NGTFOW :: Volume #10 晓域

#2044: yellow real

Personally has seen?” Some Qin Lang doubts, but thinks immediately nod of various clone before leaf Qingyang, understand clearly. “亲眼见过?”秦朗有些疑惑,不过随即想到了叶青阳之前的各种分身,了然的点了点头。 You wait for me here, I look for the hot shadow and White Tiger.” Qin Lang pondered then to have the resolution slightly. “你在这里等我,我去找火影和白虎。”秦朗稍微沉思了一下便有了决断。 Yellow reality thing only happens by happy circumstance, if really can get so far as, will have the tremendous assistance to Bu Lianshi without a doubt, but the issue is this yellow real not in their hands, but in too clan. 黄实这东西可遇不可求,如果真的能够弄到,毫无疑问会对步练师有巨大帮助,但问题是这个黄实并不在他们手中,而是在太一族手里。 Although not in too a city, but the royal palace in Big Dipper city is not the simple place, besides Lin Chuan, no one dares to say oneself can go. 虽然并非在太一城,但七星城的王宫也不是什么简单的地方,除了林川之外,没人敢说自己能够进得去。 Therefore this matter must look at the plan of Lin Chuan in the final analysis. 所以这件事情归根结底还要看林川的打算。 The underground cultivation square, Lin Chuan massive Shadow Clone are deferring to the old man to teach his Secret Art to cultivate Greenwich Scriptures, since these days his energy has placed on this, the harvest truly is also big. 地下修炼广场,林川的大量影分身正在按照老头儿教给他的秘法修炼着本初经文,这段时间以来他的精力都放在这上面,收获也确实不小。 The Qin Lang form presented side in square, Lin Chuan discovers immediately his arrival, clone to stop the cultivation together, arrived at side Qin Lang. 秦朗的身影出现在广场的一边,林川立刻发现了他的到来,其中一道分身停止了修炼,来到了秦朗身边。 Had a matter to tell you, before Bu Lianshi said that must study World Tree, then today they take the World Tree fragment in hand, this thing studied World Tree to be very helpful regarding Bu Lianshi, at present World Tree fragment surplus should not be many, but leaf Qingyang said that he had seen yellow real in the royal palace in merak city, if can attain, definitely will have very big help to the cultivation of Bu Lianshi, how did you see?” Qin Lang said a cause of this matter simply. “有件事情跟你说一下,之前步练师说要研究建木,然后今天摩罗他们将手中的建木碎片拿了出来,这东西对于步练师研究建木很有帮助,目前建木碎片剩余的应该也不多了,但是叶青阳说他曾经在天璇城的王宫中见过一枚黄实,如果能够拿到的话,肯定会对步练师的修炼有很大帮助,你怎么看?”秦朗简单的说了一下这件事情的起因。 „Does merak city royal palace have yellow real?” Lin Chuan was also surprised, immediately pondered the moment saying that walked, we asked the opinion of Bu Lianshi together.” “天璇城王宫有黄实?”林川也是惊讶了一下,随即沉思了片刻说道,“走,我们一起去问一下步练师的意见。” Two people go to the manor immediately, the yellow solid matter will tell Bu Lianshi. 两人立刻前往庄园,将黄实的事情告诉了步练师 yellow real should have the use to my cultivation very much, moreover yellow real as the World Tree fruit, the aura of implication is the World Tree fragment cannot compare, does not know that yellow real lost the function thoroughly, said a slim chance of survival.” Bu Lianshi knits the brows to say. “黄实对我的修炼应该很有用处,而且黄实作为建木的果实,其中蕴含的气息是建木碎片不能比拟的,就是不知道那枚黄实是彻底失去了作用,还是说有一线生机。”步练师皱眉道。 That goes to a merak city royal palace, brings that yellow real.” Lin Chuan said directly. “那就去一趟天璇城王宫,把那枚黄实拿过来。”林川直接说道。 Can be too dangerous?” Saying of some Bu Lianshi worries. “会不会太危险了?”步练师有些担心的说道。 I am only steal the thing, does not go to everyone, rest assured, no danger.” Lin Chuan said. “我只是去偷东西,又不是去大家,放心吧,没什么危险的。”林川说道。 Has Yomotsu Hirasaka (Underworld Slope Hill) and various maintaining life abilities in the body, a royal palace in merak city is very difficult to retain him, moreover he, if took the thing to walk, even too a clan will not discover. 黄泉比良坂和各种保命能力在身,一个天璇城的王宫很难留得住他,而且他如果拿了东西就走,甚至太一族根本就不会发现。 I go with you together.” Bu Lianshi considered after one next said, my absolute perception, as well as can help us find yellow real to the capture of World Tree aura as soon as possible.” “我跟你一起去。”步练师考虑了一下后说道,“我的绝对感知,以及对建木气息的捕捉都能够帮助我们尽快找到黄实。” Ok!” Lin Chuan hesitated to nod. “行!”林川沉吟了一下点了点头。 First goes to leaf Qingyang there to know the special details, then we act together.” Qin Lang opens the mouth to say. “先去叶青阳那里了解一下具体情况,然后我们一起行动。”秦朗开口道。 In the main hall, saw that does not see the hot shadow three people of groups to reappear long time, leaf Qingyang was clear about them regarding this yellow real attaching great importance to degree. 大殿之中,看到多日不见火影三人组重新出现,叶青阳便清楚他们对于这枚黄实的重视程度了。 „Is leaf Qingyang, actually about yellow solid you to know how many? Told us!” Saying that Lin Chuan comes straight to the point. “叶青阳,关于黄实你究竟知道多少?都告诉我们吧!”林川开门见山的说道。 Good, actually that thing is a yellow fruit, but above sends out is actually black radiance, and there is a very obvious World Tree aura, but this fruit some vitalities I am whether indefinite, the big probability does not have, because too a clan does not take seriously this yellow real very much, but places in it Hidden Treasure Pavilion at will, does not have the additional collection, had not been taken away by too a city.” leaf Qingyang said. “好,其实那东西就是一个黄色的果实,但上面散发的却是黑色的光华,并且有很明显的建木气息,不过这枚果实是否还有生机我不确定,大概率是没有的,因为太一族并不是很重视这枚黄实,只是将其随意放在藏宝阁中,没有另加收藏,更没有被太一城收走。”叶青阳说道。 Too a clan precious treasure basically preserves in too a city after all, although Big Dipper city also some good things, but mostly in city main hand, was placed Hidden Scriptures Pavilion generally is not very important treasure, for example World Tree fragment type, has the collection value, but has not affected actually. 太一族毕竟珍贵的宝物基本上都在太一城保存,七星城虽然也有一些好东西,但大多都在各位城主的手上,被放在藏经阁的一般都不是很重要的宝物,例如建木碎片这种,有收藏价值,但没有实际作用。 That said that can indeed walk, at the worst returns empty-handed, no loss.” Lin Chuan saying looking pensive. “那这么说的确可以走一趟,大不了就是空手而归,也没有什么损失。”林川若有所思的说道。 If the hot shadow Sir really wants to go, I can provide a simple map to you actually.” leaf Qingyang said. “如果火影大人真的想去的话,我倒是可以给你们提供一份简易的地图。”叶青阳说道。 His in which clone to treat in the merak city, and has gone to Hidden Treasure Pavilion in royal palace, but also merely one time, can only provide an approximate map and protection strength distribution, concrete he cannot determine, moreover may have the change. 他的其中一具分身就待在天璇城中,而且去过王宫的藏宝阁,不过也就仅仅一次,只能提供一个大致的地图和防护力量分布,具体的他不敢确定,而且也有可能出现变化。 After clearly expressed must walk one, leaf Qingyang immediately merak city the situation record in Jade Tube gives Lin Chuan. 在明确表达了要走一趟后,叶青阳立刻将天璇城的情况记录在了玉筒中交给了林川 Goes ahead, the cultivation of underground square stops temporarily, Lin Chuan took back all Shadow Clone, after own strength increase to peak, starts Yomotsu Hirasaka (Underworld Slope Hill), brings Bu Lianshi and Qin Lang entered the merak city. 说干就干,地下广场的修炼暂时停止,林川收回了所有的影分身,将自己的力量提升到巅峰后,发动黄泉比良坂,带着步练师秦朗进入了天璇城。 As one of the Big Dipper cities, here lively is the immortal day is truly rare, was similar to the former dubhe city, because recently too a clan and Konoha matter became lonely. 作为七星城之一,这里的繁华确实是长生天难得一见,与之前的天枢城差不多,不过最近因为太一族与木叶的事情变得冷清了很多。 After all lively is needs the strength to maintain, but everyone discovered, that powerful time that too clan they have not imagined, departs becomes a choice. 毕竟繁华是需要实力去维持的,但所有人发现,太一族并没有他们想象的那么强大的时候,离去就成为了一个选择。 Moreover on the current form , is quite truly difficult to judge that who can support finally, stayed in the Big Dipper city with its this time, first went to a small city would rather, when the final result came out, then came out is not late. 而且就目前的形式,确实也比较难判断到底谁能够撑到最后,与其这个时候还留在七星城,倒不如先去一个小城市,等到最后的结果出来了,再出来也不迟。 The Lin Chuan three people of forms appear in the small lane in merak city, three people have not directly entered the royal palace, but is the preparation first observes outside. 林川三人的身影出现在天璇城的一个小巷子中,三人并没有直接进入王宫,而是准备在外面先观察一下。 Tenseigan!” 转生眼!” The pupil of Azure appears, the surrounding scenery empty, expands immediately toward the surrounding, the field of vision range unceasing expansion of Lin Chuan, the complete picture of entire city starts to reappear gradually in his brain. 天蓝色的眸子浮现而出,周围的景物立刻虚化,朝着外围扩展开来,林川的视野范围不断的扩大,整个城市的全貌开始渐渐浮现在他的大脑之中。 Relies on that map that leaf Qingyang is giving, he then locked the position of royal palace quickly, simultaneously saw Hidden Scriptures Pavilion of Hidden Scriptures Pavilion too clan used massive space magic spell, causing Tenseigan is unable to see through, he can only look at a general idea, purity that but the strategies and guards of these defenses looked by him. 凭借着叶青阳给的那份地图,他很快便锁定了王宫的位置,同时看到了其中的藏经阁不过太一族的藏经阁使用了大量的空间法术,导致转生眼无法看穿,他只能看一个大概,但那些防御的阵法和守卫都被他看的一清二楚。 Merak city main as if here, it is estimated that in too a city did not discuss that copes with our means that as the matter stands our actions will not encounter any problem.” Lin Chuan light say/way. “天璇城主似乎不在这里,估计是在太一城商量对付我们的办法,这样一来我们的行动就更不会遇到什么麻烦了。”林川轻道。 I felt that the World Tree aura, in that Hidden Treasure Pavilion that you said.” Bu Lianshi also opened the eyes at this time. “我感觉到了建木的气息,就在你说的那个藏宝阁之中。”步练师也在这个时候睁开了双眼。 Is relying on absolutely perception, she can indistinct perception to the World Tree aura, even if too a clan arranged powerful prohibiting law unable to shield Bu Lianshi absolute perception using Supreme First Dao Scripture as before completely. 凭借着绝对感知,她可以隐约感知建木的气息,即便太一族利用太一道经布置了强大的封禁法阵也依旧无法完全屏蔽步练师的绝对感知 That enters Hidden Treasure Pavilion directly!” Lin Chuan nods, started Yomotsu Hirasaka (Underworld Slope Hill), directly entered in merak city Hidden Treasure Pavilion. “那就直接进藏宝阁!”林川点了点头,发动了黄泉比良坂,直接进入了天璇城藏宝阁之中。 To Yu Changsheng day few several defense capacity highest Hidden Treasure Pavilion, was disregarded in the eye of Lin Chuan as before, his Space Ability is not a present too clan can counterattack completely. 对于长生天屈指可数的几个防卫力量最高的藏宝阁,在林川的眼里依旧被无视,他的空间能力完全不是现在的太一族能够反制的。 Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel net cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。四小说网手机版阅读网址:
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