MWIH :: Volume #4

#17: Enemy attack

Why to visit me like this, blames yourself to ask is too fuzzy! Wrong is not I! Because of Fino!” “干嘛这样看着我,都怪你自己问的太模糊!错的不是我!是因菲诺!” „......” “......” Wang Quan felt own greatly like maple tree. 王泉感觉自己头大如枫。 This person is very repugnant. 这种人就很讨厌。 You said the proper business to the opposite party obviously, then the opposite party inserts funny dialog. 明明你跟对方说正事,然后对方就插科打诨。 Is similar «White Box» in that yellow hair is the same. 就类似《白箱》里那个黄毛一样。 While convenient a saying, the fellow was Wang Quan in " White Box » in most repugnant role. 顺便一说,那家伙是王泉在《白箱》里最讨厌的角色。 But he actually cannot be angry. 但对克茜拉他却生气不起来。 When this fellow with female version Sakata silver, not proper time is not very proper. 这家伙就跟个女版坂田银时似的,不正经的时候贼不正经。 But is proper fucking is very graceful! 但正经起来还特么挺帅! Good, I asked. The succubas are anything.” “好吧,那我重新问。魔女到底是什么。” Has the woman of charm?” “有魔力的女人?” Continues tilted the head. 克茜拉继续歪歪头 Saw the Wang Quan’s forehead blue vein to stick out suddenly even pinched tightly the fist, she said immediately: Surpasses existence of mortal, but has not achieved the Spiritual God the level, is similar to the child of curse, but is the child of evolution complete curse.” 王泉额头青筋暴起甚至捏紧了拳头,她才马上道:“就是超出凡人的存在,但还没达到神灵的层次,跟诅咒之子差不多,但属于进化完全的诅咒之子。” pausing briefly, then said: A few words showed that can use the Spiritual God strength...... woman?” 顿了顿,克茜拉接着道:“一句话说明,就是能使用神灵力量的......女人?” She said mortal does not refer to the average person. 她所说的“凡人”不是指普通人。 But refers to besides the true God everyone. 而是指除了真神之外的所有人。 Un, this I understood probably.” Wang Quan nodded, asked under a question, „the people of these perishing god religious sects?” “嗯,这个我大概了解了。”王泉点点头,问出下个问题,“那些亡神教派的人呢?” Died.” Simple-hearted that smiles, they want to lead to go back you, I killed them.” “都死了。”克茜拉笑的天真无邪,“他们想把你带回去,我就把他们都杀了。” Wang Quan gives the thumbs-up, good that kills!” 王泉竖起大拇指,“杀的好!” If the perishing god sect is really related with „Hell”, oneself were grasped to walk into a trap. 如果亡神教派真跟“地狱”有关,那自己被抓过去就是自投罗网。 Perhaps „Hell” will not care about this waistcoat( to leave undecided) here world, but if they prayed, „Hell” will definitely discover itself. 也许“地狱”本来不会在意这个马甲(存疑)这边的世界,但如果他们祈祷的话,“地狱”肯定会发现自己。 However can also look at strength strongly. 不过也看得出来克茜拉的实力有多强。 The strengths of these people it seems like not worth mentioning in Wang Quan, each of them's strength compared with sword pond Ichirou also one section. 那些人的实力在王泉看来不值一提,他们每个人的实力都要比剑池一郎还一截。 But if acts together, sword pond Ichirou cannot withstand. 但如果一起出手的话,剑池一郎也顶不住。 Also is sword pond Ichirou and between them the power gap has not achieved the qualitative change the degree. 也就是剑池一郎跟他们之间的实力差距还没达到质变的程度。 Must know that sword pond Ichirou works as in „Hell” is very long Hellwalker. 要知道剑池一郎可是在“地狱”当过挺久“地狱行者”的。 Although he usually appears the dog-leg not to have the bottom line is also unchaste very much very much, but this is only to go on living. 虽然他平时显得很狗腿很没底线也无节操,但这只是为了活下去而已。 The moral integrity facial skin compares with the life, that is the life is quite important. 节操脸皮跟命比起来,那还是命比较重要。 Wang Quan compares Hellwalker that” knew in any case. 反正王泉比较了一下自己认识的“地狱行者”。 Stormglen that several vegetable/dish chickens did not say that a A’Jiu father old vegetable/dish chicken leads three novices. 风谷村那几个菜鸡就不说了,阿玖老爹一个老菜鸡带三个新手。 That side Luoyang strength good Niu Ben they also had to be separated from „Hell” Xu Yue it is said in any case definitely are not the sword pond Ichirou's opponents. 洛阳那边据说实力不错的牛犇俩人还有脱离了“地狱”徐岳反正肯定不是剑池一郎的对手。 Their words jointly should be able to maintain a livelihood from the sword pond Ichirou hand, but also maintained a livelihood. 他们联手的话应该能从剑池一郎手上活命,但也就是活命了。 Moreover according to this less than half month of observation, here perhaps is high military the world, but the strength rank assumes cliff. 而且根据这小半个月的观察,这里也许是“高武”世界,但实力级别是呈断崖式的。 The true God naturally is the level of star level myth lifeform. 真神自然就是星球级神话生物的水准。 Below...... that type of skirt explodes day to make Wang Quan be away from half Earth in any case to induce does not have. 下面嘛......反正那种屌炸天让王泉隔着半个地球就能感应到的没有。 Thus it can be seen, the people of that several perishing god religious sects are not the mixed soldiers. 由此可见,那几个亡神教派的人并不是什么杂兵。 „, You did not fear that the perishing god sect does retaliate?” “克茜拉,你就不怕亡神教派来报复?” Expressed indifferently, I killed their things no one to know.” 克茜拉表示无所谓,“我杀他们的事情又没人知道。” Wang Quan selected the eyebrow, „, but they are look my, finally is actually hanging bell Zhen to be missing. 王泉挑了挑眉,“但他们是来找我的,结果却在悬钟镇失踪了。 Then that mayor is the people of perishing god sect...... seemingly anything of that anything inquisition officiated...... “然后那个镇长本来就是亡神教派的人......貌似还是那什么异端裁判所的什么主祭...... „A their pair of information, definitely knows we do......” “那他们一对信息,肯定知道就咱们干的啊......” Scratches the head, „? I have not thought.” 克茜拉挠挠头,“是吗?我没想过诶。” „......” “......” Wang Quan is disinclined to complain, looked like this place unable to treat, prepared, tomorrow we.” 王泉懒得吐槽,“看来这地方不能待了,准备准备,明天咱就出发吧。” Oh oh.” Asked, „can that discard that group of people?” “噢噢。”克茜拉问道,“那要把那群人都丢掉嘛?” Left.” Wang Quan asked back, you do go to Yorkshire to be very anxious?” “别了吧。”王泉反问,“你去约克郡很急吗?” That is actually not anxious.” Said, „the present is Maya, so long as before next year Janus, rushes to was enough.” “那倒是不急。”克茜拉说道,“现在是玛雅,只要明年雅努斯之前赶到就行。” What gadget?” A Wang Quan face compels ignorant. “啥玩意儿?”王泉一脸懵逼。 Month.” Naturalness that said that Janus is the first month every year, Maya is the fifth month.” “月份啊。”克茜拉说的理所当然,“雅努斯是每一年的第一个月份,玛雅是第五个月份。” Ok, I knew.” Wang Quan nodded. “行吧,我知道了。”王泉点点头 The meaning is the present is in May/five months, then over year in January/one month, rushes to was enough. 意思就是现在是五月,然后隔年一月之前赶到就行 In other words, least also has seven months. 也就是说,最少还有七个月时间。 This enough farmed. 这就足够种地了。 Ok, after we will get up tomorrow, first, first walks to find a place to be calm toward south. Later waited we cross-ocean to go to English to the time quickly.” “可以,咱们明天起来之后先就出发,先往南走找个地方安顿。之后等快到时间了咱俩就跨海去英吉利。” This is the plan of Wang Quan. 这是王泉的规划。 They in Holland, that no one's place build the house to farm to anything of France or Belgium, will then wait for the time to draw near makes sword pond Ichirou look here, Wang Quan cross-ocean will go English management with. 他们在荷兰,那就到法兰西或者比利时的什么没人的地方盖房子种地,然后等时间快到了就让剑池一郎在这边看着,王泉自己跟克茜拉跨海去英吉利办事。 Waits for the matter to get through, cross-ocean comes back to take sword pond Ichirou to embark again to go to Rome. 等事情办完,再跨海回来带上剑池一郎出发去罗马。 Then Wang Quan goes Florence with sword pond Ichirou. 然后王泉跟剑池一郎去佛罗伦萨。 Perfect! 完美! Un un, good of very plan.” nodded, then the look suddenly becomes sharp, „...... we may not just be able to wait tomorrow.” “嗯嗯,计划的很好。”克茜拉点点头,而后眼神忽然变得锐利,“只不过......咱们可能等不到明天了。” Wang Quan stares, then opens the door to draw support from the A’Jiu wind the strength to start the sensation. 王泉一愣,接着开门出去借助阿玖风的力量开始感知。 Then, has twenty high-energy lifeform in toward this direction to attack his sensation to two kilometers beyond. 然后,他感知到两公里外有二十几股高能生物在朝这个方向来袭。 The strength patterns of these people before perishing god sect that several people very look like. 这些人的力量模式跟亡神教派之前那几个人挺像。 It seems like the fellow of similar family background. 看来是同样出身的家伙。 Such quickly?” “这么快?” Walks to join Wang Quan’s words from the room, „ the trim Europe mainland in the sphere of influence of perishing god sect, Netherlands guarding has of silver moon knight groups sect four big knight groups. 克茜拉从屋里走出来接上王泉的话,“整片欧罗巴大陆都在亡神教派的势力范围之内,尼德兰驻守有教派四大骑士团之一的银月骑士团。 This probably is neighbor originally the person who is responsible for aiding, sees these people not to go back therefore to hang bell Zhen to investigate, then touched with the trail.” “这大概是附近原本负责接应的人,见那些人没回去所以去悬钟镇探查,然后就跟着踪迹摸过来了吧。” Perishing god sect four big knight groups. 亡神教派四大骑士团。 The silver moon knight group guards in Netherlands. 银月骑士团驻守在尼德兰。 shining day knight group guarded in France and English. 耀日骑士团驻守在法兰西和英吉利。 The splendor moon/month knight group guards in Germania. 辉月骑士团驻守在日耳曼尼亚。 The temple knight rolls is based in supreme headquarters Rome, they are responsible for protecting the Popes and bishops in term. 圣殿骑士团则常驻大本营罗马,他们负责保护任期内的教宗以及主教们。 Before hung these people who outside the bell town/subdues saw is the person who the temple knight rolled, they should come from Roman Dashengtang.” “之前悬钟镇外见到的那些人就是圣殿骑士团的人,他们应该是从罗马大圣堂过来的。” Does not know where after taking out that to brandish several double-edge sickle that leading to go against heaven's will next, said: Because of Fino, you first goes back, when I solve to come back them.” 克茜拉不知道从哪里取出那把帅到逆天的双刃镰刀挥舞了几下之后才道:“因菲诺,你先回去,等我把他们解决掉就回来。” Without that necessity.” “没那个必要。” Wang Quan pulls out the weapon from four dimension chrysanthemums, then the left hand takes the hand axe, the right hand took is comparing his hand in a big way to appear many M1911A1 pistols, said with a smile pale: How can make you face alone, we are the friends.” 王泉从“四次元菊花”中掏出武器,然后左手拿着手斧,右手拿着相比他手来说显得大了不少的M1911A1手枪,淡笑道:“怎么能让你独自面对,咱们可是朋友啊。” Is the masters and disciples ~ run into debt the left hand knocks the Wang Quan forehead discontentedly, then said with a smile, went naturally not to have the issue together, do not frighten after a while.” “是师徒~”克茜拉空着的左手不满地敲敲王泉脑门,尔后笑道,“一起去当然没问题,不过一会儿千万别吓到了。” She lifts in the hand the double-edge sickle, on the face the smile is valiant, why I was called dusk the succuba...... a while you to know.” 她一抬手中双刃镰刀,脸上笑容英姿飒爽,“我为什么被称作黄昏魔女......一会儿你就知道了。” Wang Quan withdrew from the magazine to inspect under the bullet, then opened the insurance to draw under the bolt, raised the head saying: „ This saying should me. 王泉退出弹夹检查了下子弹,然后打开保险拉了下枪栓,抬头道:“这话应该我来说。 „...... Be not frightened by me.” “可别......被我吓到。”
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