NGIR :: Volume #4 世家

#1089: Liang née Zheng

What high virtue jade Xie Family this time enters the step Nascent Soul Daoist immortal is trillion, with the Xie Wenyun peer, is ranked 19. ‘兰芝玉’谢家这次进阶元婴真君的是谢文兆,与谢文蕴同辈,排行十九。 Xie Family sends in the written invitation, will hold the Nascent Soul feast one year later. 谢家发来请帖,将在一年后举办元婴宴。 The Liang Zhaohuang pass on message family keeps the manpower in Yingzhou, in advance offers a congratulatory gift. 梁昭煌传讯家族留在瀛州的人手,先行送上一份贺礼。 Although Liang family moved Liu Prefecture, however left leeway some manpower in Yingzhou, was mainly responsible for with Yingzhou, and trade of East Sea. 梁家虽然搬迁到了琉州,但是在瀛州还是留有一些人手,主要负责与瀛州、以及东海的贸易。 Whom as for sending attended the matter of Nascent Soul feast is not anxious for the time being, when one year later looks at the situation, perhaps he will go to Yingzhou to have a look personally. 至于派谁参加元婴宴的事暂且不急,等一年后看情况,或许他会亲自前往瀛州看看。 But in the following year, really transmits three state family powerful family cultivator to enter the news of step Nascent Soul Daoist immortal one after another, distinguishes Yuzhou Chen Junjade swordChen, Jizhou abundant tomb county Ziyang Cui, as well as Yong Zhoufeng Yi county azure immortal vine family/home. 而在接下来的一年中,果然又陆续传来三家郡望门阀修士进阶元婴真君的消息,分别豫州陈郡的’玉剑’陈家,冀州博陵郡’紫阳’崔家,以及雍州冯翊郡‘青仙藤’洛家。 These three, basically are top state family powerful families in Henan , Hebei and harmony three state, although could not have been Yan Prefecture thanked initially the degree, actually is also inherits several thousand years of established fourth rank state family powerful families, the family financial resource, resources and background, and even the inheritance does not lack. 这三家,基本都是豫、冀、雍三州之中的顶尖郡望门阀,虽然还达不到当初‘兖州谢’的程度,却也都是传承数千年的老牌四品郡望门阀,家族财力、资源、底蕴、乃至传承等都不缺。 Even, when three powerful families are also Hundred Treasures Pavilion the member of alliance, Liang Zhaohuang held the post of Yingzhou Xinhai State initially Hundred Treasures Pavilion pavilion main, once with them contacted, has made the transaction. 甚至,三家门阀也都是‘百宝阁’联盟的成员,梁昭煌当初担任瀛州新海郡百宝阁’阁主之时,都曾与他们接触过、做过交易。 Like Xie Family, these five tomb state family powerful family families and imperial family binding are too deep, for several thousand years, the family resources and talent, and even the destiny and other was absorbed by the imperial family, to supply the imperial family to grow. 只是与谢家一样,这些‘五陵郡望’门阀家族与皇室绑定太深,数千年来,家族资源、人才、乃至气运等多是被皇室汲取,以供皇室成长。 These five tomb state family powerful family families are many are suppressed, simply has not broken through the Nascent Soul period, enters the opportunity of step aristocratic family powerful family. 这些‘五陵郡望’门阀家族则是多受压制,根本没有突破元婴期,进阶世家门阀的机会。 But now, the imperial family changes the strategy, starts to support these five tomb state family powerful family families to rise and enter the step aristocratic family powerful family, to supply the imperial family to whip on. 而如今,皇室改变战略,开始扶持这些‘五陵郡望’门阀家族崛起、进阶世家门阀,以供皇家驱策。 Really is about during 34 years, these five tomb state family the top powerful family family in powerful family, is then well-prepared, trained the Nascent Soul Daoist immortal to come, to have the foundation and strength of impact aristocratic family powerful family rapidly. 果然不过三四年间,这些‘五陵郡望’门阀之中的顶尖门阀家族,便厚积薄发,迅速培养出元婴真君来,有了冲击世家门阀的基础、力量。 Chen Jia, Cui Jia, family/home, sends in the written invitation, inviting Liang family to participate in the Nascent Soul feast. 陈家、崔家、洛家,也都发来请帖,邀请梁家参与元婴宴。 These five tomb state family powerful family, after then stabilized cultivation base and strength, will come the Monster Country north territory to develop new prefecture one after another. 这些‘五陵郡望’门阀,接下来稳定了修为、实力之后,都会陆续前来妖国北域开拓新州 But such as Liu Prefecture Liang family like this state aristocratic family that the Monster Country north territory borders on, without doubt is these is going to open up territory to develop the earth powerful family families to become friends with, the object of contact with emphasis. 而如琉州梁家这样与妖国北域接壤的州世家,无疑都是这些将要开疆拓土的门阀家族重点结交、联络的对象。 Is good when they open up territory to develop the earth, can Liang family and Liu Prefecture supports, even if provides some advantages then, is good. 好在他们开疆拓土之时,能够得到梁家琉州的更多支持,哪怕只是提供一些地利之便,也是好的。 Not only Liang family, believes that Yue Prefecture Xiong, Jiaozhou Hu, Ning Prefecture Mu Family, is these is also going opens up territory to develop the earth five tomb state family the key point of powerful family to become friends with, the object of invitation absolutely. 不只是梁家,相信越州熊家、交州胡家、宁州木家,绝对也都是这些将要开疆拓土的‘五陵郡望’门阀的重点结交、邀请的对象。 Liang Zhaohuang passed on a message big brother Liang Zhaojun, the opposite party in division state Heavenly Capital for the officer, was recent from Yuzhou, Jizhou and Yong Zhou, was prepared some congratulatory gifts to send to Chen, Cui, three by him, without doubt was most appropriate. 梁昭煌传讯大哥梁昭钧,对方在司州天京为官,距离豫州、冀州、雍州最近,由他准备一些贺礼送去陈、崔、洛三家,无疑最为合适。 Yingzhou Xie Family and Yuzhou Chen, Jizhou Cui Jia, Yong Zhouluo the family/home, believe that behind definitely will have five tomb state family powerful family cultivator to enter the step Nascent Soul period, holds the Nascent Soul feast. 瀛州谢家、豫州陈家、冀州崔家、雍州洛家,相信后面绝对还会有‘五陵郡望’门阀修士进阶元婴期,举办元婴宴。 Is thinking these, some Liang Zhaohuang even more meanings moved actually, want to go out for a walk. 想着这些,梁昭煌倒是越发有些意动,想要出去走走了。 Then, although he has cultivated the Nascent Soul boundary, becomes state Prefecture Governor, but has travelled for pleasure place actually very limited, particularly Si Zhou, Yuzhou, Yan Prefecture, Jizhou and Yong Zhou, and even Heavenly Capital, is the imperial family directly under place, it can be said that Great Jin Immortal Dynasty the place of heart, humanity liveliest place. 说起来,他虽然已经修到了元婴境,成为一州州牧,但是游历过的地方却是十分的有限,尤其是司州、豫州、兖州、冀州、雍州、乃至天京,都是皇室直辖之地,可以说是大晋仙朝的心脏之处,人道最为繁华之地。 But Liang Zhaohuang did not have the opportunity, goes these five state Capital to travel one, to have a look at the immortal dynasty true humane grand occasion. 梁昭煌却是一直没有机会,前去这五州一京游历一番、看看仙朝真正的人道盛况。 These could not say that time is an opportunity, participates in five tomb state family the Nascent Soul feast, tours a immortal dynasty core while convenient five state Capital, senses a humanity to the abundant scene. 这一次说不得是个机会,参加‘五陵郡望’的元婴宴,顺便游览一番仙朝核心的五州一京,感悟一番人道至盛的景象。 The heart moves pleasingly, Liang Zhaohuang then starts to the family business, and state service makes some arrangements, to prepare. 心中意动,梁昭煌便开始对家族事务、以及州务做出些安排,以作准备。 Half a month later, when Liang Zhaohuang is handling the family business, received the notification, the Liang née Zheng interview. 半个月后,梁昭煌正处理家族事务之时,接到通报,梁郑氏求见。 When Liang née Zheng, family background Yang wood Zheng, married at that time two are also the district bold powerful families, now Liang family has promoted the aristocratic family powerful family, but Yang wood Zheng is also building the Liang family east wind, has entered the step state family powerful family, even has moved in Liu Prefecture, but became the Liang family following powerful family thoroughly. 梁郑氏,出身‘地阳木’郑家,当时联姻时两家还都是县豪门阀,如今梁家已经晋升世家门阀,而‘地阳木’郑家也搭着梁家的东风,早已进阶郡望门阀,甚至已经移驻琉州,可算是彻底成了梁家的追随门阀。 But Liang née Zheng is the Liang family best refine the pill of immortality master, is responsible for the work of Liang family pill Institute, these years are the Liang family cultivation efficacious medicine and refine the pill of immortality, and training refine the pill of immortality talent, the contribution is it may be said that tremendous. 梁郑氏更是梁家最好的炼丹师,负责梁家丹院的工作,这些年来为梁家培植灵药、炼丹、以及培养炼丹人才,可谓贡献巨大。 The opposite party seek an interview, Liang Zhaohuang naturally is the earliest possible time receives. 对方求见,梁昭煌自然是第一时间接见。 Patriarch.” Liang née Zheng comes to salute upon meeting. 族长。”梁郑氏进来见礼。 The Liang Zhaohuang nod returns salute, later inquired matter of the family pill Institute, cared that the opposite party practice, the work issue. 梁昭煌点头还礼,随后询问一番家族丹院之事,关心一下对方修行、工作问题。 During the speeches, marches into the subject, a Liang née Zheng ritual, said: Patriarch, the nephew daughter-in-law wants to apply to receive in exchange for 60 Azure Dragon fruit.” 说话间,步入正题,梁郑氏一礼,道:“族长,侄媳想要申请换取六十枚‘青龙果’。” Liang Zhaohuang hears word, looks to the opposite party, said: You prepareto build Dao Body withAzure Dragon fruit, attacks the Nascent Soul boundary?” 梁昭煌闻言,看向对方,道:“你准备用‘青龙果’修成道体,冲击元婴境?” A Liang née Zheng hermetic art, naturally does not lack the compounded drug, its cultivation base has obviously reached the Golden Core period peak. 梁郑氏一身炼丹术,自然不缺丹药,其一身修为明显已经达到了金丹期巅峰。 But Azure Dragon fruit a biggest effect, can help specialize in cultivator of say/way of wood element to cast Qingmu spirit body, as well as Qingmu Dao Body. 而‘青龙果’最大的一个功效,就是能够帮助专修木行之道的修士铸成青木灵体、以及青木道体 Six Azure Dragon fruit can help wood element say that Foundation Building cultivator casts Qingmu spirit body, thus has to form the high-grade Golden Core condition. 六枚‘青龙果’便可助木行之道筑基修士铸成青木灵体,从而具备结成上品金丹的条件。 60 Azure Dragon fruit, can help wood element Golden Core cultivator cast Qingmu Dao Body, thus has the qualifications of attacking the Nascent Soul boundary. 六十枚‘青龙果’,便可助木行金丹修士铸成青木道体,从而拥有冲击元婴境的资格。 Naturally, spirit body and Dao Body that this dependence external force casts, depend on compared with spirit body and Dao Body that oneself the strength practice successfully with cultivator, has the fit and unfit quality respectively. 当然,这种依靠外力铸成的灵体道体,与修士靠着自身之力修成的灵体道体相比,各有优劣。 Liang Zhaohuang thinks, looks to Liang née Zheng, said: Zhen, you , to be clear, the Nascent Soul period and Golden Core period may be different, enter the step Nascent Soul period is to cross the tribulation, the exceedingly high tribulation, the return to Dao tribulation, the wind tribulation, the hot tribulation and thunder tribulation, Fate Tribulation, each tribulation can want the human life.” 梁昭煌想了想,看向梁郑氏,道:“郑氏,你要想清楚,元婴期和金丹期可不同,进阶元婴期是要渡劫的,通天劫、道化劫、风劫、火劫、雷劫、命劫,每一劫都能要人命。” You, if has not looked for the own path, even if casts Dao Body with the external force, when entering the step Nascent Soul boundary, crosses the tribulation will be definitely more dangerous, in easy falling from the sky tribulation.” “你如果没有找准自己的道路,就算用外力铸成道体,进阶元婴境、渡劫之时必然会更加危险,容易陨落劫中。” Liang née Zheng hears word, in the surface the look has not moved. 梁郑氏闻言,面上神色未动。 Liang Zhaohuang continues to say immediately: Like this, you go all about entering the step Nascent Soul boundary that in the clan collects, as well as cross the material and experience of inheritance tribulation, studies.” 梁昭煌当下继续道:“这样,你去将族中收藏的所有关于进阶元婴境、以及渡劫的资料、经验传承等,都研究一遍。” Later you, if also prepares to take Azure Dragon fruit to cast Dao Body, then made to exchange with my jade. “之后你若是还准备服用‘青龙果’铸就道体,便拿我玉令去兑换吧。 He is saying, took a jade command to give the opposite party. 他说着,取了一枚玉令交给对方。 Many thanks Patriarch, the nephew daughter-in-law remembers the Patriarch instruction surely.” “多谢族长,侄媳必定牢记族长教诲。” Liang née Zheng received the jade command, salutes to say respectfully, later retreats. 梁郑氏接过玉令,恭敬行礼道,随后退去。 Takes Liang née Zheng these years to cultivate the efficacious medicine and refinement compounded drug, to train pill as the family to say the juniors, saved contribution, is absolutely enough receiving in exchange Azure Dragon fruit. 梁郑氏这些年来为家族培植灵药、炼制丹药、培养丹道子弟,积攒的贡献,是绝对足够换取‘青龙果’的。 Just, Azure Dragon fruit this treasure, is the strategic resources, and during the Liang family stock is also limited. 只不过,‘青龙果’这种宝物,已经是战略资源了,且梁家库存之中也是有限。 Therefore, in the clan stipulated that the when treasure of such strategy level, the clansman juniors exchange, needs the agreement of Liang Zhaohuang. 所以,族中规定,这样战略级的宝物,族人子弟兑换之时,都需要梁昭煌的同意。 Liang Zhaohuang sees the form that Liang née Zheng departs, shakes the head slightly, he could see, the opposite party is only the surface complies, in fact has not perceived his words truly. 梁昭煌看着梁郑氏离去的身影,不由微微摇了摇头,他看得出,对方只是表面答应,事实上并没有将他的话真正听进去。 The Liang née Zheng essence excels at the refine the pill of immortality, can say that practices is depends on the compounded drug and other external force achievements most probably, entered the step Golden Core period initially, is depends on Azure Dragon fruit to cast spirit body, high-grade Golden Core that then forms. 梁郑氏精擅炼丹,可以说一身修行大半都是靠着丹药等外力成就的,就连当初进阶金丹期,也是靠着‘青龙果’铸成灵体,然后结成的上品金丹 It can be said that Liang née Zheng depends on the external force, practices very smoothly, has formed the custom and fixed cognition, wants to break such cognition, without doubt is very difficult. 可以说,梁郑氏靠着外力,一路修行十分顺利,早已形成了习惯、固定的认知,想要打破这样的认知,无疑很困难。 Liang Zhaohuang knits the brows, he does not think the family this best refine the pill of immortality master because of the issue of cognitive and general idea/careless, plants, in crossing the tribulation, enters on step Nascent Soul. 梁昭煌皱眉,他可不想家族这最好的炼丹师因为认知、大意的问题,栽在渡劫、进阶元婴上。 Then regarding Liang family, without doubt is a big loss. 那对于梁家来说,无疑将是一场不小的损失。 On the contrary, if can help it cross the tribulation, to enter the step Nascent Soul period smoothly, then the family will increase a refine the pill of immortality grandmaster again, can refine fourth rank Dao pill, regarding the development and strength of Liang family without doubt is the huge promotion. 相反,若是能够助其顺利渡劫、进阶元婴期,那么家族将再增一位炼丹宗师,能够炼制四品道丹,对于梁家的发展、实力无疑都将是巨大的提升。 Thinks, Liang Zhaohuang told, making the people of family pay attention to collect various Golden Core cultivator to enter the step Nascent Soul boundary from various aspects, to cross the material and information of tribulation failure. 想了想,梁昭煌吩咐下去,让家族之人注意从各方面收集各种金丹修士进阶元婴境、渡劫失败的资料、信息。 Such material are not many, but by the Liang family present position, collects to seek some earnestly without doubt. 这样的资料并不多,但是以梁家如今的地位,认真搜集无疑还是能够寻到一些的。 In some sects of East Sea, immortal dynasty some aristocratic families, and even have attacked the state family powerful family of Nascent Soul boundary, several thousand and over ten thousand years later, would saving some materials of failure. 东海的一些宗派中,仙朝的一些世家、乃至一些冲击过元婴境的郡望门阀等,数千、上万年下来,总会积攒一些失败的资料的。 After these data collections, according to the instruction of Liang Zhaohuang, escorts to the place of Liang née Zheng in advance, making it match Nascent Soul that the family is collecting to enter the step, to cross the tribulation material research to look together. 这些资料收集来之后,按照梁昭煌的吩咐,先行送往梁郑氏之处,让其搭配着家族收集的元婴进阶、渡劫资料一起研看。 Only hopes, the experience of these success as well as failure, can give her enough awakening. 只希望,这些成功以及失败的经验,能够给她足够的惊醒。 As for can be effective and successful finally, Liang Zhaohuang is unable to determine, practices in the final analysis eventually individual matter, the bystander can help one another eventually is limited. 至于最后能不能有效、成功,梁昭煌也无法确定,说到底修行终究还是个人的事,外人能够相助的终究是有限。 Temporarily puts down the matter of Liang née Zheng, Liang Zhaohuang continues to prepare the matter of journey. 暂时将梁郑氏之事放下,梁昭煌继续准备着出行之事。 During this period, Kunpeng Dharmalakṣaṇa goes to the Monster Country north territory deep place, demon territory hell the place of covering, connection with Black Tiger Sword, brings back several groups of Qi of Black and Yellow. 在这期间,鲲鹏法相又前往妖国北域深处,‘魔域地府’笼罩之地,与‘黑虎剑’交接,取回几团玄黄之气 Over time, demon territory hell stabilizes, remaining half ‚a land Yuan membrane is also drawing in Qi of Black and Yellow that scatters. 只是随着时间流逝,‘魔域地府’稳定下来,其中剩下的半块‘大地元膜’也在收拢散落的玄黄之气 Black Tiger Sword the present can acquired Qi of Black and Yellow be fewer and fewer. The now, more instead in travels and examines in demon territory hell everywhere, Liang Zhaohuang also branches out together the mind frequently, through Black Tiger Sword the angle of view, observes demon territory hell in actual situation situation. 黑虎剑’如今能够收集到的玄黄之气已经是越来越少了。其如今,更多反而是在‘魔域地府’之中到处游历、查看,梁昭煌也常常分出一道心神过去,通过‘黑虎剑’的视角,观察‘魔域地府’之中的虚实情况。 Also only has is seriously battered now like this, even crashes and contracts near half, demon territory hell in many secrets will just now expose inevitably. 也唯有如今这样遭受重创,甚至崩塌、收缩近一半,‘魔域地府’之中的许多隐秘方才会不可避免的暴露出来。 Liang Zhaohuang wants through Black Tiger Sword, this demon territory hell the situation familiarizes several points, could not say that will see any good opportunity. 梁昭煌想要通过‘黑虎剑’,将这‘魔域地府’的情况摸透几分,说不得就会见到什么好机会。 But during the following several months , five tomb state family the place spreads the news from the place of immortal dynasty core one after another. 而在后续数月之中,从仙朝核心之地、‘五陵郡望’之处又陆续传来消息。 Yan Prefecture Jiyang county Kong, as well as division state Jungyang county Zheng, some people successfully promote the Nascent Soul period, issues the written invitation, is going to hold the Nascent Soul feast. 兖州济阳郡孔家、以及司州荥阳郡郑家,也都有人成功晋升元婴期,广发请帖,将要举办元婴宴。 Naturally, Liang family such boundary state aristocratic family, is the key target who they invited. 自然地,梁家这样的边界州世家,都是他们邀请的重点对象。 But Liang Zhaohuang looks at these invitations, decides thoroughly, the going ginseng/partake feast, travels personally a immortal dynasty core and lively place, experiences a humanity to the abundant prosperity. 梁昭煌看着这些邀请,也彻底决定下来,亲自前去参宴,游历一番仙朝核心、繁华之地,见识一番人道至盛的繁荣。
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