MPASLUI :: Volume #10

#949: The cleaning scraps squad, here everywhere is the buried treasure!

Doomsday Calender one year of September 6, human passed through to Wasteland 249 th day. lan 末日历一年九月 6 日,人类穿越至废土的第二百四十九天。阑 Arrivals of thousand imaginary fog made the disaster rhythm finally slow, no longer before the resembles, pressed on step by step. 千幻之雾的降临使得灾难节奏终于慢了下来,不再像之前那么步步紧逼。 Human started to have the opportunity of panting for breath, New Continent after enlargement constructed one after another small-scale agglomeration. 人类开始有了喘息的机会,于放大后的新大陆建设起了一座又一座小型聚集地。 In the world Chat Channel. 世界聊天频道中。 Every day some people of changes that shares itself in the agglomeration. 每天都有人分享自己所在聚集地的变化。 Perhaps opened a farmland, in the planter the crops, the waiting harvest season arrived. 或是开辟出了一片农田,种植上了作物,等待丰收时节到来。 Perhaps constructs several buildings, had the institute of settling down and getting on with life in Wasteland this strange region. 或是兴建起几座建筑物,在废土这片陌生的地域有了安身立命之所。 Perhaps found the spouse, no longer orphans and widows, had to the happy tomorrow's goal. lan 或是找到配偶,不再孤寡一人,有了对美好明天的奔头。阑 Perhaps detects the buried treasure, obtains the opportunity of corrupt day, found the excellent opportunity of strengthen. 或是发觉宝藏,获得贪天之机,找到了变强的大好机遇。 Crossed just started the most difficult that period, the adaptive faculty strong fearfulness of human. 渡过了刚开始最为艰难的那段时期,人类的适应力强的可怕。 And compares on Earth like that the life of senseless custom, the life of Wasteland must be more exciting. 且相较于地球上那般无趣规矩的生活,废土的生活明显要更加刺激一些。 Some players in overseas see this situation, immediately also no longer chooses to continue to wait to grow. 远在海外的一些玩家见此情况,当即也不再选择继续等待发育下去。 Taking advantage of the boat, a native of Poland , Poland starts to land in the coastline, disperses to go toward New Continent on foot everywhere. 借着小船,一波波人开始在海岸线登陆,徒步往新大陆四处分散而去。 On the way of this. 在这途中。 The appearance of indigenous people, becomes between moderate human and Foreign Race the contradictory best tool. lan 原住民的出现,成为了缓和人类与异族之间矛盾的最好工具。阑 Some many human already discovered the city or the agglomeration of indigenous people. 有不少人类已经发现了原住民的城市或者聚集地。 Although language barrier, is unable to conduct the complete exchange, but already in the stance has the meaning that the report group warmed up. 虽然语言不通,无法进行完整的交流,但在架势上却已经有了报团取暖的意思。 After all compares in grotesque Foreign Race, even if these indigenous people come from Blue Star, that is also human of same gene, natural has the favorable impression that is unable to eliminate. 毕竟相较于奇形怪状的异族,哪怕这些原住民们来自蓝星,那也是一样基因的人类,天然就有一股无法消除的好感。 In in Tianyuan Territory. 于天元领地之中。 Climbs mountains and crosses rivers new citizen that from the origin camp comes, gradually adapted to here life. 从起源营地跋山涉水而来的新领民们,也逐渐适应了这里的生活。 The sense of distance and strangeness among people, started with eating together to live together to have shrinking of flying general speed. 人与人之间的距离感和陌生感,开始随着同吃同住有了飞一般速度的缩进。 The appearance of market, makes in the lonely village the struggle atmosphere even more fiery. lan 市场的出现,也使得冷清的村内奋斗氛围愈发火热。阑 A very real data. 一个很真实的数据。 Since these two months, under the testimony of Chen Shen, already have had 366 men and women to complete the simple wedding, formed the family in Wasteland. 这两个月以来,在陈审的见证下,已经有三百六十六对男女完成了简单的婚礼,在废土组建了家庭。 Also eight pregnant woman births got down the child here, founded the newborn from zero to a breakthrough. 又有八名孕妇在这里诞下了孩子,开创了新生儿从零到一的突破。 Perhaps no one knows how the next outcome should walk, front end point where. 可能谁也不知道下一步究竟该如何走,前方的终点到底在哪里。 But human natural to yearning of happy life, actually causes entire Village of Hope, the entire Tianyuan territory touch of humanity is even more strong. 但人类天然对美好生活的向往,却使得整个希望村,整个天元领地人情味愈发浓厚。 Work agency entrance. 工作总署门口。 Was selected to enter the red spider caravan, went to scavenger of clear port city collection moss to complete building up. lan 被选中进入红蛛商队,前往晴港市采集苔藓的拾荒者们完成了集结。阑 As platoon in the head player of route progress front row. 作为排在路线进度前列的头部玩家。 Almost every vigorous wolf crossbow, as well as arms the self-made exploration tool of tooth from beginning to end. 几乎人手一把的大力狼弩,以及从头到尾武装到牙齿的自制探险工具。 The villagers of many failing to be elected stand, discussion that can only a face envy. 不少落选的村民站在旁边,只能一脸羡慕的讨论着。 Grass, opens up wasteland is not one's turn us, when this progress can catch up.” “草,开荒也轮不到咱们,这进度啥时候能追得上啊。” scavenger really fragrant, these rounds of opportunities, each wave is to remain silent to get rich.” 拾荒者真特么香,这几轮机遇,他们每波都是闷声发大财。” Perhaps outside takes easy, goes to have the danger.” “想开点,去外面说不定有危险呢。” Fears a hammer, do these indigenous people have our territory weapon to be fierce?” lan “怕个锤子,那些原住民难道还有咱们领地武器厉害?”阑 Cannot reach an agreement, my yesterday's World Channel saw some people said in these indigenous people hands has the tank airplane.” “说不好,我昨天世界频道可是看到有人说那些原住民手里有坦克飞机呢。” Such awesome? Real false?” “这么牛逼?真的假的啊?” Opening of World Channel, making one understanding information the channel finally no longer so unenlightened. 世界频道的开放,使得人类了解信息的渠道终于不再那么闭塞。 Even if still needed Disaster Points to speak, every day can the acquired information also be much more than before. 哪怕仍然需要灾难积分才能发言,每天能收集到的信息也比之前多得多。 Stands in the front of scavenger team, the island country's first male spear/gun is holding in the mouth a wrinkled cigarette, the tower the tower is pulling out. 站在拾荒者队伍的前排,岛国第一男枪叼着一根皱巴巴的卷烟,啪塔啪塔抽着。 Compared with other scavenger, his equipment is obviously hot tempered. 比起其他拾荒者,他的装备明显更暴躁一些。 Hangs in the trousers along the side shining self-made saber, the back after behind second-generation vigorously wolf crossbow. lan 挂在裤沿旁明晃晃的自制军刀,背在身后的第二代大力狼弩。阑 And does not know a short saw shotgun where does. 以及不知道从哪里搞来的一把短锯散弹枪。 But has this equipment, gathers at his person much naturally. 而有这装备,聚集在他身旁的人自然也不少。 The discussion that hears nearby villagers, carries scavenger of wolf crossbow, looks around to say. 听到旁边村民的议论声,一名同样背着狼弩的拾荒者,探头探脑道。 Spear/Gun elder brother, you said that we brought so many weapons in the past, can that caravan mind?” “枪哥,你说咱们带这么多武器过去,那商队会不会介意啊?” Minded?” “介意?” The island country's first male spear/gun smiles, holds in the mouth the smoke to say including the lake: Minds anything, the work described not to say we can the personal weapons prevention risk, the not possible 24 hours to protect us, if encountered the danger .” 岛国第一男枪嘿嘿一笑,叼着烟含湖道:“介意啥啊,工作描述上不是说了我们可以自备武器预防风险吗,他们又不可能24小时保护咱们,万一遇到危险..” I may at fingertips on fellow be more.” lan “我可更相信手上的家伙多一些。”阑 Your this spear/gun?” “你这把枪?” scavenger was ranked the first sidenafil to walk, a face question. 拾荒者排行第一的西地那非走了过来,一脸质疑。 This fellow is they do manually, you did not fear that he does explode in the hand?” “这家伙可是他们手工搞出来的,你就不怕他炸手里?” Fears a hammer, you exploded, this thing could not explode.” “怕个锤子,你炸了,这东西都炸不了。” Patted the big thing of waist, the island country's first male spear/gun face disdained. 拍了拍腰间的大玩意,岛国第一男枪一脸不屑。 This thing after all is the spear/gun is not an artillery. 这玩意终归是枪不是炮。 The burst in the bore regarding the shotgun, the probability was too simply small. lan 炸膛对于散弹枪来说,概率简直太小了。阑 So long as launches beforehand determines in the good barrel not to have the stemming, pushes some steel balls using the power that the black powder combustion produces, how possibly can the burst in the bore. 只要发射之前确定好枪管里没有堵塞物,利用黑火药燃烧产生的动力推送一些钢珠,怎么可能会炸膛。 The worst case scenario is also the black powder combustion insufficient full, the thrust force is insufficient, causes the precision defect. 最坏的情况也就是黑火药燃烧的不够充分,推力不够,导致精度缺失。 But used this thing, definitely to near body hand-to-hand fighting time. 但都用上这玩意了,肯定到了近身肉搏战的时候。 On resentment your face, precision which also important. 怼你脸上,精度哪还重要。 Viagra you, these little things ran into the person actually necessarily usefully not oh.” “倒是伟哥你,这些小东西遇到人了可不一定有用噢。” Shoots a look at a Sun Wei waist was hanging size hidden weapon, the island country's first male spear/gun ridicules to tease. 瞥了一眼孙伟腰间挂着的大小“暗器”,岛国第一男枪揶揄打趣道。 Each scavenger squad has the different style ways. lan 每个拾荒者小队都有不同的风格路数。阑 The team that he leads belongs to refuse to accept on dry/does that most likes searching the clear details from the positive/direct storm. 他带领的队伍属于不服就干的那种,最喜欢探清楚底细从正面强攻。 But Sun Wei brings the team was old compared Yin, can not use the bow crossbow with the hidden weapon absolutely, can put the trap not to make an appearance absolutely, careless fearfulness. 而孙伟带着的队伍就是老阴比了,能用暗器绝对不用弓弩,能放陷阱绝对不会露面,苟的可怕。 Prepared, waited also to have five minutes... our set off!” “都准备好了吧,等下还有五分钟时间...我们就出发!” In the work agency, Feng Long took a signature to stamp the good transfer order to walk. 工作总署里,封龙拿着一张签署盖章好的调令走了出来。 The distant place, put on Luke who the courageous bird moved fight vigorously armor also to lead four guards to walk, waited for in the Cunmen position. 远处,穿着勐禽动力战甲的卢克也带着四名护卫走了过来,在村门口位置等待。 Saw Su Mo to walk, Luke walked dignified, placed the own chest , before the hand pledged: 见到苏摩走了过来,卢克庄严的走了上来,将手放在自己的胸膛前承诺: Friend.” lan “朋友。”阑 I use my honor and weapon pledged, we will protect the safety of everyone over the following seven days!” “我用我的荣誉和武器发誓,接下来七天我们会保护好每一个人的安全!” Asked you.” “拜托你了。” Su Mo opens mouth, finally cannot say the idea of oneself innermost feelings. 苏摩张了张嘴,最后还是没能将自己内心的想法说出来。 Actually... the Tianyuan territory goes to the clear port city really is not far. 其实...天元领地去晴港市还真不远。 Rides that motor, so long as the familiar state of roads, can arrive in the western suburbs edge in less than one hour. 骑上那辆摩托,只要熟悉路况,用不了一个小时就能抵达西郊边缘。 Furthermore, Pingtan Shelter just conducted a war, is hiding in Shelter conceals one's abilities and bides one's time. 再者说,平滩避难所才刚刚进行了一场大战,正躲在避难所里韬光养晦。 The entire western suburbs are even threatening, are still these variant person who drills to prey from the sewer. lan 整个西郊就算有威胁,也不过是那些从下水道钻出来捕食的变种人罢了。阑 Their harbor Shelter these mixed soldiers can only hit 55 to open. 他们连海港避难所那些杂兵都只能打个五五开。 In moving of red spider caravan fights vigorously in front of armor, is not pure white gives. 在红蛛商队的动力战甲面前,还不是纯白给。 Makes the person be somewhat worried that only, clear port Shelter that in the clear port city the strength is still not clear. 唯一让人有些担心的,还是晴港市内实力目前尚不清楚的晴港避难所 This fellow, hidden the giant beast under water surface, needs to guard well. 这家伙,才是隐藏在水面下的巨兽,需要好好提防。 Spoke while two people, Feng Long brought the set good scavenger squad to walk from the village. 趁着两人说话间,封龙带着集合好的拾荒者小队从村子内走了出来。 The old distant place saw five military might mysterious moves fights vigorously armor, even if everyone already were psychologically prepared, at this time still could not live calls out in alarm to discuss. 老远处看到五台威武神秘的动力战甲,哪怕所有人已经做好了心理准备,此时仍然住不住的惊呼议论起来。 I collect, these person of any backgrounds, this armor looks at the appearance that hangs.” lan “我凑,这些人啥来头啊,这装甲看着好吊的样子啊。”阑 This modeling... not real, I also noticed that this morning some World Channel people said the indigenous people put on this thing, simply probably the human form Gundam/reaches as high as.” “这造型...不会是真的吧,我今天早上还看到世界频道有人说原住民穿着这东西,简直像是人形高达。” „Are this group of people the indigenous people? giao? They equip such luxuriously?” “这伙人是原住民?giao?他们装备这么豪华的吗?” My goodness, when can on entire such a set to me be also crisp, has this armor, but also fears a check Foreign Race.” “好家伙,什么时候能给我也整上这么一套就爽了,有这装甲,还怕个勾勾异族啊。” Follows these people to go out to carry out the task, what to do, I how somewhat flustered suddenly, what task do not allow us to enter the center of enemy to carry out, can we also come back?” “跟着这些人出去执行任务,怎么办,我怎么突然有些慌了,不会要让我们进入敌人的腹地执行啥任务吧,咱们还能回来吗?” „, Your spy fought the piece to look.” “靠,你丫的谍战片是不是看多了。” Has not experienced with own eyes has moved fights vigorously armor operational Ability, all scavenger envy curiously. 没亲眼见识过动力战甲的作战能力,所有拾荒者们都只是好奇羡慕。 In adding on Civilization Age has seen many this type of things in the movie animation, therefore also has no heart of fear. lan 在加上文明时代在电影动画里见过不少次这种东西,所以也没有什么畏惧之心。阑 Sees an numerous curious vision, Lu Ke clears throat, the tone said dignified: 看到一众好奇的目光,卢克清清嗓子,口吻庄严道: Warriors, we should set off, the red spider caravan need your help over the following several days!” “勇士们,我们该出发了,接下来的几天红蛛商队需要你们的帮助!” Good, our already prepared.” “好的,我们已经准备好了。” Attacked to study Feng Long of Blue Star language to walk, leading all scavenger to follow Lu Ke to walk. 突击学习了蓝星语的封龙走了上来,领着所有拾荒者跟着卢克走了。 Over the following week, everyone will live in the residence that nearby the red spider caravan constructs temporarily. 接下来的一周时间,所有人将住在红蛛商队附近临时修建起来的居所里。 Every day when defers to eight hours of work is long, goes to the clear port city to collect the sufficient quantity the moss that. 每日按照八个小时的工作时长,前往晴港市内采集足够量的苔藓。 This foundation is regular, in Wasteland works does not have working overtime. lan 这基金会就是正规,废土里工作都不带加班的。阑 In the Su Mo heart the secretly thought/passage, thinks lucky report that Civilization Age these can hardly be removed. 苏摩心中暗道,不由想到了文明时代那些挥之不去的福报。 To encourage to develop to spend, but the time contribution working, which also had the free time going out entertainment. 想要鼓励发展消费,可都把时间贡献给工作了,哪还有空闲出去娱乐。 When has a look at others this work is long, every day also has the big time... 看看人家这工作时长,每天还有大把时间... Un? 嗯? Looks backs that goes far away, in the Su Mo heart moves slightly, suddenly had the idea. 看着远去的背影们,苏摩心中微微一动,忽然有了主意。 No matter the market of village every day is lively, that is only the internal recycling, could not create a point exterior income. 村子的市场每天不管多热闹,那都只是内循环,创造不了一点的外部收益。 But if rests while red spider caravan these people, the Village of Hope characteristics belt/bring in the past. lan 但如果趁着红蛛商队这些人休息的时候,把希望村的特色带过去。阑 Can do many points of foreign exchange, in these atlases greedy commodity... 能搞多点外汇,那些图册上让人眼馋的商品岂不是... Chen Shen, arranges.” 陈审,安排一下。” Tonight a belt/bring special product, rewards with food and drink our Village of Hope first group of official foreign labors well.” “今晚带点特产,好好犒劳犒劳我们希望村第一批正式对外劳工。” To Chen Shen is arranging several, Su Mo to turn back the underground city well satisfied. 对着陈审安排了几句,苏摩心满意足的走回了地下城。 Do not look at now a territory piece of auspicious scenery, the worker and peasant two industry progressive speeds fast. 别看现在领地一片祥和之景,工农两业进步速度飞快。 But in fact, these are taking the old route of Earth, is in some sense rehabilitation training. 但实际上,这些都是在走地球的老路,算是某种意义上的“康复训练”。 In the future will want progressive, needs the new engineering research, has many scientific and technological achievements to drive the progress leap to grow. lan 未来想要进步,还是需要有新的技术研究,有更多的科技成果带动进度飞跃增长。阑 But these, the dependence territory average person definitely did not do. 而这些,依靠领地普通人肯定是做不了。 Before did not have arrives greatly troublesome, Su Mo technology that plans under the research the red spider caravan to sell well outward. 趁着还没有大麻烦到来之前,苏摩打算好好研究下红蛛商队对外售卖的技术。 Striving to select three in the shortest time usefully, applies in it the development of territory. 争取能在最短的时间内选出三项有用的,将其应用到领地的发展中。 As for other, walks one step to look one step, when the village could not solve then reached an agreement. 至于其他的,走一步看一步,等村子解决不了再说好了。 ... ... Walks on plain that in raining not to have done thoroughly, scavenger squad footsteps one shallow one deep is walking, the speed is not fast. 行走在下过雨还没干透的平原上,拾荒者小队脚步一浅一深的走着,速度并不快。 But Lu Ke and the others had not urged, but static walking in the , leads the team vanguard. lan 而卢克等人也没有催促,只是静静的走在附近,带领队伍前行。阑 Among two places is distanced 60 kilometers distance, they also somewhat worried at first walks to be tired. 按照两地之间相距六十公里的距离,他们起初还有些担心走过去会不会累着。 But the fact showed, the scavenger cornerstone evolves lv2, iron foot plate in addition that brings holds the fruit True God technique. 但事实证明,拾荒者基石进化到lv2,所带来的铁脚板加持果真神技。 At ten kilometers speed, walked for probably three hours, spiritual as before good serious of this group of people. 以十公里的时速,走了大概三个小时,这伙人的精神依旧好的不得了。 Looks at their chirp the exciting appearance, where seems like works, is the resembles goes to picnic on the contrary. 看他们那叽叽喳喳的兴奋模样,哪里像是出去工作,反倒是像去郊游似的。 This Tianyuan Shelter resident, is very strange. 这天元避难所的居民,一个个真挺怪的。 Luke is thinking, was injured the leg depressed eliminated little. 卢克心里想着,被人打伤腿的郁闷不由消除了少许。 Looks at these remnants of destroyed building in the clear port city, he can only think oneself find it unbearable to recall difficult in the past. lan 在晴港市内看着那些断壁残垣,他只能想到自己不堪回首的艰难过去。阑 But looks at the smiling faces of these Shelter residents, he as if has to plant the feeling of returning to the foundation headquarters. 但看着这些避难所居民的笑脸,他却仿佛有种回到了基金会总部的感觉。 Person who lives there, will laugh heartily happily. 在那里居住的人,才会如此开心欢笑。 Arrived outside, even if mole old Shelter, inside person also same numb being unable to withstand. 到了外面,哪怕是地鼠老的避难所,里面的人也同样的麻木不堪。 8 : 00 am set off. 早上 8 点出发 Has not rested, catches up all arrives near the camp that the red spider caravan gripped in 2 : 00 pm. 一路没有休息,赶在下午 2 点所有抵达了红蛛商队扎起来的营地附近。 The old distant place, looks at that six to combine in together, the length surpasses hundred meters giant fortress. 老远处,望着那六台组合在一起,长度超过百米的巨大堡垒。 On many faces showed the shocking facial expression, opened Game Panel to enter Chat Channel to start really to blow to compel. lan 不少人脸上都露出了震惊的神情,还有甚者打开了游戏面板进入聊天频道开始吹逼。阑 Was too astonishing, you know that I saw anything, the vehicle of this group of indigenous people seems like wall!” “太惊人了,你们知道我看到了什么,这伙原住民的载具像是一堵墙似的!” What is a wall, this obviously is the steel fortress, that can move.” “什么叫一堵墙,这明明就是钢铁堡垒,还是能移动的那种。” awesome, this type of war machine, if draws to the battlefield, pure steamroll.” 牛逼,这种战争机器要是拉到战场上,纯纯碾压啊。” Pitifully cannot make the picture to pass to the channel, otherwise you know that this thing was grand!” “可惜不能拍照片传到频道里,不然你们就知道这东西有多么雄伟了!” The red spider chariot does not have the tire, some disregard any terrain capacity to draw the full caterpillar band. 红蛛战车没有轮胎,有的只是无视任何地形通过率拉满的履带。 The steamroll comes, in the ground left the deep trace, imitates, if the giant beast appears and disappears. 一路碾压过来,地面上留下了深深的痕迹,彷若巨兽出没。 The wheel center that caterpillar band armor composes piece by piece, each circle diameter exceeded three meters, the ordinary gutter small gully can definitely achieve to disregard. lan 那一片片履带装甲组成的轮子中心,每一个圆环直径都超过了三米,普通的小沟小壑完全可以做到无视。阑 But top the chariot, is the lookout post tower that four open and close automatically, is 15 meters highly fully. 而在战车顶部,是四台自动开合的瞭望哨塔,高度足有十五米之多。 Around the chariot edge, looked up to these sending out stern cold light heavy firepower weapons, the island country's first male spear/gun was placing on the own short saw shotgun the hand. 绕着战车边缘,仰望着那些散发森严寒光的重火力武器,岛国第一男枪不由将手放在了自己的短锯散弹枪上。 Compared with these fellows, oneself this looked like the 15 th century ancient product the spear/gun simply. 和这些家伙比起来,自己这把枪简直就像是十五世纪的古老产物。 If perhaps really to the same place, one second can be ripped the fragment. 真要是对在一起,恐怕一秒钟就能被撕成碎片。 Real his mother... is unfair.” “真他娘...不公平。” The island country's first male spear/gun spat one lightly, only squeezed out three characters from the mouth. 岛国第一男枪轻啐一口,只从嘴里挤出三个字。 Indigenous people also too brazen. lan 原住民也太赖皮了。阑 Earth human is poor and blank crossing over to Wasteland, others bring the chariot, bringing the weapon to come. 地球人类都是一穷二白的穿越到废土,人家却是带着战车,带着武器过来。 This opening advantage filled on drawing, where comes Wasteland to conduct Survival Game? 这一开局优势就拉满了,哪里还是来废土进行生存游戏的? If bumps into the Foreign Race provocation that does not keep eyes open, obviously plays is unparalleled cuts grass Game to be good? 要是碰上不长眼的异族挑衅,明明玩的就是无双割草游戏好吧? Receives to have a change of heart, place that under the rest, we work well not here.” “都收收心,好好休息下,我们工作的地方不在这里。” „After one hour, our set off goes to the clear port city.” “一个小时后,我们出发前往晴港市。” After taking the transfer order and Sean negotiated, Feng Long walks to inform the recent information news. 拿着调令和肖恩交涉完毕后,封龙走回来通知了新的情报消息。 Clear port city? lan 晴港市?阑 Hears these three as if to have the mana character, numerous somewhat exhausted scavenger were startled slightly immediately. 听到这三个仿佛带有魔力的字,一众稍有些疲惫的拾荒者们顿时惊了。 When nearby the territory had a city? 领地附近什么时候有一座城市了? I by...” “我靠...” This is also too exaggerating... not, this was also too crisp. 这也太夸张...不,这也太爽了吧。 scavenger wants the promotion own route, must go to the strange place, excavates the valuable goods. 拾荒者想要升级自己的路线,必须去到陌生的地方,发掘出有价值的物品来。 Thousand imaginary fog arrive in the construction ruins of territory, for several days already was leafed through by the huge scavenger team. 千幻之雾降临在领地的建筑废墟们,这些天已经被庞大的拾荒者队伍翻了个遍。 To promote again, can only outside the going out territory look for the opportunity. lan 再想要升级,就只能出去领地外面寻找机会。阑 For these days in the channel many scavenger were discussing, can look crowd together, goes out a map. 这几天频道内不少拾荒者都在商量着,看看能不能凑在一起,出去开个地图。 Nearby the territory has a city unexpectedly? 没想到,领地附近居然有一座城市? ... ...
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