NGTFOW :: Volume #10 晓域

#2238: Azure Dragon imperial seal

Newest website: 最新网址: Falls along with the Sixth Elder voice, dozens Bu Family guard rushes over toward Lin Chuan immediately. 伴随着六长老的话音落下,数十名步家守卫立刻朝着林川冲了过去。 The person who comes to attend the ceremony, so does not know courtesy speaks at a venture at the Bu Family manager congress, if the back did not have the influence on support, that estimate only has dead characters. Moreover offends Bu Family so many high levels one time, this youngster after today, feared that was difficult to see. 一个前来观礼的人,如此不知礼数的在步家管事大会上乱说话,如果背后还没有势力支撑的话,那估计就只有一个死字。而且一次性得罪步家这么多高层,这少年今日之后,怕是再难见到了。 Bang! 轰! Wipes the green ray to erupt from Lin Chuan Bu Lianshi suddenly, Great Ascension initial cultivating to expose in this moment without doubt, guards the complete ball to fly Bu Family that flushed directly. 一抹绿色的光芒骤然从林川身边的步练师身上爆发而出,大乘初期的修为在这一刻展露无疑,直接将那冲过来的步家守卫全部弹飞了出去。 When did Bu Family become so persistently unreasonable? Does not solve the problem, actually wants to solve to propose that the person of issue, is disappoints me seriously!” Bu Lianshi stands up to say slowly. 步家什么时候变得如此蛮不讲理了?不解决问题,却想要解决提出问题的人,当真是让我失望!”步练师缓缓站起身说道。 Bold!! Dares to intend to offend somebody in my Bu Family unexpectedly! Here also blustered, what qualifications did you have to butt in Bu Family? Today I teach your extremely arrogant junior for your family Sir well!” Sixth Elder shouted angrily, cultivated/repaired to erupt, then must make a move to Bu Lianshi. “大胆!!竟然敢在我步家出手伤人!还在这里口出狂言,你有什么资格置喙步家?今日我就替你家大人好好教训教训你这个狂妄的小辈!”六长老怒喝一声,修为爆发之下,便要对步练师出手。 Great Ascension Stage initial Cultivator, although young somewhat not as people expected, but Bu Family after all is in the second-level Cultivation influence most powerful existence, even if really acted, did not dare some people to say anything. 一个大乘期初期的修士,虽然年轻的有些出乎众人的预料,但步家毕竟是二级修真势力中最强大的存在,即便真出手了,也不敢有人说什么。 However can also see, Bu Family also slightly dreaded to Bu Lianshi. If this changed others, possibly Sixth Elder killed on the direct making a move bang, but to Bu Lianshi, he only said that teaches, obviously he is indefinite regarding Bu Lianshi behind influence some. After all such young Great Ascension Stage Cultivator, is very likely from the first-level Cultivation influence, in addition Bu Lianshi Lin Chuan their unscrupulous attitudes, indeed make Bu Family somewhat not act bashful certainly. 不过也可以看出,步家也对步练师略有忌惮。这如果换了其他人,可能六长老就直接出手轰杀了,但是对步练师,他却只说是教训一下,可见他对于步练师身后的势力还是有些不确定的。毕竟一个这么年轻的大乘期修士,很有可能是来自于一级修真势力,再加上步练师林川两人那肆无忌惮的态度,的确让步家有些拿捏不准。 ! 唰! The Sixth Elder figure flashes, directly soars Lin Chuan and Bu Lianshi grasps, but under can obvious seeing, he not have Assassin. 六长老的身形一闪而出,直奔林川步练师抓来,不过可以明显的看出,他没有下杀手 Butts in the decision of Bu Family I not to have the qualifications? Hehe, Sixth Elder, to be honest, I also really have this qualifications!” “置喙步家的决定我没有资格?呵呵,六长老,说实话,我还真有这个资格!” Facing flushing Sixth Elder, Bu Lianshi sneered, turns the hand put out an imperial jade seal that is sending out the radiant green light. 面对冲过来的六长老,步练师一声冷笑,翻手间拿出了一枚散发着璀璨绿光的玉玺。 That imperial jade seal unusual conditions, above are occupying Azure Dragon, winds the winding figure happen to form a step character. Instance that this imperial jade seal presents, the surroundings fill rich wooden Spiritual-Power aura immediately, as if makes everyone place oneself in this moment in the forest. 那玉玺浑然天成,其上盘踞着一条青龙,蜿蜒曲折的身形正好形成一个步字。这玉玺出现的瞬间,周围立刻弥漫出一股浓郁的木灵力气息,仿佛让所有人在这一刻置身于森林之中。 Azure Dragon imperial seal!!!” 青龙玺!!!” When sees in the Bu Lianshi hand that Azure Dragon imperial jade seal, the complexions of all Bu Family people completely changed, twenty elder and Patriarch step dust including that stage. 当看到步练师手中那青龙玉玺的时候,所有步家人的脸色全部变了,包括那台上的二十几名长老和家主步尘。 „The Bu Family Azure Dragon imperial seal here, sees this imperial jade seal, just like sees right in front of one Patriarch, Sixth Elder step Luo, do you also dare to act to me?” Bu Lianshi looks at Sixth Elder cold sound who is killing to say. 步家青龙玺在此,见此玉玺,犹如面见家主,六长老步骆,你还敢对我出手?”步练师望着杀过来的六长老冷声说道。 You......” “你……” Sees the Azure Dragon imperial seal in Bu Lianshi hand, the Sixth Elder step Luo's complexion is surprised, has not thought completely will see the Bu Family Azure Dragon imperial seal here. 看到步练师手中的青龙玺,六长老步骆的面色惊疑不定,完全没有想到会在这里看到步家青龙玺。 Although this thing is the symbol of Patriarch, after the step buddhist encountered difficulty lost, although Bu Family sends people to look, has not actually sought, can only give up, has not actually thought that now will appear in Bu Family. 这东西虽然一直是家主的象征,但是在步梵遇难后就遗失了,步家虽然派人找过,却并没有寻到,只能作罢,却没想到现在会出现在步家 Step Luo cannot settle on the attention suddenly, but has not acted again, but looked to the Patriarch step dust on stage. 步骆一时间拿不定注意,但也没有再出手,而是看向了台上的家主步尘。 Who are you? Bu Family Azure Dragon imperial seal why in your hand?” Step dust complexion Yin clear uncertain asking. “你是何人?步家青龙玺为什么会在你的手上?”步尘面色阴晴不定的问道。 Obviously, the matter that at this moment has was also above his expectation, the Azure Dragon imperial seal reappears, his Patriarch should rejoice be right, but faint, he felt somewhat anxiously, omitted any important matter probably. 显然,此刻发生的事情也超乎了他的预料,青龙玺再现,他这个家主应该高兴才对,但隐隐中,他觉得有些不安,好像遗漏了什么重要的事情。 Uncle does not see for a long time, it seems like has forgotten me, the daughter is surnamed the step, Lian Shi!” Bu Lianshi is looking at the step dust, tranquil sent out own name. “叔伯好久不见,看来已经忘记我了,小女姓步,名练师!”步练师望着步尘,平静的报出了自己的名字。 Bu Lianshi? This name somewhat is how familiar-sounding!” 步练师?这名字怎么有些耳熟啊!” „Before this...... this is not, generation of Patriarch step buddhist only daughters' name?” “这……这不是前代家主步梵独生女的名字吗?” How can? Wasn't Bu Lianshi together missing with step buddhist Patriarch? How to appear here!!” “怎么会?步练师不是跟步梵家主一起下落不明了吗?怎么会出现在这里!!” Bu Lianshi!! Hadn't died many years?” 步练师!!不是已经死了很多年了吗?” ...... …… Everyone's vision fell on the body of Bu Lianshi, 所有人的目光都落在了步练师的身上, But at the same time, Bu Lianshi also relieved magic spell that hidden the appearance, in a twinkling, the appearance of outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman revealed that in the front of people, had seen the step buddhist couple's person, immediately feels familiar on the face of Bu Lianshi. This...... really seems like with step buddhist Patriarch!” 而与此同时,步练师也解除了隐藏自己容貌的法术,霎时间,绝色倾城的容颜显露在了众人的面前,曾经见过步梵夫妇的人,立刻在步练师的脸上感觉到了熟悉。“这……真的跟步梵家主好像!” „Is she really Bu Lianshi?” “难道她真的是步练师?” This is impossible!!!” “这不可能吧!!!” Grasps the Azure Dragon imperial seal, follows generation of Patriarch is very long looks like, she should really not be......” “手持青龙玺,又跟上代家主长得很像,她该不会真的是……” At this moment, the entire Bu Family square exploded. 这一刻,整个步家广场都炸了。 Bu Family person, person who comes to attend the ceremony, intense discussion this matter. 不论是步家的人,还是前来观礼的人,都在激烈的议论这件事情。 But on the stage, the complexion of step dust has become extremely ugly. 而在台上,步尘的脸色已经变得极为难看。 Initially he designed concessions buddhist one group to enter the trap, was transmitted the Long Life World seal, turns head to tidy up Bu Lianshi time, actually discovered that Bu Lianshi had been delivered by the subordinate of step buddhist at risk of life. These years he has to look for Bu Lianshi, may have no clue, in addition Bu Family has basically fallen into his hand, before this , the female's of Patriarch life is not to him important, even if comes back, cannot turn what rough seas. He has not thought that Bu Lianshi really dares to come back, moreover achieved cultivating of Great Ascension Stage is. 当初他设计让步梵一行人进入陷阱,被传送到了长生界封印,回过头来想要收拾步练师的时候,却发现步练师已经被步梵的手下拼死送了出去。这些年他不是没有找过步练师,可一直没什么线索,再加上步家已经基本上落入他的手中,这个前家主之女的死活对他来说也已经没有那么重要了,即便回来,也翻不起什么大浪。只是他没想到步练师真的敢回来,而且还达到了大乘期的修为。 „Are you...... really Bu Lianshi?” Second Elder looks at Bu Lianshi, the look shock, but excited asking. “你……真的是步练师吗?”二长老看着步练师,神色震惊而激动的问道。 On stage, besides Second Elder, only then a small number of 1-2 elders showed the pleasantly surprised look, others completely indifferent with being hostile. In them the person, part was the step dust promoted afterward, part has thought step dust, that type, they did not want to see the return of Bu Lianshi. 台上,除了二长老之外,只有少数1-2长老露出了惊喜的神色,其他人则全部都是冷漠与敌视。他们中的人,一部分是步尘后来提拔上来的,一部分是已经倒想步尘的,不论是那一种,他们都不希望看到步练师的回归。 Yes, two grandfathers, I came back!” Bu Lianshi is looking at Second Elder, look complex saying. “是的,二爷爷,我回来了!”步练师望着二长老,神色复杂的说道。 Although Second Elder is not considered as that a step buddhist lineage/vein person, but these years also helped. zhi and the others be many, were in the family remain are not many who dared to revolt against the step dust step 二长老虽然不算是步梵一脉的人,但这些年也帮了步骘等人很多,也是家族中所剩不多敢于反抗步尘的人了。 Meanwhile, under Bu Family juniors , many people showed the pleasantly surprised look. 与此同时,底下的步家子弟中,也有不少人露出了惊喜的神色。 The findings that the initial matter, the step dust gave were the step buddhist astrayed the hopeless situation, therefore many people were not clear initially the truth, an orthodox return of this moment Patriarch lineage/vein, they were certainly glad to see him succeed. 当初的事情,步尘给出的调查结果是步梵误入了绝境,所以很多人都不清楚当初事情的真相,此刻家主一脉的正统回归,他们当然还是乐见其成的。 Also when the discussion surges upward, the step dust on stage crossed the initial shock, instead calm. 也就在议论声高涨的时候,台上的步尘过了最初的震惊,反而冷静了下来。 Initial period of Great Ascension, has saying that I indeed looked down on you, but you dare to return at this time unexpectedly, that do not blame me being cruel and merciless.” 大乘初期,不得不说我的确小瞧了你,不过你竟然敢在这个时候回归,那就别怪我心狠手辣了。” Strange blamed you being too young, if you were dormant again for dozens years over a hundred years, when Great Ascension Stage Great Perfection and even crossed the tribulation period to come back, I possibly could not do to you, but...... step dust is looking at Bu Lianshi now, in the eye pupil the murderous intention overflowed. “怪就怪你太年轻了,你若是再蛰伏几十年上百年,等到大乘期大圆满乃至渡劫期才回来,我可能奈何不了你,但是现在……”步尘望着步练师,眼眸中杀机四溢。 Newest website: 最新网址:
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