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#744: Pursuit

Along with the thinking of Fang Xingjian, his palm move, Elena in lethargic sleep flew, the massive cream rays are flooding into her within the body unceasingly, is growing her strength. 随着方星剑的思索,他的手掌一招,昏睡之中的艾莲娜飞了过来,大量乳白色的光芒正在不断涌入她的体内,增长着她的实力。 The promotion system that Elena has makes her be able after cutting to kill the match to obtain the experience, obtains the sufficient experience to promote. However her Level system and Knight System obvious different, not any unusual strength, but can obtain 5 Attribute after the promotion, the freedom increases in the strength, the speed, the response, the endurance, pliable but hard to break above. 艾莲娜拥有的升级系统让她能够在斩杀对手之后获得经验,获得足够经验就能升级。不过她的等级制和骑士系统的显然不同,并没有任何超凡力量,只是能在升级之后获得5点属性,自由增加在力量,速度,反应,耐力,柔韧上面。 This five major attributes computing mode is actually similar to Knight System, is almost same. Obviously future Knight System, has possibly absorbed the part of merits of this promotion system. 倒是这五大属性的计算方式和骑士系统差不多,几乎一样。显然日后的骑士系统,很可能吸收了这个升级系统的一部分优点。 But after Fang Xingjian these days research, he has also been able to inject the Ether Particles energy and information directly enters her within the body, changes into the experience to help her promote. 而经过方星剑这段时间的研究,他也已经可以直接注入以太迷子的能量和信息进入她的体内,化为经验帮助她升级。 At this moment, Elena grew 200 levels from 40 levels directly, had 800 Attribute. Fang Xingjian helps her these Attribute equal distributions, making the Elena present five qualities all arrive above 200 points. 事到如今,艾莲娜直接从40级增长到了200级,足足拥有了800点属性方星剑帮助她把这些属性平均分配,让艾莲娜现在的五维素质全部到了200点以上。 After all if piles on individual Attribute completely, possibly causes the physical strength to be insufficient, the movement is clumsy, cannot respond that and other flaws, has wasted the Attribute point in vain. Such average Attribute can develop each Attribute potential, without any waste. 毕竟如果全部堆在个别属性上,可能造成体力不足,动作笨拙,反应不过来等缺陷,白白浪费了属性点。这样的平均属性点则更加能开发出每一点属性的潜力,没有任何浪费。 Therefore although Elena has only learned several sets of foundation swordsmanship, because actually five big qualities entirely reach as high as 200 points above, had the mortal body to surmount the speed of sound, the Kungfu separation mountains and rivers terrifying strength. 于是艾莲娜虽然只学会了几套基础剑法,却因为五大素质统统高达200点以上,已经拥有了肉身超越音速,拳脚断开山河的恐怖实力。 Later in order to better display physical quality, Fang Xingjian passed on her one set of Supreme Mistwind Sword. 之后为了能够更好的发挥身体素质,方星剑又传了她一套太岚风剑 At this moment, Fang Xingjian is actually a brow slightly wrinkle, looked to the direction of manor front door. 就在这时,方星剑却是眉头微微一皱,看向了庄园大门的方向。 Therefore the next quarter, his body dodges slightly, has completed the reorganization in the manor entrance, then saw that the head chest of White Lion was wrapped up, saw that Fang Xingjian then knees down, smiles bitterly saying: Teacher, when the student is useless, pursues that makes Tom of werewolf, not only cannot chase down successfully, instead was injured by him.” 于是下一刻,他的身体微微一闪,已经在庄园大门口完成了重组,便看到白狮的脑袋胸口都被包扎了起来,一看到方星剑便跪倒在地,苦笑一声说道:“老师,学生没用,追击那制造狼人的汤姆时,不但没能追杀成功,反而被他所伤。” Oh?” Fang Xingjian has not thought actually by the White Lion present battle efficiency, actually also by the opposite party severe wound, will be asked: „Is he very fierce?” “噢?”方星剑倒是没想到以白狮如今的战斗力,竟然还会被对方重伤,问道:“他很厉害?” White Lion said ashamed: „ Tom he now not only can make the werewolf, can make one type the monster that is called the spirit wolf, can change into the empty body avoidance attack, can change into the entity to attack others, momentarily can change into without the shade invisible condition retreats or sneaks, is very hard to deal with. My this injury was sneak attacked by him. 白狮惭愧道:“汤姆他如今不但可以制造狼人,更是可以制造一种叫做幽灵狼的怪物,可以化为虚体躲避攻击,也可以化为实体攻击别人,更是随时能化为无影无形的状态撤退或者潜入,实在难缠得很。我这伤势就是被他偷袭的。 The team of our front the casualty over a hundred people, throughout have not actually been able to lock his are. 我们前线的队伍已经死伤了上百人,却始终无法锁定他的所在。 Later he sent the spirit wolf to attack Allen, only killed a substitute person luckily, cannot succeed. ” 之后他更是派了幽灵狼袭击艾伦,幸好只杀死一名替身,未能成功。” After Allen Douglas since previous time was kidnapped by werewolf, this time will come to be then careful, asking several substitute people to replace itself to move outside, usually in hides in the underground engineering, does not come out. 艾伦道格拉斯自从上次被狼人绑架之后,这次会来便更加小心谨慎,请了数名替身代替自己在外活动,平日里都躲在地下工事里,根本不出来。 White Lion was saying requests reinforcements saying: Teacher, but also asked you to get rid personally, seized that Tom.” 白狮说着求援道:“老师,还请您亲自出手一趟,将那汤姆捉住。” Fang Xingjian hear that, nodded, has not actually cared, these matters it seems like are important in White Lion and Allen, but looks like in Fang Xingjian is the child fights, the level was too low, he does not have the interest to spend the time to cope with that Tom. 方星剑闻言,点了点头,却也没有放在心上,这些事情在白狮艾伦看来事关重大,但在方星剑看来不过是孩童打架,层次太低了,他也没兴趣去花费时间对付那汤姆 Therefore then saw that he wields conveniently, Jack and Elena already straight flew, the next quarter opening eyes pupil stood in the ground. 于是便看到他随手一挥,杰克艾莲娜已经直挺挺的飞了出来,下一刻睁开眼眸站在了地上。 These two system functions already by the Fang Xingjian research was similar, the potential that he can tap also dug. 这两人的系统功能都已经被方星剑研究的差不多了,他能挖掘的潜力也都挖了。 Jack had been awarded one set of non- video and music sword by him, can display this set of Killing technique Sword Technique with the aid of the sound wave control of his system, the might is peerless, strength already far ultra White Lion. 杰克被他授予了一套无影音剑,能够借助他系统的声波控制能力施展出这套杀法剑术,威力绝伦,战力已经远超白狮 Elena say nothing, she by the Fang Xingjian liter 200 levels, at this moment is young superhuman same existence. Perhaps White Lion before him, takes three fist two feet to be killed. Let alone Fang Xingjian conveniently has also taught her one set of Supreme Mistwind Sword, can display her powerful physical quality. 艾莲娜更不用说,她被方星剑升到了200级,此刻已经是小超人一样的存在。恐怕白狮在他面前,也要三拳两脚就被打死。何况方星剑还随手教了她一套太岚风剑,更能发挥她强悍的身体素质。 Only listens to Fang Xingjian to say lightly: They had been taught excellent Sword Technique by me, now completes study to go out, happen to helps you expand the influence, apprehends Tom.” 只听方星剑淡淡道:“他们两个都被我传授了上乘剑术,如今学成出关,就正好帮你扩张势力,捉拿汤姆。” Regarding the Fang Xingjian Sword Technique might, White Lion is always admires exceptionally, his strength promoted ten times incessantly is the best evident proof. 对于方星剑剑术威力,白狮一向是佩服异常的,他自己的实力提升了十倍不止就是最好的明证。 However he thought that Fang Xingjian underestimated Tom, even if Jack and Elena have with his similar battle efficiency, regarding the Tom spirit wolf army was too strenuous. 不过他觉得方星剑还是小看了汤姆,就算杰克艾莲娜拥有和他差不多的战斗力,对于汤姆的幽灵狼大军还是太吃力了。 Therefore then saw that he said scruple: Teacher, that Tom under fully has several hundred spirit wolves, the strength no small matter, especially he has the unknown system, this number constantly is still growing, if now does not focus on, ahead of time eliminates, later must Cheng Da contract.” 于是便看到他迟疑道:“老师,那汤姆手下足有数百幽灵狼,实力非同小可,特别是他拥有未知系统,这个数目还在不断增长,现在如果不集中力量,提前消灭的话,以后必成大患啊。” He thinks that the threat of Fang Xingjian also not clear Tom, reiterated. 他以为方星剑还不清楚汤姆的威胁,再次重申道。 Fang Xingjian actually shook the head, said toward nearby Jack and Elena lightly: „ They enough coped. 方星剑却是摇了摇头,朝着一旁的杰克艾莲娜淡淡说道:“他们两个足够对付了。 Also, the influence of integration entire West coast, then neighbor all unusualness please come as soon as possible a to chat. If please...... Ties up, within ten days, I want unusualness in all West coasts to appear before me. ” 还有,尽快统合整个西海岸的势力,然后将附近所有的超凡者都请过来一叙。如果请不过来……就绑过来,十天之内,我要所有西海岸的超凡者都出现在我面前。” ...... …… After 1 hour, White Lion was then bringing Jack and Elena returned to the new headquarters of silver plaque, 30 building high modernizations. 1个小时后,白狮便带着杰克艾莲娜回到了银盾的新总部,一座30层楼高的摩天大厦。 His innermost feelings to Tom worried regarding contempt of Fang Xingjian. 他内心对于方星剑汤姆的轻视还是非常担忧。 Only listens to him to sigh: Oh, the teacher too despised Tom, this person regardless of the potential of system, own bearing patiently, planned, strength is very fierce, was I always only sees, if cannot solve, coming the date must Cheng Da contract.” 只听他叹息道:“唉,老师还是太轻视汤姆了,这人不论系统的潜力,自身的隐忍、谋划、实力都是非常厉害,是我平生仅见,如果不能一口气解决掉,来日必成大患啊。” Elena actually shows a faint smile, pinches the fist single-handed, feels strength that within the body is moving mountains, is fearless. 艾莲娜却是微微一笑,单手捏拳,感受着自己体内排山倒海的力量,根本无所畏惧。 At this moment, telephone sound gets up, White Lion answers the telephone, the facial color changes, said: Discovered the Tom trail.” 就在这时,电话声响起,白狮接起电话,面色一变,说道:“发现汤姆的踪迹了。” ...... …… US, Arizona, Grand Canyon. 美国,亚利桑那州,科罗拉多大峡谷。 As one of US most famous grandest sceneries, this canyon has more than 400 kilometers fully, most deep place exceeds 1800 meters, the valley goes against the width widest place to amount to 28 kilometers. 作为美国最出名的最壮丽的景色之一,这条峡谷足有400多公里长,最深处超过1800米,谷顶宽度最宽处更是可达28公里。 Stands watches the canyon, making the human cannot help but sigh the world mighty force, majestic of nature. 站在其中观看峡谷,让人都不由得感叹天地伟力,自然之雄壮。 But Tom is wearing western-style clothes at this moment, sits above together the sheer precipice leisurely and carefree, a spirit wolf crawls docilely in him behind, the sofa lies down by Tom on the body probably equally, a hand is touching the spirit wolf furry head. 汤姆此刻正穿着一身西服,悠闲地坐在一块悬崖峭壁之上,一头幽灵狼温顺地匍匐在他身后,好像沙发一样被汤姆躺在身上,一只手抚摸着幽灵狼毛绒绒的脑袋。 In his canyon, is actually the sound of gunfire rises from all directions, once for a while is mixing with roaring and scream of humanity, the whooshing sound of beasts. 在他脚下的峡谷之中,却是枪声四起,时不时夹杂着人类的怒吼和喊叫声,还有兽类的嘶吼声。 Then looked that one team of more than ten people of ringers retreat in defeat again and again under the offensive of four monsters, almost does not have the strength of revolt. 便看一队十多人的枪手在四头怪物的攻势下节节败退,几乎是毫无反抗之力。 ---------- ---------- Remaining being late 剩下的晚点更
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