MTOAW :: Volume #6

#553: Takes you as the sacrificial offering wash desire

......... “呼………” When defeats own water did several things at the same time is also tired is not good, Dongfang Yan also discovered here very suits treats as children's training ground. 当比奈战胜了自己的水分身也是累的不行了,东方焱也发现这里十分的适合当做孩子们的训练场。 The moisture content experienced personally caused heavy losses to naturally changes the clear water, to the process of war in unceasing stimulated the fighting spirit of opposite party in the spoken language. Until surmounts that strength that has duplicated from the beginning, this also made Dongfang Yan then the arrange/cloth in this lake get down the strategy immediately. 水分身受到重创自然的变回了清水,在对战的过程中不断的用言语激发对方的斗志。直到超越了一开始所复制的那个实力,这也让东方焱当下便在这湖泊上布下了阵法。 „, Feels what kind.” “比奈,感觉怎么样。” Puts out a hand to hug gently in the bosom, rubbed making one lose face, Dongfang Yan had also planned that turned into a similar arena same place here. 伸手轻轻把比奈抱在怀中,蹭了蹭脸,东方焱也打算把这里变成一个类似竞技场一样的地方。 Here supposes to place, everybody can come to here to challenge the opposite party to obtain the rank of opposite party by this. 在这里设下排名,大家都可以来这里挑战对方以此来获得对方的排名。 Borrowed the tournament of Canaan school once more. 再次借用了迦南学院的排名赛。 Elder Brother...... Elder Brother......” “哥……哥哥……” The tired incorrect ten shares receive by in the Dongfang Yan's bosom on the face has also taken the happy smiling face, as if a moment ago fight like that is worth very much. 累的不行的比奈十分享受的靠在东方焱的怀中脸上也是带上了开心的笑容,仿佛刚才那般的战斗很值得。 Good, rests first.” “好吧比奈,先休息吧。” Has wiped head gently, wants that very formidable martial learn/study in the girls of surrounding, Dongfang Yan was also the headache. 轻轻的抹了抹比奈的脑袋,在围观的丫头们一个个都要比奈那种十分强大的武学,东方焱也是头痛了起来。 After guaranteeing will certainly have put out to suit everybody's military study then to let off, but naturally also followed side Dongfang Yan's. 在保证了一定会拿出适合大家的武学后这才被放过,而比奈自然的也就跟在了东方焱的身边。 About this matter also instantaneous has spread, likes fighting also as if by prior agreement gathered to act like a spoiled brat as before with the past that together to Dongfang Yan did not like fighting is also same. 关于这件事也瞬间的传开了,一些喜欢战斗的也是不约而同的汇聚在一起向东方焱撒娇起来而不喜欢战斗的也依旧和从前一样。 After a guarantee can put out the military study then has comforted a girl of troop, Dongfang Yan is also in the heart smiles bitterly, oneself this has made any evil. 在一次保证会拿出武学后这才安抚了一大群的丫头,东方焱也是心中苦笑不已,自己这是造了什么孽啊。 Under Saeko and the others ask for trouble, Dongfang Yan has also spent several days of the thorough reorganization various martial learn/study, fights the technique as well as necessary Cultivation Technique. 冴子等人一句自讨苦吃下,东方焱也是花费了几天的时间才彻底的整理好了各种武学,斗技以及配套的功法 Has orange-red luckily, summer world as well as new accompany, otherwise Dongfang Yan also is really depressed to dying. 幸好有缇娜,夏世以及新加入的比奈陪同不然东方焱还真的是郁闷到死。 Therefore, the teaching system originally has also been divided into two types. 因此,原本的教学制度也分成了两种。 One type is to like fighting or wrestle complete Freedom Academy, another type is completely is the school of study. 一种是喜欢战斗又或者格斗的完全自由学院,另一种则是完全是学习的学院。 looks at girls practice to practice martial art on the expanded lake surface study, Dongfang Yan almost on wants the magic arts that the brain pulls out also to give to put in order. 看着一个个丫头们在被扩展后的湖面上练习着武学,东方焱差点就脑抽的想把法术也给整出来。 However thinks of the essence of this type of school ......... Behind comes to see, after all is not all girls suits military study Cultivation Technique this type. 不过一想到这种学院的本质嘛………还是后面来看吧,毕竟也不是所有的丫头们都适合武学功法这种。 Thinks that summer world dolphin factor intelligence formidable girl Dongfang Yan also wants to do the Magic school to come out. 想夏世这种海豚因子智力强大的丫头东方焱也想搞个魔法学院出来。 Under the Dongfang Yan's plan, military study school, Magic school. 东方焱的计划下,武学学院,魔法学院都在其中。 Dongfang Yan also planned, completely solved said again. 东方焱也打算等以后彻底解决了再说。 Does not like martial learn/study can study Magic, otherwise does not like Magic can also study martial learn/study. 不喜欢武学的可以学魔法,反之不喜欢魔法的也可以学习武学。 Also or both liked only wanting to be an average person cannot think formerly such to attend class the study. 又或者两者都不喜欢只想做个普通人的也可以想从前那样上课学习。 What will turn into about the future...... 关于未来会变成什么样…… Scattered, manages him happiness that so long as girls can live joyful on line. 撒,管他了只要丫头们能生活的幸福快乐就行了。 Learned from Martial Arts them is the future founder, future military study Cultivation Technique can guide or the inheritance as well as the development by them own. 学习了武功的她们就是未来的开创者,日后的武学功法都可以由她们来指导或者传承以及开发属于自己的。 Good, these got off the subject. 好了,这些说远了。 When all matters have straightened out, the establishment about military study school has also spent some time, in this period the conference of Saint emperor also ended. 当所有的事情都已经步入了正轨,关于武学学院的成立也是花费了一些时间,期间圣天子的会议也结束了。 Felt that interesting Akame, Kurome as well as Saeko sometimes will also arrive on the lake surface the looks at girls to the war, or directs 12 personally. 感到有趣的赤瞳,黑瞳以及冴子也会有时来到湖面上看着丫头们对战,又或者亲自指点12。 The natural direction is Saeko is directing, although Akame will also direct however Kurome. 当然指点是冴子在指点,虽说赤瞳也会指点但是黑瞳就算了。 Idles bored, Esdeath was also bullies the child, what were more was the instruction fights therefore is also insufficient every day to feel idle feeling nervous. 闲得无聊,艾斯德斯也是来欺负小朋友了,不过更多的还是指导战斗因此也不至于每天都感觉闲的发慌。 Naturally baby-feeding the establishment was did not have the extra worries, did not need to be worried again can have by the curse child roams about or is drown to death in the surrounding area. 当然育婴所的成立也算是没有了后顾之忧,不用再担心会有被诅咒的孩子又在外围区流浪或者被淹死了。 About looking after these was born or several months of big child's person are quite many. 只是关于照顾这些才出生又或者几个月大的孩子的人比较多。 When is at Dongfang Yan whole body heart processing about military school a series of matters, for a long time not in Saint emperor actually paying a visit of relation suddenly. 就在东方焱全身心处理关于武者学院这一系列事情时,许久没有在联系的圣天子却忽然的登门拜访。 Why will walk in as for the opposite party suddenly Dongfang Yan is puzzled actually or is also leading orange-red as well as summer world and walks toward own office. 至于对方为什么会突然找上门来东方焱也是不解却还是带着缇娜以及夏世和比奈朝着自己的办公室走去。 After Dongfang Yan brings three people are coming to the office, Saeko also exactly, was the opposite party telephones to Saeko evidently probably was right. 东方焱带着三人来到办公室后,冴子也恰好的在,看样子好像是对方又打电话给了冴子才对。 What matter does woman have?” 女人又有什么事?” Because has soaked recently, in Loli piled mood also naturally to say on good Dongfang Yan not to have of past not to hug the summer world vision tranquil looks at Saint emperor to inquire patiently. 因为最近一直泡在萝莉堆了心情也自然说的上还不错的东方焱也没有了以往的那种不耐烦抱着夏世目光平静的看着圣天子询问起来。 Sir Dongfang (east) this time matter really very important.” 东方大人这次的事情真的是十分的重要。” Although the Saint emperor to this Dongfang Yan impatient speech had not felt that the surprise actually is also start to talk that the face anxious look of brow tight wrinkle worries about. 虽然圣天子对这一次东方焱没有不耐烦的说话感到诧异却也是眉头紧皱的一脸愁容担忧的开口 What matter is very important? You said actually.” “什么事情很重要?你倒是说啊。” Speechless rolled the eyes, Dongfang Yan is almost the custom held summer world to kiss two to disregard somebody. 无语的翻了个白眼,东方焱几乎是习惯的抱着夏世就想亲两口无视了某人。 Sir Dongfang (east), had discovered one on No. 32 great stele couple days ago not by the stage iv gastraeas of great stele effect on magnetic field, the aldebaran.” 东方大人,前几天在32号巨石碑上发现了一只不受巨石碑磁场影响的阶段iv的原肠动物,毕宿五。” Remembers about this information, the Saint emperor appears anxious look gets up immediately, suddenly indeed so Strength that previous Saeko demonstrated forgetting. 一想起关于这个情报,圣天子顿时显得更加的愁容起来,一时间尽然是把上次冴子所显示出来的力量给忘记了。 Un?” “嗯?” Stares, Dongfang Yan recovered has remembered plot about this fellow immediately, what were more was does not care. 一愣,东方焱回过神来顿时想起了关于这个家伙的剧情,不过更多的还是不在意吧。 Pinched conveniently the insect anything was also good to be worried. 一只随手就捏死了的虫子又什么好担心的。 It is pouring into the corroded fluid toward the great stele in continuously, according to the judgment, over four days of great steles will not collapse. Although the new great stele started to manufacture, words that but wants to complete. “它正源源不断地往巨石碑中注入侵蚀液,按照判断,不超过四天巨石碑就会倒塌。虽然新的巨石碑已经开始制作,但是想要完成的话。 At least also requires nine days, but once the great stele collapses, will have the countless gastraeas to flood into Tokyo, when the time comes the entire Tokyo will face the catastrophe once more. ” 至少还要九天的时间,而巨石碑一旦倒塌,将会有数不尽的原肠动物涌进东京,到时候整个东京将再次面临浩劫。” Saying that the Saint emperor worries about. This matter is quite truly serious, this does not die 1-2 to be so simple. 圣天子十分担忧的说道。这个事情确实比较严重,这可不是死一两个那么简单。 Traded a speech this is Zombie has attacked a city simply Ah! 换个说话来说这简直就是丧尸攻城了啊! You said, great stele soon did collapse?” “你是说,巨石碑快要倒塌了?” The pretending to be surprised expression looked to a face agitated restless Saint emperor, Dongfang Yan also returned instantaneously tranquilly. 故作惊讶的表情看向一脸烦躁不安的圣天子,东方焱瞬间也就回了了平静。 Is Sir Dongfang (east), after the great stele collapses, will have the massive gastraeas from the place of collapse to come. When the time comes the resident in Tokyo area two days later will have 70% deaths or is infected the variation becomes the gastraea, four days later was the total death. The Tokyo area was broken through in light of this is extinguished.” “是的东方大人,巨石碑倒塌之后,就会有大量的原肠动物从倒塌的地方进来。到时候东京地区的市民两天后会有七成死亡或者被感染变异成原肠动物,四天后则是全数死亡。东京地区就此被攻破被灭。” When sees this report at first, the Saint emperor cannot believe, but orange-red as well as summer world and are directly by the shocking dumbfoundedness, even if the Saint emperor had not said at that time picture that again any they can also imagine. 在最初看到这个报告的时候,圣天子也是不敢相信,而缇娜以及夏世和比奈更是直接被震惊的目瞪口呆,就算圣天子没有再说什么她们也能想象的到那个时候的画面。 Therefore is also looks at Dongfang Yan that is anxious. 因此也是紧张起来的看着东方焱 Therefore?” “所以了?” Not anxious Dongfang Yan puts out a hand to comfort the look that orange-red three people of that worried about separately, after investing the relieved vision, looked that gets up to the Saint emperor chuckle. 一点也不紧张的东方焱伸手分别安抚了缇娜三人那担忧的眼神,投入安心的目光后看向圣天子轻笑起来。 Therefore?” “所以了?” The Saint emperor has smiled immediately, was mad has smiled, couldn't this fellow, this have listened to the consequence? 圣天子顿时笑了,是被气笑了,这家伙,这难道还听不出来后果吗? Sir Dongfang (east), this time is really the life and death time, must please probably protect the Tokyo area, thinks that you are not willing to see the school that oneself establish laboriously to be destroyed in a moment.” 东方大人,这次真的是生死存亡的时候了,请你务必一定要保护好东京地区,想必您也不愿意看见自己辛苦建立的学院被毁于一旦吧。” Saint emperor who not being able to bear has stood getting up arrived in front of Dongfang Yan's both hands to support a tabletop face was having to enforce earnestly asks the expression to request. 忍不住站了起来的圣天子来到东方焱的面前双手撑着桌面一脸认真有严肃了的拜托了表情请求道。 Un, although I do not think the school that establish was destroyed in a moment, but silly woman, you had as if forgotten who I am? What Ability also there is right.” “嗯虽然我也不想自己建立的学院被毁于一旦可是傻女人,你似乎忘记了我是谁?又有什么样的能力对吧。” Holds summer world to nod, looks at present Saint emperor Dongfang Yan is the vision tranquil letting opposite party whole body cannot bear trembles. 抱着夏世点了点头,看着眼前的圣天子东方焱也是目光平静的让对方浑身忍不住一颤。 Also because of so, Saint emperor then recalled that the opposite party that is almost not Ability of person, a moment ago, because was worrying at heart the future of Tokyo area has therefore not noted, but now recalls...... 也正是因为如此,圣天子这才回想起来对方那几乎不是人的能力,刚才因为心里担忧着东京地区的未来因此没有注意到,而现在回想起来…… That front door is leads to another dimension the entrance!!! 那个大门是通往另一个次元的入口嘛!!! East...... Sir Dongfang (east) ......... I ......... “东……东方大人………我………” Saint emperor who suddenly the instantaneous weak trend gets up immediately elegant face one red suddenly awkward in former place does not know that should be what to do good. 一时间瞬间弱势起来的圣天子顿时俏脸一红一时间尴尬的愣在了原地不知道该怎么办才好。 Recently my mood good this time, but anything is fastidious about the price, then wants me to make a move to save the Tokyo area, what price can you pay? I believe that you should also prepare the rescue work?” “最近我心情好这次就算了吧,不过任何事情都讲究代价,那么要我出手拯救东京地区,你又能付出什么样的代价了?我相信你们应该也在准备救援工作了吧?” Cast aside the Saint emperor, Dongfang Yan has put out a hand to rub orange-red head very careless speaking, this let the Saint emperor is also silent. 撇了眼圣天子,东方焱伸手揉了揉缇娜的脑袋十分漫不经心的说到,这让圣天子也是沉默起来。 „The big depth underground bunker of our Tokyo area constructed for this time about the rescue work. The member who can hold only has 30%. The method that other seek asylum also has, for example dispatches the airplane that the police guard or goes by boat from the marine shift refugee. It is not but good, first did not say the quantity that the airplane can deliver 1/1000 do not have continually. The gastraea that the sea roosts perhaps, Aegis frigate and aircraft carrier can also deal with, if the high-quality cruise is equal to the ravin of gastraea simply...... Sir Dongfang (east) this time ......... “关于救援工作我们东京地区的大深度地下掩体就是为了这个时候才建设的。只是,能够容纳的成员只有30。其他避难的方法也不是没有,比如派遣民警守卫的飞机或是乘船从海上转移难民。可是都不行,先不说飞机能够运载的数量连1也没有。海栖的原肠动物,神盾舰和航空母舰或许还能应付,若是高级邮轮简直等于是原肠动物的饵食……东方大人这一次………” woman, you as if somewhat reached out for a yard after taking an inch, how I did not have free time to manage you to disperse the refugee, now I after asking you saved the Tokyo area to result in the price.” 女人,你似乎有些得寸进尺了啊,我才没有闲工夫管你怎么去疏散难民,现在我是在问你拯救东京地区以后得代价。” Look extremely bad looks at is the temperature of Saint emperor office a face requested puts in very cool Saint emperor one of suddenly the extreme velocity dropped has let put on generally to tremble as before. 眼神极度不善的看着依旧是一脸请求的圣天子办公室的温度都放入极速下降了一般让穿的十分清凉的圣天子冷不丁的一个哆嗦。 Sir Dongfang (east) ......... 东方大人………” At present gradually the ice-cold vision makes the Saint emperor as if place oneself in the world of ice and snow is ordinary. 眼前逐渐冰冷的目光让圣天子仿佛置身于冰天雪地一般。 Why does not know, in the looks at present Saint emperor Dongfang Yan heart presented nameless darkness suddenly. 不知道为什么,看着眼前的圣天子东方焱心中忽然出现了一股无名的黑暗。 But was actually the corners of the mouth has curled upwards to be similar anything to plan in nearby Saeko to prevail generally. 而一直在一旁的冴子却是嘴角翘了起来仿佛什么计划得逞了一般。 It seems like also insufficient, but also has missed a point.” “看来还不够,还差了一点。” After seeing Dongfang Yan, does not have other motion Saeko is also secretly sighs. 东方焱之后没有其余的行动冴子也是暗叹到。 Last warning, making me make a move to save here price.” “最后一次警告,让我出手拯救这里的代价。” ......... “呼………” Deep breath, although does not understand how the opposite party this Saint emperor finally deeply shouted takes a breath expression earnest and serious speaking. 深呼吸,虽然不明白对方这是怎么了不过圣天子最后还是深呼吸了口气表情认真又严肃的说到。 No matter any price, certainly so long as is will satisfy Sir Dongfang (east) who I can pay.” “不管是什么代价,只要是我能所支付的一定会满足东方大人的。” I remember that previous time you and I had said your body can give birth, accompanying of Saint room also urged that you give birth to the successor as soon as possible, if can make my family/home satisfactory this matter I comply. Peaceful Saeko at one side chuckle start to talk, this was letting expression looks at that the Saint emperor a face does not dare to believe immediately suddenly she. “我记得上次你和我说过你的身体已经能够生育,圣室的随从也催促你尽早产下继承人,如果能让我家这位满意的话这件事情我就答应了。原本安静的冴子在一旁忽然轻笑着开口,这让圣天子顿时一脸不敢置信的表情看着她。 But present Saeko where also had in the past and in together is virtue, looked like directs the succuba who the person degenerated simply. 而现在的冴子哪里还有以往和自己在一起是的贤淑,简直就像是引人堕落的魔女。 Especially that pair of strange purple both eyes as if poisonous snake general stared at to make Saint emperor rubbing of draw back in the future several steps. 尤其是那双诡异的紫色双眼仿佛毒蛇一般的盯着自己让圣天子不由的蹭蹭往后退了几步。 So formidable Strength seed how possibly so easily can use, let alone this is another dimension World fiendish person all, I have not really guessed wrong.” “如此强大的力量种子怎么可能会如此轻易的就能使用,更何况这还是另一个次元世界的魔王所有,我果然没有猜错。” summer world, orange-red as well as face ignorant looks at the light opens mouth at present does not have sound blurry of several people of faces, does not understand why a Saint emperor how face is startled. 夏世,缇娜以及比奈一脸懵的看着眼前光张嘴却没有声音的几人一脸的迷糊,不明白为什么圣天子怎么一脸的惊慌起来。 Then takes you as the desire in sacrificial offering thorough wash that Strength.” “那么就以你为祭品彻底的洗涤那份力量中的欲望吧。” But no matter what Saeko Dongfang Yan's Asura Ji, is the voluntary investment dark incarnation succuba. 不管怎么说冴子可是东方焱的修罗姬,更是自愿投入黑暗化身魔女。 Is using that Strength to start regarding Dongfang Yan to realize that did not belong to Dongfang Yan's to be dark, this made then Saeko also somewhat worry. 对于东方焱在使用那份力量开始就一直察觉到了一份不属于东方焱的黑暗,这让当时的冴子也是有些担忧。 However all after the discovery Saint emperor can inspire that darkness unexpectedly then some features. 不过所有在发现圣天子居然能够引动那份黑暗后便有些一些眉目。 Until a moment ago had then determined gets down, therefore then speaking of unrestrained/no trace of politeness. 直到刚才这才确定了下来因此这才毫不客气的说到。 That chastity of Saint emperor, initiates one of the that jet black seed prime culprits holily. 圣天子的那份纯洁,圣洁正是引发那份漆黑种子的元凶之一。 hu...... Saeko ......... “冴……冴子………” looks at that a face does not dare to believe to Saeko Busujima that oneself approach, the Saint emperor until now the Saint emperor understands that original were being used from the beginning. 一脸不敢置信的看着向自己逼近的毒岛冴子,圣天子直到现在圣天子才明白过来原来自己从一开始就被利用着。 Since is the vase that should complete vase some to come to understand is good, I as if knew from your body why first several Saint emperors can die that early.” “既然是花瓶那么就应该做好花瓶该有的觉悟才行,从你的身上我似乎知道了前几任圣天子为什么会死的那么早了。”
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