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#743: Research

Leads the way, the group enter an underground walk quickly, then can see that the innumerable skeletons are carrying on various excavations all the way, the transporting, the work of construction. 一路前行,一行人很快进入一处地下通道,便能看到一路上无数的骷髅正在进行各种挖掘,搬运,建造的工作。 A giant underground city shows in the front of people slowly, in this city everywhere is various types of skeleton and corpse class not dead branch of the services, they watch carry out various construction work, is expanding unceasingly the range of entire underground city. 一股巨大的地下之城缓缓展现在众人的面前,这座城市之中到处都是各种骷髅、僵尸类的不死兵种,他们不眠不休地进行各种建造工作,不断地扩张着整个地下之城的范围。 About after a half hour, the group entered the experimental plot of underground city. Staff of famous look blue walk back and forth. 大约半个小时之后,一行人进入了地下之城的实验区。一名名脸色发青的工作人员走来走去。 Elizabeth said curiously: „Are they the live people? Your can here also be occupied by the live person?” 伊丽莎白好奇道:“他们都是活人?你们这里还能住活人?” Showing the way witch monster smiles: You determined that they are the live people?” 领路的巫妖嘿嘿一笑:“你确定他们是活人?” The next quarter, staff then directly put on the wall, the Elizabeth complexion changes, strafed the past toward four around, immediately discovered the so-called staff did not have the shadow completely, even somewhat including both feet one mist, did not see clearly. 下一刻,一名工作人员便直接穿墙而过,伊丽莎白脸色一变,朝着四周围扫射过去,立刻就发现所谓的工作人员全部都没有影子,甚至有些连双脚都一片雾气,看不清楚。 The witch monster hey said with a smile strangely: They completely are the ghosts that the master resurrects, scientific elites from world.” 巫妖嘿嘿怪笑道:“他们全部都是主人复活的幽魂,来自人类世界的科学精英们。” Elizabeth swallows the saliva, next quarter sees a hair suddenly chaotically such as the familiar face of straw. 伊丽莎白咽了咽口水,下一刻突然看到一个头发乱如稻草的熟悉面孔。 Hey.” She said scruple: That should not be......” “喂。”她迟疑道:“那个该不会是……” Einstein?” Wu Yao said: He was earliest one batch by the scientist who the master resurrected.” “爱因斯坦?”巫妖说道:“他算是最早一批被主人复活的科学家了。” Has met all the way many familiar faces, looks at the Elizabeth complexion to be strange, suspected one arrived at the ghostdom. 一路上又遇到了许多熟悉的面孔,看得伊丽莎白脸色怪异,怀疑自己是不是来到了冥界。 Finally after has made a leaf of metal front door, then saw that wears the youth of white robe in the laboratory bench to do the experiment, along with people's arrival, he said lightly: My ten minutes, immediately good.” 终于又做过一扇金属大门之后,便看到一名身穿白袍的青年正在实验台上做着实验,随着众人的到来,他淡淡道:“等我十分钟,马上就好。” Then sees in the laboratory bench, a male person condemned to death shivers once for a while the body, blue electric currents regarding on his body, in the incantation with youth mouth, around four saw once for a while faint trace black gas floods into in within the body of person condemned to death. 便看到实验台上,一名男性死囚时不时地颤抖一下身体,一道道蓝色的电流围绕在他的身体上,伴随着青年嘴中的咒文,四周围时不时看到一丝丝黑色的气体涌入死囚的体内。 The next quarter, the person condemned to death has opened both eyes fiercely, looked to the white robe youth. 下一刻,死囚猛地睁开了双眼,看向了白袍青年。 Suleiman...... I cursed you......” 苏莱曼……我诅咒你……” As the person condemned to death opens the mouth, the innumerable locusts spread from his mouth, has fired into the white robe youth. 随着死囚张开嘴巴,无数的蝗虫从他嘴巴之中蔓延了出来,冲向了白袍青年。 While the people plan to begin, a white robe youth sound refers, everywhere blue color flame burns, the locust that will directly clash was reduced to ashes completely. 正当众人打算动手的时候,白袍青年一个响指,漫天蓝色火焰燃烧起来,直接将冲来的蝗虫全部化为了灰烬。 Inspection physiologic index.” “检查生理指数。” Brain wave?” “脑电波呢?” „Does consciousness still exist?” “意识还存在么?” A pollution level?” “a粒子浓度呢?” With white robe youth's question, ghosts in his surface forward flight, five after about minutes, the ghosts diverge, the white robe youth sighed, turned the head, looked that said to Black Knight: What matter?” 伴随着白袍青年的问话,一条条幽魂在他的面前飞过,大约五分钟后,幽魂们散去,白袍青年叹息一声,转过头来,看向了黑骑士说道:“什么事情?” Black Knight has not sought the help directly, because he knows that seeks the help of Suleiman not to have the effect directly, only listens to him saying: You in attempt system transplantation?” 黑骑士没有直接寻求帮助,因为他知道直接寻求苏莱曼的帮助是没有效果的,只听他说道:“你在尝试将系统移植?” Suleiman nods: „ System attaches in the will of humanity exists, according to the fluctuation change of human will, he will extract the information and energy in a granule. 苏莱曼点点头:“系统依附于人类的意志存在,根据人类意志的波动变化,他会抽取a粒子中的信息和能量。 The information and energy, this is the entire universe foundation, so long as has enough information and energy, can obtain all strengths. 信息和能量,这便是整个宇宙的基础,只要拥有足够的信息和能量,就能得到一切力量。 But we regarding the research of a granule, simply are not including the superficial knowledge now. ” 而我们现在对于a粒子的研究,简直是连皮毛都算不上。” Black Knight said: I can announce all me to you regarding the research of a granule.” 黑骑士说道:“我可以向你公布所有我对于a粒子的研究。” Suleiman slightly one dull, after silent a while, smiled saying: Sorry, made a long story short, this matter I cannot help you.” 苏莱曼微微一呆,沉默了一会儿后,笑了笑说道:“抱歉,长话短说吧,这件事情我不能帮你。” „Did you know?” Black Knight hear that is startled, but thinks that the Suleiman magic he no longer intertwines in this quickly, but asked: Why?” “你已经知道了?”黑骑士闻言一怔,不过想到苏莱曼的魔法他很快就不再纠结于此,而是问道:“为什么?” „The opposite party has not shown to destroy the Earth evil intention.” Suleiman said lightly: As for whether will die several thousand tens of thousands people, for me not so- said.” “对方并没有展现出毁灭地球的恶意。”苏莱曼淡淡道:“至于是否会死个几千几万人,对我来说并没有所谓。” The brow of Black Knight wrinkled: „Do you know him dangerously? Perhaps he now and well-meant, however such existence, his is in itself the greatest threat, we must supervise him.” 黑骑士的眉头皱了起来:“你知道他有多危险么?也许他现在并没有恶意,但是这样的存在,他的本身已经是莫大的威胁,我们必须将他监管起来。” Suleiman said lightly: Threat? Our has itself to threaten, for example your Black Technology System, have some people supervised? Why you did not announce that gives government?” 苏莱曼淡淡道:“威胁?我们的存在本身就是威胁,就比如你的黑科技系统,有人监管过么?你为什么不公布出来交给政府?” Black Knight coldly said: „The present humanity did not have enough self- binding force to master these technologies, once gives them, so long as there is a person is unable to control own *, possibly to the entire world causes the greatest damage.” 黑骑士冷冷道:“现在的人类还没有足够的自我约束力去掌握这些技术,一旦交给他们,只要有一个人无法控制自己的*,就可能对整个人类世界造成莫大的伤害。” You?” Suleiman said lightly: You determined that you can restrain that frequently *?” “那你呢?”苏莱曼淡淡道:“你确定自己时时刻刻都能克制那一份*么?” Black Knight stares slightly, that side Suleiman continued saying: If you did lose control? Peter, you are not a god, you are only a human, your impossible control to obtain the entire world. Goes back to sleep, enjoys the pleasure of live person well.” 黑骑士微微一愣,那边的苏莱曼已经继续说道:“如果你失控了呢?彼得,你不是神,你只是人,你不可能管得到了整个世界。回去睡一觉,好好享受一下活人的乐子吧。” The Black Knight sinking sound said: „ Has deposited 20 million flying rice robots in my brain, artificial intelligence Nikola is monitoring my thought frequently, if I have any overstepping, attempts to take Black Technology System to make a profit as, he will detonate my head. 黑骑士沉声说道:“在我的大脑里存放了20000000飞米机器人,人工智能尼古拉时时刻刻在监控我的思维,如果我有任何逾越,妄图以黑科技系统为自己获利的话,他就会引爆我的脑袋。 I never believe any humanity, naturally also has included me. ” 我从不相信任何人类,自然也包括了我自己。” Hears Black Knight these words, people on the scene is a heart startled, since shocks in Black Knight ruthless spicy, was shocked by the sentiment of opposite party slightly, Suleiman also has to silent, sighed saying: Why?” 听到黑骑士的这一番话,在场众人都是一阵心惊,既是震惊于黑骑士的狠辣,也被对方的情操微微震撼,苏莱曼也不得不沉默了下来,叹息一声说道:“何必呢?” Nobody can eternally unchanging, I also can only completely my behavior maintain the stability of humanity.” Both eyes of Black Knight closely stare at Suleiman saying: Helps my, I need your magic.” “没有人可以永恒不变,我也只能尽我所为来维持人类的稳定。”黑骑士的双眼紧紧盯着苏莱曼说道:“帮我一把,我需要你的魔法。” Sighed, Suleiman said: „Do you have the spaceship?” 叹了一口气,苏莱曼说道:“你有飞船吧?” What meaning?” The Black Knight doubts said. “什么意思?”黑骑士疑惑道。 Perhaps the opposite party arrived on Earth, Caesar was thrown on the synchronous orbit, hadn't you discovered?” “对方恐怕已经来到地球上了,凯撒被扔在了同步轨道上,你一直没发现么?” ...... …… Los Angeles. 美国洛杉矶。 In the manor, Katherine , etc. altogether seven people still floated in the midair, after they since previous time fall asleep, then a dream to the present, almost every time had been poured into information by Fang Xingjian, each point of each second of strength is having the transformation. 庄园内,凯瑟琳等一共七人仍旧漂浮在半空之中,他们自从上一次入梦后便一只梦到了现在,几乎每时每刻都在被方星剑灌入一份份的信息,每一分每一秒实力都发生着蜕变。 But through these different systems the research of unusual strength, Fang Xingjian also had the new understanding to oneself system. 而通过这几个不同系统的超凡力量的研究,方星剑也对自己身上的系统有了新的理解。 Knights strength from Ether Particles.” 骑士的力量来自以太迷子。” These unusualness are also so, they use the will to extract the information and energy in Ether Particles, forms various unusual abilities. But is systematic, is they are used to affect the Ether Particles tool.” “这些超凡者也是如此,他们用意志抽取以太迷子中的信息和能量,形成各种超凡能力。而系统,便是他们用来影响以太迷子的工具。” My Knight System is also so, secret that but he operates, is more perfect. Even caused Material Particle this type of thing, became part of system carrier.” “我身上的骑士系统也是如此,只不过他运行的更加隐秘,更加完美。甚至弄出了物质颗粒这种东西,成为了系统载体的一部分。” Ponder at the same time, Fang Xingjian is controlling the body of Jack, the unceasing importer Ether Particles energy, book of songs songs and poems in opposite party mind were emitted at the same time, changes into the light screen to reflect in the air. 思考的同时,方星剑控制着杰克的身体,不断输入者以太迷子的能量,与此同时对方脑海中的一张张歌谱词曲被放射了出来,化为光幕映在空气之中。 Each capital has not appeared on the market, actually sufficiently sings the world the good song. 每一首都是还未面世,却足以传唱世界的好歌。 Fang Xingjian attention naturally not in song itself, but is explained that he has been able to cross the Jack will, the systems of some direct control opposite party. 方星剑的注意力自然不在歌本身,而是说明他已经可以越过杰克的意志,直接操纵一部分对方的系统。 „If there is more samples to test, perhaps I can the jet braking system, enabling my Knight System to grasp the strengths of their these systems.” “如果拥有更多的样本进行实验,也许我能够反推系统,让我的骑士系统掌握他们这些系统的力量。” --------------------------- --------------------------- Welcome pays attention to micro letter public number bear shepherd, renews various people to suppose the portrait non-periodically, the work is related, beyond( to be continued.) 欢迎关注微信公众号‘熊狼狗’,不定期更新各种人设画像,作品相关,番外(未完待续。)
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