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#472: The matter of preach Way principle, how can offends Saint 【Ultra-large chapter】

Blank? 空白? Bottom of Blood Sea, fell into the bad chaotic big city ruins, that crowd of Asura Race expert unfathomable mystery collapsed on the mentality, the anger and sad, killing intent is difficult to decide, the behavior is even more crazy...... 血海底部,陷入了糟乱的大城废墟中,那群修罗族高手莫名其妙就心态崩了,又怒又悲、杀意难定,行为越发疯狂…… Li Changshou while catches a fish by hand randomly, has melted this place layer on layer/heavily array with Primal Chaos Chart, went into under the big city quietly. 李长寿趁乱摸鱼,用太极图融过此地重重阵法,悄悄闯入了大城之下。 But when he investigates below circumstances carefully, knits the brows slightly. 但当他小心探查下方情形时,也不由微微皱眉。 Under only then spiritual qi transformed into clouds and mist, is empty except this. 下方只有灵气化作云雾,除此空无一物。 Similar to void above Nine Heavens, bottom of Blood Sea inquired about again downward, similarly can also be beyond the heavens is void. 就如同九天之上的虚空,血海底部再向下探寻,同样也会是天外虚空。 Judged wrong? 判断错了? The Li Changshou figure sinks rapidly, fast far away from the big city of top of the head. 李长寿身形迅速下沉,快速远离头顶的大城。 These Asura Race expert, in big city ruins complex array arrangement, under big city circumstances so...... 那些修罗族高手,大城废墟中复杂的阵法布置,大城下方的这般情形…… As if was showing diligently, this place is a trap, by Li Changshou with the strength of Empress Mother Earth seven emotions Incarnation, the trap that breaks with ease. 仿佛都在努力证明,此地不过是一处陷阱,被李长寿后土娘娘七情化身之力,轻松破掉的陷阱。 In colored glaze pagoda, numerous Way Sect expert is pondering at this time. 琉璃宝塔内,众道门高手此时都在沉思。 Saintess Golden Spirit said: „Very obvious, this place or in view of a Long Life junior apprentice brother trap, either is the target that attracts us, uses diversionary tactics.” 金灵圣母道:“很明显了,此地要么是针对长庚师弟的一处陷阱,要么是吸引咱们前来的箭靶,声东击西。” Un......” “嗯……” Zhao Gongming caresses must recite lightly, considered words and expressions, said with the low and deep mellow bass: 赵公明抚须轻吟,斟酌了一下字句,用低沉醇厚的男低音道: We following, which side should go to seek?” “咱们接下来,该去哪方找寻?” Prominent calm powerful, the upper reaches are graceful. 突出一个沉稳有力,上流优雅。 Saintess Golden Spirit answered: „ At this time great tribulation will be near, Heavenly Mystery to confuse, this Blood Sea also non- Four Seas, having the place is exceptionally innumerable, hid many strength tyrannical vicious beast. 金灵圣母答曰:“此时大劫将临、天机混淆,这血海又非四海,有异常之处数不胜数,也藏了不少实力强横凶兽 To search for Western Territory Cult to set up the place of second Samsara, is not an easy matter. ” 想搜寻出西方教立第二轮回之地,绝非易事。” Supreme Unity True Person both hands hold in the sleeve, said with a smile: Has Long Life, we with its are worried about this, was worried how would rather later seven emotions Incarnation loses control to deal again.” 太乙真人双手揣在袖中,笑道:“有长庚在,咱们与其担心这个,倒不如担心稍后七情化身再失控该如何应对。” The Jade Caudron True Person hears word brow light wrinkle, said in a low voice: 玉鼎真人闻言眉头轻皱,低声道: senior apprentice brother, Incarnation of anger had returned to grass-finder ring, whether first on poor way body?” 师兄,怒之化身已回了草环,可否先在贫道身上下来?” Un?” “嗯?” Supreme Unity True Person looked down the eye, smiled awkwardly, jumps down from the Jade Caudron True Person left shoulder, lifts the hand to sweep the shoulder of Jade Caudron True Person. 太乙真人低头看了眼,尴尬一笑,自玉鼎真人左肩跳了下来,抬手扫了扫玉鼎真人的肩头。 For a while is desperate and is desperate for a while.” “一时情急、一时情急。” Daoist Numerous Treasures proposed: Or, do we separate to search for?” 多宝道人提议:“要不,咱们分开搜寻?” Big Apprentice Brother, we decide undetachable.” 大师兄,咱们定不可分开。” Cloud Firmament said: „ Great Virtue Empress Earth has just now said that previously was Saint take action moved Samsara Great Way, that Saint could not say, at this time defended in the place of strategic point. 云霄道:“方才大德后土已说过,此前是圣人出手拨动了轮回大道,那圣人说不得,此时就守在要害之地。 Long...... he asked us to come, then to deal with so circumstances ; If we separate, how could it not be can by Western Territory Cult defeat in detail? ” 长……他请了咱们前来,便是为了应对这般情形;咱们若是分开,岂非会被西方教各个击破?” Zhao Gongming sincere say/way: Big Apprentice Brother, my second sister said right.” 赵公明正色道:“大师兄,我二妹说的对啊。” „Can that also be wrong? Definitely is right that said!” “那还能错了?肯定是说的对!” Daoist Numerous Treasures hastily said: For brother indiscretion, had/left the dusk to incur a moment ago, junior apprentice sister do not blame.” 多宝道人忙道:“刚才是为兄失言,出了昏招,师妹勿怪。” Nearby Supreme Unity True Person is out of control to be happy, said with a smile: 一旁太乙真人禁不住乐了,笑道: Our two cults, has to teach the sentiment respectively in this.” “咱们两教,各有教情在此嘛。” Section Cult four expert knit the brows to look, Supreme Unity True Person both legs slightly one soft ; By the good side the True Master Yellow Dragon prompt opens the mouth, changes the topic with a smile, how chatted following to deal...... 截教四位高手皱眉看去,太乙真人双腿微微一软;还好侧旁黄龙真人及时开口,笑着岔开话题,聊起了后续该如何应对…… numerous immortals discussed one, without other effective ways. 众仙讨论了一阵,都没有其他有效的办法。 True Master Yellow Dragon also asked: Why Long Life is junior apprentice brother still sinking?” 黄龙真人又问:“长庚师弟为何还在下沉?” First do not disturb him, Long Life should figure out the following matter in with heart and soul,” Zhao Gongming said, we cannot place on the Long Life shoulder so the heavy burden all, who about Blood Sea knew that are more?” “先别打扰他,长庚应该是在全心盘算后续之事,”赵公明道,“咱们总不能将这般重担尽数都放在长庚肩上,谁对血海了解多一些?” Jade Caudron True Person opens the mouth suddenly: Came out.” 玉鼎真人突然开口:“出来了。” Was Li Changshou had actually run out of that stretch of pure spiritual qi level, the front was jet black void ; 却是李长寿已冲出了那片纯净的灵气层,前方是一片漆黑的虚空; Immortal Sense does not have to prevent and delay, Li Changshou can only feel the incomplete Great Way mark, as well as void deep place, that light, the membrane of Heaven and Earth is congealed by Power of Heavenly Way. 仙识无所阻挡、自行延展,李长寿只能感受到残缺不全的大道印记,以及虚空深处,那薄薄的、由天道之力凝成的天地之膜。 According to the convention, Li Changshou heart exudes layer upon layer comprehension, was received temporarily by him, then chews again carefully. 按惯例,李长寿心底泛起层层感悟,被他暂时收起,回头再细细嘴嚼。 On once Nine Heavens, searched the hand to pick sun, moon and the stars ; 曾上九天,探手就可摘得日月星辰; Once next Nine Serenities, Blood Sea exhausted with turning over to the nihility. 曾下九幽,血海穷尽不过同归虚无。 But, Li Changshou has not turned around to return directly, instead sat cross-legged in being empty in the dark, the static thinking, reorganizes at this time already the news that gets hold. 但随之,李长寿没有直接转身回返,反而是在空无一物的黑暗中盘坐了下来,静静思索,整理此时已掌握的讯息。 Opposite party seriously therefore arrange/cloth deceptive battle array? 对方当真是故布疑阵? When is unable to determine oneself in several strata time, stand in each either, either jumps.】 【当无法确定自己在第几层时,要么站在每一层,要么就跳出来。】 At this time the Western Territory Cult estimate has been constructing the Samsara place, does not decide to oneself the too much time, stands on each, inquired about that the place of each possibility, analyzes each possible probability. 此时西方教估计已在建造轮回场所,定不会给自己太多时间,去站在每一层、探寻每个可能之处,分析每一种可能出现的概率。 Only can try to jump. 只能试着‘跳出来’。 the true mingled with the false and the false mingled with the true, the actual situation is uncertain, becomes camoflauge. 虚虚实实实实虚虚,虚实不定,方成遮掩 Regardless oneself subjective guess, inference and conception nowadays these news, oneself true grasp ‚does reality, what have? 抛开自己主观推测、推断、构想出的那些讯息,自己现如今真正掌握的‘实’,都有什么? West urgently needs, opens Samsara through burning incense God Country again, retrieves the declining tendency in this great tribulation. 西方迫切需要通过香火神国、再开轮回,挽回在这次大劫中的颓势。 Samsara Great Way has vibrated ; 轮回大道有所震动; Blood Sea Asura clan obviously knows Western Territory Cult must hold the matter of Samsara in Blood Sea again ; 血海修罗一族明显知道西方教要在血海再开轮回之事; Oneself inquired about to come, to find center of origin, felt the Saint Way rhyme ; 自己一路探寻而来,找到了‘震源’,感受到了圣人道韵; The strength of seven emotions Incarnation fights...... cough to the group very easily-to-use, this is unimportant. 】 七情化身之力对群战十分好用……,这条不重要。】 If only draws the conclusion according to these news, this center of origin the place must be the most essential place! 如果只根据这些讯息得出结论,这‘震源’之地必是最关键之地! Infers these news slightly, Li Changshou catches immediately essential. 将这几条讯息稍加推导,李长寿立刻捕捉到了此间关键。 If this big city is only a trap, why on only has Asura Race expert outwardly? 如果这处大城只是陷阱,为何明面上只有修罗族高手 When why, these Asura Race obviously have the unusual form, without West expert provide support? 又为何,这些修罗族明显出现异状时,没有西方高手接应 The explanation does not pass. 解释不通。 Asura clan not too karmic hinderance, they also Three Good Paths in Six Paths Samsara, or are on three, is the large clan of Heavenly Way approval! 修罗一族自身并无太多业障,他们也在六道轮回中的三善道,或者说是上三道,是天道认可的大族! If not circumstances is special, Western Territory Cult numerous expert, why can also ignores these Asura expert break through array of various ruins big city places? 若非情形特殊,西方教高手,又为何会放任这些修罗高手冲破废墟大城各处的阵法 This, is the flaw! 这,就是破绽! Li Changshou stands up slowly, looks up, will transfer, from head to foot, bird's eye view Blood Sea. 李长寿缓缓站起身来,抬头看去,又将自身调转,头上脚下,‘俯瞰’血海 From near to far even more rich spiritual qi, filling the sky clouds and mist gently loose, clouds and mist under Blood Sea on as if dark red Local God/territory. 由近及远越发浓郁的灵气,漫天云雾’轻轻散散,‘云雾’之下的血海就仿佛暗红的土地 The Li Changshou chest appears slowly Yin-Yang Primal Chaos Chart, heart urges in a low voice: 李长寿胸口缓缓浮现出阴阳太极图,心底低声叮嘱: Seeks for this place Heaven and Earth whether has the difference, may be Saint take action arrangement Heaven and Earth restriction. “找寻此地乾坤是否有异样,有可能是圣人出手布置的乾坤禁制 As far as possible do not expose we. ” 尽量不要暴露咱们自身。” Un,” Eldest Child Chart responds calm, the Primal Chaos Chart empty shadow of Li Changshou chest front dissipates quietly, transformed into two wisps of Yin-Yang Aura vanish does not see. “嗯,”图老大淡定地应着,李长寿胸前的太极图虚影悄然消散,化作两缕阴阳气息消失不见。 Quick, Li Changshou heart appeared a picture. 很快,李长寿心底浮现出了一幅画面。 In that ruins big city back, somewhere, the places of several Great Array camoflauge Li Changshou previously passed by...... Heaven and Earth presented the weak fold mutually, as if has together the unlatched gateway. 就在那废墟大城‘背部’,李长寿此前路过的某处,几座大阵互相遮掩之处……乾坤出现了微弱的褶皱,仿佛有一道虚掩的门户。 Li Changshou’s sighed the sound lightly, pasted in colored glaze pagoda: 李长寿的轻叹声,在琉璃宝塔内流转: Everyone also please be ready, must have Saint to guard in this place.” “各位还请做好准备,应当有圣人在此地镇守。” In pagoda, except Fairy Maiden Cloud Firmament complexion such as usually like that chilly, does not have any change, other big shot or look suddenly, or chuckle several. 宝塔中,除却云霄仙子面色如平时那般清冷,没有任何变化,其他大手子或是面露恍然,或是轻笑几声。 Also or like True Master Yellow Dragon, crosses the hands behind the back to knit the brows, is observing outside circumstances diligently...... 又或是如黄龙真人,负手皱眉,努力观察着外面的情形…… This is, how? 这是,又怎么了? ...... …… In order to the insurance, Li Changshou added two camouflages. 保险起见,李长寿又多加了两层伪装。 He does not dare to display escape method, not to dare to disturb Heaven and Earth, is relying on Primal Chaos Chart camoflauge, slowly close to the Heaven and Earth exceptionally place. 他不敢施展遁法、不敢扰动乾坤,凭借着太极图遮掩,缓缓靠近乾坤异常之处。 Because before the strength of seven emotions, has restrained, upfront big city ruins already again peaceful. 七情之力之前就已收敛,‘正面’的大城废墟已再次安静了下来。 One crowd of Asura Race expert, look the great array layout that oneself mess up personally, looks to distribute the companion corpses in various places...... 一群修罗族高手,看着自己亲手弄乱的大阵布局,看着分布在各处的同伴尸身…… They have doubts, be shocked and anxious, tie tight mind, defends in that abandoned main hall all around. 他们疑惑、震惊、不安,紧绷起心神,守在那座废弃的大殿周遭。 From beginning to end, Asura had not seen the Li Changshou’s shadow why did not know completely can a moment ago collectively out-of-control ; Even many Asura expert also think, oneself is affected by great tribulation...... 自始至终,修罗们连李长寿的影子都没见到,完全不知刚才为何会集体失控;甚至不少修罗高手还以为,自己是被大劫影响到了…… Asura is calamity, the learned to commit suicide? 修罗劫难,就是要学会自尽? These Asura numerous could not have taken care of oneself, at this time naturally cannot count on them, discovered that some goes to return to Heavenly Court ordinary authority God. 这些修罗众已是自顾不暇,此时自然不能指望他们,发现某‘去而复返’的天庭普通权神。 Primal Chaos Chart is Innate supreme treasure, is precisely in Innate supreme treasure one of the strongest several types of treasures. 太极图先天至宝,且是先天至宝中最强的几样宝物之一。 As splitting heavens three piece set, Primal Chaos Chart has great power to be able, oneself in change, perform to develop the primal chaos true meaning unceasingly, solely is placed it in the front, can make Qi Refiner produce continuous comprehension. 作为开天三件套,太极图本身已有莫大威能,自身又在不断‘变化’,尽演太极真意,单单是将它摆在面前,就能让炼气士产生源源不断的感悟 The Primal Chaos Chart main defense, its prestige can surpass Dark-Yellow Pagoda to be many. 太极图主防御,其威能超过玄黄塔不少。 With attacking treasure that Primal Chaos Chart shares the honor, is Pangu Banner in Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning hand. 太极图齐名的攻伐宝物,便是元始天尊手中的盘古幡 —— Pangu Banner can project primal chaos sword qi, has the advantage of Pangu god axe, was wielded by Saint, then has might that cuts the Saint. ——盘古幡能射出混沌剑气,有盘古神斧之利,被圣人执掌,便有斩圣的威力。 Naturally, if makes Pangu Banner attack Primal Chaos Chart...... 当然,如果让盘古幡去攻太极图…… That really became the fable story. 那就真成寓言小故事了。 Li Changshou has a small merit, fully respects supreme treasure. 李长寿有个小优点,就是充分尊重自家至宝 At this time, he does not contaminate Eldest Child Chart with oneself meager immortal power, all controls depending on Primal Chaos Chart. 此时,他根本不用自己微薄的仙力沾染图老大,一路全凭太极图自行把控。 And does not give Eldest Child Chart to hold back diligently! 并努力不给图老大拖后腿! Also therefore, a Li Changshou transformed into mosquito, touches to Heaven and Earth quietly has unusual location, depends on Primal Chaos Chart to dissolve this place Heaven and Earth, enters this place Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed small world from normal Heaven and Earth...... 也因此,李长寿化作一只蚊虫,悄悄摸到乾坤存有异常处,靠着太极图溶开此地乾坤,从正常乾坤进入此地芥子乾坤小世界时…… One have not exposed a little bit, Heaven and Earth has not presented any perturbation! 自身没暴露半分,乾坤也没有出现任何扰动! This truth is actually very simple. 这道理其实很简单。 In the strength of rank Great Desolate calculation, a Grand Pure Saint row of first place, Primal Chaos Chart ranked second, Saint does not know that posts for third specifically for the time being, had Primal Chaos Chart Great Master Profound Capital actually only to rank fourth! 洪荒推算之力排行中,太清圣人排首位,太极图排第二,各位圣人不知具体暂且并列第三,持有太极图玄都大法师却只能排第四! thus this Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed, can truly be called has the pot day. 且说这处芥子乾坤,确实称得上别有壶天。 When the mosquito that Li Changshou changes enters this place, as if intruded a long and narrow canyon, looks from afar, saw standing tall and erect grey pagoda faintly. 李长寿变化的蚊虫进入此地时,就仿佛闯入了一片狭长的峡谷,远远望去,隐隐看到了一座高耸的灰色宝塔 This tower high approximately thousand zhang (3.33 m), 360, circle all around sun, moon and the stars and circulation star, tower body portrays the shadow of Myriad Spirits. 此塔高约千丈,有三百六十层,周遭盘旋日月星辰周天星斗,塔身上刻画着万灵之影。 At this time, this pagoda has lightened the bottom hundred multi-layers, Samsara Great Way has passed through high and low. 此时,这座宝塔已点亮了底部的百多层,轮回大道贯穿上下。 Li Changshou has clearly to become aware immediately, if this pagoda lightens completely, will then become Heavenly Way treasure artifact! 李长寿立刻有所明悟,这宝塔若是完全点亮,便会成为天道宝器 Saint method, if is really uncommon. 圣人手段,果真不凡。 Here Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed is really big, pagoda leaves few also to have the thousand li (500 km) to be far, the left and right are similar two invisible walls, the front also has the numerous array protections...... 此处的芥子乾坤委实不小,宝塔离着自己最少还有千里远,左右两侧仿佛有两堵无形的墙壁,面前又有重重的阵法守护…… Depending on Saint method, can small world seal completely this. 圣人手段,自是能将这处‘小世界’完全封起来。 But at this time, they must let pagoda transformed into Heavenly Way treasure artifact, must maintain the connection with the outside world, with Heavenly Way full to contact. 但这时,他们要让宝塔化作天道宝器,就必须与外界保持关联,与天道充分接触 Be careful, small disciple.” “当心些,小徒弟。” Primal Chaos Chart Spirit Sense resounds in Li Changshou heart: Front has numerous expert, hides in layer upon layer array.” 太极图灵念李长寿心底响起:“前方有众多高手,躲藏在一层层阵法中。” Li Changshou in heart complied, has not worried to forward immediately, but is pondering over...... 李长寿心底答应一声,没有着急立刻向前,而是在琢磨一些…… Small mentality. 小思路。 Sees at present so a weaponry, the first response of normal life, naturally is to rush step by step. 见到眼前这般阵仗,正常生灵的第一反应,自然就是要一步步闯过去。 —— this is almost the thinking of overwhelming majority lives. ——这几乎是绝大部分生灵的思维定势。 Li Changshou actually steady, heart and Primal Chaos Chart discussed unceasingly whether deduce has the other laws of collapsing...... 李长寿却稳了一手,心底太极图不断商议,推演是否存在其他破局之法…… At this time this place, is with Saint upfront gambling, Li Changshou cannot actually be allowing itself to have a little bit to be rash and irritable, does not want really to go facing Saint. 此时此地,其实已算是在跟圣人正面博弈,李长寿容不得自己有半分毛躁、急躁,也并不想真的去面对圣人 The poor life only then one time, the front is happy, he is not willing to lose in this place. 小命只有一次,前方幸福美满,他可不愿在此地折戟。 And...... 而且…… Why can we rush?” “咱们为什么非要闯进去?” Li Changshou is asking in heart: „ Can Eldest Child Chart break here Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed? 李长寿心底问着:“图老大能否破掉这里的芥子乾坤 Only must disrupt this place Heaven and Earth, exposes that pagoda, trip foot. ” 只需扰乱此地乾坤,将那高塔暴露出来,此行足矣。” Eldest Child Chart gives the response immediately: 图老大立刻给了回应: Not anxiously, allowing me first to examine one carefully......, if breaks open this place before Saint take action, must find Yin-Yang balance to be.” “莫急,容我先细细查看一番……若要在圣人出手前破开此地,需找到一处阴阳均衡之所在。” Credible. 靠谱。 Li Changshou continues to hide near the Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed gateway, accurate backup own most escape method combination slides the person momentarily, Wind Speaking Incantation this type passive receive kind of magical powers does not dare to display. 李长寿继续躲藏在芥子乾坤的门户附近,随时准备用自己的最遁法组合溜人,风语咒这种‘被动接收’类神通都不敢施展。 But in this time colored glaze pagoda...... 而此时的琉璃宝塔中…… Yeah? The opposite party so exquisite arrangement, how Long Life does junior apprentice brother discover?” “哎?对方这般精妙的布置,长庚师弟是怎么发现的?” A True Master Yellow Dragon face is obscure. 黄龙真人一脸费解。 Saintess Golden Spirit said with a smile: „ Previously didn't say? Consumes the matter of mind, gives him and that's the end. 金灵圣母笑道:“此前不是说了?耗费心神之事,交给他就是了。 When your I at this time prepare fighting method, fears must the bloody battle. ” 你我此时当准备斗法,怕是要一路血战。” Supreme Unity True Person praised: Long Life worthily is the Three Cults recognition law...... technique specially strong outstanding disciple!” 太乙真人赞道:“长庚不愧是三教公认法……术特别强的优秀弟子!” senior apprentice brother,” the Jade Caudron True Person heartfelt suggestion, little opens the mouth.” 师兄,”玉鼎真人衷心建议,“少开口吧。” Supreme Unity ridicules. 太乙一阵讪笑。 Is standing Daoist Numerous Treasures strange say/way by tower window: „Before Long Life moved...... could it be to hide that pagoda ?” 正站在塔窗旁的多宝道人奇道:“长庚动了……莫非是要一路潜藏到那高塔前?” Saintess Golden Spirit said: „ If that is right, once we expose the whereabouts, to be attacked front and rear? 金灵圣母道:“若如此,一旦咱们暴露行踪,岂不是腹背受敌? When kills to be right. ” 当一路杀进去才对。” And look,” the Fairy Maiden Cloud Firmament slow sound said, he has the complete arrangement.” “且看吧,”云霄仙子缓声道,“他定有周全的安排。” numerous immortals nods respectively. 众仙各自颔首。 How does not raise with the Li Changshou’s friendship, but this looks, they were of many trust several points of riddle to Li Changshou...... 不提与李长寿的交情如何,只是这一路看下来,他们就对李长寿多了几分谜之信任…… Sees, before the Li Changshou transformed into mosquito flies the first wall, Primal Chaos Chart comes before the mosquito, gently revolving. 就见,李长寿化作的蚊虫飞到第一层阵壁前,太极图在蚊虫之前现身,轻轻旋转。 One does not pay attention while great array, Li Changshou drills into smoothly. 趁着大阵一不留神,李长寿顺利钻入其中。 In had the illusion, Li Changshou intruded piece of refined garden, all around was the hazy mist. 阵内存在幻境,李长寿闯入了一片雅致的林园,周遭是迷蒙雾气。 Youth Daoist sits on praying mat of tower edge, the side is accompanying a azure wool big dog, the front is suspending short table and hot tea. 一名青年道者坐在楼台边缘的蒲团上,身旁伴着一只青毛大狗,面前摆着矮桌与热茶。 Kṣitigarbha? 地藏 Li Changshou remain calm and collected, according to the direction of Primal Chaos Chart, hurries to toward a below single layer great array wall. 李长寿不动声色,按太极图的指点,朝下一重大阵的阵壁赶去。 Suddenly! 突然间! Does not have the indication, Kṣitigarbha opens the mouth saying: 毫无征兆,地藏开口道: Water God, since came, why not to come to discuss with me? 水神既然来了,何不来与我谈一谈? I teach is not willing with Way Sect to make war, Three Thousand Worlds may also govern with the Heavenly Court picture, these may discuss. ” 我教并不愿与道门开战,三千世界也可与天庭画地而治,这些都可谈。” The Li Changshou became mosquito, instantaneous is stiff on the spot! 李长寿变作的蚊虫,瞬间僵在原地! expert simultaneously that in pagoda, eight Li Changshou invited took up magical treasure, stood before the exit|to speak of pagoda, prepared to clash to silence a witness of crime at any time! 宝塔中,八位李长寿请来的高手齐齐抄起法宝,站在宝塔的出口前,随时准备冲出去杀人灭口! But Li Changshou is very at this moment calm, mind high-speed revolution, is analyzing all sorts of possibilities. 李长寿此刻无比冷静,心神高速运转,分析着种种可能性。 How did he expose? 他怎么暴露了? could it be was Western Territory Cult Saint discovered own whereabouts, did inform Kṣitigarbha? 莫非西方教圣人发现了自己的行踪,通知了地藏 It is not right, did oneself expose seriously? 不对,自己当真暴露了? Steady, multi- and other, copes with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle. 稳一手,多等一阵,以不变应万变。 First great array thorough peaceful, after the moment, Kṣitigarbha opened the mouth again, says unexpectedly: 首层大阵彻底安静了下来,直到片刻后,地藏再次开口,说的竟还是: Water God, since came, why not to discuss with me? 水神既然来了,何不与我谈一谈? I teach is not willing with Way Sect to make war, Three Thousand Worlds may also govern with the Heavenly Court picture, these may discuss. ” 我教并不愿与道门开战,三千世界也可与天庭画地而治,这些都可谈。” The solid hammer, had the spiritual wisdom life, the essence was a reread machine! 实锤了,有灵智的生灵,本质都是复读机! This Kṣitigarbha...... 这个地藏…… Li Changshou corners of the mouth twitches gently, heart has not relaxed completely , to continue to stay same place. 李长寿嘴角轻轻抽搐,心底并未完全放松,继续在原地呆着。 This small, by the mosquito that Primal Chaos Chart wraps, melts in Heaven and Earth perfectly, may go to beside Heaven and Earth momentarily. 这微小的、被太极图包裹的蚊虫,完美融于乾坤之中,随时可去乾坤之外。 In pagoda numerous expert:...... 宝塔内众高手:…… Supreme Unity True Person shakes the head: āi, is a mind are more than hair.” 太乙真人摇摇头:“,又是一个心眼比头发还多的。” Finally, Li Changshou listened to Kṣitigarbha to repeat three similar words, determined one have not exposed, hurried to under single layer great array quietly. 终于,李长寿又听地藏重复了三遍同样的话,才确定自身并未暴露,悄悄赶去了下一重大阵 In the glazed pagoda, Daoist Numerous Treasures put out two conches, play the same old trick, the people heard sound transmission of Kṣitigarbha and his mount again...... 琉璃塔内,多宝道人拿出两只海螺,故技重施,众人再次听到了地藏与他坐骑的传声…… Master do not shout that this place is the Second Cult Master Lord arrangement, Water God can unable to find this again.” “主人别喊了,此地是二教主老爷布置的,水神再能也找不到这。” Outside has lived randomly, the invincible trace had actually revealed, deciding was Water God without doubt.” “外面已生了乱,却无敌踪显露,定是水神无疑了。” Master you cannot belittle Way Sect expert, previously did not say, there are several Way Sect expert already by Water God Fengdu City.” “主人你不能小觑道门高手啊,此前不是说,有几位道门高手已被水神酆都城。” I will not belittle Way Sect expert fighting method strength, but......” “我自不会小觑道门各位高手斗法实力,只不过……” Kṣitigarbha words, the left palm gushes out the little flame, is warm front tea , to continue sound transmission: 地藏话语一顿,左掌涌出少许火焰,将面前的茶水温热,继续传声: Can seek this place in this time Saint disciple, only has Water God.” “能在此时就寻到此地的圣人弟子,唯有水神罢了。” Also, Kṣitigarbha opens the mouth again, bright sound said: 随之,地藏再次开口,朗声道: Water God, since came, why not to discuss with me......” 水神既然来了,何不与我谈一谈……” Behind Kṣitigarbha and Listening Truth, a mosquito drilled into a great array wall quietly. 地藏谛听背后,一只蚊虫悄然钻入了大阵阵壁中。 The Listening Truth ear moves gently, actually swung the long-tail, pretends that anything had not discovered. 谛听耳朵轻轻一动,却摇了摇长尾,假装什么都没发现。 After a little while...... 少顷…… Master, you felt, the matter of your Lane Western Territory Cult, can become? “主人,你觉得,你们西方教的这事,能成吗? Second Samsara is not that good vertical, the critical moment will definitely have Way Sect Lord Saint to come to the stop. ” 第二轮回可不是那么好立的,关键时刻必然会有道门圣人老爷现身阻拦。” The Kṣitigarbha chuckle the sound, sighed slowly, sound transmission returned said: 地藏轻笑了声,缓缓叹了口气,传声回道: Saint does not extinguish, gambling.” 圣人不灭,博弈罢了。” ...... …… Meanwhile, after Kṣitigarbha protection single layer great array,...... 与此同时,地藏守护的第一重大阵之后…… Li Changshou bypassed six Old Daoist with ease, slid into third layer array in this place great array corner, led the way unceasingly. 李长寿轻松绕过了六名老道,在此地大阵的角落溜入了第三重阵法,不断前行。 According to the Primal Chaos Chart investigation, here altogether Twelve Layered great array, can arrive under that pagoda across Twelve Layered great array. 太极图探查,这里总共十二重大阵,穿过十二重大阵就能抵达那座高塔之下。 Master Tower that had not spoken, is also out of control to whisper at this time: 一直没怎么发言的塔爷,此时也禁不住嘀咕: Small disciple, we hit multi- imposing manner, so long as finally compels Seven Wonders Treasure Tree, even if this we won. “小徒弟,咱们一路打过去多气派,最后只要逼出七宝妙树,这一场就算咱们赢了。 What fears? ” 怕个啥?” Li Changshou replied at the heart sinking sound: 李长寿心底沉声回答: Why felt how many expert in each single layer great array puts, these are expert defending closing of this single layer great array? “为何都觉得,每一重大阵内放几个高手,这几个高手就是这一重大阵的守关者? If makes me design here, not to mention hidden the true path in other places, this great array makes a feint layer on layer/heavily. 若让我来设计此处,且不说将真正的通路隐藏在其他地方,这重重大阵只是虚晃一枪。 Then is expert that various places place, only has an function...... 便是各处安放的高手,也只有一个作用…… Alert. 戒备。 If they discovered that has the enemy to invade, one greeting, rally togethers to attack and makes every effort fast to extinguish kills, why so to disperse the strength? 若他们发现有敌侵入,就一声招呼,群起而攻之、力求速速灭杀,何必这般将力量分散开? As one pleases and person, I do not believe seriously, West will make our single layer heavy great array rush. ” 由己及人,我当真不信,西方会让咱们一重重大阵闯过去。” Master Tower: reasonable.” 塔爷:“有道理。” Heaven and Earth Ruler: Cuts down wrong.” 乾坤尺:“伐错。” Primal Chaos Chart: Diverts attention not, West small Saint in front pagoda.” 太极图:“莫分心,西方圣人就在前方的高塔中。” Small...... 小…… This name also is very but actually unique. 这称呼倒也挺别致。 wordless and uncommunicative arrives in seventh layer great array, Li Changshou stops the forward flight, falls to, sought for Primal Chaos Chart saying that here Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed the place of Yin-Yang balance. 一路无声无息抵达第七重大阵,李长寿停下前飞,落向下方,寻找着太极图所说、此处芥子乾坤的阴阳平衡之处。 So long as undermines this balance, this Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed will then collapse shortly! 只要打破这个平衡,这芥子乾坤顷刻便会崩溃! Golden Light main hall that in seventh layer great array, imaginary concentrates float in midair, among has 12 Western Territory Cult expert, several primordial chaos vicious beast hide in the hidden place. 第七重大阵中,一座幻阵凝出的金光大殿悬浮在半空,其内有十二名西方教高手,更有几头鸿蒙凶兽躲藏在暗处。 Li Changshou has not responded their meanings slightly, flew the corner outside main hall quietly, emits Primal Chaos Chart...... 李长寿丝毫没有搭理他们的意思,悄悄飞到了大殿外的一角,放出太极图…… Only needs Li Changshou one start, the Yin-Yang involvement, Heaven and Earth reverses, the imbalance is difficult to lose, from may break up! 只需李长寿一声‘开始’,阴阳勾连,乾坤逆转,失衡难负,自可崩解! In pagoda, the Li Changshou’s voice brings inevitable intense, falls into eight expert ears: 宝塔中,李长寿的嗓音带着不可避免的紧张,落入八位高手耳中: everyone is ready, Primal Chaos Chart will soon destroy this Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed, Saint may direct take action stop very much, success or failure in this key one step.” 诸位做好准备,太极图即将破坏这处芥子乾坤,圣人很有可能会直接出手阻拦,成败就在此关键一步。” The word, Li Changshou looked at Dark-Yellow Pagoda and Heaven and Earth Ruler of eye Spiritual Body place, as well as is unable to congeal temporarily Golden Body of Karmic Virtue Karmic Virtue Treasure Pond. 言罢,李长寿看了眼自己元神处的玄黄塔乾坤尺,以及暂时无法凝成功德金身功德宝池 Illuminating Void Way Heart all urges to send, over and over determined oneself were not affected by fate tribulation. 空明道心全力催发,再三确定自己不是被劫运影响。 —— is actually he now the position, back Lord Saint, making his have no choice but to make this important matter. ——其实是他如今所处的位置,背后的圣人老爷,让他不得不去做成这件大事。 Primal Chaos Chart urged: Small can disciple be good? I have been possible to shatter at any time this place.” 太极图催促道:“小徒弟可好了?我已可随时坏掉此地。” Wait a bit,” Li Changshou returned to the sentence in heart, this mosquito depends the Primal Chaos Chart Way Rhyme package, flew under West Saint disciple praying mat quietly. “稍等,”李长寿心底回了句,这只蚊虫仗着有太极图道韵包裹,悄悄飞到了一名西方圣人弟子蒲团之下。 trump card is prepared, Dark-Yellow Pagoda and Primal Chaos Chart partner body ; 底牌齐备,玄黄塔太极图伴身; expert in glazed pagoda departs, only need flicker! 琉璃塔中的高手飞出,只需一瞬! Later the response as well as take action of Saint must do the matter, the big probability is stabilize this Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed...... 稍后圣人的反应以及出手要做之事,大概率是稳固芥子乾坤…… This proper? 这就妥了? No, but also insufficient...... 不,还不够…… After all facing Saint, heart really not self-confident, oneself may not have Great Master Way Realm, balance Great Way not to grow to can affect Saint...... 毕竟是面对圣人,心底实在是没自信,自己可没大法师道境,均衡大道还没成长到能够影响圣人…… Teacher sent Primal Chaos Chart, at crucial moments have no reason not to save itself. 老师太极图都派过来了,在危急时刻没理由不救自己。 His time does not need to covet what merit, does second Samsara the matter the Western Territory Cult dark stamp stamp, explodes to win directly steadily...... 他这次也不必贪什么功劳,把西方教暗戳戳搞第二轮回的这事,直接爆出来就能稳赢…… At the worst, oneself are in front of Cloud Firmament is not concerned about face one time, later immediately shouts loudly Teacher to save a life! 大不了,自己当着云霄的面也不要脸一次,稍后立刻高呼老师救命! The battle between Saint, where can be he intervenes. 圣人之间的交战,哪能是他干预的。 Primal Chaos Chart also urged: Can prepare?” 太极图又催促道:“可准备好了?” Good...... I to think again.” “好……我再想想。” Un, small disciple said the evening.” “嗯,小徒弟说晚了。” The Primal Chaos Chart spirit sleep/felt does not have the billows without the wave, if there is a human form, at this time feared that is a face is calm, both eyes are atheistic, has handled.” 太极图的灵觉无波无澜,若是有人形,此时怕是一脸淡定、双目无神,“已搞定。” Do! 搞! Li Changshou Spiritual Body trembles, has not made with enough time any deals, Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed of this Western Territory Cult pains arrangement, suddenly starts to tremble fiercely! 李长寿元神一颤,尚未来得及做出任何应对,这处西方教苦心布置的芥子乾坤,突然开始剧烈震颤! Heaven and Earth presents the layer upon layer current ripple mark, that both sides invisible giant wall disintegrates in the wink of an eye! 乾坤出现层层波痕,那两面无形的巨大墙壁瞬息之间分崩离析! Striking Great Way fluctuations, such as the filling the sky flood, small world comes toward this piece! 一股股斐然的大道波动,如漫天洪水,朝着这片‘小世界’汹涌而来! Old Daoist that in pagoda, calmly sits cross-legged opens the eyes suddenly, around the body gushes out lines after lines of Golden Light, the left hand lifts, at once next presses. 高塔之中,一名正静静盘坐的老道豁然睁开双眼,身周涌出道道金光,左手抬起,旋即下压。 Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed of entire collapse edge, stops to tremble instantaneously! 整个崩溃边缘的芥子乾坤,瞬间停下震颤! This Old Daoist one approaches Primal Chaos Chart this/Ben shortly in it place! 老道一眼看向太极图本图所在之地! Main hall dissipation that there great array the disintegration, the illusion has congealed, more than ten way body shades or stations or sitting, is completely stunned, is staring Primal Chaos Chart of that Zhang San chi diameter. 那里的大阵已崩碎,幻境凝成的大殿消散,十多道身影或站或坐,满是错愕,瞪着那张三尺直径的太极图 Primal Chaos Chart seems like pressed at this moment forcefully, is unable to continue to rotate...... 太极图此刻像是被人强行摁住,无法继续转动…… In the final analysis, the present is only supreme treasure displays the prestige energy, was short of expert to urge to send. 说到底,现在只是至宝自身发挥威能,少了高手催发。 Primal Chaos Chart trembles gently, above the Yin-Yang double fish just like living, had transferred some angles in reverse, this place Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed trembles fiercely! 太极图轻轻一颤,其上阴阳双鱼宛若活了过来,逆向转过些许角度,此地芥子乾坤又是剧烈震颤! The corner place in all directions, has started the disintegration! 四面八方的边角处,已开始大片大片的崩碎! In pagoda, that Old Daoist right hand lifts, under presses, this place Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed resumes the stability again! 高塔之中,那老道右手抬起、下压,此地芥子乾坤再次恢复稳定! The Primal Chaos Chart only it prestige energy, had been suppressed by Saint, this is Primal Chaos Chart in the dark launches an attack, Saint deals temporarily! 太极图单凭本身威能,已被圣人所压制,这还是太极图暗中发难,圣人临时应对! Under Li Changshou heart sigh with sorrow...... 李长寿心下感慨…… Then draws back Saint of crowd of edges, is still so terrifyingly in this way! 便是退群边缘的圣人,依然是这般恐怖如斯! Old Daoist cold snort/hum in pagoda, wipes light gray Way Rhyme such as the wave to swing generally, sweeps across toward Primal Chaos Chart. 高塔中的老道冷哼一声,一抹浅灰色的道韵如水波一般荡开,朝太极图席卷而来。 This flickers, Li Changshou known, oneself today inevitable wanting take action, must take action! 这一瞬,李长寿已知,自己今日不可避免的要出手,也必须出手 The situation that otherwise, oneself laborious creation, with great difficulty must come, most likely will destroy in this place...... 不然,自己辛苦创造的局面,好不容易得来的处境,八成就会毁在此地…… Nearby Primal Chaos Chart, wipes the azure light to bloom suddenly, praying mat was raised flies! 太极图附近,一抹青光突然绽放,一只蒲团被掀飞! On praying mat middle-aged Daoist both eyes of sit upright stare the circle, has not done with enough time any deals, has fallen down toward the front. 蒲团端坐的中年道者双目瞪圆,还未来得及做任何应对,已朝着前方栽倒。 The bronze long ruler departs, cuts directly before Primal Chaos Chart, that is only grasping the big hand of bronze ruler, resembles to congeal from the nihility , then is the wrist/skill, arm and shoulder...... 青铜长尺飞出,径直斩向太极图之前,那只握着青铜尺的大手,似是自虚无中凝出,而后便是手腕、手臂、肩头…… Heaven and Earth Ruler falls from top to bottom, the front has together the Heaven and Earth crack, disturbs Way Rhyme that Cundi Saint dispersed. 乾坤尺自上而下滑落,前方出现一道乾坤裂缝,堪堪干扰了一下准提圣人散出的道韵 The Li Changshou figure completely appears, naturally is the youth facial features after camouflage, after he one step rushes to Primal Chaos Chart, the right palm pats center Primal Chaos Chart! 李长寿身形完全现出,自然是伪装后的青年面容,他一步冲到太极图之后,右掌拍在太极图正中! In heart , the strongest will and indignant sound shouts with the biggest courage! 心底,用自己最大的勇气、最强的意志、愤声呼喊! Teacher! 老师 Help! ’ 救命!’ Heaven and Earth balance, broken! 乾坤均衡,破! Li Changshou’s balance Way Rhyme converges Primal Chaos Chart, Primal Chaos Chart splits the black and white bright suddenly ; The Old Daoist both hands in pagoda just like pressing spatially, the palm does not have the feeling of trying again, the body trembles slightly. 李长寿的均衡道韵汇入太极图,太极图骤然绽出黑白亮光;高塔中的老道双手宛若摁空,掌心再无着力之感,身体微微一颤。 Various Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed places, comprehensive disintegration! 芥子乾坤各处,全面崩碎! The above Asura Race ruins big city trembles fiercely, Blood Sea within several tens of thousands li (0.5 km) raises the dreadful wave, a huge Primal Chaos Chart empty shadow covered several thousand li (0.5 km), dissipates immediately! 上方修罗族的废墟大城剧烈震颤,数万里内的血海掀起滔天波浪,一张巨大的太极图虚影笼罩了数千里,又立刻消散! That thousand zhang (3.33 m) high Samsara Pagoda trembles fiercely, above the bright solidifies, the resembles of Myriad Spirits almost collapses. 那座千丈高的轮回宝塔剧烈震颤,其上亮光凝固,万灵之像几乎崩溃。 In Soaring Firmament Throne Palace, is revising plays the table white clothing Jade Emperor to set out suddenly, both eyes Golden Light circulation, looks down to the Nine Serenities deep place, saw pagoda hangs upside down in the Heaven and Earth edge! 凌霄宝殿中,正批改奏表的白衣玉帝豁然起身,双目金光流转,低头看向九幽深处,看到了一座宝塔倒悬于天地边缘! Spirit Mountain deep place, Golden Lotus pond beside, a thin old man who puts on loose way robe sighed slowly, had not said. 灵山深处,金莲池旁,一位穿着宽松道袍的清瘦老者缓缓叹了口气,并未多说。 The Nine Heavens deep place, in that pure simple Grand Pure Monastery, Old Daoist corners of the mouth pulled the little smiles...... 九天深处,那清净简单的太清观中,老道嘴角扯出了少许微笑…… In that yard near Kunlun Mountains Jade Void Palace, lies down middle-aged Daoist on rocking chair shows happy expression safely. 昆仑山玉虚宫附近的那座小院内,躺在摇椅上的中年道者露出安然的笑意。 Primal Chaos Sea, the flowing light of two mutual chases stopped one suddenly, transformed into youth Daoist. 混沌海,两道互相追逐的流光突然停下了一道,化作了一名青年道者 This youth Daoist knits the brows to look to the Great Desolate direction, looked that had vanished the flowing light of no trace to the front, corners of the mouth twitches slightly...... 这青年道者皱眉看向洪荒的方向,又看向了前方已消失无踪的流光,嘴角微微抽搐…… Heavenly Way is all right to shake anything to shake! Perhaps this time really can catch up! 天道没事震什么震!这次说不定真的能追上! If makes this poor Daoist know that who is doing the matter, a flat sword he! ” 若让贫道知道谁在搞事,一剑平了他!” Is accompanying several foul-mouthed, this youth Daoist flings the elegant hairlace, the figure vanishes directly does not see...... 伴着几声骂骂咧咧,这青年道者甩起飘逸的发带,身形直接消失不见…… Looks at the source of that vibration again, Great Desolate Five Divisions Continent Heaven and Earth most bottom. 再看那震动之源,洪荒五部洲天地最底部。 Beside Blood Sea, under waste city! 血海之外,废城之下! The Old Daoist facial features in pagoda are solemn, oneself by the numerous fog packages, a pair seemed to have looked at completely the double pupil in world vicissitudes, is staring at that youth Daoist after Primal Chaos Chart. 高塔之中的老道面容冷峻,自身已被重重灰雾包裹,一双仿佛看尽了世间沧桑的双眸,盯着太极图后的那名青年道者 With shatter of Heaven and Earth in Mustard Seed, this place array dissipates, over 160 expert from Western Territory Cult, simultaneously is staring Li Changshou that resides in the central location. 随着芥子乾坤的破碎,此地阵法自行消散,前后总共一百六十余位来自西方教高手,正齐齐盯着居于中央位置的李长寿 In front of Li Changshou, Primal Chaos Chart revolves slowly, appears two empty shades of counter- rotation, protects behind the Li Changshou chest front. 李长寿面前,太极图缓缓旋转,现出一正一反转动的两道虚影,护在李长寿胸前背后。 The Dark-Yellow Pagoda mark appears in the Li Changshou forehead, layer upon layer Dark-Yellow Aura lets fall. 玄黄塔的印记出现在李长寿眉心,一层层玄黄气息垂落。 Hiss —— “嘶—— Li Changshou inhaled a cold air suddenly, lifts the hand to touch the chin, whispered: „ Teacher makes me study one study to transfer in Heaven and Earth with Primal Chaos Chart, how does a blink, arrive at this? 李长寿突然吸了口凉气,抬手摸了摸下巴,嘀咕道:“老师让我学一学用太极图天地间挪移,怎么一眨眼,就到这? Here is could it be...... Spirit Mountain? 这里莫非是……灵山 Everyone continues and continue, you are busy your, I passed by purely, this. ” 各位继续、继续,你们忙你们的,我就单纯路过,这就离了。” Li Changshou movement very natural, cut the Heaven and Earth crack with Heaven and Earth Ruler in the front, in the mouth is saying together: 李长寿动作很自然地,用乾坤尺在面前划开一道乾坤裂缝,口中说着: „ The place of disturbance, but also looks to be broad-minded. “打扰之处,还望海涵。 Really strange, how did this come Spirit Mountain? ” 真是奇怪,这怎么就来灵山了?” The word, Li Changshou takes one step to enter into the Heaven and Earth slit, but he just lifted the foot, that Heaven and Earth crack instantaneous closed! 言罢,李长寿就要一步迈入乾坤缝隙中,但他刚抬脚,那乾坤裂缝瞬间闭合! Water God!” 水神!” Nearby pagoda, a full silver white long hair, wears Old Daoist of tattered long gown, points at Li Changshou to clench teeth to curse angrily: 高塔附近,一名满头银白长发、身着破烂长袍的老道,指着李长寿咬牙怒骂: „Do you also want to walk?” “你还想走?” Before a group of expert want all around immediately to/clashes, Li Changshou around the body supreme treasure pressure erupts, made this crowd of expert simultaneously hit to startle. 周遭大群高手立刻就要前冲,李长寿身周至宝威压爆发,却让这群高手齐齐打了个激灵。 Innate supreme treasure Primal Chaos Chart! 先天至宝太极图 Fellow Daoist! “各位道友 magical powers does not have a spirit to be perforated, magical treasure ruthless I feel emotion! ” 神通无眼灵有眼,法宝无情我有情!” Li Changshou bright sound said: „ this poor Daoist just passed by this place, if collided and damaged your great array, this poor Daoist is willing to compensate part of spirit stone! 李长寿朗声道:“贫道只不过是路过此地,若是撞坏了你们的大阵,贫道愿意赔一部分灵石 Why can begin? ” 何必非要动手?” This crowd of Western Territory Cult expert are angry immediately! 这群西方教高手顿时大怒! Hides in Daoist Wen Jing of hidden place, this moment corners of the mouth trembles lightly, in the eye full is the happy expression, does not dare to smile to make noise. 躲在暗处的文净道人,此刻嘴角一阵轻颤,目中满是笑意,又不敢笑出声。 Li Changshou turns head to look all around, at present one bright, saw crowd final Kṣitigarbha and Listening Truth. 李长寿扭头环顾四周,眼前一亮,看到了人群最后的地藏谛听 Kṣitigarbha Dao Brother, does not see for a long time, is thinks of.” 地藏道兄,好久不见,甚是想念啊。” The Kṣitigarbha forehead hangs all over the heavy line, cold say/way: Fellow Daoist takes seriously the ability, touched here unexpectedly.” 地藏额头挂满黑线,冷然道:“道友当真好本领,竟神不知鬼不觉摸到了此处。” Li Changshou said with a smile: Was lucky the Dao Brother reminder.” 李长寿笑道:“还是多亏了道兄提醒。” Water God cannot does so dirty method,” Kṣitigarbha snort/hum the sound, „ this poor Daoist cannot discover you, making you mix in this place, has a responsibility with other senior apprentice brother junior apprentice brother. 水神莫要搞这般龌龊手段,”地藏哼了声,“贫道未能发现你,让你混入此地,与其他各位师兄师弟都有一份责任。 fellow disciple, why not we collaborate arranging array together, is stranded him in this place, hands over punishes by two Teacher? ” 各位同门,咱们何不一同联手布阵,将他困在此地,交由两位老师发落?” Li Changshou happy expression restraining, the expression becomes full is solemn and respectful, said: Dao Brother responded seriously rapidly, worthily was Western Territory Cult disciple that I most appreciated.” 李长寿笑意收敛,表情变得满是肃穆,道:“道兄反应当真迅速,不愧是我最欣赏的西方教弟子。” You!” “你!” Kṣitigarbha knits the brows drinks lowly, but the words have not said, was broken by Li Changshou directly. 地藏皱眉低喝,但话语未说完,就直接被李长寿打断。 Today I truly was bump into this place, as if dark has induced.” “今日我确实是误打误撞到了此地,似乎冥冥中有所感应。” Li Changshou turned head to look to that pagoda, sighed: „ Has not thought, your Western Territory Cult does such wicked matter unexpectedly! 李长寿扭头看向了那座高塔,叹道:“不曾想,你们西方教竟做此等恶事! Samsara Great Way, Power of Heavenly Way, burning incense God Country...... 轮回大道,天道之力,香火神国…… Your can could it be that by your control the mind life, always be imprisoned with the method of Samsara innumerably, is you to extract Karmic Virtue magical artifact? 你们莫非是要将那无数被你们控制心神的生灵,用轮回之法永世禁锢,做你们提取功德法器 everyone takes seriously, unconsciously guilty conscience? ” 诸位当真,不觉亏心吗?” Old Daoist indifferently said: Every my West section numerous, perform the mercy benevolence, sets up this Samsara Pagoda, but to do good deeds to do good deeds, the life of heart good justice and humanity, can calm and steady Samsara, its lucky report.” 老道淡然道:“凡我西方部众,尽慈悲仁爱,立此轮回塔,不过是为行善积德、心善仁义之生灵,能安稳轮回,得其福报。” Li Changshou looks puzzled, every single word or phrase the bright sound said: 李长寿面露不解,一字一句朗声道: „ Is mercy benevolence decided by whom? Are the heart good justice and humanity commented by whom? “慈悲仁爱由谁来定?心善仁义由谁来评? Heaven and Earth has Six Paths Samsara, Heavenly Way is fair and selfless, Karmic Virtue karmic hinderance is distinct. 天地已有六道轮回,天道至公无私,功德业障分明。 In your words the meaning according to Fellow Daoist, clearly despises Heavenly Way, disregards the Heavenly Way order, the intention seeks Heaven and Earth great luck by the matter of Samsara! 道友你话中语意,分明就是藐视天道,无视天道秩序,意图以轮回之事谋天地大运 What's wrong? 怎么? Everyone is the Western Territory Cult famous elder, could it be thought that Heavenly Way favors Heavenly Court, wants to shake the Heavenly Way foundation? ” 各位都是西方教名宿,莫非觉得天道偏袒天庭,想借此动摇天道根基?” Sufficed.” “够了。” Full is dignified actually the words sound of ancient well without ripples, floats from the pagoda place slowly, pagoda presented bunch of clouds and mist all around! 满是威严却又古井无波的话语声,自高塔处缓缓飘来,高塔周遭出现了一团团云雾 This place presents lines after lines of Golden Light, the Saint dignified heavenshaking fear place, in Blood Sea numerous life simultaneously keeps silent, in Hell the innumerable souls tremble inexplicably. 此地出现道道金光,圣人威严震天慑地,血海之中众生灵齐齐噤声,幽冥界内无数魂魄莫名战栗。 Saint appears dharma idol ; 圣人现出法相; Li Changshou heart relaxes, oneself today is the merit becomes. 李长寿心底松了口气,自己今日已算是功成。 Saint dharma idol that Human Cults disciple Li Changgeng,” that clouds and mist concentrates opens the mouth saying that „ you go bad my West opportunity deliberately, have a glib tongue futile attempt escape the responsibility for an offense. 人教弟子李长庚,”那云雾凝成的圣人法相开口道,“你蓄意坏我西方机缘,巧舌如簧妄图逃脱罪责。 Toward time read you for the Heavenly Court potency, this poor Daoist has assigned numerous disciple to exercise forbearance to you in every possible way, at the present personally sees you, you actually did not know the immensity of heaven and earth, simply has not placed in this poor Daoist the eye, when governed you not to revere the crime of Saint. 往次念你为天庭效力,贫道已命众弟子对你百般忍让,而今亲眼见你,你却不知天高地厚,根本没把贫道放在眼中,当治你不尊圣人之罪。 In view of this, this poor Daoist generation of Grand Pure senior apprentice brother teach to your uses/gives some, presses you to enter under Spirit Mountain the millenniums. ” 既如此,贫道太清师兄对你施些教训,压你入灵山之下千年。” The word, that dharma idol raises the left hand slowly, must pound face to face to Li Changshou. 言罢,那法相缓缓举起左手,就要对李长寿当面砸来。 The Li Changshou top of the head concentrates the Primal Chaos Chart empty shadow, this empty shadow has not transferred the reality, Li Changshou is one shouted: 李长寿头顶凝出太极图的虚影,这虚影还未转实,李长寿已是一声大喊: wait a moment!” 且慢!” He finishes barely the words, the side suddenly were many one group of clouds and mist. 他话音未落,身旁突然多了一团云雾 Golden Battle before the Li Changshou body float, clouds and mist concentrates to wear Fairy Maiden of white clothing, elegant face slightly cold, is gazing at Saint dharma idol. 一只金斗李长寿身前悬浮,云雾凝成身着白衣的仙子,俏脸微寒,注视着圣人法相 Section Cult, Cloud Firmament. 截教,云霄 Li Changshou heart smiles helplessly, the words that just about to speaks is broken by her arrival, actually can only lift the hand to draw the Cloud Firmament long skirt sleeve cuff, making her cannot impulsive. 李长寿心底无奈一笑,刚要说的话语被她的登场打断,却只能抬手拉一下云霄长裙袖口,让她莫要冲动。 hey?” ?” In the Li Changshou sleeve spreads one lightly, among sees the flowing light twinkle, drills one to wear Battle Armor, to gather the beautiful fine beard and hand held Uncle gold/metal Mubian martial looking. 李长寿袖中又传出一声轻咦,就见其内流光闪烁,钻出一名身着战甲、蓄着美髯、手提金木鞭的英武大爷。 24 treasure bead appear in several people of around the body, sends out deep blue luminous ; Half Western Territory Cult disciple, subconsciously simultaneously drew back half-step all around unexpectedly! 二十四颗宝珠出现在几人身周,散发出湛蓝光亮;周遭半数西方教弟子,竟下意识齐齐退了半步 Section Cult, Zhao Gongming! 截教,赵公明 Uncle Zhao said easely: 赵大爷悠然道: Long Life, you did not say that the belt/bring does go to a good place to drink for the brother? How to this? 长庚啊,你不是说带为兄去个好地方喝酒?怎么到这了? hey? Isn't this Lord Saint, Western Territory Cult Second Younger Uncle-Master? ” ?这不是圣人老爷,西方教二师叔吗?” Spoke, Zhao Gongming arched submissive, shouted: „ Younger Uncle-Master is courteous, Younger Uncle-Master is courteous! 言说中,赵公明拱手,喊道:“师叔有礼,师叔有礼! Big Apprentice Brother, came out to pay a visit Saint Younger Uncle-Master quickly! ” 大师兄,快出来拜见圣人师叔了!” Oh!” “啊哈哈哈!” In the Li Changshou sleeve spreads several to laugh, sees the flowing light sparkle, Daoist Numerous Treasures and True Master Yellow Dragon simultaneously departs, is making way greeting to salute to Saint dharma idol. 李长寿袖中传出几声大笑,又见流光闪耀,多宝道人黄龙真人齐齐飞出,对着圣人法相道揖行礼。 Stated differently, Daoist Numerous Treasures stands before the Li Changshou body directly, True Master Yellow Dragon stands in Li Changshou behind ; 不同的是,多宝道人直接站在李长寿身前,黄龙真人站在李长寿身后; But in Daoist Numerous Treasures hand, but also takes a accumulated Jade Talisman of Saint Way rhyme. 多宝道人手中,还拿着一枚蕴着圣人道韵的玉符 Also sees the Li Changshou sleeve cuff Golden Light sparkle, the Saintess Golden Spirit left hand carries Jade Ruyi, the right hand is grasping tall and slender treasure sword, at this moment actually is only cold snort/hum one, salutes is disinclined to salute. 又见李长寿袖口金光闪耀,金灵圣母左手端一只玉如意,右手握着一把细长宝剑,此刻却仅是冷哼一声,行礼都懒得行礼。 Five Colors Divine Light sparkles gently, Kong Xuan stands in the Daoist Numerous Treasures body side, is making to Cundi way greeting, in the eye was eager to try, in mouth indifferently said: 五色神光轻轻闪耀,孔宣站在多宝道人身侧,对着准提做了个浅浅的道揖,目中跃跃欲试,口中淡然道: Phoenix Race, Kong Xuan.” 凤族,孔宣。” proud Yidun reveals. 傲意顿显。 At this moment, the left hand that Saint dharma idol lifts, received slowly, making this place atmosphere immediately obviously awkward. 此刻,圣人法相抬起的左手,缓缓收了下去,让此地氛围顿时更显尴尬。 But this, was just departed the two way body shadow captures in Li Changshou sleeve finally. 而这一幕,刚好被最后飞出李长寿袖中的两道身影捕捉。 Jade Caudron True Person stands in the Li Changshou body side, is just about to making way greeting to Cundi Saint, that unprepared Supreme Unity True Person, lifts the hand to make in the way greeting process, the mouth does not slip away one controlled: 玉鼎真人站在李长寿身侧,刚要对着准提圣人做个道揖,那立足未稳的太乙真人,抬手做道揖的过程中,嘴巴已是不受控地溜出一句: This?” “就这?” Instantaneously, a circumference ten thousand li (0.5 km) dreariness, that Saint dharma idol has the trend of inflation...... 瞬间,方圆万里一片沉寂,那圣人法相都有膨胀的趋势……
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