MR :: Volume #14

#1373: The third bowl

At some strange phenomena of facing the meeting, decide very much peacefully, they who everyone displays are not one year ago who meet, after experiencing so many things the mentality is different. 面对聚会上发生的一些灵异现象,所有人都表现的很澹定,他们已经不是一年前遇的自己了,在经历了这么多事情之后心态早就不一样了。 Therefore the people have not been afraid, Zhang Wei is even eager to try to want the axe malicious ghost. 所以众人并未害怕,张伟甚至跃跃欲试想要斧噼厉鬼 This time paranormal event I thought that was more special than past any paranormal event, as long as beforehand paranormal event appeared triggers the malicious ghost murder rule to start to kill people surely, but you discover not to have today, malicious ghost did not have the initiative start murder from beginning to end.” “这次的灵异事件我觉得比以往任何一件灵异事件都要特殊,以前的灵异事件但凡出现必定是触发厉鬼的杀人规律开始杀人,但是今天你们发现没有,厉鬼自始至终都没有主动的开始杀人。” Yang Jian this moment sinking sound said, he shot a look at- that corpse of eye ground: „Before this service person originally, returns alive, however after delivering being finished fried rice, we perceived that this person was not right, later he died immediately, this situation does not conform to the malicious ghost attitude, if trades to make other paranormal event, this service person before delivering the egg-fried rice has died absolutely.” 杨间此刻沉声说道,他瞥了-眼地上的那具尸体:“这个服务员原本之前还活着,但是在送完蛋炒饭之后,我们觉察到了这个人不对劲,随后他立马就死亡了,这种情况可不符合厉鬼的作风,要是换做其他灵异事件,这个服务员在送蛋炒饭之前就绝对已经死了。” Moreover his death did not seem like a warning, seem like prompt cutting, cut relation between him and malicious ghost.” “而且他的这种死亡不像是一种警告,倒像是一种及时的切割,切割他和厉鬼之间的联系。” Liu Qi hears word also said looking pensive: Words of such analysis indeed so, the ghost does not want to kill people, instead wants through some methods, the reminder and we contacts, but we detected ahead of time, was indelib began to malicious ghost, but can also in other words , malicious ghost perhaps know we will begin , will therefore appear side us in this way.” 刘奇闻言也若有所思道:“这么一分析的话的确如此,鬼根本就没有想杀人,反而是想通过一些手段,一些提醒和我们接触,只是我们提前察觉,先入为主对厉鬼动手了,不过也可以反过来说,厉鬼或许知道我们会动手所以才会通过这种方式出现在我们身边。” Must really be such words, that this thing is not a ghost, but was the person.” “要真是这样的话,那这玩意就不是鬼,而是人了。” Wang Shanshan icy saying: Such behavior pattern has the thought of person.” 王珊珊冷冰冰的说道:“这样行为模式已经具备了人的思维了。” Has malicious ghost of living person thinking mode? Yang Jian hesitated, later said: This possibility without, the strange circle is not to truly have such a ghost, is a ghost, they were rather corroded the person after consciousness by the ghost, although has the thought of person, but behavior actually with ghost- is the same, but this existence are extremely few, because the person died the consciousness would have no, as long as the matter had some exceptions, if Ghost Controller in becoming the process of different kind had the accident/surprise, without leading malicious ghost, was instead led by the malicious ghost instinct, on will that present this different kind that favored malicious ghost.” 拥有活人思维方式的厉鬼么?杨间沉吟了起来,随后道:“这个可能性并非没有,灵异圈的确是存在这么一种鬼,与其说是鬼,倒不如说他们是被鬼侵蚀意识后的人,虽然有着人的思维,但行为却和鬼-一样,不过这种存在极少,因为人死了意识就没了,但凡事也有例外,倘若驭鬼者在成为异类的过程之中出现了意外,没有主导厉鬼,反而被厉鬼的本能主导了,那么就会出现这种倾向于厉鬼的异类。” Liu Qi says immediately: I have met similar strange tuart, that is rookie Ghost Controller, he does not have malicious ghost revival, is behavior actually very strange, likes loafing in the city at night attacks to see his passer-by, for bites the ear of passer-by, afterward I caught him to conduct the interrogation, asked why he must do that, but he said that the own behavior is very normal, there was nothing wrong.” 刘奇立刻道:“我遇到过类似的灵异桉件,那是一个新人驭鬼者,他并没有厉鬼复苏,可是行为却很诡异,喜欢夜晚游荡在城市里袭击看见他的路人,为的就是咬下路人的耳朵,后来我抓到了他进行了审问,问他为什么要那样做,而他却表示自己的行为很正常,并没有什么不妥。” Afterward I know, matter that he likes handling, in fact is the ghost in his body the matter that likes handling, because the ghost in his body likes biting the ear of passer-by, but was nipped the passer-by after ear to be quick will die, is cureless. Finally I to completely solve this matter, I got rid of that rookie.” “事后我才知道,他喜欢做的事情,实际上是他身体内的鬼喜欢做的事情,因为他身体内的鬼就喜欢咬下路人的耳朵,而被咬下耳朵后的路人则很快就会死去,无法医治。最后我为了彻底解决这件事情,我干掉了那个新人。” Originally is this.” Miao Xiaoshan nods, understood. Wang Shanshan said: Therefore you thought that the ghost of today likely does have the meaning of living person? Therefore it has not killed people, instead starts visits and discussions as the medium in you through the living person, but why does the ghost contact your goal is?” “原来是这样。”苗小善点了点头,也明白了过来。王珊珊道:“所以你觉得今天的这个鬼很可能就具备活人的意思?因此它才没有杀人,反而是通过活人作为媒介于你进行接触,但是鬼接触你的目的是为什么?” Because of a transaction.” “因为一笔交易。” Yang Jian tranquilly said: I make the ghost appear before 12 : 00 pm in my front, if the ghost achieved, then after 12 points , the ghost can me propose request that must complete.” 杨间平静道:“我让鬼在今天晚上十二点之前出现在我的面前,如果鬼做到了,那么十二点之后鬼就可以向我提出一个必须完成的要求。” „Did ghost set the request to you? If you reject.” “鬼向你提出要求?那如果你拒绝呢。” Miao Xiaoshan quickly asked. Yang Jian said: Then ghost unlimited attack I.” 苗小善急忙问道。杨间说道:“那么鬼将无限制的袭击我。” Sounds this to seem like a game, if the ghost can't appear before 12 : 00 in Thigh Elder Brother your front? That what happened.” Zhang Wei feels the chin to say. Hears such a- said, Yang Jian the vision concentrates immediately: This issue I have not thought.” “听起来这像是一个游戏,那如果鬼在十二点之前没有能出现在腿哥你的面前呢?那会发生什么事情。”张伟摸着下巴道。听到这么一-说,杨间顿时目光一凝:“这个问题我还没有想过。” The Ghost Cabinet transaction rule is compulsory, the ghost had accepted this request, according to the custom, the ghost must appear before 12 : 00 in the Yang Jian front, if the ghost cannot achieve, that completes does not trade. 鬼橱的交易规则是强制性的,鬼已经答应了这个要求,按照规矩,鬼就必须在十二点之前出现在杨间的面前,倘若鬼做不到的话,那就是完成不交易。 The ghosts complied to finish unable to complete the transaction. 鬼答应了却完不成交易。 This means the rule conflict, when the time comes the ghost definitely does not feel better, when the time comes perhaps may really halt. ‚ So long as the ghost has not appeared before 12 : 00 in my front, then to me definitely is a good deed. Yang Jian said. „ Since, that hides not to make that Ghost see in this case simply, when the time comes 12.1 arrived at the matter not to finish.” Zhang Wei is rare is having the ponder to think the issue. 这意味着规则冲突,到时候鬼肯定不好受,到时候或许可能真的会死机。‘只要鬼在十二点之前没有出现在我的面前,那么对我而言肯定是一件好事。“杨间说道。“既然这样的话,那干脆就躲起来不让那只鬼看见,到时候十二点一到事情不就结束了么。”张伟难得在带着思考在想问题。 Liu Qi said: „ This time I felt A’Wei said is reasonable, the ghost is making one deliver the egg-fried rice, invaded the assistant of accompanying unknowingly, this explained that the ghost is trying to find the solution close to you, but the ghost worried that will appeared detained by you in your front that moment, therefore ghost also in unceasing seeking opportunity. 刘奇道:“这次我觉得阿伟说的有道理,鬼在让人送蛋炒饭,又不经意间入侵了随行的助手,这说明鬼在想办法靠近你,但是鬼又担心出现在你面前的那一刻会被你关押,因此鬼也在不断的寻找机会。 Supposed that the source of this matter is Zhao Xiaoya making a vow ghost, then its goal absolutely is not such pure.” Yang Jian shakes the head to say slightly. “假设这次事情的源头是赵小雅身边的许愿鬼,那么它的目的就绝对不是这么单纯。”杨间微微摇了摇头道。 Initially Zhao Kaiming came out this making a vow ghost absolute terrifying and sinister that the entire family death ray of this making a vow ghost pit can look. 当初赵开明被这许愿鬼坑的全家死光就可以看的出来这许愿鬼绝对恐怖而又阴险。 Such ghost, is impossible to make so many movements cautiously to is close to Yang Jian completing the transaction content. 这样的鬼,不可能做这么多动作只是为了小心翼翼的接近杨间完成交易内容。 However when several people analyze the discussion. 然而就在几个人分析讨论的时候。 Suddenly. The Yang Jian words stop, later vision- revolutions, looked again to the direction of front door. Ghost Eye peeps, had seen outside situation. 忽的。杨间话语一停,随后目光-转,再次看向了大门的方向。鬼眼窥视,已经看到了外面的情况。 Quick. 很快。 The front door was opened,- a waitress pushed the dining car to walk slowly, in that dining car is putting a dish, but actually the quilt lived unable to see inside appearance. 大门被打开了,-个女服务员推着餐车缓缓的走了进来,那餐车上放着一道菜,不过却被盖住看不到里面的样子。 Is one bowl of egg-fried rice.” The Ghost Eye rotation of Yang Jian, the thing in dining car looks at with nothing left. “又是一碗蛋炒饭。”杨间鬼眼转动,餐车上的东西览无遗。 Others also noticed the service person of this coming, but they did not say a word, but stared at this service person to look, the scene was somewhat silent. 其他人也留意到了这个进来的服务员,不过他们都一言不发,只是盯着这个服务员看,场面有些寂静。 The waitresses seem like have not seen the vision of people- type, but selfish pushes the dining car to walk slowly. 女服务员像是没有看见众人的目光-样,只是自顾自的推着餐车缓缓走来。 This person has the issue.” “这个人有问题。” In the Liu Qi heart the secretly thought, he looked at Yang Jian, seeing Yang Jian not to have the sound he also to calm down, not with a moment ago- type crude conduct. However this female service front leg just coming in back leg front door on bang a direct closure. 刘奇心中暗道,他看了一眼杨间,看见杨间没有动静他也冷静下来,没有和刚才-样鲁莽行事。但是这个女服务前脚刚进来后脚大门就砰地一声直接关闭了。 Zhang Wei somewhat cannot repress at this moment, carries the axe to prepare to rush, but was actually stopped by calling by Yang Jian: Do not impulse, making this person come.” 张伟此刻有些按耐不住,拎起斧头就准备冲上去,但是却被杨间喊住了:“别冲动,让这个人过来。” Zhang Wei this time the idea of eliminating beginning. However at this moment, everyone's the heart in this type of peaceful depressing atmosphere ties tight. 张伟这次打消了动手的想法。不过此刻,在这种安静压抑的气氛之中所有人的心都是紧绷的。 People who so long as because the eye does not have the issue the person who coming out that looks, this cart dining car comes in suddenly has the issue, with a moment ago the first service person- is the same, was very likely is controlled by malicious ghost, even said that this waitress was a ghost. Sound reverberation that promotes along with the dining car. This service person was away from Yang Jian to be getting more and more near, she has not stopped the footsteps, was only the face. On has the smile, the service person does not have the difference from delivers normally meal. 因为只要眼睛没有问题的人都看的出来,这个推车餐车突然进来的人有问题,就和刚才第一个服务员-一样,很有可能是被厉鬼操控了,甚至说这个女服务员就是鬼。伴随着餐车推动的声音回荡。这个服务员距离杨间越来越近了,她并未停下脚步,只是脸。上带着微笑,和正常送餐的服务员没有两样。 Yang Jian does not stop, because he cannot detect the danger, whatever this waitress pushes the dining car to approach. 杨间也不阻拦,因为他察觉不到危险,所以任由这个女服务员推着餐车靠近。 Quick. 很快。 The waitresses before under everyone vision gaze arrived at the table, that plate of egg-fried rice on table delivered. 女服务员在所有人目光注视之下来到了桌子前,将餐桌上的那一盘蛋炒饭送了上来。 Before this bowl of egg-fried rice and exactly the same, but also is sending out the steam, as if just came out general. „The egg-fried rice that you order arrived, but also please take your time.” The waitresses opened the mouth at this moment, after she said such a few words, then pushed the dining car to turn around to depart. 这碗蛋炒饭和之前一模一样,还散发着热气,彷佛刚刚出炉一般。“你们点的蛋炒饭到了,还请慢用。”女服务员此刻开口了,她说出这么一句话之后便推着餐车转身离去。 Unusual appearance that in this period does not have any strange attack emergence, had no. Halts.” Wang Shanshan tone ice-cold shouting. 期间没有任何的灵异袭击出现,也没有任何的异常出现。“站住。”王珊珊语气冰冷的喊道。 However the waitress does not seem to actually heard pushes the dining car to depart generally as before. 然而女服务员却彷佛没有听到一般依旧推着餐车离去。 Thigh Elder Brother, making me make a move, an axe it.” Zhang Wei said: This thing definitely has the issue, cannot put it to leave like this.” 腿哥,让我出手,一斧头噼了它。”张伟说道:“这东西绝对有问题,不能放它就这样离开了。” Yang Jian actually knits the brows, looks on the table that two plates of exactly the same egg-fried rice, in the heart felt like that some are not right. 杨间却只是皱了皱眉,看了桌子上那两盘一模一样的蛋炒饭,心中隐约觉得有些不对劲。 If the ghosts must probe the own words not to need to deliver two bowls of egg-fried rice continuously, only needed to deliver one bowl on the line. 鬼如果是要试探自己的话没必要连续送两碗蛋炒饭,只需要送一碗就行了。 Makes this person walk, words waitress who now begins must die without doubt . Moreover the ghost is not she, does not need to waste the life of average person.” Yang Jian said. “让这个人走,现在动手的话这个女服务员必死无疑,而且鬼也不是她,没有必要浪费位普通人的性命。”杨间说道。 In the peaceful, dignified atmosphere, everyone can only gaze after this waitress to leave. Ghost what is this? Fears us to be hungry, delivers the food to eat to us? Must deliver do not have delivered the egg-fried rice, I am not hungry.” Zhang Wei was foul-mouthed. 在安静,凝重的气氛之中,所有人只能目送这个女服务员离开。“鬼这是什么意思?怕我们饿,给我们送饭吃?要送也别一直送蛋炒饭啊,我又不饿。”张伟骂骂咧咧道。 Yang Jian did not speak, Ghost Eye peeped, stares at the direction that waitress is leaving. That waitress after leaving here went out of probably 20 meters far to consciousness to return to suddenly normal, her facial expression was somewhat absent-minded, about looked, then hurried pushed the dining car to leave, had not perceived slightly a moment ago already by controlled strange the fact, only felt oneself delivered the meal, is distracted. 杨间不说话,鬼眼窥视,盯着那个女服务员离开的方向。那个女服务员在离开这里走出大概二十米的远之后突然意识恢复了正常,她神情有些恍忽,左右看了看,然后又匆匆忙忙的推着餐车离开了,丝毫没有觉察到刚才自己已经被灵异操控了的事实,只觉得自己送了餐,走了个神。 Yang Jian, for example burnt down this hotel, catches up with here ghost with this means that can also match to select the person to be affected strange.” Liu Qi proposed that the suggestion said. 杨间,比如一把火烧了这座饭店,用这办法将这里的鬼赶出来,同时也能赛选出有没有人被灵异影响。”刘奇提出建议道。 Yang Jian tranquilly said: „ My Ghost Eye swept a moment ago looked at this hotel more than three times, has not discovered the ghost, has not discovered exceptionally, even if the jack-o'-lantern really burnt exceptionally unable to burn malicious ghost absolutely, this ghost hid very much deeply, without was so easy to find. 杨间平静道:“刚才我的鬼眼扫看了这座酒店不下三次,没有发现鬼,也没有发现异常,鬼火就算是真烧出了异常也绝对烧不出厉鬼,这鬼藏得很深,没那么容易找到。 He had encountered the making a vow ghost before. 他以前就遭遇过许愿鬼。 The making a vow ghost does not exist in the reality, five Ghost Territory also can only look at an outline reluctantly, but the combustion of jack-o'-lantern can only burn below five Ghost Territory strange, hides deeply, the jack-o'-lantern cannot burn. 许愿鬼不存在于现实,五层鬼域也只能勉强看个轮廓,而鬼火的燃烧只能燃烧五层鬼域以下的灵异,藏得太深,鬼火都烧不到。 Let alone, the present making a vow ghost doubted controlled Ghost Cabinet, but Ghost Cabinet was curse, was similar to idealist existence. 更何况,现在的许愿鬼疑是驾驭了鬼橱,而鬼橱是一种诅咒,类似于唯心的存在。 If so, then the condition of making a vow ghost is five Ghost Territory adds now exists idealist. 倘若如此的话,那么现在许愿鬼的状态就是五层鬼域加唯心存在。 So long as the ghost does not make an appearance, no one can find. 只要鬼不露面,没有人可以找到。 Copes with the malicious ghost key lies in it also obeys the transaction rule, it will appear before 12 : 00 before me, that is the only opportunity that I begin.” Yang Jian said. “对付厉鬼的关键在于它还遵守交易规则,它会在十二点之前出现在我面前,那才是我动手的唯一机会。”杨间说道。 Yang Jian, you said that the ghost will meet your 11 before 12 : 00, that supposition ghost succeeded, we cannot cope it, then ghost will set the request after 12 : 00 to you, but can this be the goal that the ghost must achieve.” Wang Shanshan said. 杨间,你说鬼会在十二点之前见你一一面,那假设鬼成功了,我们并没能对付的了它,那么鬼在十二点之后就会向你提出要求,而这会不会就是鬼要达成的目的。”王珊珊说道。 I can act shamelessly, does not complete the transaction of ghost, I was not traded the limit of rule.” Yang Jian said. “我可以耍赖,不完成鬼的交易,我可不受交易规则的限制。”杨间说道。 Wang Shanshan also said: „But if this is also ghost goal it-?” 王珊珊又道:“可如果这也是鬼的目的之-呢?” Un? Your meaning is the ghost wants me to act shamelessly, doesn't complete the transaction?” Yang Jian looks at Wang Shanshan to say. “嗯?你的意思是鬼希望我耍赖,不完成交易?”杨间看着王珊珊道。 Wang Shanshan nods, said earnestly: You had said before, if you do not complete the transaction, then the ghost unlimited attack you, unlimited will be nothing's limit, explained the ghost also no longer did receive the transaction limits? The so-called attack, this has big operating space, if the ghost really has live person's consciousness, then it define to absolutely slightly this attack, thus realizes the infinite freedom.” 2 heard this analysis, Yang Jian immediately some surprise. Wang Shanshan can in Liu Qi dialogue information analyzes so many things unexpectedly from oneself. 王珊珊点了点头,认真道:“你之前说过,如果你不完成交易的话,那么鬼就会无限制的袭击你,无限制就是没有任何的限制,是否说明鬼也不再受交易限制了?所谓的袭击,这个可是有很大的操作空间的,倘若鬼真的有活人的意识,那么它绝对会将这个袭击定义为最小,从而实现无限自由。”二听到这个分析,杨间顿时有些诧异了。王珊珊居然能从自己和刘奇的对话信息之中分析出这么多东西来。 Really, paranormal event is easiest to grow. 果然,灵异事件最容易让一个人成长。 Came out Wang Shanshan to transform after Baishui Town seriously, although has not controlled the strange strength, but actually Ghost Controller should have the thought that. 从白水镇出来后的王珊珊当真是蜕变了,虽然没有驾驭灵异力量,但是却又了一个驭鬼者该有的思维了。 „The result that you analyze is, the ghost wants after completing this transaction proposed the request that I am unable to complete, then makes me act shamelessly, thus triggers the rule of unlimited attack, then uses this rule to get rid of the transaction rule, making this special ghost regain the freedom?” “你分析出的结果是,鬼想通过完成这场交易后提出一个我无法完成的要求,然后再让我耍赖,从而触发无限制袭击的规则,然后利用这个规则摆脱交易规则,使得这个特殊的鬼恢复自由?” I guessed, you feel this possibility.” Wang Shanshan asked. Has.” Yang Jian very assured say/way. “我只是猜测,你觉得有没有这个可能。”王珊珊问道。“有。”杨间非常笃定道。 Using the rule conflict, gains the freedom, has this possibility completely.” Liu Qi surprised uncertain say/way: If is really this that may be serious, one ghost, only then the living person consciousness, in broke out of the action regulation fetter of ghost in addition, after then to say this Ghost, what wants to make to make what? Words as the matter stands were also too dangerous.” “利用规则冲突,获取自由,完全存在这种可能性。”刘奇惊疑不定道:“如果真是这样的话那可不得了,一只有活人意识的鬼,在加上摆脱了鬼的行动规则束缚,那么岂不是说这只鬼以后想做什么就做什么?这样一来的话也太危险了。” Miao Xiaoshan also said in a soft voice: If the ghost succeeded, then Liu Qi you said right, this ghost indeed wants to make anything to make anything, is unzoned, therefore we want to avoid this matter, only then two means that made the ghost unable to find Yang Jian before 12 : 00 either, enabling the ghost not to have the means to complete requirement, either in the ghost presented that time in front of Yang Jian begins to detain it directly.” 苗小善也轻声说道:“如果鬼成功了,那么刘奇你说的没错,这鬼的确想做什么就能做什么,不受限制,所以我们想要避免这种事情的发生只有两种办法了,要么在十二点之前让鬼找不到杨间,使得鬼没办法完成要求,要么就是在鬼出现在杨间面前的那个时间点直接动手将其关押。” Cannot make the ghost pass 12 : 00 pm absolutely smoothly.” “绝对不能让鬼顺利的度过今晚十二点。” Looked at the time. 看了看时间。 The present is 10 : 15 pm, ended from today also has one hour 45 minutes. 现在是晚上 10 点15分,距离今天结束还有一小时45分的时间。 What are you saying? How I listen not to understand.” Zhang Wei this moment flexure scratched the head, from the beginning can also be able to follow, now cannot keep up with the rhythm completely. It‘s nothing, but was discussing how to process this potential hidden danger.” Yang Jian along with tastes. “你们都在说什么?我怎么听不太懂。”张伟此刻挠了挠头,一开始还能跟得上,现在完全跟不上节奏了。“没什么,只是在讨论如何处理掉这个潜在的隐患。”杨间随口道。 Liu Qi said: Miao Xiaoshan, I thought that the 11 th side tuart is safest, the second side An very bad risk, the ghost by some chance card in the words that 11.5 19 presents, then ghost also completed the transaction, as the matter stands not to the time that we will begin, when the time comes this game lost was we.” 刘奇说道:“苗小善,我觉得第一一个方桉最稳妥,第二个方桉很凶险,鬼万一卡在十一点五十九分出现的话,那么鬼也算是完成了交易,这样一来根本就不会给我们动手的时间,到时候这场游戏输的就是我们。” Indeed, Yang Jian hides to make the ghost unable to find today is safest.” Miao Xiaoshan nods, approved. “的确,杨间今天躲起来让鬼找不到是最稳妥的。”苗小善点了点头,也赞同了。 Peaceful.” “安静。” , Yang Jian lifted the hand to hint suddenly. Immediately. 忽的,杨间抬手示意了一下。立刻。 Scene again one static. 场面再次一静。 Strange appeared again, one- a service person is pushing the dining car, opened the front door to walk slowly. 紧接着,怪异的一幕再次出现了,又有一-个服务员推着餐车,打开了大门缓缓的走了进来。 On the table is putting one bowl of egg-fried rice as before. 餐桌上依旧是放着一碗蛋炒饭。 This is the third bowl of egg-fried rice. 这已经是第三碗蛋炒饭了。
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