MR :: Volume #14

#1372: Familiar egg-fried rice

Has not really thought that we have the opportunity of second gathering, I have thought after the previous meeting ended , our whole life was very difficult to meet again, what pitifully was the previous gathering I have the matter unable to participate, here I first gave everyone to apologize, hopes that everyone do not mind.” “真没想到我们还有第二次同学聚会的机会,我一直以为上次聚会结束之后我们这些人这辈子都很难再见面了,不过可惜的是上次同学聚会我有事没有能来参加,在这里我先给大家道个歉,希望大家别介意。” At the meeting, Liu Qi has several points to say with emotion. 聚会上,刘奇带着几分感慨道。 I said Liu Qi, you luckily are the rapidness that walks, if treats in the Dachang City ironclad danger, you do not know after that gathering, Dachang City has the multi- bad risks, I have the ability , and very outstanding people almost did not have.” “我说刘奇,你幸亏是走的快,要是待在大昌市铁定危险,你是不知道那次同学聚会后大昌市是有多凶险,我这么有能力且十分优秀的人都差点没了。” Zhang Wei is also complaining the initial experience. 张伟也在吐槽着当初的经历。 At that time made several paranormal event in Dachang City, Zhang Wei also experienced, 那时候在大昌市闹出了好几件灵异事件,张伟自己也经历了、 If not Yang Jian, their many people have died. 如果不是杨间的话,他们很多人都已经死了。 „The paranormal event frequency sends, no one is easy, can alive very be good, previous time I also met the bad risk, luckily Yang Jian saved me.” Miao Xiaoshan also sympathize. 灵异事件频发,谁都不容易,能活着就已经很不错了,上次我也遇到了凶险,幸亏杨间救了我。”苗小善也感同身受。 These people on the scene, which have not run into the ghost, encounters strange. 在场的这几个人,哪个没有遇到鬼,遭遇灵异。 What is most hapless is Zhao Lei, without knowing the circumstances of the matter runs in the Yang Jian family/home, finally Yang Jian has not met to meet malicious ghost, finally muddleheaded died.” “最倒霉的还是赵磊,在不知情的情况下跑去杨间家里,结果杨间没有遇到碰见了一只厉鬼,最后稀里糊涂的就死了。” Zhang Wei sighed: That Sun Ren is really not the thing, unexpectedly deceives me to close to extort Yang Jian me, took away Yang Jian Ghost.” 张伟叹了口气道:“不过那个孙仁真不是什么东西,居然骗我把我关起来勒索杨间,拿走了杨间的一只鬼。” Afterward became the Ghost Controller later this son of a bitch also to look for a job, wants to cope with us.” “后来成了驭鬼者之后这狗东西还来找事,想要对付我们。” Liu Qi asked: Final output how?” 刘奇问道:“最后结果怎么样了?” Belch fart, was killed by Yang Jian.” “嗝屁了,被杨间干掉了。” Zhang Wei was foul-mouthed: He dies pities insufficient, day in day out knows to harm the schoolmate, in school that little while was not the good thing, that day of accident also mixes up with Fang Jing that fellow, finally was not we saved him with good intention, he did not have early.” 张伟骂骂咧咧道:“他死不足惜,一天到晚的就知道害同学,以前在学校那会儿就不是什么好东西,出事的那天都还和方镜那家伙混在一起,最后不是我们好心救了他,他早没了。” The people who he always does not bear a grudge hate the Sun Ren tooth to be itchy, it can be imagined that Sun Ren bad. 他一向不记仇的人都恨得孙仁牙痒痒,可想而知那孙仁有多坏。 A’Wei, the past matter had passed . Moreover the person had died, we changed a topic to say a happy matter.” Miao Xiaoshan said. 阿伟,过去的事情都已经过去了,而且人都已经死了,我们还是换个话题说点开心的事情。”苗小善说道。 Happy matter? Recently to had a happy matter.” Zhang Wei touches the chin saying: My father and Auntie Huang matter was exposed by my mother is known, now daily quarrels at home.” “开心的事情?最近到是有一件开心的事情。”张伟摸了摸下巴道:“我爸和黄阿姨的事情东窗事发被我妈知道了,现在天天在家里吵架。” „......” Other person of faces strange visits him. “......”其他人一脸怪异的看着他。 This calculates that what happy matter, isn't this scandal? 这算哪门子开心的事情,这不是丑事么? Ok, do not ask him, the Zhang Wei dog mouth can put out anything. 算了,还是别问他了,张伟狗嘴里能吐出什么东西来。 Yang Jian, now you are law enforcement Captain of headquarters, will the eldest child of domestic strange circle, what currently have to plan from now on?” Asking of Liu Qi shift topic. 杨间,现在你可是总部的执法队长,目前国内灵异圈的老大,今后有什么打算?”刘奇转移话题的问道。 Yang Jian tranquilly said: Strange circle changes is extremely quick, I have no long-term consideration, is only going on living as far as possible.” 杨间平静道:“灵异圈变化极快,我并没有什么长远的考虑,只是尽可能的活下去罢了。” How do you feel the later situation to be able?” Liu Qi continues to ask. “那你觉得以后局势会怎么样?”刘奇继续问道。 Yang Jian is drinking the Cola, said slowly: At present is also can stand firm, but will balance quickly is broken, 12 Captain of headquarters will be impossible to go on living, when our batch of Captain will start the time on the wane will be the paranormal event radical eruption will lose control of the time, but this time point imagination will be quicker.” 杨间喝着可乐,缓缓道:“目前还算是稳得住,但是平衡很快会被打破,总部的十二位队长不可能一直活下去,等我们这一批队长开始凋零的时候就是灵异事件彻底爆发失控的时候,而这个时间点会比想象中来的更快。” Isn't also many outstanding Captain candidate?” Liu Qi asked. “不是还有不少优秀的队长候选么?”刘奇问道。 Yang Jian shakes the head saying: You can feel, the strange circle promising youth was getting more and more bad, the specific reason you are also clear , because paranormal event erupts too causes the rookie buckle is too big quickly, completely without the time of giving the rookie growing, you can understand probably, in this year the buckle many Ghost Controller, I know that has a big piece.” 杨间摇了摇头道:“你可以感觉到,灵异圈后起之秀越来越差了,具体原因你也清楚,就是因为灵异事件爆发的太快导致新人折损太大,完全没有给新人成长的时间,你可以大概了解一下,这一年来折损了多少驭鬼者,就我知道就有一大片。” The Liu Qi look is dignified, slightly nodded of expressed the support. 刘奇神色凝重,微微点了点头表示赞同。 At present the strange circle takes responsibility is a group of people who early period of malicious ghost revival save, following Ghost Controller has, but is the quantity are few, the buckle is big, without means great waves wash out the sand, breeds the top character to come out. 目前灵异圈做主的都是厉鬼复苏前期积攒下来的一批人,后续的驭鬼者不是没有,而是数量少,折损大,没办法大浪淘沙,孕育出顶尖的人物出来。 What do you stand there make? To listen secretly, gives me then to play music, then dances.” “你们站在那里做什么?是不是想偷听,给我接着奏乐,接着舞。” Zhang Wei this moment one casts aside, seeing in the stage these star beautiful women not to make a sound, 张伟此刻一撇,看见舞台上那些明星美女都不吱声了, Looks completely toward here, is listening secretly dialogue between Yang Jian and Liu Qi, wants to gain the important information. 全部都朝这边看过来,偷听着杨间刘奇之间的对话,想要获取重要信息。 Behind them some people, otherwise you think why these people put the high income not to want, to have the wages of tens of thousands dollars to join our company, for example that beautiful woman who takes the microphone to sing, her body formal clothes could be as good as her in company one year of income.” Yang Jian shot a look at one, light saying. “她们背后都是有人的,不然你以为这些人为什么放着高收入不要,拿着几万块钱的工资加入我们公司,就比如那个拿着话筒唱歌的美女,她身上的一件礼服抵得上她在公司一年的收入了。”杨间瞥了一眼,淡淡的说道。 What? You were said that they all were 25 young?” Zhang Wei opened the eye. “什么?你是说她们全是二五仔?”张伟睁大了眼睛。 Hateful, my A’Wei most hates is 25 young, turn head I dismissed these people completely.” “可恶啊,我阿伟平生最痛恨的就是二五仔,回头我就把这些人全部开除了。” Nearby Wang Shanshan icy say/way: Not needing, you recruit a group of people also same again, even if the background clean person is infiltrated, the public relations are also sooner or later matter, only if Yang Jian did not invite the living person, you do not need to pay attention, Yang Jian wanted still only to be able in these people the work of little darling.” 一旁王珊珊冷冰冰道:“没必要,你再招一批人也是一样的,哪怕是底子干净的人被渗透,公关也是迟早的事情,除非杨间不请活人,你没必要理会,杨间只要还在这些人只能乖乖的工作。” Moreover the company has had the teammate duty of Yang Jian, even if were Yang Jian not in the company also randomly.” “而且公司一直有杨间的队友值班,哪怕是杨间不在公司也乱不了。” In the stage these sang, person of dancing immediately complexion very awkward, simultaneously in the heart was more terrified, was worried about anything. 舞台上那些唱歌,跳舞的人顿时脸色十分的尴尬,同时心中更是惶恐不安起来,担心出点什么事情。 It seems like the person is too famous is not a good deed.” Miao Xiaoshan said with a smile. “看来人太出名也不是是一件好事。”苗小善笑着说道。 Liu Qi said: Home may on law enforcement Captain, Yang Jian send out each time, in the top of the head does not know that has many satellites to stare, he stamps now stamps the feet the entire strange circle to shake.” 刘奇说道:“国内可就一个执法队长,杨间每次出动,头顶上不知道有多少卫星盯着,他现在跺一跺脚整个灵异圈都要震一震。” „Are you flattering me?” Yang Jian said. “你这是在吹捧我么?”杨间说道。 No, but told the facts.” Liu Qi shrugs, shows a smile. “没有,只是实话实说罢了。”刘奇耸了耸肩,露出一丝笑容。 Zhang Wei feels the chin saying: „Is Thigh Elder Brother so fierce? How I have not felt, I felt Thigh Elder Brother life is not too happy.” 张伟摸着下巴道:“腿哥已经这么厉害了么?我怎么没有感觉出来,我只是觉得腿哥生活的并不是太开心。” We do one cup, hopes that we can also such as the present gather next year like this.” Miao Xiaoshan proposed. “我们干一杯吧,希望我们明年还能如现在这样相聚。”苗小善提议道。 Does not have the issue.” “没问题。” Yang Jian, Zhang Wei, Liu Qi, Miao Xiaoshan, and Wang Shanshan five people raise glass bump, is announcing the past conclusion the new start. 杨间,张伟,刘奇,苗小善,以及王珊珊五个人举杯一碰,宣告着过去的结束已经新的开始。 Although experienced in this year, but at least everyone can also gather. 虽然这一年经历了很多,但是至少大家还能相聚。 Next year can I also alive?” Liu Qi actually thinks in the flash heart of clinking glasses like this. “明年我还能活着么?”刘奇在碰杯的一瞬间心中却是这样想。 Ghost Controller is short-lived, can live for a year to be very good, if can live the last two years to mean oneself have solved the malicious ghost revival problem, turned into the different kind, had the strength of Captain rank. 驭鬼者都是短命的,能活一年已经很不错了,如果能活上两年那么就意味着自己已经解决了厉鬼复苏的问题,变成了异类,拥有了队长级别的实力。 However the domestic strange circle altogether is also 12 Captain, this population were too few, Liu Qi has no confidence to become among these 12 people in which one, he can have gone all out today very much. 但是国内灵异圈总共也就是十二位队长,这人数太少了,刘奇没什么信心能成为这十二个人当中的其中一位,他能有今天已经很拼命了。 After may follow Yang Jian to go to a Baishui Town, he deep understanding, paranormal event that the Captain level character faces to is terrifying. 可跟着杨间去一趟白水镇之后他才深深的明白,队长级人物面对的灵异事件到是多恐怖。 With continuation of meeting. 随着聚会的继续。 Everyone's mood also gradually open, without before was so heavy, told this year experience, but these experienced majority are not the good deed, was not terrifying strange, was pitiful passing. 大家的心情也渐渐的开朗了起来,没有之前那么沉重了,彼此之间诉说者这一年来的经历,但是这些经历大多数都不是什么好事,不是恐怖的灵异,就是悲惨的过往。 Although the respective achievement is not bad, but the life is actually the mess. 虽然各自成就都不差,但是人生却是一团糟。 Perhaps this is the impact that has strange, since walked everyone not to have the good luck from Seventh Middle alive on that day. 或许这就是灵异带来的影响吧,自从那天从七中活着走出来所有人都没有好运了。 But these have not beaten them, today gathers, everyone will still be hopeful about the future, the will also even more strengthened, no longer before such as, like that weak. 可是这些并没有击垮他们,今日相聚,大家依旧对未来充满希望,意志也越发坚定了,不再如以前那般软弱。 Zhang Wei this moment interest gets up, to Kamibutai, caught up the star who that sang, oneself sang one, this made the people have a headache. 张伟此刻兴致起来,冲上舞台,将那唱歌的明星赶了下去,自己献唱一首,这让众人头疼不已。 For those Wang Shanshan is unable to continue watching, caught up with him, decides the perform dance, thanked Yang Jian to help own in this year. 到是王珊珊看不下去,将他赶了下去,决定表演舞蹈,感谢这一年来杨间自己的帮助。 The slender lithe figure, coordinates the graceful dancer's posture, the performance of Wang Shanshan is shocking, impressive. 纤细轻盈的身段,配合优美的舞姿,王珊珊的表现惊艳,让人惊叹。 „If not paranormal event, her artistic achievement is very absolutely high.” Yang Jian such review gets up. “如果不是灵异事件,她的艺术成就绝对很高。”杨间这样点评起来。 He has the qualifications of review, because in his brain has the expertise about this aspect. 他有点评的资格,因为他脑子里有很多关于这方面的专业知识。 Miao Xiaoshan looks envies, does to her not to have this talent and skill, can only applaud to applaud. 苗小善看着十分羡慕,奈何她没有这种才艺,只能鼓掌叫好。 If I study to sing my art achievement also is very absolutely high, you look at my throat, singing time will shiver, this has the potential of song god.” Zhang Wei is supine the neck, shameless points at the own Adam's apple to say. “如果我学唱歌的话我艺术成就绝对也很高,你看我的喉咙,唱歌的时候都会颤动,这可是有歌神的潜力。”张伟仰起脖子,恬不知耻的指着自己的喉结道。 Very long had not danced, is somewhat unfamiliar.” Wang Shanshan goes down the stage, the facial expression is still desolate. “很久没有跳舞了,有些生疏。”王珊珊走下舞台,神情依旧冷淡。 Liu Qi said: Really was shocking to me, never expected that Wang Shanshan you deeply concealed.” 刘奇道:“真是惊艳到我了,没想到王珊珊你深藏不露。” But when the people gather harmoniously. 可就在众人相聚融洽的时候。 A service person actually pushed the dining car to walk, carried plate of egg-fried rice, was placed in the front of people: „The egg-fried rice that everyone orders is good, but also please take your time.” 一个服务员却推着餐车走了过来,将一盘蛋炒饭端了上来,摆在了众人的面前:“各位点的蛋炒饭已经好了,还请慢用。” Egg-fried rice? Makes a mistake, our so many previous? Was seen also to think that by nearby these stars my A’Wei cannot eat, hurries to cook up several again, person, hears not to have.” Zhang Wei said. “蛋炒饭?有没有搞错,我们这么多人就上一盘?被旁边的那些明星看见了还以为我阿伟吃不起呢,赶紧再去炒几盘,一人一盘,听到没有。”张伟说道。 Good, very sorry.” The service people apologized hastily. “好的,十分抱歉。”服务员连忙道歉。 Zhang Wei curls the lip, is very unsatisfied. 张伟撇了撇嘴,很不满意。 This egg-fried rice who selects.” Yang Jian is staring in front of Zhang Wei that egg-fried rice earnest asking. “这份蛋炒饭谁点的。”杨间盯着张伟面前的那盘蛋炒饭认真的问道。 Thigh Elder Brother you are understand my, I do not like having the egg-fried rice.” Zhang Wei said. 腿哥你是了解我的,我不爱吃蛋炒饭。”张伟说道。 Miao Xiaoshan said: „Aren't we buffets? Should not need to order the meal alone.” 苗小善说道:“我们不是自助餐么?应该不需要单独点餐吧。” I do not have.” Wang Shanshan said. “我也没点。”王珊珊道。 Nearby Liu Qi also shakes the head, simultaneously looks at Yang Jian gradually, the vision also dignified, because he does not have a meal, simultaneously can determine got together a moment ago time also no one goes to a meal alone. 一旁的刘奇也摇了摇头,同时看着杨间,目光也逐渐的凝重了起来,因为他也没有点餐,同时可以确定刚才聚会的时候也没有人单独去点餐。 I also think your you select? Was on is evidently wrong.” Zhang Wei stands, is shouting to the distant place rest area: Hey, the egg-fried rice that who orders, delivered to here to come, hurried to take away.” “我还以为你你们点的呢?看样子是上错了。”张伟站起来,对着远处休息区喊道:“喂,谁点的蛋炒饭啊,都送到我这里来了,赶紧过来拿走。” The rest area, sits the staff of this inviting several star as well as accompanying. 休息区,坐着这次请来的几位明星以及随行的工作人员。 Chief Zhang, is not we selects, our here has the independent working lunch.” Some people return immediately said. 张总,不是我们点的,我们这边有单独的工作餐。”有人立刻回道。 Yang Jian frowns slightly: Did not deliver mistakenly, delivers right the place, this was not the ordinary egg-fried rice, no one will come the abundant present egg-fried rice with the Minguo porcelain tray.” 杨间微微皱起了眉头:“不是送错了,是送对了地方,这不是普通的蛋炒饭,没有人会用民国的瓷盘来盛现在的蛋炒饭。” „Does the service person have the issue?” Liu Qi stood fiercely: I go to catch to ascertain.” “那服务员有问题?”刘奇猛地站了起来:“我去把人抓回来问个清楚。” Then, he acted immediately, directly flushed. 说完,他当即就行动了起来,直接冲了出去。 Others also detected that the atmosphere was not right. 其他人也察觉到了气氛不对。 If only late ordinary egg-fried rice will not make Yang Jian inquire repeatedly, is impossible to make Liu Qi make a move to catch the service person to inquire the condition directly. 如果只是一晚普通的蛋炒饭是不会让杨间多次询问的,也不可能让刘奇直接出手抓服务员询问状况。 Quick. 很快。 Liu Qi turned back, in his hand grabs a person, finally actually complexion gloomy one toward front throws the person's in hand. 刘奇折返了回来,他手中抓着一个人,结果却脸色阴沉的将手中的人往前面一丢。 That service person limbs twists, the body is heavy, falling is stirless on the ground. 那个服务员肢体扭曲,身体沉重,摔在地上毫无动静。 He died, in a moment ago, Yang Jian, your intuition is right, indeed has the issue.” “他死了,就在刚才,杨间,你的直觉是对的,的确是有问题。” The Yang Jian complexion said as usual: Was that Ghost looks for me evidently, now the ghost mostly in the hotel, this bowl of egg-fried rice is the signal, I also think that thing will not appear in last day, has not thought or came, today's meeting estimated that can only stop, I delivered you first to leave, here matter I processed.” 杨间脸色如常道:“看样子是那只鬼来找上我了,现在鬼多半已经在饭店里了,这碗蛋炒饭就是信号,我还以为那玩意在最后一天是不会出现了,没想到还是来了,今天的聚会估计只能到此为止了,我送你们先离开,这里的事情我来处理。” He remembers oneself first time with the Ghost Cabinet transaction time wants is one bowl of egg-fried rice. 他记得自己第一次和鬼橱交易的时候要的就是一碗蛋炒饭。 Fears anything, is not the ghost, has to see, making it come, looked that my varying axe chops it.” Zhang Wei underground pulled out a red axe from the table immediately. “怕什么,不就是鬼嘛,又不是没见过,让它来,看我不一斧头劈死它。”张伟立马就从桌子地下将一把红色的斧头抽了出来。 Liu Qi said: Yang Jian, do not blame me to talk too much, this ghost is unusual, if you deliver them to here, what to do if the ghost did stare at their? I suggested or make them stay here is quite good, then so can also take care, if your side were unsafe, that other places were definitely more unsafe.” 刘奇道:“杨间,别怪我多嘴,这鬼不同寻常,如果你将他们送离这里,万一鬼盯上了他们那怎么办?我建议还是让他们留在这里比较好,如此一来如此还能照应,要是连你身边都不安全的话,那其他地方肯定更不安全。” Reasonable.” Yang Jian hesitated, nods. “有道理。”杨间沉吟了一下,点了点头。 That present what to do?” Wang Shanshan asked. “那现在怎么办?”王珊珊问道。 Yang Jian said: Naturally was handles this matter, this was my responsible Dachang City, should not be anxious, temporarily first treated here, having a look at the situation to say again.” 杨间说道:“当然是去处理这件事情了,这可是我负责的大昌市,你们不要紧张,暂时先待在这里,看看情况再说。” I am not anxious, the little strange phenomenon, cannot be what big deal.” Wang Shanshan tranquilly said. “我可不紧张,一点点灵异现象罢了,出不了什么大事。”王珊珊平静道 You may be really optimistic.” “你可真乐观。” Miao Xiaoshan said: Some people had died a moment ago.” 苗小善说道:“可是刚才已经有人死了。” Wang Shanshan said: „During is strange the deceased person to be very ordinary, should not make a fuss about nothing, moreover we also come like this.” 王珊珊道:“灵异之中死人很平常,没什么值得大惊小怪的,而且我们也是这样过来的。” This matter is some hidden dangers that on Dachang City head Zhao Kaiming allows, but only fears that must involve continuously curse my Ghost Cabinet body.” Yang Jian said. “这件事情是上一任大昌市负责人赵开明留下来的一些隐患,不过现在只怕是要牵扯到一直诅咒我的鬼橱身上了。”杨间说道。 If the transaction of Ghost Cabinet is continuing, then before today 12 : 00, the ghost will certainly appear in front of own. 如果鬼橱的交易在继续,那么今天十二点之前,鬼一定会出现在自己的面前。 Also. 亦或者。 The ghosts have appeared in front of own, but have not discovered. 鬼已经出现在了自己的面前,只是自己没有发现而已。 The Yang Jian vision moved slightly, looks at to distant place rest area others. 杨间目光微动,看向了远处休息区的其他人。 The Ghost Eye rotation, does not have any suspense line of sight passed through the bodies of these people, had not been disturbed strange. 鬼眼转动,没有任何的悬念视线穿过了这些人的身体,没有受到灵异的干扰。 This indicated that they had not been checked strange, is the normal living person. 这表明他们并没有被灵异寄存,是正常的活人。 But, Yang Jian actually did not feel relieved, making a vow ghost as well as Ghost Cabinet who he faces. 可是,杨间却并不放心,他面对的可是许愿鬼以及鬼橱 Both have ability that realizes the person desire, dodges the investigation of Ghost Eye is not not possible. 两者都具备实现人愿望的能力,规避鬼眼的探查也不是不可能。 You come.” Yang Jian said. “你们都过来。”杨间说道。 These people are also looking to here, hears the Yang Jian order, immediately uneasy walked. 那些人也在看向这边,听到杨间命令,立马忐忑不安的走了过来。 „Does Chief Yang, what matter have?” A beautiful woman inquired cautiously. 杨总,有什么事情么?”一个美女小心翼翼的询问道。 Ghost appeared, possibly here, I want to determine your situation, feared that among you some people were invaded by the ghost.” Yang Jian said. “一只鬼出现了,可能就在这里,我想确定一下你们的情况,怕你们当中有人被鬼入侵了。”杨间说道。 This saying, everyone complexion changed, the leg that the timid person frightens directly one soft has not come to a stop to fall down directly on the ground, nearby person draws cannot hold on. 这话一出,所有人脸色都变了,胆小的人直接吓的腿一软直接没站稳栽倒在了地上,旁边的人拉都拉不住。 That, how should we do?” The whole body that beautiful woman frightens shivers to say. “那,那我们应该怎么做?”那个美女吓的浑身颤抖道。 Yang Jian said: What do not do, standing in same place was good, had anything to mix among you, burnt down to know.” 杨间道:“什么都别做,站在原地就行了,是不是有什么东西混入了你们当中,一把火烧一下就知道了。” Was saying the line of sight sweeps, the surroundings emerged out of thin air the pale-green jack-o'-lantern. 说着视线一扫,周围凭空出现了淡绿色的鬼火。 My fire not various paper articles person, you, so long as does not have the issue not to injure, if who will try to run away I to treat as malicious ghost processing it without hesitation.” “我的火不烧活人,你们只要没问题就伤不到,谁要是试图逃走我会毫不犹豫将其当做厉鬼处理。” I, we understood.” “我,我们明白了。” The voice falls, the jack-o'-lantern covers, embezzled the present people directly. 话音一落,鬼火笼罩,直接吞没了眼前的众人。 The covered people have not felt the burning hot, the ache, instead thought that biting cold gloomy and cold, making one unable to bear tremble. 被笼罩的众人没有觉得炙热,疼痛,反而觉得彻骨的阴冷,让人忍不住哆嗦起来。 This thinks everyone is well, but quick unexpected matter happened. 本以为所有人都会平安无事,但是很快意想不到的事情发生了。 A female assistant exuded sharp and painful cry at this moment unexpectedly, her skin is melting, body in burned black. 一个女助理此刻竟发出了尖锐而又痛苦的叫声,她的皮肤在融化,身体在焦黑。 „, Really tried to have problems, do not move, put me to come, at this time should make my A’Wei go on stage.” “靠,真试出问题了,你们别动,放着我来,这个时候就该让我阿伟上场了。” Zhang Wei one startled, later quickly carried the axe to walk, then to that female who sent out the pitiful yell divided on an axe. 张伟一惊,随后急忙拎着斧头就走了出去,然后对着那个发出惨叫的女子就一斧头劈了下去。 The axe falls, the squeal stops suddenly immediately, later the burned black corpse fell down does not have the sound immediately. 斧头落下,尖叫声立刻戛然而止,随后焦黑的尸体倒在地上立刻没有了动静。 Did own side really infiltrate the ghost unexpectedly? 自己身边居然真的混进了鬼? Nearby person frightened cold sweat. 旁边的人吓出了一身的冷汗。 That axe......” “那斧头......” The laymen watch the fun, the expert looks at the way, Liu Qi is staring at Zhang Wei that the red axe, felt that the heart is startled. 外行看热闹,内行看门道,刘奇盯着张伟的那把红色的斧头,感到心惊。 A simple axe really reduced that strange female unexpectedly. uu reads 简单的一斧头居然真的砍掉了那个诡异的女子。uu看书 Quick. 很快。 The jack-o'-lantern is put out, Yang Jian stared at that burned body complexion gradually to be dignified, because the ghost has been able to avoid the investigation of Ghost Eye perfectly, if were not this fire, he himself even could not discover that the ghost has invaded the side. 鬼火熄灭,杨间盯着那具焦尸脸色却逐渐凝重了起来,因为鬼已经能够完美的避开鬼眼的探查了,如果不是这把火,他自己甚至都发现不了鬼已经入侵到了身边。 If so, then now in this city, without had been burnt down by the ghost the person had been invaded possibly by the ghost. 如果是这样的话,那么现在在这座城市里,只要没有被鬼火烧过的人都可能已经被鬼入侵了。 „The appearance of egg-fried rice is representing the strange restoration of Ghost Cabinet, but Ghost Cabinet wants to make the transaction with me, not possible to invade the living person, must cope also copes with my swapper, this situation is more like the method of making a vow ghost, it does not have the reality, can actually affect the normal person through own strange, but the making a vow ghost also can only affect the host unable to affect the bystander ..... the present both to appear together, and broke through the respective rule performance is not normal.” “蛋炒饭的出现代表着鬼橱的灵异恢复,但是鬼橱只是想和我做交易,不可能去入侵活人,要对付也是对付我这个交易者,这种情况更像是许愿鬼的手段,它不存在现实,却可以通过自身的灵异影响到正常人,可是许愿鬼也只能影响宿主不能影响外人.....现在两者一起就出现并且都突破了各自的规律表现的不正常了。” Then only then a possibility, the making a vow ghost controlled Ghost Cabinet, then through Ghost Cabinet shook off the control of Zhao Xiaoya strange.” “那么就只有一种可能,许愿鬼驾驭了鬼橱,然后通过鬼橱的灵异摆脱了赵小雅的控制。” In the Yang Jian mind appeared the most worst speculation. 杨间脑海里浮现出了一种最糟糕的推测。 Must really be such words, the terrifying of ten points that this ghost changes, and no murder rule. 要真是这样的话,那这鬼将变的十分的恐怖,并且毫无杀人规律可言。 Only what is certain, the ghost will be will definitely come to oneself finally, but will make anything in this period, wants to make anything, he was unforeseen. 唯一可以肯定的是,鬼最后肯定是会冲着自己来,但是期间会做什么,想做什么,他根本无法预料。 Thigh Elder Brother, the complexion should not be ugly/difficult to look at, I not this thing solution?” Zhang Wei casual say/way. 腿哥,脸色别那么难看,我不是把这玩意解决了么?”张伟大大咧咧道。 Liu Qi explained: This is anything is solved, this person was checked the corrosion strange, perhaps she does not know oneself had been controlled by malicious ghost, you solve most is also Ghost Slave, true ghost also.” 刘奇解释道:“这算什么解决,这人只是被灵异寄存侵蚀了而已,或许连她自己都不知道自己已经被厉鬼操控了,你解决的最多也就是一只鬼奴,真正的鬼还在。” This, but all right, has me not to have the matter, I was not past A’Wei, present I very powerful.” Zhang Wei said. “这样啊,不过没事,有我在不会有事的,我可不是当年的阿伟了,现在的我非常的强大。”张伟说道。
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