NE :: Volume #12

#1162: I want

Flag indicator thing, is Demon Race studies from human there. 旗语这玩意,也是魔族从人类那里学来的。 Every other more than hundred years time person demon wars, Demon Race from human there learned many fresh thing, but is some not too important small thing. 每隔百年多一次的人魔战争,魔族从人类那里学会了不少的‘新鲜’玩意,但都是一些不太重要的小玩意。 Any flag indicator, any dice gambling rule and so on. 什么旗语了,什么骰子赌博规则之类的。 The human true important technique, they have not learned, for example system, for example internal affairs system wait/etc.. Demon Race cannot do these thing, has much to do with here adverse circumstance. 人类真正重要的技艺,他们从来没有学会过,比如说体制,比如说内政制度等等。魔族搞不来这些玩意,和这里的恶劣环境有很大关系。 But Beta thought, what is most important is...... Intelligence issue. 贝塔觉得,最重要的还是……智力问题。 The complex thing, most Demon Race cannot play. Therefore , Succubus this acceptance strong race, actually greatly has potential. 复杂一些的东西,大多数的魔族都玩不来。所以说,魅魔这种接受能力强的种族,其实大有潜力可挖。 Beta has planned, when the An Qila's in most Succubus Demon Realm gathers at the subordinates, then thinks the means Succubus clan all migration to the world, then imposition in Pamela. 贝塔都已经策划好了,等安琪拉将魔界中大多数的魅魔都聚集在麾下,然后就想办法把魅魔族全体迁移到人类世界,而后安放在帕梅拉旗下。 Pamela steals Goddess of Love Strength of Belief now, the achievement is quite gratifying. 帕梅拉现在窃取爱神信仰之力,成果相当喜人。 To a certain extent, the Succubus attitude and disposition, are very actually suitable to take Goddess of Love believer, or Favoured Race. 某种程度上来说,魅魔的作风和性格,其实很适合作为爱神信徒,或者眷族 After hearing the opposite party makes the flag indicator that must negotiate, An Qila smiled opens. She turns head to look to Beta, asked: They have sent out the envoy of negotiations unexpectedly, sees?” 在听到对方打出要谈判的旗语后,安琪拉笑得更开了。她扭头看向贝塔,问道:“他们居然派出了谈判的使者,见不见?” Naturally must see.” Beta nods, said: But our offensive cannot stop, only if discussed any provision. Because this very possible is their delaying tactics.” “当然要见见。”贝塔点点头,说道:“但我们的攻势不能停了,除非真谈出什么条款。因为这很可能是他们的缓兵之计。” I understood.” An Qila nods. “我明白了。”安琪拉点点头。 In a while, two people then noticed that some people flutter with the parachute approach technique from the city wall, waited for it to approach to look, the discovery was acquaintance, Bei silk. 没过多久,两人便看到有人从城墙上用缓落术飘下来,等它走近了一看,发现是个‘熟人’,蓓丝儿。 Bei silk fox from a person enters to the square formation , periphery she looks at the stern imposing manner, thinks again own army, that chaotic feeling, thought immediately own imposing manner frustrated, lowered a head. 蓓丝儿狐自一人进到方阵中,她看着周围森严的气势,再想想自家的军队,那种杂乱无章的感觉,顿时就觉得自己的气势一挫,低了一头。 Originally also a little confidence, but almost does not have what confidence now. 原本还有点信心的,但现在几乎没有什么信心了。 Saw Bei silk, An Qila has smiled, said: For a long time does not see, Bei silk woman.” 见到蓓丝儿,安琪拉笑了下,说道:“好久不见啊,蓓丝儿女士。” This saying several months ago you have said with me.” Bei silk said lightly, her line of sight falls on Beta a meeting, then continues to return to the body of Beta, said: Ms. An Qila, I am not clear, why you will attack us, aren't we friends?” “这话几个月前你就和我说过了。”蓓丝儿淡淡地说道,她的视线落在贝塔身上一会,而后继续转回到贝塔的身上,说道:“安琪拉女士,我不明白,为什么你会进攻我们,我们不是朋友吗?” An Qila said with a smile: Demon Realm does not have the friend, only then benefit and submitting , isn't this saying the police words of your devil?” 安琪拉笑道:“魔界没有朋友,只有利益和臣服,这话不是你们魔鬼的警言吗?” Bei silk wrinkles the brow, truly, this is a police word of devil clan, therefore this race does not have many including the kinship. 蓓丝儿皱下眉头,确实,这是魔鬼一族的警言,因此这个种族连亲情都没有多少。 But can start from us.” Bei silk said very much sincerely: I thought that we can change this condition. Has entrusted with heavy responsibility the truth of human like you, we can become the genuine friends, but is not the situation of this killing.” “但可以从我们开始。”蓓丝儿很真诚地说道:“我觉得我们可以改变这种状态。就像你重用了人类的道理一样,我们可以成为真正的朋友,而不是这种打打杀杀的情况。” An Qila has smiled, smiles very happily, chest two groups of fruit jellies shake the taunt: Bei silk, you me, when the child plays.” 安琪拉笑了,笑得很开心,胸口两团果冻抖得嘲讽之极:“蓓丝儿,你这是把我当小孩子来耍呢。” Bei silk sighed: I also 50% human blood relationships, I also yearn for the world the order and goodness. Ms. An Qila you can entrust with heavy responsibility a human, should also be I have the same Will person.” 蓓丝儿叹了口气:“我也有一半的人类血统,我也向往人类世界的秩序和善良。安琪拉女士你能重用一位人类,应该也是和我有相同意志的人吧。” An Qila calmly visits her, then smiled: Devil always likes deceiving, words that you spoke, my will not believe.” 安琪拉静静地看着她,然后再笑了:“魔鬼向来喜欢欺骗,你说的话,我一句也不会信。” But I have 50% human blood relationships.” Bei silk this will not have to look at An Qila again, but looks at Beta: I am different from my father.” “但我有一半的人类血统。”蓓丝儿这会没有再看安琪拉,而是看着贝塔:“我和我的父亲不一样。” An Qila snort/hum the sound, has not believed extremely. 安琪拉哼了声,极是不信。 The woman who she just wants to catch up with this full mouth lie walks, but Beta spoke at this time suddenly: How you showed that you are different from your father?” 她正想赶这个满口谎言的女人走,但这时候贝塔却突然说话了:“你怎么证明你和你的父亲不一样?” Saw that Beta spoke finally, Bei silk relaxed slightly: How do you want to make me show?” 看到贝塔终于说话了,蓓丝儿微微松了口气:“你想让我如何证明?” An Qila has a look at Beta, did not speak, no longer to Bei silk taunt, she feared that oneself will speak at a venture will affect the plan of Beta. 安琪拉看看贝塔,不说话了,也不再对蓓丝儿嘲讽,她怕自己乱说话会影响贝塔的计划。 Beta asked very much callously: Makes you murder the father, how do you think?” 贝塔很冷酷地问道:“让你弑父,你觉得如何?” Bei silk deeply inspires: Sorry, I cannot achieve. I am unable to kill my blood relation personally.” 蓓丝儿深吸一口气:“抱歉,我做不到。我无法亲手杀死自己的血亲。” An Qila has sneered, did not speak. 安琪拉冷笑了一下,不说话。 Beta thinks, continues to ask: What then you can achieve?” 贝塔想了想,继续问道:“那么你能做到什么?” Bei silk did not speak. 蓓丝儿不说话。 Beta actually understood. He said with a smile: I understand that your meaning, I can guarantee, will not force you to kill own father, but relative, you must tell my valuable information.” 贝塔却明白了。他笑道:“我明白你的意思了,我可以保证,不会强迫你去杀死自己的父亲,但相对的,你得告诉我有价值的情报。” Bei silk shakes the head: I will not betray my family member.” 蓓丝儿摇摇头:“我也不会出卖自己的亲人。” Your what is not willing to do, how do I believe your sincerity?” Beta asked. “你什么都不愿意做,我怎么相信你的诚意?”贝塔问道。 The atmosphere is somewhat sad, after silent a meeting, Bei silk said: I can give you body, I am a virgin.” 气氛有些沉闷,沉默了一会后,蓓丝儿说道:“我可以把身体给你,我还是处子。” In Demon Realm, the virgin is not valuable.” Beta said lightly. “在魔界,处子不值钱。”贝塔淡淡地说道。 An Qila could not bear smile at this time finally once more. 安琪拉这时候终于忍不住再次笑了起来。 Bei silk knits the brows: But I have half human blood relationship.” 蓓丝儿皱眉:“但我有一半人类血统。” Beta shakes the head: But you have 50% devil blood relationships.” 贝塔还是摇头:“但你也有一半魔鬼血统。” What do you want?” Bei silk this time was somewhat rude: „Do you want me to be the person who murders to kill the blood relation really?” “你到底想要什么?”蓓丝儿这时候有些失态:“你真要我做一个弑杀血亲的人?” I want the information.” Beta said with a smile: For example, your father, why must cope with Lerbet Danner city.” “我要情报。”贝塔微笑道:“比如说,你的父亲,为什么一定要对付莱贝丹纳城。” Bei silk has hesitated a meeting: He looked that Lerbet Danner city is not pleasing to the eyes.” 蓓丝儿迟疑了一会:“他看莱贝丹纳城不顺眼。” Is impossible.” Beta shakes the head: Devil, although fierce combative, but is never that type and the person dies to put together disposition, only if there is any thing to attract him.” “不可能。”贝塔摇头:“魔鬼虽然勇猛好斗,但从来不是那种和人死拼到底的性格,除非有什么东西吸引着他。” Also is quite long quiet hour. Bei silk looks at Beta, after a while, said: What thing can I obtain?” 又是相当长的沉默时间。蓓丝儿看着贝塔,好一阵子后才说道:“那我能得到什么东西?” „After city broken, your life.” “城破后,你的生命。” „This?” In the eye of Bei silk, is flashing a greed, she wants: This is unworthy!” “这这样?”蓓丝儿的眼中,闪动着一种贪欲,她想要更多:“这不值得!” „A news guarantees your life.” Beta waves the hand to refer to: Wants, to make many efforts.” “一个消息保你一条命。”贝塔摇摇手指:“想要更多,就得付出更多的努力。” Bei silk turns to ask, looks at the direction of city, on the face has revealed quite obvious struggling, finally she said: You stop attacking our city walls temporarily, coordinating me to act in a play. After three hours, my discovering will let the means that you come.” 蓓丝儿扭问,看着佛施亚城的方向,脸上露出了相当明显的挣扎,最后她说道:“你们暂时停止攻击我们的城墙,配合我做戏。三个小时后,我会找出让你们进来的办法。” An Qila eyes one bright: Can achieve?” 安琪拉眼睛一亮:“能做到?” If you are willing to coordinate to retrocede one kilometer, I thought that can achieve.” “如果你们愿意配合后退一公里,我觉得能做到。” An Qila eyes one bright, turns head to look at Beta. 安琪拉眼睛一亮,扭头看着贝塔 Beta has thought the meeting, said: „After city broken, we not only can guarantee that your life, you can also become the Lord of city. But must result in takes an oath to give loyalty to Queen An Qila to be good.” 贝塔想了会,说道:“城破后,我们不但能保证你的生命,你还能成为佛施亚城之主。但必须得宣誓效忠安琪拉女王才行。” An Qila stares, afterward is happy on the heart. 安琪拉一愣,随后喜上心头。 Some Bei silk envy look at An Qila, afterward she hesitates. 蓓丝儿有些妒嫉地看着安琪拉,随后她沉吟起来。 Beta strikes while the iron is hot , to continue saying: If you do not want, hundred beautiful can also want, among us the cooperation, is actually good.” 贝塔趁热打铁,继续说道:“如果你不愿意的话,百丽儿也会愿意,我们之间的合作,其实挺不错的。” Bei silk body shakes, afterward she inspires thickly, said slowly: Good, this matter I did.” 蓓丝儿身体一震,随后她浓吸一口气,缓缓说道:“好,这事情我做了。” Beta shows the light smile. 贝塔露出淡淡的微笑。
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