NGTFOW :: Volume #10 晓域

#2043: World Tree fragment

The time passes slowly, after Lin Chuan closes up, because Bu Lianshi must communicate World Tree to choose closing up, in the entire Konoha city only left behind a Qin Lang person to be busy preparing. 时间缓缓流逝,林川闭关之后,步练师也因为要沟通建木选择了闭关,整个木叶城中只留下了秦朗一个人在忙前忙后。 These two really do not have the human nature, the good matter not to remember me, the dirty job tiring work is my, felt that with them a coolie who comes this immortal is they leads, a long-term labor......” Qin Lang cannot bear is spitting the mortise at heart. “这两人真是没人性,好事情不记得我,脏活累活都是我的,感觉跟他们来这长生界就是他们带的一个苦力,一个长工……”秦朗忍不住在心里吐槽道。 Vermilion Bird Divine Envoy, the western expansion of Konoha city almost must be completed, you must pass to look.” Walks to say. 朱雀神使,木叶城的西边的扩展差不多要完成了,你要不要过去看一看。”摩罗走过来说道。 Ok, I have a look with you together.” Qin Lang nods, flies together toward Konoha west side with. “行,我跟你们一起去看看。”秦朗点了点头,跟着摩罗一起朝着木叶西边飞去。 Complained turns over to complain, but Qin Lang has not been slack in work, reason that felt quite tired, was because the matter that needed him to worry about too were recently many for serveral days. Even if most matter subordinates can handle, but something need their these three to carve the person in hot shadow rock to make the decision after all. 吐槽归吐槽,但秦朗也没有消极怠工,之所以感觉比较累,也是因为最近这些天需要他操心的事情实在太多了。即便大部分事情手下人都能够搞定,但总归有些事情是需要他们这三个刻在火影岩上的人做决定的。 Recently hadn't seen White Tiger Divine Envoy? Did she also close up?” Careful asking. “最近怎么也没有见到白虎神使啊?她也闭关了?”摩罗小心的问道。 Present has not worked as itself the bystander completely, in the Konoha city, besides the Lin Chuan three people, is him and Yang Yongxin, the leaf Qingyang three people of rights were biggest, several people that after all turns to earliest, and what turns is sincerely convinced. 现在的摩罗已经完全不把自己当外人,在木叶城中,除了林川三人外,就属他和杨永信,叶青阳三人权利最大了,毕竟是最早投靠过来的几人,且投靠的是心服口服。 She was studying the World Tree matter recently, it is estimated that the short time could not come out.” Qin Lang spoke thoughtlessly to say. “她最近正在研究建木的事情,估计短时间是出不来了。”秦朗随口说道。 Before Bu Lianshi summoned World Tree Void Shadow matter entire immortal to know, therefore also had nothing to conceal. 之前步练师召唤建木虚影的事情整个长生界都知道,因此也没什么好隐瞒的。 World Tree!” Some surprised say/way, this but actually also truly is means of promotion strength, initially White Tiger Divine Envoy summoned in the World Tree union city everyone to revolt against too a clan, perhaps we are still being sieged now.” 建木!”摩罗有些惊讶道,“这倒也确实是一个提升实力的办法,当初要不是白虎神使召唤建木联合城中所有人反抗太一族,恐怕我们现在还在被围困。” Spoke on the face were many a awe. 摩罗说话的时候脸上不禁多了一份敬畏。 The great strength of Lin Chuan has exposed with nothing left, but Bu Lianshi rarely has actually acted, is willing to think that in the early morning the side makes a small white rabbit, many people thought that she is a vase , because liking of Lin Chuan arrives at the present position, but after previous time matter, the people know that side under the original hot shadow small white rabbit will erupt so will be terrifying. 林川的强大早就展露无遗,但步练师却一直很少出手,甘愿在晨觉身边做一只小白兔,很多人都觉得她是花瓶,是因为林川的喜欢才走到现在的地位,但经过上一次的事情后,众人才知道原来火影身边的小白兔爆发之下会这么恐怖。 Moreover the bloody method to Lin Chuan once showing, Bu Lianshi is temperately more virtuous, therefore also many people in the Konoha city supports, particularly after previous time matter. 而且相对于林川曾经展现出来的血腥手段,步练师温和贤淑很多,因此在木叶城中也有不少人拥护,尤其是上次的事情过后。 Therefore everyone quite will also relate regarding the Bu Lianshi situation, these was time several days has not truly seen Bu Lianshi, this had this one to ask. 因此大家对于步练师的情况也会比较关系,摩罗这一次也确实是好几天没有见过步练师了,这才有此一问。 Yeah, I to also want to close up, but the strength does not permit!” Qin Lang helpless sighing. “哎,我到是也想闭关啊,可实力不允许啊!”秦朗无奈的叹道。 „...... Hehe......” embarrassed smiled several. “呃……呵呵……”摩罗尬笑了几声。 Two people flew a distance, seemed like remembered anything suddenly, eye one bright, said to Qin Lang, right, my there had several World Tree fragments, does not know that studied World Tree to have the function to White Tiger Divine Envoy, if there is an function, can take actually to her.” 两人又飞了一段距离,摩罗像是突然想起了什么,眼睛一亮,对身边的秦朗说道,“对了,我那里有几块建木的碎片,不知道对白虎神使研究建木有没有作用,如果有作用的话,倒是可以拿给她。” „Do you have the World Tree fragment?” Qin Lang surprised say/way. “你有建木碎片?”秦朗惊讶道。 78, but is not big, enters the Heaven error people to through World Tree to next, although the World Tree wreckage is indestructible, but also some places decayed is quite fierce, if the strength is powerful enough, truly can get so far as several, this thing generally also useless, but as the wreckage of antiquity divine wood, is some collection values, therefore I have remained.” Answered with a smile. “有七八块吧,不过都不大,进入过九重天阙的人都要通过建木去往下一层,虽然建木残骸坚不可摧,但也有些地方腐朽的比较厉害,如果实力足够强大的话,确实能够弄到几块,这东西一般也没什么用,但作为上古神木的残骸,也算是有一些收藏价值,所以我一直留着。”摩罗笑着解释道。 That added anything, takes quickly!” Qin Lang said loudly, has a scare, immediately is thrown into confusion put out the wood/blockhead fragments of three purple palm of the hand sizes from the storage ring. “那还说什么,快拿出来啊!”秦朗大声说道,把摩罗吓了一跳,立刻手忙脚乱的从储物戒指中拿出了三块紫色巴掌大小的木头碎片。 Another part in the concealed treasure house in highest heaven city, I and others will go to bring to you.” Hurries to say. “另外一部分在九霄城的藏宝库中,我等会去给你拿过来。”摩罗赶紧说道。 „The matter of that side building you first help me stare, I with look for you to White Tiger this thing again, moreover you main inquired to the cities of all third-level cities, since the World Tree fragment you had, that others should have, look to me.” Qin Lang look serious saying. “那边建筑物的事情你先帮我盯着,我把这东西拿给白虎再来找你,另外你向所有三级城市的城主都询问一下,既然建木碎片你有,那其他人理应也有一些,都给我找过来。”秦朗神色严肃的说道。 Although these three purple trees fragments do not have the vitality, but above contains the aura that World Tree is in sole possession, this type of aura he once when Bu Lianshi summoned World Tree has felt, therefore this thing might study World Tree to help Bu Lianshi. 这三块紫色树木碎片虽然毫无生机,但其上却蕴藏着建木独有的气息,这种气息他曾经在步练师召唤建木的时候感受过,因此这东西很可能会对步练师研究建木有帮助。 Good, my goes!” Also realized that this matter seems important, therefore has not delayed, immediately contacts others. “好,我这就去!”摩罗也意识到这个事情似乎很重要,因此一刻也没耽搁,立刻去联络其他人了。 He can determine, in the hands of major cities has the World Tree fragment, this thing is the symbolic significance, showed that they have gone to Heaven error, and attained the World Tree fragment, is a proof of strength, actual and no value, if Bu Lianshi really needs, wants the opens the mouth, at least over a hundred World Tree fragments were very easy to find. 他可以确定,各大城市的手中都有建木碎片,这东西就是个象征意义,证明他们去过九重天阙,并且拿到了建木的碎片,也算是一个实力的证明,实际并没有什么价值,如果步练师真的需要,那只要开口,至少上百块建木碎片还是很容易找到的。 Qin Lang takes the World Tree fragment, turns around to fly directly toward the manor, simultaneously using dawn ring to Bu Lianshi sound-transmission, in order to avoid visits to disturb Bu Lianshi suddenly calmly cultivates. 秦朗拿着建木碎片,转身直接朝着庄园飞去,同时利用晓戒指给步练师传音,以免突然到访打扰到步练师的静修。 Qin Lang arrives at the manor time, Bu Lianshi has opened the secret room front door to wait. 秦朗到庄园的时候,步练师已经打开了密室的大门等候了。 I to neglected World Tree fragment matter, this truly communicates Heaven error World Tree to have very big help to me.” Felt aura that on that three World Tree fragments transmits, Bu Lianshi look immediately one happy. “我到是忽略了建木碎片这件事情了,这确实对我沟通九重天阙的建木有很大帮助。”感觉到那三块建木碎片上传来的气息,步练师的神色立刻一喜。 Ok, you first take these to cultivate, I will start the entire city to help you seek for the World Tree fragment, when the time comes brings to you.” Qin Lang said. “行,那你先拿着这些去修炼,我会发动全城帮你寻找建木碎片,到时候都给你拿过来。”秦朗说道。 Quick, Bu Lianshi needed the World Tree fragment to comprehend the cultivation the news then to pass on, the major cities started to seek in oneself Hidden Treasure Pavilion. 很快,步练师需要建木碎片参悟修炼的消息便传了开来,各大城市纷纷开始在自己的藏宝阁中寻找。 This thing majority only remembers oneself have, but placed in that corner corner specifically, they could not think suddenly, really usually could not use. 这东西大部分都只记得自己有,但是具体放在那个犄角旮旯里了,他们一时间也想不起来,实在是平常也用不到。 The short half-day time, Qin Lang started the major cities to seek for more than 200 World Tree fragments, delivered to the hand of Bu Lianshi completely. 短短半天时间,秦朗发动各大城市寻找到了两百多块建木碎片,全部送到了步练师的手中。 As far as possible seeks for the World Tree fragments in other Cultivator hands again, we can buy at a high price, so long as has, brings entirely.” Qin Lang ordered. “尽可能的再去寻找其他修士手中的建木碎片,我们可以高价收购,只要是有,统统拿过来。”秦朗下令道。 Yes!” The people nod in abundance, continue to start to start the relations to seek for the World Tree fragment. “是!”众人纷纷点头,继续开始发动关系寻找建木碎片。 The non- over-carriage has not actually moved in the front leaf Qingyang, his brow suppresses, a starting to speak but hesitating appearance. 不过站在前方的叶青阳却没有动,他的眉头微憋,一副欲言又止的样子。 What's wrong?” Qin Lang noticed unusual of leaf Qingyang. “怎么了?”秦朗注意到了叶青阳的反常。 This...... considers as finished, I told you, what decision must make as for you, but must look at the hot shadow Sir.” After leaf Qingyang hesitant one next said, World Tree has the leafiness, purple stem, black magnificent, yellow real, but I once obtained the news, has complete yellow real in the merak city royal palace in Big Dipper city!” “这……算了,我还是告诉你们吧,至于你们要做什么样的决定,还要看火影大人了。”叶青阳犹豫了一下后说道,“建木拥有青叶,紫茎,黑华,黄实,而我曾经得到消息,在七星城的天璇城王宫中有一枚完整的黄实!” The pupil of Qin Lang shrinks slightly, serious asking, „did you determine?” 秦朗的瞳孔微微一缩,严肃的问道,“你确定?” Personally has seen!” Ye Qing way of yang. “亲眼见过!”叶青阳道。 Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel net cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。四小说网手机版阅读网址:
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