伤害。 Du Longtan is attacking the big dragon illusory image in that storm desperately. 杜隆坦拼命的攻击着那风暴中的巨龙幻影。 …… …… 198!!! The red injury digit emits unceasingly. 198!-254!-231!红色的伤害数字不断冒出。 Meanwhile, electric current also unceasing electricity on his body. 与此同时,电流也不断的电在他的身上。 …… …… 76!!! 76!-58!-92! The red number emits from Du Longtan unceasingly, this thunder clouds incarnation will cause the electrification damage to the surrounding enemy automatically, what a pity the injury is touching, better than nothing. 红色的数字不断从杜隆坦头上冒出,这雷云化身会自动对周围的敌人造成感电伤害,可惜伤害感人,聊胜于无罢了。 Du Longtan does not have the concept of life value, but he also knows that cannot a big dragon put together the blood, he goes all out to want from the fetter of dragon claw to work loose, in fact this is not difficult, dragon claw seems also constituted by the strong winds, not clear entity. 杜隆坦并没有生命值的概念,但他也知道不能一只巨龙拼血,他拼命想要从龙爪的束缚中挣脱出来,事实上这并不难,那龙爪仿佛也是由狂风构成的,并没有真切的实体。 But just worked loose a claw, was held by another claw, and entrained him directly. 但刚挣脱了一个爪子,就被另一个爪子抓住,并且直接将他拽了进去。 Du Longtan discovered all of a sudden oneself by the thunder clouds storm to surrounding, the both feet were takeoffed, in all directions is the roaring sound of that big dragon, is reverberating in the strong winds, the surroundings dim piece, anything cannot see. 一下子杜隆坦就发现自己被雷云风暴给包围其中,双脚离地,四面八方都是那巨龙的咆哮声,在狂风中回荡着,周围昏暗一片,什么都看不见。 Aidan Delon's thunder clouds incarnation( wind element): Du Longtan...... your time has arrived...... greeted your...... the death of destiny......” 艾丹德隆的雷云化身(风元素):“杜隆坦……你的时间已经到了……迎接你的……命定之死吧……” Du Longtan in storm dizzy, in his heart floods is being angry and fearing, when will draw near? The death of what destiny? Why does this Evil Dragon always speak being able to understand some words? 杜隆坦在风暴中天旋地转,他心中充斥着愤怒和恐惧,什么时间快到了?什么命定之死?这只恶龙为什么总是说些听不懂的话? But why does not know, these words make him fearful and apprehensive, as if indicates any unclear thing. 但不知道为啥,这些话却让他心惊肉跳,仿佛预示着什么不详的东西。 No! Not! Du Longtan makes a determined effort fiercely. 不!绝不!杜隆坦猛地发起狠来。 The strength of king! 蛮王之力! Du Longtan muscle inflates suddenly, strength agile physique all-around promotion. 杜隆坦的肌肉猛然膨胀,力量敏捷体质全方位提升。 Primitive anger! 原始怒火! The eyes instantaneously become scarlet, the whole body wrapped in the red air/Qi field, the physical injury promoted 50, struck the probability to promote 10 fatally. 双眼瞬间变得赤红,浑身包裹在了红色的气场之中,物理伤害提升50,致命一击概率提升十。 Bestowing of ancestor! 先祖之赐! Brain instantaneous piece spatial bright- next strikes the hit probability to promote 100. 大脑瞬间一片空明-下一击命中率提升100。 He looks again to that dragon shape illusory image in storm, is preparing to wield that to strike fatally, suddenly, the surrounding storm vanishes to disappear, Du Longtan thought that at present one bright, suddenly discovered oneself are floating above the upper air of previous kilometer. 他再次瞄向风暴中的那龙形幻影,正准备挥出那致命一击,忽然间,周围的风暴消失不见了,杜隆坦就觉得眼前一亮,忽然就发现自己正漂浮在上千米的高空之上。 Not far away, the storm big dragon is showing the expression that grins fiendishly to him. 不远处,风暴巨龙正对他露出狞笑的表情。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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