MPASLUI :: Volume #10

#959: The scavenger heaven, here everywhere is the buried treasure!

In the swamp muddy land under ruins bridge. 废墟大桥下的沼泽泥地里。 More than ten move fights vigorously armor fast to alternate in the river bed. 十多台动力战甲快速在河床中穿插。 Depends on the cold nuclear power battery, fought radiation hole already of armor foot to arrive in a big way, is dispersing the steam outward. 靠着冷核动力电池,战甲脚部的散热孔已经开到了最大,嗤嗤的往外散着热气。 Cold light from the sky dance in the air, brings the intermittent frightening pitiful yell sound. 一道道寒光在空中飞舞,带起阵阵让人心惊的惨叫声。 One crowd is the radiated mutant monster of life in the river system. 一群本是生活在水系中被辐射的变异怪物。 Dependence is hunts for the shore after as well as does not visit the lifeform of this region to live carefully. 依靠的就是捕猎岸边经过以及不小心踏足这片区域的生物而活。 Nowadays, the prey delivered. 现如今,猎物是送上门了。 May put on to fight vigorously armor, on the arm extends caravan guard of one meter about five sharp long blade, from the start is not the goal that they can covet. 可穿着动力战甲,手臂上伸出来一米五左右锋利长刀的商队守卫,压根就不是他们能觊觎的目标。 An about less than five minutes of time, Dahlen then led the person to have a bloody road to opposite shore forcefully. 大约五分钟不到的时间,达伦便带着人硬生生杀出来了一条通往对岸的血路。 Picks up the speed, we need before the radiation lifeform of distant place catches up, arrives opposite shore!” “加快速度,我们需要在更远处的辐射生物赶过来之前,去到对岸!” The bloodstain in ground links up into a single stretch. 地面上的血迹连成一片。 The lifeform fragment that in the river bed scatters looks like the slaughter house to be common, sends out bloody air/Qi that soars to the heavens. 河床里散落的生物碎片就像是屠宰场一般,散发出冲天的血腥气。 Following road that the guards open, numerous scavenger veiled head hurries along. 顺着护卫们开辟出来的路,一众拾荒者蒙头赶路。 Although on the way bumps into the danger that stuck out suddenly several times suddenly, but finally success crossed the danger zone. 途中虽然碰到了几次忽然暴起的危险,但最终还是成功的横穿了危险地带。 Arrives in the opposite shore, Dahlen leaves behind two people to be responsible for the security guarantees of short distance. 抵达对岸,达伦留下两人负责近距离的安全保证。 The remaining people follow he to howl, diverges the cleaning up peripheral threat like the wild bee toward the surroundings generally. 剩下的人则跟着他呼啸而出,如同野蜂一般往周围散去清理周边威胁。 Pays attention to nearby danger, rapidly forms the formation, everyone do not wander about aimlessly!” “注意附近的危险,快速形成队形,所有人不要乱走!” This piece can be called beyond five points for the time being along region, the big hole in road surface obviously be much more than western suburbs. 这片姑且可以被称作五环外沿的区域,路面上的大坑明显要比西郊多得多。 The reason that because has rained, the second half in big hole is depositing the stench water. 由于才下过雨的缘故,大坑里的下半存放着腥臭的积水。 Some have not driven away with enough time, is stopped by the vehicles wreckage that the time nibbles lying this way and that by the big hole, since the low trees that hangs all over the strange fruit live from the pit, the branch drills from the wreckage. 一些没来得及开走,被时间所蚕食的车辆残骸横七竖八停在大坑旁边,挂满怪异果实的低矮树木则从坑底部生起,树枝从残骸中钻出。 In that stretch of alone five building areas with the territory are similar, here over 15 high towers must be more. 和领地内那片孤零零的五楼区相似,这里十五层以上的危楼明显要更多一些。 Although cannot compare five points of central that several Dahlen have warned the ultra tall building, but in giving the person vision shocks on actually does not lose the half a point as before. 虽然比不上五环中心那几座达伦警告过的超高楼,但在给人视觉震撼上却依旧不输半分。 Do not contact the plant that any you do not know, even if seems like the human and animals harmlessly one from the grass!” “不要接触任何你们不认识的植物,哪怕是看起来人畜无害的一从小草!” Shortly scavenger silly must go to take to the afforestation, a guard who Dahlen kept before makes noise hastily the reminder: This is the paralysis grass, its toxin cannot make you be in danger although, but if by his juice permeating skin, we must go back at the back of you today.” 眼看着一名拾荒者傻愣愣的要去到绿化带上,达伦之前留下来的一名护卫连忙出声提醒:“这是麻痹草,尽管它的毒素不会让你有生命危险,但要是被他的汁液渗入皮肤,今天我们就得背着你回去了。” The green and glossy grass, seems like with the city in the clover same human and animals that plants the maintenance environment massively are harmless. 绿油油的小草,看起来就和城市里会大量种植养护环境的三叶草一样人畜无害。 The pre-war time more than 200 years ago, it once had a name of pleasant to hear, hollow grass. 在两百多年前的战前时代,它曾经有个好听的名字,空心草。 The interior can absorb various harmful substances that in the air scatter, stores up to digest it slowly thus achieves the environmental protection the effect. 其内部能吸收空气中散落的各种有害物质,将其储存起来慢慢消化从而达到保护环境的效果。 Only pitifully, with intensifying of radiation, the gene of hollow grass had the sudden change unavoidably. 只可惜,随着辐射的加剧,空心草的基因难免还是发生了突变。 Its interior no longer stores up the harmful substance that in the air drifts away, instead automatic production one type will protect own special liquid. 它的内部不再储存空气中游离的有害物质,反而会自动生产一种保护自身的特殊液体。 Once the lifeform catches, will then enter the paralysis condition fast, hit an anaesthesia medicine of high dose similarly. 一旦生物染上,便会快速进入麻痹状态,类似打了一针高剂量的麻醉药物。 Naturally, if goes on a journey in groups but actually good. 当然,如果是成群结队出行倒还好。 But if a person by this thing anaesthesia in the city ruins of danger, even if casual passing by the road radiation lifeform, will become the fatal threat. 但要是一个人被这东西麻醉在危险的城市废墟内部,哪怕随便一只过路的辐射生物,都会成为致命威胁。 Can to lull one unexpectedly all day, fuck, isn't that this natural anaesthesia thing?” “竟然能让人麻痹一整天,卧槽,那这不就是天然的麻醉物吗?” Speaking of that before the hospital in our village the time also issued makes us look for the work of medicine raw material, has natural paralysis thing.” “你还别说,咱们村子里的医院前端时间还发布了让我们寻找药物原材料的工作,其中就有天然麻痹物这一项。” This paralysis grass can be counted the natural thing paralysis, haven't we tested the concrete effect?!” “这麻痹草能算作天然麻痹物吗,咱们都没测试具体的功效?!” Does not know, but we bring to give a try was not good, if Ok, this was not a poor income.” “不知道,但我们带回去一些试试看不就好了,要是可以,这又是一笔不菲的收入了。” Said right, this paralysis grass roadside everywhere is, takes some also no one to manage.” “说得对,这麻痹草路边到处都是,带上一些也没人管。” Facts showed, in the eye of human lifeform, anything can label on the value. 事实证明,在人类这种生物的眼里,任何东西都会标注上价值。 So long as the value is bigger than the risk, then some people will certainly take risks to attempt. 只要价值大于风险,便一定会有人铤而走险去尝试。 Looks at scavenger face curious lying on the lawn, is away from the clothes to clutch many paralysis grass to load in the cloth sack to put away, two guards open mouth, finally has not chosen to stop. 看着拾荒者们一脸好奇的趴在草地上,隔着衣服揪下来不少麻痹草装入布袋中放好,两名护卫张了张嘴,最终还是没有选择制止。 Good, before, Dahlen inoculates to everyone on already. 好吧,在来之前,达伦就已经给所有人打了预防针。 Before this group of labors may, these people are not quite same, the fear to the strange environment, have not instead had surge upward extremely, even terrifying enthusiasm. 这伙劳工可和之前遇到的那些人不太一样,他们并没有对陌生环境的恐惧,反而有着极其高涨,甚至恐怖的热情。 So long as they not brave to jump toward the fiery pit in directly, specially obvious doing dies, the guards only need calmly looks on the line. 只要他们不胆大到直接往火坑里去跳,特别明显的作死,护卫们就只需要静静的看着就行。 Approximately collected half jin (0.5 kg) grass paralysis to load in the bag, the scavenger squads completed today's grand opening harvest. 大约采集了半斤的麻痹草装入袋子中,拾荒者小队们完成了今日的开门红收获。 On the Game Panel route progress bar, the empirical value that this thing gives are unexpectedly many, generally found the guns to differ not many with yesterday. 游戏面板的路线进度条上,这东西给的经验值竟然不少,大抵和昨日找到枪支相差不多。 However slightly what has the difference is, generally is Game to prevent some people brushes difference. 不过稍有区别的是,大抵是游戏为了防止有人刷分。 The single type goods can only obtain an experience each person every day, will pick on the prompt again in the future can gain tomorrow. 单个种类物品每人每天只能获得一次经验,再往后采摘就提示明日才能获取。 Gave seven experiences, good good, if in receives one time can come to weed out every day this thing, collected a rise second-level need 1000 also to be near one step!” “给了七点经验,不错不错,要是接下里每天都能过来薅一次这东西,凑齐升二级需要的1000又近了一步!” Seven days of time, close to 50 points experiences, already did not calculate few. 七天时间,接近五十点的经验,已经不算少了。 In this clear port city really everywhere is the buried treasure, simply is the scavenger heaven! 这晴港市内果然遍地都是宝藏,简直是拾荒者的天堂! Old joyful looked under the panel, immediately sweeps the vision to the trees that in these big holes grew. 老道欣喜的看了下面板,随即又将目光扫向了那些大坑中生长的树木。 But this time, but also without he began, guard Jasper then flushed to stop his movement. 但这次,还没等他动手,护卫加斯帕便冲上来制止了他的动作。 These explode the fruit, if you think that the own body can block 200 gTnT to explode, you can come up to try, can look entrain from the branch this thing.” “这些都是爆炸果,如果你认为自己的身体挡得住200gTnT爆炸,那你可以上去试试,看看能不能将这东西从枝头拽下来。” 200 gTnT? 200gTnT? Wasn't that equivalent to a tactical hand grenade quickly? 那不是快相当于一颗战术手榴弹了? Feng Long that side watches the fun one startled, stopped everyone's harebrained idea hastily. 旁边看热闹的封龙一惊,连忙制止了所有人冒冒失失的想法。 The clear port city truly everywhere is the treasure, but relative, the danger also hides in various seemingly common corners. 晴港市确实遍地是宝,但相对的,危险也藏在各种看似不起眼的角落内。 Without the red spider caravan guards guides the explanation, perhaps everyone harebrainedly to here. 要是没有红蛛商队护卫带路讲解,恐怕所有人自己冒冒失失到了这里。 Does not pay attention slightly, will be in danger. 稍不注意,就会陷入危险中。 Everyone pays attention, do not touch any plant, our today's duties are the investigation were clear that the situation in that two hospital, the after matter of collection can wait till the terrain to be familiar, said.” “所有人注意,不要碰触任何植物,我们今天的任务是探查清楚那两座医院的情况,采集的事情可以等到地形熟悉了以后再说。” Good ~ “好嘞~” The male spear/gun elder brother nods, immediately led the person to walk frontline the team. 男枪哥点点头,马上带人走在了队伍最前方。 More than 50 people arrange to become Lijian the formation, toward the east side goes following a track that on the road only saves. 五十多人排成利箭阵型,顺着路上仅存的一条小道往东边而去。 Has the protection of guard, as well as Dahlen's sweeping, here as if incomparable security. 有着护卫的保护,以及达伦的扫荡,这里似乎无比安全。 In a building ruins corner that everyone has not noticed, a black probe head of baby fist size actually closely follows the team to move, when continuously the last person of form disappears in the thick fog. 只是,在所有人没有注意到的一处建筑废墟角落,一颗婴儿拳头大小的黑色探头却紧紧跟随着队伍移动,一直等到最后一人身影消失在浓雾中。 Couple days ago fought with the sea otter, is actually the fund consults the person of team?” “前几天和猎虎交手的,竟然是基金会商队的人?” Five points just entered under a four points of ground toward, puts on the man of frivolous pajamas to knit the brows to look at the video picture. 五环往内刚刚进入四环的一处地面之下,穿着轻薄睡衣的男子皱眉看着视频画面。 Plunders to arrive at the upper air since the ground, like the kite general dive, but under slaughters moving of radiation lifeform to fight vigorously armor wantonly. 从地面上掠起到达高空,如同鹞子一般俯冲而下大肆杀戮辐射生物的动力战甲。 Awakens by noise from the limiting point the spoliator, uses the strong military force to force the request temporarily is leaving nearby to move fights vigorously armor. 将掠夺者从聚点中吵醒,利用强大武力逼迫着要求暂时离开附近的动力战甲。 The followers near more than ten human, stealthy toward move fight vigorously armor that the triumphal returning hospital goes forward. 跟随者在十多名人类附近,一路鬼鬼祟祟往凯旋医院前进的动力战甲。 Moving in picture fights vigorously armor is not difficult to identify, the above fund consulted that the mark knows clearly discernible. 画面中的动力战甲并不难辨认,上面的基金会商队标识清晰可见。 The opposite party have not hidden the own identity, the meaning that this shows somewhat was thought-provoking. 对方并没有隐藏自己的身份,这展现出来的意思就有些耐人寻味了. „Should they in the search calm powder, what is strange, why he not choose and us carry out the transaction?” “他们应该是在搜寻冷静粉,但奇怪的是,他为什么不选择和我们进行交易呢?” Side the pajamas man, monkey-like, the look has doubts to say like the vulture short person man. 睡衣男子身边,一名尖嘴猴腮,眼神如同秃鹫般的矮个男人疑惑道。 As taking root in mole men near clear port city four points, great city Shelter and Pingtan Shelter from are near, can obtain that night combat most details also nothing to wonder. 作为扎根在晴港市四环边的地鼠佬,巨城避难所和平滩避难所距离非常近,能得到那天晚上战斗的大部分细节也不足为怪。 Everyone before still moves in that the guess and sea otter fought mystically fights vigorously armor, influence where braved. 所有人之前还在猜测和猎虎交手的那神秘动力战甲,到底是从哪里冒出来的势力。 Now looks like, unexpectedly is the caravan of foundation. 现在看来,竟然是基金会的商队。 What is different, in the past the fund consulted that the team arrival can go to clear port Shelter, by clear port Shelter to the Shelter transmission demands of all mole men, the agreed location trades again. 只是不同的是,以往基金会商队到来都会前往晴港避难所一趟,再由晴港避难所向所有地鼠佬的避难所传递需求,约定地点交易。 This time they have not only gone to that side clear port, is the suspicious belt/bring person scurries about in the city on the contrary. 这次他们不仅没有去晴港那边,反倒是自己偷偷摸摸的带人在城市里乱窜. Who can know that this group of people's performance was in any case rampant enough, clarifying thought in this city cannot threaten their existence.” “谁能知道呢,反正这伙人的表现可是足够嚣张了,摆明是觉得这座城市里没有能够威胁到他们的存在。” As the great city Shelter manager, Yerkes Aldrich indifferent shrugging, will place the foot under table to lift to build to stretch directly on the table. 作为巨城避难所的管理者,耶基斯・奥德里奇无所谓的耸耸肩,将放在桌下的脚直接抬起来搭在桌子上舒展开来。 Is situated eighth Shelter as the clear port city, great city Shelter does not excel at combat. 作为晴港市内排行第八的避难所,巨城避难所并不擅长战斗 Let alone was more than ten moves fights vigorously armor to send out together, even only then 12, they have not grasped take the opposite party. 别说是十几台动力战甲一起出动了,就算只有一两台,他们也没有把握拿下对方。 In fact, moves fights vigorously armor thing truly to calculate in the entire Blue Star ceiling that the individual battles. 事实上,动力战甲这玩意在整个蓝星确实算单兵作战的天花板。 The science and technology of human with the lapse of time, will not repeatedly have the explosion -type growth. 人类的科技并不会随着时间的推移,不断发生爆炸式的增长。 The initial capital that these pre-war time leave behind finished eating, the talent who the big influence creates has not iterated enough innovation Ability, the science and technology will stagnate slowly. 那些战前时代遗留下来的老本吃完了,大势力培养起来的人才又没有迭代出足够的创新能力,科技就会慢慢停滞下来。 Moves fights vigorously armor in the long more than 200 years, although update had/left dozens different use defense lines models, but never has one to hanging to hit other war armor. 动力战甲在漫长的两百多年内,虽然更新出了数十不同用途防线的型号,但从来没有一款能强到吊打其他战甲。 To take the opposite party, either depends on the population advantage its surrounding, either must on the big firebombing. 想要拿下对方,要么靠着人数优势将其包围,要么就得上大火力轰炸。 Former great city Shelter only then two move fights vigorously armor, a Aldrich's exclusive equipment. 前者巨城避难所只有两台动力战甲,一台还是奥德里奇的专属装备。 Let alone latter big firebombing, opposite party stupidly to not staying in same place absorption fire. 后者大火力轰炸就更别说了,对方不会傻到呆在原地吸收炮火。 Between both does not have in the situation of obvious conflicts of interest, Aldrich chose very much wisely blindly. 两者之间没有明显利益冲突的情况下,奥德里奇很明智的选择了“眼瞎”。 Like these decisions that he made in the past, he is a person who does not have the big ambition. 就和他以往做出来的那些决策相同,他本身就是一个没多大野心的人。 Can defend the base industry of former generation manager there inheritance coming, having about 50,000 people to develop unceasingly, is the most big target. 能守好从上代管理者那里传承而来的基业,带着近五万人不断发展,就是最大目标。 Naturally, can have this idea also with being responsible for great city Shelter military Ken Chapman is related. 当然,能有这想法也和负责巨城避难所军事的肯恩・查普曼有关。 Manager Sir, we cannot look on that they act in a self-serving manner in our spheres of influence, if otherwise this group of people shifted to us the goal, is terrible business.” “管理者大人,我们可不能坐视他们在我们的势力范围内为所欲为,不然要是这伙人将目标转向了我们,可是一件麻烦事。” Short person man Chapman cold sound said. 矮个男人查普曼冷声道。 World already changed, although the strength of foundation is strong, but to cannot completely break the rule the situation.” “世界已经变化了,基金会的实力虽然强,但也没强到能完全破坏规矩的地步。” Calm powder is our clear port city everyone's joint property, they without allowing then to pick, already broke the rule, infringed our interest.” “冷静粉是我们晴港市所有人的共同财产,他们未经允许便来采摘,已经是破坏了规矩,损害了我们的利益。” The powerful foundation, cannot make Chapman feel a fear. 强大的基金会,并没能让查普曼感到一丝恐惧。 Perhaps looking from the outside, he is only an average person who throws into the huge crowd to vanish. 或许从外表来看,他只是一名丢入人海中就会消失的普通人。 However what contradicts with his contour, in Chapman's chest cavity has flaming combustion the heart of revenge. 然而和他外形相悖的是,查普曼的胸腔中却有着一颗熊熊燃烧的复仇之心。 The goal is not others, is in the clear port city is most powerful 目标不是别人,正是晴港市内最为强大的 Clear port Shelter! 晴港避难所 Sounding, is only a very crazy idea. 听起来,只是一个很疯狂的想法。 The strength is ranked first five Pingtan Shelter, in couple days ago in the evening facing the clear port Shelter air formation. 实力排行前五的平滩避难所,在前几天晚上面对晴港避难所的飞行编队时。 The child who also does the wrong thing probably is the same, completely does not have any strength to hit back. 也像是做错事的孩子一样,完全没有任何还手之力。 Ranking great city Shelter near the bottom, obviously does not have any qualifications and strength talk about revenge. 排名更靠后的巨城避难所,显然没有任何资格和实力谈及“复仇”。 However, Chapman never will forget 15 years ago that rainy night, mistake that because others make, before clear port manager unexpectedly negligence without hesitation , the merit that he performs, chooses under the pain the killer, slaughters his relative, and sent out two bodyguard to chase down enough three days of time. 然而,查普曼永远不会忘记十五年前的那个雨夜,因为别人犯下的过错,晴港管理者竟然会毫不犹豫的忽视之前他立下的功劳,选择痛下杀手,将他的亲属杀戮一空,并派出两支亲卫队追杀了足足三天时间。 Has good luck ever, possibly 15 years ago, his already died in the process of chasing down. 要不是命大,可能在十五年前,他就已经死在了追杀的过程中。 This is the deep hatred, is supports him to go on living the only faith that returns to the clear port city to ambush. 这是血仇,也是支撑他活下去回到晴港市内潜伏起来的唯一信念。 Perhaps before he could not find any way to cope with clear port Shelter. 或许以前他找不到任何方式对付晴港避难所 But now, as the time changes, to another strange world. 但现在,随着时代变化,到了另外一处陌生的世界。 The opportunity seemed like! 机会似乎来了! According to the acquired information, clear port Shelter as if planned that in the following all conference, coordinates to establish a foreign aggregate, is sent out certain combat personnel to combine to form the expedition by Shelter of all mole men, goes to outside the clear port city the new place to explore, looks for the opportunity of current change. 根据收集到的情报,晴港避难所似乎打算在接下来的各方会议中,牵头创立一个对外的集合体,由所有地鼠佬的避难所派出一定战斗人员组合起来形成远征队,前往晴港市外新出现的地方进行探索,找寻到时代变革的机遇。 Even clear port Shelter vice- manager Austin Norton also shouted the catchphrase. 甚至晴港避难所的副管理者奥斯汀・诺顿还喊出来了宣传口号。 The new times, must put down all enemies. 新时代,要扫平一切敌人。 Even if the powerful foundation and school, cannot the step that prevents the clear port city from rising up. 哪怕是强大的基金会以及学院,也不能阻止晴港市崛起的步伐。 Naturally, sounding this frontline propaganda is very aggressive, but everyone at heart gate is clear, this is only Norton mouth. 当然,听起来这喊话很是霸气,但所有人都心里门清,这只是诺顿自己口嗨罢了。 Really must bump into with the big influence, others do not need to act, a tactical nuclear bomb can make the alliance of clear port city disintegrate. 真要和大势力碰上,人家都不用出面,一颗战术核弹就能让晴港市的联盟土崩瓦解。 However what now is very skillful, arrangement probe head outside truly discovered one group of external funds consulted the team. 不过现在很巧的是,布置在外的探头确实发现了一伙外来的基金会商队。 Chapman wants to have a look actually, in the following conference, how clear port Shelter to process this team. 查普曼倒是很想看看,在接下来的会议中,晴港避难所会如何处理这支队伍。 Conference is not will convene two days later, the manager Sir you can take this video recording, with is attractive to clear port Shelter.” “会议不是会在两天后召开吗,管理者大人您可以带上这份录像,拿给晴港避难所好好看看。” They do not put down all enemies, that from the fund of this destruction custom consulted that the team does start?” “他们不是要扫平一切敌人吗,那就从这支破坏规矩的基金会商队开始?” Un?” “嗯?” Hears Chapman's simplicity, Aldrich complexion changes slightly. 听到查普曼的简易,奥德里奇面色微微变化。 Told them, what to do if offended that group of funds to consult the team?” “告诉他们,万一得罪了那伙基金会商队怎么办?” All right, we will not offend them.” On the face of Chapman hidden in the shade shows a smile: „ They are not seeking for the calm powder, that cheek owes the lying sixth branch pledge stop Yaocou peng rice polishings to breed a soil moisture lan mu family/home he to shake cheek Qiao An to ask racing Rushao jiong!? “没事,我们可不会得罪他们。”查普曼阴翳的脸上露出一丝微笑:“他们不是在寻找冷静粉吗,那颐欠趴巳盟罢遥凑蟛糠殖墒斓亩家丫晃颐乔岸问奔洳烧炅恕!? Even we can also use a method, sending some people to put up a good play, delivers them again some.” “甚至我们还能用点手段,派些人上演一处好戏,再送他们一些.”
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