NGIR :: Volume #4 世家

#1088: Kunpeng city

The Kunpeng city, is Liang Zhaohuang is the name that Liang family this newly-built city gives, also obtained the Liang family juniors and approvals and approvals of various Liu Prefecture county cultivator. 鲲鹏城,是梁昭煌梁家这座新建的城池取的名字,也同样得到了梁家子弟以及琉州各郡修士的认可与赞同。 Leads various Liu Prefecture county state family powerful family teams in Liang family, attacks to fight this 50,000 li (0.5 km) front, constructs in the process of this city. 梁家率领琉州各郡郡望门阀队伍,攻战这处五万里战线,建造这座城池的过程中。 Often will also suffer some demon and demonic cultivator, and even the attack of evil spirit, even the cultivator team of unknown origin attacks, has been not problem-free. 不时地也会遭受到一些魔物、魔修、乃至妖物的袭击,甚至还有来历不明的修士队伍袭击,并非一直都是一帆风顺的。 When this process, governing beast Kunpeng is they most reliable and firm taking advantage, whenever there is an enemy attack, here sends out the requesting reinforcements signal, governing beast Kunpeng will fly to escape to catch up from 50000 miles away ‚the azure péng mountain range. 在这过程中,御兽鲲鹏一直是他们最为可靠、坚固的依仗,每当有敌来袭之时,这里发出求援信号,御兽鲲鹏就会从50000里外的‘青鹏山脉’飞遁赶来。 But has fourth-order governing beast Kunpeng to assist each time, the invading enemy was not cut to kill to be scattered, protects, to rescue not to know many Liang family juniors, as well as various Liu Prefecture county state family powerful family cultivator. 而每次有着四阶御兽鲲鹏相助,来犯之敌不是被斩杀就是被驱散,护住、救下不知多少梁家子弟、以及琉州各郡郡望门阀修士 Kunpeng, in these family juniors and cultivator mind, the position is quite without doubt high. 鲲鹏,在这些家族子弟、修士心目中,地位无疑颇高。 Previously, Kunpeng Dharmalakṣaṇa passed by here, went to demon territory hell covering place, with Black Tiger Sword the air/Qi of connection yellow and black, revealed that figure on bringing below Liang family juniors as well as intermittent cheering of Liu Prefecture cultivator, without doubt was the best proof. 此前,鲲鹏法相路过这里,前往‘魔域地府’笼罩处,与‘黑虎剑’交接玄黄之气,显露身形就引来下方梁家子弟以及琉州修士的阵阵欢呼,无疑就是最好的证明。 Therefore, Liang Zhaohuang names as ‚the Kunpeng city the city of this new construction, it may be said that is favored. 所以,梁昭煌将这座新建造的城池命名为‘鲲鹏城’,可谓是众望所归。 In Kunpeng city, what is responsible for commanding is Liang Zhaosong and Liang née Li. 鲲鹏城中,负责统领的是梁昭松梁李氏 Liang née Li commands the fighting force, is responsible for the combat task, as well as protection duty of new town construction. 梁李氏统领战斗队伍,负责战斗任务,以及新城建造的守护任务。 As for Liang Zhaosong, is responsible for commanding the construction of new town. 而至于梁昭松,则是负责统领新城的建造。 eighth brother Liang Zhaosong, is earliest one batch follows the family juniors who Liang Zhaohuang rushes to the world, the construction of Liang family in Ludong County clan ground, and so on following Liang family construction in the Xinhai State satellite city, Liang Zhaosong has participation. 八哥梁昭松,也是最早一批追随梁昭煌闯天下的家族子弟,梁家庐东县族地的建造,以及后面梁家新海郡卫城的建造等等,梁昭松都有参与其中。 Then eighth brother Liang Zhaosong, is doing many careful work side Liang Zhaohuang, like present Liang Ruizhao, as well as Liang Xiangbin. 当时的八哥梁昭松,在梁昭煌身边做着诸多细致工作,就像如今的梁瑞钊、以及梁祥彬一样。 Behind, Liang Zhaosong cultivation base cannot follow, in addition the age completely, draws back gradually gradually from family one, changed into Liang Xiangbin and Liang Ruizhao to come up, follows the Liang Zhaohuang action, to work. 只是后面,梁昭松修为跟不上,加上寿数渐尽,才渐渐从家族一线退下去,换成了梁祥彬梁瑞钊上来,跟随梁昭煌行动、工作。 But now, as Liang family develops Liu Prefecture , to promote aristocratic family powerful family, the resources, the destiny increases. 但如今,随着梁家开拓琉州,晋升世家门阀,无论是资源、还是气运都是大增。 eighth brother Liang Zhaosong, before the longevity completely, depends on the support of these resources and destiny to go a step further finally again, enters the step Golden Core period. 八哥梁昭松,也总算是在寿尽之前,靠着这些资源、气运的支撑再进一步,进阶金丹期。 low-grade Golden Core that although forms, but the strength and age issue are easily solved without doubt. 虽然只是结成的下品金丹,但实力、寿数问题无疑都是迎刃而解。 Liang Zhaosong after stable cultivation base, then starts to come out again, serves for the family. 梁昭松在稳固修为之后,便开始再度出来,为家族服务。 Because of its rich experience, as well as enough rank, Liang Zhaohuang then arranges him to come this directly, commands the construction of Kunpeng city. 因其丰富的经验,以及足够的辈分,梁昭煌便直接安排他来此,统领鲲鹏城的建造。 This laborious eighth brother.” “这一次辛苦八哥了。” In the Kunpeng city central palace, Liang Zhaohuang receives eighth brother Liang Zhaosong and Liang née Li, at this time looks at the opposite party, non- closed road. 鲲鹏城中央宫殿中,梁昭煌接见八哥梁昭松梁李氏,此时看着对方,不禁道。 Saying, to one side Liang née Li, the nod said: Nephew daughter-in-law was also laborious.” 说着,又向一旁梁李氏,点头道:“侄媳也辛苦了。” Two people all return a courtesy, is not laborious. 两人皆是回礼,道不辛苦。 Liang née Li is the loose cultivator family background, namely no maternal home dependence, no takes advantage in Liang family, depends entirely on itself to fight in the battlefield, continuously performance is very respectful and serious. 梁李氏散修出身,即无娘家依靠,在梁家之中也没有什么依仗,全靠自己在战场打拼,一直表现的都是十分恭敬、本分。 As for eighth brother Liang Zhaosong, although with the Liang Zhaohuang peer, but until now displays is overcautious, does not take advantage of the status and position to crop up. 而至于八哥梁昭松,虽然与梁昭煌同辈,但是一直以来表现的都是谨小慎微,并不依仗身份、地位冒头。 Liang Zhaohuang chatted with two people, then changed over to the subject the thread of conversation, the discussion the construction as well as formation and the restriction Kunpeng city arrangement issue. 梁昭煌与两人闲聊一番,便将话锋转入正题,讨论起鲲鹏城的建造以及阵法禁制的布置问题。 Although said, the construction of this city, as well as formation and restriction arrangement and other plans, were the family have designed. 虽然说,这座城池的建造、以及阵法禁制布置等方案,都是家族早已设计好的。 However on the paper designs and present condition, will always have certain disparity. 不过纸上设计和现实情况,总是会有一定差距的。 Liang Zhaohuang also needs to listen respectfully to Liang Zhaosong and opinions of Liang née Li two leaders carefully, according to the realistic city construction, all around environment, makes the adjustment of part regarding formation and restriction. 梁昭煌也需要仔细聆听梁昭松梁李氏两位现场领导的意见,根据现实城池建造、四周环境等,对于阵法禁制做出部分的调整。 At this time, eighth brother Liang Zhaosong takes out jade slip to stimulate, a light shadow shines, turns into the three-dimensional light screen in the face of three people, obviously has constructed the good Kunpeng city to build the body, as well as all around over ten thousand li (0.5 km) terrain environment and front, and even resources and other situations. 此时,八哥梁昭松取出一枚玉简激发,一片光影从中照耀而出,在三人面前化成立体的光幕,其中显化的正是已经建造好的鲲鹏城筑体,以及四周上万里地形环境、战线、乃至资源点等情况。 Liang family constructs this Kunpeng city, the goal is to occupy outside Liu Prefecture expands the domains in five ten thousand miles area territories, formation and restriction of arrangement this city, did not say that covers the entire 50,000 li (0.5 km) range, at least must have the radiation impact, naturally wants the overall consideration. 梁家建造这处鲲鹏城,目的是为了占住琉州外扩五万里区域的地盘,这座城池的阵法禁制布置等,不说笼罩整个五万里范围,至少也要有辐射影响,自然要整体考虑。 Patriarch.” Liang Zhaosong is pointing in the light shadow map at this time several resources points and terrain environment, said: These resources points, are we in building the Kunpeng city process newly discovered, these terrains, are we to build the city well, made adjustment and change.” 族长。”梁昭松此时指着光影地图之中几处资源点、地形环境,道:“这几处资源点,是我们在营造鲲鹏城过程中新发现的,还有这几处地形,是我们为了更好地营造城池,做出的调整、改变。” For this reason, we when making city, made total seven changes, respectively is these places......” “为此,我们在建造城池之时,做了共计七处变动,分别是这些地方……” Liang Zhaosong one changes everywhere pointed out, Liang Zhaohuang looks at the slight nod, in the heart is also acting according to these changes, regarding or knows that formation and restriction make some revisions. 梁昭松将一处处变化指出,梁昭煌看着微微点头,心中也在根据这些变化,对于将要不知道阵法禁制进行部分修改。 Patriarch.” At this time, one side Liang née Li also introduced that all around the change of front, said: Because of these newly discovered resources points, the change that the city constructs, the battleline that we arrange also made some changes.” 族长。”这时,一旁梁李氏也介绍起四周战线的变化,道:“因为这些新发现的资源点,还有城池建造的更改,我们布置的阵线也做出了部分变动。” She is saying, similarly changes various places pointed out and explained. 她说着,同样将各处变动指出、说明。 After that Liang Zhaohuang used three days of time, brings Liang Zhaosong and Liang née Li two people, is outside the place of change investigates on the spot the Kunpeng city. 其后,梁昭煌又用了三天时间,带着梁昭松梁李氏两人,将鲲鹏城乃外变化之处都现场勘查一番。 Regarding modification and arrangement of formation and restriction, basically has several. 对于阵法禁制的改动、布置,也基本有数了。 The arrangement of formation, always acts as circumstances permit. 阵法的布置,从来都是因地制宜。 Around Kunpeng city place, after demon territory hell covering and corrosion, not only turns into the wilderness the place of big piece, vegetation spirit plant wait/etc. destroyed, even in the land also has the demon air/Qi participation, for several years gets down has not scattered and restored. 鲲鹏城四周之地,经过‘魔域地府’的笼罩、侵蚀,不但将大片之地变成荒漠,草木灵植等都毁去,甚至就连大地之中都还有魔气参与,数年下来都没有驱散、恢复。 In this case, strength of itself/Ben all around world five elements is not balanced, but must give dual attention to the suppression, to purify demon air/Qi in all around land and space. 这种情况下,四周天地五行之力本就是不平衡的,还要兼顾镇压、净化四周大地、空间中的魔气。 Liang family commonly used Five-Colored Lotus Flower Formation without doubt was insufficient. 梁家常用的‘五色莲花阵’无疑就不够了。 Therefore initially, Liang Zhaohuang and Liang Ruiqin pass on message discussed, has not selected family commonly used formation for formation of this Kunpeng city design again, but at Liang Ruiqin these years in the Ten Absolutes Island research Ten Absolutes Formation some obtained achievement lineups. 所以当初,梁昭煌梁瑞钦传讯讨论,为这鲲鹏城设计的阵法就没有再选用家族常用的阵法,而是以梁瑞钦这些年在十绝岛研究‘十绝阵’所得的一些成果布阵。 Finally, they design one set of pirating six certainly, respectively by the Liang Ruiqin research and pirating, but roaring flame and golden light and red sands and red water formation and blood and keel over six compose. 最后,他们设计出一套盗版的‘六绝阵’,分别由梁瑞钦研究、盗版而出的‘烈焰阵’、‘金光阵’、‘红砂阵’、‘红水阵’、‘化血阵’、‘落魂阵’六座道阵组成。 Also is to Liang Ruiqin these years in the Ten Absolutes Island research Ten Absolutes Formation a confirmation and summary. 也算是对梁瑞钦这些年来在十绝岛研究‘十绝阵’的一个验证、总结。 But when arranging this six certainly, Liang Zhaohuang regarding blood and keel over quite pays attention, studies very much. 而在布置这‘六绝阵’时,梁昭煌对于其中‘化血阵’、‘落魂阵’颇为关注,很是研究一番。 In these two formation, obviously has the strength of integrating the Demonic Path. 这两座阵法之中,明显有融入魔道的力量。 Liang family arranges these two formation, to use them absorbs and processes the demon air/Qi that in all around land and space corrode. 梁家布置这两座阵法,也是为了用它们来吸收、处理四周大地、空间中侵蚀的魔气。 Liang Zhaohuang after the arrangement is completed, revolves two formation to give a try the effect specially, really can swallow the demon air/Qi that all around corrodes, melts into to use. 梁昭煌在布置完成之后,特意运转两座阵法试试看效果,果然能够吞噬四周侵蚀的魔气,化入阵中所用。 But these two formation effects, explained without doubt this last flying upwards immortal ten certainly immortals, at that time had been studying the strength of Demonic Path, tries immortal demon with cultivating. 而这两座阵法的效果,也无疑说明此界最后一位飞升的仙人‘十绝仙人’,当时已经在研究魔道的力量,尝试着‘仙魔同修’。 Ten immortal, have certainly without doubt most initial immortal demon with cultivating strength and path. ‘十绝仙阵’中,无疑就有着最初始的‘仙魔同修’的力量与道路。 So, Liang Zhaohuang thinks again previously through Black Tiger Sword in that several that demon territory hell saw immortal demon with cultivating Nascent Soul Daoist immortal. 如此,梁昭煌再想到此前通过‘黑虎剑’在‘魔域地府’中见到的那几个‘仙魔同修’的元婴真君。 He even more determined these people actually from East Sea. 他倒是越发确定那些人应该是来自东海了。 Immortal demon with cultivating path, could not say that is ten immortals first opens certainly, then, pushes to spread out after various sect later generation several tens of thousands of years of attempts, gradually has improved. ‘仙魔同修’的道路,说不得就是十绝仙人最先开辟,然后经过各家宗派后人数万年的尝试、推衍,渐渐有所完善的。 immortal dynasty opens Yingzhou in East Sea, Liang family also practices and develops in East Sea for about hundred years, had not previously seen these immortal demon with cultivating unexpectedly the trail, the depth of hidden, perhaps welcomed the East Sea Sect most fundamental secret obviously. 只是仙朝在东海开辟瀛州,梁家也是在东海修行、发展近百年,此前竟是都未曾见到过这些‘仙魔同修’的踪迹,可见隐藏之深,恐怕迎上东海宗派最根本的秘密了。 In the Liang Zhaohuang heart is hesitating, in next time with Liang Ruiqin contacts, he needs these recent news, and emergence of immortal demon with cultivating Daoist immortal, transmitted to the opposite party. 梁昭煌心中沉吟着,在下次与梁瑞钦联系之时,他需要将这些新消息、以及‘仙魔同修’真君的出现等,传递给对方。 Let him ten immortal pay attention certainly when the Ten Absolutes Island research, must preserve itself, best also be able to investigate some immortal demon with cultivating information. 让其在十绝岛研究‘十绝仙阵’时多注意一番,既要保全自己,最好也能探查到一些‘仙魔同修’的信息。 Two months later, Liang Zhaohuang the Kunpeng city six arrangement is completed certainly, and examines the approval. 两个月后,梁昭煌将鲲鹏城的‘六绝阵’布置完成,并检验验收。 Afterward, he gives eighth brother Liang Zhaosong the control of formation and restriction, as well as nephew daughter-in-law Liang née Li. 随后,他将阵法禁制的掌控交给八哥梁昭松,以及侄媳梁李氏 He prepares to continue eighth brother Liang Zhaosong, stays here, presides over the business of Kunpeng city. 他准备继续将八哥梁昭松,留在这里,主持鲲鹏城的事务。 As the Kunpeng city falls decides, beside Liu Prefecture that Liang family delimits five ten thousand miles area territories are also initially stable, then Liang family will start to organize the manpower and strength, in the domains regarding these five ten thousand miles area territories conducts the transformation and resources to collect. 随着鲲鹏城落定,梁家划定的琉州之外五万里区域也算是初步稳定,接下来梁家将开始组织人手、力量,对于这五万里区域之中的地盘进行改造、资源进行采集。 Moreover, now has passed for nearly two years from Grand Court Meeting, has this time, the imperial family supports five tomb state family perhaps have prepared to attack the Nascent Soul boundary one after another. 而且,如今距离大朝会已经过去了近两年,有这时间,皇室支持的‘五陵郡望’恐怕已经陆续准备冲击元婴境。 Is opening from five tomb state family develops boundary perhaps also few years. 距离着‘五陵郡望’开边拓疆恐怕也没几年时间了。 When the time comes, Liu Prefecture as with the boundary state of place of connection Monster Country north territory without owner, naturally is enjoys benefits, will become these opens up territory to develop the earth five tomb state family powerful family best logistics base. 到时候,琉州作为与妖国北域无主之地交接的边界州,自然是尽享地利,会成为那些开疆拓土的‘五陵郡望’门阀最好的后勤基地。 Especially Kunpeng city position, will definitely become an important commodity and the center of manpower gathering, relay and logistics when the time comes. 尤其是鲲鹏城这位置,到时候肯定会成为一处重要的物资、人力汇聚、中转、后勤的中心。 These business Liang family need one to have the sufficient experience and strength person of without doubt, assumes personal command in this, handles these things. 这些事务梁家无疑都需要一个有着足够经验、实力之人,在此坐镇,处理这些事情。 But at present in Liang family, Liang Zhaohuang could not really have discovered compared with the eighth brother Liang Zhaosong fellow suitable candidates. 而目前梁家之中,梁昭煌还真找不出比八哥梁昭松各位适合的人选。 Was somewhat a pity only, perhaps is eighth brother Liang Zhaosong, only then Golden Core cultivation base, if has Nascent Soul Daoist immortal cultivation base, that absolutely did not have the issue. 唯一有些可惜的,恐怕就是八哥梁昭松只有金丹修为,若是有着元婴真君修为,那就完全没有问题了。 Now also can only depend on six certainly as well as governing beast Kunpeng, as the dependence and deterrent of high rank strength. 如今也只能靠着‘六绝阵’以及御兽鲲鹏,作为高阶之力的依靠与威慑了。 Does not know, the family's fourth Nascent Soul Daoist immortal, when meets appears, who was also can advance a step promotion?” “就是不知道,家族第四位元婴真君,会是什么时候出现,又是谁能够先行一步晋升了?” Liang Zhaohuang arranges Kunpeng city all sort of business, the heart to relay the thought that rides Kunpeng Dharmalakṣaṇa to return to the Liu Prefecture city. 梁昭煌安排好鲲鹏城诸般事务,心中转着念头,乘着‘鲲鹏法相’返回琉州城。 But after returning to the Liu Prefecture city less than one month, Liang family then receives the written invitation that Yingzhou Xie Family sends. 而在回到琉州城后不到一个月,梁家便接到瀛州谢家发来的请帖。 After Grand Court Meeting greatly to seal/confer bestows, the reward merit, is actually Yingzhou high virtue jade Xie Family, took the lead some people to enter the position of step Nascent Soul Daoist immortal. 大朝会一番大封赏、酬功之后,却是瀛州‘兰芝玉’谢家,率先有人进阶元婴真君之位了。
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